The Chiropractor


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The Chiropractor

The four us had a relaxing Sunday at Liz’s PMQ recovering from too much booze the night before. Liz and her husband were like young love birds after correcting the little misunderstanding that almost ended the marriage. It was close to supper time when Liz’s husband said he had to leave. He told Liz if his luggage shows up that was lost from his flight home just tell who ever brings to send to where he is going to be. What he just told Liz did not make sense to Naughty Natalie and I because we do not understand the military but it made sense to Liz. The military knows where Liz’s husband is but Liz does not know where he is. To Liz this makes sense and it is too confusing for us. I was kind of glad they kissed and made up because sleep on the couch is not for me. At the age of 18 years old I need a bed to sleep in so I get a good nights sleep and feel refreshed. Sleeping drunk is OK for one night and that is it. Liz and I were in the kitchen tiding up after supper and she gabbed me and hugged me tight and looked in to my eyes and thanked me for everything I did so she came to her senses about her husband. My reply “I was asked to “take care” of her. Plus she listened to me in the end”. With that she held me tighter and put her head on my chest. Naughty Natalie told us to get a room and we laughed. The rest of the evening was relaxing on the couch and watching movies.

Monday morning Naughty Natalie and I usually wake up and drive to Brandon to return to our regular lives of working and more working. But we have mother’s mini van for driving the ladies around in their fancy outfits. To save on gas and travel we will switch vehicles with mother where she works on the Shilo base. Liz even gets up early to take part in the vehicle switch because it is pay back time to the Military Police known as the MP. Mother works for the Military Police in the German division which they police the German soldiers from German that are training on the Shilo base. The plan was just to meet mother at the MP building parking lot and we switch vehicles then Naughty Natalie and I the drive to Brandon. The ladies figure just being in the parking lot of the MP building will upset people because they are always visiting Liz’s PMQ. The thought of us on their home grounds will upset them because we have crossed over in to their private world. We get in mother’s mini van and travel over to the MP building thinking we are early and will wait for mother to arrive. But mother is extra early and my 67 Chevy is parked in the visitor parking lot but no mother around. I park her mini van in her assigned parking spot and figured she come of the building asap. We waited for a bit then decided to go in the PM building because she might have left the keys at the front desk for the 67 Chevy and just leave the keys for her mini van there in exchange. Before we exit the mini van the ladies decide to take off their sweater and just wear the white tank tops under there jackets. This is more of a tease to the people in the MP building. Plus there are a lot of people showing up for work at the MP building and most of them will recognize us from all the information they have from all the visits to Liz’s PMQ.

We walk up to the main doors of the MP building and we are all smiling in case they are taking pictures of us because we are on their private ground now. At the front desk of the MP building there is no keys left for a quick exchange but we are told to go to mother’s office. The ladies are shocked and surprised when the front desk buzzed the door open so we could enter. Now this is unreal for us because we have now crossed over in to the MP private ground with no hands cuffs and no MPs escorting us. The psychological impact that this will be on the MPs that have been at Liz’s PMQ will be unreal. It has been about 4 years since I was at mother’s office plus they have done major renovations to the MP building too. The 3 of us arrive at mother’s office and she was surprised to see 3 of us instead of just me. Of course Naughty Natalie had to point out my graduation picture on the left hand shelve by mother’s desk. Mother said she had no troubles driving the 67 Chevy from the pink house in Alexander to Shilo. Then Naughty Natalie ask her if she increased the speed when there is a slight vibration at the speed limit. All mother said yes. Now mother is more upset because this woman drives her only son’s truck plus this woman is hanging around with her son too. Mother decided to give us a tour of the MP building with the upgrades which we think is to instill fear in us so we do not break the law. With the MP building getting busier with more people arriving for work we are having fun. The people seeing us in their private world are in a shock. The MPs we recognized from all the visits to Liz’s PMQ, we make sure to say hello. As we walked down the hall with mother as she is showing us the portrait pictures of the past commanding officers which some have the riding crop in their hands. We walked past the lead MP office that wanted to touch Liz’s husband Harley Davidson bike all the time. We stopped and backed up to the door of his office and the look on his face was that he shit his pants. Now the 3 of us are in his office which is his private world and the pay back begins for all the grief and drama this MP has put us through. Liz is the first one to lean over his desk so he is looking right at her cleavage then she grab the framed family picture and holds it close to her cleavage and asked is this his wife. The look on the lead MP face was priceless because we are now having fun. I touch everything in his office but never return what I touch back in the spot where is came from. The ladies are close to him all the time and touching every on his desk and shelves. Mother comes in to see us acting like we are kindergarten and the lead MP has the look of desperation on his face. Mother introduce me to the lead MP as her son and never say anything about the ladies because they could be my step sisters from another mother. The lead MP was so glad when we left his office only to find more MPs that have visited Liz’s PMQ. When the tour of the MP building was over there was a lot of surprised and upset people that we were in their private world. Since everyone was watching us Liz stops at the job board and is reading it and they are politely asking her to move away. She grab the special marking pen for the job board and right in the address for her PMQ with the word “raid” under the address. She figured nothing was planned for that afternoon because the space was empty. Everyone was polite to us because mother is a higher up person and high security clearance too.

