Building Drill Roads

Part 3

November 2017

we offical made it a family fun day packing snow on the winter drill roads by having xena's boyfriend join us. we checked the weathernetwork on line and there was no mention of snow but it sure did snow lots. oh well the pictures didn't turn out that well.

starting snow

the hard part was being able to see as you drive around the edge of the lake. plus staying on the already packed area we did 10 days ago with the ski-doos.

lake can't see

even in the bush on the portage form one lake to the next it was hard to see.

bush cant see

depending how the winds have been blowing there was less snow in the then in other places.

tracks bush

we now have made 4 trips back and forth around the edge of swamp lake 2 and it hard to see that we were even here.

track lake

a group photo of us having fun.

group photo2

now the snow gets deep and the KoO-Tracks have no problem what so ever.

deep snow wind

there is close to 16" of fresh snow since we last packed here 10 days ago.

axe deep

of course the weight of the snow is pushing down on the muskeg and more water comes up. this is whatt we want to happen so it freezes better.

water under snow

we just about sunk the KoO-Tracks by getting off the packed trail and traveling on non-frozen ground. the pictures don't show how deep the snow is or how bad it was on almost geting stuck.

track deep water

the snow never stopped all day and it was harder and harder to follow the packed trails.

snow blind

yes, hang on and hope for the best when driving the KoO-Tracks.

snow blind 2

this will give you an idea how much snow we were packing down to take the fluff out.


in the 10 days since we packed with ski-doos, the water hole that would not support us has 6" of ice now. if we didn't pack the snow, this would not have froze.

6 ice

it was good ice to chip away and will support the weight of the heavy D6 cat when we plow open the road for use.

6 ice close

more deep snow which was no problem because we made back and forth trips to equal 100kms according to the trip-o-meter on the truck.

more snow

we flooded the creek 7 days ago and the creek area froze up very nicely. it is hard to believe we could not even walk or had a hard time even standing here.

flooded frozen

this is what the final product of all the snow packing we did which is a nice smooth surface that will freeze up really good in the weeks to come.

finished product

we are loaded up and heading back to the Kingdom after a family fun day.

headed home

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