Dominatrix School


(rough copy)

continued from English Knickers

Dominatrix School

It was a Sunday morning and we were all slow to get out of bed and get going in the PMQ. Of course Naughty Natalie woke up all happy because of the Mosquito game plus she got to sleep while some of us did not. Liz cleans my wounds because the towel made them worse but I am happy because my back if fixed and I can walk. As Liz was cleaning my wounds the telephone in the PMQ rang which it never does. Liz was hoping it was call from her husband or family back on the east coast. Liz was having marriage problems plus missing the east coast because Manitoba winters are not for every one. Liz answered the phone and it was the owner of the sex shop in Winnipeg asking how the fancy outfits are working out. Liz got Naughty Natalie to pick up the phone in the bedroom so both ladies could talk with the owner at the same time. I just listen in on what Liz was saying because I was getting my wounds cleaned. Liz was saying that her and Naughty Natalie could attend on the next weekend. That is when I was waving to get Liz’s attention. She excused herself from the phone call by covering the mouth piece on the telephone handset. When she looked at me with a questioned look on her face all I said was 28 days. Liz just smiled and went back to talking on the phone and asked if it could be the following weekend to attend. It was all agreed and the ladies said good bye to the owner. When Naughty Natalie came out of the bedroom she was all excited just like Liz was. The sex shop owner phoned on a Sunday knowing that people in the industry are home on Sunday because they are not working doing shows. The owner wants the ladies to come to Winnipeg Manitoba to attend a little 2 day workshop on the Dominatrix outfits. Since the ladies are both have the 28 days ending we will attend the weekend after. Everyone is excite because it is a road trip. The owner gave the ladies the motel information close to the sex shop as a place to stay over night. The only thing I said was for Naughty Natalie to telephone dad and ask him to use his credit card for the room. She called dad right away and he said no problems and will book the room right away but he wants the receipt and we are to pay him for the room when we get money. We are all happy because trip to Winnipeg on the weekend plus a trip to the sex shop. Liz can finally get some bedroom toys that she really needs now. The telephone rings again in the PMQ which we find strange and we all look at the telephone because it never rings not even for a wrong number dialed. Liz answers the telephone very cautiously as if the telephone is going to blow like a bomb. It is dad calling back saying mother book the motel rooms. Liz went why rooms because we just need one room with one bed. Dad says mother is letting us have her mini van is we take the Disc Queens and they will stay in the other motel room. All we have to do is get the Disco Queen to the motel and bring them back on Sunday. We have nothing else to do with them. We all thought that would be great plus mother’s mini van has better heater and will burn less gas on the trip. Liz told dad no problem and dad also told Liz there is a pool in the motel. Plus it works out the Friday before we leave to go to Winnipeg is a pay day too so we will have money. But from now till then we can not spend any extra money so going to the biker bar is out of the question. Of course the ladies want to make sure they fit their swim suits from last summer. It did not take long for Liz to find her swim suit in all the unpacked boxs because she marked all the boxes when she packed.

It took forever for the Dominatrix School weekend to arrive and we were sober during that time to save money. We have to leave early Saturday morning to be at the sex shop for the classes to start at 1pm. The sister and Disco Queens are in Brandon in one location for one stop pick up as we head out of the city. Dad switch vehicles on Friday night and mother’s mini van is full of gas and we have to return is full of gas. Before we live the little apartment Liz telephone the place where the Disco Queens are located. They were ready when we arrived which was surprise for us. The fight started within the first mile of the trip because we listen to Heavy Metal Music and Disco Queens listen to New Wave Music. It was agreed that the cassette player in the mother’s mini van will play one of the cassette on New Wave then the next side will be Heavy Metal. This works out to 30 minutes of each music. We never realized how embarrassing this trip was going to be. We did the trip in the 67 Chevy and had fun and drove through the snow storm and we were never embarrassed of the truck or who we are or the way we dressed. Driving mother’s mini van and traveling with the Disco Queens made us want to put brown paper bags over our head like Naughty Natalie. With the Disco Queens one of the side effects of sniffing the hair spray all the time is they have bladder control problems. Plus they will not go to the bathroom on the side of the highway. The bathroom has to be clean or we drive to the next gas station to use that bathroom. When we finally arrive in Winnipeg to top off mother’s mini van with gas and Naughty Natalie will take over driving we were an hour behind schedule. The 3 of us were not impressed because this not how we travel because we are organized people. The Disco Queens ended up being called the luggage because we never talked to them and we always made sure they were in the back of mother’s mini van with our luggage. Calling them the luggage for the weekend turned not to be such a good idea when we returned back to the PMQ.

Naughty Natalie does excellent driving in the city but mother’s mini van has no power compared to the 67 Chevy. Now we know that these mini vans are for soccer moms to drive the kids around. The motel was easy to find and Naughty Natalie parks mother’s mini van and we rush to check in to the motel because we are running late. In the lobby of the motel the Disco Queen have to stick with us because it is all under dad’s credit card. The people working the front desk at the motel could not believe their eyes because to total different groups of people worlds apart in everything are checking, Naughty Natalie ask for the Disco Queens to have a room at the other end of the motel so we do not have anything to do with them till we leave Sunday with a late check out time. But the motel has them in the room beside us. The Disco Queens have the big suit and dad got us want Naughty Natalie ask for a small room with one bed because we are paying for the room in the end. We have to ride the elevator which another confined space which we had to breath the fumes from all the hair spray the Disco Queens use to keep the hair up and out. The elevator stopped at a floor going up and the people did not want to get on with us and I wonder why. The elevator stops on our floor and we walk to the end of the hall to our rooms. When we walked through the doors to each our rooms we thought that would be the last time we would see each other till we leave here on Sunday night. Wrong we walk in the motel room to find the door that joins each to be one room is open. Now the Disco Queens are standing in their motel room looking at us and we standing our motel room looking at them. Since the dividing door opens in to our room I reach out and close the door while watching it close but it does not close. The door latch mechanism is all broken because someone kicked the door open and has not been fixed. Naughty Natalie, Liz and I did not see it as big deal but the Disco Queens did. We are not people who complain we just look at it and move on and putting a chair against the door should not be a problem. The motel is most like book full and being checked as a group and the door not fixed should not be a problem. It was not us but the Disco Queens are on the telephone to the front desk making demands.

