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Alexander Manitoba

5th Book


1st Book Naughty Natalie Series


Jan 26 2021 My Wasted Youth: Alexander Manitoba (Naughty Natalie Series Book 1) eBook: Barnes, Joey: Kindle Store


Jan 27 2021 -- Naughty Natalie Series (3 book series) Paperback Edition (


Jan 27 2021 -- Due to the negative attitude and response from the people of Alexander, my 5th book will not be donated to the community.


September 2020


This book tells my stories of being 8 years old and moving from the nice suburbs of Brandon Manitoba in 1974 to the small farming town of Alexander Manitoba. It is written through my eyes of what I seen growing up and how I viewed things. The stories end when I’m no longer a resident of Alexander Manitoba and a working man living back in Brandon Manitoba. There is lots of references in the stories as to how different the time period was back in those simpler days.




Alexander School Memories,,,,Highways Alexander MB,,,,Pink House Alexander MB,,,,Utilities Alexander MB,,,,Businesses Pt-1Alexander MB,,,,Businesses Pt-2 Alexander MB,,,,Medical Treatment Alexander MB,,,,Farming Fun Aleaxnder MB,,,,Chicken Fun Alexander MB,,,,Transportation Alexander MB,,,,The Sister Alexander MB,,,,Cops Alexander MB,,,,Last Day in Alexander MB



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Dec 15 2020


on friday i went on a brandon facebook page asking for pictures of the cafes that i attended in 1985 as reference pictures for my 3 book series that i have just wrote. well 4 days later i deleted all posts and replies that i had made on this facebook page. i have never seen so much negative and stupid comments. plus the owners of the cafes would not reply or answer my postings or PMs but would answer everyone else. the simple pictures and questions i asked for were never answered which were get more details if my books become films which i explained on the facebook posting. i have now removed the clause that if the books become films brandon and businesses in the book must been film to be given credit. now with the clause removed Hollywood can now make the books appear as any small town usa which they will do.


also do to lack of input from the people involved with the 37 Dodge it has now been changed for any filming a 37 Chevy will be used. the 37 Dodge was a dodge made to look like a Chevy with all Chevy parts.


as you can see i do not put up with bullshit or people that waste my time.