Sweat Shop


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continued from After Glow Perfromance

Sweat Shop

Dad said it was time to go home to the pink house and Naughty Natalie hugged dad good bye and we thanked him for supper. Once dad was gone it was quick shower because Naughty Natalie has needs and so do I because it has been almost 48 hours. In the morning Liz rides the worker’s bus back to Shilo base to her job and will return to the little apartment as she does every day. I drive Naughty Natalie to work and on the way we dropped off the tux and underwear at the local dry cleaners on Rosser Avenue in Brandon. I got my first real paying job there at the age of 16 years old pressing shirts and other meaningless tasks. Working there was the meaning of a sweat shop because it was so hot in the building because of the steam heated presses and washing and drying machines. In the summer if it was 80F outside it was 100F inside the building. The worker’s Union got a 50 cent pay raise for the workers and that put the workers in the next tax bracket for the government of Canada. The workers take home pay was $20.00 less per pay-cheque so that did not work out well. The summer I worked at the dry cleaner there was lots of Union and management problems because of that. It did not take Naughty Natalie to return with the claim tag to get the tux and underwear back the next day. Without this claim tag you can not get the items back. Plus the owner has given us an expense envelope to pay for anything we do for her business to make it run smoothly. Naughty Natalie handles all of these items like she has done in the past.

I drop Naughty Natalie off at work and dad will pick her up after work which seems to be the regular routine we have been doing. I arrive at my place of work then the boss wants to know what I was doing at the airport hanger late Sunday night. The security guard had seen me plus people got in the waiting taxi from a private jet. I told the boss those people were my parents and Naughty Natalie and we dropped them off on the way to Winnipeg. I also told the boss that the pilot of the private jet had a good laugh at the company plane missing a rear wheel. Plus the marks of where the small plane went in to the snow bank to lose the wheel. The boss just smiles and thinks he is big man campus but he is not. He is playing the roll of a big time owner that could not organize a two car parade. The day at worked was long and boring with having to listen to my co-workers talk about the low class strippers at the Keystone Motor Inn. This stripper lady had no class and was most likely snorted a bunch of cocaine before going on stage. Plus she could have been one of the ladies the owner sent back to Winnipeg from Vancouver on the Greyhound bus lines. The way my co-workers talked did not impress me because I had a good weekend in Calgary and Edmonton with my ladies and dad and mother. Mother was well behaved and only gave a couple great speeches on how I am ruining my life. The whole weekend mother was with us there was never any drugs or any illegal actives which I hope she writes in her reports at the Military Police Building.

When my day was finally done at work I stopped and rented a couple of VHS movies because it is too cold outside to do anything. I arrive at the little apartment and Liz is there. She was cold from the short walk and waiting for the Shilo base worker’s bus. Liz said the bus was so cold on the ride to Shilo base and back to Brandon even with all the people on it. Those government issued buses are made to be driven around Ottawa not the cold winters of Manitoba. Liz never asked where Naughty Natalie was because she knew she was with dad. We turn the oven on to 350F and open the door to warm up the little apartment because the heaters can not make the little apartment warm enough for Liz. She is very Nippley and teases me about that in a very fun way. We have to get the little apartment warmed up because when Naughty Natalie returns she will be naked 3 feet from walking inside the little apartment. Naughty Natalie telephones and says she will be home very soon because her and dad had to go get the sister’s car started. Liz and I are so glad it is Naughty Natalie and dad handling the drama of the sister and not me. We have supper cooked when Naughty Natalie and dad arrive and dad was happy for a fresh cooked meal. All through my childhood mother would make us cook a big meal on Sunday then when we cleaned of the table and did the dishes. All extra food from the big meal was put in to containers to be reheated all week. By Thursday night’s supper, the Sunday cooked food needed lots of ketchup to add flavor and make the food soft again. Then in 1980 mother bought the first microwave over at over $1200.00 to reheat the food. Now any chance of food poisoning was now gone by reheating the left over food using ration waves in the microwave. The supper we cooked tonight was all done in the oven and on top of the stove to heat up the little apartment. In the summer we try not to use the oven or stove because it makes the little apartment too warm even with a little window air conditioner.

It was a good supper and dad liked it so much because it was fresh. Before he leaves he uses the telephone to call mother in the pink house to say he is leaving the little apartment. If dad does not arrive in the set amount of time then mother calls us and we go looking for him. With it being this cold dad does not want to break down or have any problems with mother’s new min van because it has a computer on the motor. When dad arrives home at the pink house he will telephone the little apartment to tell Naughty Natalie he made is safely and they will chat a long time because it was a whole 45 minutes since they last talked. To keep the oven going Liz made peanut butter cookies because they are easy to make which is all sugar. The peanut butter cookie are great to snack on and gives a little energy burst because of the sugar. We all like the peanut butter cookies she makes and dad likes them too because mother forbids dad to have them. Not sure if is because Liz makes them or because they have sugar in them. Liz’s husband is allergic to peanuts so he can not have any of these cookies. If any peanut butter cookies go missing at Liz’s PMQ it is because the Military Police known as the MP that take the cookies. These MPs are young single men eating their meals in the Shilo base canteen. Home made peanut butter cookies made by Liz from the east coast taste so good and bring back memories to the young MPs of back home with their mothers. It was an officially cold Manitoba winter night when Naughty Natalie was naked and under the blankets on the bed with Liz and I as we watched a movie. We were all tired and fell a sleep early. Naughty Natalie and dad had been talking with the sex shop owner and glad Liz and I made it back safely to Brandon in the cold weather. The owner and Philip drank too much on the private jet on Sunday night while the aircraft circled Winnipeg waiting for other planes to land. Both of them were hurting on Monday at work for some reason.

In the morning we all get ready and we drive Liz to the bus stop so she can sit in the warm 67 Chevy while waiting for the worker’s bus to the Shilo base. We could not let the other people stand outside in the cold weather because the worker’s bus was running late in the cold. We had 8 people in the cab of the 67 Chevy truck when the worker’s bus finally arrived 20 minutes late in the extreme cold weather. The worker’s bus driver was smiling because of the amount of people we had in the 67 Chevy keeping warm. Liz was glad we drove her to the bus stop because it was too cold to stand and wait. I drop Naughty Natalie off where she works and she is late for work but who cares because this is a Manitoba cold spell which is normal. I stopped at the dry cleaners to pick up the tux and the underwear and have the expense envelope that Naughty Natalie gave me. I go in to the dry cleaners and the lady behind the counter went to get the package using the claim tag number. The accountant for the dry cleaner seen me standing at the counter and comes over to chat with me. He stands on the workers side of the counter out of arms reach from me grabbing him. This accountant is a small little fellow and very crooked. He would sell his own mother in to sex slavery for the money. This accountant would deduct time off my pay-chegue if the punch clock showed 1 minute late checking in. Dad being a big Union man would point out my pay-cheque and what this accountant was taking off so the company made more money from me working. The accountant was basically stealing every week from me $20.00 to $80.00 off my pay-cheque. Dad pointed out if this is what he is stealing from your pay-cheque what is the accountant stealing from everyone’s pay-cheques in the name of the company. That is why the accountant stayed arms length away from me because he knew I would grab him to talk to him with my hands. I am English and will never forget the money he stole from my pay-cheques.

