No Lubrication

(rough copy)

conitued from Cocaine Problem

We wake up in the morning and decide to check out and eat in the cafe' in the fancy motel. This way we can watch the rains outside through the cafe windows because when we get back to Manitoba it will be snow we get to watch. Showering was not big drama because Naughty Natalie and I showered together and Liz showered by herself because she was doing better emotional. She did not need our support in hugging and feeling loved. In the cafe' we watch everyone come and go from the fancy motel and we all talk how in a very few short hours this dream we are living will all change and we are back to out normal lives. But we also agree that we got a chance to see Vancouver all expenses paid and good memories too. When we see the limousine pull in with the support vehicle behind we knew our dream was going to be over shortly. We sign of our breakfasts because it gets charged to the motel room which the owner is paying for. Then we join everyone in the dressing room which is almost empty. There are quite a few ladies not flying home and will be riding Greyhound bus lines instead. The owner is a business woman and not doing the job you promised to do cost her a lot of money. The owner and Philip come up to us and ask if we are and we say "yes". Now it is time to officially head home and i escort the ladies to the limousine. The bellhops have all the luggage on the carts and follow behind to put the luggage in the support vehicle. Once the ladies are in the limousine then we are told to leave then I get in the front of the limousine with the driver. It is the same driver and now I do not have a beard and mustache because the magician show is now over. I was so happy to see the private jet to take us home. When i helped the ladies out of the limousine everyone happy to see the private jet too. Once the ground crew had all the luggage packed in the private jet it was time to go. It did not take long to be airborne and heading home. The owner asked the hostess how her weekend was and she said it was great and thank you for the motel rooms. The owner paid for the private jet to say in Vancouver because it is cheaper then having it fly back to come and pick us up. Plus the flight crew can enjoy a holiday weekend in rainy Vancouver. The owner says the way the shows were going we might have been going back to Manitoba a lot sooner too. Everyone notice I am walking funny like a newly wed and the hostess ask what happen. I told her that i fell of my bicycle in the rain and hurt my Male Manhood. The hostess felt sorry for me and when i asked for an ice pack she made one up for me. The private jet is half empty for passengers because some of the ladies are going home by Greyhound. But I still sit with Liz while Naughty Natalie is on seat behind us. I was going sit in front of Liz but she wanted me to sit with her. I undo my blue jean pants and put the ice pack on my Male Manhood. Then cover my open blue jean pants with my winter jacket so nobody can see that I was injured that with the lady's whip. I have to be careful because Philip will be watching and want to come out to assist me with my injury. The ice pack feels so good and i fall asleep like most of the other ladies. When i wake up the ice pack is not very cold any more and I ask the hostess for another. She is so nice to me and asked more about the bicycle accident thinking I was in a sports event. Naughty Natalie then tells the hostess the only sports that i am in is in the bedroom. Now that confuses the hostess because I am suppose to be only 14 years old. I politely tell the hostess not to listen to my older sister she is always trying to get me in to trouble. The hostess just smiles and returns to serving the food and drinks. Since the hostess will not serve me booze on the private plane, my older sister Liz spills her drink in to my cup then asks for a refill. After a few drinks and we are getting close to Winnipeg because the private jet has a good tail wing pushing the aircraft along faster. Liz decides to put her hands under my jacket to check how the ice pack is doing between my legs. I just look at her with a very concerned look on my face and she just smiles back at me with more of a silly ass grin. I think this is pay back for something that i have not done yet or was planning to do to her. The she motions me to look over at Philip which I do and he has a silly ass grin on his face too. the only thing that is saving my ass right no the private jet in the seats are only 2 seats side by side which Liz and I are sitting in. Then there is the walk way which is to get up and down the seat rows. Then one seat across beside the window. If the seats were 3 seats wide then Philip would be right over sitting beside and wanting put his hands under my jacket like what Liz is doing to me. just when it starts to get very uncomfortable with her hands making sure the ice pack is OK then the private jet starts to descend. that is such a nice feels because this trip is going to be over. I asked the hostess if I can keep the ice pack which she says no problem. I it is better to be polite and ask beside i did not think she would want the ice pack back after Liz had her hands all over it.

We arrive in Winnipeg and the private jet landed quickly with no delays but we can feel the cold in the aircraft. When the private jet stopped on the tarmac and the ground crew opened the door to the private jet. That is when we felt the cold Manitoba winter air which seemed colder then when we left. The limousine is waiting for us and i help the ladies off the private jet and in to the limousine because that is my job. There is support vehicle because there is not enough luggage with less passengers. The owner says everything was prepaid in Vancouver so she could not cancel the support vehicle. The Vancouver trip cost a lot of money but saved her name because the 3 of us did all the extra in preforming to save the shows. It was a quick ride in the limousine to the sex shop but is felt so cold because we got used to the rain. I help everyone out of the limousine and start the 67 Chevy to warm up. the owner was glad the truck started in the cold weather but she said it is all in the using the choke on the carburetor. We all agreed because the owner is very knowledgeable. Inside the sex shop she handed us the gift envelopes and we handed them back because we had fun. She then handed us and expense envelope and we said thank you. The owner was impressed when naughty Natalie handed in the Vancouver expense envelope because it was organized and detailed. Then the owner asked us for the address of the little apartment in Brandon which we thought was strange. She then told Liz to be at the little apartment on Thursday at 5pm for a delivery to be made. we were all surprised and said thank you. next the owner asked if we can come to Winnipeg for train next Friday night then do a one show in Edmonton Saturday night. Both ladies looked at me because i was counting 28 days in my head. Then i said yes which made the ladies happy. As we go to leave the owner says she will book our room the motel close by and taxi will be there Friday at 7pm like last time. Now we were excited because we did not have to ask dad to book with his credit card the room then we pay him back.


