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6th book 3200 Love is Trust: Summer of Fun 1985 (Naughty Natalie Series Book 2) eBook : Barnes, Joey: Kindle Store

free Ebook from Nov 29-Dec 03 2022


the King of Obsolete Book Series


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1-2 books -- KoO Book Set ---- 1st edition 2006-08 printed discounted in the Kingdom (updated july 17 2021)


1-2 books -- KoO Book Set ---- 2nd edition 2021 printed on Amazon (updated july 17 2021)


Written March 2021 with stories from 2008-2010


3rd book -- King of Obsolete's Ladies 3rd book (updated july 17 2021)


4th book -- King of Obsolete's Adventures 4th book (updated july 17 2021)



the Naughty Natalie Book Series is a 4 book series


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1st book -- My Wasted Youth Alexander MB 5th book (updated july 17 2021)


2nd book -- Love is Trust 6th book (updated july 17 2021)


3rd book -- Dominatrix School 7th book (updated july 17 2021)


4th book -- Oh My, This is Not Fun 8th book (soon to be written)



books to be finished


9th book -- Misc Stories 9th book


10th book -- No Fear No Common Sense Flying 10th book



the King of Obsolete Winter Roads Book Series are books from the years 1994 to 2021(updated july 17 2021)


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1st book -- Winter Roads My Struggles 11th book


2nd book -- Winter Roads Head Hanger 12th book free on Amazon see top of page


3rd book -- Winter Roads White Suburban 13th book


4th book -- Winter Roads Dream Team 14th book


5th book -- Winter Roads 15 Seconds of Fame 15th book


6th book -- Winter Roads Russian Roulette 16th book


7th book -- Winter Roads Never Give Up 17th book


8th book -- Winter Roads Thor to the Rescue 18th book


9th book --Winter Roads Blew it Up 19th book


10th book -- Winter Roads Where is the Money 20th book




the King of Obsolete Second Book Series


21st book -- Drilling for Money That I Never Got 21st book


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i am looking good at -40c with my grey scarf on since i am colour blind


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11th book 320


my 1st ice roads book is on Ebay at $10.90 which is a $2.09 usa money savings. i am all smiles because amazon knows how to market. if people are not comfortable with amazon, they can buy my books on Ebay through this book store. if you do purchase, let me know how it goes because i am learning how the publishing world works through my computer screen. plus with the covid 19 lock downs being a canadian author i can not get my author copies from amazon shipped to the end of the world. "yes" that is correct that i have never seen or touched any of my books personally from amazon. thansk


Winter Roads: My Struggles by Joey Barnes Koo: New 9798736874088 | eBay


July 19 2021 -- Pineapples on Pizza Canadian Style


July 20 2021


back in january 2021 i was sitting in my house at the end of the world Boo-Hooing after the Group of 7 lead me a stray on getting my new books on amazon. i had been following the actor Paul Le Mat on his facebook page because he is an author too. i spent the month of january learning amazon and how to get my new books on for the world to enjoy. i kept going back and forth to Paul's amazon author page to see and learn. then at the end of january, amazon accepted my books for the world to read and enjoy. now paul le mat has inspired me for the 3rd time in my life. because when i was little, i watched American Graffiti at the drive in while wearing my PJs. when we returned home after the movies, my dad would carry me to my bedroom because i was in a deep sleep being only 5 years old when the film came out. then i wrote my 6th book Love is Trust which is the Summer of Fun 1985. my 37 Dodge was the fastest hot rod and i was living the life of the character paul le mat played as john milner in american graffiti. now to be grey haired and living at the end of the world in a 10x30 shack down by the tracks. only to be inspired by paul le mat again as an author and on amazon. today his book arrived in the mail and xena took a selfie of me in front of the Screaming Ford which gave me 15 seconds of fame around the world on national TV show Ice Road Truckers. i say thank you to paul le mat and i tip my hat to you. thansk

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July 22 2021


i kind of forgot i did this podcast back in the winter time and i was sober too. first time on skype talking to the computer so i have no idea how it turned out. just like on national TV, i did not watch myself or listen to myself.

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