The lady returns with the package and the amount owed for the drying cleaning of the tux and underwear. I open up the expense envelope which Naughty Natalie always handles so I do not how she has the money organized. I hold the cash money in one hand and pay the lady with a new $100.00 bill. I get the receipt and put the change in the expense envelope and put the cash money back in and close the envelope. The lady and the accountant are asking lots of questions which I do not answer but change the subject. I tell everyone I hated working here but it was a learning experience because the management stole money off my pay-cheque every week. Then to be 16 years old and see the management and Union do battle opened my eyes. Plus I worked with all woman who touched my ass all the time and their conversations at lunch time were not very pleasant about the sex or non sex with their husbands or boyfriends. There was days I could not finish eating my lunch because the conversations were so discussing. Dad was so happy when I quit but I learned lot of about life working at the sweat shop for $3.55 an hour. I say thank you to the lady and accountant and leave to go to my place of work. I do not care if I am late because my job makes me late for my personal life all the time.


Clean Floors

When the day at work was finally over I head home to the little apartment because dad is picking up Naughty Natalie after work. Liz is at the apartment trying to warm up by standing in front of the stove with the oven door open and set at 350F to warm herself up and the little apartment. As Liz checked out the package from the dry cleaners I put the expense envelope away. The little apartment is an old building renovated and there are lots of places to hide things. The kitchen counters was not made for this apartment but they are made to fit. At the one end with the bottom cupboard door open there is a hidden opening that the expenses envelopes fit nicely in to so it can not be found. The ladies with their lady hands and arm can reach up and get the expense envelope. I can reach up and set it in the hiding spot but have troubles retrieving the expense envelope. As I walk back to Liz to see how the panties and tux turned out being dry cleaned there is a knock at the door. Liz and I look at each other because no one comes here unless it is the sister and the Disco Queens. Naughty Natalie never forgets her keys or anything no matter how drunk she can be. I go and answer the door only the have the city cops take me down to the floor and Liz goes down too. It seem to be once a week now we are face down on the floor doing an inspection of how well the vacuum cleaner is doing on sucking up the dirt. The problem we now have is the lead cop is calling me Bradley which in my birth name not Joey. Plus the lead cop is using a tone of voice that he is all proud as if he was in kindergarten and went to the bathroom all by himself. I have heard this voice before and I can picture what the cop looks like. It is the rookie cop from last summer that was harnessing me driving my 37 Dodge and we beat all his tickets in court. As I lay on the floor looking at Liz who is not impressed because the little apartment was our only safe area away from cops and MPs. I think to myself this rookie cop was in the traffic division of the city cops and now he is lead cop in handcuffing in the little apartment. This means the rookie cops climb up the ladder of promotions at the city police very fast and also too fast because no experience. The lead cop shows me the search warrant for the little apartment which I can not read with my face on the floor. Plus they think Liz is Naughty Natalie because Liz has black hair for being a Dominatrix.

The cops stand us up and toss our winter jacket around our shoulders and escort us of the little apartment. We arrive in the back of a cop car to the city police station to a nice cold interrogation room. Liz is being questioned in one interrogation room and they have me in another one. We do not talk or say anything because it is none of their business. They keep asking about the tux and panties and the envelope with the $100.00 bills. It is none of their business. Yes a fellow driving a $500.00 farm truck may look out of place getting a $3000.00 tux cleaned with expensive panties which are part of a $6000.00 fancy outfits now that they have been upgraded. Plus in the mid 1980s having $100.00 bills for money was rare. But to me this is normal and I know the accountant at the dry cleaners turned me in to the cops. This pay back for complaining about the money he stole for the company off my pay-cheque. At midnight the cops drove us back to the little apartment and they called Liz by the wrong name the whole 6 hours we were with the cops. They thought she was Naughty Natalie and we did not say anything. The little apartment was a mess because they tossed everything all over the place looking for nothing. The fresh dry clean tux was on the floor in the water from the melted snow from the cops boots plus they walked all over the tux too. Liz checks the ladies under wear that was dumped out from the dresser drawers and all accounted for. The fancy outfits are on the floor and have been walked on too. The peanut butter cookies have all be taken by the cops because they are so good when fresh. I telephone dad at the pink house to tell him we are back. Dad and Naughty Natalie were driving down the street to come to the little apartment when they seen Liz and I being escorted out to the cop car in handcuffs. Naughty Natalie ducked down and dad drove by quickly in mother’s mini van so they would not be recognized. They drove out to Alexander to the pink house and waited for us to call. Naughty Natalie will stay the night in my old bedroom from growing up in the house and dad will drop her off at her place of work in the morning. I said good bye then hang up the telephone. Liz and I worked till 3am to clean and put the little apartment back together. We are so lucky Naughty Natalie and dad did not arrive because they do not need this drama. Liz was more upset on the missing peanut butter cookies then anything. Wearing handcuffs and kissing the floor is part of our lives now. We joke about how bad it would be if we were hauling or doing drugs as everyone thinks. Liz was happy that I had hid her bedroom toy because the thought of the cops looking at it or even touching it did not excite her. Liz and I had a deep sleep for 3 hours because we had to get up to go to work.

In the morning Naughty Natalie and dad stopped by so she could change clothes and dad will take the dirty tux and fancy outfits to the other dry cleaner in Brandon to be cleaned and use his name on the claim tag. Plus the landlord telephoned to see why the cops raided the little apartment and I told the landlord that they were looking for drugs which he laughed at. Plus the landlord said the 3 of us would be the last ones to having anything to do with drugs. The landlord owns a lot of property in Brandon and buys old building and makes them in to nice apartments. That is what he did with the little apartment which works out great for us. Plus the landlord is great friends with the owners of the company I work for. He understands why I am late with the rent sometimes because I was in the small plane in Alberta. The landlord telephoned to say he got a great deal on big hot water tanks and will install one today of the little apartment. I knew the landlord was waiting for the hot water tanks to come on sale then he would buy in bulk. Plus he knew that the 3 of us were showering together because there was not enough hot water. The ladies are happy that the landlord is installing the new hot water tank today. Then we can have long hot showers together to relax and not rush to get done before the water runs out. The landlord has to use the door in the kitchen of the little apartment to access the utility room for the whole building. That is why the company I work for wanted me to rent the little apartment because I am always working and never make a mess. The landlord could come and go out of the little apartment to access the utility room with no drama. Plus the landlord eats or drinks anything in the little apartment then he returns what he took in twice as much. Works out good for us because the landlord drinks 2 beers he replaces with a 12 pack of beer. Same as the landlord makes soup or Kraft Dinner for lunch while working in the utility room he will replace with more. The landlord is well liked and we like him too.

