Magical Fingers Fairy


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Flying the USA

It was smooth flight to the USA border and once we crossed the border we had to have a drink. It took us a lot longer to change out of outfits because of the seats and low ceiling in the small private jet. Changing our clothes was like having sex in the back seat of the Buick car which can be done but with great struggles. I have to leave my beard and mustache make up on until we arrive in Vancouver to the fancy motel. This is not problem because when the ladies drink to much they like kissing me which I like. The pilot stays in the cockpit with the rookie co-pilot because flying through the mountains at night is great fun. Plus we are in the USA traveling a route we have never flown before. The pilot keeps us posted when we fly over a mountain because it gives us an excuse to have a drink. The hostess goes to the cockpit to chat with the pilot because by the number of drinks we have had we should be in Vancouver by now. The pilot tells the hostess they flew along way around the weather system and we are over the pacific ocean and coming in the Vancouver now. Which is good because everyone needs to use the bathroom from all the booze drank. We arrive in Vancouver and it is not raining but the time change has us all mixed up plus the amount of booze we drank does not help either. Arriving at the hangar where the small private jet will stay while we are in Vancouver was a welcome sight because we all needed to use the bathroom. Since we are a day early and it is about 3am in Vancouver the pilot telephoned for a taxi for us and we are going to drag the rookie co-pilot along with us to the fancy motel. Because getting him a room where he is to stay is not worth the hassle or time delay. When the taxi arrives we all fit in and off to the fancy motel. We arrive at the fancy motel to have the doorman and bellhops do their jobs. This impressed the hostess, pilot and rookie co-pilot because this fancy motel is expensive but really good service. The owner had telephone the fancy motel to say that we were arriving early. But due to the weather system grounded all east bound flights from Vancouver the fancy motel was booked solid. The owner is a good customer and they are putting us in the penthouse suite which is only accessed by the special pass card. We do not care because we have been drinking and the pilots had a stressful flight to get us here. Plus we need to have another drink as soon as possible. Now Naughty Natalie takes over because she know where we are going and the flight crew follows along like Liz and I. The rookie co-pilot’s eye were so big seeing all this happening and they got even bigger when we arrived in the penthouse suite. There were 3 normal bedroom and one huge master bedroom which nobody took because it was too big. The living room and dinning area all in the middle with the whirlpool hot tub to view the Pacific ocean. The bedrooms were on each side of the open living area. The 3 of us took one bedroom with a bathroom and the hostess and pilot took the second bedroom. The rookie co-pilot wanted to sleep on the big couch because he thought this was coming off his pay-cheque. The pilot told him to take the 3rd bedroom which he did. We all agreed not to touch anything in the main area because the cleaning staff has to clean it. We will socialize in our bedroom because Liz pours the drinks.


Liz got the drinks poured then joined me in the big bathroom to remove my make up. Naughty Natalie was back and forth to the bathroom as she usually does because she handle the pizza as she always does. The hostess and the pilots enjoyed the drinks and talked in more detail about the flight that we just took. The pilot made a good call in flying to the USA to miss the weather system that has canceled flights east from Vancouver. If we flew in to the weather system it might have been rough weather bouncing the small private jet around. We had a drink to the pilot and co-pilot handle it all safely so we can sit in a penthouse suite in Vancouver to have drinks. The pizza tasted so good and we thanked Naughty Natalie for handling it and we had a drink to that. The pizza and booze made our eyes closed and we all went to bed with no plans except for the 2 performance on Sunday night. The owner will tell Liz more when they chat on the telephone. The big huge bed in our room was very comfortable and we all had a good night sleep on it which surprised us. Being in the penthouse suit we thought for sure we would not be able to get any sleep. Liz made everyone fresh coffee in the main part of the penthouse suite. We all enjoyed the view looking out and over the Pacific ocean which brought back memories to Liz and need a hug. The ladies had all their fancy outfit drying in the bedrooms and Naughty Natalie handled the tux to the motel dry cleaners when she took care of the pizza. The fancy motel does not know what to do with us because any flights east have been canceled so we are to stay in the penthouse suite. The clean ladies stopped by and the room not even messed up and we just asked for clean towels. When Liz talked with the cleaning ladies they say the penthouse is usually very dirty and messy because rich people just toss everything around knowing the cleaning staff are paid to clean up after them. Liz told them we are guests and keep everything clean no matter where we stay. We all said good bye to the cleaning ladies who will be busy all day with the fancy motel fully booked.


It felt very strange being in such an expensive place to stay but we are lucky to get a place to stay. Liz talked with the owner and has the details and we dress at 5pm. The pilot is not sure if we can fly back to Winnipeg on Monday because of the weather system but that will be a problem for Monday. The owner told Liz that everyone stay together because the fancy motel is giving her a very good deal on the room for being a good customer over the years. The rookie co-pilot was hoping to stay in a motel by the airport but he can take a taxi to check the small private jet then taxi back to the fancy motel. The pilot telephone head office in Winnipeg and they were glad we made it to Vancouver through the USA plus we were told to stay in Vancouver enjoying the warm weather until the weather system from the mountains passes Winnipeg. We had no problem we those instructions. Of course Naughty Natalie had been talking with dad and mother’s mini van quit in the cold weather because of the computer on the motor. Dad was driving the 67 Chevy plus trying to get the sister’s car going too. Naughty Natalie gave tips to dad on the driving the 67 Chevy in the winter. Plus dad’s hot rod friends in Calgary telephone him to say they we riding around in a limousine with that young lady friend that was with him when he visited. They never asked dad where his son was which is good. Dad also told Naughty Natalie there is a weather system coming to Manitoba from Alberta so flying might not be best. Naughty Natalie told dad we might have to wait in Vancouver and we flew in to the USA to get to Vancouver late last night.


