Little Boobies


(rough copy)

continued from Lick Some Ice Cream

Extreme Cold

The flight from Vancouver was excellent we cold feel the cold weather as the aircraft came in to land in Brandon. It seem to never be warming up in Manitoba for some reason. Dad was waiting at the airport in the 67 Chevy to take us for supper then go to his Union meeting. The flight crew said good bye and the owner said she will find us work starting Thursday. We thanked her because it is too cold to work at our regular jobs being Magicians is more fun. Naughty Natalie was so happy to see dad and they acted like little kids in the 67 Chevy heading back in to Brandon. Dad says we will have a quick supper at the Gulf gas station on the corner of 1st street and the Trans Canada Highway. This is gas station the nice big family style cafe’ which has a lot of history to the building. The place is big and laid out well because the cafe’ was designed for families traveling the Trans Canada Highway. As a kid I like go to this cafe’ because I could sit in the family booth and watch all the traffic go by on the highway. The semi truckers never stopped here because there was never any semi truck parking because the Gulf gas station was set up to cater to families traveling. Naughty Natalie and dad are in their own world talking about the 454 big block Chevy motor she got to drive. Liz and I just doing our thing and Liz says she needs her bedroom toy when we get to the little apartment. I told Liz the batteries for her bedroom toy might be dead so she should ask dad to pick up some batteries. Liz was too embarrassed to ask dad for batteries for her bedroom toy. But Naughty Natalie will pick up batteries when her and dad do a little shopping after they drop Liz and I off at the little apartment. The 67 Chevy is too small of a truck cab to have 4 of in the cab with the food supplies purchased. Liz and I just agreed to getting dropped off at the little apartment and Naughty Natalie and dad can do the shopping. The meal was good at the Gulf gas station cafe’ then Naughty Natalie and dad drop Liz and I off at the little apartment. We unpack the luggage while Naughty Natalie and dad do the shopping then they will go to dad’s Union meeting. Of course I have to tease Liz that what if Naughty Natalie forgets to buy the batteries for her bedroom toy. Liz was not in the mood for being teased and grabbed me to hug as she looked deep in to my eyes. As she looked deep in to my eyes she informed me that if no batteries are purchased then I will be licking ice cream till my tongue is very sore. OK is all I said and hoped that Naughty Natalie remembers the batteries. Liz also told me that she feels totally different with me licking some ice cream which I agreed because she does not have big eyes and does not have the stare for me. Now we have to hug because Liz is happy and I am happy too.

Not sure what took Naughty Natalie and dad so long in shopping but they did buy batteries for Liz’s bedroom toy. Now that us made all smile because dad thought they were batteries for the flashlight which we do not own. Liz promises fresh peanut butter cookies for dad when the Union meeting is done. Plus she asked where the sister and Disco Queens are and dad said they will be here at the little apartment very soon. Now that made us all look at dad in shock but dad was only joking. Now that was a good funny one until the knock on the door proved that the sister’s car did not start. Dad swears up and down that he was only joking and had no idea that the sister car would not start. Dad has had enough of the sister and Disco Queens because he has to be at his Union meeting. Dad asked us to babysit them again which we seem to do every Monday night now. We can not say “no” because it is still to cold outside to make them walk anywhere. With dad driving the 67 Chevy he can only take 3 Disco Queens out of the standard 4 that is the group. Naughty Natalie and dad will take 1 Disco Queen and drop “it” off where “it” is suppose to live in Brandon. Then dad will drop of Naughty Natalie after the Union meeting and take the sister and the 2 Disco Queens back to the pink house in Alexander. Dad does not care about the sister’s car because if can stay where it did not start. Now Liz and I get to babysit 3 of the group of 4 which is not bad. Now the Disco Queens can not decide which 1 of the 4 has to leave. After about 10 minutes of drama dad yells for the first time in 10 years and the sister is leaving and staying Brandon tonight. Nobody asked or said anything because dad yelled and that means he has had enough. Naughty Natalie, dad and the sister leave and Liz and I have to babysit Thing1, Thing 2, Thing 3. Liz starts making the peanut butter cookies to feed to the Disco Queens and have fresh ones for dad when he returns. Liz was so hoping for us to be alone so she could relax with her bedroom toy. But I did point out that babysitting gives us both a taste of parenting. Liz did point out there is no way our off spring would turn out like the Disco Queens because we would raise our kids with common sense. Then Liz started to cry because she remembered her miscarriage which the child would be 10 years old. She needed a really big hug and sweet things said in to her ear as we hugged. I did tell Liz we have Naughty Natalie and dad as kids plus the grand kids could be the sister and Disco Queens. Now that cheered her up and we had a good laugh. When we were done hugging, the Disco Queens were just starring at us for some reason. The sister is one year older then I am and these Disco Queens should be the same age but the all the hair spray used to keep the hair up and out has fried their brains worst then bad drugs. Liz gets a VHS movie going for the Disco Queens to watch and they Kool-Aid to drink. We do not dare serve any booze to them because they can barely function in the world as is.

With the Disco Queens watching the VHS Movie Liz and I enjoy a good stiff drink at the kitchen table while getting unpacked with the fancy outfits serviced and ready. Liz asked how dysfunctional my family really is because dad just dropped his daughter off in the city to stay the night and the Disco Queens are going out to the pink house to stay the night who are not related to the family in anyway. I told Liz I gave up on figuring out the family because everything has be handed to the sister and I had to work for everything. Mother always thought Naughty Natalie and I had sex in the pink house all the time. Then when she stayed overnight because we helped out the sister then we came down for breakfast in the morning. That was that last time I lived in the pink house and got this little apartment. Liz and I have a drink because talking about it makes it more confusing. As we have a drink the telephone rings and Liz answered the telephone. It is mother and Liz talks to her in a professional manner because Liz is level headed and smart. The sister telephoned mother to say dad dropped her off in the city and will not give her a ride to the pink house tonight. Liz was very polite to tell mother that the 67 Chevy can only seat 3 people legally in the cab of the truck. There is not enough room for the group of 4 to ride in the 67 Chevy with dad and 1 of them had to stay behind. The sister volunteered and dad dropped her off and the 3 Disco Queens are waiting here till dad’s union meeting is over. Then he will drive them to the pink house. Now mother is mad and is going to drive to Brandon herself to pick up the sister and Disco Queens because dad is too busy at his Union meeting to take care of them. Mother hug up the telephone on Liz and then Liz poured a stiff drink for both of us.

In theory mother driving her new mini van she would arrive in 45 minutes to the little apartment but 2 hours she arrived without her mini van. Mother’s new mini van quit because of the computer on the motor in the extreme cold weather again. She was able to get a ride to the little apartment after just about freezing to death in her mini van. Now mother is in the little apartment standing by the stove with the oven door open trying to warm up. When Naughty Natalie telephoned the little apartment to say dad’s Union meeting was over and get the Disco Queens ready to travel. Liz politely told her that mother was now here in the little apartment because her mini van quit because of the computer on the motor. That is when Naughty Natalie told Liz they will call back in a few minutes. When the telephone rang again it dad calling to say there will be a taxi arriving at the little apartment to pick up mother and the Disco Queens to take them to a motel he had booked. The dealership that sold mother the new mini van can deal with it being broken on the side of the road again because it is under warranty. Dad asked Liz to have his cookies and a stiff drink ready for when he and Naughty Natalie show up after mother and Disco Queens leave. Dad did not want to talk with mother and mother did not want to talk to him. When the taxi arrived mother and Disco Queens left and did not say good bye for some reason. Naughty Natalie and dad arrived after they had left. Dad needed his cookies and a stiff drink because he can not deal with any more stupid stuff through this extreme cold weather we are having. Mother’s new mini van is broken again so that means in a month they paid the license and loan payment to drive it 3 days. The sister’s car always needs a boost or broken. She does not care about not turning the head light off or checking the vehicle to prevent things from breaking. Plus the sister and Disco Queens have cost dad a lot of money on food and gas driving them around. Naughty Natalie pointed out to dad that the 67 Chevy is still running through the cold weather because we take care of the truck which we all do. While dad is at his Union meeting Naughty Natalie is working on the 67 Chevy so the truck is in top shape. We did find out from dad that we never pay attention to the weather and how cold it is. But no taxis in Brandon would drive to Alexander because of the cold weather in case they broke down too. Liz agrees because she is from the east coast and thinks it is nuts what we do in the extreme cold and think it is normal. We have to drink to that for sure. Liz and I have a quick shower and head to bed while Naughty Natalie and dad look at the books she bought for him in Calgary. Liz says the kids are happy reading bed time stories as we went to bed. Liz says she is OK by missing a night with her bedroom toy because dad is more important in staying the night.