Naughty Natalie and dad leave and I drive Liz to her bus stop for the worker’s bus to the Shilo base. It is still very cold so everyone was happy when we pulled up in the 67 Chevy so they could warm up inside the truck. I arrive at work and everyone can not believe I showed up for work. The joys of everyone have police scanners and word travels fast that the addresse the cop raided was the little apartment and 2 were taken in to custody. Of course the narrow minded co-workers I have were asking what it is like with Naughty Natalie in handcuffs and I just ignore them because not worth talking to them. It was an extra long day at work getting teased and asked lots about handcuffs and how much drugs did the cops get. I was so glad when work was done and I arrived back at the little apartment to find Liz asleep in the bed which I joined her because I was tired. Naughty Natalie and dad arrived with Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken and it smelled so good. They figured we needed cheering up. Dad also had the tux and fancy outfits from the other dry cleaner which he paid for. Naughty Natalie paid him right away out of the expense envelope that the owner gave us to use. Dad said the dry cleaners told him the tux is very high end and there is none like that in Brandon plus the fancy outfits look to be expensive too. Dad said he just smile and did not say anything. Dad being a collage instructor has to make sure he leads a good lifestyle so the students look up to him as a roll model. Dad has seen the shows and the way we travel and it all a magician’s illusion that we preform. Dad also seen Naughty Natalie’s show and her panties came off and he did not see anything because it was done with style and class. Even Naughty Natalie naked around the little apartment you do not see anything because she was born with style and class. The Kentucky Fried Chicken fro dinner was so good. Now we have to wait till the new hot water tanks heats up the cold water before we can have a shower. Which we are all looking forward too.

As we are finished supper and dad is asking if there are any peanut butter cookies left because that is a forbidden food for dad. The telephone rings and it is the lady from the beauty shop asking if we could come in tonight for the monthly bikini wax and hair dye. Liz talks to the lady of the shop and said we have no hot water here because of the new hot water tank was installed today. Lady of the shop said to shower at the beauty shop. We all agree and dad asks if he can get a hair cut which he will pay for. The lady of the shop say no problem and we will be there at 7pm. That works out really well because the appointment gets moved up 2 days. We get a shower instead of waiting and dad’s gets a hair cut too. Liz went to see if all the peanut butter cookies went missing by the cops and they were gone which made dad sad. Naughty Natalie had to give him a hug to cheer him up as he telephoned mother to let her know he is getting a hair cut. Mother is still mad so she just said OK and hung up the telephone because she was watching the TV in the pink house. Dad drives mother’s mini van to the beauty shop and it is the same seating arrangements as usual. The beauty shop is paid once a month to do our hair dye and bikini waxing after hours. The lady of the shop said it worked out so well the first time she did it for us on a Sunday. Now we arrive just after the beauty shop closes on a week night for get our treatments. Everyone is happy especially Naughty Natalie because she can be naked the whole time in the beauty shop. The lady of the shop does not mind. The month we were off with my bruised Male Manhood and Liz with her lady plumbing problems we did not get the bikini wax but got the hair dye and hair trim. Now we know it is going to hurt like the first time we got it done. Once at the beauty shop we know what to do and it does not take us long. The lady of the shop gives dad his hair cut and dad pays cash with no receipt and that makes the lady of the shop happy. Dad sits and watches as we get the hair dye and he was surprised that the hair between our legs gets dyed too. When Liz and I are done with the hair we start the bikini wax and leave Naughty Natalie, dad and the lady of the shop doing their own thing. Liz does the bikini wax on me first and it did not really hurt which surprised me. Liz was happy because it will not hurt to bad for hurt. Liz was extra careful when she bikini waxed my Male Manhood because she did not want to hurt it after it was all bruised up from the whip in Vancouver. Not sure why she had to try different ways of holding my Male Manhood and asking if this OK or is this a better way to hold it. She just did that to tease me because she knows when it is my turn to bikini wax her I will do the same thing back to her. Liz did an excellent job and it really did not hurt like the first time. The lady of the shop checked in on us and was pleased at the bikini waxing. We asked how Naughty Natalie and dad were doing and the lady of the shop said they were working on their tans. The look on Liz and my face must have had visions of dad naked on the tan bed like the way Naughty Natalie does it. The lady of the shop told us dad has a towel cover where his Speedo would go. Now that would be funny dad in a Speedo and even the lady of the shop agreed. Now it was Liz’s turn for me to do the bikini wax to her. Her under arms went every well which surprised us both because she had been using a razor to keep them smooth. Next was between her legs and we were both smiling because pay back in a “bitch”. Of course being a man I had to do the bikini waxing several times to get it done right which I think Liz enjoyed. Then for around where babies pop out I made sure to do a terrible job all 4 times to get it done correctly. Liz teased me about being a man and can not do it correctly the first time. The more I had to do the bikini wax around where babies pop out the bigger the smile Liz had on her face for some reason. When we were officially done, the lady of the shop was happy with everything then it was time to go home. But for some reason Naughty Natalie and dad did not want to leave the nice hot tanning beds to get in the cold mini van of mother’s. I had to go out and start mother’s mini van to warm it up for them. We thanked the lady of the shop and it was quick drive home to the little apartment. Dad said he did not want to leave the warm vehicle and will drive home to the pink house and mother. Naughty Natalie told him to call when he makes so we know he is OK.

In the little apartment the ladies shower first while I make it look like the tooth fair was here. I then join them in the shower and Liz leaves to see if the tooth fairy was here. When Naughty Natalie and I are done enjoying each other we get out of the shower there is still lots of hot water left. This is so nice to be able to finish and not worry about the hot water running out. We did not want to shower too long in case Liz was having trouble in the bedroom by herself. When I arrived in the bedroom, Liz was having troubles so I laid beside her and held her tight while I whispered in to her ear. Then Liz was able to get back control of her enjoyment. It did not take her long and she flipped off the bed on to the floor. Naughty Natalie laid some blanket down for her so it was a softer landing. Naughty Natalie has a VHS movie playing and has fallen asleep when Liz climbed back up on the bed. I had to help because she had one of her best full body orgasm ever. She was very pleased with herself. I was too but she got teased pretty good during the bikini wax and I knew she would enjoy herself. We fell a sleep with the VHS movie playing because we never got much sleep the night before with the cops visiting.

