1937 Dodge Failed CSRA Safety Inspection

June 30 1985


1937 Dodge Failed CSRA Inspection

The month of May 2021, Amazon helped me with my author copies of my 6th book Love is Trust which is the 2nd book in the Naughty Natalie Series. The covid 19 lock downs had made money tight for everyone which I then gave away 1000 author copies of my book to hot rod events in the USA and the UK. None of the books were donated in Canada because I still have hatred for the hot rodders and what they did to me 35 years ago. Plus, for the last 6 months I made the mistake of trying to be nice to the hot rod clubs in my hometown. Also, the Facebook page with Hot Rodder History which has pictures and information of my dad’s hot rod things. I view this as dealing with an ex-wife and I should have known better in trying to be nice. I de-friended myself on that Facebook page and deleted my posts. The 1000 books and all other books sold on Amazon have nothing but great reviews on my style of writing which is old school. Plus, the books are not professionally edited or have a fancy cover. People have asked why I hate hot rodders so much, but I had to wait for my purchase on Ebay to arrive then make a photo presentation of the events and how they happened leading up to June 30, 1985.

From the book Love is Trust which explains the 37 Dodge and my ownership. It started as a hot rod in the winter of 73-74 in Ontario Canada.

6th book uk

Chapter 1 The Beginning

The more I worked on the 55 Chevy the more I realized that this vehicle is not a chick magnet being a 4-door sedan. Then there was a miracle with one of dad’s friends getting his wife pregnant. Yes, having a pregnant wife is a good thing if you want to buy something from that person. Plus, it takes 9-months to incubate the egg which will give me time to save up the funds needed to purchase a real chick magnet. After 9-months the egg was incubated into a bouncy baby boy. When dad’s friend brought the new bundle of joy home, I was there to greet the new family, but I had an envelope that was not a baby card. The greeting card industry is made by women for women not men. As everyone got to enjoy the new baby, dad’s friend and I sat at the kitchen table with my envelope. Being 16 years old and trying to be cool like the Italian Mafia, I slid the envelope across the table so dad’s friend could see why the envelope was so bulky. After he had a quick look inside, he slid it back to me and said no. That was OK, because I am young and have lots of time on my hands. Then the fellow wife came into the kitchen and asked what was in the envelope on the table between us. I think maybe she thought this was a big drug deal going down like on the TV Miami Vise. I reached out and turned the envelope so his wife could see why it was so bulky. Her eyes got big just like the smile on her face and told her husband to say yes which he immediately said no. That is OK, I took my envelope and pulled the $1000.00 in cash which was all $20.00 bills because the ATM machines only let you take $200.00 a day at a time. Now with the wad of cash in my hand I tossed one $20.00 bill at a time at my dad’s friend until he said yes.

Of course, when there is about $800.00 all over the table and floor when he finally said yes that is when everyone that was in the living room is now in the kitchen. For some reason I even brought a receipt book so he could write the bill of sale for his 1937 Dodge Hot Rod truck that was in the shed on his acreage. Of course, all the hot rod guys in Brandon Manitoba have been trying to buy the truck since it was rolled on the dangerous curves on the Trans-Canada Highway just outside of Alexander Manitoba. Now I was the proud owner of a wrecked truck with no motor or transmission, but it still had status of being a legend in the hot rod world. Plus, a very fast hot rod truck is a chick magnet when you cruise Dairy Queen to see and be seen. A 55 Chevy 4 door sedan is for when you are married with children and really do not want to be seen.

37 yellow side

From the roll-over accident which the truck box were damaged big time and in the picture straightened out a bit.

37 yellow front

The second accident was head on with a large animal that took out the grill and radiator

It was an all-winter job rebuilding the 37 Dodge because it was not in the greatest shape when I bought. The problem we had was the truck was in 2-separte accidents with one being the roll-over. Back in 1984 the Manitoba Government did not require any safety inspection of a vehicle. The common phase at the time was “we could register a wheelbarrow and they would not care” But the 37 Dodge was in the 2-accidents which the insurance company decide the truck was a complete “write-off”. Now to get the 37 Dodge road-worthy, it had to past all the requirements by the Manitoba Government to be able to be licensed and insuranced. When the cab and suspension were back together, the 37 Dodge went to the only frame alignment shop in Brandon MB on the back of the tow truck. The truck was put on the frame machine to make sure the frame was not bent in any of the 2-accidents. If the frame did not past the Body Integrity Inspection Certificate, then the truck was scrap metal and I had to find another project.

yellow small

It was another 3 months of working on the 37 Dodge before it was completed in May 1985. Then the truck got another trip to Brandon MB behind the tow truck for the final Manitoba vehicle inspection which was very similar to what is used today to make sure vehicles are safe for the road. The truck past the safety inspection by certified auto mechanics recognized by the Manitoba Highways Safety to say my 37 Dodge was now road worthy after almost a year of hard work.

