Lick Some Ice Cream

(rough copy)

continued from Magical Fingers Fairy

It is a Rental

It was cold all week and the weather forecast showed no improvement coming next week. The ladies finished their 28 days which means they had to wear sweat pants around the little apartment and were not in the mood to do anything other then watch TV. Mother invited to the pink house to have a family supper which ended the usual way. Mother, the sister and the Disco Queens upset while Naughty Natalie, Liz, dad and I had a good time drinking Crown Royal. Liz still had big eyes and would stare me all the time plus had to be touching or holding me a week after the Magical Fingers Magic night in Vancouver. Mother was not impressed and Liz always showed mother her big shiny wedding ring. We thought it was funny when Naughty Natalie in her cute funny way called mother “grandma” and that put fire in mother’s eyes. Of course the sister and the Disco Queens did not figure out the joke that was said because anything past the level of kindergarten learning is beyond them. We blame all the hairy spray they use to keep the hair up and out has effected their brains like bad drugs. By the middle of the week the ladies were no longer wearing sweat pants around the little apartment and everything was back to normal. The cops never raided the little apartment because dad made it look like we never left town. That was the new plan for dad to hang out and drive the 67 Chevy to make it look like we are still in town and not gone out west that we have been doing every weekend. Liz had numerous “bed flips” off the bed with my whispering in her ear with her using the bedroom toy. But she still had big eyes and would stare at me and hold me which Naughty Natalie did not have a problem or me either. Liz was talking on the telephone with the owner of the sex shop who has enough of the cold Manitoba. The owner and Philip wanted to get where it is warmer and we are joining them too. The 3 of us have had enough of the cold weahter and the people we work with because they not very “cultured” as we are calling them. Our co-workers think that fast food and hard drinking is the good life or watching the low class strippers showing where babies pop out at the Keystone Motor Inn.

Liz told us the owner can get us shows in Saskatchewan on Thursday then meet us in Edmonton Friday with the private jet. Then off to Calgary then Vancouver for the weekend. Of course we agreed because anything to get out of this cold weather in Manitoba even if if only to Saskatchewan first. The plans are made and our escape from the cold weather begins Thursday afternoon at 4pm. The flying company will send the small private jet to Brandon to pick us up then to Regina for the first show in Saskatchewan. Regina is a boring and I mean a boring city because I have down lots of work in and around there with the company I work for. All the comedies on national TV and stand up routines in the bars and club use the line “Regina is so small the local hooker (whore) in a “Virgin””. After the show in Regina we fly to Saskatoon Saskatchewan to do a show then off to Edmonton Alberta to the fancy motel for the night. Now Saskatoon is a fun place with the Winnipeg rock band The Guess Who in 1972 having a #1 hit with the song Running Back to Saskatoon. Plus Shannon Tweed who was Playboy Playmate of the year in 1982 grew up in Saskatoon. She is long time love interest of Gene Simmons “the Demon” from the Heavy Metal Band “Kiss”. We know we will have fun in Saskatoon because I always do when flying or working out of the city with my job. The owner and Philip will arrive in Edmonton Friday night with the other ladies to preform with us in the large private jet. Saturday we all end up in Calgary for 2 show back to back then the small private jet will fly the owner and the 4 of us to Vancouver to enjoy Sunday in the warm weather which will be rain and more rain. The hostess is joining us this weekend again along with the pilot and rookie co-pilot too. A well planned out fun weekend in our eyes plus the owner wants to chat with the people in Vancouver where we got ran off stage fist fighting.

To be ready for Thursday to fly I make sure Liz is not going to try killing herself with the bedroom toy and “flipping off the bed”. Naughty Natalie is to behave too with a relaxing evening of watching VHS movies and trying to stay warm in the little apartment. We usually make sure all the laundry is washed and the little apartment is clean before we leave. But Naughty Natalie is leaving her laundry for dad to wash while he is in and out of the little apartment while we are gone. Well that was true in giving dad something to do but Liz and I made sure our dirty clothes were washed and put away because I do no want dad washing my clothes. It is a man thing and Liz agreed since she is married. We slept in Thursday morning knowing it will be a long late night by the time we arrive to our fancy motel room in Edmonton. The lady from the beauty shop that does our hair dye and bikini waxes will stop by the little apartment to do my beard and mustache make up. The owner had Philip send everything to the lady of the shop. This makes things a lot easier for everyone because it saves rushing at the last minute when arriving at the show to perform. The 3 of us enjoy our shower and start getting dressed with our luggage packed. The lady of the shop showed up and did my make up and she could not get over how clean the little apartment was that we live in. She thinks like everyone else that 1980s Heavy Metals Music kids live in messy apartments and they smell of drugs. The little apartment never smells of drugs because the 3 of do not touch drugs and have no interest in drugs. With my make up done the lady of the shop leaves and we will see her later in the week for the hair dye and bikini wax. Naughty Natalie told the lady of the shop that dad will be needing a hair cut too and that made the lady of the shop smile. When dad picked us up in the 67 Chevy because mother’s mini van is still broken because of the computer on the motor quit in the cold weather. Naughty Natalie made sure to tell dad about the lady of the beauty shop that he will need his hair cut too. Dad just smiled because Naughty Natalie was thinking of him. Mother was very upset when dad told her that Naughty Natalie had booked a hair cut for him. When dad told us after our trip that mother was upset of the hair cut appointment being booked we just smiled. Mother is always upset and mad.

For some reason I had to sit by the passenger’s door on the 67 Chevy for the short drive to the Brandon airport. It was chilly sitting by the door while the ladies sat in the middle of the truck where it was warmer. We arrived at the airport the same time as a small twin engine plane was landing which we do not think it was for us. Dad drove the 67 Chevy out on to the tarmac so the luggage can be taken out of the box of the 67 Chevy truck to be put in to the small private jet when it arrives. The small twin engine plane that just landed pulled up beside the 67 Chevy as if it was for us. We know nothing of this plane and it appears to be a rental plane. Then we recognized the pilot as the rookie co-pilot that is flying solo. The hostess is in the back of the aircraft opening the door to let us in. As we carry our luggage up to the small twin engine plane the hostess told us it is a rental. We all agreed that is is better then riding the Greyhound bus. Dad wished us a good weekend and Naughty Natalie had to give dad a hug. Then it was too cold to stand around for long good byes. The hostess gets everyone seated in the back I get to sit in the co-pilots seat. The hostess had to ride in the back of the small twine engine plane from Winnipeg because she is wearing her long black coat because she is preforming tonight with us. For her to seat in the co-pilot seat being such a small plane she would have to take her long black coat off to be able to lift her legs up high enough to get in the seat. The hostess chose the warmth of the long black coat and sitting in the back then up front being chilled till the aircraft warmed up in flight. The rookie co-pilot is happy because he has flown these small twin engine planes before and more familiar with aircraft then learning the private jets. We had a good laugh because the small company plane that I fly in for work is still sitting by the company hangar with the rear wheel broken off. The small company plane is the same as this small twin engine plane just one extra motor which makes me familiar with the controls. It did not take long to get airborne in the small twin engine plane and heading west to Regina Saskatchewan. The rookie co-pilot and I chat with his aviation maps on landing and where to go at the Regina airport. Since I have flown many times in and out of the airport as the passenger on the small company plane. It was a quick flight and boring landing in Regina with no limousine waiting for us. The owner told Liz to just get a taxi because this Regina show is only a favor for a good friend. Plus I know the place where the show is being held because I have attended fertilizer conventions. Plus I stayed in the fancy motel in the past with the company I work for.