Liz ordered room service for breakfast because we were tired and did not feel like going down the fancy motel cafe’ when we had such a great view of the Pacific ocean. The rookie co-pilot had a had time accepting this is all free and enjoy it will not come off his pay-cheque. Liz just ordered the rookie co-pilot a big breakfast which he will enjoy. Being in the penthouse suite it did not take long for room service to bring the food and it was so good. After we had breakfast it was nap time for most of us then we take a taxi to Pacific ocean to walk on the beach in the sunshine this time. The pilot and rookie co-pilot will go and check and small private jet and get it ready to fly in case there is a break in the weather. Then we can fly home to being in the extreme cold weather. As we lay on the bed for our little nap after breakfast, Naughty Natalie was first to fall asleep and then Liz whispered in my ear asking if it brought her bedroom toy. She says being this close to the ocean she might need her bedroom toy to relax and control her emotions. I told Liz after her near death experience I left the bedroom toy hidden in the little apartment. Liz was upset with that but I did point out it was for her own safety. I also told Liz I am more worried about her having flash back to the night of “hell” after listening to Viagra sex the other night. Liz agreed with me on the flash backs. After our 2 hour nap the ladies decide not to go anywhere and enjoy the pool while the pilots check out the aircraft. I did not feel like traveling or doing anything because we have being going non stop for 2 days plus hardly any sleep the night of the Viagra sex. It felt strange leaving the penthouse suite and walking through a door to the upper floor pool area which there was no one in the pool. I relaxed in the whirlpool hot tub while the ladies enjoyed the pool. It was fun to watch them have fun and no fear of the water. Then Liz joined me in the whirlpool hot tub because she need me for comfort. Then the hostess and Naughty Natalie joined us and we chatted about the show tonight and hope it will be a good crowd. There is no way we talk about the night we were chased off stage because that is not good for business. The hostess says between her legs is getting better and not as sore because the cream she bought in Calgary is working. We were glad for her because Liz and I both know it is not very comfortable when between your legs hurts. When we looked like prunes from being in the whirlpool hot tub too long it was a quick walk and through the door to the penthouse suite. Liz and I had a shower and Naughty Natalie was in and out of the shower like she always is. This was a really nice shower and had a shower wand and a jet tub which is a small whirlpool. Liz enjoyed the shower wand as I held her tight because she needed it and felt a lot better afterwards. At 3pm Vancouver time Liz telephoned the owner to check in and the make up person will be here at 5pm when we start dressing the limousine is at 7pm and we are to have fun. The owner told Liz is it very cold in Winnipeg and they canceled the Sunday night show they were to do. We smiled when Liz told us that because it is not raining in Vancouver which is nice.


The hostess is relaxing in our room because we do not want to enjoy the penthouse because it is not our style. We watch TV and some of us fall sleep again because we need our sleep. The pilots return back to find me in bed with 3 women and the rookie co-pilot had a good laugh. The pilot says everything is ready with the small private jet and we just wait out the weather. The pilot will get ready to escort us and the rookie co-pilot is coming along too because we can not leave him the penthouse by himself. Once the rookie co-pilot found out there was free food and booze then he had no problems tagging along. Just before 5pm Liz and I have a quick shower to start getting ready and Naughty Natalie joined us too. The hostess is in our room getting ready so we can help her with her fancy outfit. The doorman from the lobby escorted the make up person to the penthouse because that is the way it is done in the fancy motel. The make up did not take long and the make up person stuck around to enjoy the view of the Pacific ocean as the sun was setting. Plus we had no idea if the doorman has to escort the person. We will all leave together because it is the simple way of doing it. Now we are ready and the ride down in the private elevator was nice. We say good bye to the make up person and get in the waiting limousine. The pilot rides up front with the driver so he has an idea where we are in Vancouver. The rookie co-pilot is in the back with us and his eyes are big because this is something he has never done before. When we arrive at the building we have to wait in the limousine for the pilot to come back and get us because he has to figure out where to go. Philip has been doing this for years and knows the buildings and what to do. We are learning and having fun plus it is nice and warm in Vancouver compared to the extreme cold in Manitoba. We seem to wait forever for the pilot to come back with instructions on where we are to go to preform tonight. When the pilot did come back we were at the correct location just that nobody knew we were coming. This doe not seem like a problem but the other ladies that are booked to preform are not happy because their little performance get cut short which means less money in their eyes. This is where we never get involved with the business part of doing these shows but the pilot had telephone the owner in Winnipeg and has it all worked out. The 4 of us will do the closing and make it extra long for the audience to enjoy. We have no problems as long as we are having fun but we do not want to wait back stage because the other lady performers might have a dislike for us because we are taking their audience away. It is decided the limousine is paid to sit or drive so we will drive around Vancouver to see the sites and arrive back in time to preform. The hostess wants to ride up front with the driver so she can see Vancouver. The rookie co-pilot decided sit up front too because he does not know if there will be any flights for him back to Vancouver in the near future.


It was fun driving around Vancouver and people looked at us as if we are the rich and famous but we are not. We all agreed driving the 67 Chevy around Vancouver would just as much fun. The limousine driver is talking to us and telling a few things he knows and some of the famous people he has driven around. That made the time go a little faster and it was prefect timing to arrive back to go on stage. We did not have to wait around and listen to the other ladies that preformed complain. That is all most of them do because with their fake hair and make up they think they are beautiful but they are not. Plus this is not the greatest audience either and reminds us when we ran off stage. Liz tells the pilot and rookie co-pilot what could happen and the safety plan will be head to the limousine. The pilot figures this should not be a problem because back in his younger days he was a tough guy and could handle himself in bar fights. We all smiled at him and Liz told him to make sure his shoe laces are tied up tight in case we are running off the stage to the limousine. The pilot had a shocked look on his face then Liz told him to make sure the limousine is ready to leave. It is a good thing we had made the safely plan in case things went wrong because they did. The drunk “male pigs” caused lots of problems plus the other ladies that preformed did not help either. We were all laughing as Liz is holding my hand as we run out of the building and in the limousine to head to the next show. Naughty Natalie and Liz had blood on their boots from kicking the drunk “male pigs”. The hostess and I are bleeding from the glass drinks thrown on stage that hit us. The rookie pilot is bleeding to from getting punched in the head by someone fist. For being a young kid he did very well in protecting us. The pilot did very well for his age in fist fighting with a few drunk “male pigs” helping us get off stage. We all agreed that is it the owner problems and we should have just left when the pilot said they were not expecting us. The limousine driver is happy we are all OK and has cleaning towels and supplies for keeping the limousine clean and offers them to us.


