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Jan 20 2021


I believe things happen for a reason and why you make decisions that control your future without an explanation come true in the end. This covid 19 lock down has me writing stories of my wasted youth that I was going to do 15 years from now as my retirement. These books will be my daughter Xena’s future income and marketing me like Elvis ex-wife did for him after he died. In 2017, mother at the age of 73 years old bought this condo in Brandon for $375,000.00 which I thought was not a good move on her part when Shady Pines Retirement Home would have been a better deal. I never asked the address but knew through her emails back and forward that the expensive condo was in the north end of Brandon. When mother passed away last summer google sent me her obituary and I googled her address to see where she did live. Still don’t know why the sister never sent an email or contacted me with mother’s obituary since she and her husband own a funeral home in South Dakota USA. With google street view I was very surprised at the location of the this condo because of all the places in the Brandon to buy why this one.

This picture of mother’s condo was taken yesterday in Brandon after the sister dragged the blue recycle wheelie bin back in to the garage of the condo and closed the door. This picture confirms what google street view could not do for me. Now on the back side of mother’s condo is a sun room where mother would sit and smoke endless cigarettes over the last 3 years enjoying the view of the farmer's field being developed in to real estate properties. The view she enjoyed is what surprises me the most because 25 feet away is where her only son parted ways with Naughty Natalie on a night 35 years ago. To this day we have never seen each other or made contact because of what happened that night. I will disclose the events of that night in the last chapter of my soon to be written 4th and final book in the Naughty Natalie Series. As for the sister staying in mother’s condo I hope she likes ghosts because this one is not a friendly one.

mothers condo

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