The rest of the week was boring and Liz is back talking with the owner because Naughty Natalie is always with dad going here and there which is good for both of them. Dad likes visiting his hot rod friends and I want nothing to do with hot rodders. Naughty Natalie likes talking hot rods so she has fun and enjoys herself. Liz and I became the parents while the kids were always out and about who were Naughty Natalie and dad. The owner of the sex shop has a busy weekend for us in Calgary then Edmonton then back to Calgary then home. This is excellent because we are getting bored sitting around waiting for the cops to raid the place. We leave Friday morning in the 67 Chevy and drive to Winnipeg to the flying company hangar. When we arrive we unload our luggage and Naughty Natalie drives the 67 Chevy through the gate of the fenced yard at the flying company hangar. She parked the 67 Chevy behind the hangar so nobody can see the $500.00 truck that carried $12,000.00 is magicians outfits to Winnipeg. Naughty Natalie now hangs the keys for the 67 Chevy in the staff coffee room so we can access them anytime. Besides who will steal a farm truck that is hard to start with pumping the gas pedal and using the hand choke on the carburetor. Now we relax because we are always ahead of schedule because we travel so far. We have become friends with the ground crew of the private jet because in theory I fly and crash at the job I do to make a living. Plus the ladies like the ground crews too because they treat them as equals not as sex objects that they look like. When the limousine arrives it is time to escort the ladies on the private jet and the ground crew handles our luggage. Once in the co-pilot seat and the hostess has my seat belt done up the pilot tells me it was the snow packed in the little $2.00 switch like he figured that caused the flashing light on the dash. But they have to be careful and do safety first because this is an expensive aircraft carrying people. I agreed with the pilot because if it was not the little $2.00 switch then the private jet would be grounded until the cause was found out and this plane has to fly to make money. The flying company makes good money by flying the owner and her ladies around. Simple flights, good accommodations that she pays for and the aircraft makes money by being paid to wait for the return flight or any extra little side trips. The pilot tells me the owner never nickels and dimes because she pays for good service. The theory of nickels and dimes over trying to save a few dollars here and there costs more money then what is saved. The pilot also showed me his flight schedule for this weekend and the hostess and him will have good pay-cheques. That makes everyone happy including me. The flight to Calgary was excellent and it was one drink for the ladies in the back. The pilot talks with more knowing that I fly and crash in a small plane as part of my job plus dad is the god father of hot rods around Brandon. The pilot never knew I grew up around hot rods but do not have anything to do with them any more.


Miss Margret

It was a regular routine landing in Calgary with the limousine ride to the fancy motel. We get the same room as last weekend when we were here with dad and mother. It was quick shower then downstair to dress for the show. The owner is traveling with less ladies because the 3 of of are doing longer shows. But Saturday double show we will only preform in the early evening show then fly to Edmonton and return back. When we are gone for the second show in Calgary the owner will have some of her Calgary lady friends fill in for us. But when we fly to Edmonton it will be the 3 of us the private jet. Then Miss Margret who is a good friend of the owner will take care of us because we are doing a guest performance for Miss Margret. We arrive in the dressing room the owner is pleased everything is dry cleaned and looks good and asked if we got a receipt and Naughty Natalie said we did. That put a smile on the owner’s face. The show went excellent and we enjoyed being in Calgary because it was so much warmer then in Winnipeg. After the show it was the standard pizza and drinks in our room. The owner is so happy because things are going well and we can think and handle any problems. This helps out Philip a lot and he thanked us. The owner tells us more on her friend in Edmonton Miss Margret. They started out preforming and working together. Then each lady went on their own to mange ladies when the their bodies changed and could not preform anymore. The owner talked highly of Miss Margret so we knew we would be in good hands. We can not travel alone no matter how old we are for safety. The owner always makes sure we stay to together in a group and if we go shopping she knows where we are. As magicians someone in audience could fall in love with one of the ladies and follow the lady around. It is all for safety even having Philip around to “bitch slap” the person if things go wrong. Philip just smiled because he is proud of how hard he can “bitch slap” because he has done it a few times. When we arrive in Edmonton Miss Margret will handle everything from the private jet and back. The owner tell us to take cash in case things go wrong and we need to take a taxi to the private jet. The private jet will stay and wait till we return no matter how long it is. The pilot will give us the address of the location of the hangar where it is parked so a taxi can get us there. The owner is always looking out for us which we like. Plus we look out for the owner too because without her we are not having fun. We ask the owner is we can go to the shopping mall in the morning and she say we can. Plus check in when we get back and dressing will be at 5pm. Excellent and we have another drink and time to go to bed. The owner and Philip head back to the upper level where they always stay and we are happy to get the same basic room again as last weekend. Now to relax and enjoy the shower which we do. Naughty Natalie put the extra blankets on the floor beside the bed for Liz to flip off the bed later tonight. Liz says after the bikini wax everything between her legs is so sensitive. Plus the fact I had to wax where babies pop out 4 times to do it right. But I also told Liz she held my Male Manhood in 101 ways to do my bikini wax too so it was only pay back. Liz says next month when we go for the bikini wax she will hold my Male Manhood 201 ways and I will wax her 12 times to get it right since I am a man. Naughty Natalie is laughing at us acting like little kids which we were.

We all hug each other on the bed as we watch TV and fall asleep. I wake up to Liz’s moans because she is enjoying herself and I roll over to whisper in her ear. She did not take long to flip of the bed which woke up Naughty Natalie. Since we can not touch Liz we just wait till she climbs back up on the bed then we help her. She wanted more and more which she got with me helping her by whispering in her ear for encouragement. After the 6th full body organs that flipped her the highest off the bed it was forever for her to come down for that enjoyment. Naughty Natalie and I checked on her a couple of times and we could not even touch her. In the morning Liz was still on the floor beside the bed and we could still not touch her. But we did manage to get a bed sheet to cover her up in case someone stopped by. Liz definitely over enjoyed herself. When it was breakfast time she still could not be touched or made no attempt to get back up on the bed. Naughty Natalie was quite concerned in her funny little way that maybe Liz’s bedroom toy killed her. Yes I think most women want to die this way by series of multiple full body orgasms. Naughty Natalie says that would be the prefect way to die. Then I pointed out that she is too young and will have to wait 10 years to die by multiple full body orgasms. Naughty Natalie says she is willing to risk death any day. I told her lets worry about Liz first because taking her to the hospital saying her bedroom toy powered by Energizer batteries caused a near death experience. I told Naughty Natalie to remember it was only 6 weeks ago we were at the hospital and she was being treated as a rape victim. Naughty Natalie agreed and we should get her back on the bed. Getting Liz back on the bed was not easy because her body was so sensitives that we could not really touch her so Liz pulling away from us actually got her back up on the bed. We covered her up and said she was OK and should have stopped at 4th full body orgasms not the 6th. Naughty Natalie and I agreed that will make a note and take her bedroom toy away after the 4th and not give it back to her no matter how much she begs for it. Liz thought that was funny and she asked for us to bring her some breakfast. We said no problem and went down to the fancy motel cafe to have breakfast. As we ate breakfast we talked about how lucky Liz is to finally be able to enjoy herself until her husband comes home. But she will have to work things out with him and we will stay out of it. We got breakfast for Liz and headed back up to the motel room. Liz was still in no shape to sit up or do anything. Naughty Natalie told her we will got to the shopping mall and be back at 3pm to get her out of bed and moving before dressing time. Liz said OK and off we went but we did leave the do not disturb sign on the motel room door so the cleaning staff do not bother Liz.

