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continued from Sweat Shop

Ponderosa Steakhouse

It was a shock to our bodies when Liz and I left the hot bathroom to enter the rest of the little apartment at room temperature. The room temperature felt so cold on our naked bodies that Liz and I ran to the bedroom to get in the bed and under the bed sheets. While Naughty Natalie was naked and on top of the bed sheets watching TV. She was laughing at us as Liz hugged me to help warm up. Now Naughty Natalie goes and has a quick shower because dad will be calling any minute to tell her where supper is tonight. Naughty Natalie was nice enough to tell me to stay in bed and warm up with Liz while she quickly showered because she did not want to be too long and miss dad’s telephone call. Naughty Natalie timed it perfectly to get out of the shower to answer the telephone because it was dad. Liz and I did not have to leave the warm bed to answer the telephone which was nice. Dad will pick us up at 6pm and take us for supper and we are going to the Ponderosa Steakhouse. We never go to this place because it always has long line up to get in and it a buffet style cafe’. But dad figures at -40F there will not be anyone wanting to go out to eat so the cafe will not be busy. Liz and I leave the warm bed and get dressed and ready for dad to pick us up. Naughty Natalie is ready in a short time will be glad to see dad when he arrives. I watch out the little apartment window to see dad pull up in front of the building. The ladies are ready and we go out and get in mother’s mini van. Naughty Natalie was so happy to see dad and gave him a hug while Liz and I sit in the back seat like we always do. It does not take dad long to drive to the corner of 18th street and Richmond Avenue to the Ponderosa steakhouse. Dad had no problems finding a parking spot because it was so cold outside the place and all other businesses looked closed. The short little walk from mother’s mini van to the Ponderosa steakhouse was cold and gave Liz and I a chill. But Naughty Natalie and dad we happy and OK with the short walk. Once inside the Ponderosa Steakhouse there was no line up and we walked up to the hostess counter. There was not many people in the cafe’ for it being the busy meal time of the day for them. The Ponderosa Steakhouse is based on the western TV show call Bonanza that we grew up watching. Dad liked the TV show when it came on in the evening and it was a popular re-run TV show we watched growing up after school. The cafe’ is built to look like the western cowboys with lots of antiques and big wooden timber construction to give the feel of being in the old building back in the wild west. Plus the cafe’ has a really nice smell to it because of the wood timber and the open charred broiled steaks.

Dad was correct and there is nobody here at the cafe’ and we get a nice booth to sit in. We are hungry and head up to the buffet to get our food. Liz and I go through the salad section to start our meals off. Naughty Natalie and dad are right behind us and are like two little kids having fun filling their plates. Liz knows that all I want is the potato salad and green olives but I stay with her as a gentleman to assist her in what she wants on her plate. We are back at the table and start eating when Naughty Natalie and dad return. They both have exactly the same food on their plates which is all the forbidden food mother does not want dad to eat. Once everyone had eaten the food on their plates we go back to the buffet for the second course of our meal. There is still not many customers in the cafe’ that is usually packed with people and a long line up too. To get the steak you tell the fellow doing the cooking on the charred broiler what you like and how you wanted it cook. The 3 of us want out steak medium rare which means it is cooked with red meat inside the steak so it is soft to eat. But dad wants his steak well done which means no red meat inside and hard to chew. This is because dad faints at the sight of blood and we have to be polite when we eat our steaks we do not show him the red meat inside. The last thing we need to do is have dad faint in the cafe’. While the fellow cooks our steaks and dad’s steak will take twice as long we fill our plates with the other foods we will eat with the steak. I just load my plate up with more potato salad and Liz puts vegetable and a bake potato on her plate to have a steak dinner. But I must have all the potato salad I can get because I do not get this all the time. Liz and I stick together because that is the way a gentleman acts and escorts the lady to and from the table. Naughty Natalie escorts dad to make sure he has all the forbidden food on his plate so mother will be mad at her not dad.

The steak was cooked very nice and being charred broiled was a nice treat for us. Dad with his false teeth could eat the well done steak and we made sure he never seen any of our medium rare cooked steak. If any blood from the meat was on our plates we hid it quickly with the other foods. It was a nice fast meal and we thanked dad for taking us out for supper and we enjoyed it. Now for desert which is buffet style too but we are full. Naughty Natalie just went up and got us little bowls of jello with whip cream on top. When she returned to the table some of dad’s hot rod friends were leaving the cafe’ and walked by our booth. They had to stop and say hello to dad. That is when both ladies showed dad’s hot rod friends how to eat jello and lick the spoon with their tongues. Dad was all smiles and he watched the ladies and the expression on his hot rod friends. Of course Naughty Natalie has to lean over dad as she takes whip cream off his jello because it is forbidden and he is too busy chatting and not eating. Liz and I are laughing because it is funny watching Naughty Natalie and dad having fun while the hot rod friends are enjoying the show. The hot rod friends leave smiling for some reason but they enjoyed the show. The waitress comes over and cleans the dishes off our table plus gives us to-go containers. Buffet cafe’s never give out to-go containers because people would get greedy and take all the food because they are owed this food. The waitress tell us to help ourselves because at -40F there will be no customers and the food will go to waste. Plus this is good marketing for the cafe’ too. I filled my to-go container full of potato salad while Liz filled her to-go container with food for the little apartment. She put a lot of cheese and other trimmings that can be added for the pizzas we eat to add more topping. Plus she topped of her to-go container with carrots and pickles for snacks. Naughty Natalie and dad filled their to-go containers with forbidden foods. Now it was time to pay the bill and head back to the little apartment. We thank dad again for taking us out for dinner plus dad said the sister is in Brandon and not sure what she is doing. We thanked dad for giving us heads on that we might have to help the sister and Disco Queens or they might show up. When we arrive at the little apartment Naughty Natalie hands me her to-go container to take in and told not to eat any of her food. Liz and I smiled and thanked dad again for the supper and never asked what Naughty Natalie will be doing while dad is at his Union meeting. They will call after the Union meeting to see if the sister and Disco Queens need help. We say good bye and head in to the little apartment.

