Pineapples on Pizza

Canadian Style


Xena made home made pizza the other night and added the pinapples plus made sure to take pictures as she went along. we live at the end of the world so cafe bought pizza is only a treat if we travel south.

pizza 01

then she made sure to have all the extra cheese on the top nice and smooth before cooking.

pizza 02

the great debate of pineapple on pizza in the Kingdom goes back to my wasted youth which i wrote about in my 6th book Love is Trust.

6th book 3200

Love is Trust: Summer of Fun 1985 (Naughty Natalie Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by Barnes, Joey. Health, Fitness & Dieting Kindle eBooks @ (as of july 2021, amazon has this as an Ebook on for $2.99 usa money)

i used cut and paste to share a few words from my 6th book.

Now the lead MP is asking question about the Harley Davidson bike in the empty dining room of the house. As he motions to touch the bike, we all said at the same time “do not touch the bike”. Then the lead MP leans over in an attempt to touch the bike again and we all say it louder “do not touch the bike”. The lead MP just looks at us and smiles. Then this time he is going to touch the bike and that is when Liz yells at him not to touch the bike because he will be dead when her husband returns. Now the lead MP is looking at her very surprised for raising her voice to him. Liz stands in front of him putting her hands under her boobies and pushes them up in front of him. Liz tells the lead MP he has a greater chance of living if he touches these. Some people cannot figure out you do not touch a man’s Harley Davidson bike for some reason. Now the lead MP is really looking at Liz holding her boobies up high. As he is looking at her boobies, she says that the bike is safe with the battery disconnect and the gas tank sealed. They were supposed to get a PMQ with a garage which they did not. I know she has said the same thing over and over about the bike and she can even say it drunk without any troubles. Now that she has the full attention of the lead MP, she tells him to drop of the form “such and such with a 20-digit number” for her husband who will fill it out when he returns. But this was not good enough for the lead MP and wants the bike taken outside. We all say “no” and we will not touch the bike. The lead MP then tells me to push the bike outside and I replied back that I do not want to die a “Virgin”. Naughty Natalie has been too quiet which means like a small child when it is too quiet something bad is happening. When I look over at Naughty Natalie, she is eating pizza in front of the other MPs but is picking the pineapple off the pizza which leaves a long cheese string. This long cheese string is now being control by her tongue as she lowers the pineapple into her mouth to be eaten. The other MPs watch how talented she is with her tongue and can twirl the cheese string around and around. I just say to myself at least she is keeping other MPs amused.

When the lead MP demands that bike be taken out the PMQ for safety reasons that is when Liz now takes her hands from holding her boobies up to being on top. The lead MP is now watching and has forgot what he was asking everyone to do. The other MPs are still watching Naughty Natalie eat pizza one pineapple piece at a time. I know exactly what Liz is now doing to create a distraction, so the lead MP loses interest in the bike. She will become a magician and remove her bra while still wearing the white tank top. She will create an illusion that the male eyes think they see her bare boobies but, in the end, they see nothing. Liz now slides both of her hands down her cleavage and comes stop at the end. Her hands slide the white tank top down, but her hands are covering her bra, so the male eyes are not really seeing anything. Her bra has a front clasp which she unhooks using her thumbs while her hands cover the bra. Once the bra is undone then she slides the bra up with her hands and the white tank top slides back up to cover her boobies. Then she slides her hands up her cleavage the bra comes along too. Now she uses her hands to slide the white tank top shoulder straps off her shoulders only leave the bras straps on her shoulders. Now there is nothing really holding the white tank top up or to keep it from falling down other than the fact the material of the white tank top is hooked on her hard nipples like hanging a jacket on a nail in the wall. This is when all male eyes are focus on her because a little wind or extra gravity could make the white tank top fall to expose her bare boobies. Liz now frees the bra straps from her shoulders and then slides the white tank top shoulder straps back on. The white tank top is no longer at risk of falling and all males take a deep breath. She now pulls the bra out from under the white tank top and holds it in front of me which all MPs now focus in on. Then she slowly slides it over my head until it is well balanced on my head with one bra cup covering my face. As Liz is doing this, she reaches over with her other hand to use her fingers to retrieve a piece of pineapple from the pizza that Naughty Natalie dropped on to her cleavage. Liz then shows the MPs that her tongue has just as much talent as Naughty Natalie’s tongue when eating pineapple from the pizza. Yes, bra cup is big enough to cover my face and I cannot see which is a good thing because I would not be able to see the 12-bullets coming to end my life because the MPs have had enough.

It is all quiet in the PMQ and the lead MP speaks and says thank you Liz for her time and now the four MPs exit the PMQ as if they are the Keystone Cops comedy routine. We are very quiet to make sure the MPs have left because they might come back thinking we are hiding drugs or something. I just stand there with Liz’s bra on my face thinking how smart these drunk ladies are. Those MPs came here bust our ass and left bumbling idiots all because they got distracted by the natural beauty of women. They waited a long time to drop in when everyone was drunk. Being drunk they would be able to bust everyone even if they created the conflict by moving the bike which did not need to be moved. I also think to myself with the bra cup covering my face that I hope Liz’s husband does not walk in right now while I have his wife’s bra covering my face. The first thing he would say to me “I asked you to “” take care”” of my wife and I come home to this”. My reply would be “at least the bra is not on the floor”. Now Naughty Natalie comes over and removes Liz’s bra from my head and ask me to lick the cheese from the pineapple that Liz removed off her cleavage. I say nothing because I am beyond being mad because I am pissed for being called a “Virgin” in front of everyone. Naughty Natalie then asks me again to lick the cheese of her cleavage and pulls my face in to her cleavage. I do nothing and she pull my face out of her cleavage then say she is sorry for call me a “Virgin”, but I can play the games of a woman. I say nothing then she says she sorry again and then I smile as she lowers my face into her cleavage to lick the cheese off which I did. The drunk ladies have had enough partying and it is time to go to bed. The only problem the shower is giving Liz nothing but problems because she is too drunk. After the MPs left, she drank a bunch of hard booze to calm her nerves because it could have turned very bad for all of us. Naughty Natalie was not much help in the bathroom helping Liz and I ended up into the bathroom to get the drunk naked ladies showered and off to bed before they get hurt. The last thing we needed was the ambulance and the MPs coming because someone got hurt. After I clean up the PMQ and drink a few beers to relax. I have a quick shower because I worked all day and then having to deal with these drunk ladies. I got in to bed but never paid attention to how the two the ladies are sleeping in Liz’s bed because her husband can return at any minute day or night. I wake up in the morning and sometime after I went to bed her husband showed up and went to bed. He is on his side the bed and I’m on my side and the ladies are waking up with big hang overs and hurting heads plus naked. The last thing I was going to do was try and put clothes on them or keep clothes on because that is next to impossible with Naughty Natalie when she decides to relax.

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