Traffic Stop Minot North Dakota


Traffic Stop

(rough copy)

Naughty Natalie pulls the 37 Dodge over and the State Trooper pulls in behind the truck with the patrol car lights flashing so everyone can see. We both watch in the rear views on the outside of the truck as the State Trooper walks up to the driver’s side of the truck. He very cautiously leans toward the driver’s door window and asks Naughty Natalie for her driver’s license. Naughty Natalie very politely replies that it is in her pocket and has to get out of the truck because the cab is so small. With that the State Trooper opens the driver’s door and holds it open for her since there is a never ending wind in North Dakota. That is when he was very surprised to see that the pretty face has a body to match. Naughty Natalie is wearing her tight painted on blue jean shorts and white tank top with a bra. She slowly gets out of the truck as the State Trooper holds the driver’s door open and watches her very carefully. There is no possible way that she can get out of the truck as a lady because the cab is small and the truck has running boards too. Once out of the truck and standing by the door she slowly slides her right hand in to her pocket of the tight painted on blue jean shorts to get her identification. There is no man a live whose heart beat would not increase watching her do this. She pulls out her identification folder and hands it the State Trooper who with one hand flips it opens and reads it. Back in the 1980s Manitoba did not have picture identifications so having fake ones were easy. He then hands it back to Naughty Natalie and she slowly slides it back in to her pocket which was another heart beat increase moment. He then asks for her purse because there could be drugs in it or other things that might indicate illegal active. She replies back she does not have a purse. Then he asked about a make up case which she replied back “i do not use any because I was born this way”. Now the State trooper is surprised and asked if there is any drugs or alcohol in the vehicle. Naughty Natalie replied back that “she” not “we” is not of legal drinking age in the USA. Which was a very good reply because she did not include me.

Then the State Trooper asks for the registration for the truck which she replies that it is under the seat. Now this is what the State Trooper has been trained for and his defense training cuts in because in the USA hand guns are common and kept under the seat of a vehicle. In Canada we are not allowed hand guns only hunting rifles which are long and don’t fit in the cab of the 37 Dodge being so small. The State Trooper now puts his free hand on his big hand gun on his waist so he is ready to defend himself while holding the driver’s door open in the wind. In Canada the cops have a Billy Stick along with a small hand gun. The Billy Stick are hung from the waist so when they walk they have to hold the Billy Stick at the top like holding the gear shift on the 37 Dodge so it does not pop out of gear on hard power acceleration. If the Canadian cop does not like the answer you gave to the question. The cop will whack you with the Billy Stick to refresh your memory which lets you give the correct answer they want. In the USA the State Trooper is trained to shoot you with the hand gun and as you lay there bleeding, your memory has been refreshed and correct answer given. Naughty Natalie politely asks the State Trooper if she can get the registration from under the seat of the truck and he says yes. Once again she can not do these very lady like so the State Trooper has to look at her ass in those tight painted on blue jean shorts. Which is another heart beat moment. As she leans in to the truck and bends over to get the registration from under the seat she just looks at me and smiles. I just smile back because I have been sitting there on the passenger side of the truck holding the pizza perfectly flat with both hand because it is so warm from being freshly baked. Plus looking straight a head and only watching out of the corner of my eye on the what is going on.

As Naughty Natalie starts standing upright from leaning over to get the registration the State Trooper is very concerned and goes in to high defense mode. What she has in her hand is not a small registration folder that all vehicles have but a large magazine which could be a hand gun. The State Trooper now bends his knees to brace himself if he has to pull the big hand gun and holds the driver door with a good grip for full balance and control. Plus he tells Naughty Natalie in a firm calm voice to move very slowly. His training is kicking in because in these very few split seconds have cost State Troopers their lives. As Canadians this is all new to us and we remain calm and cool. The last thing we need to do is show up at Canadian Customs Office wanting to get back in the Canada with a few bullet holes in the 37 Dodge. Naughty Natalie slowly stands up by the driver’s door and hold the Playboy Magazine like me holding the pizza nice and flat with both hands under her cleavage. The State Trooper has a real confused look on his face because why is a good looking lady holding a Playboy Magazine that she could be featured on the pages. Naughty Natalie calmly says the registration for the truck is in the centre fold. The State Trooper tells her slowly get it out. With it being windy she is careful because she does not want all the important papers blowing away because we need those to get back through the customs at the border. She passes the registration to the State Trooper who reads it and does not ask who Bradley is. That is my birth name but I have always gone by Joey. After a quick read of the registration with one hand because he is still holding the driver’s door open in the wind. He passes it back to Naughty Natalie who puts it back in the centre fold of the Playboy Magazine. He then ask what the other papers are for. Naughty Natalie explains they are for the items we purchased and have them organized for when we go home through the customs at the border. He then leans over to look through the window on the plywood camper shell to see the 24 gallon cans of paint in the back of the truck.

