TD 18 IH Crawler



part 3

the gas side of the TD-18 motor which it starts on then switches to diesel. Being colour blind I only buy one colour of black when I do my wiring. Why buy colour for others to enjoy.

td 53

the diesel side of the TD-18 motor, very simple and easy to work on.

td 54

at 7pm I got the cat up and running and the rains started.

td 55

then it poured and poured hard and I just watched to motor run and hoped there were no big leaks.

td 56

at little test drive by 10pm at night which the cameras in the Kingdom recorded.

td 57

the TD-18 known as Blaine parked for the night as a true winter freighting cat he will become.

td 58

the next day I did a cold start up and you can see all the smoke by the large amounts of 2 stroke oil added tot eh diesel fuel to lube up the injectors and pump.

td 59

in the heat of the day of +12c, I hooked up tot he drillers sloop and dragged it to the loading ramp at the back of the Kingdom.

td 60

the cameras caught the big drag and how the diesel engine settles down with the smoking when working hard.

td 61

now it was time to get a 12 volt charging system on both TD-18s. I need the original generator to tighten the fan belt and I used the generator to drive the cheap GM 1 wire alternator.

td 62

it was my lucky day because everything worked out with lots of clearance too.

td 63

now the batteries will charge up and I’ll be able to use the lights.

td 64

after 2 years of sitting in the cat line up the TD-18 known as Dually fired right up to be moved to the shop to get the charging system installed.

td 65

the 2 biggest winter freight cats of the day.

td 66

the next day I went to start the TD-18 known as Blaine and he started no problems on gas then I switch over to diesel. When switching to diesel it is to shut the gas off in the carbeator but it did not. The gas tank is higher then the engine so the gas flowed down and in to the engine. This created way to much heat and burnt the gas starting valve.

td 67

the back head had to come off because it got cracked and let antifreeze in to the cylinder.

td 68

once again the mini Hoe is handy.

td 69

the front head lost the valve but the engine was being shut down so no damage to the piston.

td 70

of course the valve when it burnt it took out the seat which the valve closes against. This is not good.

td 71

the best way to get the valve to seal is to braze it closed. Problem solved for the time being.

td 72

now I have to put the other green head on the back of the motor to replace that head that got cracked. I brazed this valve in 2008 and it still works.

td 73

the TD-18 known as Blaine is up and running but only on diesel.

td 74

the cat is back together with a band-aid repair just so the cat can move around the yard under it’s own power.

td 75

since I have so many projects plus getting up in age too, I use a paint marker to make the To Do List on each collect-able.

td 76

it was 2003 when these 4 cats came to the Kingdom in parts and pieces and now all 4 cats are up and running as the true big winter freighting cats they used to be.

td 77

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