Liz decides to bake some peanut butter cookies to help warm up the little apartment because it is so cold. We missed the local news and weather on the TV but Liz figures the worker’s bus to Shilo base will be canceled at these temperatures. Liz also pointed out it never gets this cold on the east coast and living in Manitoba she is being punished. She asked how did we grow up and survive and I told we know nothing else and this is normal. Now Liz needed a hug for mentioning the east coast while standing in a little apartment when it is -40F outside. As we hug in front of the stove that has nice heat coming out from the open oven door that was set at 350F to warm up the little apartment there is a soft knock at the door. We know it is not the cops because it would be a firm in demand type of knock. A weak soft knock means we will be babysitting the sister and Disco Queens like last Monday night. I open the door and sure enough it is the sister and the Disco Queens who are half frozen from walking to the little apartment. Liz motions them to stand by the open oven door to get some warm heat on themselves to thaw out. The sister says her car would not start which is normal and they walk here to see if we could go and boost her car. I told her “no” on boosting her car because it is too cold outside and it will be pointless. Besides this is Naughty Natalie and dad department not mine or Liz’s because we only get to babysit. We told them they were crazy to walk in this cold weather dress the way they were. They could have froze their ears off not wearing a winter hat but it ruins their hair. But they will die from freezing to death at -40F with prefect hair which is all hair spray to hold the hair up and out. Liz makes hot chocolate to warm the sister and Disco Queens up as if she is a kindergarten teacher. I told the sister Naughty Natalie will be calling when dad’s Union meeting is over and they will decide what is going on until then warm up.

Liz has the sister and Disco Queens behaving when the there is a firm knock on the door. That is when Liz and I disappear in to the utility room through the door in the kitchen. We know it will be the cops because were had a weekend of traveling again so they will figure we have a shipment of drugs. In the utility room there is an air grate that we can look through to see what is going on in the little apartment by means of the step ladder that is right there. Liz points out that this ladder and air grate is step up so the landlord can watch the ladies naked walk around the apartment. I told Liz I doubt that because the landlord is married and his wife is his business partner is all these older building renovations. Then Liz says maybe the landlord is watching me walk around naked in the little apartment. That did not impress me at all but Liz smiled and a laughed very softly. Liz watches through the air grate as the Disco Queen we call Thing 1 opens the door to the little apartment only to be shoved aside as the rest of the cops come in to the little apartment. Now we know how Anne Frank felt watching the Nazi during World War 2 raid the apartment she was hiding in for 2 years and hope the people do not tell where they are hiding. The Diary of Anne Frank was the only good book they made us read in high school. Liz and I hope the sister and the Disco Queens are too stupid to “rat us out” on where we are hiding. Liz says that 2 of the Disco Queens are crying because the cops have them sitting on the floor and one has the hair messed up. The cops are showing a paper to the sister and Disco Queens but the cops are now more confused then they are. After the cops walk around the little apartment they leave and Liz and I stay in the utility room for a while. We watch to see what the sister and Disco Queens do after the cops leave and they go back to the warm oven to warm up some more and fix their hair because it got messed up.

When we come out of the utility room one of the Disco Queens is still crying and we have no idea why and really do not care. Liz offers the crying Disco Queen a treat and then all of them have to have a treat along with the sister. We never asked them what the cops said to them or what they said to the cops. They will go back to the pink house and tell mother of the bad experience they had with the cops. Then mother will call the city cops from her office at the Military Police Building on the Shilo Base to tell cops to back off because this is a Military open investigation which it is. Plus mother will tell the city cops they had no right to mess up the hair of the Disco Queens which hurt them emotionally. Also the city cops know that any drugs we hauled on the weekend trip to the west coast are now gone so there will be no raids of the little apartment until we return again. Liz has the sister and Disco Queens watching a VHS movie and behaving when Naughty Natalie calls to say that dad’s Union meeting is over. Liz tells her that we are babysitting and will have them dressed and ready when Naughty Natalie and dad arrive at the little apartment. Now it is great fun getting the sister and Disco Queens dress to go outside so they become dad’s problem. Naughty Natalie shows up and escorts them to mother’s mini van and dad will telephone when they arrive safe at the pink house.

Naughty Natalie thought it was funny that we were babysitting and could not believe the sister and Disco Queens walked in the extreme cold to the little apartment. Liz then showed Naughty Natalie the ladder and air grate in the utility room that we used to watch the cops in the little apartment. When Liz explained that the landlord could be watching us naked through the air grate all Naughty Natalie did was smile and says hope he enjoys what he see. With that Naughty Natalie turn her body and motions her hand down the side of her naked body to show off what the landlord would see. Only Naughty Natalie would encourage and audience that is watching without permission. That is because she was born this way and is all natural beauty. Now we smiled and Liz makes peanut butter cookies for dad and us to enjoy. We continue to chat about the cops meeting the sister and Disco Queens. Those cops must have been in shock because they would have had information on Heavy Metal Music kids in the apartment and when they arrived to find the Disco Queens which they have no idea what they say or think because all the hair spray has effect their brains like bad drugs. Naughty Natalie and I are eating the fresh cookies as Liz bakes and the telephone finally rings. Naughty Natalie is happy because it will be dad saying they made it back to the pink house. Naughty Natalie chat on the telephone and dad is telling her all the details of what the sister and Disco Queens are telling mother about the cops. Plus dad listened to the radio in mother’s mini van on the way back to the pink house and it is to be colder tomorrow. Dad will not be traveling to work because a lot of places will be closed and not open due to the extreme cold. Naughty Natalie teases dad about being stuck in the pink house with mother, the sister and the Disco Queens when he could be stuck in the little apartment with us and fresh peanut butter cookies that Liz is making. Liz and I let Naughty Natalie enjoy her conversation with dad and go to the bedroom to start watching a VHS movie but not really start until Naughty Natalie joins us.