The taxi ride to the fancy motel to preform tonight was boring because the driver never talked. The 4 of do not need to be escorted in Regina because the city is so boring. Plus Liz told the owner I have worked out of this city and know what and where to go. The rookie co-pilot stayed with the rental plane to fuel it up and be ready to fly when we get back. I told the rookie co-pilot that this performance tonight being in Regina will be over before it starts like Liz’s honeymoon. Liz agreed because on her honeymoon she said she got to encourage her new husband by saying the word harder twice. Since then Liz says her husband never lasts long enough for her to say the 3rd word harder because it is over before it starts. I tell the taxi driver how to get to the back of the fancy motel for us to go in to the building. Naughty Natalie paid the taxi driver and got a receipt like she always does. Inside the building I lead everyone to where we will be preforming because I have been here before with the company I work for. We meet the people in charge of the show and they are not very excited about seeing us or anything. The food and booze table was set up for the kindergartner class to attend with no booze. Everything was drinking boxes and plastic food cups that are packed in kid’s lunches to go to school with. The other ladies that we are to perform with are not excited about anything. Plus these other ladies are not wearing high end outfits but are dressed in Walmart outfits. The 4 of us chat about what we have arrived in to with no escorts and no booze to go on stage. Plus these other ladies are not excited about anything which means that have not snorted any cocaine which is a good thing. As a group we will do this show for the owner sober and the best we can do it. But if anything goes wrong we will run out the front to a taxi and make it back to the rookie co-pilot and the rental plane. We talk with the people putting on the show and they really do not know or care and it decided for safety I will remained dress. Now that part I like because running off stage I am always in my silk underwear and socks. Liz and I open the show and I have to stay on stage because the audience is non-responsive to anything we do. When we are done the other show ladies preform and put little effort in their performances. The audience doe not even clap. Naughty Natalie has always says she is born the way and she can give an old man a heart attack if she wants with her beautiful all natural body. Well Naughty Natalie kept her panties on the audience never even clapped. When we closed the show with the hostess joining us it was short and quick. We said good bye to the people in charge of the show and walked through the building and got in a waiting taxi. Liz summed up the show as preforming at the morgue because the audience was so dead and non-responsive to anything we did. I did point out to Liz that if we preformed at the morgue. Then the refrigeration units that keep the morgue cool to keep the dead bodies cold would have broken the silence by cutting in and out. Naughty Natalie and the hostess were upset the most by the lack of response from the audience. Liz and I tried cheering them up because we are in Regina and everything is boring in Regina. The taxi ride back to the airport was boring too because the city of Regina does not plow the street to save money. The taxi just drives in the ruts to follow the streets to where we are going.

Back at the airport the rookie co-pilot could see we did not have a good time by the expressions on our faces. He even said it was boring waiting at the airport for us to return. The rookie co-pilot told us it is so cold out that the fuel pump to fill the small twin engine took for ever. This little bit of information became very important to us 20 minutes later. We just thought it was very very cold which it was. Plus we were all sad from not getting a good response from the audience like we always do. The rookie co-pilot has us airborne and heading to Saskatoon which is a quick little flight that I have have done in the small company plane many times. It is cold and full moon which makes flying at night even better. Plus this is our first time flying on the weekend magician’s shows sober because we always have booze on the private jet and back stage at the shows. The hostess even said she did not grab any booze when they had to switch planes so quickly to be on schedule. Plus this rental plane is too small to carry any booze that made us all laugh. Once in Saskatoon we will drink extra to make up for the lack of booze not drank tonight. The left engine on the small twin engine was the first to sputter due lack of fuel then quit. When the left engine quit running that made everyone’s eyes very big but everyone remained calm because I am in the rental plane. I am known as the “lucky charm” because I have walked away from 3 plane crashes in the last year. The rookie co-pilot gets the book for the rental plane on what to do to restart the engine. If he does not do it by the book then the plane crash investigator will blame him for the crash. I told the rookie co-pilot not to worry about the re-starting the left engine. That is the least of our problems right now because the right engine will be quitting right away. The reason why the fuel pump in Regina to refill the fuel tanks on the rental plane was so slow because was bad fuel not because it was cold. The rookie co-pilot agreed with me because before he left Winnipeg our regular pilot told him anything goes wrong listen to me. I told rookie co-pilot to call in on the headset to the control tower that we lost an engine and will be landing at a private airstrip. The rookie co-pilot remained very calm when he talked with the control tower through the headsets. I now have controls and flying the small twin engine plane which is only flying with one engine that is going to quit anytime because of bad fuel. The rookie co-pilot knows nothing of flying in Saskatchewan but I know lots from flying around in the small company plane. We are going to land at a fertilizer plant that we use as a base when flying in the small company plane. It does not have a private airstrip but a really nice gravel road better known as a mile road.

Since I fly with a pilot at my place or work that makes mistakes all the time. I learned to correct his mistakes and fly the small company plane. I have landed many times at this fertilizer planet in the dark with rain or snow. This will be an easy landing as long as the engine stays running. I tell the ladies in the back we will land and to hang on because this landing can only be done once. Being a full moon, the gravel road is shiny with reflection so I can see it to land on it. Plus I use the trees and hydro wires to know when I am close to the ground as reference. The only problem I will had was the engine that is running is on the right hand side of the plane and wants to make the plane turn. If the engine was in front of the plane then it would pull the plane straight. I bank the small twin engine plane over the houses in the small town to line up to the gravel road to land. The banking of the plane caused the running engine to sputter a bit because of fuel acting up. This is not a problem once the plane was leveled out to land. The rookie co-pilot remained calm and chatted with the control tower through the headset. Once on the ground everyone was happy because it was prefect landing. I told the rookie co-pilot to tell the control everything OK and we do not need assistant. The reason we do not want assistance because the control tower would notify the local fire department and ambulances to come to where we landed. But in the aviation world they want only good things about flying to make the news or marketing. Advertising and asking people to come fly with the flying company because we only crashed twice this year does not make for many new or repeat customers. Aviation is like a mistress which are great fun to have and enjoy but you never talk about a mistress. As I drive the small twin engine plane down the gravel road. The rookie co-pilot is trying to keep the right engine running with bad fuel. I was able to drive the rental plane to the front of the fertilizer plant’s new workshop but the engine quit 50 feet from the big over head door. Now everyone was excited and happy that we are not in some farmer field waiting to be rescued or have to walk in the cold and snow for help. It did not take long for everyone to get out of the small twin engine rental plane and we walk to the office building at the fertilizer plant. I reach under the 3rd step to get the key to the office door. Once inside the warm office, the ladies take turns using the bathroom and I showed Liz where the booze in hidden in the coffee counter. I telephone the owner of the fertilizer plant and he heard us fly over his house with a bad sounding engine. I asked him for a ride to Saskatoon right away for 5 of us. He said no problem and will be right there in the mean time pour the booze to make the drinks.