When we said good bye to mother and walked to the 67 Chevy truck we were so pleased with ourselves because the psychological impact we created in the 20 minutes inside the building was priceless. A prefect pay back to all the raids and mind games they have played with us. We drop Liz off at her PMQ and Naughty Natalie and I drive to Brandon to start our work week. That was the best Monday morning we had in a long time. When I got back to the little apartment that night Liz was there because after work on the Shilo base she hopped the Shilo worker’s bus the Brandon. She did not want to be alone in the PMQ until the weekend when we usual get together. Liz was also going through and emotional time dealing with how she almost made a big mistake with the Buff Boy. Liz felt safe and loved hanging out with Naughty Natalie and I because we acted Liz’s age not our young age plus the fact we did not have any friends our age. We did not really have friends other then work friends because we enjoyed doing our thing. With Liz being around more and more, dad and mother would add her in if they sent food to the little apartment because we were young and starving. Any family function that we had to attend Liz would included to so there was always a place set for her. The family got used to Naughty Natalie so what was one more plate to be served. When Liz’s husband would return he just phoned the little apartment and then we would drive out to the PMQ and we would stay the night. But with the Cold War tensions increasing more her husband was around less and less to protect our country. But he knew his wife was in good hands because I was asked to “take care” of her. As a group we never had big fights or arguments because we treated each other as equals. The night Naughty Natalie did all the driving the snow storm of the century nobody questioned her driving or her ability. Liz did not act blonde and scream like a girl every time the truck hit a snow bank because that would have made things worse. I never gave Naughty Natalie pointers or told her how to drive my 67 Chevy because she will handle it. Being calm and relax also let us deal with all the cops and MPs that were always in our face trying to bust us. We were a team and stayed together as a group being equal to each other.

The biker bar was planning a fun night as a private party because Halloween was to busy and packed for everyone to enjoy the costumes. This was a good plan because the ladies never really got to show what the fancy outfits are made for other then Liz the night of the MPs searching one box at a time for the drugs. The fancy outfit worked perfectly that night and everybody enjoyed the show. The night the biker bar planned the little costume party was a Saturday which is a good night to party. Dad wanted to use the 67 Chevy for hauling more collectibles he bought at an auction like he always does. The plan was to switch during the day and I would have mother’s mini van to drive the ladies around in their fancy outfits. But all plans never work out and we can not figure out how a simple day could turn so wrong. I made the mistake of answering the telephone at the little apartment and getting called in to work. The ladies were suppose to relax and be ready when it was time to go to the private party. The ladies need 2 hours to get ready with the fancy outfits if they are dressing each other. Once they get in the bathroom together with the shower then add more time because they turn in to kindergarten kids and amuse themselves with everything but what they are suppose to be doing. They used to be really good at getting ready and being on time but when they dress each other with these fancy outfits they get side tracked in the shower and bathroom for some reason. I keep the ladies posted on what and where I am with being called in to work. Then Naughty Natalie will phone dad and relay the message to him. To piss mother off, Naughty Natalie will not give the message to mother and will only talk to dad. Now that gets mother really upset. I end up going on a simple repair job in the company plane with the wrong pilot. Once I seen who was flying I should have gone home and went to bed but I never say “no” to work. In theory the simple job should have me back home at 8pm at the lasted to drive the ladies because the private party starts at 10pm. Naughty Natalie asks dad to drive them to the biker bar and the vehicle switch can be done there if the plane is late arriving with me. Dad will agree to anything for Naughty Natalie and Liz because he spending time away from mother and in the company of beautiful ladies who do not think they are beautiful. Naughty Natalie always says she was born this way and Liz is starting to say it too.

