Linn Tractor Working



The 1945 Linn Tractor has been in the Kingdom for over 21 years and still earns a wage. For the last 2 years the Linn Tractor has been hauling water to flood the Winter Drill Road.


It is always great fun to get the Linn Tractor out to the start of the winter drill roads but the pink crew cab gets it done.


We use the Linn Tractor with an 800 gallon water tank to haul the water to flood the drill sites. the reason for using the Linn Tractor for this job verse a skid mounted tank or on wheels is the speed of the Linn Tractor and the wide tracks keep the heavy weight of the water from sinking.


When playing with water at -30c temperatures you have to be quick and organized. Even filling the tank at a non-frozen creek can be fun.


It takes several loads of water to soak in to the drill site to make it firm for the drill to sit on without sinking.


It was great fun backing up the Linn Tractor up this hill to flood it.


Some of the drill sites we get water from the lake which had over 3 feet of ice do to the extra cold winter we had this year.


The support vehicle on the water haul is the KoO-Tracks truck which will go anywhere.


The winter drill roads turn out excellent this year and lasted a long time for us.


The Linn Tractor will be working for many more years to come in the Kingdom.


More videos can be found on my youtube KingofObsolete47 page. I guess you just do a youtube search on the name to come up with the page.