Magical Fingers Fairy

We arrive at the next place to preform looking the Hanson Brothers from the hockey film Slap Shot. We are covered in blood and have bruises but we are here to preform which surprises everyone. We cleaned ourselves up as best we could and used the make up they had back stage because we carry none with me being the only one that has to use any. We go on stage and have a good preformance and the audience liked us or maybe they felt sorry for us. It was an excellent time and the people back stage treated us good. We thanked them and went back to the fancy motel in the limousine. The pilot told the driver any extra charges for cleaning or driving just let the owner know and she will be glad to pay. The driver wished us well and drove off. The doormen and bellhops at the fancy motel said we looked pretty rough but did we have a good time. Of course we did and we will do it again because this is Vancouver. Once in the penthouse suite and out of our clothes the true damage could be seen with bruised and cuts from the thrown drink glasses. The pilot did get roughed up more then he thought and same with the rookie co-pilot. The 3 ladies were hurt more then they thought from the drunk “male pigs” grabbing them on stage. I thought I only had the cut on my face but had more broke glass in my skin on my body. It was decided as a group we will use the whirlpool hot tub in the penthouse suite to relax in after the fun night we had. But Liz has to fix me up by digging the glass out of my bleeding wounds. For some reason I was only wearing my silk underwear when this happened and I have the most glass damage. The ladies were well protected in their fancy outfits. Naughty Natalie checked in on how we are doing and she was happy her panties did not fall off for that audience because they did not deserve to see her naked. Liz and I both agreed and once I stopped bleeding I could join everyone in the whirlpool hot tub. The only problem is the chemicals used in the hot tub makes the wounds sting and hurt big time. This little problem was corrected with more booze and a smile on my face. Now the rookie co-pilot by the expression on his face and how big his eyes were has never been in a whirlpool hot tub with ladies that can wear bikinis. Or maybe it was the pilot and I in our Speedos but we are not sure. We all laughed and joked about the fun we had tonight and hope it never happens again. Then we told the others about getting chased off stage the first time and they could not believe it. We just had to have another drink to take the pain away. We all agreed in the morning we will be sore and stiff. The one person that will be hurting the most will be the pilot because his mind thinks he is younger then his body. The whole time in the penthouse the hostess and the pilot act as working friends with the rookie co-pilot around and Liz and I are the only ones holding hands and touching each other. In the whirlpool hot tub Liz hands were quite busy under the flowing water so nobody could see except for the expressions on my face. Naughty Natalie told us to get a room a couple of times which we replied back we do have a room and pointed to the bedroom in the penthouse suite. I knew tonight Liz was going to be having emotion problems because the only view from the penthouse is the Pacific ocean that reminds her of home. Staying on the second floor in the basic motel room we had an excellent view of the building next door so we could see the rain falling down.

As everyone was getting tired because the booze was kicking in and our bodies were looking like prunes it was time to go to bed. The 3 of us have a quick shower to rinse off the chemicals from the whirlpool hot tub then go to bed. We fall asleep hugging each other with me in the middle as usual. I get woken up by the moans and action of Liz. Her back is arched off the bed and her right hand is between her legs rubbing back and forth. Her left hand is in front of her face fighting off an imaginary attacker. Liz is having a flash back to the night of “hell” she thinks she is fighting off her husband because he is hurting her so much in her dream. Now I have to do something very quick because if this continues she will be emotional confused for days or weeks like when it really happened. I roll over on my side to be next to her and slide my left hand under her hand between her legs and take control using the magic of my fingers. When Liz took her hand away between her legs she was now using both hands and arms to push away the imaginary attacker in her dreams. If I try to stop her hands and arms I will only make it worse. She is have a dream and me struggling with her hand and arms will make her defend herself more like defending herself the night of “hell”. The only way to get control of Liz is through the magic of my fingers. Now I concentrate and get control of Liz through my fingers of my left hand between her legs. The more magic I perform with my fingers the more control I have of Liz. When Liz crossed her legs to squeeze my hand tight between her legs that is when I knew I was in control. She has slowly stopped fighting the imaginary attacker and has now lower her hands and arms to the side her body on the bed. Her back is still arched high off the bed and her head is not being tossed side to side. I can now whisper in her ear very softly and Liz is now in my control with words spoken and the magic in my fingers on my left hand. I slowly bring Liz down and have her laying back on the bed but her hands beside her body grabbing on to the fitted bottom bed sheet of the bed. This is what I want her to do because she has to hang up because she is going to enjoy herself and not be in control. I will be the one in control with the magic in my fingers and what I whisper in her ear. She is breathing heavy and her body is ready. I let her enjoy almost two full body orgasms which were back to back only using the magic in the my fingers on my left hand. When Liz came down from those 2 orgasm she woke up with big eyes and turned her head to stare at me and not say a word. Her breathing was still heavy and I whispered more in her ear. Then I let her enjoy a nice baby orgasm to bring her body down from what she just experienced. Liz just stared at me with big eyes and her body laid straight and stiff on the bed with both hand squeezing the fitted bed sheet tight. I keep my left hand between her legs but my fingers preformed no magic. The pressure I was putting with my left hand between her legs was letting her come down for the orgasms she has just be given. Liz’s eyes were big and she just stared at me and said nothing and did not move because she could not. Once her body had come down and relaxed I told her she just had a dream. I removed my hand from between her legs and rollover on to my back. Naughty Natalie still asleep hugged me. Liz rolled over on her side to hug me and put my leg between her legs so I could feel the throbbing between her legs. Liz hugs Naughty Natalie and I very tight as she stared at me with big eyes but did not say a word.