The ladies quickly shower and when in the bathroom the maintenance fellow for the motel come up to look at the door. They said they do not have parts and being the weekend and the rooms were booked as one group they did not see a problem. I told the fellow not to worry about it and as he was leaving the ladies came out of the bathroom with towels covering themselves. As the fellow talked with Naughty Natalie and Liz about the rotation of the earth cosmic rays plus on how they do not have the parts to fix the door which both ladies thought was OK. The Disco Queens are knocking at the door which I open and the maintenance fellow tells the same story for the 3rd time. The Disco Queens want the room rate adjusted for this inconvenience. The fellow just says talk to the front desk and he said good bye to us and had one last good look at the ladies. I was very surprised Naughty Natalie had a towel covering her but I figured Liz told to cover up. Naughty Natalie telephones dad collect from the motel telling we made OK and will call before leaving Sunday night. Dad is happy and wished the ladies luck at Dominatrix school. Naughty Natalie thanked him and said good bye. Liz uses the telephone to call the sex shop to tell them we made and will grab food before we are right over. The sex shop says food will be served at the school this afternoon. That made us all happy because saving time. I knocked on the door and the Disco Queens pushed the door open in to our room. I tell them we are leaving now and will put a chair against the door so the Disco Queens will feel save. They all agree as the smell of hair spray flows in to our room.

Naughty Natalie drives us over to the sex shop and the ladies carry their bags in to the store while I carry nothing because I am now the “Virgin” little brother with my sisters. Once in the sex shop the staff shows us where we are to go and I just tag along smiling. The staff is most likely figuring the babysitter was unavailable for me today so my sisters had to drag me long because can not stay at home alone. We enter the room which has the mirrors and roof support post where the ladies first met the sex shop owner. There are 4 other ladies there and they are getting dressed in their outfits too. These ladies are young like us and learning too. The owner greets us and happy we could make it. She was happy to see me again and she introduces me to the other ladies before introducing Naughty Natalie and Liz. This surprises my ladies. The owner tells everyone that I am fast learner and a gentleman. Some day when I get to be with a lady for the first time I will treat her right. The new ladies all smiled and said hello while my ladies had a good laugh with a big smile. The owner introduces everyone in the room and ask the ladies to dress up in the outfits which some ladies were all ready doing. Liz is embarrassed but I help her out and we laughed and joked to help her relax. Naught Natalie is not embarrassed and happy to get naked because she has been wear clothes for almost 6 hours. Liz start to turn red as I help with her corset because all the other ladies stopped to look at her and Naughty Natalie with the prefect bodies. Naughty Natalie just says she was born this way and Liz does not say anything except turn more red in the face. We came late in the room and my ladies with me helping were able to have both dressed and ready before any of the other ladies were even close to being done. The owner came over to check out the fancy outfits because the name of the outfits and how they are presented is what her company is built on. She was very impressed because everything perfect except for a few little changes. The owner asked Philip to come and help the ladies that were behind in getting ready. We had a good laugh when Philip came in the room because he is so feminine from his walk to his talk but he enjoys working here with the ladies.

Since Naughty Natalie and Liz were done first they get to start with the Dominatrix school first. The owner has them doing simple walking back forth past the mirrors. Both ladies are sober so Liz is not relaxed and not as smooth. But Naughty Natalie was born for this and walks back and forth looking in the mirrors and listen to the pointers the owner gives. The owner sees me standing there watching and asks if I could help the other ladies get dressed. The look on my face must have been something else because I never said a thing and looked at Naughty Natalie because technically she is my girlfriend and not sure if she would want me helping ladies dress. Naughty Natalie speaks up and tells me to go ahead and we would not tell mother. Liz even gives a nod of approval for me to help. I walk over and I did not have to ask which lady would like my help because they showed me what they needed. Plus when I was doing things on the outfits I would explain or ask before I did it so there was no surprises for the ladies. Some on the ladies did not want Philip touching them like Naughty Natalie and Liz when they first arrived. The owner came over and said nice things about how I was doing and the new ladies agreed. I was looking over and watching my ladies learn how to be a Dominatrix. They were having fun and being sober. The owner even tells the class she does not serve booze at these schools because that gives the cops and excuse to stop in to see if the laws are being followed. When preforming all you ladies will have booze to relax and put on a good show everyone agreed. As Philip and I get the ladies done they join my ladies over learning by the mirrors. At 3pm the food arrives which everyone was so glad to see when the people who cater this school they have done it lots. They carry in the food trays and set them up quick and say hello to all the ladies dressed up and leave quickly and professionally. Everyone is excited about the food and I walk over to meet up with my ladies. We look at the food trays and it is all healthy eating food and everyone including Philip is digging too. The 3 of us look at each and not sure what to do because we are starving. The owner comes over and says our food is it’s way right now. Just as she finished saying that the pizza delivery guy walked and just about dropped the stack of pizzas. That is when we knew he had never delivered to this room before because there are ladies wear fancy outfits he has never see this before only on the pages of Playboy Magazine. The new ladies and Philip were not to excited to see pizza and Pepsi being delivered because these are forbidden foods when trying to look and act beautiful. We were so happy to see real food and the owner said once she heard we would be right over and told us not to stop for food because you will be late. She knew the ladies do not eat health food. That is when she ordered pizza with a 3pm delivery time. Naughty Natalie, Liz and I thanked her because we were hungry. The new ladies and Philip fell in love with the pizza delivery guy because he was such a hunk. Philip talked the most at how hot the pizza delivery guy was. We had to listen to this with the new ladies as we ate our food. Naughty Natalie and Liz did not see him as hot or hunk material and I sure did not for some reason.

Once the meal was done Philip and I cleaned away the meal dishes and took everything to the staff room in the building for them to enjoy any left overs in the staff fridge. Philip just kept talking about the pizza delivery hunk guy and I did not say anything. When we returned back to the mirror room and ladies are all walk and doing knee bends and such to act and be Dominatrix. Some ladies have the class and style and other do not. Any time there was break in the action Naughty Natalie was on the shiny support post having fun. Liz and I just smiled because she is a Naughty little brat and she will want a support post in the little apartment. The owner came over to Liz and I and gave me a small bag of non shiny very tiny black safety pins. Then she showed me on Liz’s panties where to hide these to keep Naughty Natalie’s panties from falling off during a show. Liz and I laughed because the owner is good at reading people. Liz then ask the owner when we are finished for the day can she look at the bedroom toy because she needs something to help her. Liz got all embarrassed and could not finish what she was saying. The owner then said she will have Philip pick the model 2020203 and wrap it and put by your bag. I will deduct the price from your gift envelope tomorrow. Liz was happy but unsure of what is going on. The owner then realized nobody told us about what Sunday was all about. The owner then explain that we meet here Sunday and dress up. Then a limousine will take all of us. Then she put her hand on my shoulder to say I’m included too to a private show. We were very surprised at that. Now Naughty Natalie has joined us and is surprised too. The owner says she gives the class money in an envelope for attending the class because money is tight for everyone. We were all surprised and then the owner told Naughty Natalie that this is a high class event and important people are there so there will be booze served in the limousine so everyone is relaxed. Plus I gave your little brother safety pins to keep your panties from falling off. When the owner said that I reached in my pocket and showed Naughty Natalie the bag. We were very happy and more surprised then anything. The owner then called Philip over and ask him to wrap model 2020203 and put it by Liz’s bag. Naughty Natalie then asked Liz what it is and Liz told her she will have to wait.