The fertilizer guy arrives driving a 1979 Chevy crew cab Dually work truck with straight pipe exhaust stacks behind the cab. This makes the 454 big block Chevy motor sounds excellent. When Naughty Natalie heard the Dually pull up to the office she was all smiles because that was music to her ears. We made sure the rookie pilot did not telephone to the fly company office until we had a plan figured out. The fertilizer guy was very surprised when he walked in to his office. Hie eyes were big when he seen 3 ladies with open long black coats wearing Dominatrix outfits that should be featured on the pages of Playboy Magazine. Then a young kid who was introduced as the pilot of the plane parked in front of his work shop. Then a 28 year old man wearing a tux and drinking out of cup saved for a fellow named Joey. The fertilizer guy was very surprised when I spoke as the 28 year old man. I told him we were flying from Regina to Saskatoon and the fuel pump in Regina was a little slow. Then the engine quit on the small twin engine plane. The fertilizer guy clicked in that is was me all dressed up and traveling with beautiful ladies. He was glad we had 2 engines instead of the usually one engine plane. The fertilizer guy call in 2 of his staff members to put the small twin engine plane in the new work shop because they just painted the floor and the building is empty. I told the fertilizer guy that the tow bar that I made for the small company plane I fly in is in the new workshop. The homemade tow bar will fit this small twin engine plane because they are both Cessna aircraft. With the small twin engine plane in the heated shop over night the mechanic flown from Winnipeg the next day will have no troubles cleaning out the bad fuel. Then the rental plane will be flying again to head back to Winnipeg.

As Liz pours the next drinks the rookie co-pilot telephones his boss and gives him the details. They are happy we are all OK but his boss was so confused where we are. That is when I had to get on the telephone and explain what has happened and what needs to be done. After a long chat with the boss at the flying company, he is happy how a bad situation turned out so well and easy repair. The private jet flying to Edmonton with the owner, Philip and the other ladies will stop in Saskatoon and pick us up. They will drop off the mechanic and parts to fix the small twin engine plane in the heated shop at the fertilizer plant. The fertilizer guy will drive us to Saskatoon then return the next day to pick the mechanic and the new replacement fuel in barrels. The mechanic will fix the rental plane and fly it back to Winnipeg while we carry on to do our performances. The rookie co-pilot stays with us because he has to fly when the privat jet requires two pilots. The flying company was very happy that my experience plus the people and locations I know in Saskatchewan is really helping them out with this little problem. We just look at as having fun. The fertilizer guy and Naughty Natalie were talking about the Dually truck with the 454 big block motor and what has all been done to it. Liz had with her eyes big was nothing but stares at me because I was a hero in her eyes by landing the plane. Plus she had to hold me any chance she got. The hostess was the same way and because I saved the day. Plus the ladies all thanked the rookie co-pilot because he did an excellent job too.

With the phone calls all done, the fertilizer guy will drive us to Saskatoon so we can preform. The trip was excellent but chilly in the Dually Truck. Of course Naughty Natalie talked the fertilizer guy in to letting her drive the Dually truck with the 454 big block motor. That impressed everyone that she could drive a standard transmission and drive the truck hard. Poor Naughty Natalie has not driven anything with real horse power since the 37 Dodge was parked when the snows of winter arrived. I knew where to go in Saskatoon because I have been to this place for a fertilizer conventions. Even the fertilize guy knew where to go and we asked him to stick around to enjoy the show and be our escort too. He like the all the other ladies back stage plus the food table. He could not drink any more because he had to drive home to make sure the rental plane was in the new workshop at the fertilizer plant. Liz touched base with the owner and she is glad we are OK. The owner can not get a fancy motel room for us because Saskatoon is not a city she does much business in. Plus Saskatoon is known for not having an extra motel rooms if you do not book early. I told Liz we are not wasting time looking for a room because it has been along day. Just before we went on stage I telephoned a motel just on the edge of Saskatoon owned by an older couple. It is the old style motel that I like because the vehicle parks in front of the room and then walk in to the room. This way the luggage is not being dragged through the lobby and in the elevator. No problems in a motel room for a late check in because the older couple known it is me. They will leave the motel room key in the room and the door unlocked.

The show was excellent and the audience was good too. The fertilizer guy was impressed when Naughty Natalie panties fell off when Liz asked what did he see and his said he really did not see anything. That is because Naughty Natalie is all class and style because she was born this way. When I came off stage in my silk underwear and socks the fertilizer guy was very shocked because he has only seen me as a hard working, hard drinking fellow. When the show was over the fertilizer guy drop us off at the motel on the way out of the city because it was on his way back to the fertilizer plant and where he lives. He will be back at 2pm the next day to pick up the rookie co-pilot in the Dually truck. They will go and get the barrels of replacement fuel for the small twin engine plane that the mechanic will need. We only could get one room at the motel which did not bother us because we were all tired from the fun we had today. The motel room had 2 beds and unlimited hot water and that is why I stay here when working around Saskatoon. Naughty Natalie ordered the pizzas and had a strange look on her face when she got off the telephone to the pizza place. I knew exactly what the people at the pizza place called the motel and that surprised Naughty Natalie. Everyone calls the motel we are staying at for the night the No-Tell Motel which rents rooms by the hour. Now Naughty Natalie and Liz start to question me about all the time I have been staying here over the years thinking that I have been staying the No-Tell Motel to have sex. I tell them that I stay here because it is clean, lots of hot water and parking out front when driving the company service truck. Plus the older couple treat me really good as a repeat customer. Using the words “repeat customer” only opened more discussion with these two ladies. As a man I then did not say anything more because I am only digging a hole and deeper too. Less the 4 hours ago I was a hero in landing the plane safely now at the No-Tell Motel I can do no right. Once my ladies calmed down and thought about my reasons on staying here they soon forgot they were mad a me. Now I know how Hugh Hefner felt when his Playboy Playmates were mad at him for no reason.

The rookie co-pilot had filled all the paperwork on the little incident and was reviewing it with me on the fuel problem. I had to tell him I did nothing because he was flying the plane and I am not qualified. The rookie co-pilot has to take all the credit for landing the plane or if the plane crashed because that is the way the aviation system is set up. Now all the ladies congratulated him on landing the plane safely. But I still got my kiss from the ladies for landing the plane then another kiss for being handsome in my beard and mustache make up. Liz and I were in the shower getting my beard and mustache off when the pizzas arrived. Then Naughty Natalie joined us which made it a quick shower then we could eat. Liz had lots of booze packed away in the luggage for this trip plus got some more from where we preformed tonight. The hostess managed to get a bottle of wine too. Now we teased the rookie co-pilot that the hostess is his problems when her clothes fall off. Now that made us all smile and drink some more. No matter how much booze we drank, the motel room next door was too loud having sex. It seemed to be the same woman but different men in and out of the room. All night we listened to 5-9 minutes of sex then it was quiet. I told everyone that all the times I have stayed at this motel in the past this have never happened to me before. By early morning we were drunk enough and watched the digital clock to see how long the sex was in the room next door. The longest time was 14 minutes of non stop moaning and banging of the head board. Of course we teased Liz because she is married and know all about 5 minutes of married sex. Liz had a few good come backs about married sex but also pointed that woman next door is making good money. If the woman in the next room had over 12 visitors at $100.00 a visit that is good money. Then everyone was quiet because the math made sense even if it is figured out using Sesame Street Math. The woman might have made $1200.00 then the motel room was $75.00 less the price of a box of condom means a very good profit. Plus it is a good way to stay warm on a cold night. Our motel room was not that warm with the door to the outside all covered in frost. Naughty Natalie and the hostess only showed a little bit of their naked bodies because it was chilly in the motel room. The heaters were cranked up as high as they could go but we had a motel room. If things turned bad in landing the plane we could be still freezing to death at the crash site waiting to be rescued. With that we had a drink and try again to get some sleep.