It was quick trip to the shopping mall and Naughty Natalie enjoyed the trip with it just being her and I for a change. We walked all over the shopping mall and only bought a few books plus a little lunch on the food court. Naughty Natalie even said it was a nice shopping mall with just enough stores and good variety too. The West Edmonton Mall is too big and too many of the same stores. We arrived back in the motel room and Liz was sitting up watching TV. She had ate the breakfast we brought for her and her legs are very weak for some reason. She was glad to see us and while Naughty Natalie checked in with the owner to say we are back I helped Liz to the bathroom to get in to the shower. Liz was so happy and the “after glow” was unreal. Naughty Natalie and I helped her in the shower and her body was still tingling and sensitive to the touch. Liz need a few baby orgasms to bring herself down because she could not stand up by herself in the shower. Liz held me tight while I whispered in to her ear and with one hand she was able to have a baby orgasm. When she recovered she did it again. Now she was starting to feel alive. Once she could stand on her own I left the shower to see where Naughty Natalie disappeared to. Naughty Natalie heard knocking at the door so she went and answered covering her front with a towel. It was the cleaning staff and wanted to clean the room before they left for the day. Of course Naughty Natalie walked around with the towel covering her front but not her ass which she did not care. The cleaning staff wanted to remove the blankets on the floor beside the bed. But Naughty Natalie told them to leave them because that is where the male of the room sleeps. The cleaning staff smiled and finished up in the room. It was prefect timing because we will have a clean room when we come back from Edmonton tonight. I stayed in the bathroom with Liz in case she lost her balance in the shower because that is the last thing we need. I helped dry off Liz and Naughty Natalie joins and tells us of the cleaning staff. Liz is feeling much better and can walk on her own but very light headed.

When it was 5pm, Liz was ready to go down stairs to dress for tonight’s shows. Of course we had to tease Liz about what she did on her own and nobody forced her in to trying killing herself by full body orgasms. The owner was so impressed with Liz’s extra “after glow” she knew the shows would be good tonight. As we dressed Liz put her legs around mine so I could feel the throbbing between her legs. She said it is unreal and this is the best she has ever had it throb before. Naughty Natalie could not figure out what we are talking about so Liz did the same to her leg. Naughty Natalie was in shock at how hard the throbbing was and it was almost 12 hours since Liz last flipped off the bed. Naughty Natalie says she can not wait till the day she tries to die by full body orgasms. Liz and I pointed out very politely that will be in 10 years and Naughty Natalie said the word “fine” which is a question. We are excited but unsure of flying to Edmonton without the owner and Philip because they have always taken care of us and taught us how things are done. But we will make sure we do a good job because we are having fun. Once all the ladies were ready then I escort them to the limousine and off we go to the building where the 2 shows back to back will be preformed. The limousine driver is excited because he gets lots of driving tonight and not much waiting time. I told him it will be a fun evening. It did not take long to arrive at the building and it is where we preformed last weekend. This was nice knowing where we are for a change. The show went excellent. Once we closed the show I got dressed back in my tux and then in to the limousine. I get to ride in the back of the limousine because I am part of the performance in Edmonton. We arrive at the private jet and it is ready for take off. I get to sit in the back of the aircraft with my ladies because it will take longer to do up the seat belt in the co-pilots seat then the flight to Edmonton. The hostess said her and the pilot are happy for this extra flight because it speeds up the weekend for them. We were glad to hear that because it can be boring sitting in a motel room. The hostess also complement Liz on the “after glow” she had on her face. The hostess made a comment on how she can not wait for that to happen to her. We just smiled because what do you say back to a comment like that.

We arrived in Edmonton in a matter of minutes it seemed because it was only the 3 of us on the private jet. It did not take us long to get seated plus the airports were not busy with other planes. The same flight last weekend seemed to take longer because of more people flying and busier airports. We are glad to be back in Edmonton which is a lot colder then in Calgary. The limousine is waiting for us and the pilot gave us the information in case things go bad and we have to get a taxi back to the private jet. The hostess and the pilot says they will wait all night because they are to take care of us. We said thank you and left the private jet to get in the limousine. The door of the limousine is being held open for us by a big black guy that is huge but friendly to us which is a good thing. Inside the limousine is another big black guy and Miss Margret. We all said hello and the limousine heads in to down town Edmonton. As we drive Miss Margret introduce us to the big black guys who will escort us around. Miss Margret will be behind the stage too like the owner always is for us. We introduce ourselves and Miss Margret was told not to serve me booze and we all said that is correct. With beard and mustache make up I look 28 years old which I am suppose to be. Miss Margret asks us to do our performance the way we always do in the closing of the show. No other performance required and then we are back on the private jet back to Calgary. We all agreed and we start to visit with Miss Margret. She said she started like the owner but made several business mistakes a long the way while the owner made good choices in business and became very successful. Miss Margret told us the owner had 3 good years with excellent performers who were mostly married women. Those good years was when the market was for the Black Leather. Married women with mommy tummys could preform because older women is what the Black Leather market wanted. The married women would be there for every show with no partying or social life plus the Black Leather outfits covered their mommy tummys. The owner did really well and built up her business for when the market turned back to the school girls look which is a hard market to be in. This is because the performers can only be young good looking girls which limits a lot of ladies from preforming. Miss Margret says she mis-judged the market and lost big time and now with the Dominatrix trend she is making a good recovery. She hopes the school girl trend does not return for a few years so her business can recover. We were pleased that Miss Margret was up front and honest with us. Miss Margret said we preformed last Sunday in Edmonton and people were talking about the closing act which is us. Miss Margret is hoping our closing act tonight will impress some important people in hopes of getting more business. The owner is taking all the credit for our performance tonight because you work for her. Miss Margret is just helping out and will get and extra business. That really impressed us because we are magicians and Miss Margret is calling us performers. Naughty Natalie told Miss Margret that we just feel the audience or the owner tells us what she feels and we take it from there. Miss Margret thought we were well trained performers and we do this for a living. We all said “no” and we do this for fun on the weekends plus no training other then 4 hours at the Royal Ballet Company. Now Miss Margret was shocked because she has promised us to these important people as professional performers only to find out she has weekend magicians. Naughty Natalie told Miss Margret not too worry and will preform the greatest illusion you have every seen. Miss Margret was not to sure about that but Naughty Natalie is always happy and ready.