Now that Naughty Natalie is officially off the telephone with dad when can start the VHS movie playing. We all decided that it will be too cold to even bother trying to go to work and we will just telephone in to say it is too cold to travel. We all made great plans to stay up and watch VHS movies since we will be taking the day off. Naughty Natalie was the first to fall asleep then Liz and I fell asleep right after her. We were all tired from the non stop traveling and having fun. We woke in the morning by dad telephoning us to chat with Naughty Natalie. We all had a good sleep because we needed it and it must be cold outside because the little apartment was chilly inside even with the heaters turned on as high as they will go. Liz opened the oven door on the stove and turn it on to 350F to help warm up the little apartment. We stayed in the warm bed as Naughty Natalie chatted with dad on the telephone naked at the kitchen table because the telephone is mounted to the wall. When she come back to the bed and get under the bed sheets with us her feet were cold and she was quite Nippley which I felt on my warm body as she hugged me to warm up. Around 10am we finally get up because we are hungry and the telephone rang again. Liz answered it and it was the owner check in with us. She is glad we are surviving the cold weather by not doing anything. She is asking if we could 6 shows this this weekend starting in Edmonton to Calgary and finishing in Vancouver. Of course we said yes because it would get us out of the freezing cold weather. Also next weekend for the ladies the 28 days are ending so it our weekend off. This works out good because when it is too cold then relax when the weather is nicer and we can do things. The owner will be telephoning back forth all day to make the arrangements for the weekend fun because we are not going anywhere. The to-go containers full of food from the Ponderosa Steakhouse last night was breakfast and lunch all day in the little apartment. The telephone was ringing steady with the owner and dad chatting about details. Which I stayed out of because it is confusing enough as is with our simple life. At noon we watched the local TV station to see what the weather is going to be like. The weatherman for the local station has be on the TV doing the weather since the begin of time. The guy is quite funny because he is a professional drinker which makes the weather more interesting. The weather forecast is for a week of this extra cold weather and it to get colder by the weekend and windy. Now for sure we have to leave for a trip out west to enjoy ourselves and not freeze to death. By 5pm Liz has it all figured out with the owner on the trip out west and we will have fun and be warm. The owner has performances in Winnipeg so the hostess and the pilot are taking care of us like the Vancouver trip on last Sunday. We get the small private jet with the rookie co-pilot and picked up in Brandon so we do not have to travel in the cold weather. The big surprise and Liz was teasing us because naughty Natalie does not like to be teased by holding information back. But when Liz finally told us that the hostess sort of has the weekend off from being a hostess in the small private jet. She will be preforming with us to help make the show a little longer and less pressure on us. Now that made us happy because the hostess is not a professional and will be having fun with us. If the owner sent one of her other ladies to join us then it would be no fun because the other ladies think they are beautiful and make demands. Once Naughty Natalie got off the telephone from telling dad all the details she order a pizza for us with lots of pineapples. Liz has all the extra cheese and topping from her to-go container from supper last night. Liz was thinking ahead because she is older then us.

The week took for ever to pass by because it was too cold to do anything. Dad was picking up Naughty Natalie and driving her to work will Liz and I took the week off because it was pointless. The worker’s bus to Shilo base was not operating and my job was not busy and they always complain about too many hours that I work. The first day home in the little apartment we enjoyed too many booze drinks. The second day Naughty Natalie had dad driver her to work and when she came home after work with dad. Liz and I were both drunk at 5pm in the afternoon. This did not make her happy. The 3rd day home because it was too cold we did not drink because we were to hung over from drinking 2 days in a row. But Liz had a good time with her bedroom toy and tried to make 10 full body orgasms but only made it 8 which was pretty good. Of course Naughty Natalie was upset again because she did not get to watch or have fun taking Liz over the edge. Liz sleep on the floor beside the bed all night because she told us a Mack truck ran her over after the last full body orgasm. When dad stopped in to drop of Naughty Natalie he asked where Liz was and I just told dad that Liz was on another planet. By morning Liz had crawled back in the bed and was hugging me to warm up more then anything because even covered in blanket it was a little cool down on the floor. Plus dad ate all the peanut butter cookies on his visits to the little apartment.


Small Private Jet

Now it is Friday and too cold to do anything but we are flying out west to warmer weather and having fun. Liz is still trying to come down from a day of orgasms which she says she will never do again until she does it again with a smile on her face. Once the fly company calls to tell us the small private jet is airborne and on it’s way to Brandon to pick us then we call a taxi and travel to the Brandon airport. Naughty Natalie wanted dad to drive us but he is teaching at the collage and can not drive us. This makes Naughty Natalie sad because she does not get to say good bye. The taxi waits with us for the small private jet to arrive to pick us up which is a good thing. Plus it is so cold the taxi will break a few rules and drive out on the tarmac in front of the hangar owned by the company I work for. My co-workers at the company hangar do not it is me or the ladies because we are dressed ready to preform when we arrive in Edmonton. Plus I put a scarf across my face for the cold wind and so they do not recognize me too. The small private jet arrives and when the door opens to let us climb a board the hostess is dress like my ladies with a long black coat that Philip gave her plus her hair is still the dirty blonde which mean dark roots and blonde after that. We all say hello and toss our luggage inside the aircraft because it is way to cold to be trying to put the luggage in the cargo compartments under the body of the aircraft. We just want to get out of the cold and be where it is warm. Naughty Natalie paid the taxi driver well for waiting and told him what day we will be back and the driver will get dispatch to mark it on the job board so when Naughty Natalie telephones dad from Vancouver then dad calls for the taxi it goes a lot smoother.

The pilot is happy to see us and happy to be flying out of the cold weather too. The rookie co-pilot is happy to be fly us because we are having fun while he is learn. Other people complain when he makes a mistakes and tell the flying company but we are not like that because we are young and learning too. The rookie co-pilot has us in the air in no time and we will be in Edmonton because the small private jet is faster then the large private jet we have been flying in. The hostess and the pilot give us the information on the weekend of fun. The rookie co-pilot will stay with the aircraft and is responsible to make sure it ready to fly. The pilot will double check everything with the rookie co-pilot but be our escort and stay in the fancy motel with us in Calgary. Philip has booked us in the same rooms and the hostess and pilot have the joining room but with separate beds. Now that made us smile because we know there is more going on that what we see. The hostess seen our show in Vancouver and talked to the owner and will preform with us. She has the same fancy outfit with the added on skirt but being a different hair colour the audience will see the difference. Where Naughty Natalie and Liz look the same only difference is Liz is married so her performance is more of a tease with nothing shown. The hostess will be still working for the flying company as hostess of the small private jet. Which really does not need a hostess but the owner insists because people have to make living too. The hostess will also be our escort too with the pilot. We do 2 shows back to back in Edmonton with Miss Margret then to Calgary to stay the night then 2 shows in Calgary and stay the night. Sunday morning we relax and fly to Vancouver and preform 2 shows and stay the night. Then Monday morning fly back to Brandon and Winnipeg because the small private jet is booked Monday evening to fly to Toronto. We are impressed because that is a lot of organizing to make this happen. The flying company is impressed to because good flying and waiting time for the small private jet. Plus 3 staff members working and 2 making extra money on the side helping out a good customer. We are happy because we are not freezing in the little apartment or driving to Winnipeg so we can fly over Brandon 30 minutes after we arrive in Winnipeg.

