The Kiss


(rough copy)

continued from Dominatrix School

Collage Cafe’

We seem to fall asleep on the couch hugging each other and we are stiff when I wake the ladies up so we can go to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Liz still needs to be hugged which we do. It was a long night for me because my stitches were removed but I did get some sleep. Just a normal Saturday morning at the PMQ with the surprise of the telephone ringing for the first time since Friday night. Liz answers it and she say hello to dad then passes the telephone handset to Naughty Natalie. It seems that dad and Naughty Natalie seem to do all the talking and arranging our affairs. Dad called to say he is going in the collage to work on the mother’s mini van and if we want to join him to work on the 67 Chevy. Now the ladies are excited like me because the collage automotive mechanic shop where dad is an instructor is a big shop. Growing I used to enjoy a Saturday at the collage servicing and cleaning the 65 Pontiac 4 door sedan that was the family car. We have to meet dad at certain and that means we have to get ready in a hurry. The ladies have no problem in getting ready because they wear no make up and only need dress in the tight blue jeans and white tank top with a sweater over top because it is winter. They can not decide if I need bandages or not but we have to get going so no bandages. It was a quick drive from the Shilo base to the collage in Brandon. I pull the 67 Chevy up to the big over head door to drive in to the automotive shop. Naughty Natalie is sitting on the passenger side of the truck with Liz in the middle. Naughty Natalie jumps out of the truck and knocks on the window of the big over head door. Then dad lets her in the people door beside the big over head door. Now Naughty Natalie has to pull on the chain hanging down beside the over head door that is connected to the roller at the top of the door. She has to pull the chain which is a continuous loop to raise the big over head door. Yes this is a big government run building with unlimited budget to buy items that do not makes sense. It seem like forever for Naughty Natalie to be continuously pulling the chain non stop for the door to go up enough to clear the 67 Chevy to drive in. I do not think anyone has ever stood there pulling on the chain continuously for 30 minutes to get the door all the way to the top. Any other businesses or people that have a big over head door like this would have the electric motor installed for opening and closing the door. Liz says the collage is run like the military because nothing makes sense.

Dad points for me to drive in to the wash bay so the 67 Chevy can be pressure washed to get all the road salt and snow off. Only problem is when the cold truck comes in the warm building all the windows fog over and we can not see. Liz moves from the middle of the truck and rolls the window down on the passenger side. She looks out to see and tells me how to drive because the wash bay is on her side of the truck. Now with the 67 Chevy parked it is time to go to the cafe’ in the collage for lunch and dad is buying because he gets an employee discount. But before we leave the ladies take their sweater off because the collage is so hot inside. But I find it chilly and wear my sweater so everyone can see my new Quiet Riot Heavy Metal Rock Band sweater. According to Naughty Natalie and Liz’s white tank tops it is nippley in the automotive shop. It is a long walk through the collage to get to the cafe. For the collage being closed on a Saturday there is a lot of people in the halls that we meet. For some reason dad always introduces Naughty Natalie first then Liz then me when meets his co-workers. Maybe because I usual follow along behind everyone and Naughty Natalie always walks up beside dad any where we go. The smell from the cafe’ in the collage has never changed in all the years I have been coming to have lunch with dad. I must have wriggle french fries with gravy because that is the best item on the menu plus a burger. The collage cafe’ is set up that you push your tray along and add food to the tray then at the end you pay for what is on the tray. Dad and Naughty Natalie are on one tray and Liz and I on the second tray. The ladies eat what they want and not worry about their figure and what people think when they eat. Naughty Natalie always says she born this way and Liz is now saying the same thing. We are laughing when get to the cash register for dad to pay because he has the smallest meal on the trays. Mother tells him what he is allowed to eat to stay healthy. The 3 of us eat about the same foods but Naughty Natalie will have an extra jello dish with the whip cream topping.

