The Weekend


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The Weekend

Naughty Natalie and I planned a weekend at Riding Mountain Nation Park one hour drive north of Brandon Manitoba. Most people head up there on a Friday after work but we had to work late and decided to travel on Saturday instead. The last thing we need to do is drive around in the dark trying to find the place. After a good sleep and feeling refreshed we leave Brandon heading north in the 37 Dodge and it is my turn to drive. I have been to Riding Mountain Nation Park lots growing up because dad and mother had relatives with cabins in the Park. The sister and I would get sent up there during the summer when dad and mother had they owned a gas station and worked all the time. Dad’s side of the family had non fancy cabins that we stayed in while mother’s parents had a fancy cottage plus big time members at the golf course. I hated going to the golf course because it was all the money people from Winnipeg Manitoba and Brandon there golfing. As young kids, the sister and I had to sit in the corner and behave. Plus wear fancy clothes too. The cottage was fancy too that we don’t cook marshmallows outside the fire because they don’t have fires outside or marshmallow either. The cottage was a like prison for me I just sat and tried to behave. Dad’s side of the family was more fun with fire pits and good times.

It does not take long to drive the one hour and arrive at the Park gate entrance. We buy a weekend pass for the Park because that is how long we are planing to be. Now we have to find our friends because we have no idea where they are. Back in the mid 1980s all communication was land line phones or pay phones. If you are staying in the camp grounds then you have to go to the nearest pay phone to make a call. Naughty Natalie figures our friends are staying in the campground. I know where the camp ground is because during school field trips they would drive us to the Park in the school bus which was a terrible ride and trip. Then make us camp in tents and visit all the not so fun places. Plus make us hike down long trails to basically see nothing of interest. After a 10kms hike you would arrive to see some burnt cabin that cousin Eddie built in 1930s. I finally got smart and figured out to fake a hurt knee then I would have to head back to the school bus and wait for everyone to return. That is when I learned to work smarter not harder. The 37 Dodge just idles around the camp ground because it is a big area and lots of circle loops that have the campers in. we have no idea where the friends could be. With the loud truck they should hear us driving around. After wasting about 2 hours looking for them in the camp grounds then at the over flow camp ground we need a break to get out of the hot truck.

Naughty Natalie and I head over to the non-fancy cabins where dad’s relatives have a cabin. I have been here lots as a kid so I knew the direct route to get there. We pull up in the 37 Dodge and all of dad’s relatives are sitting outside in the shade enjoy a relaxing weekend. We get out of the truck and walk over but they are not to excited to see us for some reason. Naughty Natalie and I sit down and it took them for ever to offer us a beer. Every time I looked over a Naughty Natalie she just rolled her eyes because she knew we were not welcome at this cabin. After we drank the “beer”, dad’s relative were very polite is asking us to leave because they are going to start the BBQ. Ok is all we said and got in the 37 Dodge and left. Not sure why they took a dis-like to us but now being 18 years old most of the family has been turning their backs to me. I don’t think it is the hot rod truck or Naughty Natalie because we are well behaved when attending family events in Brandon at dad’s parents place. I could see if we got drunk and insulted them or Naughty Natalie's clothes fell off after too many beers. But we only have a couple beers at family functions then leave because we have to drive or work.