Too Cold to Chat

In the morning the No-Tell Motel room is chilly because the great Saskatchewan wind is blowing hard and that means through the motel room. We had ordered extra pizzas to be eaten for breakfast or lunch because we have no vehicle to drive and the No-Tell Motel does not have a cafe’ like the fancy motels do. Liz and the rookie co-pilot check in with the people in Winnipeg and everyone is happy. The private jet will be in Saskatoon at 4pm to pick us up. The rookie co-pilot will go at 2pm with the fertilizer guy to get barrels of replacement fuel for the small twin engine plane. We will take a taxi to go and eat then to the airport to wait at the hangar for the private jet to arrive. Naughty Natalie has kept dad informed and he is glad we are all OK. The hostess is hurting the most because of the wine she drank and we have to tell her she poured her own drinks. She agrees that she is a terrible bar tender when serving herself. Next time Liz will pour the wine for her to drink in hopes of not being over served. It was a slow day in the motel room and the older couple that own the motel had no problems in us staying for a late check out. We also asked about the woman next door with her male visitors all night. The older owner says she rents a motel room once a month and pays well for the room. The woman has good repeat customers because the older owner says they see the same vehicles once a month. We agree that there is nothing wrong with her having a good business. Next time we would not like to have the room beside where the woman is staying. But we were lucky to even get a room in Saskatoon. We all showered and get ready for traveling to Edmonton and the fertilizer guy showed up to pick up the rookie co-pilot. The fertilizer guy says his workers have most of the bad fuel drained out of the small twin engine plane in the new workshop. It is easy to do because they helped me several times with the small company plane. Less work for the mechanic when he arrives because draining the bad fuel takes forever out the small drains on the fuel tanks. The taxi picked us up at the No-Tell Motel and the taxi driver was just smiling about me coming out of the motel room with 3 beautiful ladies. The taxi driver must have thought we were making triple X films or something naughty. We drop our luggage off at the hangar where the private jet will pick us up. That way it is ready to go when we return. Then the taxi dropped us off at a cafe’ I eat at all the time just down the road from the airport. It was a good quick meal and the hostess got a to-go meal for the rookie co-pilot since we were not sure if he had anything to eat with the fertilizer guy. It took forever for the taxi we called to come and pick us up to take us back to the hangar at the airport. This almost made us late arriving back at the hangar. We arrived to see the private jet driving up to the hangar as we pulled in with the taxi. It was good to see the private jet and it was too cold to stand around talking and the ladies got on board. I introduced the mechanic to the fertilizer guy and they seem to hit is off when the fertilizer guy said he had Crown Royal to drink at the new workshop. But it was just too cold to chat and we said good bye. The hostess was in the co-pilot seat of the private jet because the rookie co-pilot does not want sit in the cockpit for some reason. Everyone on board was happy to see us especially Philip. Once the mechanic tool boxes were off the aircraft and our luggage on we could now fly to Edmonton. It felt good to be on the private jet and nice and warm because the Saskatchewan wind is so cold in the winter.

Once the private jet was airborne the new hostess served the drinks and it was only one drink to be in Edmonton. The owner was happy to see us and sorry that Regina was so boring but we did not get hurt like in exciting Vancouver. Then the minor detail with the rental plane which turned out very well and we had to drink to that. We arrive in Edmonton and Miss Margret is waiting with the limousine for us. The owner and Miss Margret are happy to see each other and have a good visit as we travel in to down town Edmonton. The pilots and the new hostess will stay with the private jet and get ready to fly to Calgary when we are done the 2 shows. The shows are back to back and relaxing for us plus we get to visit with the owner and Miss Margret. Listening and learn from these ladies talk about is an eye opener for us being so young. Liz still has big eyes for me because of the Magical Fingers Fairy in Vancouver plus landing the small twin engine plane that should have crashed landed. Naughty Natalie is the same way because of what I did and she is still happy about driving the Dually truck with the 454 big block motor. Her and dad talked endlessly on the telephone of the 454 big block motor. I know going on stage with Liz I have to stay for her whole show because on stage wearing my beard and mustache I am someone else. She is even kissing long and hard as part of her show. The audience loves show and clap for us which makes us feel good. Plus Liz has the Mona Lisa eyes and they follow me anywhere she goes on stage. But once we are off stage and waiting to go back on she is always holding me or touching me. The closing of the first show was excellent and the hostess is doing more each performance and will soon doing her own performance like the other ladies. We all can not wait to be in the private jet and heating to Calgary where is will be so much warmer plus our favorite motel room.


Too Many Rooms

With another great evening in Edmonton, the limousine drives us to the hangar where the private jet is waiting to take us to Calgary. We say good bye to Miss Margaret and the new hostess is serving the drinks before we are airborne because it is a short flight. Arriving Calgary was uneventful except no motel rooms booked for the pilots and new hostess. This is not a problem for the owner because the flight crew can get the private jet put away then take a taxi to the fancy motel where we are stay. But for some reason this makes the hostess happy because the pilot who gave her unlimited Viagra Sex last time in Calgary will be staying in the fancy motel now. The 3 of us asked what happened to the second Viagra pill because hopefully they did not bring it along on this trip. The hostess assured us the second Viagra pill will not be used in Calgary which she said with a smile. We all said thank you at the same time because we need sleep after last night. The owner has the hostess and new hostess in the joining room to us and the pilots across the hall in a room together. This works out good for all off us because the hostess can dress with us as she has done in the past. Once in the room Liz pours the drinks and Naughty Natalie handles the pizzas and the tux getting cleaned. Liz and I are in the shower getting my beard and mustache make up off when Naughty Natalie joins us. She only stayed to be washed clean by me then left as she always does. This shower turned out totally different with Liz just wanting to be kissed and be held tight because she still has big eyes. But she never touched my Male Manhood because she is married and Naughty Natalie is my long time girlfriend. With the make up off and I was back to being me then Liz acted normal in the shower but her eyes were still big and all she did was stare at me. We come out of the shower together to meet the new hostess in the room with the hostess. The new hostess was very surprised to see us come out of the bathroom holding hands. I was wearing my sweat pants and tee shirt that Liz wore after the night of “hell”. Liz was wearing her new black silk robe. Naughty Natalie was wearing the new black silk robe I bought for her at Victoria Secret. The new hostess being young like us was more surprised at the outfits we wear. The hostess introduces us to the new hostess as the newest employee of the flying company and we all said we are glad to meet her. Liz pours the drinks as the pilots join our room. The pilot wants to talk to me as man to man. He was so thankful I was there to help the rookie co-pilot when the situation turned bad. As we sat and drank our drinks I pointed out to the pilots there will be the next big problem coming. When crash investigators check to see what had happened as an incident which they will. Make sure that my name is well mentioned. Now that confused the pilots because I am just a passenger who will be listed on the last piece of paper in the incident report. What the incident report will show an aircraft with maybe 5 minutes flying time left on the last running engine was able to find a gravel road to land. This all happened in the dark with only moonlight. Then the aircraft was able to drive down the road and turn off the road and drive up to the new workshop at the fertilize plant. There is no pilot flying in western Canada would have that much luck in a million years. Mentioning my name to the crash investigators will refresh their memories because of all the plane crashes and incidents that I was a passenger in the small company plane. This will maybe close the incident report on what happened because nobody was hurt and no damage. The crash investigators have lots of other accidents and incidents to be working on. Now we all have a good stiff drink to celebrate a prefect landing on the middle of Saskatchewan on a cold dark night in the winter.