We arrive in the limousine and the big black body guards escort us in the building and it is a nice high class building. We are not sure what to think because with the big black body guards we have mistakenly thought we were going to rough biker bar. But we knew the owner would never send us to that kind of place. But it is nice to know that these big black guys will protect us in a problem situation. I am just a skinny kid who would most likely will hurt the fellow’s hand when he punches me in the face. The ladies with their boots and whips will stand a better chance then me. Plus all we have to do is get back to the private jet to be flown to safety. When we arrive back stage of where we are preforming, the show has already started. Miss Margret is a large lady which she say after having children she lost her dancing body for the love of her children. She says she will never trade anything to have her dancing body back because her children and grand children are her life now. Now that we are back stage we take off our winter jackets and that is when Miss Margret mouth just dropped. Naughty Natalie and Liz have the prefect bodies to be in Playboy Magazine and the fancy outfits with the add on skirts look excellent. Miss Margret is speechless because the owner had the same body when they started out dancing in their younger days. Now Miss Margret does not know what to say because we are weekend magicians and do not need 20 minutes of make up before going on stage. The ladies are all natural beauty and ready to preform. Liz goes and makes the drinks for us and I got a good stiff drink of vodka which I needed. Miss Margret asks what is the plan or the routine we are doing tonight and we all said we just preform an illusion. Now Miss Margret is back to being worried and we told her not to be because we are not worried. Liz and I check out the stage and watch the audience with the ladies that are preforming. I tease Liz about 6 full body orgasms was enough last night with a smile on my face. Liz said she could have handled more but I fell a sleep like a man. Since I fell asleep and was not whispering in her ear so once again as a man I failed to satisfy a woman. Now that was funny and we both laughed and smiled. We go back and chat with Miss Margret while Naughty Natalie checks out the audience and the ladies on stage. We really do not see a problem because we are here to have fun. It is decided that the ladies look the same and I will walk one lady out then walk off and then switch the ladies out. Liz has “after glow” on her face and audience show pick that up and Naughty Natalie will just be herself as usual. We are ready and Miss Margret wishes up luck and the big black body guards are now in front of the stage which we like.

We do the show and the audience was clapping right from the start and never stopped because we worked the audience to give them what they paid for. We had a great time plus we had to go back out for 3 bows and curtseys because the audience loved us. Miss Margret was in total shock because of the performance we did and nothing was planned. We told Miss Margret that we work off each other and follow what the audience wants. Once I was dressed back in to my tux we were gone from the show very quickly because we never stick around. Miss Margret rode in the limousine with us back to the private jet because she was so impressed. We told her we never stick around and socialize like the other ladies and we are total separate from the other ladies that the owner has traveling with us. Miss Margret could not get over the performance we did and gave us an envelope to give to the owner. She offered us cash money and we refused because we are having fun. We work for the owner because she taught us everything. It was nice to see the private jet with the hostess and the pilot waiting for us. We said good bye to Miss Margret and thanked the big black body guards for making us feel safe in the big city of Edmonton. The hostess served drinks before the private jet took off and Liz made sure I had a drink with booze in it. On the quick flight back to Calgary we chatted with the hostess because she is becoming our friend. She asked why the ladies fancy outfits are always prefect when the are on the plane right after a show but my tux is never on correctly. Naughty Natalie explained that I am the one that gets stripped to my silk underwear and socks on stage while the ladies remained dressed. The hostess was very surprised because people pay money and the ladies take their clothes off but they see a young boy in his underwear instead. Naughty Natalie explains that she shows the boobies and her panties fall off too but they never see anything. Then she said dad did not see anything last weekend when he helped out on a show. The hostess thought dad was Naughty Natalie real dad and we just went a long with it. The hostess thought these performances showed everything of a lady and Liz said “no”. We are magicians and preform an illusion and they think they see but they do not see anything. That really impressed the hostess and it was time to land in Calgary.

The limousine was waiting for us and once back in our motel room Liz called the owner to say we are back and it was fun. The owner was so happy and said to come for a swim at 10am in the upper floor pool. Liz said no problem and it is too late for drinks in our room. Naughty Natalie talked the limousine driver to grabbing some Burger King food because we were hungry. The driver also got Burger King food too but we had to wait to eat in our room because of the way we were dressed. The limousine driver was able to get the limousine through the drive through at Burger King to get the food. Because it was 1am in the morning when we got back and only the drive through is open. The Burger King food tasted so good in the room and Liz poured the drinks. The ladies just love kissing me when I wear the beard and mustache but they say they are kissing the character I am portraying not me. Not sure if I should be worried or not but the ladies take turns which I like. Once the beard and mustache make up is removed then it is back to the normal routine with the ladies. After a quick shower we are in bed watching a TV before falling a sleep. Liz put my leg between her legs and between her legs is still throbbing almost 24 hours since she did all the flips off the bed and on to the floor. Liz just smiles at me and says thank you. I told her she needed to get it out of her system and will be able to control her sexual frustration a lot better. No more 6 full body orgasms in a row because it was a near death experience but she said it was worth it.


Rookie Pilot

We all had a good sleep with Liz not keeping us all night to enjoy “flips off the bed” but the telephone woke us up. It is the owner glad we had a good time last night. She is asking if we could go to Vancouver for her tonight and be back in Winnipeg the same night. Of course we all agreed because it is only Vancouver and the owner said she will chat more with us at the pool on the upper floor. Now that we are awake Naughty Natalie orders room service for breakfast. Plus she talks with the front desk on getting the tux dry clean before 3pm and they said no problem. Room service will take the tux when they deliver breakfast to us. This is all working out great and if we are tired we can sleep on the private jet. The shower was excellent with the ladies and Liz has her sexual urges under control. After the near death experience by 6 full body orgasm in one night she needs to recover. After breakfast we head up to the upper floor to enjoy the pool. Everyone on the main floor when we changed elevators sure were looking at us for some reason. It must have been my Speedo looking so good on my skinny body. I doubt it was the ladies in their bikinis which their prefect bodies to be featured in Playboy magazine. The owner was in the whirlpool hot tub and I join her which makes her happy. Philip and the ladies have fun in the pool then the owner calls them over to join us in the whirlpool hot tub. The plan for Vancouver is the hostess and the pilot fly a smaller private jet with another pilot to Vancouver. Then in Vancouver the hostess and the pilot become the escorts for the 3 of us while the other pilot stays with the small private jet. After the show in Vancouver both pilots flying can make Winnipeg. Then the 3 of us stay in the motel by the flying company because it is extremely cold in Winnipeg right now. The 3 of us could not believe the owner has this all planned out by using the fancy motel telephone to make a few calls. The owner then tells us the flying company came up with some weird plan that was so confusing it did not makes sense. The owner told the flying company to do what she has asked and everything will be fine. Besides the owner is paying for 2 private jets to be flying and she views it as cheap. But both aircraft have to be in Winnipeg to fly Monday morning with other customers. We told the owner this is going to be fun and it will be warm and raining in Vancouver too. The owner was so glad that we did not see a problem. This quick Vancouver trip is because of the show we did last night in Edmonton with Miss Margret. Word travels fast when you do a good magician show. The owner told us Miss Margret called her this morning with nothing but good things to say about us. Miss Margret told the owner that she was very worried when the 3 of us told Miss Margret that we are magicians not dancers and not professionals either. Now that made us smile because we were having fun. Now the ladies and Philip want to go back to the pool and have fun. Of course when Philip was getting out of the whirlpool hot tub from sitting beside me. Liz reach over and touched his ass and Philip thought I touched his ass. Philip just smiled at me then I touched Liz’s ass when she got out of the whirlpool hot tub as pay back.

