MAY 2004


    Well my proofreader Mark asked me why I told the story of the Crunch Family in the last issue of the CAT TRAIN NEWSLETTER, he figures that the Crunch Family is a book on its own. I had to tell about Captain Crunch and his SINGLES COOL exhaust so then in this issue the readers can enjoy some of the humour and facts about the International TD-18 freighting cat with the DUALS RULE exhaust stacks.

    The International TD-18 is the biggest freighting cat in its time and I always wanted to own one. I enjoy watching the movie BEYOND THE STEEL which is the town of Lynn Lake, Mb moving from Sherridon, Mb in the dead of winter over years 1950 to 1953. What a sight to see the International TD-18 with the Dual Stacks blowing the exhaust fog straight up into the cold winter air. I wished I was born 50 years sooner so I could enjoy the power of the Dual Stack machine plus be on that 180 mile haul. The International TD-18 was capable of pulling five freighting sleighs with 10-15 tons payload per sleigh. Now that is power and I got to get me one of these cats for my winter freighting. Then I was given the Kip Thompson Collection which has three International TD-18 in state of repairs. This is no big problem but the TD-18s are only 500 km away and only access is by train or winter road. So I have to have a DUAL STACK TD-18 more than anything because I must out do that Captain Crunch fellow with his International TD-14 named Thirsty. Off to Ilford, MB, to get one of the TD-18 from the Kip Thompson Collection and that turned in to an adventure in its own right. A one week project turned in to a three week nightmare do to the railroad and the Red Army but we had fun and I paid big bucks for this misadventure too.

    The TD-18 that I brought home from Ilford, Mb, I gave it the name DUALLY just to upset Captain Crunch even more. Now I must get this DUALLY up and running for Iím on a mission to prove to Captain Crunch that DUALS RULE. But I spent all money on the misadventures with the railroad and the Red Army. No problem, my cup of coffee is always Ĺ full as I have been saying all my life. I figured this DUALLY shouldnít be that hard to get running, it has only been 16 years and it is only seized. When I was in Ilford, MB, I put old diesel full down the DUAL STACKS and kept topping it up as it seeped into the engine. The way I figure it, this is the way the rain water went so the diesel will follow the same route I hope. I was right and three days after I arrived home from Ilford, MB, the engine was turning over. Not bad I would say, but it is not the first time I have unseized rusted engines.

    Now I must tease poor Captain Crunch over the fact that I have the biggest freighting cat of its day with the DUAL STACKS and I didnít waste my time on those wimpy TD-14s. I posted the pictures of DUALLY on the Red Power web site and the bickering begins. Captain Crunch has to get the whole Crunch Family involved on this one because DUALS are every school boyís dream. Well I got something started now, so I better get DUALLY up and running for more ammunition against the Crunch Family. I bust my butt on trying to get DUALLY running so meantime I give Captain Crunch the gears about his SINGLE STACK. When I did get DUALLY running on the gas side of his diesel engine, I just about burnt my little shop down with the flames coming out of the DUAL STACKS. What a sight to see! DUAL STACKS throwing 8 inches of flames as I round around with the garden hose wetting down the ceiling in my shop. That was a very exciting time to see that big engine come to life and hear the DUAL STACKS for the first time. Now I must get it to run on diesel for "feel the thunder" sound that this machines are known for.

    Then on a cold minus 40C day in January, 2004, DUALLY ran for about one minute on diesel with the sound music coming from the DUAL STACKS. But then it was over because an exhaust valve broke off which is not a very good thing to happen to an engine. As usual I look on the bright side of things. Now I get to remove the cylinder heads and see if there is any damage to the cylinder walls from being seized. To my surprise the cylinder walls were in excellent shape and I was glad I did get to remove the heads even under a little misfortune. I sure would not want this to happen out in the middle of a lake, 60 miles from home on the second week in April. DUALLY weighs in at 26,000 lbs so to drag him home I would need a pretty big cat or the Linn Tractor but if all else fails I think Captain Crunch would come with the TD-14 named THIRSTY and help me out. I hope because that would be at least two CAT TRAIN NEWSLETTERS right there on the rescue mission with the Crunch Family. The poor kids who have no hair would have to wear hair wigs so they donít freeze.

    Right now I have the cylinder heads in Winnipeg, MB at a machine shop being repaired and just have to wait for the money tree to blossom again for the work to continue. In the meantime I have been stripping down the second TD-18 from Ilford, Mb which has been given the name TD-18x2. To get the TD-18x2 from Ilford, Mb to Lynn Lake, Mb is another CAT TRAIN NEWSLETTER which Iíll be writing shortly. I hope to have DUAL everything for winter freighting, Linn Tractors, TD-18s, D6 9Us and there will only be one FAMOUS BLACK CAT but his partner will be a TD-9 known as DIESEL (the confused TD-9 with his tracks on backwards). As for Captain Crunch, he is suffering from SINGLE STACK EXPOSURE and has no plans for adding another cat with THIRSTY. Also I have been tormenting the Table of Truth boys with the DUALS RULE but they have done it all before with quad stacks. Oh well! Never be able to out do those boys, that is why I donít go for coffee at the cafť.