After dad pays for the food we carry the trays to the staff table of the collage. A few of dad’s co-workers are at the table because they are working on their personal projects on a Saturday in the carpentry, plumbing and welding shops. Dad and his co-workers chat away about work related events and Naughty Natalie joins in while Liz and I sit and eat our food and amuse ourselves. When Naughty Natalie eats the jello she does it in such a sexy way it is unreal. Liz and I have a hard time not laughing because she is acting normal but does it so sexy. Naughty Natalie could eat liver and onions and make it look sexy. Of course all dad’s co-workers plus the new ones that have now joined the big table are watching the show she is putting on. Since dad is a big Union man lunch is at lunch time and coffee is at coffee time. When lunch is over it is over and we walk back to the automotive shop and meet and greet all dad’s co-workers or friends. Now the 67 Chevy has been in the warm shop for an hour and has warmed up enough to wash the truck. Liz and I doing the washing while Naughty Natalie is with dad working on mother’s mini van. At 3pm it is coffee time according to dad’s Union so we walk back to the collage cafe and dad buys us coffee which we have to drink in the set time the Union has for the coffee break. Then when coffee time is over we walk back to the automotive shop to finish cleaning up the vehicles. The ladies notices there are a lot of people coming in and out of the automotive shop and it is because of the ladies and their outfits. The 67 Chevy needs and oil changed in the motor and a grease job so I drive it on the hoist. Dad raises the truck up so Naughty Natalie can work under the truck wearing dad coveralls. My wounds are limiting how high I can raise my arms up. Liz and I notice we both can not really look up because of the bruises on our neck. Now we will have pay more attention to this because our regular daily actives we never noticed. We have just been sore from being shoved to the floor of the bathroom and it is taking forever to heal up. With Naughty Natalie as the grease monkey for dad on the 67 Chevy a lot more people are hanging around the automotive shop enjoying the show. Liz and I got to vacuum out mother’s mini van because the back of the mini van was a mess because of the Disco Queen and the front where we sat was spotless clean. While cleaning Liz voices her concerns that if her husband comes home and has rough sex with her. If she gets slammed against the head board of the bed that could screw up her neck which might lead to a spinal cord injury. I told her I will have to think about this one because the odds of her being able to stop him are very slim and she agreed.


Roast Beef Dinner

Right at 5pm quitting time just like dad’s Union rules the vehicles are clean and the automotive shop is clean. It is time to call it a day which is something we are not used to because we have no real set times. We got invited out to the pink house for supper with mother and no Disco Queens. We never say no to free food and booze. Naughty Natalie rides with dad in mother’s mini van and Liz rides with me in the 67 Chevy but sits in the middle of the truck because she says it is warmer. In the winter time the cool breeze coming in around the passenger door can be really bad at highway speeds. The drive to Alexander was normal as a 2 car parade. Soon as we walked in the back door of the pink house we could smell the slow cooked roast beef that mother made. We all bet that she put the potatoes and carrots in with the big roasting pot. Then the gravy will be made with the water and juices from the roast. The meat will melt in your mouth and flake apart when you go to cut the meat for a potion to eat. We arrived right on time and sat at the table because supper will be served. We are an English family so dad has to carve the meat and put it on the plate to be served at the dining room table. In theory the ladies should be helping mother in the kitchen but they do not get along. It is best to stay out of the way then we will do the kitchen clean up and the dishes. But when it is time for the dishes Naughty Natalie will say there is not enough room in the kitchen and go helps dad drink the booze. Mother only allows dad to drink booze on certain occasions. For doing the dishes Liz usually washes the dishes and I will dry and put them away because we are English nothing is changed or move because English people hate change. If the glasses go in a certain cupboard they will go in that same cupboard for the next 100 years. We enjoyed this surprise meal which means 2 good meals for us in one day plus the 67 Chevy got cleaned and serviced that means it was a good day. Then mother announces that she would like to ask all 3 of us if she could do something for her. That is when we all looked at each then look at dad because he might have to save our ass. Mother asks if we could drive the sister and the Disco Queens to Winnipeg so they can attend the concert of the Culture Club with Boy George. Mother will pay for the gas in her mini van and our motel room for one night. I look at the ladies and Naughty Natalie is first says motel room at a total different motel then the Disco Queens. Mother agrees then Liz asks the motel room we get only has one bed. Mother then pauses for along time then agrees. Mother is to tell the Disco Queens they are luggage again and are not to speak and no bathroom breaks when traveling. Mother says that is a lot of demands. Then dad speaks up to say “remember what they did to our credit card the last trip”. Mother does not reply. After we have the dishes done and the ladies have had enough free booze we head back to Liz’s PMQ.