Liz woke me up in the morning only to just starring at me with her big eyes. Liz was very quiet all morning and just stared at me the whole time as we did anything. In the shower she never spoke and just stared at me. Naughty Natalie kept asking Liz if she OK and Liz said very quietly that she was. Liz was in a state of shock because of how I was able to control her and make her enjoy her body as a woman with only the magic of my fingers. If someone told her this could happen to her as a woman she would have never believed it in a million years. Now it has just happened to her and she is in shock and confused. The hostess and pilot stop in our room to give us the updates on how sore they are plus the weather in Manitoba. We are not flying today because Manitoba is now closed because the weather system that we flew around to get to Vancouver has now arrived. This is good for us and we will wait out the cold storm in Manitoba in sunny Vancouver. The flying company in Winnipeg does not want the pilots to do anything but stay in Vancouver because it is cheaper to them to wait out the storm then arrive in Manitoba to have more frozen airplanes and drama that is unnecessary. The pilot figured we could fly in the USA like we did then turn north to Winnipeg if we really need to get home but we all agreed to wait it out. Liz called the owner and she was so sorry that things turned bad for us and kept asking if we are OK and we are fine. The owner is glad the flying company told us to stay in Vancouver because it is bad weather in Manitoba. The owner will find work for us so we are not bored. Liz thanked her from all of us. The pilot had checked with the front desk of the fancy motel and we are to stay in the penthouse till we can fly home. The fancy motel is only charging the owner for 2 basic rooms on the second floor because that is what the owner wanted. Plus the cleaning ladies have told the front desk we are so clean in the penthouse too. The pilot could not believe the penthouse is only $5000.00 a night to stay. But we did point out the penthouse has a nice view. It is decided that we will stay as a group and rent a taxi for the afternoon. Naughty Natalie telephone the taxi company that drove us around on the tour of Vancouver and will send the driver that gave us the tour.

We are all happy because we will check the small private jet then go for the best burgers in Vancouver with the taxi driver. Liz is quiet the whole time and hugs me or hold my hand when we do anything and stares at me with her big eyes. The taxi ride to check the small private jet was nice and we got to see Vancouver in the sunshine. Liz and I stay in the taxi to chat while everyone including the taxi drivers checks out the small private jet. When Liz and I are alone in the taxi and she is sitting close to me and leaning against me. She looks me in the eyes and asked what happened last night. I told she was have a nightmare and I had to take control or she would have had a flash back to the night of “hell”. Liz said that is what her dream was about as she was fighting off her husband then he disappeared. Now in the dream she was no longer in the motel room in Edmonton experiencing the pain and hurt he had caused but on a sunny beach watching a wave coming towards her. The wave did not crash down on her very hard like when she has the full body orgasm but this wave felt so good. Then another wave crashed down on her which felt just as good. The sun was so hot and dried her body quickly for the next small wave to crash over her. Now Liz tells me she knows I created the waves that made her feel so good. Plus she can not stop staring at me because all she sees is the waves. Liz also told me that she controlled all the waves and her body when she has the full body orgasm but last night she controlled nothing. I told Liz I controlled everything and took control of her as quick as I could so she did not suffer emotionally from having a flash back. I knew she was going to have an emotional night from watching the pacific ocean in the whirlpool hot tub. The memories of the east coast came back to her of happier times and family. Liz asked again what I did and I told her I used the magic of my fingers between her legs. Liz was still very surprised because she had no control of her body because it was all me. I told Liz when we ran off stage from being attacked and I was the only one that did not throw punches or act the tough guy. I learned in kindergarten I am better off running for safety being a skinny kid. Liz had someone’s skin embedded in her big shiny wedding ring from punching but I never hit anyone. I learned not to be a fighter but a lover. It is better to control a woman through pleasure in the bedroom then with violence. Liz just stares at me more with her big eyes and listens for me to say more. I told Liz she even told mother in the fancy motel cafe’ that I make her panties wet not her eyes which is very true. Liz just smiled and waited for more to be said. What I did to Liz was control her and give her nice orgasms which she enjoyed but she was helpless to the powers of my magic fingers. Now Liz hugs me tighter and asked if Naughty Natalie gets the same magic. Naughty Natalie is different because she is young but she enjoys the magic of my fingers and other things too. Liz had to ask what the other things were which I thought she already knew. I had to refresh Liz’s memory that in high school my nick name was “Lick” and it is not from licking ice cream. Now Liz really smiled and stared at me with her big eyes. Liz has figured out why Naughty Natalie is always so happy and I congratulated Liz for finally figuring it out. I also pointed out to Liz the pilot was the first to be fighting and kicking ass as we ran off stage. But this is also a fellow who thinks a woman is having a good time for 30 minutes bouncing off the head board in bed testing out how Viagra works. The Male Manhood should be saved for last for the lady to enjoy the most. Now Liz hugged me tighter and looked deep in my eyes and I just smile and enjoy. She then asked when the magical fingers will be used again and I told her to save her from emotional drama from having a flash back from the night of “hell”. Liz understood this because I was asked to “take care” of her and she hugged me tighter and stared at me more.

Everyone finally came back to the taxi so we could go and have the best burgers in Vancouver. The taxi driver was talking and telling everyone the sites as we drove along. Everyone was asking questions which the driver answered very well. At the burger cafe’ we ordered what the taxi driver had ordered last time that we ate because it was so good. The hostess and the pilots enjoyed the meal and seeing Vancouver through the taxi driver. After a great meal we head the Pacific ocean to relax and feel and smell the ocean. This is going to be hard for Liz so we stayed by ourselves as everyone walked and enjoy the ocean. As Liz and I looked out across the Pacific ocean I told Liz she is looking forward to her future and the east coast and her past is behind her which is true. That brought tears to Liz’s eyes which I knew it would. We just sat on the park bench as she hugged me only to watch all the people walking and enjoying the ocean on a sunny day in Vancouver. When everyone had enough of the sun and fun the taxi driver continued his tour of Vancouver with us. The taxi driver also told us he is thankful for driving us around because business has been slow. The sunshine means the taxi business is slow because people are walking to enjoy the weather. Liz does not really care what is going on as we drive around because all she is doing is staring at me with big eyes as she hugs me tight. Naughty Natalie is having fun because she is learning and seeing new things like everyone else in the taxi. When the tour was over the taxi driver returned us to the fancy motel and Naughty Natalie paid the driver and tipped him well for his time. We all thanked him for the good time. The hostess and the pilots have a hard time getting used to the doormen and bellhops doing everything for us when we arrive by vehicle. This is because the hostess and pilots are in the service industry to serve their customers and now they are being served. It took the 3 of us a while to get used to having people serve us but we treat them very well in return because we are young and did their jobs.