Now at this time of night dad is usually falling a sleep in his chair in front of the TV reading his hot rod magazines, he is now traveling to Brandon to drive ladies and switch vehicles. He arrives early to the apartment to pick up the ladies and he knows they will not be ready. Liz answer the door and offers dad a beer which he accepts because mother is not around. Now dad is sitting at the kitchen table watching 2 ladies get dressed in the fancy outfit. This is all new for dad because at his age and growing up this is something he would never see. Naughty Natalie was the first to ask dad to help her dress and then it was non stop for him helping. Plus the ladies are having shot of hard booze so they will be relaxed and ready to go on stage at the private party at the bikers bar. The ladies told me afterward dad was very professional in helping dressing them and they figure that is where I got the professionalism when dealing with ladies. With the ladies almost ready to go there is a knock at the door. Dad answers it and there is the sister and 3 Disco Queens standing at the door. Before anyone could say a thing Naughty Natalie yelled at the sister “did you leave the lights”. The sister did not say a thing because she and the Disco Queen were in shock at seeing dad in the little apartment with 2 women that are wearing Dominatrix outfits. My dad knows the sister will rat him out to mother right way and he surprised the sister is not asking to borrow the telephone to call mother right now. Naughty Natalie asks dad if he has the long booster cables to boost the sister car and dad thinks for a bit and replies he has no booster cables in mother’s mini van. Mother’s min van is brand new and has the new onboard computer so boosting might fry the computer. So dad never put booster cables in the mini van in fear of frying the computer. Naughty Natalie tells dad the long set of booster cables are in the 67 Chevy which he will be getting right away on the vehicle switch. While Naughty Natalie is organizing the boosting of the sister’s car she is standing in front of dad and the Disco Queens holding her boobies up while Liz is doing the boobie fluff and tighten the laces in the back. No wonder dad had a long delay in thinking then answering because his mind was in paradise. Just as they were going to leave the little apartment I telephone there to telling I was at the Brandon airport. Naughty Natalie holds the phone away for her mouth to tell everyone I was at the Brandon airport which means I’ll be at the biker bar right away. Then she holds the telephone back to her mouth to tell me excellent and they are ready to go to the biker bar. When I replied back to her saying that is excellent too and I will be there once I fill out the crash report for the airplane and give my statement. Naughty Natalie is so calm in asking if I’m OK and I replied yes because this happens all the time with the company pilot. Naughty Natalie calmly tells everyone standing around and everyone is calm except for the Disco Queens who are now drama queens over a little accident. When Naughty Natalie comes back on the phone to speak I just ask her if the sister left the head lights on her car again because I could hear the Disco Queens in the back ground of the telephone. Naughty Natalie says yes and your dad will need the longer booster cables form the 67 Chevy. I knew she would have it all figured out.

Now dad gets everyone in mother’s mini van because the sister and Disco Queens are not staying in the little apartment. The Disco Queens wear so much make up in layer and they have so much hair spray in their hair to get it to stand up and out. Plus the baggie 1980s clothes they wear you can not tell if they are male or female until they come out of the bathroom if the toilet seat is down it is female if the seat is left up then it is male. Before the ladies left the little apartment they put of full sexy face masks to hide their faces and plus they are wear full length male trench coats. This is to cover the ladies up because at the private party to night one of the fun games is to guess which one is Naughty Natalie and which one is Liz. Liz having all her hair dyed black makes them look like twins. The sister and Disco Queens are not happy to be sitting in the back of mother’s mini van but dad excuse for the ladies to sit up in the front with him was the long trench coats. Plus first to be dropped off too. When they arrive at the biker bar Naughty Natalie tells dad to park out front in the loading zone and put the 4 way flashers on then parking is legal under the zoning by law. Then Naughty Natalie asks dad to escort her and Liz in to the bar bar. Dad was so happy because he did not want to have to wait in the mini van with all the hair spray smell from the Disco Queens. When the ladies and dad go to enter the bar they have no troubles with the bouncer to enter even with it being a private party. Everyone knows my dad as the collage auto mechanic instructor plus he started most of the hot rod clubs in Brandon since he was 16 years old. Naughty Natalie and Liz are officially late to for the party which has already started. They leave dad at the stand up bar with a beer in his hand then head back behind the make shift wall put up to hide the people that will be on the stage tonight. Dad had no idea what was going on other then he has to wait for me to show up and this was a good place to wait. He get to see free entertainment which is a lot better then the 3 TV channels he watches at home on a Saturday night with mother. Dad is not to worried about the Disco Queens sitting in mother mini van because after all these times of leaving the head lights on they should have learned especially when it is dark when you park the vehicle.