The alarm goes off and Liz and I are on our side of the bed and Naughty Natalie and dad are on her side of the bed. Dad still has his clothes on and on top of the covers. We knew he could not sleep on the couch thing that dad and mother gave us. If he did his back would be all screwed up and hurting. Naughty Natalie was first out of bed naked which is normal and turns oven on to 350F to warm up the little apartment because it is chilling. We listen to the alarm clock radio beside the bed to find out what the temperature is outside. When the radio said it was almost -40F again that is when we are not doing anything. Even dad called the collage to say he would not be in to work because it is too cold. We thought forsure when the telephone rang it would be mother making demands but it was the owner of the sex shop in Winnipeg. Liz had a long chat with the owner and then came back in to the bedroom to discuss a few things. The owner says the flying company has hit hard times with this cold weather with broken airplanes and nothing going right. The owner is a smart business woman and needs the fly company to run her business successfully. The owner does not want the flying company to go bankrupt because that is all it takes in aviation is a couple bad months then the company is out of business. The common phrase that everyone knows “if you want to make a million dollars in aviation start with 2 million dollars and know when to quit”. The owner is smart and will not help out the flying company with money but she is offering to help out in other ways if we want to joining her. Even dad thought that was a good idea in not helping the flying company out with money because it could be gone and never returned. Liz now explained the plan that the 3 of us can not work our regular jobs because it is too cold. So we now do magicians shows where the flying company needs to have parts, mechanics flown to where the broken or stranded aircraft are. The owner can hide the cost of meals and motel rooms plus any flying company staff not officially working can now be part of the magic show to earn a wage. We really did not have a problem because anything is better then being in the little apartment freezing till we perform on the weekends.

Liz telephoned the owner back and said no problem and the tux did not go to the dry cleaners yet because we are leaving this afternoon to Saskatoon. The flying company will tell the owner where they need the small private jet to take parts and mechanic or staff too. Then the owner will find us a place to perform and then off to the next place which nobody knows. The 3 of us do not see a problem and even dad says to take it because it is work and fun away from here. There is another week of cold weather to come which made us smile because are now going to be gone. The pilot and rookie co-pilot will do all the flying and the hostess and a few extra hostesses will be joining us because they need money. The only thing dad asks for is peanut butter cookies plus we just bought food supplies for the week and have movies so dad will be OK in the little apartment. Liz baked dad his cookies and put them in separate little bags so he knew how many to eat each day. When mother did call she was back at the pink house because the dealership that sold her the new mini van gave her a rental to drive. The sister has it in Brandon driving the Disco Queens around. Dad told mother good and when it warms up he will get the sister’s car to the collage to work on it. We pack extra clothes and I will have to wear the cheap stick on beard and mustache because we do not know where we are or where we are going.


Magic Shows Begin

Dad drove us to the Brandon airport for the small private jet to pick us up to go to Saskatoon. The hostess and the new hostess are in the aircraft with 3 other ladies and the mechanic that fixed the small twin engine plane when it had bad fuel. We had a good visit with the mechanic and he was so happy that I landed the plane and he could fix the plane in the warm shop. I just told that is part of my job where I work because I fly and crash in a small plane. Now the mechanic thought that was funny also asked if it was true I walked away from 3 planes crashes. I told the mechanic that I am here chatting with him right now. We arrive in Saskatoon and park at the hangar where one of the flying companies broken aircraft is inside. We have not idea what is going because it is the pilot and hostess handling all arrangements because it is simpler that way. The 3 of us are dressed and ready to go when it is time which we have no idea what is going on. The hangar was a nice place to hang around waiting and Naughty Natalie was in the hanger with the mechanic asking questions and learning. Even dressing in her knee high leather boots and long black coat she was learning. No male in the hangar working on the broken aircraft would ask her not to be in the hangar because everyone likes Naughty Natalie. If I was back in the hangar dressed as the Heavy Metal Music kid I would be asked right a way to leave because I look so young. But I know lots about aircraft having to fix the small company airplane all the time so we could get home after the company pilot made mistakes again. We have no idea was is going on or the plan but Liz was told to call a taxi for a ride in to Saskatoon since the airport is just outside of town. The limousine was never booked because this little trip to Saskatoon is to help out the flying company is a time of need. Liz had to order 2 taxis because there was 3 of us, 2 hostess friends, 2 pilots and 3 extra hostesses. The mechanic will stay working on the aircraft in the hangar in hopes of having it fixed and ready to fly when we get back. The place where we are preforming tonight is an easy location and easy show for us. The owner was able to book us to perform because the entertainment that was booked could not make it for the show because of the cold weather. If the weatherman says it is -40F in Saskatchewan then add another -20F for the wind that never stops. The wind makes it so cold and even colder no matter how many layers of clothes worn. We have no idea what we are doing for a show tonight with all these extra hostesses who are joining us because they need the money. Philip tossed a few travel bags full of clothes and dance outfits for the extra hostesses to wear. They will be dressed up in basic leather outfits to show them as tough ladies in support of the Dominatrix that my ladies and the hostess dress up as.

The new hostess is going to wear a Dominatrix outfit too which is the extra one that the hostess had to wear in Vancouver when her fancy outfit was soaked in blood from fist fighting to get off stage. The only problem is the new hostess in young and skinny like me and the Breast Fairy has not made many nightly visits. The new hostess is OK with her body not having the female features that drive men wild because she knows when she gets older her body will develop when she has children. Plus she is the first to point out to the other ladies that she has no back problems because her boobies are not heavy because she has no boobies. With her being able to make fun of herself being skinny like me Liz figures the new hostess wearing the extra Dominatrix will make for good comedy on stage. Since the 3 of are dressed and ready to preform we help the other ladies get dressed in the outfits. For some reason I get to help the new hostess get dressed in the extra Dominatrix outfit while Naughty Natalie, Liz and the hostess dress the extra hostesses. The new hostess is so skinning like me I have to use the safety pins that always kept Naughty Natalie panties from falling off when they were not suppose to. These safety pins are now used to shrink the fancy outfit panties so they will even stay up when the new hostess even walks. Since the new hostess has no boobies Liz got 2 extra rolls of ass-wipe from the bathroom which I put in the front of her corset to filling the space where her boobies should go. The white rolls of ass-wipe actually looked pretty good filling in the space on the corset for boobies. The corset like the knee high leather boots had the laces done up as tight as they could go but were still loose fitting on the new hostess. Now the stocking and garter belt I just safety pinned until they were tight enough on the new hostess’s body that they did not fall off when she walked. The new hostess was having a good time the more she drank which was a good thing. Naughty Natalie and Liz walked the audience dressed in their Dominatrix outfits with the add on skirts to get a feel of the crowd. But the crowd decided to touch them a little too much in hopes of see if the two ladies were real or not. Liz decides it will be a good crowd and anything goes. It is decided that the pilots will be in the audience and the extra hostesses dressed in leather outfits will work the crowd. The people who are putting on the show do not care what is going to be preformed because they have no entertainment due to the extra cold weather.

Liz and I open the show and Liz works me hard on stage plus she is treating me totally differently after I Licked Some Ice Cream in Vancouver. She does not have the big eyes and starring at me all the time because now she has the look of a woman who knows what she wants in the bedroom. Now this new look works well when acting out a Dominatrix on stage during a magician show which is all an illusion. When Liz is done with me on stage she stays on stage while I escort the new hostess on stage in her non fitting Dominatrix outfit. The audience is laughing and clapping because as I escort her out on stage her panties that look like granny panties because they fit extra large on her skinny body. These granny panties do not look very sexy compared to the panties that Liz is wearing and the audience got to see how sexy they are on her beautiful body as she opened the show. As we walk on stage the granny panties slide down the hostess’s skinny legs to be around her knees that made her stop walking. She know turn her back to the audience and bends forward to reach down to pull up her granny fitting panties. Now the whole audience got to see her bare ass plus when she leaned forward she show the audience a lot more too. As a gentleman I took my top hat to cover her ass with the audience clapped and enjoyed. Now we are in the centre of the stage and Liz is working the audience and making the new hostess follow what she does. Liz with her prefect body that should be featured in Playboy Magazine wearing the prefect fitting Dominatrix outfit. While the new hostess is skinny like me wearing a Dominatrix outfit that does not fit her body because she has not developed any sexy woman features. The audience is in enjoying the show as a comedy which the 3 of us on stage can make it work. The new hostess has had enjoy booze to drink that she is being funny and having a good time. When Liz gets her to lean forward so the audience can see the cleavage that is when the new hostess’s cleavage fell out. The audience got to see her little boobie when the corset hung down after the rolls of ass-wipe fell on to the stage. As an English gentleman on stage I pick up the rolls of ass-wipe and then help the new hostess try and put then back in the corset where her boobies should be. The audience was having a good laugh and clapped that is when we knew the show was going good. I escort the new hostess off stage because her cleavage was not fitting back in no matter how hard we tired to make the rolls of ass-wipe fit back in. of course when she walked off stage the loose fitting granny panties slide down and she bent over to show the audience her ass. I was a gentleman and covered her ass with my top hat. I looked over at Liz who was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

Once off stage the new hostess was very happy with herself and Naughty Natalie was giving her nothing but positive complement. The now I escort the extra hostesses dressed in leather out on stage and down in the audience to work the crowd and as Liz is joined on stage by the hostess. The plan was to bring the pilots up on stage to work them good for the audience. The hostess did not want the pilot on stage that she enjoys Viagra Sex with for some reason. The hostess left the stage and stopped the extra hostesses dressed in leather from bring the pilot on stage. They in turn grabbed a fellow from the audience that was a little talkative with negative comments. Now on stage is 2 fellows who will be teased by the extra hostesses dressed in leather plus the hostess and Liz in their Dominatrix outfits. The fellow from the audience lasts a lot longer on stage then we figured he would. For being very mouthy and rude while in the audience he was very quiet on stage when 5 ladies are have their way with the rookie co-pilot and him. The fellow from the audience ran off stage when Liz poured the drink with ice in it on the lap of the rookie co-pilot because his Male Manhood was becoming operational on stage which we can not have. The rookie co-pilot did very well and was escorted back stage by the hostess and extra hostesses dressed in leather. I escorted Liz off stage and then Naughty Natalie did and extra long show. The audience enjoyed the closing of the show which seen me in my silk underwear and socks as usual. Everyone was happy back stage including the people that put on the show. The people were more surprised then anything because we are not professionals but magicians preforming an illusion. The hostess apologized for the rookie co-pilot becoming operation with his Male Manhood and said she should have taken care of that because it became a problem. The 3 of us just looked at the hostess and smiled because we are figuring out that she keeps more the pilot happy. But that is none of our business because the 3 of us written out on paper does not look very good. As I am getting dressed the new hostess is back in to her street clothes and we are chatting that we both have the same bodies being young and skinny. Now this is very true and we have a good laugh and a drink too. Since I was wearing the cheap beard and mustache for tonight’s show. Liz came over to me and gently pulled the make up off because my sweat has made them almost loose and falling off. She hugs me tight and looks me in my eyes as she does it. She is now sad because she never got to kiss deep and hard like she has being doing when I wear the professional make up. Naughty Natalie is very pleased with the show and happy with herself because the audience enjoyed themselves. She gives me a big hug because we both need it.