When done in the pool we had a late lunch with the owner and Philip because at 4pm the make up person will be here to do my beard and mustache for Vancouver. It does not take us long to dress and the both private jets will be at the airport just after 5pm. The small private jet will be fueled up to continue through to Vancouver while the large private jet will return to Winnipeg as normal. The reason why so late in the day because the pilots and small private jet had to be prepared. This is an unplanned trip and the flying company will make good money with 2 aircraft flying on a Sunday then an extra call out charges for the small private jet and flight crew. Philip was impressed that we had the tux off getting dry cleaned so less things to worry about for him. The other show ladies are not happy with a late departure time and they did not get invited to Vancouver which does not bother us because we are not part of their group anyways. Everything went well and we were at the airport with lots of time to spare. Our luggage is traveling with us inside the small private jet because we have to change our clothes when leaving Vancouver because it will be so cold arriving in Winnipeg we do not want to freeze like last weekend. The hostess and pilot have there luggage already in the small private jet. Plus the hostess had other things sent up on this aircraft for the trip.

The pilot introduces us to the new co-pilot that traveled in the small private jet from Winnipeg with another hostess and pilot to take the large private jet back to Winnipeg with the owner, Philip and the other ladies. The new co-pilot looks to be younger then I am and I look 14 years old but he was home Sunday morning to answer the telephone to be able to make this possible. The pilot says he is learning and since I am the lucky charm with 3 planes that I walked away from it is only prefect the rookie co-pilot learns to fly the mountains. The hostess now gave me a kiss on the lips that lasted forever then Naughty Natalie and Liz kissed me on the cheek for good luck as siblings would do. Now it is time to get flying and we are excited and do not care if the rookie pilot has no flying experience because the pilot will handle all his mistakes if they are not big ones. The small private jet is small and the hostess can not stand up so she is bent over at her hips and she makes sure we are ready to fly. We are first to take off from the Calgary airport to head to Vancouver and the large private jet is right behind on take off and heading to Winnipeg. The pilots between the 2 company jets talk to each other and wish each other a save trip. Once in the air and the small private jet was pointed in the right direction. The pilot joined in the back of the plane to chat while the rookie co-pilot flew the aircraft. The pilot told us it is windy and raining in Vancouver which did not surprise us. He will let the rookie co-pilot land the aircraft and if there are mistakes he will take over the controls and abort the landing and go around to do it again. We all agreed this will be fun where most people would be concerned but not us. The pilot asked what the hostess and he are to do escorting us. Liz told them they just travel with us and make sure we are OK like in Edmonton last night. That made the hostess and the pilot happy because they already opened the Vancouver envelopes from the owner which had a lot of money in them. We just smiled because the owner takes care of people. The hostess pointed out to the pilot that his luggage ended up in the cargo compartment of the small private jet and he has to be out of uniform when not with the aircraft. I told the hostess the pilot can wear one of my Heavy Metal Rock Band sweaters and I got out the Judas Priest sweater from my luggage. Now that was a good laugh a fellow with grey hair and thin hair on the top of his head wear a Judas Priest sweater. The hostess say she has her luggage here with ours and will change quickly. We all smiled at that because she wore nice tight blue jeans and tight sweater in Edmonton at the West Edmonton Mall last month.

It did not take long to fly over the mountains and in to Vancouver and it was windy. The pilot called the hostess to the cockpit to chat with him and then she returned back to us. It is windy and the landing will be rough so we have to secured our loose luggage in the aircraft which we did with no problems. Once we dropped down to land in Vancouver the wind was bad and the small private jet was getting bounced around. We were not worried at all because the aircraft was fueled up in Calgary and if we can not land then we fly to some where we can land safely. The hostess get call to the cockpit again to chat with the pilot then returns back to us to tell us what is happening. The rookie co-pilot is doing a really good job and the pilot will let him do the complete landing but is it extra windy at ground level. I think this is the point where we are to be concerned but the 3 of us are not worried. Of course Liz has to hold my hand when the ride in the small private jet got rough but Naughty Natalie is looking out the window to see and learn with not a worry in the world. It was a rough landing with the small private jet bouncing all over the place and even when landed on the runway it was still hard for the rookie co-pilot to handle. The pilot was there in case he needed help but he was able to land for his first time in a small private jet in Vancouver. When we arrived at the hangar, the rookie co-pilot has lots of sweat dripping from his fore head and we all congratulated him. Now he gets to stay with the small private jet and get it ready to fly back to Winnipeg in 3 hours. Plus it is raining hard and windy. The rookie co-pilot will have fun and get soaked in the rain. The pilot has my Judas Priest sweater on and escorting us to the limousine while the hostess stayed on the small private jet to change her clothes. She ran to get in the limousine so she did not get soaked in the rain. Now we are off to the building where we will be preforming tonight and looking forward to having fun. The limousine pulls up to the building and the pilot goes inside to find out we are to go. We can not be walking all over the building because we are the entertainment. The pilot returns and he knows the way to escort us. We get out of the limousine and the driver says he is to wait for us which we thanked him and follow the pilot. The pilot looked so good wearing my Judas Priest sweater and he was easy to follow. When we arrive back stage we head the food and booze table because we are starved. The hostess and the pilot can not believe the food and booze laid out for the people preforming. Liz makes sure to get me a stiff vodka drink like she always does. The pilot has talked with the people in charge and they are very glad we made it in such short notice. Naughty Natalie check out the stages and the show that is going on and is not concerned. Liz and I check it out and looks normal to us. We keep our winter jackets on till the very end because the last time in Vancouver we were running out the front door to a taxi to leave. The people are tasking the pilot a bunch of questions which he does not know the answers so Naughty Natalie tells the people we are magicians and we will preform an illusion and have fun. The people asked is there any plans and we all said “no” but tell us when to go on the stage and how long to preform. Now the people are quite surprised because most performers have demands and we flew in and want nothing. The people tell the pilot there is a cooler in the kitchen for the trip home and grab it when we leave. Once again the owner is taking care of us. The people think the hostess is part of the show because she has the body and the looks to preform. The hostess turn red in the face but the pilot smiles and smiles more.