The Whip

Now the owner call the ladies to gather around and there is a chair in the middle of the room. The ladies are can now all sit on the other chairs to watch and make sure the riding crop or whips are ready. The owner then say the person who was suppose to be here can not attend so Philip will take the place. Philip was not happy all for some reason because he knew what was going to happen. The owner asks Liz to join her around the chair with Philip sitting on it. She then asks Philip to stand up as she walks Liz around Philip and show how to use the whip to tease. The owner goes in to great details and how and why the whip is used to control the male. Where the whip is to rubbed, drag and hit on the male as the male stands there. Plus the lady using the whip must act and do certain things for it to be the prefect tease. The owner has Liz walk around Philip several times to show how her ass and boots are to work. The owner says if she was 20 years younger she could do this herself to demonstrate. The owner now hits Philip with the whip and he yelled “ouch” and did not like it at all. Yelling “ouch” ruins everything and then the owners asks me to take his place because she says I look like I can take a good hit. Naughty Natalie and Liz just start laughing and made some joke about a wall which no one got for some reason.

I stand in front of the chair and the owner gets Liz walking around and Liz is to work me and eye contact and the whip is for control. Liz is also to work the crowd that is watching not just me standing there. The owner know takes her whip and runs up and down the inside of my legs explaining what to do and want not to do. Liz has a grin on her face when she does it to me because pay back is “bitch”. Now the owner uses the whip to slap my Male Manhood which surprised me but is was more like shocked me. Then Liz does it and she had a smile of enjoyment. Now the owner show Liz how to work my ass but now I have to turn around for the ladies watching so they can see how it is done. Once again inside the legs then tease the ass. The owner then says the ass can be hit hard and she slap it good which I felt. Now Liz walks around and around I have no idea when she will slap my ass when she did and smiled with pleasure and I just smiled back. Now I have to turn around so the lady in control can push me back it to the chair is a sexual way. That ranges from using the boots to tease the fellow and the boots gentle controls the fellow going back in the chair. The most common way is using the cleavage to push the fellow back in the chair to sit him down. Once in the chair is it all teasing with siting on his lap to being in front of him and showing him everything. Liz has to do every move on me and if she makes a mistake she has to do it again plus the owner is telling the class what and not to do. I know why Naughty Natalie was not asked to do this the first time because she is too good at it already because it is so natural for her.

Finally Liz is done and the instructional part is over and Naughty Natalie wants to be next. The owner tells her in front of the class that Naughty Natalie will be last because the owner is saving the best for last. Naughty Natalie was so happy. I now have to stand up in front the chair for the new ladies to abuse me while the class watched. Three of the ladies have the class and style to be good Dominatrix but the last one had no style, no class and no coordination at all. We all figured her sugar daddy bought her all these things so he can show her off. When it came time for the whip she hit me too hard on my Male Manhood which everyone seen it hurt. Then to get me to sit down on the chair she tired using her cleavage to push me back in to the chair but lost her balance and landed on top of me and the chair fell over backwards. Then she had no grace or coordination to get off of me. Liz jumped in to help her off me. Then I am back in the chair and she is to walk around the chair to tease me but trips on the leg of the chair causing her land on me then the chair to go over backwards. Liz had to help again. Any where she whipped me will have a bruise. The owner final made her stop before she killed me. She said sorry lots for the abuse she put me through. When I recovered and ready it was Naughty Natalie’s turn. I was so glad it was her turn and I know she will put on a show so I will forget the bad things those other ladies did to me. Naughty Natalie did a prefect show and everyone clapping and the owner was very impressed. When she was done the owner made her do a few things over to get it to be more sexy or change it so the move looks better. Naughty Natalie was so happy and excited and I was happy to for both ladies. Now my body hurt from being whipped hard. Philip was smart and chickened out.

With class officially over, Naughty Natalie is on the shiny support post as the everyone gets undress. The owner is telling everyone to be back here at 11am with lunch being served and limousine at 1pm. She also said there will be long winter jackets supplied for getting from building to building since we live in Manitoba. I help my ladies get undressed and everyone is happy. We are the first to be done even with Naughty Natalie spending extra time on the shiny support post. We say good bye to everyone and the owner tells me to be here too because she has a surprise. I told her no problems. The drive back to the motel was easy and we want to order a pizza and have some booze then hit the pool. We are not going partying our anything because we like being alone doing our thing. When we got back to the motel room there is a note from the motel front desk slid under the door to the room. It said for Naughty Natalie to telephone dad. Naughty Natalie was all impressed they put both her first names on the note. Once she got in the room she telephoned dad collect. When dad answered the telephone he accepted the collect telephone charges and then he asked Naughty Natalie want is going on with the Disco Queens. She replied back that we just got back to the room and have no idea. Dad explained the are phoning the pink house steady and the motel keeps phoning to see if it is OK to charge this and that on his credit card. Naughty Natalie said we would look in to it.

She knocked on the dividing door between the two room that is broken. When no one answered we slowly opened the door to see if the Disco Queens were in the room. The reason why we opened the door slowly because we really did not want to see them naked. We know they do not have sex according to mother. The motel room was a mess and they have only been in there 7 hours but no one was there. We shut the door and got undressed from our outside winter clothes. Liz ordered a pizza to be delivered to the room with lots of pineapples on the topping because we are Canadian. When I took my Heavy Metal Rock Band sweater off Liz noticed I was bleed from a couple of my wound. Liz thinks it was from when the lady knocked me over on the chair plus all the whippings I took too. Well this is not good now I can not go to the pool which I was looking forward too. The last 3 weeks my life has evolved around my bleeding now I know how a woman feels when the 28 days is all screwed up. I take the rest of my clothes off while Liz is in the bathroom and Naughty Natalie can not get over the bruises from the whip and yet I did not say anything or showed it hurt. I guess I just can’t feel pain. When Liz was done I the bathroom it was our turn and Liz has the money ready for the pizza when it arrives. Liz could not get over my back and the bruises. She asked what my Male Manhood looked like and I said I do not know. Of course Naughty Natalie tells Liz she will let her know when we come out of the shower. In the shower Naughty Natalie clean my wounds which is hard to do because the shower does not have a flexible shower wand so I have move around. When she clean my Male Manhood she said it had bruises and how could I not feel those. I told do not feel pain and it was not that bad. She then calls Liz in the bathroom to get a second opinion. Now this is a very embarrassing moment having 2 ladies look at your Male Manhood and think it might be broken or need a doctor to look at it. Told them no doctors because I did not got the doctor for a few scratches on my back not going because on few bruises. Once the embarrassing moments in the bathroom were over the ladies figure they better fix my wounds that are now bleeding after the shower. I sit on the chair that I took to the bathroom because motel rooms are always dark. I sit on the chair while Liz does the cleaning with the booze I have been carrying around for doing this. The ladies always travel with a box of pantie liners and the duct tape is in my travel bag because once again we are Canadian and always have duct tape handy. The pizza arrives and Naughty Natalie pays the young kid and gets a receipt. While she is paying the kid he is looking in to the bathroom to see me with my wounds getting cleaned. There is blood flowing down my back and Liz is cleaning it up my back has bruises too. We did not pay much attention to the kid because my wounds are more important. We did not pay attention if Naughty Natalie even had clothes on when she answered the door. But the pizza sure smelled good. Naughty Natalie says she will wear clothes while in the motel room with the door to the Disco Queens room broken. Liz is having troubles with the bleeding and might have to do a few more stitches. She has the sewing kit with us because this has been on going problem. Naughty Natalie is eating the pizza and we can smell it because we will eat when finished plus we are in the bathroom and nobody eats in the bathroom as part of social edict.