Chilly Toronto

We have no idea what we are doing or where we are going but it is time to leave and go back to the small private jet. The mechanic has left with the aircraft that he repaired and is back in Winnipeg. The pilot telephones in to see what we are to be going or doing next. When the pilot got off the telephone with head office in Winnipeg flying company. We are going to Toronto with a stop in Winnipeg to pick up parts for the broken aircraft waiting for these parts. It will be a quick flight and might be warmer in Toronto. The hostess known the rules of aviation asked the pilot how can they fly because in theory they have not relax. The pilot told the hostess that we have no choice because everything is broken and the company might not survive financially. The 3 of us are excited to go to Toronto and Liz figures that maybe they could just fly a little farther and drop her off at the east coast. After Liz said that I looked at her and licked my lips. I know that her seeing me lick my lips will send naughty thoughts through her mind on me licking ice cream. Now that Liz’s eyes got really big seeing me lick my lips. She canceled the idea of flying to the east coast. When we fly out of Saskatoon to Winnipeg it is cold and really cold. We land in Winnipeg to use the bathroom at the flying company hanger as the pilot load the small private jet with the parts needed in Toronto. It does not take long and we are flying to Toronto where it is suppose to be warmer. We arrive at 2am in the morning and it is not warmer in Toronto because the great lakes make the air so humid. Which makes the cold feel colder because it is a damp cold. This damp cold still feels cold not matter how much clothes or heat is on. Naughty Natalie and I are chilled to the bone while Liz thinks it is warmed then is Winnipeg. The small private jet is parked at the hangar where the broken aircraft for the flying company is being repaired. The mechanics on night shift were happy to see the parts to repair the aircraft and more surprised to see all the lovely ladies who are still dressed to preform. We are staying the motel where the flight crew is staying that were flying the aircraft that is now broken. The flight crew was happy to see all of us because they have been waiting a long time in the motel waiting to be able to fly again. The 3 of us get a motel room with a joining door to the hostesses room. All the ladies from the flying company only got 1 room with 2 beds and a couple roll out beds. There is not enough money for everyone to get rooms.

The 3 of us are happy with our room because we only need on bed and the hostess and new hostess asked if they could stay in the extra bed in out room. We all said no problem because we are having fun. We are not sure what is going on so the fancy outfits and tux get hung up to dry in our room after being serviced. The hostess and new hostess do the same. Plus the extra hostesses lay out their leather outfits too. The pilot finally show up from putting the small private jet away and it is ready to fly. The hostess and pilot have to remain co-workers in the motel rooms because they are surrounded by all their co-workers from the flying company. Naughty Natalie with the help of the flight crew that have been staying in the motel ordered lots of pizzas because we are all hungry. Liz and I get the shower first and Naughty Natalie joined us quickly. Liz is getting sexual frustrated because this is the second night that she can not enjoy herself with her bedroom toy. She hopes that I brought it along on this adventure trip. I tease her by not answering if I brought the bedroom toy or not. Now Liz says she will make me suffer too which I accepted as a challenge. When we are done in the shower we come out and our motel room is full of a lot of people. Liz starts pouring the drinks to keep everyone happy. My ladies are wearing their black silk robes plus hostess has her black silk robe on too. The new hostess comes out of the shower wearing a cheap Walmart black silk robe and is doing a little sexy comedy walk to get her drink from Liz. This made us all laugh because she is skinny like me and trying to show some cleavage to everyone in the room is about the same as me wearing the black silk robe to show everyone my one chest hair. We all agree that the new hostess with fit in on these adventures because she has a sense of humor which is required. The extra hostesses are all wearing sweat pants and tee shirt which is nothing sexy but they also point up they are warm the way they are dressed. The pizzas arrive and everyone is now happy because booze and food makes everyone happy. The pilots are talking about how cold it has been and how hard it is keeping the aircraft and equipment running. The pilots hope the mechanics have the broken aircraft fixed tonight so the flight crew can fly back to Winnipeg and get flying to make money. Staying in the motel in Toronto with a broken aircraft nobody was making money. We all have a toast to warmer weather and good shows which we all had a good drink. As the booze started to flow, the hostess was teasing the pilot who she has Viagra Sex by hugging and touching the new hostess. All the pilot could do is smile because they are surrounded by co-workers. The 3 of us noticed the hostess was really teasing the pilot with the touching and hugging the new hostess. Liz being the oldest and in charge of us for the owner had to put a stop when the hostess was going to touch the little boobies of the new hostess because they were both too drunk. Liz decided the partying was over and cut everyone off the booze. Some people were not happy but there has to be rules. We are here to work and make money to save the failing flying company not get drunk and not preform. On our days off we can drink all we want.

Once everyone was out of our room except for the hostess and new hostess who are sharing the extra bed in our room. Naughty Natalie can finally become naked which was just about killing her. She has to be all natural because she was born this way. Liz also told the pilot not be trying to come by our room later to visit the hostess because we need our sleep. The pilot was not to happy because they last thing we need or want is someone have sex in the bed beside us as we are trying to sleep. For some reason everyone thinks that the 3 of us have sex together and do it all the time. But Liz is married and Naughty Natalie and I are very discreet about about having sex because it is something we do in private. Most people do not under stand that Naughty Natalie being naked all the time does not mean sex all the time. She has a natural beautiful body which is the same as Liz’s natural beautiful body. With Naughty Natalie naked the hostess and new hostess decided to become naked too. As a man this did not bother me because it is all natural beauty. My biggest problem is Liz who is wearing her black silk robe that I bought for her is teasing me with showing just enough but not to show everything. Women like the tease and like to tease men back. Plus Liz was teasing me about licking ice cream which she was more to tease herself then me. Finally the hostess and new hostess passed out on the bed next to us. Even Naughty Natalie was glad they were in a deep sleep because Naughty Natalie thinks that sex should be done behind closed doors too. In the morning we wake up and the hostess and new hostess will be sleeping for quite a bit longer from the amount of booze they drank. Liz has to wait for Naughty Natalie to get off the telephone with dad before she can call the owner at the sex shop.

When Liz gets a hold of the owner, she got the address and info on where we are preforming tonight. The owner says it is a high class place and we should have no problems. Of course Naughty Natalie was not worried because she was born this way. It will always be a good show even the morgue in Regina was a good show. Now that made us all laugh because it was funny the way Naughty Natalie said it in her cute way. Liz and I have shower and Naughty Natalie join us because it is the only time is has been just the 3 of us on this adventure so far. After the shower Liz tells everyone breakfast is down stair in the motel cafe’. Naughty Natalie checks to see about getting the tux and all the outfits cleaned but this motel is not really interested is doing business with us for some reason. When we travel in western Canada the motels we stay at enjoy us staying there and treat us good because of the owner being a good business woman. The 3 of us agreed that we are here to have fun for one night then get back to western Canada so we can freeze to death with cold temperature. Not with the Toronto dampness that chills one to the bone. When the hostess and new hostess joined us for breakfast at the big table in the cafe’ they were extra happy. It was from more then sharing the shower together. I figured it out right away that the 2 ladies took turns licking ice cream which they both enjoyed. Liz caught on then Liz had to explain what had happened to Naughty Natalie who did not think it was right for two ladies to be doing that to each other. But the 3 of us agreed that what the two hostesses do in the bedroom is their business not ours. Now this is coming from 3 people that share the same bed, same shower and same food but what we do is different.

