Bombardier Muskeg Buggie

in the 53 foot van trailer i bought in the south that also brought my gas farm tractor motors for the TD-6 motor change to T-6 ,there was my new toy. it turns out it came from the USA too like my gas farm tractor motors.

MB trailer

of course the new toy has rubber flex tracks so the best way to test the suspension is to give the machine the drop test.

this worked out good with a few "loose" pieces falling off the machine.

mb 03

now i have aquired a bombardier muskeg buggie which i know nothing of but it will be the new chick magnet in the Kingdom.

MB o

the machine came with the factory cockpit cab which makes you feel like your in a small plane or a jet fighter.

mb 05

the muskeg buggie even came with a windshield wiper which will be removed because we can have this in the Kingdom. no other machines in the Kingdom have windshield wipers that are not road vehicles.

mb 06

right from the factory they shoved a big 318 industrial chrysler motor in to such a narrow body.


the bombardier factory welded over the shifter hole in the top of the transmission and extended the shift rods out the back of the transmission. those little handles are what are used to shift the transmission that you are sitting on. with the drive shaft and running gear right where you are sitting the muskeg buggie reminds me of the sling shot dragster of the 1960s. don garlics made the sling shot dragster famous when the drive line exploded under loaded and cut off part of his foot.

mb 08

this factory cockpit is only for the operators whom fear and common sense would not stop them. but it is not for me or my son xena.

mb 09

plus everything on this muskeg buggie is held together with next to nothing for bolts.

mb 10

once the gas tank and the cockpit was torched off, one can see the rust hole in yellow that let water in to the front diff. this is normal on machine that are 60 years old.

mb 11

the most expensive and obsolete parts on the muskeg buggie is the front diff and of course there is lots of water and dirt.

mb 13

i guess 60 year ago the people who designed the machine never thought water and dirt would get in the front diff so a drain plus not installed. the easiest way to drain everything out is to stand the machine on end and pressure wash it all clean.

mb 013

once it is clean, soak everything down and see if it can be used for another 60 years.

mb 15

with the cockpit cab gone it was time to re-use a 1946 chevy cab that i have owned for 31 year. the floor of the cab was a little rusty so the chop saw made the cab fit the muskeg buggie.

mb 156

now everything has been stripped down and pressure washed.


the muskeg buggie is ready to go in the shop when the snow flys to become part of the King of Obsolete's Black Fleet

mb 17

more to come as i work on the machine.