Love is Trust Book Alabama Photo Shoot


Biker Bar Photo Shoot

(rough copy)

Due to the Covid 19 lock down which effecting us in the Great White North in northern Manitoba. We have had to do things quite a bit differently on the new 3 book series I just completed writing. Since everyone in my home town knows my ex-wife too well. I did not get a good response on asking for pictures of the cafe’s that I wrote about in my books. I do not waste my time on people or bullshit that they create so the book has now been moved the USA. I removed the clause stating that my hometown and the businesses that I wrote about in my wasted youth do not have to be included. Oh well not my problem because we have now gone to Alabama USA to get things done. I have enough Kingdom Followers around the world that I do not need my hometown for anything not even to attend my mother’s funeral because google sent me her obituary because the “family” forgot to tell me.

My 6th book is written about fast times, a fast woman and a fast truck which ended up being a love story called “Love is Trust”. The story is based on being 18 years old and traveling west Canada and to Minot ND USA in my 37 Dodge hot rod truck with Naughty Natalie. I trusted Naughty Natalie with my money, my truck and my life and she trusted me with her life. Some of the stories are based at the biker bar and the bikers we had fun with. Now all I have to do is make a story board using google street view and a magic marker on the pictures of street view. I have to put enough details in the story board for the people in Alabama USA to re-create what I did 35 years ago. This is the easy part because lots of bikers in Alabama with the Harley Davidson Shovel Head Bike that were involved. Plus some of the bikers in my hometown back then were stationed at the military base close by. In Alabama there are lots of bikers who have served or are serving now in the military to bring the pictures and short video to life.

Film 1

– Buildings must block the wind so the Harley Davidson Bike sounds have a nice sound to them.

– The bikes must be parked from the corner to give a couple of shifts for sound but not too far for the camera not to pick up the sounds.

-- The bikes are backed in to the curb at a slight angle, the lead bike is not to be blocked for the camera.

– The lead bike is started while the others are not running to get the sounds of the shovel head motor.

– The lead biker gets on the bike then Naughty Natalie gets on the bike holding the lead bike tight around his chest and looking over his shoulder on the camera side.

– Naughty Natalie’s choice on cleavage shown when getting on the bike for the camera. Biker helmet (beanie helmet used in sons of anarchy TV show) to show face and hair.

– The other bikes leave as tight as possible for sound followed by the lead back being last. This will be done several times to get different angles

close up A – – Naughty Natalie’s face but back enough to show waist up including lead biker

back for full view B – – just wide enough for the bikes and the street. Sound should echo off the buildings

– Full stop at stop sign to get the sounds of the bikes leaving and turning the corner.

back for full view B – – just wide enough for the bikes and the street. Sound should echo off the buildings.

BB street marked

Film 2

– The bikes leave the stop sign which is set back the building so it is not blocking the view of the camera.

back for full view C – The camera follows the bikes as they head down the street. The building should make the bikes sound good.

– The second take on this film 2 will involve a close up on Naughty Natalie as she has her head by the right shoulder of the lead biker.

close up C – Eyes and smile should be the main focus from the waist up hopefully not fear in her eyes.

BB p street

Film 3

– The bikes are on the 2 lane highway, it is to be filmed if the 37 Dodge is traveling behind the bikes then passes the bikes. Please use a small quiet car so the vehicle noise does not over ride the sound of the bikes.

back for full view D, E – focus on the bikes as a group for the sounds and motions.

BB road back

Film 4

– The 37 dodge now comes up beside the bikes and then focuses in on the lead bike. Then passes the bikes and shows the open road to be traveling on.

close up G – Naughty Natalie will have her head by the lead biker’s left shoulder and her hair should be flowing in the wind. Close up from her waist up with lead biker too

back for full view F, H – at F the camera is still to be wide as the vehicles travels past the bikers. Once at G then do the close up then go back to wide shot as in F then follow through to H with the open road yet to be travels.

BB raod passing

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