I did not ask how or why but Liz is sitting in the middle because she says it s warmer. Naughty Natalie is sitting on the passenger side of the truck and has had enough to drink to be funny and not worried about the cold draft around the passengers door. We arrive that the Shilo base gate and the guard comes out to sign us in. Of course he notices Liz in the middle of the truck and she tells him it is warmer. Naughty Natalie tells the guard she drank enough so she does not feel the cold. But guard tells her that the white tank top says it is chilly on that side of the truck. Naughty Natalie looks down at her cleavage and says “Oh my, I am nippley”. We all laughed and the guard let us on to the base. We arrive at Liz’s PMQ and it is the same thing with no lights on which Liz is getting used to. We all head in the PMQ and the ladies are first in the bathroom because it is a long drive when you have had lots of free booze. Liz is the first to come out and the shower in running because Naughty Natalie is dirty from doing the work of a man today which she did do. When Naughty Natalie was done her shower she joined us at the kitchen table naked as usual. While she was showering and Liz was pouring the drinks because it has been 45 minutes booze free. I told Liz on Monday after I drop Naughty Natalie off at work, I will go to the collage and borrow dad’s library card. Then I can go and read about our neck problems. Until today we thought nothing of it. Plus I told her to have sex on her bed sideways that way her neck will never get pushed in to the head board in risked of being pinched. She thought that was a good idea. Laying sideways on the bed you will just end up falling off the other side. Liz pointed out that her husband will never be able to get her from one side of the bed across to the other. Maybe half way because she is married and married sex is only 5 minutes. I agreed with her plus I pointed out I have to be careful with Naughty Natalie because I do not need to pinch my neck either. Liz calls Tom on the telephone to chat about our necks problems today and he gave Liz the big medical names for me to look up in the collage library. Then he suggested using ice packs on our necks which we did in Winnipeg after it happened. Liz thanked Tom for helping out again. Naughty Natalie decides she will get snow from outside the front door to make snow packs in the zip lock freezer bags. She grabbed a pot of the kitchen and went to the front door opened it and fill the pot full of snow. The vehicles driving by all honked at her and she waved back. She says she had troubles get the right snow for the pot. But she did this naked and that is why the vehicles honked and mostly drove around the block to come back around for another look at her. Liz tells her to please where clothes outside the PMQ because the military has rules. We will save a bit of ice from the ice cube trays to make an ice bag for going to bed. Back in the mid 1980s the fridge only had ice trays that made 12 cubes each. Most fridges had 2 trays and if you drank professional like us you acquired 2 more trays to make ice. A round of drinks would be a tray of ice then fill the tray up with water when the other trays were empty then this tray was frozen. Drinking professional back then took a lot of thought and even drunk you always had to be making ice or being prepared. With the freezer bags full of snow thanks to Naughty Natalie for risking it all and going outside naked to get the snow Liz and I have them on our necks as we watch a VHS movie.

After we were done with the VHS movie we all went to bed but I brought a bag of the ice from the freezer in case I needed it for my neck or Liz needed it. I used the ice bag of on my neck to fall a sleep because it felt good but I needed to use the ice bag when I got woken up by Liz making moaning sounds because the Naughty little brat Naughty Natalie was playing the Mosquito game with her. She had Liz really enjoying herself and Liz could have started arching her back in enjoyment. This would start putting all her body weight on her neck which could risk pinching her spine. I grabbed the ice bag from my neck and slapped it between Liz’s legs and held it there which shocked her in to waking up right now. With Liz awake I then took the ice bag and held it between Naughty Natalie legs which she did not like and wrestled to break free. Liz figured out what was going on and held Naughty Natalie down while the ice bag taught her a lesson. When I removed the ice bag from Naughty Natalie she was very mad and said the word “fine” and rolled over on her side and pretended to be a sleep. Liz and I knew she was not a sleeping because she was not snoring. Liz hugged me and thanked me from saving her for having something bad happen to her neck but she did say she was having a good dream. Naughty Natalie had to pay me back for the ice bag and when I was sleep she held the it between my legs and that woke me up now. New rules for the bedroom as of that night no ice bags allowed.

We slept in because it was a Sunday and of course the telephone rang. Liz answered it and it was the sex shop owner inviting all 3 of us to Winnipeg to preform. As Liz was talking to the owner she was signaling if the 28 days would effect attending the event and I nodded to accept. Once Liz was done chatting on the telephone she told us the details. The date is the same weekend as the Culture Club concert when we have to drive the Disco Queens. This is excellent because mother is paying all expenses and we will get dad to book the motel room where we stayed last time. The motel liked us but it was everyone around us that wrecked the place. Naughty Natalie calls dad and tells him the details and he will book the room at the same motel for us. Now everyone is happy and excited. Naughty Natalie wants to make it up to me for the ice bag last night so I join her in the shower. Once the bruises on my Male Manhood healed up everything was working fine. Naughty Natalie told me if my Male Manhood did not work she was replacing me. But I told her with a bedroom toy that I will be the operating which she agreed.