Naughty Natalie and I are so used to being outsider that is why we do our own things and have fun our way. We don’t keep up to the whose who or the money people. As we drive away from dad’s relatives I tell Naughty Natalie that I will show her the fancy cottage where I was imprisoned when I was younger. She just laughed. We pull up to the fancy cottage on the front street and stop the 37 Dodge. We look out the passenger window at the fancy place. I am pointing to few places in the front yard where we played as kids and the trees we climbed. We go to pull away and there is a lady looking out the front window at us. Naughty Natalie asked if that was one of my relatives and I replied I don’t know this side of the family, they have nothing to do with me. Mother’s parents are both dead and that is all I know. We drive around to the back lane of the fancy cottage. We stop and I point out a few things of the fancy cottage from the time of imprisonment. We go to pull away then I remember to tell her about the first real bear I got to see close up. The bear was in the garbage making mess. The conservation officer showed up and one shot killed the bear which is impressive at a young age. Then he tried to load it in the back of his conservation truck but the hand winch was not powerful enough. So I helped drag the dead bear up the ramp with the conservation officer. All the neighbours who own the other fancy cottages just stood and watched. I got all cover in blood dragging and man handling the dead bear. The paws were big on the bear and when your 7 years old your hands are small. Once the conservation officer left with the dead bear. Mother’s mother made me carry pails of water to wash the blood away on the paved back lane at the cottage. When everything was done, mother’s mother used the cold water from the garden hose on me to wash the blood away then I had to take my clothes off and she used the garden hose for the final rinse. As a 7 year boy and the neighbourhood is watching you get the hose as if your are in the concentration camp Auschwitz there is male shrinkage which made me look female. That is why I called the cottage my imprisonment.

We pull away and drive slowly up to the main street of the Park and we chat about what to do next. I look in the mirror and the cops are behind us with the lights flashing. I pull over to the side of the road right away because these cops might think I am avoiding them. There are 2 cops and they walk up the cab of the 37 Dodge so one is on each side. Now this is rare in the mid 1980s there is usually only one cop per cop car unless there is training going on. The cop does not asking me any questions other then tells me they will escort us to the Park gate to leave and don’t come back. That kind of surprised me and I asked if I could get a refund on the weekend park pass we just bought. The cop got rude and told me that he was giving me a chance to leave peacefully! They will follow us to the Park gate and we are to keep driving. Ok is all I said and Naughty Natalie just smiled. We drove through the Park to the main gate to leave very slowly because I wanted the maximum amount of time used up on the park pass. The cop car was right behind us the whole time but did not have the lights flashing. Once at the Park gate they did a u-turn and drove back in. Naughty Natalie just drove back towards Brandon having a good laugh because we are the first people to get kicked out of Riding Mountain National Park sober and during daylight hours. I figure the woman looking out the window of the cottage called the cops because she thought we were eyeing up the place to come back and rob it. Most likely she is one of my relatives. Oh well, by the end of the summer Naughty Natalie and I got turned away from all my relatives in all the provinces in western Canada if we stopped in to visit. These relatives will smile and wave at you until your 18 years old which is legal age. Now they do not have to smile and wave any more to you. They just ask you to leave or do not call here ever again.

We arrive in Brandon Manitoba and fill up the 37 Dodge with gas then head west down the Trans-Canada Highway. The 37 Dodge is running good and Naughty Natalie is driving because it is her turn. The windshield is cranked out to get a nice cool breeze in the cab plus the cowl vent is open too. The best air conditioning they had back in 1937 still worked good 48 years later. The Trans-Canada Highway is newly opened as a 4 lane highway which makes it nice to drive plus by-passes all the small towns. We pull in to Oak Lake Manitoba to stop at the hotel to buy beer. They know me well here so I can buy the beer with no problems. Once back in the truck Naughty Natalie has to drive back out to the Trans-Canada Highway to continue west. She pulls up to the intersection to cross the East bound lane of the 4 lane highway. Then she can do a left turn and merge in to the on coming traffic which is traveling ta 65mph. The 37 Dodge has no bottom engine horse power or speed and will not spin the tires no matter how hard the truck is driven. It was built for speed and long distance. As Naughty Natalie merges in to the on coming traffic she has to get up to speed and then merge to the right before the merge lane ends. This is where the 37 Dodge shows what it was built for because the truck has power starting at about 35mph. The oncoming traffic has now moved to the right hand lane on the highway which give Naughty Natalie room to merge on the main highway. The on coming traffic thinks that the old truck will be slow in speed but once Naughty Natalie accelerates hard to get up to speed of 65mph. The truck is running the same speed as the traffic in a very short time. This puts smiles on the faces of the long distances semi truck drivers that we are now traveling beside. The semi truck drivers would have even bigger smiles if Naughty Natalie is on the passenger side of the 37 Dodge while I am driving.