Back at the fancy motel Liz checks in with the owner in Winnipeg who is suffering through the extreme cold storm that has arrived. The owner told Liz she would give anything to be waiting out this cold weather in Vancouver with us then be in Winnipeg. Liz teases the owner by telling her she should have escorted us like she always has done in the past. The owner tells Liz she will be first on the private jet heading west with us after the ladies 28 days are up. When Liz told us that we all smiled because the owner and Philip have good fun with us. The owner has 2 shows booked for us because the entertainment for this performance did not arrive with all air flights canceled. Liz told the owner we will handle it and the owner said she will enjoy the cold until we can return. The pilot checked in with head office for the flying company in Winnipeg. The small private jet and flight crew is to stay in Vancouver because everything frozen or broken in Winnipeg. Plus nobody is flying because of the cold. It is cheaper for the small private plane to sit in Vancouver then show up in Winnipeg to a full hangar of frozen equipment and other aircraft. The small private jet when it returns to Winnipeg is will be flying non stop to clear up all the canceled flights but to arrive in Winnipeg and sit out the cold weather. Then to get small private jet up and running to fly costs a lot of money. The hostess and pilots are happy because they do not want to go back to Manitoba to the extreme cold weather. Naughty Natalie has been keeping dad inform on the fun and suffering we are having in sunny Vancouver. Dad is driving the 67 Chevy and the sister is driving mother around with the Disco Queens. Dad is telling mother the hair spray from the Disco Queens hair makes him sick. Any excuse not to deal with the sister and Disco Queens plus dad has been staying in the little apartment too. Of course Naughty Natalie had to tell dad in detail on how to wash and dry his clothes in the washer and dryer in the little apartment. Plus dad was washing clothes so Naughty Natalie had to get dad to wash her clothes so they will be clean when she arrives back. Liz and I both figure dad did not wash our clothes because it only took Naughty Natalie 30 minutes to explain to dad how she wanted her bras and panties washed.

The only problem we have now with performing tonight is the hostess fancy outfit got soaked with blood because she got cut in the head from the glass drink being thrown plus her nose was bleeding. The fancy motel dry cleaner did not want to take chance with an expensive outfit and make mistake so it never got cleaned. The owner does not see a problem because she has friends in Vancouver that will loan a fancy outfit. The problem is the outfit will be delivered where we preform the second show and not the first show which is right away being a dinner show. The 6 of us do not see a problem and Liz and the hostess and the rookie co-pilot go the front desk of the fancy motel. The fancy motel has unclaimed luggage and clothes from the motel rooms. It did not take them long to dress up the hostess in a nice diner dress with a short little jacket. The rookie co-pilot got a nice suit with a bow tie to be more in the lines of a comedy. These outfit are just being borrowed and will be returned to the front desk after the shows tonight. The pilot has everything under control and has the limousine booked to pick us up plus telephoned the people who are putting on the shows tonight. This is where his pilot skills are very useful because he has to be organized and calm under pressure. The rookie co-pilot is getting dragged along because he needs the money. It costs a lot of money to become a pilot then it is low paying job for the love of flying. Management in flying companies figured out a long time ago people will work for a low wage just to be able to fly because it is a passion not a job. The big money in flying is when the pilot has lots of experience and is older.

It is time to get dressed for tonight’s 2 shows and the make up person is coming is the same one from Sunday night. This is good because the person knows where are are staying and what is needed. The pilot also asked for more make up to brought because he has a black eye from fighting and the ladies need bruises covered up. The pilot always show everyone his knuckles are swollen up and sore from fighting too. That is when I show Liz how my hands and fingers look from not fight and Liz still with her big eyes even got bigger when I showed how flexible my fingers were. These fingers can still preform magic if she has another flash back in her dreams. Now if I was to be fighting and punching people then there would be no magic in my fingers because they would be all stiff and swollen like the pilot’s hands. Now Liz says it is time to shower to get ready for the show tonight. Liz has been very quiet all day and her eyes have been very big as she stares at me. This is when I make sure Naughty Natalie joins us in the shower in Liz decides she wants to do bad things to me. It is best that Naughty Natalie do the bad things to me. Liz had a hard time in the shower with her emotions and I held her tight and told once we are out of Vancouver and the ocean she will be a lot better which she agreed. Naughty Natalie cheered up Liz too in her cute and funny ways. We took too long in the shower which everyone thought we were doing bad things to each other but it was because of Liz’s emotions. We let everyone think that we were having sex because it is simpler that way. Now we are dressed and ready and the make up person has everyone ready. The pilot looks good with a black eye being covered in make up. On the elevator ride to the main floor the make up person joined us because it is simpler. The pilot was getting teased by the hostess about wearing make up for the first time. Plus she was offering her sexy underwear if he wanted to wear them around the penthouse when we got back after the shows. For some reason the pilot was not impressed and told everyone so the make up person could hear to. That he did very good for his age fighting 3 people to get us out safety. Then we all thanked him which he liked. Naughty Natalie had to be funny and tell the make up person that we were preforming at a senior citizen’s home and the audience got a little wild. Now that made everyone laugh in the elevator but the pilot still stuck to his story of fighting 3 of them.

It was a short drive to where we are performing tonight and the pilot goes in to see if we are welcomed. The limousine is driven by the same driver as last night and he glad we are feeling and doing better today. The pilot comes back and says this is the place and the smell inside will knock our socks off. When we got inside the building they were serving a Prime Rib dinner and we are part of the show. The smell was so delicious and they served fresh cut Prime Rib at the back stage food and booze table. The pilot sent the rookie co-pilot out to the limousine with a plate of fresh cut Prime Rib for the driver to enjoy since he helped us out last night. The driver of the limousine was so impressed that we were thinking of him too. The pilot found out it was Alberta beef that the Prime rib was made from and it tasted so good. We chatted with the people putting on the show and we made a little game plan. The hostess and the rookie co-pilot will sit at a dinner table and enjoy meal since they are dressed to go for a fancy dinner. They look like a very handsome couple as we are told. Then the 3 of us will go on stage and be more of comedy and bring the hostess and rookie co-pilot up on stage and keep the audience entertained. Naughty Natalie has to keep her panties on since it is a dinner show. The people are impressed that we would help them out by doing something totally different then what we are used to preforming. Liz told the people we can not go home because of the weather and their entertainment could not arrive so we will have fun. Plus we all thanked the people for the Prime Rib dinner. We get the show started and the ladies have their add skirts on. They go off stage to work the audience because the hostess and rookie co-pilot are at one of the back tables enjoy themselves with the Prime Rib dinner and wine. We never drink wine because it is not our style because we are young Heavy Metal Rock kids. The pilot informed us that wine is the hostess’s weakness. That is when Liz asked what is the hostess’s weakness when she drinks wine. The pilot in a calm voice told us her clothes fall off which even Naughty Natalie said that is not good. Naughty Natalie said she would handle getting the wine away from the hostess. We know Naughty Natalie will not drink it so with her whip and acting like a Dominatrix she made the rookie co-pilot drink the wine glass. When she took it away from the hostess and gave it to the rookie co-pilot to drink while the audience watch. No man a live will not drink a glass of wine handed to him while a Dominatrix makes sure the glass is tipped up in the drinking position with the end of a whip.