Wanted Poster

Liz just starts doing a few stitches and there is a hard knock on the motel room door. We thought it was a little hard for the Disco Queens and Naughty Natalie yells just a minute. Then the door burst open because it was kicked in and the cops are in the bathroom and have Liz and I on the floor with their knees on the back of our necks. My hands are pulled behind may back right now and hand cuffed same with Liz. The cops are yelling do not move. We hear nothing from Naughty Natalie which might be a good thing. The cops are calling me a name of have never heard and I say nothing. But the bathroom floor is very cold on the face when the cop is holding it down hard. I can not see Liz but I feel her beside me. The cops pick me up off the floor and spin around to say “I am the wrong one”. Then they bring Liz up off the floor and ask her name which she replies Liz. Her nose is bleeding like mine and then they drag Naughty Natalie to the bathroom door and she is handcuffed too. Now the 3 of are handcuffed in a motel room in the city, we would have been better off staying in Shilo and dealing with the Military Police like we always do. The cops make no attempt at stopping our nose bleeds or helping us. I told Liz the Military Police treat us better. Then I tell Liz this is the part where the Disco Queens come to see what is going on. They come in the room through the broken divide door and the cops do not realize they are part of us and escort them out. Naughty Natalie says they will be calling mother. We are handcuffed forever it seems and nobody is talking to us. Naughty Natalie jokes that being handcuffed is better when you are drunk in the back of the police car. Of course the cops are eating the pizza because they say it will go bad just sitting there. Finally someone important shows up in the motel room and holds a wanted poster to my face. I do not even look close to the wanted poster picture. Then the important person opens a file folder and takes out pictures and looks at my back which is now bleeding. The important person now says he is finish and have these people give statement and full contact info.

The important person leaves and we waited more. We do not say anything but just look at the cops. This is not fun and we will deal with military cops any day. Then a woman shows up and tells the cops to remove the hand cuffs because she is with the public relation for the city police. The pizza fellow seen someone in this room getting bullet holes stitched up and it on the wanted poster. The pizza guy called in for the reward money and we showed up and you are not the fellow on the wanted posted. No Shit is all I said. The pizza guy did not see my face only my back so you cops jump the gun and did all this on a “tip”. Now we have to give statements on the wrong use of force by the police for a claim to be filed and 2-3 years we might get a settlement. Well this does not sound good. They took Naughty Natalie’s statement first while Liz and I clean ourselves up in the bathroom. Liz was worried about the needle she was using to do the stitches on my back but it was still stuck in my back. The rough abuse by the cops opened up a few more wounds and I am bleeding. Liz gets her nose to stop bleeding but her face is bruised up from being shoved on the floor. My face is the same way too but the main thing is none of us are hurt badly. When Naughty Natalie was done her statement she telephoned dad collect to explain what happened because the Disco Queens already phoned mother several times. Plus she orders another pizza from a different location. Plus tells the pizza delivery guy to wait at the front desk and she will come down and get the pizza. The motel management comes up to look at the damage and Liz told them we are paying for it and they agreed. Plus there are no other rooms in the motel because it at full occupancy. Liz told them it is OK we will put a chair against the door like we are doing to keep the Disco Queens in their room. Management was very good about the whole thing which was nice. Liz and I never looked at the women taking our statements or the camera crew that showed up to take the pictures. We gave then the face shots they wanted and the bruises on our backs. Liz had the biggest bruises because she was first to be taken out to get to me. Liz did the stitches and did more stitches on the new wounds opened up but this ordeal. The woman taking the statement asked about my back and we both said not comment. Naughty Natalie came in the bathroom with the box of pantie liners and the duct tape and started cutting the pantie liners to the size of my wounds that needed to be covered. The woman just looked at us and ask a bunch of questions and we said no comment. Once everyone was done she gave us the info and will mail out the forms for us to get compensation. We thanked her for her time and Naughty Natalie went with her to make sure all the cops were gone and to get the pizza at the front desk.

Naughty Natalie arrived back when we were done in the bathroom and pizza smelled so good. We move from the bathroom to the bedroom part of the motel room. Naughty Natalie got the motel room to stay closed with a chair. We just sit down to eat the pizza and the Disco Queens are knocking at the deviding broken door. I open to see the room is in a mess and they are whiny about something. I told them to leave us alone. Then I yell at the Disco Queens that they are just luggage to us. We brought them to Winnipeg and we are to take them back to Brandon. We want nothing to do with them because they are just luggage and that is is. They ride in the back of mother’s mini van as if they are luggage. After the great speech I shut the door and put a chair against it to keep them in their room. We were all not impressed. We had such a good day learning and having fun then to come back to this mess. Plus we would be going to the pool but it closed a long time ago. The ladies agree and they said they had fun and tomorrow we will have fun again. Liz’s face does not look good and when we go back to the PMQ everyone will think her husband did it. Liz says in all the years of marriage he has never touched no matter how screwed up he is on the military drugs. A few walls have holes but he has never touched her. That is when I told Liz his love for her over rides the drugs. Now that brought tears to her eyes and needed a hug. We stand and hug as she cries and Naughty Natalie joins in. Of course Naughty Natalie has to say something funny that makes us laugh. I know I would not be able to sleep so Liz pour a good stiff drink so I can catch up to Naughty Natalie. Liz has had few drinks to calm her nerves. It is late and we watch a little TV with me laying on my side and Liz is hugging me because she needs to be hugged. We decided that the ladies will pick up make up on the way to the sex shop to hide the bruises. Naughty Natalie went and got ice for us to put on our faces so we do not look like we were bar fighting in the big city.