The pizza arrives as the owner and Philip are joining us, now the party to celebrate can begin. The owner is happy to be in Calgary where it is so much warmer then Winnipeg which we have a drink too. We all told the details of of fun night in the middle of Saskatchewan. Of course Naughty Natalie had to tell everyone about the Dually truck with the 454 big block motor. Now the pilot and her were chatting about horse power and hot rods. Liz and I are very quiet and just chat with the owner because she is figuring that everything for us is an adventure. The owner points out Liz’s big eyes and she is always touching me too. The owner asked if there was any bad news on her marriage and Liz shows the owner her big shiny wedding ring to say she is still married. The owner tells Liz it will all work out in time and think positive which Liz said she is doing. Philip had to give me a big hug for landing the aircraft and of course he touched my ass while he did. Everyone knew he did that because we had not seen each other in a while. That made the pilots eyes very big because they are males and Philip might be touching their ass later. We all smiled and joked that the pilots are next to be touched as the booze kicks. When the booze did kick the rookie co-pilot starting thinking out loud that what if we did crash the small twin engine plane when the engines quit. We all told him we do not think that way and he did an excellent job in getting the aircraft on the ground. The rookie co-pilot did not understand what I had said. Then I pointed out he had to keep the control tower informed where we were in case the emergency crews had to find us because the landing did not end well. Plus afterwards he kept level heading in telling the boss at the flying company what was going on and what was needed to make the repairs. I also told the ladies they did very well in remain calm and in control even afterwards because screaming like girls does not help. Now I had 3 ladies tell me they will never scream like girls because they are ladies. Now we had to have a drink to that. The poor new hostess doe not know what to think because this is her first trip flying and we are drinking to landing an aircraft after the engines quit. It took her a bit to understand that it is very few and far between having this little problem. But we think the more new hostess drank, the booze made her understand.

The hostess and pilot disappeared at the time the owner and Philip were leaving to go to their rooms on the upper floor. The new hostess was asked to wait in our room while they were in the joining room with the divider door shut on their side. The rookie co-pilot was still in our room chatting with the new hostess as we heard the sounds of sex coming from the joining room. The 3 of us hoped the pilot did not take any Viagra before having sex because we really want to sleep tonight. The rookie co-pilot went to the pilots room across the hall and said good night. The new hostess was on the bed with the 3 of us watching TV and listening to the sounds of sex coming from the room she is suppose to be staying in. Naughty Natalie was first to fall asleep watch in TV. Then Liz and I were next. The sounds of sex could not keep us awake because we were so tired from the lack of sleep. When we woke up in the morning the new hostess was sleep on the top on the bed sheet along with naked Naughty Natalie. The new hostess was really looking and Naughty Natalie prefect naked body because the new hostess was very skinny with hardly any visits from the Breast Fairy. Liz and I were a wake under the covers of the bed watching the new hostess look and admire Naughty Natalie’s body. When the new hostess seen the dividing door still closed to the room she was to be staying in she went back to sleep. Liz and I felt sorry for the new hostess thinking this is a dream job to end up sleeping on a bed with 3 siblings while her co-workers locked her out of the room she was to stay in. Then to listen and hear all the details of landing a plane in the middle of Saskatchewan which could happen to her as a hostess in flying. As we laying bed and start to wake up the sound of sex come for the a joining room again. There is no way the pilot at his age can be ready for more actions after preforming all night. It has to be Viagra Sex. Now this did not impress the new hostess who was hoping to return to the room she is suppose to be staying in. We cheered the new hostess up as best we could but we were laughing at the sex sounds coming from the room. Finally the sounds of sex ended and the dividing door opened with the pilot sticking his head in our room and saying good morning. Now that was funny and we laughed as the new hostess rushed to get in her room before the door closed.

We have to meet the owner and Philip for breakfast down stairs at the fancy motel cafe’. We sit in the same family booth as we always with Liz and I on one side and the owner, Philip and Naughty Natalie on the other side. It was a good breakfast and the owner hopes for 2 good shows tonight which we do not see a problem. Edmonton last night were good crowds and people are asking for us because we do good shows in a professional manner. Liz still has big eyes for me and holding me all the time. The owner just smiles because she is a smart woman and knows what might be going on. Philip is all excited to go swimming after breakfast because he has not been to a pool swimming since the last time we traveled together. The owner said she did not make money staying in Winnipeg doing those shows while we did 6 shows that same weekend. It was just too cold and cost lots of money to keep things going including the heat bill for the sex shop this last month. The owner says she budgets for the sex shop costing lot of money to heat in the winter but this last month the heat bill was almost double. But she does point out that is on of the joys of living in Winnipeg. We told her the same thing because it was cheaper for us to relax and watch VHS movies in the little apartment then doing anything else. Plus we thanked her for the new TV and VHS movie player she sent us as a gift. None of the flight crew showed up for breakfast and the owner asked where the hostess was. Liz politely told her she drank to much last night and wine is her weakness. The owner was quick to reply to make sure to hide the wine from now on. Now that made us smile and a little laugh too.