37 famr

From the Love is Trust book

June 30, 1985, we attended a hot rod event just north of Portage la Prairie MB. Dad and Naughty Natalie did the beer run for the beer gardens which was very important job. With the beer unloaded I took the 37 Dodge over for the safety inspection so I could drive in the driving events. I waited all my life to become of legal age to drive in the events after watching all these years.

The 2-fellows doing the inspection seem to be taking forever to look over my truck. Then when they came over and said it failed to meet the safety requirement of the driving events. When I pointed up to them that the truck was just inspected for a Manitoba Highway Safety which means I can drive on the highways. But they are saying I cannot drive in your little event. Then both of them turned in to drill sergeants and were rude in pointing out why they failed my truck. Now if they had been polite and showed me why I might have understood. With that I told my dad we are out of here and left. My whole childhood was being around these events and then to show up with my own truck only to have them be so rude, I wanted no part of this. That was the last hot rod event I ever attended as a person or with my 37 Dodge truck.

In the rest of the Love is Trust book, Naughty Natalie and I spent the summer having fun in the 37 Dodge and avoiding the hot rodders.

June 2021

At the age of 54-years old and grey hair with a shiny spot on the top of my head, I was buying a Playboy Magazine on Ebay. Over the years the Playboy Magazine under the seat of the 37 Dodge went missing but some of the important papers stayed behind which was a good thing. I had a hard time remembering which edition of Playboy we used but it was the black cover 30th anniversary edition. That was why the cops and the judge always thought Naughty Natalie was on the pages in between. All other Playboy Magazines have a lady on the cover to encourage people to purchase the magazine.

black cover

This is what the Playboy Magazine looked under the fancy seats the 37 Dodge had back on 1985. The seats have been in my 10x30 shack down by the tracks in a gated community for the last 25 years.

seat 01

Inside the centre fold when Naughty Natalie opened up the magazine were the important papers,

Vehicle Registration, Manitoba Sales Tax to show purchase of vehicle was official,

Manitoba Vehicle Safety form showing the truck past to be on the road,

CSRA “failed” vehicle inspection,

Body Integrity Inspection Certificate (BIIC form),

Speedometer Calibration sheet (done in Winnipeg MB),

1937 sales flyer to show that the 37 Dodge in 1937 could seat 3 people comfortably as a selling feature of the truck to the farmers with shopping trips to town,

The factory information and receipt for the purchase of the 3” exhaust side pipes.

I am only missing 5 of the 8 pieces of paper which I think was very good over the 35-years. In those 35-years I have been DIEvorced, moved numerous times including 1200km to the end of the world.

paly 03

The 1985 registration for the 37 Dodge shows Bradley as the owner which was my birth name. I have always been known as Joey even while being breast fed at a young age. Plus, it only cost $161.00 for the whole year for insurance back then too.


The “failed” Canadian Street Rod Association Vehicle Safety Inspection #136. This piece of paper created my hatred towards hot rodders which I still have today. Naughty Natalie and dad would enjoy hot rods and hot rodders where I did not.


The close up of the items which failed the 37 Dodge 37 days after passing 2-Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection. Items 4,6, 14 failures did not make sense in 1985 and still do not today in the year 2021. Plus, the fact the fellow who failed my 37 Dodge was most likely not even a certified mechanic in the eyes of a Manitoba Vehicle Safety Inspection.

csra close

I used photoshop to whip a quick picture of me in 1985 looking like a 14 year old "Virgin" not a 18 year old legal adult in Canada. Since my DIEvorce left me with no pictures of Naughty Natalie. I used the picture of the actress in Gerogia who is playing the part of Naughty Natlaie for any promo for the Naughty Natalie Book Series and if there is filming. Note that i left the iphone in the picture to show it was not 1985.


Some of the Love is Trust books that i have donated around the world but not in Canada to be used for door prizes and fund raiser at hot rod events. Yes, the British enjoy American Muscle hot rod books which is a good market on Amazon UK.

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The Naughty Natalie Book Series has become very popular around the world through Amazon and the Kindle Ebooks. In the book series I tell of my hatred for hot rodders and what they did to me. Plus, the fact I grew up at all the hot rod events through my childhood. Then at the legal age of 18-year-old I was unaccepted in the Canadian hot rod world. My books are popular with the USA and the UK hot rodders and I doubt I will ever donate any of my books to any Canadian hot rod events. The Canadian hot rodders just do not like me even on their little Facebooks pages. Oh well, their lost not mine because I removed the clause for when the books become films. The books can be filmed in the USA and all the Manitoba towns I grew up in are also in North Dakota. Hollywood will make my wasted youth happen in the USA not in Canada.

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