Love is Trust Book


Love is Trust

The summer of 1985 was a lot of good times just turning 18 years old which in Canada is the legal age to have fun. But I still looked 14 years old “Virgin” which made life a little difficult which I tell about in my 6th published book. The vehicle that gave me freedom was my 1937 Dodge hot rod truck which was driven hard because the 3” exhaust side pipe was music to my ears.

The lady that I trusted the most in my life was Naughty Natalie. She drove the 37 Dodge just as hard on our adventures from Golden British Columbia to Minot North Dakota in the USA. In the mid 1980s we did not dress for success we dress to relax. I wore my Heavy Metal Rock Band tee shirts while Naughty Natalie wore tight painted on blue jean shorts with a white tank top. We did not act like young love birds because Love is Trust. I trusted Naughty Natalie with my truck, my money and my life and she trusted me with her life.

The Beginning

Calgary Trip

Minot North Dakota Trip

The Weekend

Virden Cops

British Gentlemen's Club

Closing Info