Silk Under Wear

It was long night for all of us because when they took Naughty Natalie down to the floor when she answered the door she got roughed up too. Half way through the night she began to hurt because she was starting to sober up. She was up most of the night with Liz and I but we laughed and joked about it. When morning finally came we just order room service to have the food delivered to the room because nobody wanted to down to the cafe and sit there. It took a long time to for us to get going. I had to have a shower because I bled most of the night and the bandages needed to be changed. The motel shower had no shower wand so it was alot harder to get the duct tape bandages off. When we were finally ready to leave to make the 11am appointment at the sex shop we took our luggage out of the room because none of the door locks worked. The final instruction to the Disco Queens who are now officially call luggage. The luggage will be picked up at the lobby at 6pm so be ready. The Disco Queens were up all night making noises and partying. The room was more of a mess in the morning then when we gave the final instructions and closed the door between the room. We never seen any of them because they were all hiding under the bed sheets in fear of being seen with no make up and flat hair. Naughty Natalie telephones dad collect to keep him informed so mother can remind the Disco Queens to be ready at 6pm. Dad asked about the cops in our room and Naughty Natalie just told him it was a usual Saturday night for us. She told dad she will call when we leave the city. Dad was happy to hear that. As Naughty Natalie drives to the sex shop we find an open shoppers drug mart to buy make up for Liz but we need a lot more because I have bruises and Naughty Natalie has bruises too. This trip is getting expensive for us because the cops in a hurry to bust anyone and everyone. Liz runs in and buys the make up needed then we are all mother’s mini van putting it on. Naughty Natalie has her pants down while still in the driver’s seat so can Liz put make up on her leg bruises. I just get a bit of make up on my face and Naughty Natalie does the make up on Liz’s face because the mirrors in a mini van are not that good.

We arrive at the sex shop and the owner was glad we made it but she can see we all have bruises and she asked. We told the truth that the cops kicked the door looking for the wrong person and we never got to go to the pool and have fun. The owner asked why we did go to any clubs or bars and the ladies pointed to me. We can not leave him behind. The owner smiled and said she had a surprise for me. Me being under age was easier to explain not going to the bars or clubs because that is not our style. We enter the mirror room with the shiny support post and there is a fancy suit laying on the table with my name on it with shoes and a top hat. We all looked at the suit and the owner says it is top of the line tux and you must wear the silk under wear too which you get to keep. I looked at the shiny shoes and made a comment that they will be slippery. The owner flipped over the shoes to show they have grips on the bottom plus she reminded me that we live in Manitoba. We all smiled because the owner is a smart lady. The owner tells me to put the suit on because Anna will be her to make any alterations needed. I ask where the change room is for the men and the owner says right here with the ladies. Liz was smile so hard because pay back is a “bitch”. Naughty Natalie said she will help her little brother. Plus the fact my back has bandages on it. Once my shirt is off I have to keep my back to the wall that does not have a mirrors on it. Now I have to change in to silk under wear with my bruised Male Manhood for all the ladies to see including Philip plus I am sober. I do the under wear change as proud as I can with Liz and Naughty Natalie standing in front of me to block some of the view from the ladies and especially Philip. Now I got my new silk under wear on and Liz helps me with the white shirt very quickly and we hope no one seen my bandages. Anna shows up and marks the pants and I have to take them off as she alters them. I am wearing my new silk under wear and a white shirt as I help my ladies get dressed in to the fancy outfits. Liz puts more make up on Naughty Natalie’s bruises and said she only got bruises from wearing clothes. Never got any bruises when she was naked and getting flipped off my ass. The cater arrives with the food and there are 3 plates with our names on them because it is real food the owner is always thinking but that is why she is successful. The other ladies in the room ask my ladies how they keep their bodies in such great shape. Naughty Natalie just says I was born this way and eat what I want. Liz says the same plus they do not go to the gym to work out either. Everyone was quite shocked. Once lunch was over everyone including me had to be dressed. My pants look good and Philip had to touch my bum on the finally fitting. I am not touching his bum as pay back. Liz laugh me because of the expression on my face when he did it. With all the ladies ready to go, Philip bring out the long black winter coat for the ladies and I get a man’s coat. The owner knows everyone sizes so everything fits the first time. Since Liz has bruises on her face the owner decide every one has to wear sexy masks. Few of the ladies are happy like Liz because it does not make them feel shy. I got a male full face mask because I’m suppose to be an 18 year old gentlemen escorting these ladies to a private party. The owner tells everyone with my mask on I have age 4 years. That make me smile. The limousine has arrived and I am escorting the ladies to the limousine and open the doors for the ladies. I am to ride up front with the driver then do all door openings then help the ladies on and off the stage like a gentleman would do.

As the owner says it is show time. I hold the door to limousine in open and help the ladies with the long coats get in the limousine. The limousine has a full bar so when we arrive the ladies will feel relaxed. Once the ladies are all in the driver say we can go, I ride up front and we do not talk because we are professionals. The limousine arrives and I open the door and help the ladies out with their long coats and make sure the coat hang straight. The owner says every little detail counts. Once in the building the ladies are behind the stage and drinks are being serve to them. The owner wants Naughty Natalie to close the show then she asks me if I safety pinned her panties and I said yes because the last thing we need is those falling off. The owner asks Liz to open the show because Liz will work the crowd but not worked it too hard. Now Liz is concerned and asking for a stiff drink. It is time to start and I have walk the ladies on and off stage because being escorted by a gentlemen in a top hat is class and style then the lady walking on and off by herself. Liz is hold my arm and as we are ready to walk down the isle so I can give her away in the marriage ceremony. Liz is nervous but I told her I am doing this sober because a 14 year old can not drink. When it is our call to go out on the stage, I escort Liz out and tip my top hat and walk off stage. Liz does really good and give a good show because she is a married woman. I then go back on stage and escort her off like a true gentleman. When Liz is back stage I escort the next lady and do the same thing with tipping my top hat and return off stage. Liz is excited and the owner is very pleased at how well she did. The show is going good and Naughty Natalie is to close the show and the owner figures there will be an encore do and she is making plans. Before I escort Naughty Natalie out on stage I check her panties to makes sure the safety pins are still there. Thankfully they are and that makes her smile because she liked where I put my hands to check. I escort Naughty Natalie on stage and tip my top hat and walk off. Naughty Natalie give it all she has in her performance which makes the crowd start clapping because we are not at the biker bar. The way the crowd is responding the owner is making plans for an encore. I am to escort Naughty Natalie off the stage then go back with her and Liz because they look the same. Liz is ready and will give a little more in this show. I walk out on the stage and escort Naughty Natalie off only to go back out with Liz on my other side then tip my top hat to the ladies and walk off stage. The 2 ladies have the crowd clapping and everything going really good. They stay on the stage for along time working the crowd and then the owner sends me out to bring them off stage. When I get them back off stage the ladies are excited because that was a good crowd. The owner is very pleased and says the limousine is waiting. I help the ladies with the long black coats and escort the ladies to the waiting limousine. When the driver says it is time to go I sit in the front. We arrive back at the sex shop and I help the ladies. Everyone acted very professional. Once back in the mirror room with shiny support post the ladies talk freely and relax. We have to get out of our fits and pick up the Disco Queens so we quickly undress. The owner is very happy with us and she give everyone envelopes. She comes over to the 3 of us and she hands us our envelops. I hand my back to her and say I had fun today. The ladies do the same thing because she gave the fancy outfits to them. The owner was very surprised and thanked us for being such good kids. The owner got choked up a bit but remained professional and said she will be in touch for more schooling. Liz checks my back to see if I leaked any blood which I did not which was a good thing because that white shirt was expensive. I put the suit and everything back in the box and the owner wrote my name on it and she said it will be on shelve in the storage room because you will be wearing it again. I told her not problem because it was fun.