We head back to the room to get ready for a swim and the rookie co-pilot will join us plus the new hostess. They were eating left over pizza for breakfast while the hostess and pilot were still sleeping. The new hostess could not believe what it took to get to the upper floor and when she found out we were to be staying she asked why we do not. Naughty Natalie was first to say we do not like the beds and we like the bed in the basic room on the second floor where we stay all the time. The new hostess looked out of place wearing a one piece swim suit while the rest of us were wearing swim suit that did not cover much. I was relaxing and enjoying the whirlpool hot tub when the owner and Philip arrived. They were glad to see the new hostess and the rookie co-pilot having fun in the pool. The owner joins me in the whirlpool hot tub to relax and chat. She sure is glad we can handle ourselves and think on our own. I also pointed out to the owner she trusts up to make the shows good because it is her name and her company that we preform our magic illusion for. That made the owner smile and she wants us to enjoy ourselves and no more staying in the No-Tell Motels from now one. I agreed but there was no other places we could have stayed at because Saskatoon because it is a popular place compared to Regina. The owner could not believe how dead the crowd was in Regina and apologized for sending us there. Now Liz joins us in the whirlpool hot tub and told the owner we had fun in Regina no matter what happened. The owner thanked us again and we both smiled. Liz’s hands were busy under the water in the whirlpool tub and I had big eyes when Philip joined us. Of course Philip had to sit beside me while Liz was on my other side. I made sure Liz was not touching me under the water because that way I knew if I was touched it was by Philip. We all had a good visit in the whirlpool hot tub and the others joined us. The new hostess was starting enjoy herself because these fun times are part of flying and being a hostess. The rookie co-pilot is enjoying himself too. The owner asked what are we doing this afternoon and we asked if we could go to the shopping mall like last time. The owner said OK and dress up time is 4 pm for a dinner show. This will work out excellent because it makes the day go faster. Back in the motel rooms we all showered quickly and got dressed in our street clothes to go to the shopping mall. Naughty Natalie checked on the tux being ready for the early dressing up time the front desk of the fancy motel did not see a problem. The hostess and pilot were still a sleep so we left notes for them to say where we went. The rookie co-pilot was not too impressed with the hostess and pilot staying up all night have Viagra Sex. The rookie co-pilot did not want hang around the motel room waiting because in theory the plane he was assigned to is in the new workshop in the middle of Saskatchewan.

Naughty Natalie handled the taxi and payment to get us to the shopping mall. We all went to the food court to eat and this time everyone wanted everything a little different. Everyone went to the different food place on the food court and bought what they want to eat then we all ate a one table. The 3 of us had the same thing which was the A&W teen burgers, onion rings and root beer drink in the frosted mug. The new hostess enjoy Chinese food while the rookie co-pilot had the sub sandwich from Subway. After we were done eating we went to the book store to see what came in for new books. Liz got more books on the east coast while I got more Canadian history books to read. Naughty Natalie had a list of books from dad which he asked her to find and most of the books on the list she was able to buy for dad. Now they have lots of good bed time story books on automotive. The rookie co-pilot found a book on aviation that he had been looking for and was not in any book stories in Winnipeg. The new hostess bought a few books on hostess and party drinks and food. This looked to be good books because this is the life style she has chosen to make a living. After the book store we walk the shopping mall to watch the people and for exercise. The ladies had to go and buy lady stuff which the rookie co-pilot and I just waiting on a bench outside of the store. It is the manly thing to do when ladies are shopping. When we had enough of the shopping mall it was time to head back to the fancy motel. We arrive to our rooms and the hostess and pilot were awake but not in good shape from Viagra Sex all night. The pilot had phoned head office the mechanic has the small twin engine rental plane back in Winnipeg. It was easy repairing in the new workshop at the fertilize plant because everyone was so helpful. Plus the engines were never tried for restarting which saved the battery power for restarting with the good replacement fuel. The mechanic also found that the fuel system on the rental plane was not properly serviced which was some of the problem with the cold weather. Then the bad fuel purchased in Regina was the icing on the cake that made the engines not run. The pilot told me the mechanic sending his thanks to me on being able to land the plane in the dark at a best repair shop he has worked in his career. Plus mechanic said the gravel road is a nice runaway for getting the small twin engine rental plane airborne for the flight back to Winnipeg. I was impressed at what the pilot was telling plus my ladies were too but this the world I work in. If the engines quit any where else on the flight then the out come would have been a lot different.

Another pilot will arrive late tonight with the small private jet that was busy flying on Thursday when we ended up with the rental plane. The pilot is suggesting the weather is prefect tonight and the aircraft will be warm that we fly to Vancouver. We thought it was a good idea but the owner will have to approve. The owner approved the late flight because that makes it almost 20 hours sooner for enjoying the warmer weather in Vancouver. Philip can handle the arrangements on the large private jet and the other ladies back to Winnipeg in the cold weather. Now that made us happy. The owner wants the 3 of us plus the hostess, pilot and rookie co-pilot to join her on the Vancouver trip. No one asked why or what because we are going to be in a nice warm place. The new hostess helped out with dressing up in our room because she is starting to see this fun. She even tagged along in the limousine when we head to the first show. The owner says to join in because everyone needs to learn. The pilots have to stay at the fancy motel to be fresh to fly to Vancouver tonight. The pilot that is flying the small private jet to Calgary from Winnipeg tonight will stay in the pilot’s room. Then Sunday the other pilot and new hostess with fly back to Winnipeg in the large private jet with Philip and the other ladies. The hostess from staying up all night and having Viagra Sex again was in rough shape from all the wine she drank. Liz poured her a couple of good stiff drinks in our room to make her feel better. Like all professional drinkers she says she will not be drink wine ever again till the next time. The pilot was starting to feel better to and is hoping the rookie co-pilot will do the flying tonight to Vancouver. The problem we have is the rookie co-pilot now has the fear of flying because he thinks he made the wrong choice in the small twin engine plane that could have crashed it if I was not there. This is something a pilot should never have to deal with and could ruin his flight career right now. I told the rookie co-pilot that if I was not there he would have landed in the farmer’s field and been rescued like all other power-less landings that aircraft do. The rookie co-pilot was thinking other thoughts in it not being a successful power-less landing but more in the lines of a crash with deaths involved. The pilot and I know the rookie co-pilot has to fly tonight or he will never fly again. In my young childhood I was on a motorcycle that crash as a passenger and never been on one since. But 3 plane crashes and number automobile crashes and I have no problems and enjoy flying and riding in automobiles. I told the pilot that I will not drink much in the shows tonight in case I have to be in the cockpit of small private jet so the rookie will fly again.