Dad is enjoying the show on the stage because biker club members are coming out and doing a strip tease dance to tease the audience and the louder the clapping the better the show. These are not professional dancers so it is more like a comedy dance off to see who is the best or who is the drunkest on stage. Liz comes out teases the audience in the fancy outfit and works the crowd with leaning over in to the crowd to show the cleavage and show the ass with bending as the knees so the audience can see the garter belt little straps dig in to her ass cheeks. Dad figured she did an excellent job for being shy and only had bravery from the booze she drank plus being a married woman she had to have some control. Naughty Natalie was next and worked the crowd to the limit with everything Liz did. The crowd went wild again. That is when I arrived to walk in to see the 2 ladies up on stage standing side by side and the crowd is clapping and cheering for more. Plus the crowd has to guess which is which. As I stand beside dad he briefs me on what is going on and he asked if the Disco Queens were still sitting in the mini van and I laughed and said “yes”. Dad figures the crowd does not know which is which of the 2 ladies on the stage. The 2 ladies are having so much fun teasing the crowd because this is a lot better then teasing the Military Police when the stop by the PMQ. Dad said he had to help the ladies with the fancy outfits and he asked ask how much those outfit cost. When I told him $4000.00 that surprised him then I told that was each outfit because the high end stripper outfits better known as Dominatrix. The ladies do not use the riding crop-whip yet. Dad just smiled.

The DJ is working the crowd and they are wanting more and more of the ladies in the fancy outfits plus nobody can guess which is which because the ladies have sexy full face masks on. The DJ announces there will be a dance off by the ladies and to see which is which. Plus the ladies have been being drinking back stage so they are not very shy any more. The DJ puts on the best stripper song which is Sweeney Todd singing Roxy Roller which Naughty Natalie favorite song. Once I heard the song come on I knew this was going to be a good show. Liz dances first and pushes herself to limits she has never gone before and knowing the panties fit prefect so none of the audience will be see more then they are suppose to be. Plus she keeps it all in good taste and I was very impressed at the strip tease she did. Everything and anything shown was in good taste of being a married woman. Dad was impressed too but just do not tell mother. There is no fear of the sister and Disco Queens coming in the bar tonight because the bouncers will keep them out. When the crowd was done clapping and cheering for Liz it is Naughty Natalie’s turn. She works the crowd and does everything Liz did and near the end of the song she slides her panties off in a very sexy lady way so no one seen anything that they should have. Then she comes to the end of the stage teasing everyone and motions me to come toward the stage which I do. She puts her panties on my head like a little kids birthday hat. As she backs away she releases her boobies so every one can see them including me and when the song ends she walks to the back of the stage teasing everyone with her ass and the garter straps. The DJ went wild and the crowd went wild which is what everyone wanted. Naughty Natalie did her first nude strip in her home bar and did with such class and style nobody really got to see anything bad. I took her panties off my head and walked back over to dad. He was just smiling because the lady has class and style and is not a slut in any way. Now if the audience got see way too much when the panties came off then it is not a classy dance it is porn. Dad could not believe that is an all natural body that I have been enjoying all theses years. I just smiled at him. The ladies are stand by us and super happy how the night turned out and wait to leave to get to Liz’s PMQ because that was the plan. Plus everyone in the bar were coming up to them to congratulate them on such a good show. This made the ladies feel uncontrollable so leaving was the best thing to do. I told dad I will drive the mini van and he can drive my 67 Chevy because the cops will be pulling us over. Dad agreed on it being a good plan. We leave the bar and the ladies get in the mini and the smell from the Disco Queen sitting in the mini van for over an hour was very very strong. That is why dad did not want to drive the mini van. The 2 ladies are extra happy and excited for what they did tonight and the Disco Queens are all upset.

