Standing Rib Roast




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continued from Cinderella

Standing Rib Roast

It took Liz a month to recovery from the 2 minutes of sex from “hell” she got from her husband in Edmonton during the snow storm of the century. Liz was feeling a lot better physically and emotionally because I was there support her. Naughty Natalie was there too but in her funny little way. The month seem to fly by because we keep busy and my Male Manhood heal up very nicely. Naughty Natalie and dad seem to be telephoning back and forth with the sex shop owner in Winnipeg and we could work this weekend. Liz want to go to her PMQ on the Shilo base to pick up some personal items and check the mail but she did not want to stay over night. We have no idea how it happened but the 3 of and dad ended up at the PMQ because dad was to pick up mother after a big meeting in the evening at the Military Police Building. As long we do not plan anything it will all work out fine. Dad is driving mother’s mini van and Naughty Natalie is in the front with him. Liz and I are in the back seat right behind them. Dad pulls up to the guard building to sign in to get on the Shilo base. The guard comes out and recognizes dad for all the years going on and off the Shilo base picking up and dropping mother off. Then the guard see Naughty Natalie on the passenger side of mother’s mini van which surprises him. Then when the guard shined the flashlight in to the back of mother’s mini van and seen Liz and I that was a double surprise. The guard ask dad the address where he is going to on the base and dad did not know. Liz yells her address out so the guard can hear and he writes it down. Then guard ask if we are staying over night and dad told the guard “maybe”. That was another surprise moment for the guard. The guard let us on the base and when we arrived at the PMQ dad said he had hot rod friend’s stay in this PMQ when his friend was stationed on the Shilo base. I told dad the PMQ will not be in that great of shape from what you remember when your hot rod friend lived here. With all the fresh snow and not being here a month we could not tell if anyone has come and gone from the PMQ.

We check out the PMQ very carefully because when we leave we always leave a few items when moved we know someone has been in the PMQ. Liz starts checking she finds 2 have been moved. We told dad not to move as we checked the other items. Yes it confirmed the Military Police were here not her husband. Once we had checked everything and it was OK for dad to move and sit down at the kitchen table. He asked Liz to borrow the telephone to call where mother works. Dad called mother and all he said was to call him at this number when she is done her meeting and he will be right there to pick her up. Mother was mad and went in to a great speech about all the sins our only son does at the PMQ. Now dad was officially confused and listened to the great speech because if he hung the telephone up on mother then there would be “hell” to pay. Mother told dad to wait there and when she is done her meeting she will call for dad to pick her up. Dad was quite confused when he got off the telephone with mother. Liz had to explained that mother recognized the telephone number to Liz’s PMQ through all the MP reports. Plus mother would not be to happy with us riding in her mini van to Brandon. Dad was quick in thinking we could stay at the PMQ and dad will pick us up in the morning when he drops mother off at the Military Police Building in the morning. Liz thought about the offer and agreed because no vehicle parked in the drive way plus unlimited hot water for showering. In the little apartment we were all showering together because the hot water was not lasting for 2 showers like it used to. Now we warned dad that the MPs will be stopping by now and dad said no problem because these are mother’s coworkers. Liz then says she will quote dad these words later on.

