Minot North Dakota Trip


Minot North Dakota

(rough copy)

It was nice being of legal age in Canada of 18 years old because we could do everything as an adult. But if we visited the United States of American then it was a different story because they consider the age of 21 years to be of legal age. When Naughty Natalie and I visit the USA in the 1937 Dodge hot rod truck we had to on our best behavior. Getting in to trouble in a foreign country is not a good idea even if the two countries are similar in many ways.

We had been talking about going down to Minot North Dakota for some time because in the mid 1980s the prices on goods in the USA was so much cheaper then in Canada. If you traveled to the USA and stayed overnight then you could return to Canada with a fairly large dollar amount of goods with out paying duty. Plus Naughty Natalie and I want to buy things we needed to better ourselves. Once dad found out us planning a trip he wanted us to pick up paint to repaint the pink house that I grew in which I no longer live in because mother and I did not get along. I agreed do picking up the paint as long as he paid for it with his credit card and the motel room for Naughty Natalie and I to stay in. He knows we have been having trouble getting motel rooms as we have been traveling most of the summer in the 37 Dodge having fun and learning. Dad says no problem and he will deal with mother because once mother finds out he used the credit card paid for a motel room in a foreign country for her only son to have sex a good looking woman. There will be more then fire in mother’s eyes.

The plans are made for Naughty Natalie and I to leave on the start of the long weekend which is Friday after work. Anytime Naughty Natalie and I make plans to leave work for the weekend to escape from working there is always delays. Instead of leaving at 5pm like we were suppose to it is now 9pm which might be too late. I phone dad from work to tell him we are late leaving and phone the motel in Minot to tell them it will be a late check in. As dad is agreeing on the telephone I can hear mother in the back ground yelling that she does not approve of this. Oh well I’m of legal age and can do what I want plus I no longer live in your pink house. With leaving late we have travel to Boissevain Manitoba to entry the USA through the 24hr port of entry because all other port of entries close at 9pm. Of course this is not how we planned the trip but this is normal.

We stop in Boissevain to top up the gas tank on the 37 Dodge because we only have so much USA cash with us and have to spend it wisely. We have no credit cards and the banking machine debit cards won’t work in the USA because they are for Canadian use only. Plus traveling this late at night we do not know what and where the gas stations are open in the USA. I’m driving when we arrived at the Canada-USA border which I have been to many times because of the International Peace Gardens. This is where all the hot rodders would meet for a fun weekend because it is consider neutral ground between the Canada-USA Governments. The hot rodders would come from the USA to attend with the Canadian hot rodders. In theory you never left your home country and had a great weekend enjoying each other company without having to go through Customs Offices for inspections. As we pull up in the 37 Dodge at the Canadian Customs Office, the fellow outside having a smoke makes us stop because he wants to look at the truck. Usually you drive slowly by the building because the inspection is at the USA Customs Office because you are wanting to enter in to their country. The Canada Customs Office will inspect you and your vehicle on returning back to Canada.

Once the fellow leans over to get a look inside the cab of the truck he spots Naughty Natalie on the passenger side. That is when he has to walk around to her side of the truck so he can get a better look of the truck and her. He see that she is not just a pretty face and has the body to match. With that he asks us to pull over to the side so the lane is open for other traffic to pass through. I pull the truck over and we both do not say anything because they are listening to what we say. With the truck stop we both get out and few more Customs Officers come out of the building and walk over to the see the truck and Naughty Natalie. We knew this was going to happen because when we “planned” this trip to the USA. We usually make no “plans” and wake up and start driving and end up where we end up. Those are the best trips and the best memories. Now all the Customs Officers are checking out the truck and asking question which Naughty Natalie are not really answer because these are questions the American Customs Officers are going to ask when we drive the 150 feet to the USA Custom Office to get in the USA. Naughty Natalie is keeping her cool with these guys enjoying the view of her in her tight painted on blue jean shorts and white tank top which she is wearing a bra because we knew crossing the border was going to be eventful. These Custom Officers figure we are heading to Minot North Dakota to the big hot rod event that is being hosted there. We both gave up on our story and agreed with what they wanted us to believe. Then they wanted to look inside our suitcases which they have no business doing unless we are coming back in to Canada. These guys just want to look at Naughty Natalie under wear to see what she is wearing under the clothes she wears. I told them “no” they are not looking in the suitcases. Because your friends over there and I turned and waved at the USA Customs Office because I knew they would be watching through a spy glass to see what is going on plus looking and watching Naughty Natalie. Once your USA friends look in the suit cases they will tell you what style of under wear she wears plus we will be back on Monday then you can search through everything. That caught the Canada Customs Officers off guard and they said we can go.

We get in the truck and drive the 150 feet to the USA Customs Office and were met by a USA Customs Officer who told us to park over there which we did. It was the same things and Naughty Natalie and I just stood there very quietly because we had worked all day and were very tired. When the USA Customs Officer asked to look in the suit cases I told him as long as you tell those guys over there what was in the suitcases because we would not let them look. The Canada Customs Office can look in the suitcases when we come back on Monday. The USA Custom Officer just smile plus I waved at the Canada Customs Office too because they would be watching. I have been through the Customs Office numerous times growing up as dad and mother would drag us along to attend hot rod events in the USA. I have seen how they search through suitcase and watch your facial expressions because you will give it away if you are hiding drugs or other illegal items. The USA Customs Officer went through my suit case pretty quick because it was all Heavy Metal Rock Band tee shirts and blue jeans which is boring. The USA Customs Office asked where my shaving kit was and looked him and kind of laughed because I have no facial hairs and look like a 14 years old. The shaving kit is where personal medications are kept which I can’t use because I’m allergic to drugs. The USA Customs Officer made me close up my suit case as he opened Naughty Natalie’s suit case. No other officers stood around when they inspected my suit case but everyone was there for the inspection of Naughty Natalie’s suit case. It seemed like they went through her under wear one piece at a time and held up so the Canadian Customs Officers 150 feet a way could see using a spy glass. The officer did not hold a pair of black bikini panties high enough so I told him to hold them higher because the Canadians can’t see and I waved at Canada again. Then they asked Naughty Natalie where her make up case was which she replied “i don’t use make up because I was born this way”. That reply surprised the USA Customs Officers.