The Kiss

The next 2 weeks took forever to go by because money was tight with me not working because of my neck injury. I read lots of information from the collage library and shared with Liz because she was having the same problems. Dad did the vehicle switch on Friday after work at the little apartment. Liz was riding the worker’s workers bus back and forth Shilo and never went to her PMQ except on the weekends with us. As soon as we arrived the MPs were stopping by for a visit. The PMQ is government owned so they would let themselves in and out which saved us from getting up to open the door and to let them out. The MPs had the master key to open any door on the Shilo base. We were beginning to think the MPs stopping by the PMQ was part of the their training because some times it was new MPs. They got introduce to us plus they got to see the naked woman Naughty Natalie who was not shy of her body because she was born this way. The Saturday morning to leave to head to Winnipeg was going prefect with the Disco Queens picked up as luggage and tossed in the back of the mother’s min van. We cranked up the Heavy Metal Music so we could not hear but only smell them because of all the hair spray. I drove non stop to Winnipeg which made the trip feel fast. When we stopped to top up the gas tank in mother’s mini van that is when the Disco Queens were allow to speak and use the bathroom. Mother gave us and envelope with money which had to have the change and gas receipts put in it for her. Naughty Natalie was in charge of that envelope like she always does. When we leave the gas station I have the Road Atlas out to direct Naughty Natalie driving to the motel where we drop the luggage off known as the Disco Queens. We tell them 2pm pick up on Sunday and if they are not ready they can walk back to Brandon. It was so nice to get luggage out of mother’s mini van and we could breath again. That hair spray they use to get the hair to stand up and out is very toxic.

We arrive at the motel by the sex shop and check in plus they remembered us. They are saying sorry for the drama and problems last time we stayed and we thanked them. Up in our room we have a quick shower to get ready for the pool since we did not get to the pool the last time due the city police. Liz telephones the owner of the sex shop to tell her we made the drive in to Winnipeg. She is happy that we made it and tells us a taxi will pick us at 6pm at the motel. Liz says we do not have money for that. The owner replied she has an account with the taxi company and does not want us driving mother’s mini van around the city in the dark. That surprised Liz also when she told us we were surprised too. The owner also said food will be served when you arrive at the sex shop and 3 plates of special food are ordered for us. Liz thanked her and thanked her again. Naughty Natalie calls dad collect to say we made it and we dropped the luggage off. Plus she told dad the owner of the sex shop is sending a taxi for us because she does not want us driving mother’s mini van in the city in the dark. Dad was just as surprised and happy for us not to be driving in the city in the dark. With everything taken care of in communication so things go smoothly. We put on our swim suits and head to the pool. The ladies are wearing their bikinis that fit perfectly and I am wearing my Speedo. I feel like Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion walking with 2 Playboy Playmates heading to the pool. When we walked by the motel lobby doors they opened up to let motel guests in. The cold Manitoba winter air came in through the open doors. Now that was cold air because the ladies got nippley and I had male shrinkage enough that my Speedo became loose instead of the tight fit. At the pool there was a few people which was nice. I went and sat in the shallow end of the pool to enjoy the water since I can not swim and totally afraid of water. The ladies had fun swimming and jumping in and out of the pool. The pool seemed to get a lot of people hanging around. Plus the people that stopped by the pool to look and see returned back wearing their swim suits. The ladies figured it out that everyone was coming to see them. I thought is was because I was wearing my Speedo and looking good. I can not show off my one chest hair because Naughty Natalie pulled it out the other night so it will be 6 months till the replacement grows in. When the pool was getting too crowded we went back to the motel room by using a different route because the cold air from the lobby doors will not be forgotten.