Tom’s wife called to see how the “coffee” was and Liz said to come on over. Dad asked why the “coffee” because he did not know it was a code word for medical help when domestic problems happen. Dad was surprised and he says it makes sense. When Tom and his wife arrive they swear they have met dad before. Everyone know dad form the hot rod club and working at the collage. Tom is so sure dad is in the military and dad assures Tom he is not. As Liz pours the drinks Naughty Natalie returns from cleaning the snow off the driveway and sidewalk so we know if anyone comes after we leave. Of course Naughty Natalie had to show everyone how “nippley” it was outside being cold. Plus she put her cold hands on the back of dad’s neck which made him sit up very straight right now. We are all having a good chat on how a month went by so quickly and Tom is glad everyone is doing much better health wise. Tom’s wife asked Liz how the lady plumbing problems were doing and Liz told her very good and thank you for asking. We just start enjoying the drinks that Liz poured for us. Then the PMQ door opens with people coming through the door. These people are tripping and falling over each other because the first person in the door tripped over the shovel and broom that Naughty Natalie did not put away properly. All Liz said was “Keystone Cops” when she was done saying that the MPs were now by the kitchen table surrounding us. When the lead MP yelled this is the one we are all ripped from our chairs and on to the floor face down. We are now hand cuffed and told to stay on the floor. I can only see Liz and that is all with my face against the floor. We are all quiet and dad does not saying anything because he is in shock. Then the MPs are around dad and saying he is the one and it is him. I can not see anything but hear the MPs talking. Dad is not talking or answering any questions because he knows what the MPs have done to us. Tom and his wife are very quiet because they are military people and knows it can turn bad very quickly. When it is all quiet Naughty Natalie speaks so everyone can hear her that she is wearing clothes and will now have bruises. She them tells the MP maybe stripped her naked next time before tossing on the ground with the hand cuff so she does not get bruised. The voice and the way Naughty Natalie said it made everyone laugh including the lead MP. The telephone rings and the lead MP brings the telephone over to Liz to talk in to the handset but the cord from the telephone is just a little short so Liz has to reach with her head and neck to talk in to the handset. Now this looks so funny like a seal wanting food toss to it. When Liz talks on the telephone and it is mother. Mother tells Liz to send dad to come and pick her up now because the meeting is officially over. Liz told mother that dad can not come right now. Now mother gets mad on the telephone and since the handset is not being held close to the side of Liz’s head everyone can hear the conversation. Mother demands to know why dad can not come to pick her up right now and Liz told the truth that dad is handcuffed. Mother just lost it on the telephone for everyone to hear. It was like being on speaker phone because everyone heard. Mother’s speech that everyone heard was Naughty Natalie had dad handcuff and the married woman were doing bad things to dad. When mother was done her great speech again that is when Liz says maybe mother should talk to the lead MP. The lead MP turned red right now and when he put the telephone headset to the side of his face to talk to mother. The lead MP got his ass chewed out by mother. The fellow on the floor that that the MPs think is the one is mother’s husband which means they have the wrong person. The MPs handcuffed the higher up person’s spouse which is so wrong. The MPs uncuffed us and then they apologized and said there will be forms to fill out on this wrongful incident. Liz asked for the search warrant which they did not have. Now the “shit will hit the fan” because the MP are out of control and not acting with in the laws or any laws. When they left everyone was quiet and Liz pour more drinks because the MP split a lot of booze taking us down again. Dad asked if this is normal and we said yes and Tom and his wife said yes too. Now Tom’s wife said she will be the hot topic of the gossip on the base in 4 hours and Liz told her 1 hour because this the Shilo base. With that we had a drink. Dad drank his drink slowly because mother can wait because her co-workers are not nice people. Then we had a drink to Naughty Natalie for putting the shovels and broom the right place to slow them down. Naughty Natalie told dad the MPs can be very quiet and be right in the house standing beside us to surprise us. That is why we have to set things out to make noise. Dad then asked what else we do. Liz explained there is lot of her sewing thread hung on cupboard doors and places when opened the thread falls. That is how we know if the have been searching the PMQ. Naughty Natalie got out the Polaroid pictures of herself naked and was showing dad. The Polaroid pictures are stack in a certain order. If the Polariod pictures are looked through and put back down then we can tell someone here. Dad looks through the naked pictures of Naughty Natalie then passes them to Tom to look through. Once Tom was done looking he passed the naked pictures to his wife. They were both smiling because Naughty Natalie has the perfect body to be featured in Playboy Magazine. Dad just viewed the pictures as normal pictures because he sees Naughty Natalie naked all the time now and notices her when she is wearing clothes like I do.

When dad finished his drink he gave Tom and his wife a ride home in mother’s mini van. We said good bye to him and wished him luck with mother. Dad just smiled back at us because he knew it was going to be a long ride home to the pink house in Alexander Manitoba. Now that everyone had left, Liz showed us the letter that was in her mailbox at the PMQ with all the other bills and junk mail. It was card envelope which everyone can tell it is a greeting card. It is the women of the world that created and keep the greeting card industry going strong. They have greeting cards for every occasion and we are not sure what occasion this card will be that Liz is showing us. She explains the date mailed was a week after the Edmonton night of “hell” but the return address is military but not the Shilo base. Liz goes on to show us the card envelope is addressed to her with her married name. Her husband always told her being in the military and always deployed to far away countries. If she gets mail from him address to her using her maiden name then the marriage is over. Naughty Natalie and I thought that was a very smart idea because if he does not return for 6 months or more Liz can get her life in order and move on instead waiting for him to return to find out the marriage is done. We asked Liz if she is going to open the card to see what it says inside. Liz says she is not emotionally ready for that and starts to cry. She stands up and I stand up so we can hug each other. Naughty Natalie joins and does not say anything. When Liz gets control of herself she says her husband will send a card once a month to let her know if her last name has changed. We are all quiet until Naughty Natalie suggests not picking up the mail until he returns in person. But she also says the MPs have been here tonight already and we think her husband is not in Canada that means we can have naked fun. Naughty Natalie was correct in being naked around the PMQ without fear of people popping in without knocking on the door. Now that made us smile because Naughty Natalie has been official naked for all of 10 minutes. Liz told Naughty Natalie to open a window to let the Mosquitos in the PMQ because she needs a few Mosquito bites. Now that made us smile.

We shut all the lights off in the PMQ and only left the light on that Liz usual leave on to show that she is not there. Now it was time to have unlimited shower times because the hot water never ends in the PMQ. The shower was great fun with the 3 of us teasing each other but in a fun way. We watched a VHS movie on the couch naked like Naughty Natalie always does. That is because we have no sleeping clothes because this over night stay was not planned. Liz wants nothing to do with any of the black silk robes her husband bought her or any sexy clothes in the PMQ that are hers. She has been wearing my sleeping clothes since the night of “hell” in Edmonton which reminds her of what I did for her that night. Naughty Natalie fell asleep with in the first 10 minutes of the VHS movie and the Mosquitos were bad in the PMQ. When she woke up to use the bathroom she was all smiles and hoped we did not kill any Mosquitos because she does not mind them tonight. When the VHS movie was over we woke up Naughty Natalie and got her to come to bed with Liz and I. In the bed the ladies were really hoping the Mosquitos were as bad as they were in the living room which they seemed to enjoy Naughty Natalie. Once the ladies were a sleep the Mosquitos were bad. Liz and I would be wetting our fingers and teasing Naughty Natalie then when Liz was a sleep it was Naughty Natalie playing the Mosquito game because I can only watch because I was asked to “take care” of Liz by her husband. By morning we were all tired from not sleeping and the ladies had big smiles on their faces from the good dreams they had last night. Naughty Natalie said she needed a shower with me right now and I could not say “no”. Liz said she wished she could joining because she needs a shower too. I told her tonight at the little apartment the tooth fair “might” stop by. That made Liz smile and also made her worry because this will be the first time she had surgery. I told her not worry because she is in control not her husband. Then she gave me a nice tight hug. Naughty Natalie did need a good shower with me then Liz enjoyed a long shower by herself while Naughty Natalie and I got ready for dad to pick us up. Liz was finished and dressed in time for dad to pick us in mother’s mini van