Colonel Sanders Chicken

We say good bye and I have to drive mother’s mini van in the city because Naughty Natalie has been drinking. We pull in to the motel parking lot figuring it will be a 2 hour wait for the Disco Queens to be ready. But when Naughty Natalie walked up the lobby they came out and got in mother’s mini van. We told them they are luggage and can sit in the back with the luggage. They thought they rode in the back to Winnipeg they should ride in the front back to Brandon. Not a chance all luggage in the back no exception to the rule. Just outside of Winnipeg we stop and gas up mother’s mini van we know we have lots of gas but in case there is problems. Naughty Natalie calls dad collect on the telephone to say we are leaving Winnipeg and we have the luggage. Liz told the Disco Queen this is the only bathroom stop till Brandon so use it. The trip back to Brandon was Heavy Metal Music all the way because the New Wave Music tapes did not work in mother’s mini van and yet the worked on the way in. We arrive in Brandon and drop of the Disco Queens off now known as the luggage. We know if we go to Shilo base to Liz’s PMQ, the MPs will be visiting so we decide just to stay in the little apartment. As Liz and I haul the luggage in the little apartment, Naughty Natalie telephones dad to say the luggage has been delivered. Dad is glad we are back and he has a Union meeting on Monday night so he will buy supper. Naughty Natalie asks for Colonel Sanders to the little apartment and brings lots. She can not say where Liz is because people might be listening. Dad agrees but then he will agree to anything for Naughty Natalie. Liz pours us all a stiff drink as Naughty Natalie gets the shower going. It is decided we will all have a quick shower together because we do not want to worry about hot water running out. The ladies get in the shower first then I join them. The shower is quick because we are not in the mood for anything else. As we dry off in the bathroom outside the shower we start pointing out all the bruises on each others body. Liz has the most on her back. The knees of the cops holding her down is what caused the bruises. She has one boobie well bruised and we think it is from my shoulder or head when the cops took us both down to the bathroom floor. My body is all bruised up from the whip and the cops plus the inside of my legs are now showing bruises which we think it is from the chair that I was sitting on in the bathroom and got between my legs when the cops took us down. With my bandages off my wounds do not look good but they are not bleeding. Naughty Natalie checks out my bruised Male Manhood and shows Liz because it is a sight for sore eyes. I do not care if she sees it because we have been through a lot but it will heal I hope. Naughty Natalie has bruises on her back and her one leg and ass cheek from the cops pushing her to get in the motel room then getting her under control. Liz and I were easy to control because were in the bathroom with our backs to them and it was a basic take down maneuver. As we stand there naked looking at each other bruised and damaged bodies we have not interest at all in sex or sexual touching in any way shape or form. Not sure how mother thinks were are having sex all the time all over the place. I doubt mother was ever like that with dad. As their child I could never could picture in mind them having sex because that would be a horror I would never want to picture. We have one more stiff drink then go to bed. It is decided that Liz will ride the worker’s bus to Shilo base and get off at work then leave work and ride the bus back to the little apartment to have supper with dad and us. She can not go any where near the PMQ alone because if the MPs stop by it is her word against 4 of them and what she says and does will not be what is written correctly in the reports.

It was a rough night for all of us because we are all sore and can not get comfortable in the bed. The only thing that is cheering us up or keeping us from going insane is the fun time we had at the sex shop. In the morning the bruising on Liz’s face is bad and her cheek has swollen up. This is not good for her being a married woman on a military base even if her husband is deployed. She used up the last of the make up to cover the bruises on her face. Naughty Natalie did my bandages so I could go shopping after I dropped her off at work. As a man my shopping list is pantie liners and woman’s make up. They give me the label from the pantie liner box so I purchase the correct ones and the empty make up case because I am colour blind. We are almost ready to leave the little apartment and Liz is very concerned on her face. The rumors will start on what happened to her and whose male hand slipped and hurt her. She decided to wear a winter scarf to cover her face on the worker’s bus then at work she can do her job and avoid people. Naughty Natalie and I can show our bruises off because we are young and not married. People will think we were fighting in the bar or having sex on the kitchen table which broke and we got hurt when we hit the floor.


Colour Blind Shopping

We leave the little apartment and Liz just walks to the bus shelter where the worker’s bus from Shilo will pick her up. I drive Naughty Natalie to work and then I go shopping. Dad will pick her up tonight after work then pick up supper and return to the little apartment. A little planning saves a lot of extra running around. I drive Shopper’s Drug Mart which is the Walmart of personal drug products. Like Walmart it has 20 different selection of one product on the shelve. I have no problems shopping for woman’s feminine hygiene products because it is a fact of life and in my eyes it is like going to the auto parts store and everything has a part number. I am buying a part number and that is it. When I get in the feminine hygiene section it is huge and it is not a section of the store I regularly visit. Now I am standing there dressed as a 1980s heavy Metal Rock Music fan with my Judas Priest sweater on and blue jeans with my winter jacket un-zipped so the world can see my sweater. I have the label from the pantie liners and I can not find the product on the shelve. As a man you do not buy the next product that looks like it. You walk out of the store and drive 60 miles to the next store to buy that product. As a man if I return home with the wrong product which could be almost the same it will be wrong in the eyes of a woman. I stand there thinking on what to do and sales lady comes up to me and asks if I need help. I say I do and I need these and show her the label. The sales lady then assume these are for my mother because I look 14 years old. There is no way I am going to tell her these are my bandages. I correct the sales lady and say for my sister. Older women use different style of products then younger women. Then the sales lady says the pantie liners I need are right here and the labeling has changed. Same product newer style labeling. I double check and read the label in my hand and make sure it is the same as the new packing product. They are the same and I am happy. The sales lady tells me they are on sale in the value packages 2 for the price of one. Excellent more bandages for me and for the 28 days for the ladies.