Hockey Cup

Naughty Natalie has no problems driving though Winnipeg in the Sunday traffic and we stop to call dad at the gas station on the edge of the city. I ask Naughty Natalie to ask dad to bring my hockey cup which I used during my 4 year hockey career of sitting on the bench as everyone else play the game of hockey. All Canadian fathers want their sons to play the national sport growing up in hopes of being on a great National Hockey League Team. The dads can watch their sons play on national TV on Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights on the CBC better known as the Communist Broadcasting Corporation. But i had no interest in hockey or any sports and became a professional bench warmer. Growing up in a small town of Alexander Manitoba I always got picked to be on a team because there was no one else. For 4 years dad would drive me to all the hockey events on the weekends and the practices during the week so i could put on my hockey equipment to walk from the change room and skate across the ice to the bench to sit and watch the game. In those 4 years i never had my skates sharpened because i never worn then out walking to and from the ice. Plus my hockey equipment was like brand new from sitting on the bench watching the game. After 4 years dad realized that any sports were not for me and let me work in the shop building lot of fun things that i tried to kill myself with. Now Naughty Natalie will ask dad for my hockey cup to protect my Male Manhood which i will use after the rough weekend I just had in Vancouver. I think my dad will be more proud of me not playing hockey and getting body checked in to the boards and have sports injuries. Plus not showering with a bunch of sweat guys after the hockey game. But to be a magician preforming shows across western Canada wearing a tux and top hat. Traveling in a private jet and sharing the shower and bed with 2 ladies that should be featured on the pages of Playboy Magazine. Yes i think my dad will be proud of me for not keeping with sports and pursuing a career as a magician. Naughty Natalie gets back in to the 67 Chevy and off we go to Shilo base to Liz's PMQ. It was decided to spend the night there because of the unlimited hot water. Naughty Natalie says dad will find your hockey cup and bring to supper tomorrow night. This is excellent because dad is buying supper because he has a Union meeting on Monday night.


Shilo Sunday Night

The trip down the rough Tans-Canada Highway to Shilo just about killed me and the ice pack was filled with snow a couple of time to cool the pain my Male Manhood was experiencing. Of course Liz helped me while Naughty Natalie drove. We arrive at the main gate to get on the Shilo base the guard comes and says he has not see us in a while which is true. Naughty Natalie tells the guard we have been working and no time to relax. The guard said that was good and asked what is the matter will me because I was not sitting comfortable and moving around. Liz told him I drink to much Pepsi and has to use the bathroom right a way. The guard then asked why we did not stop and so I could go pee beside the truck like everyone else. Naughty Natalie tells the guard that I do not like going pee in front of my older sisters. Then guard said we better getting going because we do not want him having an accident and pee his pants. Once again the ladies save the day and falling of my bicycle in the rain in Vancouver might open more question. We pull in to Liz's PMQ and there are no lights on and no fresh tracks in snow so we know nobody has been here while we were gone. The ladies are first to use the bathroom and we do not unpack the fancy outfits because they are kept at the little apartment because the Military Police known as the MPs do not need to know. One of the ladies got a hot bath going so i can sit and soak my Male Manhood to ease the pain. As I get in the bathtub Naughty Natalie is on the telephone chatting with dad to say we made it and are in Shilo in case he is looking for us. The hot bath felt so good and the ladies are in and out of the bathroom checking up on me. Liz hung a blanket where the bathroom door was kicked off. She was hoping it would have been fixed in the 2 weeks since we were last here because a bathroom door is important. When I think it is time to get out of the bathtub I hear voices which I think it is Tom and his wife. When I came out of the bathroom it is Tom and his wife stopped by for Sunday drinks. They are both glad we are healed up and doing a lot better. I know they did not just pop in for a visit because Tom brought his medical kits in the gym bag by the kitchen table on the floor. No one makes any mention of me being hurt or Tom is here to look at my Male Manhood which I am glad for. As I stand there pouring my own drink which I thought was strange because Liz always makes the drinks. That is when Liz pushes on my ass to have my body against the kitchen table. She did it so fast and is holding me there and I look down to see she also pulled my sweat pants down too. Now my male Manhood is resting on the kitchen table and everyone can see. I have now started my career as a professional drinker which means I can fall down a set of stairs and get run over my a Mack truck and not spill my drink. That is what I am doing now by holding the booze bottle in one hand and still trying to pour it in to the glass in my other hand. Plus I am so much shock from what has happened to me because i just can not believe what Liz has done to me. I just stand there as Tom moves closer to look at my bruised Male Manhood. I say to myself if he touches my Male Manhood I will be smashing this bottle of booze over his head like in the movies. It is OK for women to got the bathroom together and touch each other but men do not touch each or look at each other’s Male Manhood. Naughty Natalie is right there helping Tom and she is giving Tom all the information needed because she has experience with my Male Manhood. Now Naughty Natalie grabs the end of my Male Manhood between her thumb and index finger as if she is holding a Ritz Cracker by the edges because it is covered in cheese whiz. I think to myself maybe one booze bottle can be smashed over both of their heads. Of course Liz and Tom's wife are looking really hard at the inspection of my Male Manhood. When you think it can not get any worse, we heard the voice of the lead MP who let all 6 members in to the PMQ very quietly with their master key. The lead MPs says I should see a doctor because that looks pretty bad. I replied back that I just need more booze to take the pain away. What else I am going to say as a 14 year old little brother standing there with a bottle of booze and a glass half full. Once all the MPs had a good look at my Male Manhood, Liz pulled my sweat pants up then I finished pouring my stiff drink in the glass that I had been holding.