I also get to work the audience and walk around with my top hat and having fun to get a feel of the audience. The ladies pointed out by the number of times they had their ass touched. But we think it is for the response back by the ladies using their whips to smack the man’s hand in front of the woman that is at the table. That is why the audience became inter active with us compared to other shows. When I had my ass touched by a lady Liz seen it and gave the lady’s hand a little smack with the whip and the audience laughed. Everyone thought when Naughty Natalie got touched she was more dramatic in her response but it is natural for her because no one touches her in public not even me. When the ladies figure the audience is ready we take the show on to the stage. Liz will preform then Naughty Natalie to get the crowd going. Then Naughty Natalie will bring up the hostess and rookie co-pilot who the audience thinks is not part of the show on to the stage. Then what Liz does to me will be done to the rookie co-pilot. Naughty Natalie will show the hostess as a guest for the audience how to act and use the whip on the rookie co-pilot who is her date as an audience member. Both the hostess and rookie co-pilot have had enough to drink to be funny and the audience just claps and wants more. My problem is Liz has the look of staring at me as if she is really going to do bad thing to me once off the stage and I am in my underwear which the audience has picked up on. Naughty Natalie is all natural and is having fun with the hostess and rookie co-pilot. But with too much wine being served to the hostess and rookie co-pilot who Naughty Natalie put sexy masks on before they came up on stage. That created a problem which had to be corrected by Liz’s quick thinking. I do not think the plan was for the young rookie co-pilot to end up sitting on a chair on stage like I do in his underwear. The rookie co-pilot was wearing his brief underwear but the problem was his Male Manhood should have got him a job making triple X films not flying an airplane for a living. The hostess and Naughty Natalie were teasing the poor kid a little too much and we figured he went to his high school prom with his sister or mother and might be still a “Virgin”. The last thing we need on stage is the rookie co-pilot’s Male Manhood becoming operational and poking up past the waist band on his brief underwear for the audience to see. Liz was smart and made it look like she spilled a drink with ice in it on to the rookie co-pilot lap to give him male shrinkage right now. The audience laughed and the rookie co-pilot had a shocked look on his face while the rest of us had the look of relief. One thing mother thinks Naughty Natalie and I have sex all the time all over the place but when we are doing this magician shows we have sex based on the show times. Naughty Naughty has to make sure I am non-operational before going on stage which she does very well. The last thing we need is an incident happening like what almost happened with the rookie co-pilot tonight.

For the show being a dinner show and not planned it turned out very well. The people hosting the show were very impressed and the audience enjoyed because we took a long time coming off the stage because of our encores and bows-curtseys too. Once off stage we had to rush to the next performance because we are running late. The limousine driver even returned the plate that he enjoyed the Prime Rib dinner on and he thanked us for thinking of him. We also pointed out he was thinking of us when we escaped the show covered in blood. When we arrive at the next place to preform the pilot goes and checks it out and then leads us in to the building. The limousine driver wished us luck and if there is any desert for his supper send it out. The first thing Liz did was send the rookie co-pilot back to the limousine with a desert from the performer’s table for the limousine diver to enjoy. Since we are late we have to get the hostess in to the borrowed fancy outfit the owner had sent over. The pilot was busy so the rookie co-pilot still a little drunk on wine got to help Naughty Natalie dress the hostess who was asking for more wine. Liz and I had to rush to open the show and Liz kept me on stage for her whole performance and worked me good. I was in my full beard and mustache so she even kissed me on stage and her eye were big like they were all day. Liz’s eyes were like the Italian painting of the Mona Lisa where her eyes follow no matter which way I go. The audience enjoyed Liz and I and they clapped right from the start. I escort Liz off then escort the regular show ladies who we know nothing of because they are not part of the owner’s company. With the hostessed dressed and ready we just have to wait for Naughty Natalie’s part of the show. It is decided to get the rookie co-pilot to be part of the audience and Naughty Natalie will bring him up on stage then the hostess and her will work him over in front of the audience. It did not take long for the hostess to find where we hid the wine but the pilot made sure to take it away from him.

Naughty Natalie had an excellent show like she always does and then the 3 of start the close of the show. Once the rookie co-pilot is on stage then the hostess joins as she is acting out learning how to be a Dominatrix. The audience enjoyed the show and encores. We enjoyed having fun with the audience too. Liz and I did not ask what the hostess did to the rookie co-pilot between the two show we performed to make him non operational in his Male Manhood but it is all part of the job. What happens in Vancouver stays in Vancouver. The limousine driver thanked us for sending out the desert to go with his supper. We had fun traveling back to the fancy motel with him. People like him and the taxi driver make visiting these cities so much fun. The doormen and bellhops all had a good laugh at us showing up at the fancy motel when we arrived and they did their jobs with opening the door and helping. We were only drunk tonight not beat up like the night before but we had fun. It felt good to be back in the penthouse and out of the outfits we preform in. In the shower Liz helped get my beard and mustache off but she had to give me a long kiss on the lips in the shower as the water flowed over us. Once the make up was off then Liz just stared at me with her big eyes and hugged me when ever she could. When Naughty Natalie did the pizza she returned the borrowed outfits to the front desk and had the tux sent to the dry cleaners for it to be ready in case we can not go home. We finished up the night with sitting in the whirlpool hot tub looking out over the Pacific ocean. The hostess found a bottle of wine and her clothes were about to fall off the pilot made sure she was in the bedroom they were sharing. The rookie co-pilot said he had fun to night and would do it again just to help pay down his flying school loan that he took out to become a pilot. The booze was starting to take effect so he called it a night. Then it was just the 3 of in the whirlpool hot tub enjoying the view. With no one around Naughty Natalie joined Liz and I in hugging. I think Liz poured Naughty Natalie’s drinks a little strong or Naughty Natalie was serving herself because she was falling a sleep in the whirlpool hot tub. We decided we better get showered and in to bed because we are not sure what is happening in the morning. It was a quick shower for the 3 of us and bedtime.