The State Trooper now leans forward and looking inside the cab of the truck to see me sitting on the passenger side holding a pizza perfectly flat on my lap with both hands. He then asks “boy, what is your name”? I reply back with out looking at him “Joey”. Then he asks the next question “boy, what is the story on the paint in the back” my reply was “dad bought it”. No more questions after that and moves away from the cab of the truck but still holding the driver’s door open. Naughty Natalie is still holding the Playboy Magazine flat under her cleavage with both hands. That is when the State Trooper relaxed his guard and told Naughty Natalie that there is quite a few good articles in that addition of Playboy Magazine. She quickly replied back yes I have read them. Now we know the traffic stop is official over and he will be letting us go. I pay no attention to the small talk that the State Trooper and Naughty Natalie are having because I’m about to pass out from heat stroke inside the cab of the truck. There is no air movement plus this pizza is so warm on my lap. Naughty Natalie is out side the truck is the wind getting fresh air plus she is wearing half the clothes I’m wearing. I just keeping looking a head and watch out of the corner of my eyes on what they are doing. Naughty Natalie has leaned over and put the Playboy Magazine back under the seat and gave me a quick smile to cheer me up.

When I hear the word “Virgin” that is when I know they are talking about me and don’t say anything but just sit there. The State Trooper holds the driver’s door open in the wind as Naughty Natalie gets back in to drive and their small talk is I’m her little brother and dad sent us for pizza and we are here for the hot rod events. I don’t say any thing but just watch as the State Trooper enjoys the view of her getting back in the truck. He closes the door and walks back to his patrol car. He does not even make it back to the patrol car and a hot rodder goes past a little too fast. Now the State Trooper does a u-turn in his patrol car and is in hot pursuit. Naughty Natalie waits till he is gone and starts the 37 Dodge. She carefully pulls out on the street and we head back to the motel room. She knows I’m mad because I hate being called a 14 year old “Virgin”. As she drives she looks over at me and smiles. When we stop at the traffic light I look over at her and ask if I will be losing my “Virginity” again tonight. She just turns and smiles at me and says ”maybe”.

We arrive at the motel and Naughty Natalie parks in front of motel room and I get out of the truck and go inside the air conditioned room. As a 14 year old “Virgin” I’m not required to hang around to chat to the hot rodders that are coming over to chat about the 37 Dodge hot rod truck that is owned by a fellow named Bradley. I figured Naughty Natalie can entertain them until someone makes a blonde comment and she will be mad and in the motel room right away. I get out of my hot sticky clothes and relax in my sweat pants and tee shirt. I start to wonder about Naughty Natalie because she has not come in the room yet as I serve the pizza and got the Pepsi ready to drink with ice. The hot rodders must be talking one on one with her because they only seen her driving the truck with me on the passenger side as the 14 year old “Virgin” little brother. She finally comes in the motel room and closes the door. She does not make it 2 feet from the door and her bra is off and tossed on the bed with several words spoken about how stupid the bra is. Naughty Natalie has been wearing a bra in this foreign country because like she says “the last thing I need to do is become nippley and poke someone’s eye out”. We enjoy the pizza which is not that good because there are no pineapples on it. In the USA they look at you very strange when they ask what topping you would like on your pizza. Pineapple is not on the list for some reason because it is Canadian. Of course I have to ask Naughty Natalie if I’ll be losing my “Virginity” again tonight as we enjoy the meal. All she says is “maybe” and smiles.


more to come