JULY 2005


CURSE OF REVERSE                                    PART ONE


On this Cat Train Newsletter I would like to tell you about the most expensive cat in the "KINGDOM" which is the td-6 known as "CURSE OF REVERSE". Yes a little td-6 is the most expensive cat, not the ones that were salvaged from a water grave. Hard to believe but it is true.

The story begins with the salvaging of the KOMMUNIST KAT on the Double J adventures which was a 4 part cat train newsletter and that cat need parts. So a couple minutes on the internet and a fellow with the handle Diesel Doctor said his uncle had a parts cat in his shed. So on the southern tour in 2004 I met up with Diesel Doctor and went for a quick look at this td-6 sitting in the shed. Well it was a very nice cat and only been sitting for 12 years because it had no reverse gear. When I asked what happened to the reverse gear, the story was simple. They drilled a new water well in late fall and the well drilling truck had gotten stuck in the mud from the new well. So the little td-6 came out of the shed to pull the water well truck out. So after everything was unstuck the little cat was put back in the shed for the night. In the morning the owner wanted to level out the muddy ruts from the water well truck but it had froze that night and so did the tracks on the td-6. When the owner put the td-6 into reverse and tried to move the little cat the reverse gear teeth all fell off in to the bottom of the trans. So since Diesel Doctor was related to the owner, he was called to fix the trans and get the little cat up and working again. Well Diesel Doctor looked high and low for a gear but none could be found and nothing changed over to another gear.

So after 12 years of indoor storage the KING OF OBSOLETE arrived with a pocket full of cash to buy this nice cat missing reverse gear, it simple I cashed in my empty beer bottles. So when I seen this cat with his tracks right full of mud and the top off the transmission I thought it would be a good cat. Wrong this is where the fun now begins or the long with an endless amount of money from the money tree begins. All we had to do is loaded it on my semi and head north to the "KINGDOM" but the Gods had other plans. Yes other plan which is hard to believe but it is true. So we borrow a big 980 caterpillar front end loader to load the little cat because the farm yard was too small for the semi to get in there. So with the little cat in the bucket of the front loader, we head down highway # 6 to Ashern, Mb to where the semi is awaiting. This was a simple plan to load the td-9 known as BAD BUSINESS on the front of the semi trailer, then a DUAL STACK td-18 motor, then Southern Belle’s furniture and the little td-6. but the GODS had other plans by making it rain so hard in Lynn Lake, MB that the 300 km of road to the town was taking about 8 hours in a 4x4 truck. So with this information I knew that Southern Belle's little shitbox car would not make the so called road. I make a management decision and remove the little td-6 from the semi load of collectable and put her little shitbox on the back of the trailer. A decision like that is rewarded with lots of cuddling on the couch but the main thing is a safety issue. The cost to have the shitbox car towed of that terrible road is more then what the car is worth.

So now the little td-6 cat is sitting in Ashern, Mb awaiting for me to return from the great white north to load him up and bring him north to the "KINGDOM" where he will be come a true winter freighting cat. The little cat has to wait almost 2 months before the GODS permit such a trip but it was quite a trip, we called it the loose ends tour because a lot was done in a short time. Now the little td-6 arrives in the KINGDOM to a warm snow on the ground welcome in October 2004 after traveling on the so called road the day before in the pouring rain. So I unload the little cat and then start to get him ready to be a winter freighting cat that he will become famous for. But first I must lighten him up; when I bought him he had a MAYO OVERSHOT loader which is a bucket or blade that will go right over the operators head to dump behind the cat. Good idea until they invited workers compensation board and the right to refuse dangerous work. Plus a blade system with hydraulics like that on winter freighting is like having cement shoes. So out comes the 72" manly torch and lighten up this little cat to make a winter freighting cat. Once all the crap as I call it was cut off the little cat was given the name "REVERSE" because of the reverse gear missing all the teeth. Then he would have to wait 3 month before he would be in the warm shop to be made in to a winter freighting cat.

So diesel doctor could not find a gear with in reason in southern Manitoba but the KING OF OBSOLETE found one in Australia in under 10 minutes on the internet. Which only cost me cheese whiz because they don't have any in the land down under. The little problem we had was it only takes about a month for something to be shipped to or from Australia so one must not be in a hurry. I think the shipping companies make a big deal about 1/2 way around the world. The computer makes the world a very small world.

So the week of xmas 2004 the td-6 was made in to a winter freighting cat by getting a windshield, moving the hydraulic tank, small hydraulic cylinders to replace the heavy ugly ones and of course the manly tail which all my cats have for when they sink thru the ice for easy recovery. On the first test drive I must of course terrorize the people in the town beside the KINGDOM. Well he ran like crap and I thought I would be walking home. Once home I popped the cylinder head off the find that water had gotten down the exhaust stack pitted the valves. So no big wow, whip the head off and send it south for repairs, wrong the machine shop says the head is scrap metal. This is not good. now I have 2 td-6in the shop apart waiting for parts( Kommunist Kat has his final drive apart) so on the telephone I go and find a parts cats in Riverton, Mb which is close enough my scrap truck to haul back to the KINGDOM. After I made the deal I got thinking that the last 2 times I have bought site unseen I ended up with boat anchors. So now do I own my 3rd boat anchor for a boat I don't own????????? Well when the scrap truck arrived I was relieved to see the MYSTERY PARTS CAT with all the parts I needed. So it was back to work on the td-6 know as REVERSE.

I put the MYSTERY PARTS CAT head on the cat known as REVERSE and went for another test spin. Well that didn't last long and back to the shop the little cat went. More to come on the td-6 known as the CURSE OF REVERSE in the cat train newsletter.