I take Naughty Natalie’s panties and hang them in the rear view mirror so everyone can see them. Then I pull away from the biker bar to drive over to the Disco Bar with dad following in the 67 Chevy. The mini vans of the mid 1980s were an embarrassment because they had small motors and no rear suspension. The mini van is rated for 7 people and the mini van hangs low in the back end plus being front wheel drive there is no weight on the front wheels which create a traction problem. To get to the Disco Bar on snow covered streets the front wheels were spinning to get traction and more traction. Not sure what was more embarrassing the lack of traction or the Disco Queens inside the mini van. We just about made the Disco Bar and the cops pull us over and dad pulls over too because we are traveling together. The cop comes up the driver’s door of the mini van and ask if I had been drinking and I said yes. When the cop shined his flash light in my face he recognized me from the plane crash tonight because he took my statement of the accident. As he shined the flash light around inside the mini van to see 2 ladies in full trench coat done up to the neck and 4 Disco Queens he made a comment on how my luck has changed for the better. I pointed out that some of the Disco Queens in the back might stand up to pee. When he shined his flash lights on the Disco Queens in the back of the min van to see if they stand up to pee. That is when some one threw Naughty Natalie’s panties from the rear view mirror in to the face of the Disco Queen that the flash light was shinning on. Now that is when the excitement happened because those panties were treat as if a giant spider had landed on the face of the Disco Queen. It was not long and the panties were tossed back up to the front of the mini van. That is when the cop said have a nice day and walked back to the cop car. He stopped to tell dad that I was having a bad day first the plane crash that he was the officer who took the statement now it have Disco Queens in a mini van, the fellow has not luck at all.

We arrive at the Disco Bar and the sisters car is blocked in with other vehicles which is a first because the parking lot is usually empty when we arrive to boost her car. Now we have to push the sister car back out of the parking stall to give the battery a boost. The Disco Queens were totally use-less and it was dad, the 2 ladies and me that got the car pushed back. Naughty Natalie and Liz were impressed at how well the knee high leather boots in snow and not slippery but I guess at $1,500.00 a pair they better be non slip. Dad was shocked at the prices of the fancy outfit but quality costs money. I pulled the 67 Chevy to be close enough for the boost and Naughty Natalie handled the booster cables with Liz helping. Dad could not believe these ladies just jump and help to get it done no matter what clothes they are wearing. With the sister car running dad will makes sure every one gets home. When he arrives home mother will not be too mad until the sister rats him out for a night with Joey’s women. Dad said good night to the ladies and told they both did very well with the show tonight and he enjoyed it. They gave dad a hug in front of the sister and Disco Queens and we parted ways. All I have to do is drive to Shilo base with the ladies then I can drink to relax.

It seemed like a quick drive this time to the Shilo base but the ladies were still excited on the fun evening. Arriving at the main gate to the base was boring because the guard came out and took our names and we signed in. Not sure if it was because of mother’s mini van already being checked out for me driving or the MMs found some new people to pick on. There are lights on at Liz’s PMQ and that excites Liz because she can have her husband help remove the fancy outfit this time instead of me all the time. We go in to the PMQ and her husband has just arrived home and he is normal and not all drugged up by the military. We all sit around the kitchen table having a good stiff shot of hard booze. Naughty Natalie has put her panties back on saying I will be removing them later. Liz also made a big sign and hung on the door to the PMQ for the MPs when they arrive. The sign said “having sex” and we figured they will come back later. Now that the ladies have had enough booze they start dancing to tease Liz’s husband and me which was a nice treat. Liz is not shy because this is her husband and Naughty Natalie is giving the show of her life because I deserve it. We are so glad the MPs did not show up because it was an excellent show the ladies put on. Liz and her husband ended up in their bedroom and Naughty Natalie and I ended up in the shower because I was still in my work clothes. Liz woke me on the couch long after everyone was a sleep because she needed to get out of the outfit. She still had the boots, stocking and corset on because the husband did not finished because he was too tired. We laughed a little bit and smiled because I had Naughty Natalie naked and sleeping with a smile on her face but is was also very easy for me because she had been well teased all night plus I was well teased too. Once I had Liz naked and the outfit on the kitchen table, Liz woke up Naughty Natalie to come sleep in the bed like we usually do. She just agreed because the couch is not a good place to sleep.