The pilots and extra hostesses join us and tell us the other flight crew from the broken aircraft have flown out of Toronto finally and should be back in Winnipeg. There is a flight booked for that aircraft which should help out as long as the aircraft can keep flying to make money for the flying company. The pilot was thinking he was going to sit beside the hostess but she wanted one of the extra hostesses to sit with her. This did not impress the pilot because he was hoping to spend time with the hostess because they have been lovers for 6 years now. The hostess made sure the pilot got to see how happy she and the new hostess were this morning. The pilot just smiles because the 3 of us can see how unhappy he is with the hostess having a new lady friend to play with. The pilot and Liz chat about business while I chat with the rookie co-pilot because he has flown lots in and out of Toronto where I have never been here before. I know the airports are busy and lots of planes in the skies compared to Saskatchewan. The rookie co-pilot tells me the control tower controls everything and when he flies he has to do what they say or the planes could crash in to each other. I told the rookie co-pilot that odds of that happen are very slim because landing and hitting wildlife is more common in Saskatchewan. Now that made everyone at the table smile. When Liz and the pilot are done chatting with each other then Liz asks everyone at the table to listen up. We are to do a show here tonight in Toronto which is a high class place then fly to Winnipeg after the show. Quick stop in Winnipeg to pick up aircraft parts for a broken flying company plane in Calgary. In Calgary at the fancy motel all our clothes will be cleaned including street clothes. Now that made everyone happy because we all sweat on stage preforming and the outfits do smell like hockey equipment. The pilots says he and the rookie co-pilot will escort us tonight then fly straight through to Calgary. All the hostesses sitting at the breakfast table know that these a rules being broken tonight because they fly all the time for a living. Touring with the magic show is get the much needed money they need because of the lack of flying due to the extra cold weather Canada is having right now. Plus the pilot knows the place we are performing tonight because in his younger day he was quite the gentleman hanging out there. When the pilot said that the whole table smiled and had a good laugh. Liz has now figured out that the pilot has been quite busy with all the hostesses that work at the flying company but only been long term with the hostess that performs with us.


Little Boobies

After breakfast the pilots are going to the hangar to check things out while the rest of us stay in the motel room to work a few things for tonight. The extra hostess work on their leather outfits and find other items to make them better in the travel bags that Philip sent. The show we did in Saskatoon last night was totally unprepared and having hostesses join us who preform magician illusion when they are flying with guests in an aircraft were able to make the show look good. But tonight we have to be professionals because the owner says it is a high class show. Liz gets the new hostess to put on my tux and top hat because in Calgary she will be dressed as skinny Dominatrix then switch to being a man in a tux for closing the show with me on stage. Liz is on the telephone with Philip in the sex shop in Winnipeg which works out good for giving the measurements needed to make changes to the tux in the sex shop. The rookie co-pilot loaned us his tape measure he had in his flight bag for being able to measure packages and luggage before going on an aircraft. These are some of the rules that must be followed as part of flying as a pilot. Everything must be documented in case of an accident or incident. While Liz is relaying the measurements and info to Philip on the telephone, Naughty Natalie, the hostess and I are dressing the new hostess in the tux I wear. The new hostess has my silk underwear on and Liz tells the size to Philip who is to get one size smaller for her to be a tight fit. The new hostess could not figure out the hockey cup and Naughty Natalie and I were not going to put it where it belong. The hostess took the hockey cup from my hands and put in front of my silk underwear that the hostess was wearing. Then the new hostess figured it out quickly what the hockey cup is for in case the whip slips a little hard. For business and doing business, Naughty Natalie, Liz and I will touch and handle boobies because they are just skin with a nipple to look sexy. But anything down between the legs is where the line is drawn and not crossed because that is private. Liz could not get Philip to understand that the new tux and top hat must come with a hockey cup because Philip does not understand hockey being a Canadian sport. Plus Philip is very feminine and only in Canada for 10 years so a hockey cup is something he does not understand. The Owner took over the telephone with Liz when Philip got confused. With the owner on the telephone both her and Liz figured the new tux for the hostess should have different shirts of vest to cover the new hostess’s little boobies in case of preforming in front of different audiences. Now the owner needs to know the location of the new hostess’s little boobies so they will be cover on the items sent with the tux. Now we got the hostess to measure where the new hostess’s little boobies were and the measurements all made sense to the owner. The owner wished us luck tonight and will have the tux and top hat delivered to the flying company hangar for us to pick up on the way through to Calgary. Our fancy motels rooms are booked and the fancy motel knows we will have lost of dry cleaning and laundry to be down. We all say thank you to the owner and hung up the telephone. With all the measuring and touching the new hostess she said she needed a shower and the hostess joined her. The 3 of us smiled and continued to get everything ready for tonight’s show. The extra hostesses are happy and enjoy the fun they are having. Most of these ladies have not worked in a month and they heard about the weekend flights with us out west. They heard these were good times and the flight crews got treated good. Naughty Natalie say we treat everyone the way we want to be treated and that is why people want us back all the time. Liz told the extra hostesses they will do good on this adventure and be able to pay some bills with the envelopes the owner gives out. That is when the extra hostess found out that are shows are based on where the flying company needs parts or people taken. That way the flying company is getting some money for flying to these locations. When the extra hostesses found out the owner of the sex shop is paying for the motel and meals because the flying company has no money. Now the extra hostesses promised to put on a good show because it is for the owner. We just smiled and told the extra hostesses they did very well last night. That made them smile and we smiled too.

We leave notes in the rooms in case the pilots return and have a late lunch in the motel cafe’. Hopefully in 6 hours we are flying west and to stay in our favorite fancy motel in Calgary. We all had a good lunch and returned to the motel rooms to have a nap because it will be a long night. Some of the hostesses were asking Liz for a few drinks and Liz said no” because the booze is to help us preform not make us not preform. Some people do not like the word “no” for some reason. The pilots returning woke us up from our naps which was a good thing because it was time to dress up for the show. The limousine is booked and a make up person arrives to do my make up of the beard and mustache plus the hostesses need make up too. Once my beard and mustache was on Liz grabbed me and hugged me tight and gave me a good deep long kiss because she said she need that. Of course Naughty Natalie told us to get room which we replied back that we are in “the room”. That made everyone smile. When we leave the room all our luggage comes with us because after the show we are flying west to the extra freezing cold. The luggage will stay in the limousine because we are only doing one big show then leaving because this is a high class event. We are just magicians from Manitoba that came to Toronto to deliver aircraft parts. The pilot was correct in saying he has been to the building where we are preforming because he knew where to go. We have to dress the new hostess quickly in the non fitting Dominatrix outfit because it is so big on her that she can only wear it on and off stage. Liz and I check out the show and the audience and this is way out of our league being from Manitoba. Liz does not figure it is worth going on stage to make fools or ourselves because the other performers are high class professionals not weekend magicians like us. Naughty Natalie did not see a problem because she was born this way. Naughty Natalie told all of us we will just have to work a little harder which we will do. As Liz and I stand together to go out on stage we do our usual chat to relax ourselves and I remind Liz that she still has to kiss my Male Manhood better because she promised she would in Vancouver when I fell off my bicycle. Liz just smiled at me and licked her lips and did not reply for some reason. We open the show and this was a high class place and Liz has me sitting in the chair with her boot on the chair between my legs. Then she leans forward to tease me and the audience because her panties and garter straps are making her ass look so good to the audience. When she leaned forward she looked me in the eyes and asked if I want my kiss now which I said “no” because she is not kissing my Male Manhood on stage in front of everyone. It was the look in her eyes that has me worried plus she is licking her lips and teasing me with her tongue. The audience can see and pick up her movements and she teases me well. I was so glad to escort her off the stage then escort the hostess on. Once the hostess was on stage I went back and escorted the new hostess in the non fitting Dominatrix outfit. The granny panties slide down her legs and she leaned over to pull them up and show the audience her bare ass before I was able to cover it with my top hat. The audience enjoyed the comedy and both hostesses had enjoyed to drink make it funny. When the rolls of ass-wipe fell out of the corset where the boobies go, the audience like that too. The new hostess did not seem to mind the audience seeing her little boobies while the hostess showed her boobies too. These two ladies made a good comedy team on stage with just the right amount of booze being drank. The extra hostesses dressed in leather were acting like back up singers in a band and would show up when needed and disappear at the right time. Now it was Naughty Natalie’s turn on stage and I escorted her and she made me stay for her performance. She worked me good and the audience loved it and clapped. Then to close out the it was everyone on stage having fun as magicians with me leaving the stage in my silk underwear and socks. The new hostess had lost her granny panties and her fake cleavage as we walked off. The audience wanted more so we went back on stage and gave them more. When we finally got to go off stage we were officially ready to fly out west. The people putting on the show were impressed at for us being weekend magicians. The limousine ride to the hangar was short and while the pilots got the small private jet ready to fly we all used the bathroom. We also changed in to our street clothes for the flight back to freezing western Canada. When the small private jet was airborne the booze was served and we will be in Winnipeg for a quick stop over and to use the bathroom from the booze drank.


