Building Drill Roads

Part 4

December 2017

today we went out to have a little fun packing the 14" of snow we had gotten this week. only problem was everything was a struggle right from the start. the grader bank at the staging area was a little too big for the pink crew cab to turn around and traction was a problem. oh well the KoO-Tracks had no problem dragging the stuck truck out.

pcc stuck

plan B was to use the road as a staging ground to get to the winter drill roads. of course safety first with flashing lights. (it is hard to get a picture with the lights on)

road trucks

my son Xena is all ready with her fancy $500.00 camera to get some action shots of heading out on the the edge of the lake with 14" of fresh snow.

lake to

now i made it around the edge of the lake with no problems so i wait for the ski-doos to get ahead for pictures.

ski doo track

after my son Xena takes the action shots of the KoO-Tracks heading around the second lake. she then take a quick picture of the staff working hard as usual. plus she got the KoO-Tracks in the corner of the picture too.


truck right

only problem is the 14" of snow has pushed down on the muskeg and lakes to flood the ground even more. a week ago this was frozen solid now it is wet and soft.

i could feel the truck sinking a bit as i drove along but fear and common sense did not hold me back. the 5.3 V8 in the chevy truck had the power to give the truck speed to keep from sinking.

ruts ski-doos

this is not a good picture of deep snow and water that the KoO-Tracks had to make it through.

deep water rut


with xena and staff behind me, i head to our trun around spot at drill hole one. the days are getting shorter in december and the sun is slowing coming up at 10:30am in the morning.

sun rise truck

the frozen packed turn around was not very good. the KoO-Tracks started to sink but it had the power to recover to better ground.

muskeg snow

the tracks are holding up well under these very bad conditions.

wet  track

after a quick chat with Xena and the staff, it is decided to head for home before our luck runs out and we sink the KoO-Tracks. we take the north access road to get everything back to solid ground. we will have to wait for cold weather to freeze up the ground again. oh well we did get nice videos for youtube.

potage hard to see

KoO-Tracks highway to the lake youtube video


KoO-Tracks down to the lake youtube video


KoO-Tracks around the lake youtube video


KoO-Tracks on lake two side view youtube video


KoO-Tracks off the lake side view youtube video


KoO-Tracks bush part 1 youtube video


KoO-Tracks bush part 2 youtube video


KoO-Tracks bush part 3 youtube video

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