1939 Chevy Truck



March 2019


I decided to add more details of the truck that i have owned for so long and through a few DIEvorces and separtation. it is hard to believe on october 08 1983 i paid $200.00 cash to Philip G Arthur of Kenton Manitoba for the 1939 chevy 1.5 ton truck with a wooden grain box and hoist. but there was one condition that i bring the truck back the next year to the 100th year celabrations for Hamiota Manitoba where the truck was bought brand new at the GM-Esso dealership. with the help of my dad, we were able to take philip arthur through the parade and gas up at the place that sold the truck. it was the start of many memories with the truck through the years. since my dad was a college instructor of auto mechanics everything had to be done the correct way by sanding and painting with numerous coats of primer paint sprayed on with a paint spray gun. it was not until i moved from the south to the great white north that i prefected the art of splashing paint on with a brush and roller which is now part of my trademark style.




there are not many pictures from 1984 till 2003 because the women in my life. when i got the toss from the relationship they always decided to burn everything including my pictures. by 2003, i had purchased the new computer and was able to save a lot of pictures of everyday life in the Kingdom. by 2003 the orginal motor was toast in the 39 chevy and was replaced with a 250 chevy 6 cylinder from a 1968 C-10 truck. also by then the black paint had been splashed on to make the truck part of the Black Fleet.




in june 2004 i needed a sign so everyone would know where my Kingdom was located. back then we did a lot of scrap metal recycling and fuel tanks were nice to get. this tank came from Brochet Manitoba which traveled by barge down reindeer lake then the 100kms over the Kinoosao Rally Road to the Kingdom. the 39 chevy looks good even pulling the gas power welder too.


39 tank


being a single parent of a daughter who was always with me on every job i did was helping with the painting of the sign. we still have her little bike in the storage shed for the memories.


39 sign painting


also back in 2004 i was a proffessional drinker of booze and this sign took a lot of beer and vodka to make it look good. also my staff is waiting in the 39 chevy for me to take the picture.


sign complete


even in the winter the 39 chevy was still being used and the 64 bel-air car is in the driveway in the Kingdom.




by 2014 the 39 chevy have a few up grades including a wire mesh grille because the original one fell apart on the so-called roads at the end of the world. of course marker lights were insatled to make the truck look good.


39 shop 2014


the 1938 maple leaf truck and the 39 chevy together in the summer of 2015. i also got in to painting the trim on the trucks a different colour so the Kingdom Followers can spot the different trucks a little easier. being colour blind the coloured trim looks all the same to me.


38 39 2015