P.A.T Ski Design


This winter freighting sleigh is made with ski saddles that have the casting P. A.T. on the side of them which means a patent trademark copyright. We have to use anything to tell these ski saddles apart.

the skis and bunk were built almost 10 years ago and have been sitting on the Sleigh Table waiting for the final assembly. then in october 2019 it was decided to finish the sleigh. i used the green fork lift better known as the Rut Maker to move the Sleigh Table up to the shop to begin work.

table shop

the lack of snow and cold weather made it easy to drive around in the Rut Maker to gather up the parts needed to finish this sleigh. i had everything marked and set aside so it was not that bad of a job.


i had these old military swivel bunks to use but they need to be extended to 9 feet because that is what all wooden sleigh deck are for width. this is an excellent project for in the little shop.

swivel bunks

using recycled steel for all my projects because i can not afford to buy new steel and i burned the big welding rods so less time to weld too.

bunks welded

the Rut Maker is handy as a forklift when not making ruts or getting stuck. it was easy to set the swivel bunks on the ski bunks.

bunks on

of course we have to splash the paint on to make it look good.


the 922 loader i have owned for 25 years is handy for putting the wooden deck on with fork extensions.

deck on

only problem is i forgot the bunk stoppers for the wooden deck so a little welding was required but it would have been easier in the heated shop.


once the paint is splashed on then it looks good and not a forgotten mistake.

stoppers painted

the original sleigh parts are saved from the wooden sleighs that have rotted away. now to preform magic and make them new again.


the tear drops that are used for the cross chain adjustments needed new threaded bolts which was no problem.

tear drops

everything else was heated and straigthen and the threads were re-threaded and cleaned.


more paint is splashed on the sleigh parts.

parts painted

having the sleigh on the Sleigh Table makes it easier to work on when doing the cross chains and rods. these sleighs pull on the sleigh bunks not the skis so the skis just float along following the uneven ground on the cat train trails.

cross pipe

the only saved from the original wooden hitch is the hitch slotted pieces that go on the skis. the rest is built with scrap steel being recycled.

hutch start

i save up all my bent steel to build these hitches because no sense using good straight steel because 100 feet on the cat train trail and the hitch will be bent when the sleighs jack-knife.


i cut out 3 hitches as i cut the one i need for the P.A.T. sleigh. it is easier to do things in groups then one at a time.


the welding sleigh is handy for working on the sleigh on the Sleigh Table because everything you need is right there.

welding sleigh

i used the forklift to lift up the hitch so i could do about 2 hours of up hand welding instead of taking the hitch off and flipping it over to weld.


it was a great daybecause after 15 years, the P.A.T. sleigh came off the Sleigh Table for the first time.


we cheated and used the mini Hoe to hook up the P.A.T. sleigh to the other sleigh to see if the hitch is the correct length.


now there is enough room for the sleighs to turn and move up and down on the cat train trails.


just a few more things to d on the wooden deck and the P.A.T sleigh is offically done.

sleigh line up