Now the people say we are up next and we take off our winter jackets. That is when everyone got to see Naughty Natalie and Liz with their prefect body in the Dominatrix outfits. Everyone was surprised plus no make up except for around the eyes but very little because it is all natural beauty. I am in my tux and top hat and looking good with my full beard and mustache. Liz and I will walk out on stage and get a feel for the audience and then I will go back and forth changing out the ladies and in the end we walk off stage with me in my silk underwear like all other times. Liz and I do our usual relaxing chatting back and forth and I told her that next time she will have to have 10 full body orgasms and she agreed if I was man enough. Told her the challenge has now being accepted. We both smile and go on stage. The audience was excellent and we gave the best show ever and stayed on stage for all the encores they wanted. Naughty Natalie was happy and her panties fell off and she worked the crowd. She was so happy because it was such a good show compared to when we were last in Vancouver. When we came off stage the hostess and the pilot had really big eyes because I was in my silk underwear and was whipped and teased on stage. Then in front of the hostess I reached in to the front of my silk underwear and she watched me pull out my hockey cup that was protecting my Male Manhood. The hostess just smile and told me that I never fell off my bicycle in the rain last time in Vancouver. I quickly replied “no” and Liz helped me get dressed. The pilot had the cooler of food and the envelope for the owner. The people thanked us for coming and we left right away. Back in the limousine the driver was so happy for us because he heard it was good show. We all agreed with the driver and it did not take long to arrive back at the small private jet. As we get in the aircraft the pilot double checks everything the rookie co-pilot did while we were gone and checks the weather. There is a storm coming in off the pacific ocean which will give the small private jet a good tail wind to get back to Winnipeg faster. We all smiled and the rookie co-pilot had great fun getting us airborne in the side wind that was blowing hard but he did and we were on our way home. The hostess did not change her clothes because we will be back in Winnipeg soon. The 4 hour flight only took 3.5 hours because of the tail wind pushing the small private jet. About ½ hour after take off we had changed out of our outfits and back in to street clothes now the hostess was dressed the same as Naughty Natalie and Liz. It felt good when the ladies got my make up off and the flying company sent in the small private jet water, towels and a dish pan to make it easier removing the full beard and mustache. The hostess took a good look at the fancy outfits and figured she could wear one and the we told if we are short performers for a show she might have to join us. The hostess served the food to everyone and that made us sleepy now that we had full stomachs. The hostess woke us up for the landing in Winnipeg and told us they have ordered a taxi for us and the pilots because it is too cold to be starting vehicles to drive. When we arrived in Winnipeg the pilot told us it was -40F plus add the cold wind. The ground crew had the company hangar doors open and they parked the small private jet inside beside the large private jet we had in Calgary. The hostess left a note for the office staff saying we would be back at noon for the 67 Chevy. Naughty Natalie went and check to make sure the electric black heater was blocked in and working so the truck will start at noon tomorrow. Naughty Natalie had been telephone dad all the time and dad was going to telephone where we worked to say it was too cold to travel.

We thanked everyone including the rookie co-pilot for doing an excellent job and he thanked us for giving him a chance to fly. The taxi arrived for us to go to the motel by the fly companies hangar. It was 3am when we checked in and the lady at the front desk remembered Liz from last Sunday when we checked in. Plus Liz has 2 new friends too because I look like a 14 year old “Virgin” because I had the full beard and mustache when I checked in with Liz. Naughty Natalie is excited to stay in the same room as Liz and I did last Sunday so she can see where and what we did naked because she will do it herself. Naughty Natalie only made 3 feet in the motel room and was naked. While Liz and I waited till we had a shower. It was 4am when we went to bed and the motel room felt cold because it was so cold outside. We hugged each other under the bed sheets to generate heat to be warm because it was raining in Vancouver then to arrive in the Winnipeg to -40F is a big change in temperature. This caused us to be chilled to the bone and not being able to feel warm for some reason. In the morning Liz has a shower first so Naughty Natalie and I can have some quality time in the bed before we have a shower with Liz. We slowly got dressed and we went to the motel cafe’ to have an enjoyable breakfast because there was no hurry to leave until it warms up outside. Liz had telephoned the owner of the sex shop to say we had a good time and the show in Vancouver was excellent. The owner heard we did an excellent show and they will want us back. That made Liz happy and we were happy when Liz told us. Naughty Natalie had kept dad posted on our travels by telephone him all the time. Mother is not going to be happy when she get the telephone bill this month with all the collect calls from Naughty Natalie to dad. We lay around the motel have little naps and watching TV waiting the weather outside to warm up. At noon when the motel cleaning staff wanted to clean the room we checked out and took a taxi to the flying company hangar to get the 67 Chevy. While Liz and I chatted with everyone inside the building on our fun times in Vancouver which was a good time for everyone. Naughty Natalie got the 67 Chevy started and cleaned off of any snow then drove around the building to pick Liz and I and our luggage. The staff of the flying company sure were looking when Naughty Natalie got the 67 Chevy started and running at -40F without and male help. For some reason Liz got to sit in the middle of the 67 Chevy where it was warmer. I sat beside the passenger door that is a little chilly with the cold draft coming around the door. Naughty Natalie had lots of heat on her side of the 67 Chevy driving plus she was sitting sunshine all the way back to Brandon. When we arrived at the little apartment I was frozen Popsicle because no sunshine and the cold draft. The ladies promised to warm me up inside the little apartment once we had all the luggage in inside. I go and get in the tub full of hot water to warm up and after Liz was done phoning the owner she joined me in the bath tub full of water. I was sitting at one end and Liz was sitting at the other end with our legs over lapped as if we 2 years old and had to take a bath together as siblings. Naughty Natalie was naked 3 feet inside the little apartment and was warm driving the 67 Chevy back to Brandon sitting in the sunshine. When she was done talking to dad on the telephone she came in the bathroom to check up on Liz and I. Plus she had to tell us what the plans were tonight for supper with dad. As Naughty Natalie sits on the toilet with the seat lid down which is always down because as a male I like the lid down so the world does not see in the toilet or nothing gets dropped in the toilet bowl. Liz turns around and leans up against me so she can add more hot water to the bath tub. When Liz leaned back to rest her body on me Naughty Natalie took over the controls of the water taps for the bath tub. She made the water extra hot to try and warm us up. Liz and I both asked Naughty Natalie if she is not chilled or feels cold in any way because she is always naked no mater what the temperature is. Naughty Natalie say she is fine and does not feel cold or chilled. Liz and I looked at each other because Naughty Natalie never gets sick, never get chilled or cold and is always in a happy mood no matter what because she was born this way.

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