Naughty Natalie was not impressed about the world seeing her under wear. But we were bother tired and just wanted this to end plus we don’t say anything. After being a form of entertainment for both Customs Offices on a late Friday night they let us enter in the USA. I asked to use the phone to call my dad because we should have been at the motel checked in by now. The USA Customs Office let me call dad and wanted me to use a phone card to pay for the call. I told them you have wasted our time for 2 hours and I don’t have phone card. I called dad to tell them we finally made it through the Customs and in to the USA. Dad replied “good and the motel left room 12 open for you”. That is all that was said because the Customs Officers don’t need to know any more. Now we head off in to the darkness in a foreign country driving a 37 Dodge and we are both 18 years old which is classified as a minors in the USA. All the legal adult fun we had in Canada when we turned 18 years has now been taking away from us. Plus the police are know as State Troopers and are portrayed in films and books as tough ass cops that will toss your ass in jail on a heart beat.

Once I get tired of driving it is Naughty Natalie turn to drive and we are now in North Dakota where we have to follow the Road Atlas because we have never been here before. I have to read the Road Atlas book with a flash light to see the pages but not to shine the light around inside the cab so it does not effect her concentration on driving in the darkness. For both us being so tired and upset from the delays at the border we are in good spirits and laugh about it as we try not to screw up in a foreign country. We drive just under the speed limit and baby driving the 37 Dodge because the State Troopers will be on patrol looking for party people and drunk drivers. The drive to Minot took us about an hour longer then it should but we took our time and changed out driving because we were tired. But the main thing is we made it save and sound. I find the address for the motel that dad booked the room for us in the Road Atlas book and guide Naughty Natalie to the motel. She pulls in to the parking lot very slowly because we don’t want to wake all the other guests that are sleeping. The only problem with the motel is it is full of hot rodders that are in Minot for the hot rod event weekend. That is when Naughty Natalie and I looked at each and said “oh well” together. This is our fun weekend. She slowly pulls the 37 Dodge in front of room 12 at the motel and shuts the loud motor off right away. We are very quiet getting our stuff in to the motel room because some of the hot rodder might be still up drinking booze and want to come over and make new friends with us but we want to sleep. Once in the motel room we get ready for a quick shower and then to bed because it is 3am in the morning which is a long day for us. Naughty Natalie counts out her under wear in case one of the customs officer was a magician in his past life and pocketed her under wear as a souvenir. She is happy that all under wear is accounted for.

It did not seem like we had been a sleep very long before we heard voices outside the motel room. I peak out the curtains of the motel room and sure enough some of the hot rodder are walking around the 37 Dodge and talking about the truck. We just remain quiet in the room and try to go back to sleep which was pointless. We thought the 37 Dodge was loud but the hot rodders are all starting their vehicles to leave for the day’s events they travel to Minot to attend. I figured I’m awake now I better call dad to let him know we are here and confirm the paint will be mixed and ready. To call back to Canada I had to wait for the motel switch board to operating during regular business hours so that is why I could not call when we arrived at 3am. I push number 8 on the touch tone phone in the room that is plugged in to the wall with a short cord. Any phone calls have to be done sitting on the bed for some reason. Number 8 is long distance and once connected I make a collect call to dad. I was so glad he answered the phone and accepted all charges. Because if mother answered it would be a 20 minute speech about going to a foreign country to stay in a motel that she is paying for with her credit card so I can have sex with Naughty Natalie. Told dad we had no troubles and got in at 3am. He was glad we made it with all the drama at the start of the trip. He confirmed the paint was mixed and ready for pick because he phoned the hardware store in Minot to tell them we were in town and will pick up in the morning. One thing about the Barnes Family is we are organized and no drama other then mother obsessed with me having sex with Naughty Natalie.

We decided since we can’t sleep any more we better the going and get the shopping done because nothing will be open on Sunday and Monday of the long weekend. As Naughty Natalie gets ready in the bathroom I use the phone book to get the addresses of the places we have to go then mark on the Road Atlas so they can be found easily when driving. I then go and check in to the motel room and ask the owners where the cafe’s is with the Table of Truth. The owners tell me how to get there and remind me no partying in the motel room. I just smiled as I walked out of the office. Of course Naughty Natalie times it perfectly to pick me up in the 37 Dodge because she will drive and I’ll give directions. A few of the hot rodders that were still at the motel sure were looking hard at Naughty Natalie driving the hot rod truck but we didn’t really care.

We arrive at the cafe’ that has the Table of Truth which is a table that all the locals gather at and chat about world and local events. All we want to do is listen to what they are talking about but not join in on the conversation because we do not want to make new friends. As we eat a good breakfast the chat at the Table of Truth is the USA Air Force Base north of Minot will be flying planes on an exercises this weekend. Now that even interested Naughty Natalie. It was a good breakfast and we say thank you the fellows at the Table of Truth as we walked up to pay for our food. The whole table was enjoying the view as Naughty Natalie walked by. I go to pay for breakfast and the USA money is so plain and boring like Monopoly Game Money compared to the colourful Canadian money. Being colour blind I found it easy to handle the money because they all look the same.

Now to find the hardware which was easy to do because it was all planned out. We were in and out of the store very quickly and the 24 gallons of pink paint in 1 gallon cans were loaded in the back of the 37 Dodge in the plywood camper shell. Now what we came for was officially done. The receipt for the paint is very important was put in the Playboy Magazine centre fold that is under the driver seat with all important papers for the truck. When we enter back in to Canada they will ask for these receipt for the paint. Next we go shopping for stuff of us because in the USA everything is a lot cheaper then in Canada but also the wages earned are a lot lower to so everything evens out in the end. We are at the shopping mall and there are other hot rodders around and we just wave at them keep to our selfies because we are not part of their hot rod event. When we are shopping we have to keep track of the dollar amount we buy and get all receipts for entering back in the Canada. If we over spend for the length of stay then we have to pay duty so it is best to be under. Naughty Natalie and I split up and she goes and buy woman’s stuff and I pick up cleaning supplies for the apartment. When we met back up to go pay for the items in the shopping cart. I was very surprised at what she had put in the shopping cart. She had tossed in the cart a bunch of ugly Granny Panties and ugly bras with under wires in the cups and then a whole bunch of feminine hygiene products which are used for that time of the month which women get. Plus they are totally the wrong brands and sizes that she uses. Since we are in public I use a very low voice to reminder her that I can count 28 days and 28 days is no where near being up. With that she just smiled and said this is for going back through the customs at the border and will be re-gifted to her Aunt at Xmas time. Ok is all I have to say and off we go to pay for the items in the cart. The lady at the cash register was really looking at the woman’s items as she scanned them and put in the shopping bags. Because she deals with lots of customers a day and theses items are not really the style that young woman would be purchasing. We just smiled at the lady and paid for everything.