We drop Liz off and tell her we will see her tonight at the little apartment and dad drove us back to the little apartment so we could go to work. Dad and Naughty Natalie chatted about everything in the front of mother’s mini van while I sat in the back having a nap because I was tired due to the Mosquitos. Dad dropped us off at the little apartment and dad made a comment on how happy Naughty Natalie was and all I told dad was the Mosquitos were bad last night. Dad replied back saying “it is winter and Mosquitos can not fly wearing sweaters to keep warm”. Now that made us laugh and dad gets a hug from Naughty Natalie as we say good bye. It was a long boring day at work and I was so glad when the day was over. I thought I was picking Naughty Natalie up after work but she called me at work to said she was going with dad after work to a see a hot rod friend of dad’s. This was fine with me because once I turned 18 years old and of legal and the hot rodders turned their back on me and yet I grew up surrounded by the hot rodders. I arrived to the little apartment and Liz has the pillows off the bed and saying the tooth fairy did not stop by. It then told her the tooth fairy can only travel at certain time in the winter plus the tooth fairy has to wear a sweat to stay warm. This might effect her ability to fly wearing a sweater. As Liz looked me smiling with a little bit of laughter asked if I was hanging dad to much. I said yes because dad used the sweaters on Mosquitos this morning when he dropped Naughty Natalie and I off. Now with Liz sexual frustrated all day thinking she would be arriving to the little apartment to be able to use what the tooth fairy put under her pillow created more of a tease. The 20 hours of be teased and having to wait more will make it even better when the tooth fairy visits. I told Liz to have a shower and I will see if I can find the tooth fairy. She tells me to join her which is do. There is only so much hot water so we are quick. The pillows were back on the bed and the tooth fairy had been in the little apartment while we were in the shower. I told Liz to be extra careful because I do not need to be back at the hospital being a 12-14 year little brother. She promised and I told her she will have to control any flash backs she will get from the night of “hell”. If she does I will be here to help her. I turned up the volume on the TV with a random VHS movie playing. Just enough volume so the neighbours could not hear Liz enjoying herself. I work around the little apartment and listen in case she has problems. Liz had big problems and I went in the bedroom to comfort her. She was enjoying herself too much and her body was not ready for that. I did shut the bedroom door and grab the remote control for the TV so I could control the volume as she cried louder then turn the TV volume down when she got herself in control. Liz does not know what had happen but she had a flash back. I covered us up with the bed sheets and Liz hugged me tight and she cried and trembled like on the night of “hell”. Liz was able to get control of herself and we talk about what had happen. She says she was so teased and ready and wanted to have a good orgasm but her body stopped because she had a flashback. I comforted her and told her it is ok and she will get over this by using her mind. Naughty Natalie will have to play the Mosquito game with you more and more because in your dreams you have no problems enjoying yourself. But when she is awake she has the flash backs. I told her that she has been through a lot on the night of “hell” but she is in control and better dealing with then the first time she was raped. That took almost a year for her to get over what had happened to her because she was so young at the time. Liz hugged me more and was glad I stuck around to help her now. Never once did Liz ask for my Male Manhood or make any suggests of it being used to help her.

We must have fell asleep because Naughty Natalie woke us up and dad was in the little apartment too. Now in a normal world getting woken up by your long time girlfriend while under the bed sheets with a naked married woman. Plus the bedroom toy was on the floor beside the bed because Liz had tossed it when she had a flash back might look bad in some people eyes. Naughty Natalie just asked if things went bad for Liz and I said “yes” she had a flash back to the night of “hell”. Now Naughty Natalie had to hug was both while dad amused himself at the kitchen table. When the hugging was all done because everyone felt a lot better. I pull the bed sheet back to get out of bed and Naughty Natalie laughed because I was still in my clothes. She pointed maybe that is the problem and we laughed because once again Naughty Natalie is always the funny one. I came out of the bedroom and shut the door so Liz could get dress and get more focused on what had just happened. Dad asked is Liz OK and I said yes she just had a flash back from the night of “hell”. Even dad agreed that is not good and dad pointed out Liz is such a nice person why does she have to suffer so much. My reply back to dad was “I do not know why”. When Liz came out she had a confused look on her face and dad was the first to speak. To cheer up Liz will go to Dks Fish and Chip to have fresh fish. Now that cheered Liz up because the last time we had Dks was when she got out of the hospital. I was even looking forward to a good fish dinner. As we get ready Liz tells me that the tooth fairy can stop by and pick up what is under the pillow. I told it can stay because that Naughty little brat might be of some help tonight.