The value packs are big so I put one under my arm then carry the other one in that hand. Off I go to the make up department to get the make up needed to hide bruises. Being colour blind I know it is pointless for me even to look at the make up because it is all different colours. The first sales lady I see, I ask for this colour in the make up case that I have in my hand. The sales lady was not listening to me when I asked her because she was distracted with the 2 value packs I was holding. The sales lady figures I wanted the another little case of make up like what is in my hand. I have hard time trying to explain to her that I only need the colour of make up that is empty. Those other shades of grey are not required. Finally another sales lady came along and I explained it to her that I need that shade of grey that is empty in the assortment of make up in the case. Finally the new sales lady figured it out and had some fancy name for the colour and it was not grey. Now the new sales lady offers me a small little case of this colour of grey and I ask for a bigger cases. The new sales lady could not understand that it is is not going to be used cover up a little birth mark and the make up will last 6 months. I need enough to cover the side of Liz’s face for 2 weeks. I politely ask the new sales lady for the super size of this shade of grey that a Disco Queen would buy. Once I used the correct words on the volume of make up required she understood me because Disco Queens just layer the make up on. The new sales lady asked me to wait right her and off she went. When she returned it looked like she was carrying a paint can from the paint department at Walmart. She put the can on the counter and opened it up to see if the colours match and they did. I could even see that the shades of grey were correct. Now we are all happy, the new sales lady said I could pay for this items here so they are bagged for carrying around the store. I politely said no thanks because I have other items on the list to be purchased. The new sales lady was very surprised and thought I would be embarrassed carrying around the value pack of pantie liners but in my eyes they are band-aids and just a part number. I quickly grab others items on the lists and have no trouble at the cash register to pay for the items. The people behind me were sure looking at me. They put my purchases in an almost see through plastic shopping bag so everyone can kind of see what I bought. Not sure why they just did not use clear plastic shopping bags.

I leave the store and half way to my truck I meet my boss from work. He asks how I am doing because it is now 4 weeks since the plane crash. My back is OK but my wounds for the MPs fixing my back are not healing because of other cops and issues. The way I look at it is simple if it was not the wall slam by the MPs I would still be suffering and might not even be walking because of the plane crash. The boss seeing I am walking OK then is hinting but not asking when I am returning to work. Plus he see my face is all bruised up and asks what happen. I told the boss I was having sex on the kitchen table and it broke. He just laughed. Then he became serious on my returning to work and I had think quick so I told him to touch me on my back. Which he did. Once his hand touched my wounds through my jacket and sweater, I bent at the knees and he could see the pain I was in. Plus I was walking and talking to him acting stiff in my movement because of my wounds not my back from the plane crash. Now the boss sees I am still hurting and not faking it. He makes a funny joke about what he can see in my almost see through plastic shopping bag. He says he is glad to see no condoms in the plastic shopping bag because me as a married man with children will make me a better worker. As he says a few more comments I think to myself. He is just a Money Hungry Greedy Bastard who cares nothing of me being in 4 plane crashes and complains about all the over time hours I put in. Plus I have to make management discussions on the weekend when doing repair work. If I call him on the weekends he is at the cottage, golfing or BBQing with his friends. The boss lives the life style of the rich and famous off my hard work and does not care about me. The sex shop owner is a business woman. She takes of the customers and her staff by treating them good like she treated us when we first met her. Philip will die doing his job for her because he gets treated good. Philip could not work any where else because he is too feminine.

Now that the boss is done his long speech we say good bye and I return back to the little apartment. Not sure who ever said that men sweat and ladies prespire does not know what they are talking about. I have to clean the ladies fancy outfits because like hockey players they sweat because they are doing physical active plus under the lights of the show and the room is warm with all the people. Everyone figures that a $1000.00 for a 1-2 hour show is a lot of money but it is not. There is the travel time and getting and out of the fancy outfit times and cleaning time plus these fancy outfits cost my in up keep. One thing nice about the ladies they do not use a lot of make up because it is all natural beauty. The others ladies that preformed on the weekend used a lot of make up which costs money. I start to clean the fancy outfits and I read the label on my silk underwear on how to clean them in case I have to wear the top hat again. We are always ready for when the telephone rings. I have no idea where the day went but I was having a nap in the afternoon and Liz arriving at the little apartment woke me up. She was so glad to see the can of make up. She said people looked at her but never asked what happen. Even wearing the winter scraf on the worker’s bus people could see the bruises on her face above the scarf but she is glad the day is over. Naughty Natalie and dad arrive with Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken and it smelled so good when they came in to the little apartment. I did not think anything of it but I had the fancy outfits hanging to dry around the little apartment. Dad had a good look at the fancy outfits and the quality they are made of. I never thought of my new silk underwear hanging to dry in the bathroom which dad noticed and made a comment when he came out of the bathroom from washing his hand before supper. Dad expresses his concerns that I have an outfit to go with the silk under wear. Naughty Natalie calmly told him the rest of the outfit is at the sex shop in Winnipeg. Now my dad is thinking I am on stage taking my clothes off too. Liz caught on right away then told dad I was the male escort with a tux and top hat. Dad was in shock because I never will wear a suit not even for my graduation.

Now we sit down around the kitchen table and enjoy supper and filling dad in the weekend of fun at the Dominatrix school then the disasters with the Disco Queens and city police. The ladies show dad some of their bruises and dad could see Liz’s and my bruises on our face. Naughty Natalie tells dad she got bruises from wearing clothes and no bruises the night of the slam in the wall because she was naked. That is when dad learned the Naughty Natalie does not wear clothes around the house even when Liz is now with us. I told dad I notice her more when she wears clothes because she is acting all natural. Dad told me he feels sorry for me having to suffer like this. Everyone laughed at his comment. The chicken tasted so good and we enjoyed it. Dad went on to say there was lots of room charges on the Disco Queen’s room plus damages too. Naughty Natalie asked dad about the room we had and he said the motel never charged him for the room because it was clean and because of the 2 broken doors and they said we were welcome back anytime. The Disco Queens were told there will never be a vacancy in the motel for them. Dad also pointed out that we are suppose to be the bad ass group but you guy never create drama. The sister and the Disco Queens cost dad a lot of money plus drama. Dad has to leave to go to his Union meeting and we all say good bye to him and Naughty Natalie has to give dad a hug which he likes. Once he left the ladies helped me out of my bandages that I had on all day and were getting itchy. Since there is not much hot water the ladies joined me for a quick shower. The ladies are pleased with my purchases of the value packs and the can of make up. I was told I will make a good wife some day. Being tired and sore I did no care. We end the evening by watching a VHS movie in the bedroom which we all fell asleep doing. The rest of the week was long and slow with all of us recovering.