Whopper Combos

It was cold when we landed in Winnipeg and it was only half and hour to refuel and load up the small private jet to head to Calgary. It was only 1 drink and we arrived in Calgary which felt warmer but it was still extremely cold. At the hangar the mechanics are waiting for the aircraft parts we picked up in Winnipeg and they figure this aircraft will be flying by noon. That will make the flight crew waiting for the aircraft to be fixed very happy. The limousine ride to the fancy motel was the latest at night we have ever had. It was almost 3am in the morning and the limousine driver had finished the night and was heading home when the call came in. The driver did not turn down the call because we are good customers. Plus the driver knew we would be buying him Burger King food like the last time he drove us. To make ordering simple Naughty Natalie just ordered 15 Whopper Comb Meals with Pepsi as the drink. The limousine driver was happy and so was everyone else. But we can not eat till we are in our rooms. The pilots are with us because the ground crew at the airport will put the small private jet away in the hangar when the broken aircraft is fixed and flying back to Winnipeg. We get the same rooms in the fancy motel with the pilots across the hall in the pilots room. Naughty Natalie got bags for the laundry from the front desk and ask for the bellhop to come in about an hour to get all the outfits that need cleaning. The front desk was glad we are so organized. The laundry staff comes in at 6am to start washing and cleaning for the whole fancy motel and our clothes will be first and by noon we will have clothes to wear. The front desk also gave us extra bathrobes because we have more people in each room. The extra hostesses did not understand that were are registered for the upper floor but staying on the second floor. The only clothes not being washed is our swim suits so we will be at the pool on the upper floor and the extra hostesses can enjoy the view. There is a message from the owner that says we did an excellent job in Toronto with our performance was well noted and praised. That made us all feel good.

In our rooms Liz pours the drinks as everyone enjoys the Burger King Whoppers and fries. The food tasted so good because we have not really eaten since before the show in Toronto. The bellhop arrived with the cart to pick up the laundry bags all marked and ready to go. Everyone was wearing the hotel bathrobes and some of the ladies were showing just enough to tease the young bellhop. Naughty Natalie tipped the young bellhop well and wished him good night. The packages Philip sent to the flying company hangar will be opened in the morning because we need booze then sleep. I was so glad to shower with Liz and get my beard and mustache make up off and Liz took forever in the shower with long deep kisses and more teasing me then anything. I was just about having to beg her like she beg me in Vancouver the night of the Magical Fingers Fairy. But Liz knew once the make up was off then it is back to being normal. Naughty Natalie came in the shower a couple times to join us then tell us to hurry up because other people are waiting for the shower. The hostess and new hostess showered together again to upset the pilot because he still has to be co-workers with her not lovers. When the hostess and new hostess came out of the shower they made sure everyone in the room got to see lots with the bathrobes not done up correctly. Even the extra hostesses were impressed along with the rookie co-pilot. When Liz stopped serving the booze everyone went to bed and we all got to sleep in because we have no clothes till noon plus we need the sleep. Sometime while we were sleeping the new hostess climbed in the bed with us which we figured might happen with too many staying in the joining room to ours. In the morning we are all slow to get going because we have no clothes until the fancy motel laundry returns our clothes around noon. Liz telephones the owners and she was very happy with Toronto and that is not a market she has ever had anything to do with. The owner has always ran her business based on western Canada because Toronto is a big city. We just told her we had fun and everyone agreed. The owner got 2 shows for us tonight in Calgary and the make up person will be at the room at 4pm for dress up. The make up person will do the make up on the hostesses and both beard and mustaches since two tuxes will be worn.

Liz ordered room service for everyone to make it simple because we worked in the service industry. If the owner had sent her other professional ladies to join us then there would be big problems because they make demands and are never happy. Liz also ask the owner to send a person that can sew because a few things need to be fixed up on a couple of the outfits and the tux will need to be adjusted for the new hostess to wear. The owner has a person who sews coming at 2pm to make the adjusts. But the person never showed up til 2:30pm because we are checked in to the upper floor but stay on the second floor instead. We must have just missed the person who sews when we returned from swimming on the upper floor. We just laugh about it when the sewing person did find us and thought it was strange to be on the second floor. The new hostess has to have the Dominatrix outfit adjust so it look wrong in size but still can be worn. The sexy panties need to be made to look less sexy and the safety pins we used were replaced with a little sewing. The sewing person could not get over the quality of the outfits we have for staying on the second floor. But the sewing person has done business with the owner who is a good business woman. Now to do the new tux for the new hostess we have to dress together because we are to look the same on stage like Naughty Natalie and Liz. First I have to stand in my silk underwear and socks with the new hostess doing the same. The sewing person makes changes to the silk underwear for the hostess so we look the same. The next problem is the hockey cup stays put in my silk underwear because of my Male Manhood. Liz figures the hockey cup for the hostess will need a little pocket sewn in the silk underwear. This so the hockey cup does not slide down between her legs because there is nothing to stop it from sliding. Once again Liz is very smart as if she played hockey on the east coast growing up. The sewing person whipped up a little pocket for the hockey cup to sit in from one of the many silk handkerchief in the extra travel bags of clothes and outfit parts. With the new hostess happy with the new fake Male Manhood in her silk underwear we had to put the tux pants on. The new hostess need a few changes in the tux pants to make her ass look like mine. For some reason as I stood there so the sewing person could make my ass look like the new hostess’s ass. Everyone was touching my ass or giving it a slap. Liz was the biggest offender in making me suffer. Now this is where Philip shows how smart he is because if we are to look the same on stage. If the new hostess’s little boobies are covered so should be mine. Philip sent several different styles of shirts and vests for the tuxes. Now this is where the new hostess is very comfortable with her body not being fully developed with little boobies. I am a man and should have a big chest and big muscular arms where I am just a skinny kid. The new hostess tries on a shirt that as the arms removed and is designed to cover her little boobies. Now she has to do body movement to see if anything can be seen of the little boobies that might offend the different audiences we do out magician shows for. Then I have to try and the shirt and do what the new hostess did for movements. Of course Liz has to reach out and pinch my male nipple which made every laugh because I jumped back in surprise. Now that my male nipple got pinched the next shirt the new hostess tried on the hostess had to pinch her nipple on her little boobies. Then when I tried on the shirt Liz had to pinch my male nipple again. I was so glad when the shirts and vest were over and done with because my male nipples were getting sore. There was only a few adjustments on the rest the tux and the sewing person was done. I was glad it was over but the new hostess was enjoying herself for some reason. The sew person made a few adjustment on the extra hostess leather outfits and they were happy. With the sewing person gone it was time to shower and get ready for tonight show. In the shower with Liz, I made sure to pinch her nipples like she did to me in front everyone. I figured I better quit because she was enjoying it the harder I pinched her nipples plus the smile on her was getting bigger and bigger. Luckly Naughty Natalie joined us because things got carried away in the shower and someone could get hurt.

As we dress up for tonight’s show, Liz serves the booze to relax everyone. The new hostess can not dress up until she gets to where we perform because she has 2 different outfits to wear and she is easy to dress. The make up person arrives and does my make up the beard and mustache then does a test fit on the new hostess. Liz gets to learn how this is all done because Liz will do the gluing of the beard and mustache when it is time for the new hostess to be in the tux. The pilots are excite to get out of the fancy motel room because it has been boring for them other then a quick trip to the pool on the upper floor. Now it is time to leave and we head down to the lobby of the fancy motel to the waiting limousine. It was a short drive to where we are going to preform and we have been here before. It always feels good to preform at the same place because it feels like coming home. The audience is eating dinner so it decided to keep the show of high standards which means I have to be quick with the top hat to cover the new hostess bare ass when her panties drop and she bends over to pull them up. She doe not see a problem and will motion me when she is going to bend over waiting till I am ready with the top hat. The show was excellent and the audience was excellent but the only problem we had was the new hostess did not react like a man when the whip was used on the Male Manhood. Liz had to show the new hostess what her response should be when the whips the Male Manhood. Of course Liz had to hit me with the whip in my Male Manhood to show the new hostess how a man will respond. When the new hostess seen how I acted and Liz promised to kiss my Male Manhood later to make it better. But Liz still owes a kiss from Vancouver. Liz replied back “that she might kiss my Male Manhood twice tonight then”. Now that got everyone smiling and Naughty Natalie having a laugh. We are doing the second show here so we get to relax and enjoyed the food and booze table. The pilot is trying really hard to be with the hostess but she is playing hard to get and everyone can see that which makes some of us smile. The hostess tell us she is making the pilot suffer because he will preform better when they get to be alone. “Oh my” is all the 3 of us have to say to that. While we wait, we help the new hostess act like an English gentleman when she wears the tux because she did really well for her first show. The second show she will be down to her silk underwear and socks likes me at the end of the show. Liz has her beard and mustache off and will put it back on when it is time. Naughty Natalie is having fun and enjoying these shows and does her own thing plus does her jobs to make things run smooth.


Granny Panties

It is now time to go on stage and I tease Liz about kissing my Male Manhood since she has been promising. Liz just looks at me and licks her lips and smiles. We go on stage and she works me good in front of the audience with the extra hostesses in leather joining like back singers in a Heavy Metal Rock band. But Liz does not let the extra hostesses touch me and the whip is used to make sure. Next I escort the new hostess on stage with non-fitting Dominatrix outfit and her granny panties slide down. She makes more of a show bending over to pull them up. I make sure my top hat is not covering her bare ass very well because that is what the audience wants to see. The audience is clapping and laughing which we like. With the new hostess joining Liz on stage I now escort the hostess to join us on stage. The extra hostesses dressed in leather come and go off stage on their own to add to the show. The hostess and Liz have great fun with the new hostess and her cleavage of ass-wipe rolls fall out on stage. As true English gentleman I pick the ass-wipe rolls and not sure what to do with them which I use as a little comedy. The new hostess has just right amount of booze to drink and with the big knee high leather boots she has a very funny walk on stage. Plus her granny panties keep sliding down too. When the new hostess leans over the audience can see where her cleavage fell out in the corset to see her little boobies. I have great fun escorting the new hostess off the stage with her granny panties at her knees to making walking a little slower. Liz and the hostess have a very hard time keeping a straight face because the new hostess is funny in the non fitting Dominatrix outfit. Off stage Naughty Natalie is laughing along with the pilots. Now they have to change her from a Dominatrix to being an English gentleman like me. I now escort Liz off stage and the hostess and the extra hostesses dress in leather are on stage doing their part of the show. Liz decided that it will be full nipples on stage because the audience enjoyed what that have seen so far plus the hostess is on stage showing it all. The audience is clapping which we like. Now I have to change my shirt on the tux because I was wearing a shirt that covered my male nipples like the new hostess when we did the supper show.