With the shopping all done we go back to the motel room to relax and have a little nap because we are tired. Plus it is a hot summer day and the extra strong wind that North Dakota is know for is tiring us out. The paint stays in the back of the 37 Dodge because it is being used as a truck on this trip. The mattress and camping gear has been taking out because we were staying in a motel this weekend. Now we have to organize the stuff we bought because some can have the sale tags removed and travel in the suit cases while the others have to stay in the bags but be organized. The sale receipts are added to the ones in the Playboy Magazine so they are ready when asked for at customs at the border. Being organized really pays off in the end. When I came back in to the motel room from being outside putting the Playboy Magazine back in the 37 Dodge were it belongs. Naughty Natalie comes out of the bathroom wearing the Granny Panties and an under wire bra. That totally shocked me and it was hard on my eyes. She was just laughing and saying she is trying them on so she knows what it is going to be like when she gets “old”. In the short 10 minutes she wore the under wire bra it was digging in to her boobie and very uncomfortable. Plus she says “I do not know how women can wear these under wire bras all day, they hurt”. That was my cue to remove all restrictive clothing from her so I would know what it will be like when I’m “old”. Now that she is naked in the motel room, mother’s greatest fears came true.


Plane Nerds

As we wake up from our little afternoon “nap” we can hear big planes that are not commercial airlines that we would hear when visiting the city of Winnipeg Manitoba. These are the big United Stated Air Force Bombers flying out of the Air Force Base just north of Minot North Dakota. Living in Canada we would see and hear them when visiting relatives along the Canada-USA border but never seen any close up. After a quick shower we head out in the 37 Dodge and Naughty Natalie is driving because I’m the navigator with the Road Atlas. We find a gas station and top up the gas tank on the truck with money we set aside for gas and repairs on this trip. Always have to be organized, it creates less drama. At the gas station we ask the young kid pumping gas where is the best place to watch the planes. He marks a spot on the Road Atlas for us and says that is where the Plane Nerds hang out. Plane Nerds are people that are walking text books on planes but do not have much social life and usually live in the basement of their parents house even at the age of 30. Plus never had a girlfriend in their life because their mothers do not allow it. The young kid was very helpful and most likely enjoyed chatting with Naughty Natalie. We also need to eat and there was an American take out burger place just down the street, Naughty Natalie pulls the 37 Dodge in to the parking lot. Which turns out to have lots of hot rodders eating there too. These hot rodders are all smiling and waving as she parks the truck. I jump out to go inside to get the food while she entertains the hot rodders. My last words to her was “smile and wave” and she gave me a fake smile back. It did not take long to get the food and I was back at the truck which had a lot of people hanging around. Which I do not think it was for the truck but it was more like to see and admirer Naughty Natalie. She drives carefully out of the parking lot and gentle babies the 37 Dodge and I know she is mad because one of the hot rodders made a “blonde” comment. Now if we in Canada back in our home town, the 37 Dodge would have been driven hard out of the parking lot because she is mad. Driving hard relaxes her because she is in control. I just tell Naughty Natalie thank you for smiling and waving as we drive on which gets me another fake smile back.

The American take out food sure does smell good but we will eat when we get to the spot marked on the Road Atlas where the young kid at the gas station had marked. It did not take long to get to the spot because the Air Force Base is just north of Minot. It is a wide area on the side of the road so we pull off and park the truck. We have no idea where or what is going on but the food is waiting to be eaten. As we sit there on the running board of the 37 Dodge eating our food, a vehicle pulls in then another one. They park away from us and seem to know what they are doing in the way they angle park the vehicles as if to watch. We eat our food and watch them watch us. Naughty Natalie is still upset about the “blonde” comment. I told her it is a good thing you did not get out of the truck because it is their loss on not seeing the complete Naughty Natalie. Plus I told her to enjoy it now because when you are wearing Granny Panties and under wire bras, blonde comments will not be a problem. That made her smile and laugh because I cheered her up. Now that she is smiling we walk to chat with the people watching us watch them. As we get closer to the group we say hello and they reply back with welcome the United States of America. That caught us off guard because they were using a fancy camera to zoom in on the license plate on the 37 Dodge which is Manitoba Canada. That is when we knew they were the Plane Nerds. Now Naughty Natalie a little concerned at what else they were zooming in on which means “me”. With her sitting on the running board of the 37 Dodge in her tight painted on blue jean shorts, she was not sitting like a lady and keeping her legs together. She was sitting to relax and enjoy her self while eating a good American take out burger. I calmly told her it was a good thing she was wearing under wear tonight, that did make her smile.

We introduce ourselves and asked if they know what the planes are doing tonight. With that we seem to hit it off with this group of Plane Nerds. They talked one on one with Naughty Natalie and that she liked. As we chatted the big planes were returning to land at the Air Force Base and flew right over us. To feel the vibration and sounds from the big engines of the bombers is nothing we would ever see in Canada or in the movies that we have watched in the movie theaters because this is real life. The Plane Nerds seem to know everything that was going on in the skies and knew when the next plane was coming in and all the details of the plane too. This was all new to us and we were enjoying our selves. Between the planes we talked about life in Canada and they talked about life in the USA we were having a good time. Plane Nerds could not believe that we were 18 years old living on our own with full time jobs and spending the weekends traveling to get a way from work. In the USA everything starts happening for them after collage and being 21 years old makes them a legal adult. Naughty Natalie told them that we have to behave in the USA with no drinking, speeding or anything that might look or be wrong. She also tells them it is difficult for her not to drive the 37 Dodge “hard” in the USA because the truck is built for speed and fun. That impressed the Plane Nerds that a good looking woman would talk to them in a normal way.

With it getting late and we have had not much sleep we ask the Plane Nerds when will be the next big plane movement. They tell us 3am Monday morning lots of planes will take off and if the wind it correct they will fly right over us. Naughty Natalie says that will work out because if we get up to watch planes then drive back to Canada. We say good bye to the Plane Nerds and tell them we will be back at 3am Monday. Then we drive back to the motel not realizing it is almost midnight and we spent almost 7 hours with the Plane Nerds and enjoyed our selves because time went by quickly. I’m driving the 37 Dodge back in Minot and being very careful not to attract attention and have a State Trooper pull us over. It all worked out good and we park in front of our motel room. We quickly go inside the room before any of the hot rodders in the parking lot come over. They are driving beers and chatting about how faster their hot rods go and we want nothing to do with it. Once in the room we shut the lights out so they think we are asleep.