On the drive to Dks Fish and Chip Liz and I sat in the back of mother’s mini van and Naughty Natalie sat up front with dad. I leaned over asked Liz if her bedroom toy hurt and she said “no” it was just a flash back in her mind that made it not end well. I was glad to hear that she was not in pain because everything healed up correctly then. We arrive at Dks Fish and Chips but Liz and I were talking and not paying attention. Dad and Naughty Natalie got out of mother’s mini van and started walking in to the cafe’. Dad hit the power door locks on the key chain whichs locks or unlocks the doors as you walk up or away from the new mini van. This was a new feature on the new mini vans which great to have. Liz and I are now locked in mother’s mini van but we could lean over the driver seat and hit the master control to unlock the doors since we can not figure on the door lock on the sliding side door to open it. It must because it is dark and we know dad will hit the unlock door butto on the chain for the key to mother’s mini van. Liz and I just sit in the van watching dad and Naughty Natalie sit by the window in the cafe’ glancing over to the mother’s mini van once in a while. Then dad finally hit the unlock button on the key chain from inside the cafe’ and through the windows of the building. When we heard the door locks click and pop up then we knew we could get out of mother’s mini van. When we joined dad and Naughty Natalie in Dks Fish and Chips and Naughty Natalie asked if we were having sex in mother’s mini van again. Liz replied back of course just to make mother mad too. As we wait for or meals to arrived dad and Naughty Natalie debrief us on what is happening this weekend. This is our first working weekend since Liz had surgery so we need to know the information. Liz used to do all the talking with the sex shop owner but being in the hospital Naughty Natalie has been talking with the owner. Then we find out that dad has been talking lots with the owner because dad raised some good kids. Liz and I look at each other and smile because we had to get our health problems taken care of first. Not worry about being weekend magicians.

Dad tells us the owner of the sex shop has invited dad and mother to enjoy her for a Standing Rib Roast dinner in Calgary. Dad and mother will be traveling with us on the private jet. The owner wanted dad and mother to have special weekend and see what the kids do because everyone think that are doing illegal actives while traveling. Naughty Natalie is all happy because dad is going to be flying and spend the weekend with us. Liz points out to Naughty Natalie that mother is tagging along too. Naughty Natalie was not too concerned and told dad to make sure mother bring her swim suit too. Naughty Natalie is always the happy one no matter how bad it looks even on paper. Our meals arrive and they smelled so good and Liz told dad this cheered her up right now and I said “me too”. Dad and Naughty Natalie tell us more and we travel to Winnipeg on Friday to fly to Calgary. Then we eat the Standing Rib Roast dinner at the best place in Calgary then do a late evening performance. Plus two shows on Saturday and fly home Sunday. Dad says he can visit his Calgary hot rod friends and have a good time. There is no mention what mother will be doing but we will worry about that later. With another great meal done we head back to the little apartment. Dad says good bye and I told him to be in touch not sure why I said that because Naughty Natalie and dad chat on the telephone all the time.

There was not much hot water in the little apartment so the 3 of had a quick shower and watched a VHS movies on the bed. When it was bedtime I showed both ladies what the tooth fairy had leaf under my pillow. For some reason I was in a deep deep sleep when Liz hugged and me tight. I could feel her body still having muscle spasms. Which it good because she was able to have a full body orgasm with out it being ruined by having a flash back. Naughty Natalie hugged us both and we all went in to the deep sleep. I woke in the morning with two very happy ladies and Liz was hugging me and saying thank you and thank you. Naughty Natalie want a quick shower now with me because she has needs. Her needs were fulfilled before the hot water ran out so Liz had to boil water on the stove to have a quick wash. But Liz was extra and happy and so pleased that she had over come another fear in her life. But I warned her because she was in control this time and had plenty of being teased which helped. I told her that she might have flash back with just me. With that she took it as a challenge because tonight we will see what happens when it is her and I. OK is all I said. Of course another long and boring day at work and I was so glad to pick up Naughty Natalie and head to the little apartment knowing Liz has challenged me to have fun.

Naughty Natalie was hoping for Liz’s best interests that she does not have a flash back like she did with me. We arrive at the little apartment and Liz is happy to see us both. We have a quick shower and while Naughty Natalie starts making supper I help Liz in the bedroom. She had a flash back right way and ending up crying and hugging tight. Naughty Natalie heard what had happened and joined us on the bed. Now Liz is confused and frustrated because she does not understand what her body is doing to her. She had great fun last night and was thinking about it all day only to have a flash back. I knew this was going to happen and that is why I wanted to see if she could have an orgasm but did not. As we cooked supper and ate supper Liz was still up set but Naughty Natalie made her happy very quickly. Naughty Natalie suggested getting a few Buff Boy to entertain Liz. Now that was funny and Liz laughed then said “no” very firmly. She said she just about made a big mistake with a Buff Boy until I had stopped her. Then she hugged me tight and said thank you. I told Liz maybe the Mosquitos will be bad tonight in the little apartment and of course Naughty Natalie is all smiles. But we have to have a good night sleep because it is Friday in the morning and we are flying to Calgary in the afternoon. It is agreed no Mosquito games or good dreams because we have not been magicians for a month. Plus dad and mother are coming along on this trip to Calgary too. When we woke up in the morning we were refreshed and ready because it will be a long day and a late night. Dad telephoned the little apartment to say what time they will be picking us up in mother’s mini van. Oh my is all we said because we thought mother would not be coming on this trip and canceled at the last minute. Looking out the window of the little apartment we could see mother’s mini van coming down the street to pick us up. We walked out to the street with our luggage. Mother’s mini van slowly drove by us with no mother in the front seat of her mini van. Naughty Natalie does not even have to call “shotgun” to claim the front passenger seat to sit beside dad. Dad stops the vehicle right where we are standing with our luggage. Dad now uses the remote control switch pop open the back hatch on the new min van of mother’s. This is a new feature this year so the driver does not have exit the vehicle and go to the back of the vehicle to open the rear hatch door with the keys. As the rear hatch slowly opens up, the cigarette smokes rolls out the back of mother’s mini van as if we were in a Cheech & Chong film. Mother is sitting in the far back seat so she can smoke 3 packages of cigarettes on the 2 hour trip to Winnipeg. We said hello to mother and said hello back but not in a very happy way. Liz has no problems with mother and Naughty Natalie is the same way. What mother job is and what she has been involved with us has nothing to do with us off the Shilo base.

