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The King of Obsolete Book Series are 1-2-3-4 soon to be added 11-12-14



1-2 books -- KoO Book Set ---- 1st edition 2006-08 printed discounted in the Kingdom


1-2 books -- KoO Book Set ---- 2nd edition 2021 printed on Amazon


3rd book -- King of Obsolete's Ladies 3rd book


4th book -- King of Obsolete's Adventures 4th book



The Naughty Natalie Book Series are books 5-6-7-8


5th book -- My Wasted Youth Alexander MB 5th book


6th book -- Love is Trust 6th book


7th book -- Dominatrix School 7th book


8th book -- Oh My, This is Not Fun 8th book



Books to be finished


9th book -- Misc Stories 9th book


10th book -- No Fear No Common Sense Flying 10th book



The King of Obsolete Winter Roads Book Series are books 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18


11th book -- Winter Roads My Struggles 11th book


12th book -- Winter Roads Head Hanger 12th book


13th book -- Winter Roads White Suburban 13th book


14th book -- Winter Roads Dream Team 14th book


15th book -- Winter Roads 15 Seconds of Fame 15th book


16th book -- Winter Roads Russian Roulette 16th book


17th book -- Winter Roads Never Give Up 17th book


18th book -- Winter Roads Thor to the Rescue 18th book


19th book -- Drilling for Money That I Never Got 19th book


April 04 2021 -- Joey Barnes KoO Book Author Page