The back to back shows were excellent as usual and the new hostess was very surprised that shows are magicians shows because it is an illusion we preform. When the shows are done we drop Philip and the other ladies off at the fancy motel in the limousine and the new hostess stays with us to travel to the hangar at the Calgary airport. Naughty Natalie and Liz have an idea of what is going on with the rookie co-pilot because almost crashing an aircraft effects people differently. When we arrive at the hangar we all use the bathroom before the flight to Vancouver. The pilots have the small private jet ready to fly with all our luggage on board. The owner has made sure bring her supplies for booze for the flight and the fancy motel in Vancouver. The owner says she is the hostess on this trip because the regular hostess is part of the magician show this weekend. We meet the other pilot who brought the small private jet to Calgary for us and wishes he was flying on through to Vancouver with us. The rookie co-pilot tries his hardest not to go because he has the fear of flying now. We say good bye to the new hostess and the other pilot who will travel back to the fancy motel in the limousine. The owner knows how to treat people and run a good business. Now the problems begin in the small private jet because the rookie co-pilot has decided he can not fly after he should killed us in Saskatchewan. That is when the pilot left the little cockpit and I took his seat. The rookie co-pilot knows I can not fly private jets but can I make the small private jet take off. The hostess joins us in the cockpit and we shut the door because we do not want the ladies in the back with the pilot hearing what is going on in the cock pit. The hostess is still in her Dominatrix outfit and trying to reason with the rookie co-pilot on the fact he can fly the small private jet. As they talk about over coming fears, I now start driving the small private jet to begin a take off. I have watched how it is down and listened on the headset to know enough to talk to the control tower. To talk to the control tower I use the aviation lingo prefect so they do know know that I am not a pilot but an 18 year kid dressed in a tux and top pretending to be a 28 year old English gentleman. The control tower was giving the small private jet clearance to traveling to the end of the runway to start the pre-flight take off procedure. The hostess is really talking to the rookie co-pilot and using her female body to make him change his mind on fear of flying. But the rookie co-pilot was not going to fly this small private jet tonight or ever again. Both of them can hear me talking on the headset to the control tower so they know this is now real. With the pre-flight check lists done all we need was the control tower to give clearance for take off to Vancouver. Once the control tower gave the clearance to fly, I pushed the power throttles forward for full poser and the small private jet started to speed down the runway. I told the rookie co-pilot to get us airborne and removed my hands from the controls. With in a split second he was flying the small private jet and we chatted back and forth as it if I was real pilot. The flight to Vancouver was over before it started and the rookie co-pilot landed in Vancouver as if he had done it a thousand times. The hostess stayed in the cockpit with us to keep the rookie co-pilot thinking positive with her female body the whole trip. The hostess said she was not needed in the back of the aircraft because the owner was the hostess on this trip. In Vancouver when we were parking the small private jet the rookie co-pilot thanked me for making him over come a fear that could have ruined his career in flying. The rookie co-pilot asked if I was really going to do a full take off in Calgary and told him “yes”. Now that made him smile and he thanked me again.

The limousine ride to the fancy motel was short and the owner had a surprise for us. Since we all got beat up and abused the last time in Vancouver she rented the penthouse suite for all of us to enjoy but she gets the master bedroom because she is paying for this. We all agreed because the master bedroom is too big for our life styles. My ladies and the hostess thanked me for helping the rookie pilot and I got a kiss because I was still in my beard and mustache make up on. When we enter the penthouse suite it felt good to be back. That is when I stopped Liz and gave her a hug and told tonight is the night. Liz looked me deep in my eyes and said she knows as she hugged me tighter. Naughty Natalie seen us and yelled at us to get a room. Liz pour the drink in the main penthouse part because we can enjoy the whole suite because the owner says we can. Naughty Natalie handled the pizzas and the tux going to be cleaned. Everyone had the same rooms again which made everyone happy. Before I showered with Liz to get my make up off the pilot thanked me for getting the rookie co-pilot flying again. I had serious look on my face when I told the pilot he would not fly so I flew us to Vancouver. The look on the pilot’s face was all shock and he was speechless. Then I told him the rookie co-pilot took over half way through take off. Now that surprised the pilot more because I learned and watch enough to be able to get the small private jet that far. I told him “yes” and could have flown all the way too. The pilot thought that the hostess and I just talked the rookie co-pilot in to flying. “No” is all I said because the rookie co-pilot was very seriously afraid to fly again. Liz came and dragged me off to get showered before the pizzas arrive. Plus I have not really had really any booze drink at all tonight. In the shower Liz has to kiss me long and hard because she was kissing the character not me. But tonight the kiss was different and Liz still had big eyes and the stare which she has had for 2 weeks now. Plus Liz has been very quiet during those 2 weeks too. When the showering was done we joined everyone in the penthouse suite part. The owner had her swim suit on was heading the whirlpool hot tub because her old bones need to warm up from the cold in Manitoba. Now that made us laugh and smile. The rookie co-pilot was in the whirlpool hot tub and everyone was thanking him for flying again and doing a good job. In front of everyone the hostess gave him a big hug and kiss which he like. The pilot and I congratulated him again and made everyone believe that he over came his fear of flying when the small private jet left the hangar. We all agreed what happens in Vancouver stays in Vancouver.


Lick Some Ice Cream

The evening ended with everyone getting really drunk except for Liz and I and she was the one pouring the drinks for everyone. Naughty Natalie was in bed asleep when Liz and I came to bed. Naughty Natalie was in a deep sleep because she was snoring like a man. To drown out the sound of her snoring we turned up the volume on the TV a little louder. Liz and I fell asleep and I knew she was going to have a nightmare which will wake me up like the last time we stayed in the penthouse suite. I woke up to Liz having the night mare again and she was fighting off her imaginary attacker in the night of “hell”. Once I had my left hand between her legs and working the magic with my fingers she started to calm down. When her arms were beside her body and I could whisper in to ear she knew I was in control. She woke up and looked me deep in to my eyes and begged me by saying “please” like she had done in the past. I politely told her “no” as I whispered in her ear followed with the magic movement of my middle finger on my left hand between her legs. Liz squeezed my hand tighter and tighter with her legs crossed. She begged me for more by saying “please”. I replied back by saying “no” and the magical movement with my middle finger. Now Liz is confused because all other times she has woken up to the magic in my fingers she had orgasms but this time she has had none. The sexual frustration is unreal for her and I can see it in her big eyes and facial expressions as she begs me for more. She is now holding on the fitted bed sheet like she has done before and her body is stiff. Liz needs an orgasm because me teasing her more and more is making her feel like she has never felt before. I look in her big eyes and she begs me “please” and I know she can not take much more because her body is so tense with sexual frustration. I say “no” and use the magic in my middle finger that is almost sending over the edge. She can not because I control her body with the magic in my fingers. The look on Liz’s face is unreal with the sexual frustration she is suffering right now. She can not do anything because her hand are gripping the fitted bed sheet so tight. Her body is so stiff and she can not do anything because I am in control. The only thing Liz can is move her head to look deep in my eyes and beg me to do something because she has never felt this way before. The sexual frustration is worse then the other times I controlled her with my magical fingers. The look on Liz’s face was she could not handle anymore and she begs me again with “please”. I did not reply to her or preform any magic with my fingers. With my right hand that was holding Liz’s head still, I reached under the pillow and pulled out a face cloth that was in the bathroom. Liz has seen the face clothes under the pillows before but did not know what they were used for. Liz begged me one last time “please”. I just looked at her and lowered the face clothe in to her open mouth so she can bite on it. The same way I had to bite on the face clothe when she did the stitches on the wounds. When Liz closed her mouth on the face clothe she also closed her eyes because now she knew what was coming next. As Liz closed her eyes she uncrossed her legs that were squeezing my left hand so tight. Liz knew that I was now going to lick some ice cream and she was ready as woman to enjoy the pleasures. Liz enjoyed herself so much and felt so much better when I was done licking ice cream. I crawled up beside her on the bed and her body was limp and she had big eyes. I removed the face clothe from her mouth then kisses deep and long because she had no energy left in her body. When I finished kissing her she smiled and said thank you to me. I hugged her lifeless body and fell asleep known that Liz is now a complete woman.