Naughty Natalie helped me get re-dressed just in time to escort the hostess off stage and then escort Naughty Natalie on stage. Naughty Natalie is happy and with the extra hostess in leather on stage behind she knows she will have a good show. I was not even off stage the audience was clapping for Naughty Natalie. The new hostess is ready with full beard and mustache like me. The audience loved Naughty Natalie and I escort her off stage. Now I have Liz on my arm and the new hostess in her tux has Naughty Natalie on her arm. We now going back on stage and the audience was clapping right away because then the new hostess and I look the same as English gentleman and the Naughty Natalie and Liz look the same with their all natural beautiful bodies. We walk around on stage so the audience can the ladies and the tuxes with the hot hats. Liz will work me over like she always does and Naughty Natalie will work over the new hostess. Everything was going good with the new hostess acting like a man when the whip slips on the Male Manhood. The audience really liked that for some reason because it is part of being Dominatrix. Liz was was having the time of her life and looking me deep in the eyes as she made me suffer. Naughty Natalie was enjoying herself making the new hostess suffer too. When the white shirts came off the audience did not seem too surprised for some reason. Naughty Natalie and Liz were a little confused because the audience should have seen that the new hostess was acting out the part as an English gentleman. But Liz figured it out because the new hostess has little boobies when the audience is looking straight at us on stage that can not see the different in me being a skinny young male and the new hostess being a skinny young female. Then Liz used her whip and hit my male nipple which hurt and does not excite me. Naughty Natalie did the same to the new hostess which she made a sound of enjoyment because it did not hurt her but excited her. Then Liz used the whip on my other male nipple and my sounds of pain meant that I was male for sure. Naughty Natalie now did the same to the new hostess and she gave the sound of female pleasure of enjoyment. That is when the audience clicked and really started clapping. Now both Dominatrix ladies turn us sideways in the chairs we are sitting on and the audience could see the new hostess nipples were rock hard and my male nipples showed nothing. Next thing I know Liz has me standing up with my back to the audience and walking around me while Naughty Natalie does the same to the new hostess. We are both standing on stage in our silk underwear and socks while the Dominatrix ladies walk around in circles and tease us with their whips. I know if Liz pulls my silk underwear down it will be quick to show my bare ass and back up very discretely. That is what she did and one hit with the whip which I felt on my bare ass. This was no different then mother pulling my pants down in the store and spanking my bare ass in front of everyone watching when I was 4 years old. But having Liz do it to me gave a whole new meaning to wanting more. Naughty Natalie did the same to the new hostess but held her silk underwear down longer for the audience to see and enjoy because that is what they paid for. Plus the new hostess got several light whips on her ass which she begged for more. All I said when Liz whipped my ass was “ouch” because it hurt. I just stand there as Liz still walks around me as the audience claps and start chanting more and more. Now this has never happened before but then again we have never done the bare ass spankings on stage before either. As the Dominatrix ladies walk circles around the English gentlemen on stage the audience wants more and I look at Liz because I know my ass is going to get another whipping. But she teases me more and more with her whip as she walks around me plus with her cleavage because when she tease me with her cleavage she is looking at the audience because my back to the audience all they see is my ass in my silk underwear. Naughty Natalie is doing the same to the new hostess but she has the look in her eyes that she wants more and more of having her bare ass whipped. Even with the beard and mustache I can see that her face and she is enjoying it.

The Dominatrix ladies just circle us and the audience wants more then Liz pull my silk underwear down just enough to whip my ass then back up. Now Naughty Natalie does the same to the new hostess but does it slowly and shows more to the audience because lady’s ass is sexy. Now Liz figures we have had enough and the whips are use on our ass to move us off stage. Then we go back out to bow and curtsey which only took 3 times to finally say thank you to the audience. The new hostess is all happy and dresses in her street clothes to go back to the fancy motel. The people are extra happy with the performance we did tonight. We are happy because it all worked out. In the limousine on the way back everyone is happy and it was a good show. The extra hostesses dressed in leather really helped out and they had fun. When we arrive at the fancy motel it was like coming home and good to be back home. The outfits get all hung and serviced. Naughty Natalie handled the pizzas. Liz poured the drinks for everyone. When the pizzas arrived the pilot and hostess disappeared which we knew was going to happen. We are so glad they are across the hall from us not beside us so we can hear Viagra Sex all night. The hostess and pilot were only gone less then half and hour because they did not have Viagra Sex which made the rookie co-pilot happy because he wants a good night sleep in case we are flying in the morning. Nobody seems to know what is happening and Liz tells everyone they are not getting drunk tonight because we might be flying. Liz reminds everyone it is business first when traveling. When Liz and I showered to get my beard and mustache off she is really enjoying herself with me in the shower until the make up was removed then it was back to being normal. I was lucky that Naughty Natalie joined us in the shower then Liz left to pour drinks and we were able to clean each other.

Not sure but the new hostess is staying in our room with us maybe because she is young like us and the other other hostesses are set in their ways. We do not mind because she is easy to get along with and does not take up much space on the bed. In the morning we wake up to the telephone ringing in our room which means it is dad or the owner calling. Liz answered the phone and it is the owner and she is excited because of the show last night. The owner wants to know what we did and how we did it. Liz just explained we did a magic show and some bare ass got whipped. The owner is happy and asked if we could do 2 shows tonight in Edmonton but we can stay in Calgary. Liz had to made the decision right now so she said yes. That way Miss Margret and can ready for us because we a group of 10 now. When everyone woke up Liz touched base with everyone and the pilot figured no problem on flying. The pilots will take a taxi to the hangar about an hour before flight time to get the small private jet ready to fly. The limousine will pick us up at the fancy motel and return us when we fly back to Calgary. The owner called back to say Miss Margret is buying us supper in Edmonton so dress up and the flight will be early. Everyone was happy with that because it makes the day go faster. We will dress in the room like always and travel. The new hostess will dress in Edmonton because she wears two different outfits. Plus Miss Margret will have a make up person back stage since we are getting to be a bigger show. The pilot figures with early arrival in Edmonton that can get quick flight to Winnipeg and back with a customer who has a business dinner. This works out good everyone because the flying company is starting to make money but it has not warmed up in Manitoba at all. It will be cold in Edmonton too so it best to keep the small private jet flying. Miss Margret’s limousine will bring the dinner customer to the hangar and we will take the limousine in to down town Edmonton to met us with Miss Margret. A little planning will keep thing working smoothly and everyone happy. The small private jet will be back at midnight then we are back in Calgary by 1am. Food will be a problems so Naughty Natalie thought of getting food delivered to the hangar and the ground crew can eat with us. Once again everyone is thinking to make it easier.


Army Brat

As Liz and Naughty Natalie are getting things worked out the new hostess and I are on the bed watching the weather network because weather will effect our travels. I asked the new hostess if her nipples were sore from the whip and she said a little tender. Well my male nipples are sore and aching but Liz just laughs at me when I tell her she did this to me. Now that made the new hostess smile and laugh which I did too. The new hostess had the same childhood as I growing up having a skinny body. As I child I was teased all the time in sports and such because I had no manly muscles and not a tough guy. The new hostess was the same way because she had a skinny body with no female features. When the Breast Fairy never showed up for nightly visits then she was teased more by the female and male schoolmates. Plus she was teased at home being the only child and her dad in the military. Now that got Liz’s attention right now because the new hostess is an army brat as they are called. Anyone who grows up with a dad in the military and always transferred from military base to military base is call an army brat. Liz asks where and what part of the military the new hostess’s dad is involved with because this draws her interest. Now the 2 ladies are talking in military terms which only confuses Naughty Natalie and I for some reason. But after they were done chatting Liz debriefed us so we have an understanding because they were basically talking in a foreign language to us. The new hostess’s dad might be with Liz’s husband on deployment because it is the same military group that they belong to. Plus the new hostess’s family moved out of the PMQ that Liz was assigned to when she moved to Shilo in July. Now Naughty Natalie recaps everything for us so we understand. The new hostess's dad is with Liz’s husband overseas and the hew hostess’s family moved out of the PMQ before Liz moved in. Liz and the hostess both agreed with what Naughty Natalie said. Now that is when I pointed if this was written on paper it does not look good. Liz is on stage preforming with the naked daughter of a fellow who is over seas on deployment with Liz’s husband. Plus her husband and the new hostess’s dad could be sharing the same accommodation too. Now everyone was very quiet because it is a small world when it is written out on paper. Liz did mention that we should maybe not say anything about the new hostess being naked during the magician shows that we preform to make it look better. The new hostess can not believe that Liz is staying in the same PMQ that she grew up in. But Liz was quit to point out that the PMQ has had a lot of damage done to it because of the Military Police known as the MPs. The expression the new hostess gave back when Liz told of the damage by the MPs. Liz knew that the new hostess parents did not have a happy marriage because the MPs have been involved in the new hostess’s life in the past. Naughty Natalie thought it was best to change the subject to more happy thoughts by asking how sore my male nipples are from Liz giving them the whip last night on stage. I told Naughty Natalie that Liz has to kiss them better because they are sore. Naughty Natalie agreed that Liz hurt my male nipples and should kiss them better. I was hoping that Liz would be giving out the kisses but she said later which always happens to a man.