Dad is excited to see us and excited about this trip because dad has never flown in the a private jet. Plus it has been a one day since he has seen Naughty Natalie so they have a lot to chat about. Since mother is sitting right behind Liz and I we do not care what she see and hears us talking about. Liz is hold my hand and has her head on my shoulder and mother has to smoke more cigarettes. She is sitting in the back of her mini van so when she smokes the cigarettes, the smoke goes out the little vent windows. Now mother now spends 2 hours watching how her husband and son interact with these ladies that she reads the daily reports that come across her desk working at the Military Police Building. The trip to Winnipeg was excellent and mother did not say too much and was well behaved. Dad pulls the mini van in to parking lot at the hangar building for the private jet and Naughty Natalie runs to see where to park. When she returns she points to the far end of the parking lot by the building. Dad figures we should unload the luggage because less distance to carry luggage makes sense. We have all the luggage out of mother’s mini van and we head in to the hangar building. Dad parks the min van and gives the keys to the ladies at the front desk of the private jet company in case they need to move mother’ mini van for snow removal. Mother is still outside the building at the front doors enjoy a cigarette because no smoking certain buildings. There are 3 packages that Philip had sent over to us from the sex shop. One in my tux and top hat in their traveling cases and the other 2 packages are the skirts for the ladies fancy outfits. The Dominatrix outfit show off the ladies ass and everything in front because the corset stops at the waist line. With the skirts added to the fancy outfits it will give the ladies more items to take off because our part of the show is getting longer. Now less ladies are needed to fill in the time allotted for the show that is preformed. Plus the skirts will let my ladies be able to walk around without offending people. Naughty Natalie showed dad in the little apartement that her bikini bottoms show more of her ass and front then the fancy outfit panties. Dad at his age could not remember so Naughty Natalie had to change back and forth to show dad the difference. Dad was have fun with her and Naughty Natalie enjoyed teasing dad. The ladies ask if they could use the meeting room again to change. The office staff at the front desk of the private jet had no problems because we leave the room clean. I help the ladies get dressed because take off time is very soon. Philip even sent over the long black coats for the ladies and my coat too. When we were changed and had our jackets on we came out of the meeting room office. Dad and mother were impressed at how we all looked dressed as magicians. Even the office staff staff of the private jet company were impressed. The limousine will be here right away so we carry out luggage to through the hangar building to the private jet. The ground crew takes our luggage as the limousine pulls up. I open the door and the owner and Philip are first to get out and greet dad and mother. They were happy to see Naughty Natalie and Liz and of course me. The owner tells everyone to get on the private jet because it is too cold to be outside. With everyone seat I wave to my ladies, dad and mother as I enter the cockpit to join the pilot by sitting in the co-pilot seat. The hostess and the pilot were glad to see us back flying with them because it is has been a month. I told them it was good to be back. The hostess heard that dad and mother were on trip because the owner wants them to see what good kids they have raised. Plus I added, dad wants to enjoy the best Standing Rib Roast better know as Prime Rib in Alberta. They both agreed Calgary has the best Prime Rib money can buy.

