1976 AM General M816 Wrecker



Feb 2020

the Green Toy is the name given to the 1976 AM General M816 Wrecker the day it arrived in the Kingdom on May 2018

GT side

the truck was abused during Hollywood filming and was in rough shape.

GT back

when anything comes from the south it must be loaded with supplies.

GT supplies

the first thing to do is strip it down and keep the good stuff.


the cab was pretty stripped but that means it is easier to start over.

cab stripped

we popped the front fenders off to make it easier to work on the 855 cummins motor

no fenders

the first test drive in the Kingdom with no brakes but fear and common sense did not hold us back

test drive

the first test lift with the boom as we learn and figure it out.

boom test

the fuel tanks cleaned and ready to go back on the Green Toy with a few improvements too.

fuel tanks

the out rigger legs for the wrecker would not slide out but the mini Hoe made them slide.

hoe legs

the first big lift was flipping the muskeg buggie over. had to be really carefull due to no out riggers.

buggie lift

lifting the vee plow was easy.

plow lift

over the summer the new parts arrived and improved the Green Toy.

new parts

the tank shed needed to be moved so the Green Toy had no problem.

tank 1

the Green Toy got the tank shed where it needed to be.

tank 2

we need to move a wood deck for a freighting sleigh so the Green Toy did the lifting and the 39 chevy did the hauling.

lift deck

then the snows came and the Green Toy was use-less with only 1 axle drive.


the fat tires can't be used with the tire chains so we popped on some skinny tires on the inside.


now just enough room for the triple tire chains to work.

chains skinny

the Green Toy had no problems unloading my airplane.


as the snow got deeper as the winter got longer, we popped the front tire chains on.

front chains

more to come as we have more fun