Not sure what I did or how I slept but my back was locked up and I could not move when I woke up. I just laid there till Liz woke up and told her I needed to be flipped on my tummy. Liz woke up Naughty Natalie and she figured it was because I was in another plane crash last night and jarred my back. Now the 2 ladies get me on my tummy and Naughty Natalie knows what to do. She puts her knee in the small of my back just above the crack of my ass then leans forward and pull my shoulders back. If she does it right you can hear the crack or I can feel it fall in to place. But this time it is not working and I have tears rolling down my cheeks. Liz decided to help and when I screamed because it went back in to place that is when Liz’s husband woke up to see 2 naked ladies pulling my shoulder back and me with tears rolling down my cheeks and saying that feels so much better. That made his eyes very big and more in shock then anything. Nobody told him that I was late for the private party because the plane I was in crashed when landing at the airport. When when he found out I was in 3 planes crashes last year he could not believe it. I just laid on the bed in pain with tears rolling down my cheeks till the pain went away in an hour. Then I could get out of bed but not move very fast. Her husband offered me pain pills but I refuse to take anything because I can not take drugs. When I was able to get moving around I joined everyone at the kitchen table for a morning coffee. The ladies were still happy and enjoying the fun night. Liz’s husband was happy to be home and be normal but he had somethings to do on his Harley Davidson bike today. Plus he asked me more on the plane crash. Told him the company pilot can fly the plane just has trouble landing it some times. Last night we came back in the dark because the quick repair job took longer and I had to come back because my dad was driving the ladies. That surprised him that my dad was driving the ladies. I knew it was 50/50 odds of the pilot crashing the plane when we landed in Brandon but I had to get home and I was not to be working and I was called in. But I never say “no” to making money. When we arrived at the Brandon airport I thought the pilot was doing OK in the dark coming in for the landing and everything was good but he would not set the plane down on the runway until the very end of the runway then panicked and set the plane hard on the runway then he could not control it and drove in to the snow bank at the edge of the runway. It is not really an accident just landed hard and parked the plane in the snow bank. That is when I jarred my back I think and it stiffened up over night. Oh well just a fact of life in my eyes. Then Liz’s husband says to me you are in planes that crash and will get back in a plane the next day but will not get on a bike after one crash. Yes kind of strange.

Liz’s husband worked on his bike most of the day as it was a relaxing Sunday. Then he had to leave at supper time and Liz is upset because he never tells her that he is leaving until he is about to walk out the door. Liz can not make plans to say good bye to him. Liz gets the standard kiss and hug as he walks out the door to the waiting vehicle to take him away. Then she is sad and more mad then sad because the waiting vehicle knew what time to pick up her husband. I had a rough day with my back and Naughty Natalie was rubbing and trying to comfort me but I just could not get comfortable no matter what. Plus Naughty Natalie was teasing Liz that she made me preform too hard while she was wearing the fancy outfit and I threw my back out. Liz politely replies back that her husband will never throw his back out in the bedroom no matter what outfit she wears. We all have a little laugh and smile. It was getting close to supper time and I was sitting on a kitchen chair. I thought I would get up and go to the kitchen to see what we will make for supper. As I got off the kitchen chair I turn my body a little bit there was a sharp pain and I lost feeling in my legs only to collapse on to the floor. Naughty Natalie seen me hit the floor and she was right there for me. I told her I can not feel my legs plus it was like having an ax stabbed in my lower back. The pain was unreal and the tears were flowing down my cheeks and I could barely speak. Naughty Natalie remained calm and got on my back and pulled my shoulder back which helped with the pain. She then called for Liz who came out of the kitchen to see this is not good. As Liz came to help there was a knock on the door. She walked right past us on the floor to answer the door only have the Military Police better known as MP. They grabbed her by the arm and drag her back to the middle of the house being followed by more MPs. Now these MPs are not here for the usual come by and get teased by the ladies with their natural beauty. These MP are on a mission to kick ass because someone has tipped them off. The MPs rush up to Naughty Natalie and I on the floor. I said to myself it is my lucky day. The MPs yell at me to stand up and I yell “fuck you”. That kicked the MPs in to high defense attack mode which they are trained for. They did not care about the naked woman sitting on my ass holding my shoulders back. 2 MPs reached down and grabbed both of my shoulders and lifted me right now off the floor. As they lifted me up Naughty Natalie was flipped off my ass only to be grabbed by another MP. When they grabbed me and started lifting me up with great force I could feel my back releasing the hold it had on me and as if the ax was being pulled out. The weight of Naughty Natalie on my ass helped pull everything back in line because the plane crash had squished everything. Once the MPs had me vertical and in the air. They slammed me in to the wall really hard that broke the wall causing me to go through the first layer of wall and stop at the second layer. This felt so good and I felt no pain from the wall. My lower back pain had been reduce so much that I could start to feel the relief.