Now it was time for take off and it did not take long to be airborne out of the Winnipeg airport. The flight was only one drink long. Then we were landing in Calgary which still had a lots big snow banks from all the snow they received during the snow storm of the century. The limousine was waiting and once everyone was off the private jet and in the limousine we headed to down town Calgary. The owner is treating us to the Prime Rib supper in the fancy cafe in the building we are preforming at. The limousine will drop the 5 of us off at the fancy cafe with the owner to enjoy a Prime Rib dinner. Then Philip will check our luggage in to our rooms then dress the other ladies and come back in time for the performance tonight. We get to enjoy the dinner then walk inside the building to where we preform tonight. That is why we got dressed in our magician outfits before we left Winnipeg. We follow the owner through the building and ride the elevator to the top floor with the doorman for the building because he has the pass keys to get us there. The elevator door opens on the top floor to a very very fancy cafe’. It has very low lighting to make a bit dark which makes the ladies happy because of the fancy outfits they are wearing. The cafe’ hostess greets us and they know the owner very well and take her coat. They do not give her hand bag because she carried about $60,000.00 in cash in the envelopes to make sure everyone is happy. The hostess takes dad and mother coats next and then mine. Naughty Natalie and Liz make sure they are last because they know everyone watching will be impress or be in shock. They are promoting the owner’s business so this little dinner is part of the marketing. When the hostesses helped the ladies remove the long back coats mother as shocked. These ladies were wearing kee high black leather boots with laces from the ankle to the knee. Then the black stocking and garter belt hidden by the new added on skirt. Then the black corset that shows the cleavage and laced up the back. The ladies also gave the hostesses their whips. Now that made every one look. Mother could not get over how well we dressed and I looked good in my tux and top hat which the hostess took. We are dressed ready for a show down stairs but this is also marketing the show to the people having dinner tonight that will be watching us. The hostess asked the owner to follower her and we follow everyone. Dad and mother are worried about the way there are dressed because this is a very high class place to eat. The owner told dad and mother not to worry because it does not matter what you are wearing here because this place does not care. Your kids will not stay in the $1500.00 suites and they are happy in a basic room with one bed. That made dad and mother feel a lot better. As we sit down at the table the ladies got quite a few comments on how good they looked as we walked by. The owner invited everyone down stairs to the show because it is a fund raiser. The owner is a business woman and knows how to run a business. Naughty Natalie and dad sit together. Then the owner is on the other side of dad. Then mother and a space then me and Liz. The owner point out the way we ended up seating is good marketing with the show magicians sitting so the other dinners can see. Mother was told by dad not to say anything and Liz is the oldest then Naughty Natalie then I am the 14 year old brother who is a “Virgin”. Mother was just dyeing to have a cigarette and the owner told her where the smoking part of the fancy cafe’ is and off she went to smoke the whole package of cigarettes. We all thanked the owner for bring us out for supper and she was happy. All dad wanted a good Prime Rib dinner because the best place in the Brandon Manitoba to eat Prime Rib is at the Rob Roy cafe’. This place is located in the city of Brandon owned golf course at the west end of the city. It was on a dead end street with a view of the golf course and the Canadian Pacific Rail Road main line that runs across Canada. As we would eat, the loaded freight trains would rumble by and shake the whole cafe’ building. As young kid the Prime Rib was expensive and when you held your plate out for the fellow cutting the meat would only put a little bit on my plate. I would always hold my plate there or give the plate a shake because I wanted a good helping of this delicious meat we only got 3 times a year.

Now we are sitting in the most expensive cafe’ in Calgary with a great view of the Rocky Mountains. Too think we were in Brandon this morning and could have gone to Rob Roy Cafe’ after work to enjoy a good Prime Rib dinner. But tonight we flew in a private jet and are now going to have the best Prime Rib we had ever had because it is made from Alberta cattle. The owner and dad are talking about the menu and the ladies and I have no idea what to do or order. This is all too fancy for us and mother returns after enjoying 20 cigarettes in such a short time. Dad and the owner agree that she will just order for all of us and any left overs will be late night snacks in our motel rooms. The owner has to get Philip a to-go container of the Prime Rib and gravy because he likes it so much but had to work. The serving hostess brings our drinks and the everyone is getting a shot of good Alberta Premium Whiskey to drink including mother. But I am a 14 year old “Virgin” I was given a “Virgin” Mary to drink thanks to Naughty Natalie and Liz. I just smiled as I sucked on my straw to enjoy the “Virgin” drink like me. Everyone made sure that I got see them enjoy the good shots of Alberta Premium Whiskey. I was hoping Liz being my older sister would let me have a sip from her glass so I knew what I was missing. But she would not let me have a sip and I told her she will suffer the consequences of this later in the motel room. She just smiled and told me she could not wait. That made Naughty Natalie smile and I told her that she will be next after Liz. Both ladies now smiled with a slight laugh. As the owner and dad and mother chatted away I look around at the fancy cafe’ and realize this is a once in a life time experience. Liz who is hold my hand under the table looks around too and realizes she would never be at this cafe’ ever in her life. Naughty Natalie is the same way too. Our “friends” are never really friends are back in Brandon getting ready to go to the biker bar to drink and dance and then drink till the early morning hours. We figure the fancy outfits with the up grades and my tux and top hat have to now worth $12,000.00. The dinner tonight with food and tip will be over $700.00 and we says together it is well worth it because we are having fun. The owner asks the ladies to go to the bathroom a few times and work the crowd since the new skirts look good on the fancy outfits. The ladies have no problem and I get dragged along too. I look 14 years old because I have no beard or mustache so I just tag along as the little brother. We never get involved with any of the crowd or people or even the other dancers because we are only magicians who are here to preform for fun. If the people at the table stop us and ask more details the ladies tell them to come and see the show down stairs and it is a fund raiser. Then they point to me, the ladies say they could not get a babysitter so our little brother will have to work off his supper and the “Virgin” Marys he drank tonight by preforming.

