Building Drill Roads

Part 8


January 2018

the second day we headed out early with the td-6 known as Aggie to get the rest of the winter road roads plowed open.

aggie loaded

since the ground is still not frozen even after we had plowed the roads open on december 15 which was over a month ago. another shoe had to be added to the angle blade to keep it from digging in to the none frozen ground.

aggie show

first thing i had to do was plow open a turn around for the KoO-Tracks truck to turn around since it spent the night on the lake.

aggie first plow

next it was off plowing a dragging at the same time to the first corner on Swamp Lake 1. the snow had really drifted in and made it great fun to plow through.

aggie first corner plowing

with the snow pushed back it was off plowing and dragging at the same time.

aggie first corne

the area that gave us the most trouble with water a month ago had self flooded itself and was very smooth when plowed off. also not the sun dogs in the top of the pictures. that means it is going to get cold and it did.

aggie sun dogs

the bombardier spent the night in the bush too but he can stay there until he is needed on this job.

beast over night

the little td-6 had no problem plowing and dragging at the same time.


xena drove the KoO-Tracks truck behind as a support vehicle and a place to warm up as we took turns on the cat.

koo tracks behind

once the main north and south access roads were opened up then we did "fluff plowing" in to where the new drill holes will be this winter.

aggie 3

the ground is not frozen under the sugary snow so we have to leave snow on the ground to support the weight of the cat. as you can see the 45 gallon silver drum marking the drill hole from last winter is about the same height as the snow we are working with.

fluff snow

then we head off to plow the road to the lake that gave us so much trouble in packing the snow with ski-doos. because there was too much water in the muskeg and nothing frozen.


the KoO-Tracks truck has no problems with rough sugary snow and can go any where.

rough snow

since there is lots of snow the little cat has to plow and plow to move the snow over to get the road wide enough. once the snow becomes more solid it will be easy to push back in a couple of days. it is very hard to push sugary snow back.

lots of snow

once at the lake the ground is not frozen and the "fluff plowing" will make it freeze up nice.


now we are done at the end of the day and too many pieces of equipment in the bush so the Beast gets towed out to save time.

hooking up beast

the sunset picture will tell you how deep the snow is that the little cat is plowing or playing with.

towing beast

just a quick video of the td-6 known as Aggie and the Beast.

the KoO-Tracks truck witht he straight pipe stack is nice in the bush now.


everything back at the landing and getting ready to be loaded up to head back to the Kingdom.

doen at landing

to load the bombardier known as the Beast, fear and common sense can not hold one back. it will take a couple of days for our road system to freeze up to support the weight of the big D6 cat for pushing the snow back. the little cats have done all they can do for now.

loading beast

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