The hostess is excited and hopes she does not embarrasses herself but Naughty Natalie told her it will be fun just need the right amount of booze. Now we all had a good laugh. The pilot returned back to the cockpit to assist the rookie co-pilot in landing in Edmonton. Once we landed the limousine with Miss Margaret was waiting for us. It was good to see Miss Margret and we introduced the hostess and the pilot to her as our escorts. Miss Margret told the hostess to relax and follow us because last weekend Miss Margret did not know what to expect with magicians showing up preform. But Miss Margret was nothing but complements for us. That made the hostess feel a lot better and the pilot too. We arrive at the building we are to preform and the food and booze is laid out for us. Now there are 5 covered food trays because the owner did not figure the hostess and pilot would be eating health food. We relax because it has been rush and rush all day in the cold weather and being in Edmonton feels warmer then in Manitoba. The pilot told us they had lots of problems in the cold weather getting the small private jet out and fueled up to be ready to fly because it was just to cold to do anything. That is when Liz told him we did nothing all week because it was just too cold. The hostess like the part where she arrived at work dressed to work in Edmonton and none of the staff at the flying company could see what she was wearing underneath the long black coat. We asked the hostess how much did they show you at the sex shop on how to perform and she basically said nothing. Well that is OK because we all learned and had fun so we will teach you how to do the show. The hostess was happy because she was worried about not being shown anything. Miss Margret cheered her up by saying a have another drink to relax. The make up person came and did my beard and mustache and was very nice person. We thanked her and I was now ready. We do the show at this location then travel to a different place for the closing of the show then fly to Calgary which sounds simple. There will be a delay in taking off when we arrive back at the small private jet because the pilot will be about 30 minutes checking the plane over which OK because we can use the bathroom in the hangar where the aircraft is waiting. This all works out in the end for everyone. Miss Margret will telephone the owner when we leave so the limousine is ready and waiting for us in Calgary.

Now it is show time with Liz opening the show and Naughty Natalie closing the show then the 4 of us on stage as the closing act. The hostess will just follow along on what my ladies do to me and I showed the hostess I have my hockey cup in the front of my silk underwear in case her whip slips a little hard. Liz tells the hostess that I am a tough little kid and can take a good hit with the whip. I just smiled and we getting ready on stage to open the show. I told Liz everyone has noticed her “after glow” except the rookie co-pilot but I think he was at home being breast fed last Sunday when the flying company was telephoning around for a pilot to fly us to Vancouver. Of course Liz has to make the comment that I should know all about being breast fed at my young age. Maybe that is why mother and I do not get long because I have teeth. Then I did point out to Liz that I still have her teeth marks on shoulder for the rest of my life that she gave me during the night of “hell”. Liz turn and said thank you and gave me a hug and asked if I wanted my other shoulder to having the match bite marks. I told her to wait till her husband returns and there might be a night of “hell” again. She told me she hopes not and hugged me tight. Liz with her “after glow” had the audience clapping and happy and she gave a good performance. The other ladies did they part of the show and then Naughty Natalie did her show and showed it all which made her happy. Then the 4 of us close out the show with the hostess being the rookie Dominatrix and learning how to do the moves and motions of a Dominatrix. The audience enjoyed because she mad mistake which we funny and my ladies worked from the mistakes to keep the audience having a good time. We were on stage for a long time because the audience paid good money to see a good show. We finally closed the show then I have to dress and we are off to the next performance. Miss Margret was so happy along with the pilot too. The hostess was so happy that she made it through her first show. In the limousine Liz pointed out to the hostess being a hostess on the private jet she is performing all the time. She is already a magician because she knew the aircraft could have crashed landed in Winnipeg a few weeks back but she kept everyone happy and served the booze. The hostess agreed because she preforms an illusion to keep the passengers calm but knows it could turn out very bad. She had to have drink to relax herself and everyone else got a drink except me because I am the 14 year old “Virgin” little brother.

We arrive at the next performance and it is prefect timing so we do not have to wait long to close the show. Miss Margret is happy and the audience is a good crowd again. The pilot is starting to like this new job he got volunteered to do because it is better then waiting and waiting to fly when the customer is ready. We have a bit of food and drink to relax and Liz sneaks me a good stiff vodka drink which I needed. Naughty Natalie is hoping for another good show because she is so relaxed and happy to be naked in front of people. When it was our turn to close the show I escort Liz out first and we work the crowd then I escort the hostess out on the stage to join Liz and then escort Naughty Natalie out and we have to warm up the audience because they have not seen us before. The audience has only seen the other ladies preform tonight but not us. Once the audience is enjoying the show the we work the crowd to really get them clapping. When the show is over I am in my silk underwear and socks like all the other shows. Naughty Natalie had her panties fall off in good taste and were back on right away as part of the show. Once I am dressed we are in the limousine heading to the airport and the small private jet. Miss Margret is very happy and give the envelopes to the pilot because he is in charge. We say good bye to Miss Margret knowing we will be back of her to take care of us in other shows. Now we wait in the hangar office and use the bathroom so we are ready to fly after the pilot has checked over the aircraft. The rookie co-pilot is happy to see us and it will be a short flight to Calgary. We really did not want to stay in Edmonton because we like the fancy motel we are stay at in Calgary. Plus the small private jet would only fly us to Calgary in the morning which is a waste of time getting it out of the hangar. It is best to do all the flying on Friday then the pilots get Saturday off and are fresh for flying on Sunday to Vancouver. A little bit of planning makes these trips go a lot easier.

Now the pilot says it is time to fly to Calgary and we are happy because in an hour we can be out of our outfits and having relaxing drinks. The owner told us she drank our booze last weekend so this weekend there will be her replacement booze in our room when we arrive. This is a good thing because it was too cold to do any shopping in Brandon. We did not buy booze for our room in Calgary. The hostess and the pilot drink the same booze as us so there will be no problems on the after the show drinks. Everything went prefect in arriving in Calgary with the limousine waiting for us and the pilot gave the expense envelope to the rookie co-pilot so he could enjoy his meals and rooms while taking care of the aircraft. The pilot will check in with him on Saturday so everything is ready for the flight on Sunday to Vancouver. We arrive at the fancy motel and the doorman and bellhops handle the luggage for us. This surprises the hostess and pilot because they are used to severing the customers that fly with them now they are being served on which they like. When the pilot checked us in he is confused because we are treated like preferred guests staying on the upper floor but our rooms are on the second floor. They gave the pilot the pass card and all information for the upper floor and all meal and other discount cards but the room keys are for the second floor. Naughty Natalie had to explain to the pilot that we travel by private jet and limousine but we like the beds in the basic rooms so that is why we stay on the second floor. Naughty Natalie explained it well and everyone at the front desk smiled because the owner spends a lot of money at this fancy motel. This was an eye opener to the pilot and hostess and Naughty Natalie told them when we go for a swim on the upper floor tomorrow you will see why we like the second floor. Now we all ride the elevator to the second floor and show the hostess and the pilot their room and we go in to our room only to meet them and say hello at the open dividing door between the 2 rooms. We left the door open because the hostess had to learn her fancy outfit and what has to be done to make it ready for the next show. Naughty Natalie handled the pizzas. Plus getting the tux to the front desk to be dry cleaned and ready for Saturday night show in Calgary. Liz phoned the sex shop and left a message with the answering service that everything is OK in Calgary.