It was a quick breakfast in the room for everyone then we went to the upper floor for a swim. The people in the lobby are getting used to seeing the 10 of now in bikinis to Speedo swim suits but they still have a good laugh. The pool is great fun for everyone except me because I am afraid of water. The whirlpool hot tub is where I sit and relax and watch everyone have fun. The pilot with his grey hair, “man boobies” wearing his Speedo has great fun in the pool with everyone being so much younger. The rookie co-pilot is starting to enjoy himself because is seeing no deduction off his pay-cheque for all the fun we have living the good life in these fancy motels. The extra hostesses are living a dream because they are having fun and making money until the flying company gets back to flying to make money. Then the extra hostesses will be back to being hostesses on the aircraft. The 3 of us are having fun because we are not in the little apartment freezing in cold Manitoba. The hostess and new hostess are having fun and not sure when they will be back as hostesses flying again. Liz joins in in the whirlpool hot tub just to tease me on what she is going to do to me on stage tonight with my ass. I told her pay back will be a “bitch” when I comes time for me to Lick Some Ice Cream. Now Liz was very quiet and I told her I like when she begs the word “please”. Now that made Liz’s eyes very big right now plus she was very quiet too. I know she had a quick memory to recount of how good it felt with me licking ice cream. Now Liz changed the subject because if we talked about it any more she would be dragging me by my hand back to our room on the second floor like my mother would drag in out of the store after she spanked my bare ass. We enjoyed the pool for a long time because the only thing we can do today. Then it will be a late lunch then getting ready to fly to Edmonton. The pilots are happy on getting an extra trip to Winnipeg while we preform. Naughty Natalie told the pilots she will have food ordered at the hangar in Edmonton for when they return because they will be hungry like us. The hostess is sad because the pilots are flying without a hostess because the customer does not require a hostess. Plus the flying company is trying to save money to try and get back to financially stable ground because the extreme cold weather has cut in the profits of flying.

The dress up for the Edmonton show was easy and the pilots have gone ahead in a taxi to get the small private jet ready to fly. We arrive in the limousine and we were in Edmonton in no time. The limousine is waiting for us plus the dinner customers flying to Winnipeg for the dinner meeting. It turns out they are good friends of Miss Margret and are very well off. The dinner customers are hoping to see our show later in the week. That surprised all of us because that means we are coming back to Edmonton. That made everyone smiled including the pilots. While everyone gets in the limousine the hostess still being a hostess helps the dinner customers on to the small private jet and gets them seated and ready to fly. With her long black coat on she had to undo several buttons to be able to kneel on the small private jet. The dinner customers liked what they seen with her knee high leather boots plus the cleavage that was show too. Once the dinner customers were ready to fly the hostess joined us back in the limousine with Miss Margret. We have to wait for Naughty Natalie in the hangar because she is giving the ground crew instructions for the food to be ordered so we can eat when we return after the show to the hangar. The ground crew was impressed that Naughty Natalie included them in the late night snack. We treat everyone the way we want to be treated. The limousine took us in to an under ground parking which we have no idea where we are in Edmonton. The big black guys that escort Miss Margret told us this place was built for the limousine so the passengers are out of the weather when getting in and out of the vehicle. Miss Margret told us she was treating us for dinner but the pilots flew to Winnipeg. Now Miss Margret has the big black guys join us for dinner because she bought 11 dinners and they will be the replacements for the pilots. The big black guys tells us that Miss Margret usual has food sent to them when waiting in the limousine for her to return.

Since Miss Margret is a large woman now she enjoys eating at this cafe’ because it is a short walk from the limousine to the elevator. Then the elevator is a quick ride to the top floor of the building then a short walk to the table where she enjoys the view of Edmonton. This long cold weather has really effected Miss Margret one knee so she is using a cane to keep her balance. Plus the one big black guy is assisting her too. When the private elevator to the cafe’ open the smell of cooking was unreal. Even Miss Margret said supper will be ready very soon just by the smells. I remembered this smell of good food in Vancouver and I looked at Liz because she knew it was fresh lobster. But the new hostess was acting the same as Liz because she is from the east coast too. We followed Miss Margret to her favorite table and the serving hostess asked if Liz could join her. Liz knew that the serving hostess was going to take her to the kitchen to see the lobster being cooked because that is the way east coast people do it. Liz grabbed the hand of the new hostess and dragged her along too. They were gone a long time in the kitchen but the lobster has to be cooked just right. When they did return Liz sat on my right side like she always does and Naughty Natalie was seated on my left. The new hostess sitting on the other side of Liz and they both have big smiles on their faces. The extra hostesses can not believe where they are eating and what they are eating because this is all new to them. We order our drinks because supper will be served right away. I was not allowed any booze but I felt so glad when the new hostess was not allowed booze too. The new hostess looks to be 14 years old like me and Miss Margret was told no booze for the both of us. Now we have to look at Liz in hopes that she will sneak us some booze to go with our delicious meal tonight. I have to promise the world to Liz to get my booze but the new hostess got booze with no promises. Once again Liz likes to control me as a man. Miss Margret asked who the new hostess is because she is dressed in street clothes of being a Heavy Metal Rock kid. Naughty Natalie with a serious face told Miss Margret that new hostess is our personal body guard. Now that made everyone at the table laugh. The one big black guys laughed the longest and hardest because it was funny. When Miss Margret was done laughing she asked Naughty Natalie for a serious reply to her question. Then naughty Natalie introduced the new hostess as the star of the show tonight. That made Miss Margret and the big black guys laugh but we did not laugh. When the laughing stopped they looked at us seriously as they could. Liz told Miss Margret that it is true because the new hostess gets the most time on stage and is naked the longest. That is when Miss Margret said she will ask no more questions because she will see it for her self tonight in the shows. The last time we had Miss Margret worried is when she first met us and she thought we were professional well trained performers. But the weekend magic show we preformed was a hit. Now we are back in Edmonton with the hottest show being performed with great reviews and the star of the show has little boobies and no other female sexual qualities other then her face which requires no make up. Miss Margret says we have to have a drink because this will be good. When the toast was done Naughty Natalie told Miss Margret they the audience gets to see my bare ass. Now everyone laughed and we had another drink.

With supper done we all thanked Miss Margret for taking us for a nice dinner and a treat for Liz and the new hostess. Liz thanked Miss Margret with a hug because east coast food brings back happy memories for Liz. But is also causes the lack of sleep for me when she has dreams. It was quick ride in the limousine where we are preforming tonight. Miss Margret says she is sitting in the audience to night to see the show plus my bare ass. That kind of made me smile but when the big black guy lean over to tell me that he is looking forward to see my bare ass to that is when I got worried. Naughty Natalie and Liz just laughed at me and my facial expression. This is when I wish Philip was here to touch my ass to wake me up from this dream I must be having. We relax back stage because we are now the closing half of the show because our part has gotten bigger the more people we add. Everyone is still full from the east coast supper and the extra hostesses can not believe the lifestyle and the way people treat us. But we did point out to the hostesses that we treat people the way we want to be treated too. Liz makes sure the new hostess has had enough to drink as she get dressed in the non fitting Dominatrix outfit. As I wait to escort Liz to open our part of the show I tease Liz how I will have to Lick Some Ice Cream tonight because she will be having dreams because of the east coast food tonight. Liz was dead serious when she turned and looked me in the eyes and said I have to or she will be having a rough night. Then she hugged me before going on stage and had the look of need when she worked me hard through the show. The show was a great success with the usual 3 bow and curtsey needed to say thank you to such a great audience. Miss Margret was still in shock when she came back stage as the new hostess and I got dressed. In the limousine ride to the next show Miss Margret could not believe what she had see for a show by weekend magicians. We made sure all the hostesses heard and got credit too because it takes everyone to make a good performance. Miss Margret is going to call the owner right away to she if she can hop on the small private jet to see these shows we are putting on. As we are getting ready to go on stage for the second show Miss Margret returned to say the owner will be on the small private jet tonight. Then the owner can see the show in Vancouver tomorrow night because she needs to warm up her old bones as she says. Now that made us all happy because Vancouver is warmer even if it is raining. The second show was excellent and Miss Margret was impressed. Liz got the new hostess to leave the beard and mustache on till we get back to the fancy motel because her skin it turning red from removing the make up. Now the new hostess dresses in the tux to be like me until we can shower. Naughty Natalie was thinking because fresh chicken delivered to the hangar for everyone to enjoy plus she got 2 separate meals for the pilots to enjoy while flying because we don’t know when they last ate. The ground crew at the hangar was impressed that people that fly in the private jet was thinking of them. Miss Margret and the big black guys joined us in the hangar for the chicken dinner. Miss Margret says this reminds of her when the owner were starting out. They had to eat anything and anywhere to survive because they had no money back in the early days. Now there is a limousine waiting out front while the driver joined us as we wait for the owner to arrive by private jet. Miss Margret things all the hard work has paid off and we must have a drink.