I knew Liz was going to have dreams and flash backs like she did the night before. So I did not drink to get really drunk because she will need me for support. If I am drunk then I am not in control. It seemed like I just fell asleep and Liz was moaning and moving around on the bed that woke me up. It was the same thing as last night, fighting off her imaginary attacker which I knew was going to happen. I did the same thing by rolling on to my side and put my left hand between her legs to get control of her with the magic of my fingers. It seemed to take a lot longer before I had control of her but when she crossed her legs to squeeze my hand tight then I knew I was controlling her. Once her head stopped going from side to side and her arms and hands were beside her body gabbing the fitted bottom sheet on the bed. I could now whisper in her ear to be more in control of her. I let her have two almost full body orgasms then I woke her up so she could look me in the eyes. Her eyes were big and she knew what has happened in her dream and now what is going to be happening. As Liz looked deep in my eyes she begged me “please” and squeezed my hand tight between her legs. I replied back with a softly spoken “no” with a quick movement of my middle finger as magic on my left hand. This movement cause Liz to move her head side to side and her hands grabbed the fitted bed sheet more and harder. Liz then looks me in the eyes and begs again by saying “please” and squeezed my left hand tighter between her legs. I replied back with a quick magic movement of my middle finger on my left hand as I said “no”. That quick magic movement of my middle finger on my left hand cause Liz body to become stiffer and stiffer as she tighten the her grip on the fitted bed sheet. Her head move side to side and the look in her eyes was more intense as she begged again with the only word “please”. Now her legs are squeezing my left hand tight between her legs and her body is so stiff from squeezing my hand. I look deep in to her big eyes that are just begging me do something because I have so much control of her body that she can not take much more. As I say “no”, my middle finger on my left hand does a quick magical movement that cause Liz to stiffen her body and squeeze my hand tighter and tighter between her legs. Liz hands are gripping the fitted bed sheet so tight that her arms are fully straight and ridged. Liz is breathing heavier and heavier as I look deep in her eyes and I know she can not take much more but I will make her enjoy herself. Liz begs me again and says very softly “please” as she squeezes my hand so tight between her legs. I look her deep in the eyes and lean close to her tell her “no” but I do not do the quick movement of magic with my middle finger on my left hand. Liz and I just look deep in to each other eyes and she expected a magic movement. When she begged me again by saying “please”. That is “all” my finger performed magic between her legs and I just held on as her body was out of control. I made sure she did not flip off the bed and I held her tight so the orgasm she had was totally different then any others she has had. Just when Liz was calming down and getting her body under control I look deep in to her big eyes and start the magic in my finger going again. Liz would just stare deep in to my eyes as long as she could before her body took over. The whole time Liz never let go of the fitted sheet on the bed or made any attempt with her hands or arms to stop me because I controlled her with the magic in my fingers. If Liz had said the word “stop” then I would have stopped and left her sexual frustrated. But the only words she spoke to me was the word “please”. When Liz said “please” the magic got more intense for her which only made her eyes bigger and bigger. I would let Liz catch her breath and get her body focused as I paused for a bit but I still looked her deep in the eyes. Once Liz spoke the word “please” the magic fingers started all over and she looked deep in my eyes until her body took control and her head was moving side to side. I fell asleep holding Liz with my hand between her legs because I was waiting for her to say the word “please” which I do not think she had the strength to speak.

I woke up in the morning with Naughty Natalie hugging Liz and I. Liz was staring at me with big eyes and her body was still stiff and ridged and very sensitive to the touch. I just smiled at Liz who said nothing in return but stared at me more and more. It took a long time for Liz to be able to relax enough to be able to make to the bathroom in hopes of the hot shower waking her up. In the shower Naughty Natalie helped me with Liz who just stared at me and never said anything. After the shower Liz was starting to come back to life but was very quiet. When everyone else got up and joined us in our room to let us know the plans they asked what happened to Liz. We just said she over served herself with the booze after everyone went to bed. The story made sense and Liz did look hung over. Naughty Natalie and the pilot called the owner to see what the plans are for Tuesday in Vancouver for us. The pilot says the small private jet is booked for Wednesday morning to fly from Winnipeg. The flying company is suggesting we fly at night so the small private jet is warm and ready to go for the next customer when it arrives. The flying company has the hangar still full of frozen aircraft and equipment. We do not see a problem because we can sleep while we are flying. Naughty Natalie says dad will pick us up at the Brandon airport because he has the 67 Chevy and will take us for breakfast because it will be 6am Manitoba arrival for us. By noon in Vancouver the owner calls and say we can do 2 shows then fly right after the shows which we like. The pilots have to relax all day because they have to be fresh to fly all night. The limousine company will send 2 drivers with the driver we fed the Prime Rib dinner to last night because he has become our friend and he will be our escort. Now this is is working out well for all of us to have fun. The make up person will be at the penthouse at 5pm to for when we dress. It is agreed since we drank too much last night we will relax in the penthouse suite and enjoy our last day in Vancouver.

We order room service for lunch and Liz asked the cleaning ladies for a few things so we can clean the penthouse suite before we leave because we like everything clean. Liz is feeling better but is still very quiet and is holding or touching me all the time. The hostess is suffering big time with a hang over from too much wine she drank before bed. We teased her about no Viagra sex and she said she hid the second Viagra pill till they get back to Winnipeg. Naughty Natalie has everything handled with the tux being cleaned and the borrowed fancy outfit for the hostess will return to Winnipeg for the owner. As we eat lunch and look out the windows of the penthouse suite of the Pacific ocean we all know tomorrow at this time we will be in Manitoba freezing. Plus it has been sunshine all the days we have been here which was a surprise. We all had naps in the afternoon and enjoyed the whirlpool hot tub on last time. Then we cleaned the penthouse suite as a group so the owner does not to get a big cleaning bill. Plus anytime we come back to the fancy motel there will always be a room. At 5pm it was dress up time and the make up person arrived again to do my make up and make up to cover busies from the fun night. We are ready and head down to the limousine while the pilots relax till it is time for them to take a taxi and our luggage to the small private jet. The limousine has a driver plus the driver we fed has a friend joining him in the back of the limousine to escort us. They are both excite to see what goes on inside these building they drop and pick up people. We are glad they could help us out tonight on a short notice. They say the owner is a good customer and we have kept the limousine going steady while we are here in Vancouver.