In the motel room it was quick shower to clean off the pool water then relax on the bed until it is time to go to the sex shop. It felt good to relax and my back has healed up so I can lay on my back and hug the ladies. Everyone’s bruises have healed up except for the necks on Liz and me but we are still very careful on what we do. Her husband has not come back since the night he walked in and out without saying a word but that is normal when married in the military. It now time to get ready. I put on my silk under wear that I keep in Naughty Natalie's fancy outfit bag because Liz would have some explaining to do to her husband. We are in the lobby before 6pm and a taxi pulls up and I go out and ask if it for us and the drivers says yes. I hold the door of the taxi open for the ladies because that is what I will be doing tonight. The taxi takes us right to the sex shop and driver says everything is paid for. We thanked the driver as we exit the taxi. We go in the sex shop to the mirror room with the shiny roof support post. There are different ladies dressing and a couple ladies we recognize from our last visit. Philip is there and he says hello to us and we say hello back. Liz tells me Philip is starting to like me with that I just smile back at her. I look around to see where Naughty Natalie disappeared to and of course she is on the shiny support post having fun as a 5 year old Naughty little brat. The owner is happy to see us and then the food is served. We get our plates with all the good food on them and the new ladies watch us eat. The new ladies ask the same question as everyone has in the past what diet are you on, what is your physical work out schedule. The ladies replied back they eat what they want and do not work out. That surprises everyone and Naughty Natalie tells everyone she was born this way and Liz says the same thing. As we all eat the owner briefs us on what tonight is all about and we are all happy. This is a very important performance for her business and only invited her top ladies. That surprised my ladies and me because we have not done anything in a month except recover from the motel raid. The owner goes on to say it is the ladies choice to show it all but it must be in very good taste. If you have trouble keeping your legs together to keep good taste in the show you will not be invited back. There are other places to work where they will let your legs be apart. Naughty Natalie was so happy and I was too because those little safety pins are hard to hide and undo and do up when she has to use the bathroom. The owner says once every one is dressed up there will be a few demonstration with this young man here who is waiting to be with a lady. I just smile and wave and hope I do not get whipped again like last time.

My ladies are first to be ready because we are organized and work as a team plus the fancy outfits were cleaned the next day after last used and ready for when it is time. Some the other ladies are organized but not that organized. Once Naughty Natalie was dress she was on the shiny support post having fun. Liz was nervous and was hoping for it to be a masked event like last time. The owner came over said it is the ladies choice but I have to wear a mask because look under age. When the owner walked away Liz and I both smiled because this lady is a business woman and a smart one too. With everyone finally dressed I take the chair and sit on it in the middle of the room. Then the owner asks Naughty Natalie to work me good with lot of eye contact. The music starts and she does an excellent in teasing and has her panties off in style and her boobie exposed. The owner was very impressed for it being her first time. Then Naughty Natalie has do a few things to me and the owner points out how to improve or change so the other ladies can learn. Naughty Natalie is just teasing me and loving every minute of it because we did have fun in the shower before we arrived here. The owner asks Liz to be last because she says Liz has something in her eyes. That puzzle both of us and Naughty Natalie was on the shiny support post having fun so she was not around when the owner said it. The other ladies do the dance and the tease to me when done the owner point out a few things. When all the ladies were done they thanked me for being so professional. I thanked them back. The owner now asks Philip to take all the ladies and Naughty Natalie to the staff lunch room. Everyone can see what is in the fridge and she will call when she would like everyone to return. Now she tells Liz she has something in her eyes so please dance because this dance will clear your eyes. Then we have a show to preform at. The owner told me to stay sitting on the chair which I did. The owner starts the music and Liz begins and she is putting on a better show then all the other ladies including Naughty Natalie. When Liz has worked me good and her panties are off and her boobies are exposed with the song coming to an end. She on my lap with her hands on my shoulders and looking deep into my eyes. She is about to kiss me on the lips and I softly tell her “no”. She pauses still looking me deep in my eyes and I softly say “please kiss your husband, he loves you because he comes home”. As I looked deep in her eyes her tears began to flow. She then hugged me tight and cried on my shoulder as I hugged back. After a long moment of silence the owner came over with some tissues and said she is very impressed with us both. Once Liz got her thoughts together she got off my lap and we had a good long hug. She kept saying sorry and I told her there is nothing to be sorry for. She slipped her panties back on and the covered up her boobies. Then Philip returned with all the ladies plus Naughty Natalie. Naughty Natalie did not say a thing and hugged us both. Then it was time to get ready because the limousine will be here. Philip brought my tux and top hat from the storage room and I dressed quickly with the help of Liz because Naughty Natalie was playing on the shiny support post as usual. As Liz was helping me get in to my tux. I asked if she wanted or needed the safety pins for her panties with a smile she said “no”, I love my husband then we hugged again. I thought for sure Philip was going to rush over and join us. With all the ladies ready in their long black coats plus wearing masks for traveling. But I was dressed with my mask to make me look older. The owner give one more speech and say to make her proud. Then the owner gives me 2 small flash lights that fit in my pocket because it is now dark. One to use and one as a spare. Plus she gave me a travel mug which is for coffee when traveling. I smiled and said thank you because we are working late and the coffee will help stay awake. Then owner tells me to take a sip on the straw because I am wearing my mask. When I took a sip it was vodka. I just smiled and said thank you.