We did fall asleep and enjoyed a good sleep because we needed it. The hot days and it being extra windy that we are not used to really drained the energy out of us. We are not really hungry so that will help in planning where to visit today since it is Sunday of the long weekend. Lots of places will be closed because Sunday is a family day plus people got to church. Going to church is something Naughty Natalie and I do not do in fear of the church burning down with all of our sins that mother has said we have done being young teenagers. We read the tourist info in the motel room and decide to go to the Minot zoo. We are not overly excited about going to the zoo because we have been to the Winnipeg zoo lots while growing up with school field trips. But going to the zoo will have food that we can eat because not all cafe’ are open on Sunday. I mark the location of the zoo and couple of museums on the Minot page of the Road Atlas. After a quick shower we head out in the 37 Dodge with Naughty Natalie driving because I’m the navigator. There seems to be no hot rodders at the motel which seems strange.

Driving through Minot on a Sunday is nice because no traffic so it is not hard on the 37 Dodge with stop and go. As I direct Naughty Natalie from the directions in the Road Atlas I’m not really paying attention to the surroundings or the traffic. She is staying focused on driving and the next thing we know a traffic cop standing the middle of the traffic intersection is motion Naughty Natalie to drive through a red light. This traffic cop is not taking no for answer from her hand signals back to him. Naughty Natalie pulls out and drives through the intersection following the left turn the traffic cop is telling her to do with hand signals. As we pass the traffic cop he is nothing but smiles and when we look straight a head there is a long line of hot rodders traveling down the road. The traffic cop thought we are part of the group and we are way behind. As Naughty Natalie and I look at each other and smile as the traffic cop passes us on his Harley Davidson Patrol Bike which an excellent sound from the exhaust pipes like the 37 Dodge. We both agree just to follow the long line of hot rods until I can figure on the road atlas which way to turn to get back on to our route to the zoo. Reading the Road Atlas while riding in the 37 Dodge with the front windshield cranked out for air conditioning is the same as being in a wind tunnel. Next to impossible to hold the pages flat and read the street names. Every corner we came up to that Naughty Natalie could turn to get us back on our route to the zoo had the traffic cop there directing traffic so the long line of hot rodders stayed as a group. Naughty Natalie was staying well behind the group because we were not part of the group. Then the traffic cop would hold all traffic up and motion her to speed up to catch up with the group. Once we passed through the intersection then the traffic cop would pass us on the Harley Davidson Patrol Bike to get a head of the group. Each time he went past the 37 Dodge there seemed to more harder acceleration from the bike which sounded so good.

Naughty Natalie and I both agreed it was pointless trying to break free from the group and we hoped they were going to the zoo but taking the long scenic drive along the river. Each intersection we came to the traffic cop was waiting on us to go through then he would pass us to get a head of the group. When the Road Atlas showed we were getting close to the zoo. Once we past the last intersection, the traffic cop just drove his Harley Davidson Patrol Bike beside the 37 Dodge so he could smile and wave at Naughty Natalie. Plus both of them were doing little quick accelerations just for the sound which sounded good. I’m sitting on the passenger side with the Road Atlas enjoying the ride. We arrived at the zoo and the traffic cop went a head to direct traffic so all the hot rodders could drive in to the parking lot as a group. When we pull up to the traffic cop, he is wanting us to turn in to the parking lot because he thinks we are part of the hot rodders. Naughty Natalie politely tells him we are not part of the group and want nothing to do with them. His quick reply was to drive ahead and turn at the second entrance to the parking lot to park in the shade. I guess the traffic cop seen how hot it was in the 37 Dodge. Naughty Natalie does what the traffic cop says and backs in to a parking spot in the shade which is so nice. We just get out of the 37 Dodge and the fresh air fells so good. Now we are deciding what to do next. The traffic cop pulls up with his Harley Davidson Patrol Bike and parks beside the 37 Dodge because he needs to enjoy the shade too. It is hot for him in the cop leathers and helmet and shade feels good. He tells us he is on his lunch break now and wanted to check out the 37 Dodge. Once the helmet and cop jacket were off the fellow was very nice and we enjoyed our visit with him. He liked the 37 Dodge and Naughty Natalie enjoy talking about his Harley Davidson Patrol Bike. I used to like motorcycles until I was in accident on one as a passenger since then I enjoy bikes from a distance for some reason. Visiting with the traffic cop made us miss the big crowd of hot rodders entering in to the zoo. When the lunch break was over for the traffic cop, we got to listen to his bike drive away then we headed to zoo. We paid our money to enter and went straight to get something to eat because we were starving. A quick trip to the zoo ended up being a long time if we knew it would have been this long then we would have stopped for lunch.

Once in the zoo we follow the little map they gave us when we paid to get in. We do not look like hot rodders because we are dressed the normal way we always do. The hot rodders all wear the make of the car being Ford, Chevy, Dodge shirts or their hot rod club shirts so they stick out in the crowd. When we walked around the zoo people would look at us because of the way we were dressed. They always enjoyed the view of looking at Naughty Natalie in those tight painted on blue jean shorts and white tank top with a bra. They must have thought I was her little brother that she had to drag along. The hot rodders from the motel would stop and talk to us and I always let Naughty Natalie talk with them. In my eyes she has been the only one talking with them since we arrived and staying at the motel. Naughty Natalie and I found that we spent a lot of time at each animal exhibits because they were so much better then the Winnipeg zoo. We are not sure where the afternoon went but it went by very quickly. About half way through the zoo we decided there would not be enough time to visit the museums on the list so we decide to just enjoy the zoo more. Plus we have to get up at 2am to go watch the planes with the Plane Nerds.

At the monkey cages they had benches to sit across from the cages but still room for people to walk past. We found it more fun to sit on the bench and watch the people go back and forth and interact with the monkeys in the cage. To watch this will make you understand that we evolved from the monkeys is very true. Naughty Natalie and I sat there for over an hour watching the way people interact with the monkeys. We found it to be very funny and more entertaining then watching TV. Of course we could pick out the smart monkey who would work the crowd of people. We thought the smart monkey was smarter then some the humans in the crowd that paid to watch him. Naughty Natalie made sure to sit on the bench as a lady in those tight painted on blue jean short in case some one was watching. When it was getting close to supper time and we had enjoyed enough of the zoo it was time to leave. The 37 Dodge being parked in the shade made a big difference when we opened the doors to get in. The heat inside the truck did not knock us over being extra hot. Naughty Natalie gets to drive because I have to be the navigator and it will be the quickest route back the motel since we took the extra long one to get to the zoo.