In front of everyone as I stood there I drank the glass of booze in one shot and sat down hoping this is the part where I just die because that was embarrassing what had just happened. I think I impressed everyone being so young and could drink the stiff glass of booze in one shot. Plus they are watching to see if I throw up what I just drank in one shot being young and not being able to handle my booze. Now Liz asked what they want this time and did the MPs miss us while we were gone. The lead MP gives Liz the standard search warrant which she now has a collection of them. Liz reads the paper then tells them not to do any damage because they still have not fixed anything they have broken in the past. The lead MP thought for sure the bathroom door would have been fixed by now. Liz tells them they broke maybe they should come by and fix it for us ladies. The lead MP did not say a thing then asked Liz where is her husband. Liz said the same thing she always says “the MP department knows more the her”. The the lead MP asked what happened to me and I replied I fell off my bicycle. Which the lead MP asked in Vancouver. I did not say anything. Then Liz asked the MP to leave and shut the door on the way out which they did. Now Tom and his wife can not believe it because every time they are over the MPs are stopping in for a visit. They ask “is because of them causing the MPs to stop by” and Liz says "no". The MPs think we are hauling drugs and his real mother works for the MP in the high upper department with high clearance. That really opened Tom and his wife eyes because the young 14 year old has a different mother. We all just smiled. Naughty Natalie is all quiet and is not acting like herself and we figure she might have jet lag and temperature change too. She tells everyone good night and goes to the bedroom. Tom and his wife were surprised again but the second bedroom is full of boxes because Liz and her husband are supposed to be transferred by now. Tom figures my Male Manhood is just bruised from falling off my bicycle in Vancouver which was because of all the rain. When it was getting too confusing and getting late Tom and his wife have one last drink before they walk home. Naughty Natalie has not come out of the bedroom so she must be sick plus the fact she had Liz's black robe on and never show anything skin at all.

We thanked Tom and his wife for coming for drinks and checking out my Male Manhood. While Liz uses the bathroom I check on Naughty Natalie and her fore head is hot and she is all covered up in bed so she must be sick. It was a big trip with outside temperature changes plus the time change too. Liz and I sit on the couch watching a VHS movie to unwind and relax. I thanked her for the most embarrassing moment in my life but at least we know it is only bruised again. Just as we get enjoying the VHS movie Naughty Natalie comes out of the bedroom and goes in the bathroom only to throw up. We can hear it all because there is no bathroom door just a blanket hang across the opening. I asked Liz how much she drank in booze and Liz replied "not much". I go and check on Naughty Natalie and she is sick and her forehead is hot. I then starting filling the bathtub up with hot water so she can soak and break the fever. When she was done being sick in the toilet she got in the bathtub and enjoyed the hot water by adding more. I kept putting the wet hot face cloth and on her forehead to help break the fever. Once Naughty Natalie was feeling better I dried her off and sent her to bed. Liz went to bed because she was tired too. I just finished cleaning the bathroom and shutting all the lights of so I can go to bed and the MPs show up again. I do not want to surprise them as I stand in the dark because they might shoot me. I told them to be quiet because the ladies are a sleep. They asked if Liz's husband was here and I replied like Liz in saying the MP department will know more. Then they checked out the PMQ again which I asked for the search warrant. They said the one they gave Liz early covers this visit too. I told them I do not think so and I will be writing this down on the time and number of people in this PMQ then mother will be getting this info. That is when they left quickly and quietly. When I go to the bedroom Naughty Natalie is on my side of the bed which is good in case she has to run to the bathroom very quickly. I crawl in the middle of the bed and fight with Naughty Natalie for some of the bed sheets. When she takes and uses the bed sheets you know she is sick because she is always wants to be naked and never covered up. Liz rolls over and shares her bed sheets with me and then says sorry for hitting with the whip. I then remind her that she still has to “kiss” it all better. Her reply was the sounds of snoring which I know she is faking because out of the 3 of us Naughty Natalie is the only one that snores.

