Linn Tractor Logging Sleighs



for 20 years my second Linn Tractor has sat with big dreams and plans on what i was was going to do with it. then in september 2019 i decided to get working on it. both of my Linn Tractors came with no motors or transmissions and were stripped for some reason. my first Linn Tractor has serviced me well with a chevy small block 350 motor in it so the second Linn Tractor will be getting the same. the idea of my Linn Tractors being up and working and making a wage as i call it is to show people how it was done. a Linn Tractor sitting in a museum or being used once a year to drive through the fair ground for the parade is not what i'm in too being the King of Obsolete. some of my collectables ar over 80 years old and still makeing a wage. also both of the Linn Tractors came with the hitches for the Lombard cross pole sleigh which my second Linn Tractor is hook to so we are ready to go logging.

at the end of september we dug out the Lombard cross pole logging sleighs and hooked them up to the Linn Tractor. this was easy to do because there was no snow. Lombard Winter Freighting Sleighs

linn side lombard

we are not sure why the Linn Tractors came with the Lombard cross pole hitches because Lomabard was making their own tractor after parting ways with Linn Tractor. the pictures we have seen on the internet of the Lombard Tractors show there are no cross pole hitches on the back only the single draw bar hitch which most machines of the day had.

cross pole

this is the flex track that makes the Linn Tractor able to pull because the track flexs to the shape of the ground.

track flex

20 years ago when i got my first Linn tractor up and running, i also whipped up a set of steel skis for my second Linn Tractor but i never put the mount brackets on. a couple hours of welding and the skis were offically done.

skis made

using the green forklift known as the Rut Maker made installing the skis very easy due to the lack of snow this year. we usually have almost 2 feet in october.


now the Linn Tractor is ready for the motor and transmission to be tossed in which won't take long in the shop. this is saved for when the weather is bad and can't work outside so it is called a shop project.

front view

the snow is slowly coming and the shop is full with other projects so we used the welding sleigh to pop on the winter front and bottom guard.


the recycled steel i have saved for over 25 years now is coming in handy and was cut and set a side long before the snow came.

wedling done

it was decided during the heat of the day of -16c to paint the Linn Tractor to make him look good for filming and pictures. the diesel heater works well for warming up the steel so the paint sticks and freeze dries.


the Linn Tractor looks alot better with some paint splashed on for some reason.


the hood and plywood side panels were painted in the heated shop and still were not dry over night but they got installed any ways. we used the forklift to lift the hood up because it was heavy and sticky from not being dry.


now the Linn Tractor looks like a Linn Tractor for the first time in over 20 years.

lfet side

now the Linn Tractor is ready to drag the Lombard Sleighs for filming and pictures if and when we get enough snow.


my second Linn Tractor working hard 70 years ago with a picture from the late Don Baker who was on the cat trains back then.

liin 2 don baker

more to come