The MPs are holding me tight and hard in the wall and against it. The one MP asked what did I say to them and I replied back “harder”. Which they did by pushing against the wall. Then the MPs asked me again and I replied “harder” and they did which felt so good. Then the MPs are getting mad and asked again and I replied “harder” and “do not stop” because it felt so good. My eyes are closed because of the pain and I can feel my tears rolling down my cheeks. Plus when the MPs yell at me I can feel the spit from their mouths on my face because they are that close. Now the MPs are really mad and asked again and I say “harder” which they do and I can feel the second layer of the wall slowly breaking away. Because only my upper body went through the wall. From waist down is still against the non broken wall and this makes my back stretch out and feels so good. The MPs yells loud this time and I reply “harder and do not stop”. Then I hear Naughty Natalie yelling to the MPs to hold him there and keep pressure on his back. Now the MPs are confused because in their basic training the other members of the family should be against the MPs and telling the MPs to stop. Now the naked woman is encouraging the rough treatment. That is when the lead MP takes over and asked what the hell is going on. Naughty Natalie tells them “I was in the plane crash Saturday night in Brandon and his back has locked up”. The lead MP asks “why is he here because he should be in the hospital”. Naughty Natalie replies back telling them “this is his 4th plane crash in 14 months so he did not think it was that bad of a crash”. All the MPs are speechless. Then Naughty Natalie ask me how I am doing and I reply back “just hold me because I can feel my legs now”. Once the MPs learned that Liz was going to call the ambulance because I lost the feeling in my legs then the MPs showed up. Which has now corrected my back problem. But now damage done to the wall will effect the damage deposit she put down for the PMQ. The 2 MPs hold me against the wall asked how I was doing and I asked them to keep holding because it feels so good. Then Naughty Natalie who is being held while naked made the comment that I sounded like Liz in the bedroom Saturday night with her husband. Then Liz spoke so everyone could hear her that she was not that loud, she was trying to be quiet. That relaxed everyone from a very tension situation that has been created in a very short time.

I ask the MPs to pull me out of the hole in the wall and gently lower me to the floor to see if my legs work. These MPs are in great physical shape to be able hold a skinny kid like me for as long as they did but it is all adrenaline that gives them strength. As the MPs pull me out of the wall I could now see Liz whose face is beet red from the bedroom noise comments which made me smile. The MPs lower me down and hold me till I think my legs will hold me. Blood is dripping from my back because of the cuts made from going through the wall but I feel nothing from the cuts. The lead MP asks Naughty Natalie to get a towel to stop the bleeding plus put some clothes on too. As she walked by us we all had to have a look as her bare ass. When she returned with Liz’s black silk robe on everyone had another good look. Naughty Natalie is not impressed with the cuts to my back and I do not care. She say they are deep and will not stop bleeding because they might need stitches. The MPs want me to got to the hospital on the base which I refuse to do because they will give me drugs. Plus it is a military hospital and that will create more paper work with me being a civilian. The MPs that put me through the wall are really confused because I keep thanking them for fixing my back because the pain is gone. Most people are upset when they get roughed up by the MPs. It is agreed that the lead MP will ask for a doctor to come and stitch me up that way less drama and paper work. He orders an MP to go pick up the doctor because the MP cop cars are nice and warm for the doctor to ride in. While the MP goes to get the doctor, the PMQ returns back to the business of why the MPs arrived so aggressively this time not like all other times which were more of a social visit.