The only thing we have to do is find a pizza place on the way back to the motel room. Which was very easy to find and Naughty Natalie pulls the truck in to the parking lot. She goes in to order the pizza while I get out of the truck and sit on the running board enjoying the cool never ending wind that never stops. The wind feels so good after being in the 37 Dodge for such a short time. Naughty Natalie comes back outside after ordering the pizza and sits beside me to watch the traffic go by. Every time a hot rod would go past they would honk or wave so we just waved back. It did not seem long and the pizza place worker came out with our pizza because he wanted to look the 37 Dodge over. I just let Naughty Natalie show him the truck because I know he is not really looking at the truck because he is looking at her. After she gives him a quick showing of the 37 Dodge we leave the pizza place and she is driving. We did not make it more then a few blocks from the pizza place and there are flashing lights behind us which is not good.


Traffic Stop

Naughty Natalie pulls the 37 Dodge over and the State Trooper pulls in behind the truck with the patrol car lights flashing so everyone can see. We both watch in the rear views on the outside of the truck as the State Trooper walks up to the driver’s side of the truck. He very cautiously leans toward the driver’s door window and asks Naughty Natalie for her driver’s license. Naughty Natalie very politely replies that it is in her pocket and has to get out of the truck because the cab is so small. With that the State Trooper opens the driver’s door and holds it open for her since there is a never ending wind in North Dakota. That is when he was very surprised to see that the pretty face has a body to match. Naughty Natalie is wearing her tight painted on blue jean shorts and white tank top with a bra. She slowly gets out of the truck as the State Trooper holds the driver’s door open and watches her very carefully. There is no possible way that she can get out of the truck as a lady because the cab is small and the truck has running boards too. Once out of the truck and standing by the door she slowly slides her right hand in to her pocket of the tight painted on blue jean shorts to get her identification. There is no man a live whose heart beat would not increase watching her do this. She pulls out her identification folder and hands it the State Trooper who with one hand flips it opens and reads it. Back in the 1980s Manitoba did not have picture identifications so having fake ones were easy. He then hands it back to Naughty Natalie and she slowly slides it back in to her pocket which was another heart beat increase moment. He then asks for her purse because there could be drugs in it or other things that might indicate illegal active. She replies back she does not have a purse. Then he asked about a make up case which she replied back “i do not use any because I was born this way”. Now the State trooper is surprised and asked if there is any drugs or alcohol in the vehicle. Naughty Natalie replied back that “she” not “we” is not of legal drinking age in the USA. Which was a very good reply because she did not include me.

Then the State Trooper asks for the registration for the truck which she replies that it is under the seat. Now this is what the State Trooper has been trained for and his defense training cuts in because in the USA hand guns are common and kept under the seat of a vehicle. In Canada we are not allowed hand guns only hunting rifles which are long and don’t fit in the cab of the 37 Dodge being so small. The State Trooper now puts his free hand on his big hand gun on his waist so he is ready to defend himself while holding the driver’s door open in the wind. In Canada the cops have a Billy Stick along with a small hand gun. The Billy Stick are hung from the waist so when they walk they have to hold the Billy Stick at the top like holding the gear shifter on the 37 Dodge so it does not pop out of gear on hard power acceleration. If the Canadian cop does not like the answer you gave to the question. The cop will whack you with the Billy Stick to refresh your memory which lets you give the correct answer they want. In the USA the State Trooper is trained to shoot you with the hand gun and as you lay there bleeding, your memory has been refreshed and correct answer given. Naughty Natalie politely asks the State Trooper if she can get the registration from under the seat of the truck and he says yes. Once again she can not do these very lady like so the State Trooper has to look at her ass in those tight painted on blue jean shorts. Which is another heart beat moment. As she leans in to the truck and bends over to get the registration from under the seat she just looks at me and smiles. I just smile back because I have been sitting there on the passenger side of the truck holding the pizza perfectly flat with both hand because it is so warm from being freshly baked. Plus looking straight a head and only watching out of the corner of my eye on the what is going on.

As Naughty Natalie starts standing upright from leaning over to get the registration the State Trooper is very concerned and goes in to high defense mode. What she has in her hand is not a small registration folder that all vehicles have but a large magazine which could be a hand gun. The State Trooper now bends his knees to brace himself if he has to pull the big hand gun and holds the driver door with a good grip for full balance and control. Plus he tells Naughty Natalie in a firm calm voice to move very slowly. His training is kicking in because in these very few split seconds have cost State Troopers their lives. As Canadians this is all new to us and we remain calm and cool. The last thing we need to do is show up at Canadian Customs Office wanting to get back in the Canada with a few bullet holes in the 37 Dodge. Naughty Natalie slowly stands up by the driver’s door and hold the Playboy Magazine like me holding the pizza nice and flat with both hands under her cleavage. The State Trooper has a real confused look on his face because why is a good looking lady holding a Playboy Magazine that she could be featured on the pages. Naughty Natalie calmly says the registration for the truck is in the centre fold. The State Trooper tells her slowly get it out. With it being windy she is careful because she does not want all the important papers blowing away because we need those to get back through the customs at the border. She passes the registration to the State Trooper who reads it and does not ask who Bradley is. That is my birth name but I have always gone by Joey. After a quick read of the registration with one hand because he is still holding the driver’s door open in the wind. He passes it back to Naughty Natalie who puts it back in the centre fold of the Playboy Magazine. He then ask what the other papers are for. Naughty Natalie explains they are for the items we purchased and have them organized for when we go home through the customs at the border. He then leans over to look through the window on the plywood camper shell to see the 24 gallon cans of paint in the back of the truck.

The State Trooper now leans forward and looking inside the cab of the truck to see me sitting on the passenger side holding a pizza perfectly flat on my lap with both hands. He then asks “boy, what is your name”? I reply back with out looking at him “Joey”. Then he asks the next question “boy, what is the story on the paint in the back” my reply was “dad bought it”. No more questions after that and moves away from the cab of the truck but still holding the driver’s door open. Naughty Natalie is still holding the Playboy Magazine flat under her cleavage with both hands. That is when the State Trooper relaxed his guard and told Naughty Natalie that there is quite a few good articles in that addition of Playboy Magazine. She quickly replied back yes I have read them. Now we know the traffic stop is official over and he will be letting us go. I pay no attention to the small talk that the State Trooper and Naughty Natalie are having because I’m about to pass out from heat stroke inside the cab of the truck. There is no air movement plus this pizza is so warm on my lap. Naughty Natalie is out side the truck is the wind getting fresh air plus she is wearing half the clothes I’m wearing. I just keeping looking a head and watch out of the corner of my eyes on what they are doing. Naughty Natalie has leaned over and put the Playboy Magazine back under the seat and gave me a quick smile to cheer me up.