It was a long night keeping and eye on Naughty Natalie to make sure she was not sick in bed and her fever did not get out of control. Liz did not sleep well either because with the MPs making two visits in one night. She thinks her husband might stop by for the best 5 minutes of married sex she has every had but he did not visit. We get up in the morning and Naughty Natalie feels a lot better which is good because she is never sick unless she is over served booze. Liz and I feel OK and hope we do not get sick like Naughty Natalie. She says she got sick from kissing bearded men in Vancouver. Now that made us laugh. After we have breakfast we drive to the Military Police Building to visit mother like I told the lead MP last night. For some reason we are not allowed past the front desk to visit mother. She will leave her office to visit us at the front counter. Mother is not that happy to see us and we have not seen each other in a while. I show mother the search warrant given to Liz while everyone got to see my Male Manhood on the kitchen table. Then I show mother my notes of the time and number of MP members that visited in the middle of the night. Mother did not see a problem until I point to the time and date on the search warrant. The search warrant expired at midnight and the second visit by the MPs was at 2:17am which is illegal entry and search was conducted. Mother was not impressed and Naughty Natalie tells mother what if we were having sex when they came back the second time. It could have ruined the chances of you becoming a grandmother. Now mother is mad and there is fire in her eyes. All she told us that she will make a copy of theses papers and then the MPs from Winnipeg will be doing another investigation like the wall slam. Liz told mother that is pointless because the MPs from Winnipeg said the visits would stop and all they did was increase. Mother is to the point where she about to hit her breaking point because the 3 of us are showing in a professional manner the wrong doings by the Military Police. Before mother loses it and has us arrested for something we have not done yet, we say good bye. As we walk out the door Naughty Natalie yells back to mother that she will remind dad to bring her DKs Fish and Chips home tonight. We swear mother threw something from the front counter at us and was yelling when we walked out the door to get in the 67 Chevy. As we drive over to drop Liz off at work, Liz asks what is DKs. I do not even get a chance to explain because Naughty Natalie and dad have been on the telephone lots and making plans. Naughty Natalie tells Liz that dad figures you are sad and will buy supper tonight at DKs Fish and Chips on 18th street in Brandon. Before the ladies got too excited about serving fish in the centre of Canada to someone from the east coast that might take it as an insult. The fish on the east coast is total different then the fish in the centre of Canada. Liz agreed being a true east coast person. Naughty Natalie said fish is fish is it not? Just add more tartar sauce to make it taste good. We all agreed that would work because I just did not want Liz to get her hopes up only to be disappointed again like her marriage.

We say good bye to Liz as we drop her off at work and head the Brandon to the little apartment to unload our luggage. We can not leave anything at Liz’s PMQ because the MPs are in and out all the time. Once we are done at the little apartment I drop Naughty Natalie off at work and head to work myself. It was a boring day at working listening to my co-workers talk about the strippers at the Keystone Motor Inn. Listening to “male pigs” talk about low class strippers in a bar that has been a dump for the last 20 years does not excitement. I was so glad to be done work and go to the little apartment to pick up Liz for supper. She had a boring day listening to her co-workers tell all the gossip stories on the Shilo base which she wants nothing to do with it. We drive to DKs Fish and Chips and dad and Naughty Natalie are there with a window table. Even sitting by themselves at the table waiting for us they are sitting side by side. We walk in DKs and you could smell the fish cooking and I looked at Liz to see what her facial expression would be. Liz had a nice facial expression which was good and she said it even smelled good. We sit down with dad and Naughty Natalie and they are ready to order because Naughty Natalie is starved from being sick last night. Dad reaches in his jacket pocket and hands me my hockey cup and the ladies all smiled. I then slide it in to my jacket pocket and thanked dad for finding it for me. Dad said it was packed in the boxes in the store room for the day you your son which is my grandson will be wearing the hockey equipment I never wore out sitting on the bench for 4 years. Then dad asked how my Male Manhood was and I told him fine. Of course he asked what Tom being a medic in the military thought of the bruises. That is when I looked at Naughty Natalie and said to dad that Tom said it will be fine. Naughty Natalie just smiled because she tells dad everything. I then asked Naughty Natalie if she told dad that I am no longer a “Virgin”. She replied back of course I told him we had sex twice today already. Now everyone laughed because that is the last thing my Male Manhood needs right now.

We order our food and Liz is hoping it is east coast fish and chips. All I know we have been coming here for years and it is good food and it is not frozen Captain Highliner. When the food comes it looks so good and smells so good too. Liz was very impressed at the taste and smell of the fish which said was so close to being back home. Plus she only used a little bit of tartar sauce while we just covered the fish because that is the way people in the centre of Canada eat fish. Now Liz very happy and in front of every one she asked if the tooth fair could visit tonight and I just smiled. Then dad ask who and what is the tooth fairy is and Naughty Natalie said she would explain to dad in the car. Dad said he will drive us to Winnipeg next weekend because he wants to visit his hot rod friends again and we all agreed dad needed another trip away from the pink house and mother. Liz warned dad that mother will be mad after this morning and dad said Naughty Natalie already told him. With supper done and it was time for dad to go to his Union meeting and Naughty Natalie is riding with dad to the collage and dad will drop her off when done. She will clean the rental SUV in the automotive shop while dad is at his Union meeting. The rental SUV is to go back because mother’s mini van is suppose to be done this week after a long time being repaired. Liz and I stop to rent some new VHS movies and the kid at the counter thinks Liz is Naughty Natalie. Liz just goes along with the kid because it is easier then trying to explain. We get some good VHS movies on a 3 day rental which OK but we can’t watch till Naughty Natalie returns because we have to watch them together. Not sure why because she always falls asleep in the first 10 minutes of the movie then has to re-watch the movie herself.