It is now show time and I escort the ladies from the building to the waiting Limousine and use my flash light for the ladies to see the step in to the limousine. Liz stopped and smiled at me as she gets in the limousine and say thank you. When it is time I get in the front of the limousine with the driver and he liked my new coffee travel cup. I told the driver I feel like a man tonight but some day I will be old enough to be a man. We arrive at the place where the show is being held. It is a lot different arriving at a place and it is dark. You have to find your way around escorting the ladies but it all worked out fine. The ladies were drinking in the limousine like I was in the front and everyone was a lot happier and relaxed when we arrived. I escort the ladies to where we will be back stage. We have no idea where we are or what is going one. The owner gives everyone a quick pep talk and I am to escort the ladies on and off stage plus pick out any clothing in the way a gentleman. The owner wants Liz to go on first and Naughty Natalie to finish the show like we did a month ago. Once the music starts and I escort Liz out on stage and tip my top hat and return back. She does an excellent show and the owner tells me Liz needed that private dance with you to get that the look out of her eyes. So she will give a good performance which she did. I go back on stage and escort Liz back and she kept all her clothes on which I knew she would. Once I returned from escorting the next lady on stage, Liz gave me a big hug and said she was sorry I told not to be. While we were hugging the lady on stage tossed clothes a little far. Now I had to be a gentleman and go in the audience and retrieve the items. After that Liz stood beside me and watched where the clothing went. This way I looked professional when going out to get the clothing and escort the lady back off stage. The tux jacket had big pockets so I could just slip in the clothing and look like a gentleman. The last lady up was Naughty Natalie who was so calm and relaxed she made the other ladies worry. I escorted her out on staged tipped my top hat and walked off. The crowd starting clapping half way through her show and really clapped when she was done. All her clothing was in a little pile on the stage which I bent at my knees to pick up and slide in my pocket. I escorted Naughty Natalie off stage then the owner said to wait for the crowd wanting more. Then I escorted her back on stage so she could do an English Lady’s bow which is a curtsey. I tip my top hat to the crowd and off the stage we went. The owner was so pleased and happy with Naughty Natalie and the other ladies too.

I help the ladies with their long black coats and escort them back to the awaiting limousine. Once all the ladies are in and we are told to leave then I get in with the driver. My coffee cup was empty so I had to pass it to the back of the limousine for it to be refilled. Once back at the sex shop the ladies were happy and we all undressed. Philip was still there to help so that was a long day for him too. We were the first to be undressed and pack to leave. The owner gave us each an envelope which we gave back to the owner and said thank you letting us have fun to tonight. We say good bye to the other ladies and Philip then headed to the waiting taxi. It felt good to return back to our motel room to relax and unwind. Naughty Natalie order a pizza and went to the front desk to pay for it because the pizza delivery guy does not need to see us in our room. The pizza tasted so good and the pineapples must have been fresh. Liz poured the drink for us and we all chatted about how much fun it was and we will do it again. The owner of the sex shop knew the minute she laid eyes on us that we would be a good investment because we keep our word and do what we are asked. After a few drinks Naughty Natalie asked what went on with the private dance. I explained the owner could see “it” in Liz’s eyes which would effect her performance to tonight. She made Liz do the private dance so I could tell Liz “no” and that is what Liz needed to hear because she is going through some very confusing times right now. That brought Liz to tears and need another hug. Naughty Natalie needed a hug too.

In the morning we got up and went shopping with the little money we had. Of course when shopping we chat how we gave back close to $3000.00 in dance money for the 3 of us but the sex shop owner knew we would not want the money. She gave the ladies those fancy outfits for very very cheap price. The owner was a good business woman with a successful company. The company I worked for went bankrupt in a year. The management was too busy playing the roll of big time owners with golfing and partying then running the company. The Disco Queens were ready when we picked them up and the luggage rode in the back of mother’s mini van. Naughty Natalie telephoned dad collect when we left Winnipeg and call dad from the little apartment when we arrive. It was a fun weekend and we hope to do it again when the sex shop owner calls.

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