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We top up the gas tank on the 37 Dodge and grab the last of the American take out burgers which are so good. Once on the highway heading to Boissevain Port of Entry it felt so good to get fresh air coming through the windshield that is cranked out for our air conditioning. Plus the truck was running better being on the highway after 3 days of city driving too. We take turns driving and still acted well behaved because we are still in a foreign country. About half way in to our trip we come across a hot rod sitting on the side of the road broke down with the 4 guys standing there waving at us to stop. Naughty Natalie pulls in front of the broken hod rod and backs up to it because my tools are in the back of the truck. We both get out of the truck and walk to the back to meet the 4 guys. The looks on their faces were nothing but shock seeing Naughty Natalie in her tight painted on blue jean shorts and white tank top with a bra. These guys turn out to be friends of dad’s and remember me from attending all the hot rod events as I grew up. They blew a fan belt on the engine and over heated it which is not good. Of course this hot rod is upper class being all fixed up and only driven to hot rod events. So this means no tools or spare parts. It is a Chevy engine that is the same as what is in the 37 Dodge so I ask Naughty Natalie to get the fan belt from under the seat. She returns with the fan belt as I get the my tools out of the truck. Of course one of the guy makes a blonde comments on how she brought the right belt. Her quick reply was that “Joey wanted the correct belt so Joey ask me, if Joey wanted the wrong belt he would have asked one of you guys”. That comments did not sit well with the guys for some reason. I determine that the spare belt will work and the hot rod owner wants engine antifreeze put in the engine. Ditch or creek water which every one usually uses on an emergency break down was not good enough. I asked Naughty Natalie if she would drive the hot rod owner to the next town so he can buy engine antifreeze and put gas in the 37 Dodge for payment for our time and effort. She says no problem that is because I treated her as my equal and the way I want to be treated in return. If I “told” her to drive the hot rod owner to town then I would be a 14 year old “Virgin” for the rest of my life because I made her mad but insulting her which it would be.

They get in the 37 Dodge and Naughty Natalie drives away at a normal speed of acceleration because we are in a foreign country and must behave. She shifts the truck like normal and everyone is watching her drive away plus enjoying the sounds from the 3” exhaust side pipes. Then all of a sudden the 37 Dodge is down shifted and the gas pedal kicked to the floor which opens the 4 barrels in the carburetor. The 37 Dodge is gone down the road now. Everyone is very surprised and make comments of the truck and her driving. I thought the truck sounded good too and most likely the hot rod owner made a blonde comment or touched her in the small cab truck which she does not like. Naughty Natalie always says “I was born this way” she did not asked be this good looking which makes everyone want to touch her. I was not going to leave her with 3 guys while I drove the hot rod owner to town. She will handle herself with the 37 Dodge because it will give her control over the hot rod owner. If he mis-behaves, the truck will get driven hard or the brakes get slammed on hard so the hot rod owner kisses the dash. I get the spare fan belt on the hot rod engine and check everything else over. Everything is ready for Naughty Natalie to return with the antifreeze. I pack up my tools and try to avoid talking with these 3 guys who want to be my friend but I have my own life now and want nothing to do with the hot rodders. Plus they are drinking beer to which I want no part of being in a foreign country. As typicality men they are making rude sex comments about Naughty Natalie which I ignore because it is pointless to argue with some one who has no brains in my eyes.

Just when these guys were starting to piss me off with the sex comments. Naughty Natalie returns in the 37 Dodge and the truck sounds good coming towards us. I tell the guys to stand back because she will do a quick u-turn to park in front of the broken hot rod. She does exactly what I said she would do by driving on the far shoulder of the highway then turn sharp and power in with no tire spinning but lots of high engine rpms which makes it sound like the truck is going faster then it is. The guys are all concerned that she is not in control of the truck and is going to crash but once again they know nothing. We do the quick u-turns all the time when helping other people that broke down on the highway. Naughty Natalie did one of her best quick u-turn and I was impressed but the others thought she was out of control. She backed up to the broken hot rod all in a smooth motion. Then her and the hot rod owner get out of the 37 Dodge which made me smile. The hot rod owner is now holding facial tissue on his bottom lip because it is bleeding and bleeding good. I grab the engine antifreeze out of the back of the 37 Dodge and asked Naughty Natalie how the brakes work on the truck. She just smiled and said they worked fine with a little laugh. The hot rod owner does not say anything while trying to control the bleeding of his bottom lip. Plus the other guys do not ask or say anything too. We get the engine running and everything looks to be good to go. We tell the hot rodder that we will follow them to the border in case they have any more troubles which they said no problem.

Now we are having a 2 car parade traveling on down the highway to leave the United States of America. This is new to us because Naughty Natalie and I usually travel alone. As we drive along Naughty Natalie explains how the hot rod owner could not keep his hands to himself. She says they had just left the broken hot rod to head to town and then hot rod owner’s hand “fell” on to the inside of her thigh of her leg. Once this happened she dropped a gear on the 37 Dodge and kicked the gas pedal down which scared the shit out of the hot rod owner. Now he had to use both hands to hold on to the dash because he thought he was going to die. If Naughty Natalie personally removed the “hand” then there would confrontation but using the 37 Dodge on a hard acceleration gave her control. She said the rest of the drive to town had the fellow saying how she could have killed them both because she does not know how to drive or how to control a powerful hot rod truck. Naughty Natalie said she just ignored the hot rod owner because he does not know anything about the real Naughty Natalie. Once in town to get gas and engine antifreeze, the hot rod owner had her driving all over town looking for the correct engine antifreeze which Naughty Natalie called bullshit because it is all the same. The hot rod owner just want to be seen with her as if she was eye candy for the world. When driving in town, the hot rod owner was pointing and giving her directions. This included pointing with his hand across her cleavage to show which direction to turn. The 3rd time the hot rod owner pointed across her cleavage that is when the brakes on the truck were slammed hard for a quick stop which caused him to kiss the dash. But this time Naughty Natalie had her hand on the back of his head so the kiss on the dash was a lot harder then the other 2 times that had happened. With her hand helping on the back of his head caused the big cut on his bottom lip which knocked some sense in to him. As he was trying to control the bleeding Naughty Natalie just drove back to the where the broken hot rod was because she did not need any more of his useless directions. She said on the drive back, the hot rod owner never said a word which made the drive very relaxing. The 2 car parade stops at the last town before the Canada-USA border because the hot rodder wants to top up with gas and other cheap stuff. Now the 2 car parade ends which we were so glad it did. They thanked us for the help and I told them to drop off my fan belt with my dad. The hot rod owner with the cut lip still can not stop the bleeding. The cut might need stitches because it is a deep cut from the 3rd kiss on the dash of the 37 Dodge. But the hot rod owner has not said a thing to anyone on how it happened for some reason. We keep traveling because we are planing on being at customs for inspection to get back in to Canada for 2 hours or more.