When I hear the word “Virgin” that is when I know they are talking about me and don’t say anything but just sit there. The State Trooper holds the driver’s door open in the wind as Naughty Natalie gets back in to drive and their small talk is I’m her little brother and dad sent us for pizza and we are here for the hot rod events. I don’t say any thing but just watch as the State Trooper enjoys the view of her getting back in the truck. He closes the door and walks back to his patrol car. He does not even make it back to the patrol car and a hot rodder goes past a little too fast. Now the State Trooper does a u-turn in his patrol car and is in hot pursuit. Naughty Natalie waits till he is gone and starts the 37 Dodge. She carefully pulls out on the street and we head back to the motel room. She knows I’m mad because I hate being called a 14 year old “Virgin”. As she drives she looks over at me and smiles. When we stop at the traffic light I look over at her and ask if I will be losing my “Virginity” again tonight. She just turns and smiles at me and says ”maybe”.

We arrive at the motel and Naughty Natalie parks in front of motel room and I get out of the truck and go inside the air conditioned room. As a 14 year old “Virgin” I’m not required to hang around to chat to the hot rodders that are coming over to chat about the 37 Dodge hot rod truck that is owned by a fellow named Bradley. I figured Naughty Natalie can entertain them until someone makes a blonde comment and she will be mad and in the motel room right away. I get out of my hot sticky clothes and relax in my sweat pants and tee shirt. I start to wonder about Naughty Natalie because she has not come in the room yet as I serve the pizza and got the Pepsi ready to drink with ice. The hot rodders must be talking one on one with her because they only seen her driving the truck with me on the passenger side as the 14 year old “Virgin” little brother. She finally comes in the motel room and closes the door. She does not make it 2 feet from the door and her bra is off and tossed on the bed with several words spoken about how stupid the bra is. Naughty Natalie has been wearing a bra in this foreign country because like she says “the last thing I need to do is become nippley and poke someone’s eye out”. We enjoy the pizza which is not that good because there are no pineapples on it. In the USA they look at you very strange when they ask what topping you would like on your pizza. Pineapple is not on the list for some reason because it is Canadian. Of course I have to ask Naughty Natalie if I’ll be losing my “Virginity” again tonight as we enjoy the meal. All she says is “maybe” and smiles.


Showtime – Planes

After enjoying the pizza we relax and enjoy the American TV stations on the TV. The American shows are aired in Canada and we watch them but a few things are changed because Canada is a different country. To watch these shows and pick up the difference was a form of entertainment for us. We have a quick shower then go bed early because it is Sunday night of the long weekend and we told the Plane Nerds that will be there at 3am. I set the alarm clock for 2am and did not bother using the motel wake up call service because they do not need to know what we are doing at 2am in the morning. Most people our age are just coming home from the party at the time of night and we are going out to learn and have fun. We have a hard time falling a sleep because the hot rodders are outside still partying like they have done since we arrived. When the alarm clock goes off and we have no problem waking up plus I am no longer a 14 year old “Virgin” just a 14 year old. As we get ready, we eat the left over pizza for a so-called breakfast because we do not know what the plans are today. We are very quiet leaving the motel room and I drive the 37 Dodge as quietly as I can to leave the motel. Some of the hot rodders are still awake and partying and are waving and wanting us to join them. Naughty Natalie just waves back because she is sitting on the passenger side of the truck. The hot rodders are a little confused because the 14 year old “Virgin” is driving so they drink to that. We drive in to the darkness of the night as we leave the city of Minot ND, we can see planes in the sky. Plus driving the 37 Dodge is relaxing now that the State Trooper had checked us over which will be entered in the “computer” and not flagged. If we not cooperative with the State Trooper earlier in the day and had drugs and alcohol in the truck but not enough to be charged with, then we would be red flagged in the “computer”. The mid 1980s was when computers were new and coming in to use. They could hold a lot of information for quick access like never before which was making it harder for some of us to hide. Having a birth name of Bradley but everyone called me Joey, I was able to do high school very quickly because I did not want to be there. Bradley did classes and Joey did classes then when both had enough combined credits to graduate high school. The guidance counselor for each person got to meet each other to find out I was one person. A computer would have been able to cross reference the 2 names as 1 person. Then I would have had to been in high school for 3 complete years not the 2 years that I attended using 2 names.

The Plane Nerds are at the spot and we pull in to park with them. I get the 37 Dodge parked at the right angle for us to sit on the running boards to watch the planes take off. They are very surprised that their new Canadian friends have returned. When we tell them we can not leave because of the amount of money spent requires so many days staying in the USA. They did no know that. They ask what if we really had to go home? Then we would have to pay duty on the items purchased. Staying and enjoy North Dakota is cheaper and more fun. They quickly brief us on the plane activity and Naughty Natalie is asking questions and learning like me. The Plane Nerds say it is big exercise the United States Air Force are having so it is an excellent night to watch and learn. The big bomber are full power as they fly right over us and you can feel the vibration on your body because that is big power being used. Something we would never see or feel in Canada. The sound is unreal and we enjoy it because it is like the 37 Dodge when we drive it hard. The Plane Nerds tell us the bombers are fully loaded for this exercise as if it a real launch of planes in defense of the United States of America from the Soviet Union (USSR) and this is the Cold War. We grew up in Canada just north of Minot ND and always knew that if a Nuclear War was started we were ground zero. The Air Force Base here in Minot ND has nuclear missiles and the USSR would take out the nuclear missiles as their first targets. All we would see is a flash of light from the nuclear explosion then we are vaporized. The Plane Nerds tell us they grew up knowing that they would not even know if there was a flash of light because the nuclear missiles when hitting the air base would just vaporize them with no knowledge or warning.


Now we are sitting here on a nice summer night watching planes take off that could be the start of nuclear war because we do not know anything. The Soviet Union is watching too just like we are doing but have more knowledge then the Plane Nerds or the Plane Nerds are their spies. Naughty Natalie is wear her tight painted on blue jeans instead of shorts because she can sit comfortable on the running board of the 37 Dodge as we watch the planes. She says the last thing the Soviet Spies need to know is what colour my under wear is. The big refueling tankers are impressive on take off because these planes for fully loaded with fuel to refuel planes in the air. The sounds these tankers make we found to be more exciting then the bombers because these are the work horse of the fleet. We just sit on the running board and enjoy the show of power which is once in a life time for us. The fighter jets taking off are so boring because they are too fast and have no sound of power. Which is not our style. The Plane Nerds keep us informed on what is happening and if it was not for them it would be boring.