Viagra Sex

Liz and I are first in the shower to get my make up off because I have worn the beard and mustache all day. Plus Liz has lots “after glow” and needed my help in the shower. Naughty Natalie joined us quickly then left because she had the pizzas and tux to worry about. The hostess and pilot have everything done in their room then join Liz and I when we get out of the shower for drinks. The hostess even has a black silk robe to wear and the pilot is in sweat pants and tee shirt like me. They both enjoyed the fun day we had and so glad it is warmer in Calgary. Naughty Natalie arrives back with the pizzas and we all begin to eat. Naughty Natalie has been telephoning dad all day to keep him posted on our travels. Plus she says it is so cold that dad is stay in the little apartment. That surprised everyone but is makes sense not to travel in the extreme cold weather Manitoba is getting. The pilot told us more on the weather in Manitoba because he has to know the weather in detail when flying. He also agreed it is best for dad not to be traveling the 30 minutes to the pink house in Alexander. Naughty Natalie said dad had a bad day dealing with the sister and the Disco Queens. Dad will have the sister’s car towed by tow truck on Saturday to the collage automotive shop in hopes that he can get it running again. Naughty Natalie is upset because she is not there to help dad. Dad did tell Naughty Natalie that he is sleeping on her side of our bed which made us all smile and have a drink. The hostess was very pleased with herself in being able to go on stage and have fun wearing the sexy mask like Liz used to wear. Liz told her once she gets comfortable and it becomes easier then the mask is not needed. Plus Liz with her “after glow” has being able to work the crowd more because they see her face and the happiness. The hostess hopes that one day she will have “after glow” and she is at the age to be able to have the “after glow”, Then the hostess confesses that she is almost 30 years old which surprised us except for the pilot. The more drinks that were served the more the hostess and pilot showed us that they are not just co-workers. They have been good friends for a long time but can not show or tell anyone at the flying company because it will effect their working relationship. The flying company has to maintain a good image for public marketing and a grey haired pilot having a relationship with the hostess over 20 years younger is so wrong in most peoples eyes. Now the hostess and pilot have to have a long kiss in front of us and we all say at the same time to get a room. Which they said they have a room through that door. Now the pilot who has had enough to drink out right asks the 3 of what is the story behind us being siblings which he has figured out we are not. The 3 of us look at each other and Liz will explain because she is the oldest. Liz says that Naughty Natalie and I are 18 years old and boyfriend-girlfriend. Liz is 27 years old and married in to military as she show the hostess and pilot her big shiny wedding ring. Now that confused the hostess and pilot more then ever because they only see Liz and I hold hands and touching each other but no one touches Naughty Natalie. Liz explains that no one touches Naughty Natalie because of being abused as a little girl. Liz and I touch each other to help her though her tough times of being married in the military. The pilot was first to ask about Liz husband and I told the pilot her husband asked me to “take care” of Liz. The hostess and pilot asked Liz for a stiff refill on their drinks because they need a good shot of booze to be able to handle what they have been told. We are not siblings and I am not a “Virgin” and we are magicians on the weekends having fun. The pilot being a man thought I had sex with Liz and the 3 of us said “no” and Naughty Natalie polity told the pilot that I only satisfy her. Now the hostess and pilot really have a good sip of their drinks with a more confused look on their faces.

Now that the hostess and the pilot were more confused then anything we call it a night and we will all do breakfast down stairs in the fancy motel cafe’ in the morning. Plus we will open our side of the dividing door of the motel rooms when we are wake. As they leave to go to their motel room the pilot went to hug Naughty Natalie who jumped back away from him and only got a little hand shake from her. Then he made a comment that he understands that nobody touches Naughty Natalie. The hostess being officially drunk gave me a big hug which Liz put a stop to when it turned in too of a long hug. Once the door was shut between the 2 motel rooms we laid on the bed to watch TV before falling asleep. Liz put my leg between her legs so I could still fell the throbbing almost 24 hours later after she tried to kill herself with too many full body orgasms. I just smiled at her because I know my whispering in her ear is letting her enjoy herself. Naughty Natalie was happy for Liz too. Naughty Natalie was the first one to fall asleep as we hugged each other like we always do. Then the sounds of sex from the room where the hostess and pilot are staying started. Liz and I just smiled at each other because at the pilot’s age it should be over before it starts. But we were so wrong. The sounds of sex when on and on and we thought maybe the hostess had a bedroom toy powered by the Energizer batteries. The only problem with this theory was the hostess was getting slammed pretty hard against the head board of the bed and she is getting louder and louder in her moans of pleasure. After a long time listening to her getting pounded hard and slammed hard against the head board of the bed. Liz and I begin to wonder if we should maybe check to see what is going on in their room because there is no way the pilot at his age can last this long. As Liz and I discuss who is going to check on the hostess and pilot to see if they are OK it became all quiet in their motel room. We hoped the pilot did not have a heart attack or some other medical problems being at his age.

