TD-18 IH Crawler


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now to change out the sprockets because Eggo had a better set.


once again the Hoe is handy.

td 28

Blaine is almost on the under carriage of Eggo.


just a few more inches and everything is lining up.

td 30

for safety I have these blocks in the tracks so the cat can not roll back wards.

td 31

now the Hoe makes it easy to pull the track up and over the top rollers.

td 32

once again using block to hold the track up for the pins to be installed. Working smarter not harder.

td 33

Blaine is almost complete with the under carriage exchange.

td 34

the one track tight decided to quit working by stripping the threads on the take up nut. Problem was corrected very quickly.

td 35

I just did some quick up hand welds on the track pin to hold it in to place.

td 36

now to work on the track guides which need a lot of love.

td 37

the rollers had to be built up and a few broken bolts removed.

td 38

just a little wear where the roller rolls up and down.

td 39

very lucky day when you can get this many broken bolts out.

td 40

everything all painted up and ready to be installed 2 years later. Not sure what happened but i got busy.

td 41

the TD-18 known as Blaine has sat in front of the little shop for 2 years now since I last worked on the cat. Then on a late sunday afternoon I decided to work on the cat so I could move it. With the track roller guides not in place means there is nothing to hold the front of the tracks in place. That is why I never moved the cat. I used the mini Hoe to lift the track guide rollers in to place.

td 42

the next day I finish up a few things on the cat and start the engine to move the cat for the first time in 2 years. Only problem is the antifreeze is being pumped out the top of the rad so that means a head is cracked.

td 43

it was easy to figure out which head was cracked when I popped the start plugs out and antifreeze was being pushed out when cranking the motor over.

td 44

the mini Hoe is handy for these kind of little lift jobs.

td 45

the TD-18 motor is very simple and 2 heads mounted on one block.

td 46

the crack can be seen on #3 cylinder which goes from valve to valve and across the injector port which is the coolant passage.

td 47

I have to dig out the green head that were used on the TD-18 known as Dually in 2008 to get him running. These heads were on a seized motor and I made then work one more time 11 years ago and I’ll make this one work one more time again.

td 49

we used the green forklift better known as the rut maker in the Kingdom to get the head up in position to be installed.

td 50

to re-use the head gasket again I splash a little of this Aviation Form-A-Gasket on.

td 51

of course the $1500.00 torque wrench makes it easy to get the head tightened down.

td 52

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