Back at the apartment we just get in the door and Liz turns around and hugs me tight and looks in my eyes and says thank you for all I have done to cheer her up. I told it was dad’s idea to go for DKs fish and chips which you seems to like. Liz says she enjoyed the fish because it was so close to being back home. Now we will have a new cafe’ to eat at when we go out for supper. Then she hugged me more and asked for the tooth fairy to visit. I said no problem and she gets the shower ready for the both of us. There is only so much hot water. If we shower now then there will be hot water when Naughty Natalie arrives back from helping dad. Now we have a quick shower then get the luggage put away. Liz arrived late at the apartment in time for me to pick her up. While she is having the tooth fairy visit I will put the luggage away. Liz and I clean each other in the shower quickly because there is only so much hot water. She need a man’s touch to help her with the tooth fairy visit plus my bruised Male Manhood needed a nice shower too. Once out of the shower we dry each other off and she heads to the bedroom to see if the tooth fairy has visited. She put a VHS movie in the player and turns on my little B&W TV so the neighbours do not hear the tooth fairy. I start working on unpacking and cleaning the fancy outfits for next weekend. I just about have everything done then I can hear the moans of enjoyment from Liz in the bedroom. I hope the neighbours do not complain but oh well. She told when the tooth fairy was done visiting I was to come and give the hugs she needed which I did. Only problem was Liz had a full body orgasm and it was almost 20 minutes before I could even touch her. I tried covering her with a blanket like Naughty Natalie did when Liz had her first full body orgasm playing the Mosquito game. Once I was able to hug Liz and hold her tight she said thank you because she need that. Naughty Natalie returning back to the little apartment woke us up. Of course she is mad because we watched a new VHS movie. We tried to explain to her that the VHS movie was only playing for back ground noise. Then Naughty Natalie was happy again. But once we restarted the VHS movie Naughty Natalie was the first to fall asleep which we teased her about it the next morning. The ladies made a note and taped it to the fridge about a delivery 5pm on Thursday. Liz is excited because she will be the first to see what is delivered.

When Thursday arrived and Liz was at the little apartment to accept the delivery which turned out to be a new big flat screen TV and VHS movie player. The owner had purchased these items as gifts to us because we would not accept the gift envelopes from her. Now I see why it was delivered because everything is so big and huge. There is no way we could have carried in to the little apartment. Liz had it all set up when Naughty Natalie and I arrived home to the little apartment. The ladies are all excited because it is a colour TV which I can not get excited being colour blind. Just as we are getting done admiring the new items the telephone rings and it is the owner. She is telephone to confirm the new items have been delivered. We all say thank you and now Liz talks to the owner. We have a performance in Edmonton Saturday night and we got offered a performance on Friday night. Are we interested and of course we are. The owner says we will fly late Friday afternoon to Edmonton and come back Sunday. Liz says this is great and dad will have the motel room and visit hot rod friends. The owner also suggested that dad drop us off at the private jet instead driving across the city then riding the limousine back to the private jet. Now that makes sense because the owner says we dress fast so there will be no delays. Philip will bring the tux and top hat and the ladies long black coats. This is excellent and will work out good for everyone. We are all happy to fly in our street clothes. Once Liz was done talking with the owner then Naughty Natalie had to telephone dad about the change of plans which dad thought was great and the new items gifted in the little apartment. She must have talked to dad too long because when she got off the telephone she said mother was in the back ground yelling dad’s real name “Henry”. That made us all smile because dad will be sleeping in his recliner again like he always does.

Now we relax and watch VHS movies on the new TV which took forever for the ladies to adjust the colour knobs to get the colour correct for their viewing. Plus I did not help any because when the VHS movie was paused for bathroom breaks or to get something to eat I turned all the colour adjusting knob back to zero to make the TV B&W. That did not impress the ladies at all. Not sure why we stayed up most of the night watching movies because we knew we just had a travel day. We all took the day off sick from work so we can recover in Edmonton in a fancy motel like we did in Vancouver. Dad picked us up and he was all excited because a weekend in Winnipeg and motel with a pool. Since we are his pool friends and will be in Edmonton. Dad has his hot rod friends coming by with their kids to enjoy the pool with him. It is a good thing Naughty Natalie cleaned the rental SUV the other night because dad still is driving it because mother’s mini van is still not fixed. Dad is also glad to because the rental SUV is 4x4 and there is a winter snow storm coming in tonight from the west. Having the rental SUV being 4x4 dad will be able to get around Winnipeg no problems. Of course Naughty Natalie is sitting up front with dad and Liz and I have the back sit again. Dad and Naughty Natalie could be our parents and we are the kids that just tag along because that is what is happening. Dad is excited because he bought the cassette tape of the Swedish pop group ABBA Super Trouper Album that he got for Xmas in 1980 from me. Now dad is really having a mid life crisis with rock and roll music while driving. Since we are Heavy Metal Music fans, the ABBA music it still good because the way it is written and preformed. Liz did not like the song “The Winner Takes it All” because it is about a marriage break up. To cheer Liz I told her the husband wrote the song for his ex-wife to sing and it became a classic hit plus he made his ex-wife sing the song in English. Now that she thought was funny plus I pointed out to her that band is huge around the world. Singing about your marriage break up is well worth the big money involve like us joking about everything. With that Liz needed a hug and dad since it in the rear view mirror. He told us to get a room and we replied “we do in Edmonton”. Now we all laughed because how many people our age travel this much.

We arrive in Winnipeg and dad drops us off at the hangar for the private jet which is also the business offices for the flying company. When we walked the people in the office were surprised to see the Heavy Metal Kids standing in front of them because they were excepting dancers that do not dress this way. Liz asked if they could call the sex shop to let the owner know we arrived. They said no problem plus we were early arriving which is better then being late. The flying company office was very concerned about the weather coming from the west and is glad the sex shop owner moved up the travel dates and times because this will work out better for everyone. Liz asked how long of a wait we had which they replied “an hour”. The ladies smiled and asked if we can borrow an office to change in to our magician outfits. The lady behind the desk showed us an office which we could use being a meeting room. This is excellent because it had a big table to lay clothes out on. The Heavy Metal Kids walked in to the office and came out as Dominatrices which surprised everyone. The ladies looked so good in the knee high black leather boots and black stocking and garter belt. The black corset laced up on the back with the black panties. As the ladies walk around to get the boots to set in and work the outfit they are slapping the whips across their one hand. This shocked everyone and asked how are these fancy outfits have anything to do with being a magician. Naughty Natalie explained we preform a show on stage which is an illusion and the audience thinks they seeing something but they are not seeing anything. Just as Naughty Natalie finished says that the hostess for the private jet walks through the door to begin her shift with us on the private jet. Now she was quite surprised because theses fancy outfits are usually covered with the long black coats but now she is seeing everything. We all say hello to her and she asks how I am doing after my bicycle accident in Vancouver which I replied “I am doing fine still sore”. The hostess smiled then checked in with the ladies behind the front counter.