At 7am in the morning we decided to head back to the motel room and have nap because we have to drive back to Canada and get through Customs Office to get back in to Canada. We say good bye to the Plane Nerds and Naughty Natalie drive us back to town. At the motel we park in front of the room and everyone around the motel including the hot rodders are looking at in a weird way. We get out of the truck and everyone is watching. Not sure if it is because Naughty Natalie is wear pants in stead of shorts or the fact arriving back this early in the morning sober instead of drunk. Naughty Natalie and I chat about the planes as we fall asleep which was a good sleep till noon. We have to check out of the motel room so the cleaning staff can clean but the room is not dirty because we kept it spotless. One final thing we do is make sure all paper work is in order so less delays in getting back in to Canada. Naughty Natalie has her suit case all packed and ready for the custom people to go looking through one piece of under wear at a time. We loaded up the 37 Dodge and stop at the motel office to check out and get the receipt for dad since it was his credit card that paid for the room. The owners of the motel give dad a big discount because we were so clean in the room and caused no problems for being such young kids. Naughty Natalie has to look at me and smile when the motel owner called us kids. I just smiled back because I’m not a “Virgin” but still 14 years old.


Back to Canada

We top up the gas tank on the 37 Dodge and grab the last of the American take out burgers which are so good. Once on the highway heading to Boissevain Port of Entry it felt so good to get fresh air coming through the windshield that is cranked out for our air conditioning. Plus the truck was running better being on the highway after 3 days of city driving too. We take turns driving and still acted well behaved because we are still in a foreign country. About half way in to our trip we come across a hot rod sitting on the side of the road broke down with the 4 guys standing there waving at us to stop. Naughty Natalie pulls in front of the broken hod rod and backs up to it because my tools are in the back of the truck. We both get out of the truck and walk to the back to meet the 4 guys. The looks on their faces were nothing but shock seeing Naughty Natalie in her tight painted on blue jean shorts and white tank top with a bra. These guys turn out to be friends of dad’s and remember me from attending all the hot rod events as I grew up. They blew a fan belt on the engine and over heated it which is not good. Of course this hot rod is upper class being all fixed up and only driven to hot rod events. So this means no tools or spare parts. It is a Chevy engine that is the same as what is in the 37 Dodge so I ask Naughty Natalie to get the fan belt from under the seat. She returns with the fan belt as I get the my tools out of the truck. Of course one of the guy makes a blonde comments on how she brought the right belt. Her quick reply was that “Joey wanted the correct belt so Joey ask me, if Joey wanted the wrong belt he would have asked one of you guys”. That comment did not sit well with the guys for some reason. I determine that the spare belt will work and the hot rod owner wants engine antifreeze put in the engine. Ditch or creek water which every one usually uses on an emergency break down was not good enough. I asked Naughty Natalie if she would drive the hot rod owner to the next town so he can buy engine antifreeze and put gas in the 37 Dodge for payment for our time and effort. She says no problem that is because I treated her as my equal and the way I want to be treated in return. If I “told” her to drive the hot rod owner to town then I would be a 14 year old “Virgin” for the rest of my life because I made her mad but insulting her which it would be.

They get in the 37 Dodge and Naughty Natalie drives away at a normal speed of acceleration because we are in a foreign country and must behave. She shifts the truck like normal and everyone is watching her drive away plus enjoying the sounds from the 3” exhaust side pipes. Then all of a sudden the 37 Dodge is down shifted and the gas pedal kicked to the floor which opens the 4 barrels in the carburetor. The 37 Dodge is gone down the road “now”! Everyone is very surprised and make comments of the truck and her driving. I thought the truck sounded good too and most likely the hot rod owner made a blonde comment or touched her in the small cab truck which she does not like. Naughty Natalie always says “I was born this way” she did not asked be this good looking which makes everyone want to touch her. I was not going to leave her with 3 guys while I drove the hot rod owner to town. She will handle herself with the 37 Dodge because it will give her control over the hot rod owner. If he mis-behaves, the truck will get driven hard or the brakes get slammed on hard so the hot rod owner kisses the dash. I get the spare fan belt on the hot rod engine and check everything else over. Everything is ready for Naughty Natalie to return with the antifreeze. I pack up my tools and try to avoid talking with these 3 guys who want to be my friend but I have my own life now and want nothing to do with the hot rodders. Plus they are drinking beer to which I want no part of being in a foreign country. As typical men they are making rude sex comments about Naughty Natalie which I ignore because it is pointless to argue with some one who has no brains in my eyes.

Just when these guys were starting to piss me off with the sex comments. Naughty Natalie returns in the 37 Dodge and the truck sounds good coming towards us. I tell the guys to stand back because she will do a quick u-turn to park in front of the broken hot rod. She does exactly what I said she would do by driving on the far shoulder of the highway then turn sharp and power in with no tire spinning but lots of high engine rpms which makes it sound like the truck is going faster then it is. The guys are all concerned that she is not in control of the truck and is going to crash but once again they know nothing. We do the quick u-turns all the time when helping other people that broke down on the highway. Naughty Natalie did one of her best quick u-turn and I was impressed but the others thought she was out of control. She backed up to the broken hot rod all in a smooth motion. Then her and the hot rod owner get out of the 37 Dodge which made me smile. The hot rod owner is now holding facial tissue on his bottom lip because it is bleeding and bleeding good. I grab the engine antifreeze out of the back of the 37 Dodge and asked Naughty Natalie how the brakes work on the truck. She just smiled and said they worked fine with a little laugh. The hot rod owner does not say anything while trying to control the bleeding of his bottom lip. Plus the other guys do not ask or say anything too. We get the engine running and everything looks to be good to go. We tell the hot rodder that we will follow them to the border in case they have any more troubles which they said no problem.