It is a very short drive of 3 miles west of Oak Lake Manitoba to the turn off to head south we want. Naughty Natalie slows the 37 Dodge and the truckers all pass us blowing the air horn in a salute to having fun. The left turn of the Trans-Canada Highway is no problem and we cross over the east bound lane to drive south on a narrow seal coated road for 5 miles. Seal coated road is a poor man’s pavement which is not very good and falls apart easy. The 5 miles we want to travel takes for ever because we have avoid the pot holes and the bad shoulders on the road. When we do arrive at Oak Lake Beach which is a resort place with cabins, RV campers and a beach for the working class people. In all the years coming to Oak Lake Beach I was never escorted out not like what happened today in the Park. The first camper on the left when you arrive in the resort area is where we want to go. Naughty Natalie makes the left turn and parks in the usual spot because we have been here before. The camper is owned by my classmate’s parents who own a heavy construction outfit. Growing up I would help working on the D8 Caterpillars Bulldozers and learned a lot. In school when we had shop class in Brandon, the shop teacher failed us in the mechanical class. Because we would not take oily lawn mower motors apart and get our good school clothes dirty. We told the teacher that lawn mower motors were worked on when we were 8 years old. We are working on the big D8 Caterpillar stuff at the age of 14 years old.

Everyone at the camper heard the 37 Dodge coming down the highway so they knew we were about to arrive. My classmate’s mother ask us as soon as we got out of the 37 Dodge if we had eaten which we said “no”. We just get sitting down around the camp fire area and the classmate’s mother is serving food to us and his dad has served the beer to us too. Naughty Natalie smiled at me and in a quiet voice said “the service is a lot better here then at your relatives”. With that I just smiled back. We all sat around chatting about the past week we all had and being asked to leave the Park which everyone laughed. It was decided that we as friends will go to Virden Manitoba to watch movies at the local drive-in theatre. It is my turn to drive the 37 Dodge and my classmate and friends have to drive work trucks or the family farm trucks. We now have a 6 car parade heading to Virden to watch movies. The only problem with Virden it is an RCMP training ground for young cops fresh from the academy. These young rookies want to make a name for them selves in a short time so they bust anything that moves including their own mothers.

To travel to Virden we all take the Trans-Canada Highway heading west and we stay is a tight group. The drive-in theatre is located west of town on the Trans-Canada Highway which works out good because less chance of seeing the cops. The 6 car parade travels right through Virden with no one making any stops for treats or beer because that makes you high risk in the cops busting you. I baby the 37 Dodge because they will watching for me in hopes of throwing the ticket book at me.

Arriving at the drive-in theatre there was a good line up of vehicles to get in but it did not take long for us to get to the ticket window. The people who run the drive-in theatre know all of our names because we come here a lot. They ask if we will be staying the night and I reply back “of course we always do”. We pay for our tickets then drive to the back row of the drive-in threatre to our regular parking spot. All my classmates and friends pull in around the 37 Dodge and get ready to watch the movie. The 37 Dodge has to park in a certain spot because Naughty Natalie and I sleep in the back of the truck in the plywood camper shell. The parking spot it a level spot for sleeping but drive-in threatres are design with vehicle parking on a dirt mound to raise the front end of the vehicle up for a better view of the movie on the huge billboard wall that the movie is projected on to. Nobody was there to watch the movie because it was a social gathering of friends. Being young and of legal drinking age there was not many places we could go to drink without the cops busting in on the party. The drive-in theatre was on private property so the cops can not show up and see us drinking, they have to be ask to attend if there was a problem. We were all well behaved because most of us grew up on the farm or in farm life. We worked hard and did not get drunk and destroy property. The drive-in theatre had those huge speakers that were hung on the vehicle side window that gave the audio for the movie. The speaker was only one speaker so it had a mono sound. Plus the words coming out of the speaker did not match what was being shown on the big movie screen because of a slight delay. The best way to compare the audio of the drive-in theatre speaker was the way Neil Armstrong spoke when he “supposedly” walk on the moon for the first time.