When we got back to our table the Prime Rib meals had arrived and smelled as good as it looked. We all let dad take the first bite because we want him to enjoy it first. Dad said it was excellent and mother was next to have the first bite and she agreed too. Then we got to taste the Prime Rib next and it was so good and well worth the wait. It did not take long for the plates to be cleaned off because it was so good. We thanked the owner for the best meal we have had and the owner said “no it is not the best meal”. The owner then points out the best we have had are those meals in the basic motel rooms because we worked hard and did good performances to earn our meal. We all agreed with the owner even dad and mother were surprised. The owner asked the chef and the top hostess to come to our table because we have to getting going down stairs to put on a show. Plus she asked for the whips and top hat to be brought without the travel bag to our table. Then the owner ask if anyone needed anything out their jackets because she will have them sent down to Philip with his food. We all said we do not need anything from our jackets. The top hostesses returned with the chef and items the owner asked for. She then reached in her hand bag and pulled out 2 envelopes. One marked kitchen and the other marked hostess counter. She then thanked the hostess for an excellent meal and service. Then handed her the envelope with instructions it is for everyone out front and serving. Then the owner thanked the chef and told both of them these people are from Manitoba and she flew them here to enjoy the best Prime Rib. We all said thank you to the chef and he was pleased. Then the owner handed the chef an envelope and said this is for all the kitchen staff not just the chefs. The chef said thank you and we also said thank you. Now the owner asked us to walk around and go to the bathroom then meet them by the elevator. We walked around and smiled and waved and people were very impressed.

The elevator ride down was easy and when the door opened on the main floor everyone was looking at us as we walked through the lobby to get back stage where we are preforming tonight. When we arrived, things were not going smooth and we had to jump in to help the other ladies. Dad and mother jumped in too because just like growing up in the small town of Alexander we all helped out. I was so glad when Liz slipped me a stiff vodka drink because I need it after all the “Virgin” Marys I drank. With everyone helping the ladies were ready for show time and Naughty Natalie was told she did not have to have her safety pins in. Of course Naughty Natalie had to explain and show dad where the safety pins go as mother watched. The owner says she feels a good crowd tonight and let the show begin. Liz and I stand together waiting to escort her out and we do our little relaxing chat which is more humor to relax ourselves. She asks how she is going to be punished tonight when we get back to the motel room and I told her “harder, harder and harder”. Now that was mean because she has never got the to the 3rd harder because her husband never lasts that long. Now that was funny. Now the show starts which went excellent and steady. The crowd was good and clapped for Liz in her opening acted. Dad and mother got to see what we do and how I escort the ladies on and off the stage and help them with their part of the show. The full beard and mustache makes me look 28 years old. Dad was really watching when Naughty Natalie did her show and her panties fell off. Even dad said you did not see anything because she did it with class and style. Liz told dad that is why we are magicians and dad agreed. To closed the show it was the standard show where I walk off stage in my silk underwear and dad and mother were all smiles when we came off stage. They could not believe how the audience loved and wanted more. We packed up and I escorted the ladies to the limousine with the dad and mother. We arrive at our fancy motel and get the keys for our rooms and say good bye to everyone. The owner said her and Philip will stop by which is the normal routine. Our rooms are on the second floor and are the basic motel rooms. Naughty Natalie asked for joining rooms so dad can walk back and forth. Once in the rooms mother was hanging her head out the sliding doors to the balcony to have a cigarette because it was a whole 2 hours since she had one. We all change out of our clothes and the tux will go to the motel cleaners in the morning. We are controlling more of what we do because we are so separate from the other ladies in the show. Plus if my tux is not ready because some one forgot then it is extra drama for us. Once the ladies have their fancy outfits laid out and drying from being cleaned then it is shower time. Dad is in our room because Liz poured the drinks. Dad was quite amazed how organized as he watches us in the out of the bathroom and things getting done with pizza being ordered.

Now mother was in the joining room and the door was open so she could hear what was going on in our rooms that is when the fun began. Liz was laying on the bed to get the right sounds to the action. Naughty Natalie was sitting on the edge of the bed and started off slowly bouncing her ass to get the bed to make the sound of having sex on it. Dad was sitting on a chair and could look through the open dividing door to watch mother. As the Naughty Natalie bounced her ass on the bed. Liz now moaned and increased the moans as Naughty Natalie increase the motion on the bed. Dad and I are just laughing and Liz is moaning louder and louder and then saying “harder Joey” “harder Joey”. Mother is hearing this and dad is watching her through the open dividing door. Once Liz is really moaning loud and almost screaming “harder Joey” “harder Joey”. The Naughty Natalie starts encouraging more action by says “slam Liz harder Joey” “slam Liz harder Joey, she can take it because she is married”. We are all having a hard time not laughing then mother stormed in through the open door to see everyone is wearing clothes and the ladies faked it all. Mother had the look that her head was going to exploded but started to laugh because she had been fooled. We all laughed when the fellow in the next room knocked on the wall yelling “slam her good joey” “slam her good Joey”. Now that is funny and we were all laughing hard when the owner and Philip knocked on the door for drinks and pizza. Naughty Natalie let them in and Liz poured the drinks. We all sat around and relaxed and chatted because when had not seen each other in a month. Naughty Natalie went and got the pizzas for us to enjoy and dad could not believe the amount of pineapples Naughty Natalie ordered o the pizzas. Naughty Natalie said we are Canadian and Philip had his first pizza with pineapple on it. Philip say it will make him more of a Canadian even after being here 10 years. We had great relaxing evening in the basic room. The owner tell us about Saturday’s 2 shows back to back at the same place because they will just change out the audience while we wait and relax. Dad asked the owner if he can go with Naughty Natalie to visit hot rod friends and the owner said no problem just be back for the 5pm dressing. The owner also thanked dad and mother for helping out dressing the other ladies. They said not problem we jump and help all the time. When everyone left we had a drink with dad and he says his hot rod friends are really looking forward to seeing him because it has been a few years. Naughty Natalie was looking forward to it too,