Checking in on “Coffee”

Friday Liz rides the worker’s bus from Shilo to Brandon after she is done work. I pick up Naughty Natalie from work and meet Liz at little apartment. Since I have done nothing all week I had all the shopping done during the day because Friday after work is not the day to be shopping. We are going to spend the weekend at Liz’s PMQ in hopes of her husband returning plus watch VHS movies on her big screen TV. The MPs always expect us to arrive in the evening but this time we hurried and got everything complete to be at the PMQ before 6pm. We had no troubles at the main gate to get on the Shilo base and the guard joked that he had not seen us all week. We just smiled and signed in. Arriving at Liz’s PMQ she was hoping a light would be on because she has not been here in a week. She also joked that the damaged wall might fixed too but it was not. Nothing has changed in the PMQ in the week since we last were here. As we start to unpack the telephone rings and Liz answers it. It is Tom’s wife and they want to stop over to check the “coffee” and we know what that is all about. Naughty Natalie and I have a quick shower and get my bandages off. Plus the ladies remembered to bring one of the value packs of pantie liners to the PMQ in case I need more bandages. Once we are out of the shower it is Liz’s turn and there it a knock at the door. I answer it while Naughty Natalie finds Liz’s black silk robe to wear since we have company. It is Tom and his wife and they come in. They are surprised at my bruises on my face and when I turned to walk in front of them they seen my back and it is all bruised plus more stitches. I sit at the kitchen table on a chair backwards so Tom have look at my wounds. Naughty Natalie and Tom’s wife are mixing the drinks. Liz comes out of the bathroom with wet hair and wear the black silk robe. She turns up the music up the music on the stereo so we can talk freely. Tom has nothing but complements on Liz’s stitches from the Winnipeg trip which should be removed anytime before they grow in to the skin. Tom is very concerned about Liz’s bruises because they heard through the grape vine she had bruises. Plus her husband is deployed and was very concerned. He ask if he could see the rest of the bruises and Liz put her arm across her boobies then let the black silk robe fall off her shoulder. Now Tom and his wife could see her back and side and her one boobie. They were both in shock at the bruises and her body on how natural it is for beauty. Tom was concerned at the bruises around the back her neck because week later they looked bad and might be broken blood vessels healing. With it being the back of her neck and that is where your spine is he wants Liz to be careful in actives with the neck meaning no head board sex. Tom know that Liz and us are not the sports type of people but just be carefully. Then he asked about Naughty Natalie and Liz said she got roughed up too. Of course Naughty Natalie had to blame her bruises on the fact she was wearing clothes and as she said that black silk robe fell to the floor because the gravitational pull was very strong. Once again Tom and his wife were surprised at the bruises and the natural beauty of her too. Tom did not see any of concern with Naughty Natalie’s bruises. When Tom was done Liz motioned her to put the black silk robe back on. Naughty Natalie like a 5 year old Naughty little brat gave Liz “the look” and put black silk robe back on.

Liz told Tom and his wife that she did not returned here all week because the MPs will be visiting because of our trip to Winnipeg and the bruises on her face. She did not want to deal with it so she rode the workers bus to be with them. After a couple of drinks Liz gets ready to remove my new stitches which turn out to be easy with snip and pull through. I did not need to bite the cloth because it was not to bad. Liz cleaned my wounds with booze and then I could turn around and look at the people I was talking with. Tom’s wife poured another round of stiff drinks and as she sat down there is a knock at the door and we knew who that would be. Liz just yells for the MPs to come in because no sense walking to the door only to have to come back to kitchen table. It was a good thing because MPs were aggressive. Now we all sit around the kitchen table and we are all calm including Tom and his wife. The lead MP asks where Liz’s husband is and she calmly replies as usual “your department will know”. Then the lead MP asks where the luggage and she calmly replies “Air Canada lost it” then the lead MP says “nice try because you picked up luggage Sunday in Winnipeg”. That is when we realized how much this people are listening and following. We all smiled at each other then Liz tells the lead MP that luggage is the code word for Disco Queens because they are use-less and ride in the back of the mini van like the luggage. Then I speak and tell the lead MP to confirm this with mother. The lead MP does not say anything more and they leave. Tom and his wife are surprised at all this because every time they are here the MPs are here too. Liz says they like coming for visits and pointed out to Tom and his wife that the PMQ does not smell of drugs. Our eyes are never blood shot other then from booze and there is no traffic here or phone calls. Tom and his wife agreed that this is unreal. Liz points out what happen to us in Winnipeg all because the pizza guy thought he would get reward money turning in the bank robber in the bathroom getting his bullets wounds stitched up. Tom and his wife agreed that were are having bad luck with the cops. With that we to have a drink and we do.

Tom and his wife leave when they are still able to walk because the Shilo base is small enough people walk instead of drinking and driving. We talk about Liz’s neck and I told Liz I will keep her new bedroom toy. So she does not get carried away and hurts her neck with arching her back in enjoyment. Plus Naughty Natalie is not to play the Mosquito game with Liz until her neck is healed. Naughty Natalie promises to behave and we know that will only last for the first 10 minutes then she will be back to living up to her name Naughty little brat. The last thing we need is for Liz to hurt her neck and the ambulance and MP have to come here. As we get a VHS movie ready to watch Liz hands me her new bedroom toy which I put in my over night bag. She says she should cry not being able to test it out but I told her you do not know what you are missing. Then we all agree that is has been 2 weeks with the 28 days up then getting roughed up in Winnipeg. This is like a marriage. That is when Liz said “no comment”. We were suppose to have great fun in Winnipeg with the ladies wearing the fancy outfits but plans change in a matter of minutes. It was nice to watch VHS movies on Liz’s big screen TV compare to my little B&W TV in the little apartment plus the ladies like watching in colour too. We are on the couch as a group and Naughty Natalie is naked as usual and I have my shirt off so my wounds are getting fresh air. Liz is wearing her black silk robe and showing a little more then she usually does. We have the TV cranked up loud to enjoy the surround sound which is nice compared to my little B&W TV. Liz’s husband walks past us and in to their bedroom. Liz does not move and I think she is a sleep because of lack of movement. If she was awake she should have covered up more with her black silk robe since her husband just walked passed us but she did not. Her husband was not very long in the bedroom and came out and left without saying a word to anyone. Naughty Natalie and I look at each other and then we look at Liz who looks back at us. Naughty Natalie asked Liz if she had seen her husband and she replied “yes” as she watched the movie and that is all she said. I then spoke up because if her husband was in and out very quickly that means the MPs will be stopping by for a visit. I had just finish saying that and the MPs are standing front of us. The lead MP took the remote control from Naughty Natalie and hit pause button to stop the movie in that spot. The PMQ is dark and we do not say a word over the remote being taken. We think they are going to grab us off the couch and toss us the floor like in Winnipeg. The lead MP gives Liz the search warrant for the PMQ which she reads then asks if this is her copy. The lead MP says yes and Liz says thank you. We just sit on the couch as a group while the MPs do quick search on the PMQ. Naughty Natalie does not cover up and Liz and I make no attempt to cover her up because it is dark enough in the PMQ that they can not see much. After a quick 10 minute search the MP leave the PMQ not saying a word to us or asking any questions. Liz did very well holding it together and once Naughty Natalie starts the movie play again Liz starts to cry. Then we all change our places on the couch so I can hug Liz to make her feel loved.

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