Liz and I just smiled and she hoped that when I get to be the pilots age I will be able to perform like he just did for a very very long time. I told Liz I should have not problem as long as the lady is 20 years younger. Liz now smiled and told me she hoped Naughty Natalie did not hear those words that just came out of my mouth or I will be sleeping on the floor. We both looked over to see if Naughty Natalie heard anything but she was in a deep sleep snoring like a man. Liz now smiled at me because I was so lucky this time. Liz and I just fall asleep and then the sounds of sex start coming from the hostess and pilot’s motel room. Now there is no way the pilot could be ready for round 2 that quickly at his age so there has to be a replacement male in the room now. As the sounds of sex get louder and louder Liz figures it is the pilot not a replacement male in the room. Now there is no way this could be happening and the hostess is really enjoying herself but is not having any orgasms that would make her flip of the bed or make the sex sounds stop. Now this has Liz and I confused and not sure what to think unless they are playing the sounds of sex game we did to dad and mother and they did it back to us. Liz said this is real because the head board banging matches the hostess moans or screams of pleasure. The sounds of sex finally stops and Liz and I look at each and hope that is it because the hostess can not take much more in theory. Naughty Natalie was nice enough to wake us up to the sounds of sex coming for the hostess and the pilot’s room. Naughty Natalie is all smiles because the pilot at his age is really preforming and the hostess is enjoy it so much. Liz points out to Naughty Natalie that this is the 3rd time the sounds of sex have come from their room. That surprised Naughty Natalie because she slept through the first 2 times now this is the 3rd time. Of course Naughty Natalie in her cute way of saying things figured out what was going on in the room next door. All Naughty Natalie said the pilot must be a machine. Once she said that Liz and I knew what was going on because the new pill on the market to make men last longer in the bedroom is Viagra. Viagra keeps older men’s Male Manhood operational for 3-4 hours and that is why we hear the sounds of sex from the hostess and pilot’s room. He is at the age to take the pill and the hostess is getting to enjoy it for 3-4 hours but we are not getting any sleep. Plus Liz points out that she maybe not enjoying herself because we do not hear her flipping off the bed like Liz does. The hostess is old enough to be in her sexual peak. Now Naughty Natalie figures that Viagra might help Liz’s husband in the bedroom too. Liz and I both told Naughty Natalie at the same time in a firm voice “no”. Viagra is the last thing Liz’s husbands needs. The only thing that saves Liz from being injured more during married sex with her husband is the fact it is over before it begins. Liz now tell Naughty Natalie if her husband took Viagra then Liz will just call the funeral home and make her funeral arrangement herself because she know it will not end well for her. That surprised Naughty Natalie and then agreed with Liz and I which ended in a group hug. The hostess and pilot have been having fun for years and they know that they are doing and we will not say a thing other then the fact we did not get much sleep.

We finally did get some sleep and woke to Naughty Natalie talking to dad on the telephone to make sure he made it through the night in extremely cold Manitoba. Liz and I have our morning shower then Naughty Natalie joins us and Liz leaves so Naughty Natalie and I can make sure each other is clean like we always do. When the showering is done Naughty Natalie opens the our door between the 2 room and the hostess and the pilots door is still closed. We are to meet for breakfast at 10 am down in the fancy motel cafe’. They have lots of time to wake up before going down to eat. As we get ready around the room and check the fancy outfits Liz grabbed me and hugs me tight in front of Naughty Natalie and thanked me for making her a complete woman. Now that made me confused but she thanked me again and hugged me tight. Naughty Natalie had to joining because it a looked like fun. When it was just Liz and I hugging the door to the hostess and pilot’s room opened and they said good morning. We were in shock at how rough they looked and it was not as if they drank too much booze. The hostess looked like a Mack truck ran her over then back over her 3 more times. The pilot looked the same and said they would met us down in the fancy motel cafe’ after they got ready. We just smiled at them as they shut their side of the dividing room door. As Liz still hugged me she looked me in the face and said she feels sorry for the hostess and I asked why. The poor hostess did not have any “after glow” and I noticed that too. Naughty Natalie was first to point out that maybe the hostess did not get to enjoy herself last night. Once again Naughty Natalie is correct in her cute little way of saying things. We are ready and head down to the fancy motel cafe’ and Liz holds my hand as usual. We even sit in the same family booth in the fancy motel cafe’ like we have done all the other times here. Liz and I sits on our side and Naughty Natalie sits on the side she sat with dad. We watch the hostess and pilot come in to the fancy motel cafe. The hostess is walking funny in her tight blue jeans as if she is a newly wed. Liz pointed out that she look so sore walking which she did admit later in the day. They both sit with Naughty Natalie and need lots of coffee to wake up. We waited and waited and the pilot finally asked if they keep us awake last night with the sounds from the TV. That is when the 3 of us laughed and said “no” but they knew by us laughing we heard everything. Naughty Natalie asked the pilot with a serious look on her face if he had taken Viagra which his face turned red when he answered “yes” now we just smiled even more. Then we looked at the hostess and her face was red too and she was embarrassed. But we cheer them both up by saying we had just turned our TV loud to drowned out the sounds from Viagra. Now that made the hostess and the pilot feel better.

Breakfast was good as usual and Liz made sure every one seen her big shiny wedding ring as she ate breakfast. Plus she was holding me or my hand every chance she could. The hostess and pilot sitting with Naughty Natalie could see that no one touches her even is it a slight brush with the when reaching for something on the table. Naughty Natalie has to have her space around her and is very polite about it. We now go back to the motel room to change for going to the upper floor pool which the hostess and pilot are excited because they want to see why we do not stay there. Once we are ready the 3 ladies have their bikinis on which fit perfectly to their all natural beautiful bodies. Then the pilot has his Speedo on but his grey thin hair on his head and the grey chest hairs with his “man boobies” does not make the Speedo look very good. Plus he has hair all over his male body but has been bikini waxed for the Speedo to fit better. Now I am young and skinny with one chest hair wearing my Speedo which makes me look so impressive when we meet people in the fancy motel. The hostess and the pilot could not believe what it takes to get to the upper floor to enjoy the pool. But when we arrive there is no one in the pool which is nice. It was an eye opener for the hostess and pilot to see the upper floor where rooms start at $1500.00 a night. Now they could see why we are happy with a basic room at $200.00 night. The hostess and the pilot are not in the flashing of the money because they are just like us. I head to the whirlpool hot tub and the hostess joins me after she checks out the rest of the pool area. When she got in to the whirlpool hot tub she said she was glad they did not stay up on the upper floor because it is not their style. We chat and watch my ladies having fun with pilot and it looked about the same as when dad was here and having fun in the pool. The hostess tells me the whirlpool hot tub feel so nice and I replied back to her “no kidding”. Then she turned red and said sorry for keeping us wake and asked how much we heard. I told her everything. Now she was more red then anything. When I looked over at Liz in the pool she waved at me because she knew by how red the hostess’s face was we were talking about last night’s lack of sleep. The hostess said the pilot took the Viagra for the first time because the doctor only gave him 2 pills to try. That is when I asked the hostess we have one more sleepless night coming and she said maybe. The hostess said she had no idea that the pilot would stay operational that long and now she is sore between her legs today. I told her at least she did not end up in the hospital and she agreed. Now everyone else joins us in the whirlpool hot tub. Liz is sitting beside and is holding me under the water so nobody can see. Naughty Natalie is on my other side with a space between us which is normal. It was a relaxing time in the whirlpool hot tub. We make plans on what we are doing the this afternoon because dressing up is at 5pm in our rooms. The make up person will come by to do the make up and we all bet the make up person will be on the upper floor looking for us. As we relax and chat we can see by each others facial expression on what people hands are doing under the water that nobody can see because it is a whirlpool. When the pilot’s eyes get big, he looks at the hostess. When my eyes get big I look at Liz. We are in public and no one touches Naughty Natalie but when in the bedroom I can touch her to make her eyes big and even bigger. It was time to go and of course I had to make Liz’s eyes very big and she said pay back will be a “bitch” which I told her I could not wait. It did not take long to get back to the motel room and the pilot will spend the afternoon with the small private jet and make sure it is ready to fly on Sunday morning to Vancouver. Plus he will makes sure where we preform tonight is already to go like Philip would do if he was here.