When we arrive at the first place where we are to preform the our friend the driver goes inside to see where to go and returns. Now he and his friend escorts us in to the building and back stage. They were very impressed at the food and booze table but they can not have any booze because they are working. Everything went excellent in the show and Liz was still very quiet and had big eyes as she stared at me all the time and made sure to be touching me all the time. The next show was an easy one with a small crowd and everyone was happy. The hostess phone the hangar where the small private jet is parked to let the pilots know we are heading there right away. The limousine dropped us off at the hangar so we could use the bathroom and Naughty Natalie telephoned dad to say we are leaving Vancouver. That was the shortest conversation those two have had the whole time we have been in Vancouver. We thanked the limousine driver for escorting us and they said they had a good time. The rookie co-pilot has the small private jet airborne heading back to cold Manitoba over the mountains. Once in the air we could get out our outfits and back in to our street clothes. The hostess had the water and pail so Liz could remove my beard and mustache make up but before she did everyone had to give me a kiss before I turned back in to the 14 year old “Virgin”. Liz had to give me a long deep kiss on the lips which I did not mind. When we had everything put a way and the small private jet was clean it was time for us to sleep. It was so nice to wake up as we came in to land in Brandon. We could feel the cold inside the small private jet because it was still very cold in Manitoba. As we landed we could see the 67 Chevy parked and the exhaust fog rising up from behind the truck. Naughty Natalie was so happy to see dad was waiting. We teased Naughty Natalie because what if is was mother driving the 67 Chevy instead of dad. For some reason Naughty Natalie did not think that was funny. The small private jet pulled up by the company hangar where I work and the pilot pointed out that the wheel was still not fixed on the small company plane I fly in. That is normal for the company I work for they will keep flying the rental plane till it gets broken. It did not take long to unload our luggage and we said good bye to everyone and it was too cold to say more. As dad drove to in to Brandon we watched the lights of the small private jet take off from the Brandon airport to fly to Winnipeg. Everything was going good and the small private jet will be refueled and flying other customers. Dad drives us to the Husky truck stop on the corner of 18th Street and the Trans Canada Highway to buy us breakfast. The truck stop is full of semi trucks some are running and some have not run in a while because they frozen up during the cold weather that arrived. The Husky truck stop cafe’ is not even busy because it is so cold. Dad made sure to park the 67 Chevy so we can see it out the big windows in the cafe’. He left it running so the truck will stay warm while we eat and we can watch to make sure the truck stays running. We are not watching the truck in case someone tried to steal which will never happen. We can not sit close to the windows of the cafe’ because there is so much cold air coming in around the windows. Welcome to Manitoba dad says to us and we reply back we should have stayed in Vancouver. We told dad we do not need the 67 Chevy truck because we need to sleep today but Naughty Natalie wants dad to drive to get some food supplies when dad is done work. That works out good for all of us. All through breakfast Naughty Natalie and dad talked about the Vancouver trip and how dad survived without Naughty Natalie during the cold temperature. Liz and I were tired and just ate our breakfast as we almost froze to death inside a heated cafe’. Even dad noticed Liz was acting different and had big eyes and was touching me all the time. We told dad the ocean brought back memories of the east coast for Liz. Dad then offered DKs Fish and Chips tonight to cheer her up. That made Liz smile and me too. Any thing dad says makes Naughty Natalie smile so she was to be going for supper tonight with dad. We were so glad to leave the cold cafe’ and go back to the little apartment to have coffee with dad. He has about an hour before he starts work teaching at the collage. The little apartment was so nice and warm plus we figure dad driving the 67 Chevy around the cops will not be raiding the little apartment which we hope. We gave dad the tux and the panties from the fancy outfits for him to get dry cleaned so they are ready.

Once dad was gone to work we all had a nice hot shower then went to bed to get some sleep. Liz also promised dad some home made peanut butter cookies when he returns to pick up Naughty Natalie for shopping then we go for supper at DKs Fish and Chips. We all had a deep sleep in till the telephone ran and Liz talked with the owner who was happy we had a good trip. When they were done chatting Liz returned to the bed and her hands and feet were cold from being outside the warm bed. Liz made sure Naught Natalie and I felt how cold her hands and feet were. Plus Liz also said they were not cold in Vancouver which is true. The day in the little apartment went fast and we did not miss much work related because it was so cold nothing really happened but we will try to go to work in the morning. When Naughty Natalie when shopping with dad, I let Liz have her bedroom toy to help bring herself down from the finger magic in Vancouver. But she was not allow to do any bed flips because we were going out for supper. She agreed and that is what she needed. Even dad noticed her eyes were not as big but she now had “after glow” which made Liz happy. Of course Naughty Natalie tells dad she has being trying really hard to have “after glow” and says in such a cute way that makes us all laugh. Supper was excellent being cooked fresh and eaten fresh. We have learning in the extreme cold weather not to sit near any windows in these cafe’ because of the cold breeze and cold air coming in around the windows made for Manitoba winters. Dad took us to the VHS movie rental store to get some movies to watch and dad will take the 67 Chevy home. That means we have not means of transportation which we do not care because we can get a taxi if we need to go anywhere. We have enough booze in the little apartment to take any pain way while watching a VHS movie. After dad dropped us off he head home to the pink house in Alexander eating fresh peanut butter cookies that Liz made him. Mother will see the cookie crumbs on his clothes and his breath will smell of peanuts butter cookies. So dad will have to sleep in his recliner like he does every night being married to mother. When dad arrived to the pink house he calls the little apartment to chat with Naughty Natalie because it was a 30 minute drive in the cold weather on the dark highway. To get Naughty Natalie off the telephone so we can start the VHS movie Liz and I have a shower and Naughty Natalie will have to join us in fear of running out of hot water. That is about the only way to get her off the telephone when she is talking with dad. It was good to be home and in our bed and we all fell asleep at the start of the VHS movie. Liz slept right though the night with no bad dream but still stared and me and touched me all the time.

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