Always a Hostess

When the small private jet arrives the hostess assists the dinner customers off the aircraft and the big black guys help the ground with the packages picked up in Winnipeg. The dinner customers say it is cold in Winnipeg but the trip was worth it. The limousine heads off and we all get on the small private jet for the quick trip. Naughty Natalie saved chicken for the owner because she could smell the meals for the pilots. They were happy to see the meals because they were hungry. When in Winnipeg they worked non stop in the cold helping other aircraft get flying and assisting the ground crew. The pilots know we are flying to Vancouver and are happy to going to where it is warm. The owner then tells everyone that Vancouver is a day trip because no motels room available because of some conventions. That is why we have the small private jet. That made everyone happy because we like the rooms we have at the fancy motel. It was quick flight to Calgary and the pilots will take a cab to the fancy motel and we ride in the limousine. Any left over chicken dinners were gave to the limousine driver because it was fresh from Edmonton. The fancy motel has a room for the owner plus she was given another room key if Philip was staying with us because that that is the room he always stays. The owner and the bellhop head to the upper floor to check her in to her usual room that she stays in. But there was one bag left on the another bellhops luggage cart that we are told it goes to our room. The bellhop has a big smile on his face as he rides in the elevator to the second floor all these ladies dressed up in leather and Dominatrix outfits. Plus there are 2 English gentle escorting the ladies. If anyone does the math the gentlemen have lots of ladies to enjoy as tonight company. Only problem is there is only me as the only male of 7 ladies. In the motel room everyone rushes to get out of the outfits and getting cleaned and hanging so they will be ready to travel to Vancouver. Liz gets the booze poured to get everyone started and then showers with me. As we are showering to get my make up off the new hostess joins us and Liz shows her how to use lots of soap and the make up will peal off easily. Naughty Natalie joined us and left when she was clean because she has tuxes and other things to do. No pizzas are being ordered because we have eaten lots today. Once the make up was removed from the new hostess Liz and I washed her so she could leave the shower because Liz has needs. When Liz and I did finally come out the shower everyone was in our room looking at us. Liz had “after glow” on her face and I had a big smile. With everyone looking at us Liz said she “needed” a long hot shower to get my make up off. Of course the owner said we will have a drink to that and we did. Now that we are all here as a group including the pilots, the owner gives her speech thanking us for what we are all doing. She has no idea what we are doing on stage but the telephone has been ringing with nothing but positive feed back on these magician shows. Miss Margret called her in Winnipeg tonight in total shock of how well the show went and the audience loved it. The last thing the owner said as she gave the key to Philip’s room on the upper floor to the rookie co-pilot is that he will be able to get some sleep now. The hostess and the pilot have been keeping him awake or locking him out of the motel room across the hall from us as they have sex all the time. Now the rookie co-pilot can get a good night sleep and help the owner if she over serves herself like Philip would. Now the owner ask the rookie co-pilot to escort her to the upper floor because it was a long day. We all said good night and the rookie co-pilot was happy to have his own room so he can sleep. The owner told Liz to just leave the extra bag that she brought and sent to this room on the floor by the bed because it is for later. When Liz told me that the owner of the sex shop brought a bag that is to be by the bed only naughty thoughts passed through my head. Liz even thought the same way but too many people in our room now for her to enjoy any bedroom toy. The only enjoyment now can be had in the bathroom in the shower because nobody can hear the sounds of sex.

We wake up in the morning and the owner wants all to go down stairs to the fancy motel cafe’ to at least get out of the motel room which she is correct. As we join her for breakfast at the big table she tells us she made arrangements for the motel kitchen that is operating 24 hours a day to serve us with late night food because pizzas are getting boring. The owner then says it is one of the joys of staying on the upper floor. She just had to remind the people we are upper floor with a rooms on the second floor instead. When the rookie co-pilot joined us for breakfast he looked so refreshed from a good nights sleep. When the food is served the owner now becomes a professional business woman and asked as a business woman if someone can explain what is going on. All she knows is a small private jet is flying around with 2 pilots and 5 hostess from the flying company that is in deep financial problems because of the cold weather. Now we are all very quiet because Liz has to speak. Liz start off by introducing every at the table by their positions on stage. The extra hostesses are in leather and are basically the back up singers who appear and help out when needed then disappear. Then the hostess does her show with the new hostess wearing the non-fitting Dominatrix outfit with granny panties. That is when the owner had to stop Liz and ask about the granny panties because those are not something that would make a Dominatrix show popular. Liz then motioned the new hostess to stand up who was wearing my baggie Heavy Metal Rock Band sweater of AC/DC. Liz then motioned to the new hostess to lift the bottom of the sweater. When the new hostess stopped lifted the sweater, Liz would motion her to lift higher and higher until the sweater was well past any bra that a woman would wear. The owner was in shock because the new hostess had no female features on her skinny body which is basically my body but with no Male Manhood attached. The owner caught on right away the granny panties is a term for being extra large and they slid down her legs when she walks. Then Liz explain the hostess and new hostess do a comedy routine where the new hostess cleavage even falls out. The owner was smiling when she asked what is used for cleavage. Naughty Natalie told the owner that rolls of ass-wipe are used because they roll nicely on stage to add more comedy. The owner was impressed because we are magicians not performers. Next Liz says Naughty Natalie does her show while the new hostess changes in the tux and we escort the 2 Dominatrix ladies on the stage for the final part of the show. The owner did not say anything but listened because she knows I ended up in my underwear at the end of the show. Liz explains that the gentlemen in the tux get their bare ass whipped and their nipples. It is when the shirt are off the nipples are hard is when the audience figures out the second tux is the new hostess. Now the owner has her head in her hands with her elbows on the table and said “oh my god”. We all thought that the owner was mad at us because are not really doing a Dominatrix show but we are. When the owner started laughing with her face in her hands she was so happy. As business woman she has spent years following the market trends on what people wantd in shows and what is hot this year and not hot next year. Now the most popular show she has had in her whole business career is based on people wanting and needing to work. We are not actors or dancer but magicians having fun. The owner still can not believe what has happened. The people are paying to see a Dominatrix show with nudity which means the prefect female body with ass and boobies. But these people as seeing a male ass and a female ass that looks male plus male and female nipples. The nudity of the hostess and Naughty Natalie’s is done that the audience does not really see anything. The audience gets to see the most of new hostess and me because are naked the longest on stage. The owner is shaking her head and is all smiles and so happy that we are happy in having fun. We all lift our coffee cups so the owner can give us a toast to thank us for helping her business and the flying company business.

We have to enjoy the pool on the upper floor then pack for our day trip to Vancouver. Now the owner is calling important friends in Vancouver to come and see the show. That made us all feel good as we head to the motel rooms to change. The owner and rookie co-pilot travel together on the elevator to the upper floor. The pilot thought he should be the one staying n the upper floor because he is top pilot for the flying company. Naughty Natalie told the pilot that the owner wants to sleep not listen to him having Viagra Sex all night. Everyone in the elevator laughed because it was true but the pilot was proud to keep everyone up at night. We quickly change in to our swim suits then travel as a group to the upper floor but it more like a comedy group because everyone we meet along the way has a good laugh at us for some reason. They must think we are the entertainment for the fancy motel. We arrive and the owner is in the whirlpool hot tub and I join her. She asks the rookie co-pilot to send the extra hostesses over to join her in the whirlpool hot tub. The owner does this so she meet and get to know the people she has working for her. That is why her business is a success because it is all about people. When the hostesses return to the pool she ask the new hostess to join us in the whirlpool hot tub. But before the new hostess join us the owner ask to stop and turn slowly around so she can look at her body. The owner shook her head as the new hostess joins us. The success of her company is based on nothing with any female sexual boobies or ass. The new hostess could wear my Speedo and look like me wearing it. The owner chats with the new hostess to get to know her and remembers her from tagging along when she was not required to work or be involved. Now the new hostess stands out in the owners mind because she is a worker not a free loading making demands like some professional ladies that work for the owner. Now the owner motions Naughty Natalie and Liz to join us in the whirlpool hot tub. Once Liz was siting in the water beside me her hands were busy under the water that made my eyes very big. The owner is impressed with us and the new hostess and knows the ladies 28 day is ending before next weekend and will book our last show for Thursday and home on Friday. We all thanked her and then the owner asked the new hostess about her 28 days because it will effect the show because her and I are the ones that are naked the most. The new hostess face turned red when she say she does not get 28 days because her body is not developed enough. That is when all the ladies included me told to enjoy the freedom because when you get the 28 day it changes life big time. That made the new hostess feel better. For the first time in her life she is being accept as who she is not the woman who she is suppose to be with boobies and an ass. The owner then told us this non drinking is not any fun because we need to get to Vancouver to have drinks and fun. When we were done in the pool the rookie co-pilot was all smiles as he escorted the owner to their rooms on the upper floor while he waved good bye to the pilot who is returning to the second floor with us. The hostess had to tease him in the elevator about trying to kill her that night with the Viagra Sex. Of course the pilot was all proud of himself for trying as hard as he did. Then the 3 of us point out we got no sleep that night again. Now everyone laughed and smile but the pilot was proud.

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