The 3 of us and the hostess will take a taxi to the shopping mall we like and I have to buy Naughty Natalie something at Victoria Secret to show I love her. She did not say what I had to buy her in Victoria Secret because she is naked all the time so if I buy her something nice then she will wear it for 10 seconds then she will be naked. Liz agreed too and suggested I buy Naughty Natalie a black silk robe. In case Liz ‘s husband wants the black silk robe that Naughty Natalie wears back. In case Liz gets the greeting card address to her in her maiden name. Now Liz starts to cry because of the emotional uncertainty of not knowing being married to a military husband. I hugged Liz until she was able to collect her thoughts and be strong again. Now this worries me because she might have flash back from the night of “hell”. But Liz has been through a lot and we will help her through this again. To keep things simple we all ride in the same taxi to the shopping mall and then the pilot will pay for the taxi when he arrives at the hangar where the private jet is parked till Sunday. Plus he will pick up the rookie co-pilot at his motel on the way. Instead of the sex shop accountant getting 3 receipts for 3 different taxi rides there will be 1 receipt for 1 taxi ride. Plus the taxi driver get an hour of driving which he makes money too. The shopping mall was excellent just enough people and items on the shelves to make shopping fun. The ladies left me alone to go in to Victoria Secret by myself as a young man to buy my girlfriend a black silk robe. My girlfriend wrote her size on a piece a paper that was folded because as a man I am not suppose to know these things. These are lady secrets that are not talked about. The same sales lady that showed me bras helped pick out the black silk robe for my new lady friend and assured me the size on the piece of paper is the size on the black silk robe. The size was never mentioned verbally because that is one of lady secret we never talk about.

Now I walk out of the store all proud as if I am carrying a case of beer instead of my Victoria Secret shopping bag. When I catch up to the ladies they have purchased lady items and one is cream for the hostess because she is sore between her legs. The hostess takes the cream and heads to the nearest bathroom in the shopping mall as we wait. When she returns saying that feels a lot better I told her I had the same problem when I fell off my bicycle in Vancouver. The hostess corrected me in saying it was the whip that slipped. We all laughed and smiled because she pays attention to details. We head to the book store to see if any new books have come in. The hostess thought it was strange that Naughty Natalie was in the car section of the book store because she reads these book with dad. Liz points out the reading of the books as bedtime stories which we smiled at. Liz and I are in the woman’s section of the book store and looking at the new selection of books. The hostess came up to us and was surprised that I was in this section. I told her I need to buy a book on how to remove a lady’s bra for the first time. The hostess agreed as we smiled. Liz handed the hostess a book and told the hostess that if she did not buy this book Liz would buy it for her and read page by page to her after last night ordeal with the sounds coming from the motel room. The hostess turned red right now and was too embarrassed to buy the book. Liz was going to buy the book for her but I went up and bought the book because it made everyone in the store laugh and smile at me looking like a 14 year old “Virgin”. Liz had her books on the east coast and bought my books on Canadian History. The hostess could not believe that I bought this book for her when we all met outside the book store. Naughty Natalie was laughing hard when I showed her what was in the shopping bag before I handed it to the hostess. Even Naughty Natalie said after last night the hostess needs this book. We walked to the food court and I let the ladies handle the food because we just need a small lunch to tie us over till we start to preform then there is lots of food and drink supplied for us. When the ladies returned with the trays of food. I was reading the book I bought for the hostess and everyone in the food court of the mall could read the cover of the book. The #1 best seller “How to Give a Woman an Orgasm”. But reading it in front of everyone as a 14 year old “Virgin” is very funny and lot of people thought so. Now the hostess was red in the face and embarrassed which we teased her. Liz told the hostess again if she did not read the book Liz will read it to her word for word and I am going to help her too. Liz told the hostess the sounds from the motel room were not good. Liz told the hostess to trust her because Liz has had things turn bad very quickly. Now the hostess took Liz seriously being almost the same age then as it was an 18 year old telling a 30 year old to listen and read. As we enjoyed lunch the #1 best selling book got pasted around the table because everyone in the food court at the shopping mall was looking at 3 natural beautiful women reading about enjoying themselves in the bedroom. While the 14 year old “Virgin” looked on in hopes of learning more. We took our time heading back to the fancy motel room and when we arrived Naughty Natalie handed in the taxi receipt and change to the pilot.

The pilot had a worried look on his face because his perfectly planned day fell apart. There is a weather system moving in cross the mountains that we had seen on the TV this morning when we watched the TV to wake up. One of the joys of living in Manitoba which is the centre of Canada we can watch weather systems as they arrive or follow for 2 days. Being in Calgary the weather systems can move quickly over the mountains and be a worse storm then what the weatherman figures it might be. The pilot is not really worried about the weather systems but he is more worried about the Viagra he took last night for the endless sex. If the small private jet crashes in the mountains trying to fly through the weather system then there is a problem. That is when we pointed out that would be a problem because we might be all “dead”. The pilot says that after the crash the investigators will check his blood for alcohol and drugs only to find Viagra. Which is the new wonder drug for the mid 1980s to help older men get their Male Manhood operational. Plus the investigation of the crash will show what he did for the last 24 hours including what he ate and how many times he used the bathroom. Now having Viagra in his blood system and they re-trace his movements to be at the Dominatrix shows it will look very bad for him on paper even if he had a perfect flying career. For some reason the 5 of us are not really to concerned because we do not create drama or problems. Liz suggests we get someone in Calgary to escort us while the pilot stays in the motel room and relaxes. That all makes senses and the pilot says he will call his hot rod friends which are dad’s friends too. That way we know we are being escorted properly. The pilot made a few quick telephone calls and 2 of the hot rod friends will help out only if the limousine picks them up and delivers them back home in the suburbs. Because no one will believe they were riding around in a limousine. That sounds good to us and we are all happy. The hostess comforts the pilot and say the Viagra was well worth it last night. Now that made us smile but with a little laugh. The pilot has everything handled with the escorts for us and we are to pack our luggage in case we are leaving to Vancouver after the last performance to beat the storm. There are a lot of people paying money to see us perform in Vancouver and we can not let them down being storm stayed in Calgary. It is all up to the pilot and he knows what he is doing and the rookie co-pilot will learn lots on this adventure.

