JULY 2005

CURSE OF REVERSE                                   PART TWO

        So now after all the problems I have had on the most expensive cat in the KINGDOM, the second test drive failed too. The rear main seal on the engine let loose and started dumping oil in to the bell housing which is real good for the clutch and starter. This is no big problem to repair, only have to pull the motor out and change it. But the little shop in the KINGDOM doesn't have an over head lift so it must be done outside on a warm day. The warm day arrives which is only -25C and out comes the motor and the seal is repaired. Someday I’ll get a bigger shop so I don't have to enjoy Mother Nature so much. Now we already for the 3rd test drive and I’m very confident about this drive thru the town next door to the KINGDOM.

         Well this test drive was an embarrassment, just like the last 2 times, so now the boys at the cafe TABLE OF TRUTH really have something to talk about. The injections pump decided to malfunction and make the engine run like crap. But oh well, I was able to get the td-6 known as REVERSE back to the KINGDOM. Now the injection pump must be sent south to be repaired and that is more money and I’m running out of empty beer bottles. Southern Belle and I sit in my little shop looking at the MONEY PIT called REVERSE and we decided to change the name of this cat to make it more realistic. We chose the name “CURSE OF REVERSE” and the fellow in Australia confused that he had the local aboriginals do a voodoo dance on the gear he had sent to me. Well that explains why everything has gone wrong including the condo the mice had built in the rad which was above the antifreeze level so when the engine started, the condo was plugging everything. In all my years of working on collectables, I have never seen that. The curse was defiantly on this poor little cat. But more was to come.

Since this td-6 was the most expensive cat in the KINGDOM I decided any jobs that come up he would be first to go to make the money to replace the empty beer bottles that I have invested in to him. Well the call came to go and pull a broken bombardier of the biggest lake around here known as Reindeer Lake. It was a simple job, load up the cat and travel the next day to Kinoosoa, Sk and pull the bombardier off the lake and return home. Wrong the morning we were suppose to have left, the CURSE OF REVERSE wouldn't start. So after beating my head against the wall on why he wouldn't start, I get mad and use a fancy loader and put him in the little shop sideways thru the door so I didn't have to remove the d6 9u known as THE HOOD. I phone up to Reindeer Lake and talk to the locals and tell them I won't be up. They are glad because a surprise snow storm has hit and it is good thing you are not here because you would be storm stayed. I think to myself “boy I’m I lucky” and it is all do to the CURSE OF REVERSE and his moods.

Next job for the CURSE OF REVERSE is to rescue the d6 9u that broke a steering 6 miles out on Reindeer Lake but this is after he hauls all the freight to Tate Island Lodge. So the CURSE OF REVERSE must earn his keep for being the most expensive cat in the KINGDOM. Hauling the freight was no problem considering that one sleigh weighed 32 000 lbs and the CURSE OF REVERSE weighs in at 8000 lbs so he had to work a little harder on that pull. Once the freight was delivered we put the hammer down to get the d6 9u off Reindeer Lake before the ice melts. So with all the empty sleighs behind him and Southern Belle and the KING at the controls the d6 9u known as THE HOOD we made good time across the lake. But the CURSE OF REVERSE did it no problem. So now the little cat only had to load all the equipment at Kinoosao on the semis for the trip back to the KINGDOM. This went rather well until the track popped off from being too loose and only took an hour to reinstall, that idler tightener will be fixed for sure for next winter. Then on the low bed with the other 2 cats so he had to ride sideways on to fit. Only in the great white north you can do this.

Since the CURSE OF REVERSE is a winter freighting cat, he would not see any use during the summer months but this year was an exception. My buddy Barry dropped off a couple of HUGE loads of gravel for around the yard. But I had to move the piles and make the yard smooth for all the guests that visit the KINGDOM. So of all the cats in the KINGDOM, I chose the CURSE OF REVERSE for the landscaping job since I must have the most return for my dollar. The little cat worked very well on moving the gravel which surprised me since he caused me the most grief this past winter. Next winter will be less time in the shop and more on the Cat Train Trails.