The Alternate

They have the private jet out of the hanger and getting it ready so that means the limousine will be coming shortly. When the limousine arrives I take our luggage out to the private jet and return with the long black coats for the ladies to wear to get to the private jet. When we get on the private jet the owner is so happy that the ladies are ready and we are always thinking. Philip was happy to see me and I am too because I starting to like the guy as a friend. I did notice the pilot was helping load the luggage and taking note of the ladies getting in the private jet. After the hostess seat belted me in to the co-pilot seat I looked over at the pilot. He has his clip board out and a calculator and doing a bunch of figuring with numbers on a chart. Since I fly in a small plane for the company I work for I know a little bit about aviation. I asked the pilot if he is figuring the “alternate” which we fly to if we can not land in Edmonton. Using the correct aviation term catch the pilot off guard and he said he has and the storm we are traveling into tonight we will need lot of fuel because the winds. I then asked if Calgary was the “alternate” and he replied back with “Vancouver because the storm is covering Calgary too”. When you fly a private jet there are only certain airports that the aircraft can land at because it is a special type of aircraft. The small plane I fly around in for work, the “alternate” airport is the closest small airport or any road that the plane can land on and most times not safely. With everything figured out and he writes in his reports that the private jet is safe to fly. If the pilot did not do the math and double check everything with the aircraft and might be overloaded. Then if the private jet crashed due to lighting strike or getting hit by a UFO which is no fault of the pilot. The 2 year investigation by Canada Transport will find all wreckage and piece it all back together and blame the pilot for being two pieces of luggage over weight of 120lbs.

The private jet has clearance to take off for our flight to Edmonton and the pilot has us airborne in no time. Flying to Edmonton is the same as flying to Calgary which means only one beverage drink served to the ladies in the back. The pilot is chatting on his headset to the control tower a lot compared to all other trips. This concerns me with my limited flying experience. When flying in the small plane for the company I work for and the pilot is chatting a little to much to the control this usually means we are lost again when flying or we are about to crash again. I just watch the pilot and I watch the dash of the private jet because I am learning. The more you learn the better off you are in life. Now the pilot brings the private jet down in to Edmonton to land but we can not see anything because all the blowing snow and wind. The pilot is playing with all the knobs on the dash of the aircraft and chatting lots to the control tower on the headset. In theory the pilot should bring the private jet out of the skies and when the blowing snow clears the runway is in front of us or a bunch of trees because he missed locating the runway with the gauges on the dash. This is a common problem I have been in with the pilot of the small plane that I fly around in. Flying at night the pilot would get lost by not following the gauges on the dash then when we came in to land on to the runway in the rain or snow. The odds were very high that we are not at a runway because he made a mistake. Now the small plane needs full power to get out of where we are and find the nearest runway or road or flat spot to land. The private jet will have the best gauges and trained pilot so landing will not be a problem. Once on the runway it was all the snow drifts across and rough when hitting them with the wheels of the aircraft. The next tricky part is to find the turn off to take us to the hangar. We just about missed the snow covered road because we are high up in the private jet and there is so much blowing snow. I help the pilot follow the road and we can not see anything and nobody can see us other then the control tower is talking to us. We were so happy to get some protection from the wind and blowing snow from the hangars. But it was still hard to see where to go and the snow is deep. The pilot is chatting on the head set steady so everyone knows where we are because we do not. As we come up to the hangars the doors are open on one hangar that the limousine usually picks us up and drops us off. The pilot tells me he is going to try and driving in the hangar because we will get stuck in the snow outside. The ground crew has the hangar doors open and we drive in. The big snow drifts slows the aircraft down and the pilot is in full control to park the private plane inside. Now he has to cool the engines down then shut them off. The ladies are so glad to be on the ground and inside a building to get off the private jet. If the pilot had parked outside in the deep snow then the aircraft would be stuck and next to impossible to get moving. Plus the brakes on the wheels are not hot and packed with snow which will freeze solid. The ground crew is having great fun trying to shut the big doors of the hangar in the wind and snow. I do not see a limousine but the pilot says it is coming behind the airport plow truck. The airport plow truck made one pass for the limousine to pull up to the hanger to get us. As I start to get the ladies ready to leave the private jet the owner calls over the hostess and the pilot. The pilot tells her after we landed they closed the airport because of the storm and we might be storm stay at least 2 days because it is the storm of the century.

