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Love is Trust

The summer of 1985 was a lot of good times just turning 18 years old which in Canada is the legal age to have fun. But I still looked 14 years old “Virgin” which made life a little difficult which I tell about in my 6th published book. The vehicle that gave me freedom was my 1937 Dodge hot rod truck which was driven hard because the 3” exhaust side pipe was music to my ears.

The lady that I trusted the most in my life was Naughty Natalie. She drove the 37 Dodge just as hard on our adventures from Golden British Columbia to Minot North Dakota in the USA. In the mid 1980s we did not dress for success we dress to relax. I wore my Heavy Metal Rock Band tee shirts while Naughty Natalie wore tight painted on blue jean shorts with a white tank top. We did not act like young love birds because Love is Trust. I trusted Naughty Natalie with my truck, my money and my life and she trusted me with her life.

December 2020 ---- these are the pictures and info from the youtube video. 37 Dodge Love is Trust Book KoO - YouTube

the 37 Dodge that is featured in my 6th book "Love is Trust" began as a hot rod in 1974. the fellow made numerous trips from ontario to manioba hauling his bikes to become a resident of manitoba

37 01

that is where the Cumberland Ontario comes from when the cartoon was free hand painted on the side of the truck box

37 003

the 37 Dodge attended many hot rod events which i got to ride along as a small kid

37 023

the truck was a legend and well known for it's top end speed

37 0009

in 1977 the 37 Dodge was in a roll over accident which damaged the right side. then after being repaired it was in another accident which ended the truck being driven. the truck was stripped of the motor and transmission only to be in storage until 1984 when i bought the truck at the age of 16 years old. the summer of 1985 seen the 37 Dodge back on the road for the summer of fun featured in my 6th book "Love is Trust".

37 02

the closest picture i found on the internet of what Naughty Natalie looked like and wore when driving the 37 Dodge but she did not wear heels

37 nn

a Kingdom Follower has let me use her picture because she has the same eyes and smile as Naughty Natalie

naughty H

in 2011 the 37 Dodge arrived in the Kingdom not in the best of shape after all my DIEvorces and separations

37 03

the 37 Dodge still runs and drives with the 3" side pipes sounding so good

37 05

once in the Kingdom work began to get the 37 Dodge road worthy

37 021

the chrome is all gone because after the DIEvorce the 37 Dodge has been a work truck. the engine still runs good and performs well

37 016

the 4 speed transmission is long gone with a 3 speed transmission in it's place

37 017

we drank alot of beers sitting on the running boards as young adults

37 020

the 37 Dodge had to get the black paint splashed on to become part of the Black Fleet in the Kingdom

37 06

the 37 Dodge looks a little better in black paint

37 08

lots of things needed to be adjusted and worked on from sitting so long

37 09

back on the road in the summer of 2015 at the end of the world

37 010

the the 37 Dodge was put in storage in 2015

37 011

inside a van trailer with the 47 Dodge Low Rider and 48 Chevy Sedan Delivery

37 014

free hand painted Home Town Blues

37 015

the side of the truck box that was not damaged in the accident still has the cartoon

37 012

my memories of my 15 seconds of fame and the fun we had in my 6th book "Love is Trust" with the 37 Dodge

37 019

in 35 years i only have the one picture taken in 1989 but taking pictures back then was expensive. alot of my pictures were destoried during my DIEvorce for some reason.

37 022

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