The time to enter in to our home country has now come. There is only a short line up of vehicles at the Canada Customs Port of Entry and we wait our turn. We don’t talk or say anything because they are watching and listening. We pull up when it is our turn and the Customs Officer comes out. He writes the license plate of the 37 Dodge on a sheet of paper then tells us to park over off to the side. We are parked off to the side with the truck shut off and relaxing outside the truck which feels nice. It is so hot inside the 37 Dodge when it is not moving. The air conditioning is the air movement from the cranked out windshield and cowl vent. Finally a Customs Officer comes out because it took that long to find the information on us going down. We answer the questions they ask with short quick answers because they do not need to know any more details then necessary. They asked to see the receipts for everything we purchase which was all organized in the Playboy Magazine centre fold plus all added up and marked for easier reading. That impressed the fellow. The motel receipt show our length of stay which was confirmed with the Canada Customs information. Then he asked about the paint which we showed him in the back of the truck. This Customs Officer was nice to deal with but we gave him straight answered and we were organized. He asked if bought any hot rod parts for the truck and I said no because we bought household items. He asked how much alcohol we bought in the USA to bring back to Canada and we told him none because it is not worth the hassle. Then the time came to look in the suit cases. He looked in mine quickly like when we entered in the foreign country. Next it was Naughty Natalie’s suit case and the Customs Officer was enjoying talking to her and looking at her too. When he opened her suitcase Naughty Natalie had mixed in with her clothes the Grannie Panties, under wire bras and opened all the feminine hygiene packages so they were every where in the suit case. The fellow lost interest in her suit case and asked her close it up. That is when we both smiled at each other. He then says we can leave which totally surprised us. We are going to be home early and get a good rest before our regular work week.

Naughty Natalie wants to drive because it is her turn anyways. We leave the Canada Customs Port of Entry as quick as we can because we do not want them to change their minds and make us stay longer. With all this extra time we now have that should have been wasted getting back in to Canada. It is decided to head to dad and mother to get rid of all the paint. Once on the open highway, Naughty Natalie asks me to hold the steering wheel. I reach over and grab the wheel and steer the truck while she removes her bra. That was such a relief for her because that harness is so uncomfortable on hot days. Now back in Canada and bra-less and driving the 37 Dodge the way it was built to be driven, Naughty Natalie is so happy. We come up behind a slow moving vehicle on the 2 lane highway and we both look at each other smile. Once the traffic was prefect for passing the slow moving vehicle. Naughty Natalie drop the 37 Dodge a gear and kicks the gas pedal to the floor which opens the 4 barrels in the carburetor. The truck is out and round the slow moving vehicle as it if is standing still. We both have big smiles on our faces because it is good to be back in Canada.

We arrive at dad and mother’s pink house in Alexander Manitoba which surprises them because were are back in Canada so early. Naughty Natalie backs the 37 Dodge up to the shop door so we can unload the paint. Dad goes to the house and gets the beer plus tell mother were are back. Mother replies to dad that she heard the truck arrive so she knows they are back. Once the paint was unload, dad is looking the 37 Dodge over because that was a big trip. When Naughty Natalie is getting the Playboy Magazine out from under the seat of the truck, dad notices her bra on the seat of the truck. Naughty Natalie tells dad, she had to wear it for 3 days in that foreign country and it has emotional scared her for the rest of her life. Everyone has a good laugh on her comment. She gave dad all the receipts that were his from the trip that were kept in the centre fold of the Playboy Magazine. Of course he even says there were good articles in that edition to. Naughty Natalie surprised him when she said yes I have read them too. Now we sit around the shop enjoying the beers and telling dad about the trip because his hot rod friends will say I avoided them which I did because I wanted nothing to do with them. Naughty Natalie told dad that his friend cut his lip on the dash of the truck when we helped him out. Dad was very surprised when told about his friend but figured it out quickly that someone could not keep his hands to himself. Plus the hot rod owner will be dropping off my spare fan belt that we loaned him. All dad said was that his friend’s wife will not be happy with him having cut lip or if she finds out how it happened. Naughty Natalie and I both smiled. Naughty Natalie tells dad if any one asked what happened in Minot stays in Minot just like going to Las Vegas. Also if the State Troopers call, you were in Minot buying paint and I’m your daughter and that is my14 year old “Virgin” little brother as she point to me. Dad’s only reply to Naughty Natalie was maybe I really do not want to know. With that I spoke up saying I’m not a “Virgin” any more which got a big smile from dad. Once the beers were done, we drove to Brandon to relax and getting ready for a busy work week. We were so happy that we made a trip to a foreign country at the age of 18 years old and the 37 Dodge preformed excellent.