The only way we watched the movie at the drive-in threatre was to crank up all the speakers where we were sitting outside and relaxing and watch the movie. It was the closest to surround sound we could get beside we were all buying the new VHS movie players with surround sound. We would re-watch the movies in the winter time when it was too cold to go outside. As the movie played no one really watched but the social party in the back row of the drive-in theatre was going good. Just enough beer and lots of laughs plus lot of money being spent in the canteen on site. Nobody stopped to buy treats or snacks in fear of getting busted by the cops. That money was spent at the drive-in theatre instead of in Virden. This is where the owners made the money because we bought everything and had midnight snacks of burgers. The only thing they never sold much of was the pop drinks because we all drank beer that we brought. All empty beer bottles and cans went in the back of one of the farm truck because the fellow’s dad who owned the truck would cash the empties in for the refund money. We never threw the empties around because that could cause a flat tire which we have to fix. All the garbage was never left around it all went in the back of a farm truck or some one would drag over the garbage can from the canteen for our personal use.

When the movie was over lots of vehicles left to go home but lots also stayed to continue to party. The owners would drive over on the way to leave and tell us to behave and we all agreed. The owners were always nice enough to leave the lights on in the bathrooms and doors unlocked for the ladies to use. But one time they forgot and Naughty Natalie had to walk back to the 37 Dodge to get the flashlight to be able to see in the dark bathroom. Staying in the drive-in theatre was our safe area to party and the owners knew we spent a lot of money there. It was a win win situation for both sides. But if we left to go home the cops were waiting to bust us. It can be viewed as chickens in a fenced pen when one escapes the fox has dinner right now. A lot of us drank to relax because most of us had to work. There are some people that drank to be stupid and cause problems but our group was never like that. Naughty Natalie and I were lucky with the back of the 37 Dodge fixed up to be able to sleep almost normal but the box of the truck was short which limited the leg room. The classmates and friends would drink and sleep in the work and farm trucks because if you drink enough you can sleep any where.

After drinking to relax Naughty Natalie and I would crawl in to the little plywood camper shell on the back of the 37 Dodge. If the bugs were bad that night then the little camper door had to be shut which mean no leg room for me so I had to sleep on my side in the fetal position. Naughty Natalie could just fit because she was a little shorter then me. Getting in and falling asleep was the easy part, it was the waking up was the hard part. The morning sun shining in through the little camper windows that never had curtains was what always woke me up. Waking up there was 99% chance the one of Naughty Natalie’s boobies was not covered by her white tank top. That would be my morning view which I got to enjoy and always remember. Then there was 50% that both of her boobies are not covered by the white tank top. Now that makes my morning view even better. Once my eyes are fully functional after drinking lots of beers to relax. Then the rest of my body can start to wake up. But my eyes always wanted to enjoy more of the morning view of Naughty Natalie’s bare boobies for some reason. Sometime through the night and in darkness, she took off her bra and it will most likely be tangled up in my arms or around my neck. So quick arm movements are not done until the location of the bra is found. The last thing I need to do is strangle myself with a bra. With the bra being found I can freely move my arms and be able to move without waking up Naughty Natalie. I can now play a high risked game which she enjoys too. The game is called Mosquito and it is a form of Russian Roulette but with higher odds and greater consequences. As I enjoy the view of Naughty Natalie’s bare boobie, I lick my index finger to make it nice and wet. Then I lower my wet finger on to her boobie where the nipple is. The trick is not to touch the boobie except for the wetness on my finger. This is like having a Mosquito land but it is more of a tingling feeling. Then I quickly remove my finger before she might wake up. I keep wetting my finger and keep doing the Mosquito until the nipple becomes hard. That is when she usually wakes up with a smile on her face and happy to see me. But if I mistakenly finger poke her boobie then she will wake up mad because I woke her up from a deep sleep.