When dad went back to his room and we shut the door between the rooms. The first one to fall asleep was Naughty Natalie but she had a busy day with dad. When Liz went to the bathroom one last time before bed I put what she really needs under the pillow as if the tooth fairy actually visited. When she put her head on the pillow she felt the tooth fairy was here. She looked at me with a nice surprised look on her face. I turned up the volume on the TV enough for back ground noise to drown out the sounds that are now going to be made. Then told I her I can not touch her to make her enjoy herself but I can talk to her by whispering in her ear. Now that made her smile. We definitely found out that is all Liz needed was to have me whisper in her ear. This helped her over come any flash backs and gave her the full body orgasm. She did not lose concentration with the pillow I put over her face so the fellow next door was not banging on the encouraging her the get slammed harder. When she did have a full body orgasm I kept whispering to her as she was coming down for the best sexual experience she has had every had. This woke up Naughty Natalie who was half a sleep and did not know what was going on. Naughty Natalie reached to touch Liz to see if she was OK. When Liz got touched by Naughty Natalie that was uncontrollable for her. Liz flipped off the bed and on to the floor beside the bed and was in a full body tremor. Naughty Natalie could not got over how high Liz had flipped off the bed and this shocked and surprised her. I told Naughty Natalie when she is old enough she can enjoy these too. Once again Naughty Natalie says as long as she is naked then she would not get bruises from flipping off the bed. It was almost 30 minutes before Liz was done her tremor and ready to be lifted back on to the bed. Naughty Natalie tried to cover her with the bed sheets and they got tossed across the room. I think I also made it worse for poor Liz having to suffer through more of me whispering in her ear. I was whispering how well she did all by herself and the more I whispered and teased Liz who was rubbing her hand between her legs while her other hand was playing with her rock hard nipples. When Liz had her back ached off the bed Naughty Natalie was very concerned that I was going to kill poor Liz and I just smiled and kept whispering in Liz ‘s ear. I keep telling her how good she is doing enjoying herself as a woman. Then Liz had another full body orgasm and Naughty Natalie was holding the pillow over Liz’s face as she moved all over the bed. When she peaked on her second full body orgasm she flipped off the bed but this time twice as high which impressed both of us. It was a long time before Liz came down from her second full body orgasm. Naughty Natalie tried several times to help Liz back on the bed but could not even touch Liz. When we did get Liz in the bed we figured she has enough because her body was so limp and still trembling. As she hugged me, my one leg was between her legs and she was squeezing my leg tight. I could feel the throbbing between her legs on my leg which means she enjoyed herself. Some time through the night we were able to cover Liz with the bed sheets. Naughty Natalie and I were so happy for Liz she finally got to enjoy herself sexual as a grown woman. Now Naughty Natalie wants to be next on flipping off the bed. I told she has to wait 10 year to enter her sexual peak but we can keep trying. We all fell asleep hugging each other and in the morning Liz was still throbbing between her legs because her legs were holding my leg very tight.

As we lay in bed waking up to sounds of mother in the next room coughing up a lung because of all the cigarettes she smokes during that day. Naughty Natalie asks me what I was whispering to Liz’s ear to make her enjoy herself so much. I told Naughty Natalie to ask Liz. Liz replied that all I whispered to her the whole time was to “let go and enjoy”. Naughty Natalie now really questioned what I had been whispering to Liz the whole time. She would not believe Liz and figured I was saying all sexual words and meanings. Liz told her “no” and then I told Naughty Natalie that Liz is at the age where she does not need those words. Now naughty Natalie was confused because she is a woman too and can have orgasm. But Naughty Natalie has little baby orgasms because her body is young and still developing which mean quantity not quality in sex. As both ladies look at me I have to explain that Liz knows how to enjoy sex because she can have full body orgasm thanks to Naughty Natalie pushing the Mosquito game too far that night in Liz’s dream. Of course Naughty Natalie had to smile and take credit for that. Now all Liz needed to be able to enjoy herself when having an orgasm. Women at a young at are taught and made to feel guilty if they enjoy themselves during sex because the man finishes first and that is more important then a woman’s needs. Liz was having flash back from the night of “hell” and could not make herself have an orgasm because her body and mind would feel guilty for enjoying herself. All I did was whisper in her ear to “let go and enjoy”. In others words it relaxed her and let her body take her to the other side of enjoyment. Liz then tells us when she had the second body orgasm she thought she was laying on the beach enjoying herself with her sexual feelings and a wave from the ocean and crash upon her and carried her away. That is when she flipped off the bed by herself. Then as she lay on the floor recovering it was like being on the beach and the sun was drying her wet body from the wave that crashed over her body. Liz says that was so enjoyable and have never felt that way before because the sun was so warm on her body as it dried the wetness of the wave away. Naughty Natalie was so impressed and happy for Liz to experience this and it was all in words of encouragement not any thing sexual. Liz also told Naughty Natalie it only took 14 years of having sexual experience to have this one with out having any Male Manhood being used. Now that surprised Naughty Natalie because she thought and was implying that maybe Liz and I had got carried away but both of us told her “no”. That made Naughty Natalie very happy because she did not want to be mad at us because we are such good friends.

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