The lead MP want the luggage from Liz’s husband that went missing when the airline lost it and he arrived home with no luggage. Liz is now pissed because the luggage never showed up here and her husband has the luggage with him when he left this time. Now the lead MP asks where her husband is and Liz firmly replies your department while know. Liz then asks for the paper work and forms to be completed on the damage to the PMQ when filled out that she gets a copy. The lead MP said no problem as everyone is focusing their attention to me and my bleeding. Naughty Natalie took my blood soaked tee shirt off and of course she had to show everyone my “one chest hair” which gave everyone a brief comedy moment. She now has a towel shoved in the waist band of my sweat pants to catch the blood. The lead MP now calls in the camera people to take pictures of the damage. Back in the mid 1980s the cameras were expensive and the film for the cameras very complex. The quiet Sunday night of relaxing like we always do has now gotten exciting. The doctor arrives and he is not impressed and wants to call the ambulance to take me to the Brandon General Hospital which I told him “no”. Once i said that the doctor wanted no part of this situation. He asked to be taken back to the hospital because he has other patients that need his care in a real work environment. I asked him to leave the sewing kit for doing the stitches which he did because he was mad. Liz now comes over and start stitching me up with Naughty Natalie squeezing the cuts closed. The 2 ladies did an excellent job and stayed focused. The MPs could not believe what they were seeing because I only had tears on my cheeks from the pain and did not express any pain in words. It did not take long and they had me sewn up and Naughty Natalie washed me off in the bath tub using the shower wand. My clothes were thrown in the garbage and I had to wear Naughty Natalie’s sweat pants around the PMQ because I had no other sleeping clothes. Of course women sweat pants do not have the little door in the front to go for having a pee and they are short on my long legs so I was ready for the flood waters. While we were in the bathroom cleaning up the camera crew arrived and took the pictures of the damage and of me. Once they completed their job they left. Liz told told the MPs she is not cleaning any of the mess they made because the base maintenance will be handling it. I personally thanked the MPs for saving my back. They kept asking about getting stitches with no freezing. I told them the pain I was in for the stitches felt like bug bites. If I had gotten taken to the hospital they would have injected me with drugs that would have screwed me up big time. Then I would have been longer recovering. I told the lead MP he will have to explain this to mother when she arrives at work in the morning. Plus I have to switch vehicles with her in the morning too. The lead MP was not impressed because he does not get along with mother just like I do.

With the MPs gone, Liz gets a marking pen and writes the date on the wall where the damage has been done. The reason why she did that is because all military bases are slow at fixing anything on the PMQs. It could be 6 month or more or Liz and her husband can be transferred before it is even fixed. The joys of living on the military base. The ladies get out the hard booze to pour some good shots to take the pain away because this was unreal what had just happened. I am so lucky that the MPs showed when they did because now I can walk and turn my body with no pain. Everything is all lined up in my back again for the first time in a year since the second plane crash. The plane hit hard on the runway and compressed my back big time and the doctors only wanted to give me drugs to take the pain away which I refused to take. Now the MPs wall slam seems to have done the trick. If they had not shown up then Liz would have had to call an ambulance and that costs money. Then to be at the hospital for test and they would be trying inject drugs in to me which I will refuse. Then 2 days later I would be released to go home and still be in rough shape. Now everything was over quickly and I am so happy that my back feels good. The stitches are starting to hurt now but that is only a minor detail. Liz did a good job with Naughty Natalie’s help. Naughty Natalie says she was so surprised when the words “Fuck You” came out of my mouth to the MPs that caught her off guard because everything was happening so fast. I told her once I seen the MPs I knew they were going fix my back with their training because you and Liz could just about get it but I will never get you mad enough. That is when Liz said if I got both of them really mad I would be in a body bag. Now that made me laugh but also took note never to get them mad in the first place. It was decided I will stay at the PMQ on Monday to recover plus in case the MPs need questions answered or reports filled out. Naughty Natalie will drive Liz to work and stop by the MP building to switch vehicles with mother. I assured the ladies the key for the 67 Chevy will be at the front desk and just leave the keys there for mother’s mini van. Also tell them that I will be at the PMQ for any questions. Naughty Natalie say they will also tell them that I am wearing her clothes too. Then they will know what to expect when they stop by. The last 24 hours will have mother very upset with dad out past his bed time at the biker bar with young women dancing on stage. Then someone’s panties were tossed around inside her mini van which landed in the face of a Disco Queen only to emotional scared “it” for the rest of “it’s” life. We used the word “it” because nobody knows the gender of a Disco Queen. Then mother will arrive in the morning at work at MP building to see there was activity at the PMQ that is red flagged. As she enjoys her 8th cup of morning coffee and her 20th cigarette to read the MP report on what happened here. She will only see that the MPs removed the naked woman from on top of her only son who was doing bad things to her son. Then she will look out the window of her office to see the 2 women ruining her son’s life arrive driving her mini van will make her puff the cigarette even harder. The ladies as I laughed because on paper it does look funny.

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