Liz telephones the owner and touches base with her to let her know we might be arriving early in Vancouver. This is not a problem for her and she will call the fancy motel in Vancouver to give them heads up. The owner is glad we are handling everything as we always do. Liz told her she will touch base when in Vancouver. Naughty Natalie has to telephone dad and let him know what is going on. Dad is still at the little apartment because it got too cold with the wind blowing to do anything in Brandon. Dad is happy that the hot rod friends are helping out plus they will have fun. We start to get ready and the pilot is on the telephone making things happen. We help the hostess dress and show her the tricks we learned on getting the fancy outfits ready. The hostess also asked if the ladies if their boobies hurt after wearing the corset for a long period of time. The ladies told the hostess that the corset is more comfortable then a bra because of the huge price difference. As the ladies helped each other dress and I wait for the make up person to arrive I showed the hostess how the “boobie fluff” works. That made the hostess eyes very big because she did not see the other ladies do it. Once I had “boobie fluffed” done she said it was more comfortable. I told the hostess these are expensive comfortable outfits if it is not comfortable then ask and we might the trick to make the fancy outfit enjoyable to wear. I had just got my full beard and mustache make done when the 2 hot rodders arrived. This worked out great because they did not recognized me from growing up at all the hot rod events attended with dad. The hot rodders remember Naughty Natalie for being with dad when she was visiting hot rodders that day. The pilot is happy and gives all information to the hot rodders plus a telephone number to the hanger at the Calgary airport to call be leaving the last show. If the weather system is coming in faster then what the weatherman is saying, we are flying to Vancouver tonight to be on the safe side. Both pilots on paper are fully refreshed and this is an easy flight plus is it warm in Vancouver. The weather system coming through the mountains is to bring more cold weather for western Canada.

We have all our luggage packed and ready to go and the pilot checks a few more things and says we are flying tonight but the hot rodders will telephone to double check. It does not matter to us what is happening because we are having fun. The hostess hugs the pilot and says good bye as we leave the room to head to the limousine. The hot rodders are excited escorting beautiful ladies until one touched Naughty Natalie and her whip was used to show she does not like being touched. The hot rodders have not figured out it is me under the full beard and mustache because I look 28 years old not the 14 year old “Virgin” they would remember me by. The limousine ride to where we are preforming was short and quick the hot rodders opened the door of the limousine and escorted us in to the building and back stage. The hot rodders living in the suburbs as married men with children now this high class is all new to them. Naughty Natalie is their new best friend and showing the food and booze table. Plus they have to talk and deal with the people hosting the show. Since the hot rodders were more interested in Naughty Natalie and the food table. Liz did all the talking with the people hosting because she is the oldest sister that we act as. The hostess is getting nervous so Liz gets her a good stiff drink and the vodka for me which I need. The hostess does not know how high she can lift her legs wearing the heavy knee high black leather boots because between her legs is still very sore from the Viagra sex last night. Liz points out to the hostess she is very lucky that her water for lubrication did not shut off then she might be at the hospital. The hostess now had a really concerned look on her face because Liz was correct. That is what happened to Liz in Edmonton. The hostess says she will now hide the last Viagra pill on the pilot because she does not need this drama. We agreed with her then Liz and I both told her to read the new book and pay attention to the details. Now the hostess smiled. As we get ready to preform Liz and I told the hostess just do what she can on stage and if she has problem we will make it look like part of the show. The hostess hugs us and smiled because she knew we are here to have fun. We have no idea what is going on but Liz and I will open the show and take it from there. I tease Liz that her bedroom toy is back in the little apartment because I did not want her trying to killer herself with these shows back to back. Liz told me she could handle all the bedroom toys right now with a smile on her face. Now that made me laugh and then Liz laughed too. It was now show time which went smooth. The hostess had problem raising her legs up when trying to put her boot on my lap when I was sitting in the chair so we made it in to a comedy part and the audience laughed and clapped. When Naughty Natalie did her performance where her panties fall off the hot rodders were back staging watching. Liz leaned over their shoulders and asked them if they seen anything and they said “no”. They thought they did but they did not because Naughty Natalie is all class and style. The showed end like all other shows with me in my silk underwear and socks quickly dressing to head to the next show. Liz got the envelope for the owner from the people hosting and we thanked them very much for allowing us to have fun.

Back in the limousine and we are off to the next show but the one hot rodder went in the building when we arrived to see where we go. These hot rodders have never been in this fancy buildings before but are having a good time. This was another good crowd and I told the hostess not to raise her leg up to get her boot on my lap because I can see her pain in her eyes through the mask. The hostess thanked me because being her first shows she wants to put on a good performance. We told her was doing and excellent job and we are having fun. When the show was done and I was getting dressed the one hot rodder telephoned the hangar like the pilot asked and we are flying to Vancouver. The hot rodders came with us to the airport hangar to see and learn more about the fun we have. The limousine stopped up at the hangar so we could use the bathroom because will might be longer then an hour going to Vancouver with the weather system coming. We say good bye to the hot rodders and the pilot gave them an envelope for their time. They will be dropped off in the suburbs by the limousine which will be the talk of the neighborhood for a few day. The limousine driver was happy to get the extra driving and cruising the suburbs too. The pilot and rookie pilot are ready to fly because the telephone call from the last place we preformed gave them time to get the small private jet ready with the flight plan flied with the aviation people. The pilot can not get a hold of anyone in Winnipeg because it is Saturday night and extremely cold there. The pilot figures they are having trouble with the other aircraft in the cold so everyone is busy. But we are flying to Vancouver where it is warm and flying now to beat a weather system. Once we are airborne then we can change out of our outfits in to our normal street clothes. At the last minute plans change and we are not flying west but heading south to fly in the United States of America to miss the weather system in the mountains. The pilot had to wait for the last minute weather info to make the call on which way we are flying. This does not worry us because we have the booze in the back of the aircraft and the hostess is sitting with us too.