Now we are having a 2 car parade traveling on down the highway to leave the United States of America. This is new to us because Naughty Natalie and I usually travel alone. As we drive along Naughty Natalie explains how the hot rod owner could not keep his hands to himself. She says they had just left the broken hot rod to head to town and then hot rod owner’s hand “fell” on to the inside of her thigh of her leg. Once this happened she dropped a gear on the 37 Dodge and kicked the gas pedal down which scared the shit out of the hot rod owner. Now he had to use both hands to hold on to the dash because he thought he was going to die. If Naughty Natalie personally removed the “hand” then there would confrontation but using the 37 Dodge on a hard acceleration gave her control. She said the rest of the drive to town had the fellow saying how she could have killed them both because she does not know how to drive or how to control a powerful hot rod truck. Naughty Natalie said she just ignored the hot rod owner because he does not know anything about the real Naughty Natalie. Once in town to get gas and engine antifreeze, the hot rod owner had her driving all over town looking for the correct engine antifreeze which Naughty Natalie called bullshit because it is all the same. The hot rod owner just want to be seen with her as if she was eye candy for the world. When driving in town, the hot rod owner was pointing and giving her directions. This included pointing with his hand across her cleavage to show which direction to turn. The 3rd time the hot rod owner pointed across her cleavage that is when the brakes on the truck were slammed hard for a quick stop which caused him to kiss the dash. But this time Naughty Natalie had her hand on the back of his head so the kiss on the dash was a lot harder then the other 2 times that had happened. With her hand helping on the back of his head caused the big cut on his bottom lip which knocked some sense in to him. As he was trying to control the bleeding Naughty Natalie just drove back to the where the broken hot rod was because she did not need any more of his useless directions. She said on the drive back, the hot rod owner never said a word which made the drive very relaxing. The 2 car parade stops at the last town before the Canada-USA border because the hot rodder wants to top up with gas and other cheap stuff. Now the 2 car parade ends which we were so glad it did. They thanked us for the help and I told them to drop off my fan belt with my dad. The hot rod owner with the cut lip still can not stop the bleeding. The cut might need stitches because it is a deep cut from the 3rd kiss on the dash of the 37 Dodge. But the hot rod owner has not said a thing to anyone on how it happened for some reason. We keep traveling because we are planing on being at customs for inspection to get back in to Canada for 2 hours or more.

The time to enter in to our home country has now come. There is only a short line up of vehicles at the Canada Customs Port of Entry and we wait our turn. We don’t talk or say anything because they are watching and listening. We pull up when it is our turn and the Customs Officer comes out. He writes the license plate of the 37 Dodge on a sheet of paper then tells us to park over off to the side. We are parked off to the side with the truck shut off and relaxing outside the truck which feels nice. It is so hot inside the 37 Dodge when it is not moving. The air conditioning is the air movement from the cranked out windshield and cowl vent. Finally a Customs Officer comes out because it took that long to find the information on us going down. We answer the questions they ask with short quick answers because they do not need to know any more details then necessary. They asked to see the receipts for everything we purchase which was all organized in the Playboy Magazine centre fold plus all added up and marked for easier reading. That impressed the fellow. The motel receipt show our length of stay which was confirmed with the Canada Customs information. Then he asked about the paint which we showed him in the back of the truck. This Customs Officer was nice to deal with but we gave him straight answered and we were organized. He asked if bought any hot rod parts for the truck and I said no because we bought household items. He asked how much alcohol we bought in the USA to bring back to Canada and we told him none because it is not worth the hassle. Then the time came to look in the suit cases. He looked in mine quickly like when we entered in the foreign country. Next it was Naughty Natalie’s suit case and the Customs Officer was enjoying talking to her and looking at her too. When he opened her suitcase Naughty Natalie had mixed in with her clothes the Granny Panties, under wire bras and opened all the feminine hygiene packages so they were every where in the suit case. The fellow lost interest in her suit case and asked her close it up. That is when we both smiled at each other. He then says we can leave which totally surprised us. We are going to be home early and get a good rest before our regular work week.

Naughty Natalie wants to drive because it is her turn anyways. We leave the Canada Customs Port of Entry as quick as we can because we do not want them to change their minds and make us stay longer. With all this extra time we now have that should have been wasted getting back in to Canada. It is decided to head to dad and mother to get rid of all the paint. Once on the open highway, Naughty Natalie asks me to hold the steering wheel. I reach over and grab the wheel and steer the truck while she removes her bra. That was such a relief for her because that harness is so uncomfortable on hot days. Now back in Canada and bra-less and driving the 37 Dodge the way it was built to be driven, Naughty Natalie is so happy. We come up behind a slow moving vehicle on the 2 lane highway and we both look at each other smile. Once the traffic was prefect for passing the slow moving vehicle. Naughty Natalie drop the 37 Dodge a gear and kicks the gas pedal to the floor which opens the 4 barrels in the carburetor. The truck is out and round the slow moving vehicle as it if is standing still. We both have big smiles on our faces because it is good to be back in Canada.

We arrive at dad and mother’s pink house in Alexander Manitoba which surprises them because were are back in Canada so early. Naughty Natalie backs the 37 Dodge up to the shop door so we can unload the paint. Dad goes to the house and gets the beer plus tell mother were are back. Mother replies to dad that she heard the truck arrive so she knows they are back. Once the paint was unload, dad is looking the 37 Dodge over because that was a big trip. When Naughty Natalie is getting the Playboy Magazine out from under the seat of the truck, dad notices her bra on the seat of the truck. Naughty Natalie tells dad, she had to wear it for 3 days in that foreign country and it has emotional scarred her for the rest of her life. Everyone has a good laugh on her comment. She gave dad all the receipts that were his from the trip that were kept in the centre fold of the Playboy Magazine. Of course he even says there were good articles in that edition to. Naughty Natalie surprised him when she said yes I have read them too. Now we sit around the shop enjoying the beers and telling dad about the trip because his hot rod friends will say I avoided them which I did because I wanted nothing to do with them. Naughty Natalie told dad that his friend cut his lip on the dash of the truck when we helped him out. Dad was very surprised when told about his friend but figured it out quickly that someone could not keep his hands to himself. Plus the hot rod owner will be dropping off my spare fan belt that we loaned him. All dad said was that his friend’s wife will not be happy with him having cut lip or if she finds out how it happened. Naughty Natalie and I both smiled. Naughty Natalie tells dad if any one asked what happened in Minot stays in Minot just like going to Las Vegas. Also if the State Troopers call, you were in Minot buying paint and I’m your daughter and that is my14 year old “Virgin” little brother as she point to me. Dad’s only reply to Naughty Natalie was maybe I really do not want to know. With that I spoke up saying I’m not a “Virgin” any more which got a big smile from dad. Once the beers were done, we drove to Brandon to relax and getting ready for a busy work week. We were so happy that we made a trip to a foreign country at the age of 18 years old and the 37 Dodge preformed excellent.

Nov 25 2020 -- Love is Trust Book 6th book