Naughty Natalie woke me up in the morning all upset and holding the face clothe in front of my face as if it was a used condom that she had no involvement. She says I have some explaining to do. As a man I do not saying anything because anything I say will be wrong and I will dig my self a hole which I will never get out. I remain speechless and Liz wakes up and looks at Naughty Natalie. Naughty Natalie got to see that Liz’s face and eyes are now normal. Liz no longer has big eyes and does not stare at me now like she has done for the last 2 weeks. Naughty Natalie is so happy for Liz because Liz will be back to her fun self again. Now we do a group hug which felt so nice. As we wake up the hostess comes in our room and she has “after glow” on her face and is so happy too. Finally after along 6 years with the pilot he did something correct in the bedroom. The hostess says that book I bought her on how to have orgasms really paid off for her in the end. Then the pilot come in our room all proud of the “after glow” on the hostess’s face. We all laughed because it only 6 years to get it right. But he was proud of himself. We have a dinner show tonight then a performance after words and nobody feels like seeing the sights of Vancouver this time. Liz ordered room service for everyone in the penthouse. The owner said she drank enough booze last night to have a good night sleep. She also views the penthouse suite as cheap because it is only $5000.00 a night. As we eat breakfast the owner explains on how $5000.00 is cheap. The pilot who has enjoyed the good life and has no money to show is really listening as the owner speaks. The penthouse is free advertising for the owner’s company because is promoting high class shows. The penthouse suite has a lot of “free” thrown in when staying in the room. The “free” items add up pretty quick when paying for this items. The way the owner explains everything is always makes sense in the eyes of a business woman. The owner also said she hated planes with propellers because they have so much problems. Traveling by private jet is cheap in the long run because the jet engine never breaks or has problems. If the private jet or an aircraft does not fly then the owner I paying for motel rooms and meals. Plus the owner makes sure the flight crew hear her what she says that paying and taking care of the flight crews always gets her flying and on time with no delays. That made everyone smile.

After breakfast most of us have a nap because we are tired for some reason. Liz hugs me tight as we have a nap together. Naughty Natalie had to talk to dad on the telephone to tell all the details of Vancouver so far. When Liz and I woke up from our nap Naughty Natalie was still chatting with dad. We enjoyed the whirlpool hot tub before it was time to dress up for tonight show. The pilots are coming along too because the owner has requested them. The make up person arrives and finally get to meet the owner because it has been communication through telephone calls and money sent as payment for services. The make up person told me when she was doing my make up that the owner was the same person on the telephone and in person a very good business woman. That made me smile and the ladies too. We are dressed and ready and we leave the penthouse for the limousine. The make up person likes the view from the penthouse suite and she is glad to see the sun sets as she does the make up. The limousine did not take long to get to the dinner performance with the pilot checking out where we go. Even the owner said Philip knows all these places and can remember even if it was a couple years since they last preformed. When the pilot returned he told us that they are serving an east coast supper. Now that confused us but when Liz walked in the building she knew what the smell was. The dinner show tonight was serving fresh lobster flown in from the east coast. Liz was in the kitchen dress as a Dominatrix watching the chefs prepare the lobster and the other dishes being served. For some reason the owner was just smiling and smiling and Naughty Natalie figured it out. The owner request the lobster dinner as part of the fund raiser dinner and show tonight. That is the only way fresh lobster flown to Vancouver could be affordable. Liz was in heaven when she came out of the kitchen to join us in eat our lobster. Plus we are from Manitoba and had to be shown how to eat lobster the correct way. The chefs put together a big to-go packages for all of us back in the penthouse suite later tonight. The pilot took a lobster dinner out to the limousine driver who was very surprised. The hostess had to help the rookie co-pilot with his lobster because he still thinks he will be paying for this off his pay-cheques.

Liz opened the show with a big smile on her face and the audience enjoyed her show. I stayed on stage through her performance because she needed me as she said. Then the hostess did her own show and I helped and everyone was very impressed for her first show by herself. The pilot was the most impressed because she was preforming with “after glow” that he gave her. Naughty Natalie’s show was one of her best and the audience loved her because she is all class and style because she was born this way. We closed the show then I got dressed and we headed tot he next show. When we pulled up where we were to preform it looked very familiar because it was the place we got chased off stage with fist fights. But there are Harley Davidson bikes parked every where and bikers all standing around too. The pilot did not have to open the door to the limousine because the biggest biker opened the door. Then the biker helped the owner out the limousine as a true gentleman and escorted her inside the building. The bikers escorted us in the building too which was all done with no one speaking. Naughty Natalie likes all the Harley Davidson bikes that are around and wishes she could look at them better. Liz is just smile but with a silly ass smile on her. Liz would know what is going one because she married to a biker that is in the military. Once in the building we are now back stage with the owner talking with the people that treated us very badly 2 weeks ago. The owner is surround with bikers like we are and we are motioned to be up by the owner. The owner to talking business in a calm manner like she always does. She points out that money is owed for our performance plus compensation for the injuries to her employees too. One of the people went in to the office that was right there and returned and gave the owner an envelope. That did not impress the owner and told the person to try again. Another trip in the office produced 2 more envelopes and the owner said thank you and we left. Getting back in the limousine we could smell that east coast food that was in the big to-go containers. We will have to smell this delicious food until we get back to the penthouse because Liz wants us to eat properly. Once in the limousine the owner gave the biggest biker an envelope and said thank you. The limousine now headed to our next show and that is when Liz told the owner she is very smart business woman. Liz knew the bikers were actors that were filming for Hollywood right beside the building. The owner just had them join us because a biker instill fear in people. Liz knew because the outfits, biker colours and patches for clubs were all fake for Hollywood. The owner got her money owed and everyone is happy. We all had a good laugh when the owner did say the bikers were Hollywood actors.

The second show was excellent and the pilot sent desert out to the limousine driver because he had a good lobster dinner. The audience was good and the owner was very pleased because she was enjoy warm weather and making money. Back in the penthouse suite it was the east coast food from the to-go containers and drinks. With Liz taking my make up off in the shower was a totally different person with finally being happy. She did give me the standard kiss before the beard and mustache got removed. Then relaxing in the whirlpool hot tub in penthouse suite was so nice because everyone drank to have fun and relax. Naughty Natalie can not wait to talk to dad because it was a busy day for her. Liz enjoyed the last of the east coast food which made her smile. As we hugged each other we knew she was going to have a night mare again tonight until we leave the west coast. When Naughty Natalie went to bed and was in a deep sleep because she over served herself. Liz came to bed with a face clothe from the bathroom in her hand. When it was time to go to sleep Liz was laying on her back and had the face clothe in her mouth biting on it like last night. When I was finished licking ice cream we both fell asleep right a way. I was in a deep sleep until morning which I gotten woken up Naughty Natalie so she could telephone dad at work during his coffee break. The pilot says the fly company does not want the small private jet back Winnipeg till 6pm Manitoba time. That way the aircraft is warm and refueled to fly another customer because it is still cold in Manitoba. Naughty Natalie says this works out good because dad can pick us up at the Brandon airport to take us for Monday supper before his Union meeting. Liz and I just agree. The hostess is sad because now she will have to work as a hostess for the rest of the week before we do this all over again. The rookie co-pilot is positive and ready to fly and hopes for a good week back flying after he does the paper work for the little Saskatchewan Pit Stop we are now calling it.

To be continued in the next book