MAY 2004


    Once again to recap what has happen in the last CAT TRAIN NEWSLETTER. We went to Laurie River Hydro Dam to haul logs with the Cat Train but we went there on promises from a fellow we will call Mr. Lip-gloss because he was a silver tongue fellow.

    After arriving at Laurie River Hydro Dam in the extreme temperatures of minus 40C plus we get ready to make winter roads and haul logs with the sleighs. Mr. Lip-gloss had sent us maps and locations of where the wood was located in the bush so this should not be a problem. Wrong what a problem this turned out to be, the wood was not where the map said it would be and was not even close. Of course it is the week of Christmas and there is no one to call so the search is on for the missing wood piles. For those of you who have never had anything to do with logging, the best way to explain finding anything in a logging cut area is to say MOUSE MAZE. I spent about a day ski-dooing around looking for the wood piles I was to haul. I GPS the piles and the next day I drove the Famous Black Cat threw the bush wacking down the small trees. I had to build a Cat Train Road which is a road of least resistance and no plowing up the tree stumps. I made my new Cat Train Road which looked very impressive for my first time. I let it sit over night for the frost to stiffen it up. The next day I drove the Linn tractor over this road hauling full sleigh loads of logs, not bad I would say. The more I used the road, the smooth it got because of the Z-drag I was pulling behind the last sleigh. Each trip I was able to gain speed and the Linn Tractor was in it glory. This is what the Linn Tractor was built for, a highway truck for the bush.

    Loading these Toothpick logs was no easy feat but I was able to do it and I learned a few more four letter word because of Mr. Lip-gloss. I thought I was going to haul LOGS not TOOTHPICKS, but oh well. It really did not matter what was on the sleighs because the Linn Tractor pulled them like no tomorrow. The little small block chevy was screaming as if it was pulling a 100 ton payload but it handled the sleighs very well for being 1/4 of the size of the big cummins motors that came with the Linn Tractor. On one of the last trips of the night, the Linn Tractor was pulling really good and then the sleighs started to pull a little harder. So I gave the small block chevy more gas but it was getting really hard to pull the sleighs, so I put the Hammer Down and the kicked the 4 barrel carburetor in and then started dropping the gears in the transmission. I thought for sure the sleighs were breaking through the ice on the swamp, so need more power not to get stuck. I held the gas pedal to the floor and then some. The scream coming from that poor little small block chevy was unreally but I must not get stuck in the swamp. I gave the Linn Tractor all it had and it was not recovering so I was beginning to think that the sleighs are now in the watery swamp. The Linn Tractor should be breaking through the ice right shortly, then this ride will be over and the salvaging will begin.

    Iím running out of gears to down shift on the Linn Tractor and Iím getting quite worried. Then the trees beside the drivers door on the Linn Tractor start falling over in the direction that Iím travel and this is really strange. I pop my head out the door of the Linn Tractor and all I see is the forest falling over as if a steam roller is driving beside me trying to pass. I stop and got out to see what I could see. Once the snow dust settled and my eyes focus to the darkness, I realize it was my sleighs knocking down the trees. How is that, I ask myself? Well the hitch pin came out on one side of the sleigh hitch causing it to follow beside the Linn Tractor instead of behind. Wow the Linn Tractor has power, but even more power to pull the sleigh back up on to the road to get home that night.

  The Linn Tractor and the Famous Black Cat performed very well hauling logs and building Cat Train Roads. Things didnít get any better with Mr. Lip-gloss, the lines that he feed us are good enough for a best selling book. But we kept going hauling Toothpicks and after 31 days in the little Freighting Caboose, it was time for a real bed, bath and toilet. So we rode the train out of Laurie River as passengers to come home to our 10X30 bunkhouse at the edge of Lynn Lake, Mb. When we walked through the door at 1:30 AM, it was good to be home but it was freezing in the bunkhouse. The joys of the wood stove for heat, one must be around to feed the fire. So we went to bed in our ski-doo suits and by morning the bunkhouse was toasty warm. Oh that hot bath was great but even better, the warm toilet seat. After enjoying the weekend at home and teasing the Table of Truth Boys with our ultimate freighting stories which they have better ones. I phoned the bank to see how much money is there from hauling Toothpicks but the bank says I owe them money. This is not good, the bank has wacked the crap out my account and owe them for all the wacking. Plus there is no money from hauling Toothpicks. This is not good, I feel like I have been robbed so I phone Mr. Lip-gloss and of course I believe the story he tell me.

    The next day we are off on the passenger train to Laurie River to build some more winter roads and haul Toothpicks. Mr. Lip-gloss has assured me the money is on the way to my bank account. Once again the dream of Cat Trains has clouded my good judgement. I wish that someone had slapped me upside the head, because all I did was go and bang my head against the wall at Laurie River. So on the next CAT TRAIN NEWSLETTER Iíll continue the adventures with Mr. Lip-gloss.