Beech 18 CF-PJG

Final Location


the water salvage of the Beech 18 CF-PJG was done in june 2016 and this is the link to the fun we had. Beech 18 water recovery

the official records from the Beech 18 registry shows the following for CF-PJG Beech 18

June 08 1970 -- purchased by Calm Air Lynn Lake Manitoba

January 06 1971 -- wheels up landing on the ice at Eldon Lake Manitoba

August 21 1971 -- crash and written off on Reindeer Lake Saskatchewan

now for the "dis-claimer" on the advice of my lawyer who is one of the best in the business that advertises after midnight on TV. these pictures and info that are to be used as a guide line on how we do things at the end of the world in the Kingdom.

please do not confuse "my" Beech 18 CF-PJG with the pictures on the internet of another beech 18 that was being stripped on the ice in the bay of Kinoosao SK. there are no pictures of the call letters or other "official" information on that plane to connect it as being "my" Beech 18 CF-PJG. thansk

the Beech 18 CF-PJG has sat in Kinoosao for 4 years after being salvaged because we wanted a Hollywood Film Crew to film the plane coming to the Kingdom. then on a sunday in January 2020 we decided to go get it which was not really planned. people asked why we went on a cold day and 3 feet of snow to get the Beech 18 CF-PJG, my only reply was "no bugs".

the pink crew cab towing the tilt trailer with the mini Hoe was driven by a friend who took most of the pictures of this adventure.

pink crew cab hoe

i get to drive the 1983 IH Paystar 5000 plow truck known as Thor pulling the trailer that will haul the Beech 18 CF-PJG back.

thor trailer

the last picture i took of the Beech 18 CF-PJG in Kinoosao SK was in december 2019 when the snow was not that deep.

beech snow

now a month later the snow is deep and turned in to sugar. Thor has no problem pushing the snow back so we can have room to work on loading the Beech 18 CF-PJG. the plow truck did really well and i did not need to put the $1200.00 tire chains on for more traction.


the mini Hoe is so handy and that is why we dragged the machine along. the Hoe is fun to ride and makes short work of finding the plane in the snow.

hoe snow

for some reason the wheels for the Beech 18 seem rather large compared to the mini Hoe.

hoe wheels

in the 24 years of going to the community of Kinoosao, i have hauled a lot of scrap metal and other things out. the people all come out and help with the projects plus i also supply the pepsi and candy bars too. with 8 people helping out, the Beech 18 CF-PJG did not take long to get loaded.


once again everything on a Beech 18 CF-PJG seems so much bigger then the mini Hoe.

wing hoe

when you have everyone helping out it was less then 3 hours to be loaded up and tied down .

thor loaded

since the cockpit was burnt, we wrapped it in a tarp to act like a diaper so nothing would fall out and on the road.

trailer loaded

the next day in the Kingdom the 1976 AM General M816 Wrecker better known as the Green Toy was used to lift the weak tail up.

gt tail lift

we re-purposed some wood and used the banding machine to give the tail support.

tail wood

once again the mini Hoe is handy to move the wing with the official call letters CF-PJG

unload wing

on the worse day for taking pictures, we used the Green Toy to unload the Beech 18 CF-PJG on to the final resting spot for google earth to fly over and take a picture.

gt unload

the main thing is the tail held up when we unloaded the Beech 18 CF-PJG.

gt looking down

the unloading was so easy when you have the right equipment which is obsolete.

gt on the ground

the mini Hoe had no problem carrying the wing over to cover the burnt cockpit so things look better in pictures.

hoe wing carry

the wheels were placed by the little shop so visitors can see the size.

hoe wheel

the official call letters and wing were placed up by the shop so visitors can see.

 lettered  wing

it is hard to believe the Beech 18 CF-PJG last flew out of lynn lake manitoba (YYL) 50 years ago.

plane fianl

now the Beech 18 CF-PJG can be used in the back ground of pictures. not many people have a Beech 18 in their yard.

background pictures

June 2016 recovery from the bottom of reindeer lake Beech 18 water recovery