The owner was not to concerned because a snow storm and stormed stayed means she has a chance to make money. She reaches in to her hand bag and get an expense envelope for the hostess. Then tells her that she seen the storm was coming so the envelope is a lot bigger for your expenses and then she thanked them for getting us to Edmonton. The owner then made a comment is if we could not land here then we would end up in Calgary. The pilot corrected her in saying the storm is in Calgary too so we would have to fly through to Vancouver and that is why he was checking the luggage to make sure his weights and fuel were correct. The owner the ask why did he even bother to land here in a snow storm when a little rain in Vancouver is better then this. We all smiled because the owner is a good business woman. She says good bye to the hostess and pilot telling them we will chat on Saturday. I have all the ladies in the limousine and the ground crew has all the luggage in the limousine too. The driver has to drive aggressively in the limousine to get through all the snow but now he has the weight of all us of in the limousine now goes through the snow a lot better. I thought we made good time to the building where we are preforming tonight. The owner says food and drinks will be served for all of us. Of course the 3 plate of our special food was set aside for us. The food tasted so good and we enjoyed it. The ladies get to help me get ready and the make up person arrives. It will be the full beard and mustache and chest hairs because that worked good in Vancouver. Once I have all my make up on I can get dress in my tux and top hat. I make sure to put my hockey cup in the front of my silk underwear and my ladies say it looks good. I told them to remember I am still injured from last weekend so be gentle. My ladies laughed because now they will push the limits. We have no idea where we are but we do see some military uniform people walking around. This does not excite Liz because finding her husband in the military is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Plus we are her to preform a magic show and never see the audience anyways with the bright lights. Liz was nice enough to sneak me a stiff vodka drink to relax me going on stage. Naughty Natalie is not worried and is so relaxed but upset because the owner asked her to wear safety pins so her panties do not fall off.

Liz and I go out and the audience is clapping for us right off the start so that means it is a good crowd. We arrived late and the owner did not get a chance to walk through the audience to get a feel of the crowd. We are lucky to even make it here the snow storm of the century. The show is going well and everyone is pleased. The other ladies are not in to the cocaine like in Vancouver which makes for a good working environment. After Naughty Natalie does her show the owner requested my ladies finished the show with me in my underwear. Which we all agree to because we are having fun and the audience was clapping and enjoying the show right from the start. When we were finished with several extra gentleman’s bows and English lady curtsey we come off the stage. As we start walking to change our clothes so we can head to the fancy motel. The owner calls our names so we stop to look over at her. The owner brings Liz’s husband over to meet us. Now Liz just hugs him and gives him lots of kisses. Now I am standing there is my silk socks and underwear and if her husband watched the show he would have seen his wife do bad things to me. Her husband asks Liz which fancy motel we are staying at and we all looked at the owner and she told him. Then her husband says he will stop by and shakes my hand and say thank you for “taking care” of my wife. OK is all I said back to him. Naughty Natalie says good bye to him and Liz is so happy. We did not take long to change in to our street clothes because it has been a long day. Then we all get in the limousine for the ride to the fancy motel but the limousine was stuck in the deep. We all got out of the limousine and pushed the vehicle through the deep snow till it was able to move it’s self. Then we all got back in to the limousine and off to the fancy motel. It was the same thing as Vancouver with a dressing room set up on the main floor which most of the ladies left their luggage there. We got our room key for a basic room with one bed was on the second floor and off we went. The owner and Philip said they will stop by when finished in the dressing room. No problem we will have everything ready.


No Lubrication

Once in our motel room and the ladies get the outfits ready for tomorrow's show while I duct tape the mini bar fridge and take control of the motel room. Naughty Natalie has ordered the pizza with lot of pineapples and Liz has poured the drinks. There is a knock at the door and it is Liz’s husband. He is very rude and says he is only here for a short quick visit because his ride is waiting to taken him back to where he is staying. We looked at Liz and this is not good because he wants quick sex and Liz needs long enjoyable sex. They start talking but not as love birds but as a married couple and how things must be obeyed. Naughty Natalie and I say we will have a long shower while they figure things out. We are in the bathroom and do not have the shower running yet and it is just the noise from the exhaust fan. All bathroom exhaust fans make noise even when brand new. We hear Liz screaming plus the sounds of someone getting hit several times which does not sound good at all. Naughty Natalie says that is the shortest 5 minutes she has ever heard and I told even shorter if they are having married sex. She opens the door of the bathroom and Liz’s husband walks passed and out the motel room door. Now we both walk to the bed where Liz is crying and screaming about a rape and is confused. Those are the words you never want to hear. I told Naughty Natalie we have to get her out of the bed in to the shower because she must feel clean again. The only problem is Liz is in shock and her body is just trembling. Plus I told Naughty Natalie to be careful because I do not think Liz’s husband gave her a pearl necklace tonight. We get Liz up and off the bed and in to the bathroom. Her body has gone limp and her uncontrollable crying is making it hard to deal with her, Naughty Natalie gets the shower going and makes it hot. We struggle to get Liz in the shower but she will not let go of me. She is holding me so tight her finger nails have dug in to the shin on my back causing blood to flow down my back and on to the floor of the shower plus I watch my blood flow towards the drain. Naughty Natalie is washing Liz down with lots of soap to feel clean because she feels guilty and dirty from what has happened to her. Liz is not responding but just hugs me tighter and her finger nails are drawing more blood which I can see in the water flowing to the drain. Naughty Natalie gets called a way to get the pizza that has now arrived. I asked her to changes the sheets on the bed because Liz must feel clean. With Naughty Natalie gone I now wash between Liz’s legs to make her feel clean again. Liz will not even attempt to do it herself. I use lots of soap and wash it well. I can tell that she is hurting between her legs by the way she moves in pain when I use the cloth to wash it all away. Once she was clean and started feeling clean. Her crying started to slow down and she was starting to get control. When I washed her clean between her legs she was biting my shoulder and I never felt a thing. Now there is a lot of red water flowing towards the drain in the shower and some of it is Liz’s blood. We stood in the shower and let the water wash us clean. I just had my head on Liz’s shoulder watching our blood flow down the shower drain. Then Naughty Natalie returned and I asked her to get my sweat pants, tee shirt, duct, panties and pantie liners. Naughty Natalie seen the red water and knew it was just not me. When she returned to the bathroom she helped me get Liz out of the shower and dryer her off. We dressed Liz in my sleeping clothes because Liz will not want anything to do with anything sexy including her black silk robe that her husband bought her. We help Liz out of the bathroom in the bedroom of the motel room. We were glad to have this room at a time like this. Liz is in a state of shock and she lies in bed on her side all curled up. Naughty Natalie covers her with the bed sheets and we leave a light on in the bedroom for comfort.

