MAY 2004




          I hope I did not leave in to much shock over the fact I did a project with one hand or the fact that the Table of Truth boys have done more. Now I’ll finish with the hauling the equipment to town which was not that much of an adventure compared to the whole project.


          Once again buddy Barry is out to help me haul my equipment or collectibles to Lynn Lake, Mb. It seems that Barry is always involved in these crazy projects but I think he likes the fact that he gets to drive down main street Lynn Lake, Mb. This way he get to wave at all the ladies who stop to look at my collectibles he is hauling. After taking a couple weeks of and letting my hand heal up a bit, we decided to haul my equipment to town. During this time the equipment has frozen into the ground due to a melt followed by a freeze, this is not good. So after struggling to free the equipment, I get Barry to drive my loader towing the Linn Tractor on a very short chain. This way the Linn Tractor can pull the Northwest Dragline and the loader will do the steering. Great plan on paper, I think we bounced off ˝ the trees on the 5 mile trail through the bush to the highway. I doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a little loader can’t keep a powerful Linn Tractor straight or get it to follow right behind the loader. But this is no problem we have done crazier things before and more to come. We made it to the highway where we load the equipment on Barry’s semi trailer which turned out to be more fun then we planned on.


          Barry had just bought this removable neck lowbed and we were just learning how it works and how is the best way to load equipment. The Northwest Dragline was the first piece of equipment to be loaded for the trip to town. The Northwest Dragline was mounted on the steel skid with a tree skidder axle on the back for wheels with the purpose of easy loading. Wrong, we ended up building and stacking blocks to make a ramp up to Barry’s lowbed which is not very low. When we finished with a ramp that the Northwest Dragline could actual make it up on the not so lowbed trailer, Evil Knievel could have used this ramp to jump the Grand Canyon. This is just a minor problem for us in the great white north because when we go to town to drop the Northwest Dragline, Barry’s wallet was lost. This is not good because Barry has a visa that has to finance this venture. After looking everywhere in the semi, I ended up paying for supper with my empty beer bottles. When we got back to the equipment we searched everywhere and didn’t find his wallet. This is very terrible, the project could come to an end due to lack of funding. I have made it this far over four years with a cost of $20 000.00. And to come so far and not finish due to a lost visa was not going to happen.



         When we get back to the equipment we searched every where for the lost wallet but with a snow storm coming we must get this equipment loaded and to town. To load the Linn Tractor on Barry’s not so low lowbed, it took three times to get it on the lowbed. The first two times I drove the Linn Tractor off the side of the trailer due to the Linn Tractor skis not grabbing anything on the deck of the trailer to steer. The third time we hooked a chain on the front of the Linn Tractor and to the semi truck and this kept the Linn Tractor straight enough to load. This was the very last time I have ever loaded the Linn Tractor on any semi trailer. After soiling too many pairs of underwear, I had a custom trailer built for moving Linn Tractors, which makes loading very easy.


          Barry and I haul everything to town and get finished in time for breakfast at the café. After working all night, we were pretty hungry and of course the boys at the Table of Truth are 20 questioning us on what we were doing last night. They could not believe we got every thing from Eager Dam to my museum type yard. Well, when I say I’m going to do something, I get it done and sometimes Barry has to finance the venture on the visa. After getting the equipment home and inspecting it to see what I got. I find out that these two pieces of equipment are very unique and were worth salvaging.


          D7 Caterpillar is a 4T with a softnose, which means it has a brass top and bottom radiator tanks. This is very rare because Caterpillar only made cast iron tanks on there Cats.


          Northwest Dragline was owned by the Springfield Municipality by Winnipeg, Mb because their name is painted on the side of the machine. The dragline is about a 1935 because of the numbers on the Twin City gas motor. The machine is also very unique in the fact that the passenger side of the machine is not sloped for the operator to see but has a store room built on that side for parts.


          In the spring, Barry went looking for his wallet out at Eager Lake and found it on the trail under some trees branches. So we are back in the adventure business now that we have the finance department back.


          Also a very interesting note to make on these two machine from Eager Dam, is a welder by the name of Jack, working at the dam site during construction. He welded his name on the track pad of each machine, something you do see very often.



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