The next item to be located are her tight painted on blue jean shorts which she removed during the night because they were uncomfortable like the bra. In theory her shorts should be at the end of the truck box where our feet are but they are never there. Her shorts must be found because we both have use the bathroom to go pee after drinking lots before bed. As her shorts are being located, I can open the little door of the camper to put about 2 feet of my legs outside the truck camper. My legs need to be stretched out so there is circulation and feeling back in them before I even attempt to crawl out of the small camper. Once Naughty Natalie has all her clothes back on then I attempt to get out of the small camper and stand up straight. When she gets out and has to stretch her body too because she was cramped on her side of the truck box. Once we feel that we can make the walk to the bathroom we head off. As we do this we look around to see how many vehicles that are left in the drive-in theatre which is about 15-20 so that means it was a good party night.

After the much needed bathroom break. It was Naughty Natalie’s turn to drive the 37 Dodge so I get to relax on the passenger side of the truck. But the only problem is the truck is so loud it only hurts the head even more. Naughty Natalie is even driving the 37 Dodge "softly" because her head hurts too for some reason. We drive right past the town of Virden in fear of the cops at 7am in the morning. It is not worth stopping for breakfast or a coffee to go. When we arrive back at Oak Lake Beach, Naughty Natalie just drives right through the resort and follows the road which went for a paved 2 lane highway to a narrow goat trail on the causeway. We go down this goat trial to be alone and this is where we usually clean up. Once the 37 dodge is parked then we are in to the lake to get cleaned up because we are not paying to use the showers at the resort. Feeling refreshed and clean, it is time for clean clothes. Plus we always have food in the truck hidden so that is also breakfast time too. It was also nice enough to have a “nap” beside the 37 Dodge with the cool breeze coming off the lake which felt so good because was going to be a hot day.

We are woken up by my classmate coming to find us because they need some one to drive to get parts for the hay baler that broke. It is haying season and if parts are needed quickly everyone knows we like to drive. We head back to the camper which everyone calls the “base”. They want us to drive to Regina Saskatchewan to get the hay baler parts and we get to take the new farm truck. This little adventure does not surprise Naughty Natalie and I because we have done it before. We grab a few things out of the 37 Dodge and leave the truck at the camper known as the “base”. We hop in the new farm truck and head to Regina. The only thing they gave us was a credit card and the address of the place where we pick up the parts plus a phone number. The new farm truck is nice to drive and has factory air conditioning but we are afraid to use it in fear of getting a head cold. I get to drive till the first gas stop to fill up the truck. No problems using the fellow’s credit card because all I had to do was attempt a signature that looked like the one on the back of the credit card. Now Naughty Natalie is driving and really likes the new farm truck but it costs a lot money to ride in style. As we near Regina I have the Road Atlas out and giving Naughty Natalie directions to find the parts place. It was easy to find because Regina is the farm part centre for the prairie provinces. When we arrive at the parts place the fellow we are to call is already there helping other people get their replacement parts. The fellow was surprise to see us so soon and surprised to see Naughty Natalie too. We get the replacement parts and check to make sure they are the same as the broke ones in the back of the farm truck then we are off. The trip back was easy and boring which has us arriving back in Oak Lake Beach at supper time. We basically got out of the new farm truck and it was gone to the farm to get the baler fixed. My classmate’s mother was surprised we had made the trip that fast because others have gone on a quick trip and took forever. Naughty Natalie told her all the receipts for the credit card were in envelope and we bought our own meals because we did not know if the credit card worked at the fast food places. She made us a nice big meal then Naughty Natalie and I had to head back to Brandon. The weekend is over for us and we have to go back to work at our regular jobs. Driving the 37 Dodge back to Brandon was a lot more fun then the new farm truck and we were happy to be back driving the 37 Dodge.

Nov 25 2020 -- Love is Trust Book 6th book