Now we are in the bathroom fixing what Liz did to me using the pantie liners and duct tape. We just get finished and the owner and Philip are at the door for drinks and pizza. Naughty Natalie lets them in and they sit around the kitchen table that this room has. Naughty Natalie pours the drinks and Philip is upset because too much booze was poured for him. Naughty Natalie corrected the too much booze problem by drinking it right out of Philip glass straight. That impressed the owner and shocked Philip. Now I join them at the kitchen table wearing Liz’s black silk robe which impressed Philip and shocked the owner. Then everyone laughed. The owner asked where Liz was and assumed with her husband. Naughty Natalie told everyone that Liz is in the bedroom recovering from the 5 minutes of married sex she just had. Now that made the owner laugh because it is more like 3 minutes and that includes removing your clothes. We all laughed and had a drink. The owner stopped by to keep us posted that we are officially snow storm stayed which is OK because we all need a break to relax. She tells us not to worry because with a snow storm like it opens up more work because other entertainers can not make the bookings for the shows so we take their place. The owner hopes the snow storm last for at least 4 days because we will all make good money and of course we drink to that. Now Naughty Natalie is pointing at me and my legs. It appears that I have been giving Philip a few sneak peaks of what is between my legs. A black silk robe on a women is designed for a tease because the material is slippery and will slide of to expose a sneak peak or be in the form of being sexy. As a man I can not cross my legs and sit because that is what men can not do plus my Male Manhood has been well bruised. The black silk robe will not stay in one spot and keeps sliding down and I end up putting a pillow on my lap before Philip could not take any more of my sneak peaks. The owner says it is time to go after enjoying pizza and drinks. and will be in touch with us in the morning. She thanked us for a good show tonight. She likes the room and it is cheaper the Vancouver with more features. We asked where they are staying in the fancy motel and Philip gave us the pass card to the upper floor. The owner says she got a good deal for the whole upper floor at half price. Now that is why she is a good business woman.

After they leave I have an extra stiff drink because in their eyes I am still the 14 year old little brother. We finish our drinks and go to bed with Liz. I told Naughty Natalie not to hug her and when she is ready she will hug us. I got in the middle of the bed and was hugging Naughty Natalie because in theory she is my girlfriend for the last 2 years. Liz rolls over and moves up tight to us and hugs my back with her arms reached to include Naughty Natalie. As she squeeze us tight she says thank you and I reply back that is why we were asked to “take care” of her. We seem to fall in to a deep sleep and in the morning we woke up with Liz still hugging us tight. Naughty Natalie asked what happened and Liz made no attempt replying back to her. Then I told her what had happened. Liz’s husband came here to have quick sex with his wife since it has been a long time. Seeing his wife on staged dressed in the fancy outfit got him extra excited. Then coming here thinking that he is going to give his wife the best 5 minutes of married sex because the vehicle is waiting to give him a ride back to where he is staying. Once on the bed Liz was not ready and her water was not turned on because she was not teased. With no lubrication caused Liz to scream in pain because it hurt so much which turned off any chance of water for lubrication. Her husband did not stop because he needed this and had to finish as a typical male. As the pain increased for Liz she had a flash backs to when she was raped because her husband was not stopping. When the pain got to much for her she started hitting him to stop. He is trained in the military to kill and he is now being attacked and hit by someone he loves. This confuses him because he is caught between two worlds. He finished his part of having sex because he is typical male. Once he is done he left the room which Naughty Natalie got to see. Leaving was the smartest thing he did because he is confused because he hurt the woman he loves. He loves her because he did not hit her back when she was hitting him. We were able to help Liz by washing everything away because Liz felt guilty and dirty. The shower helped her feel clean plus holding me that gave her the strength to get control. But Liz had to hold me by her own choices and did not push me away because she need me for her own strength to recover. Now both ladies have tears in the their eyes and hug me tighter. Liz does not say anything for a long time because she is caught like her husband between two worlds. She is remembering the rape and now the pain her husband has just put her through.

We ordered room service for breakfast and will relax today while it is still a snow storm outside. Dressing for tonight’s performance will start early because the limousine will take longer to get through the snow packed street. Liz wants to preform tonight and her outfit is designed for the use of a pantie liner. I have to keep my shirt on because I am still bleeding. When Liz seen what she did and she asked why I did not push her way or stopped her I just told her I never felt a thing because you needed me more then the pain I felt. Once again I am now wounded on my back and bleeding and this will be a long time to heal. Liz will bleed for a while like me because her husband did damage that can only be healed with time. Now Naughty Natalie just smiles at both of us moving around in the motel room because we are both very sore between the legs. When Liz was squeezing me tight in the shower my Male Manhood was in the wrong position and got bruised some more which makes it painful to do anything.

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