King of Obsolete Goodies

For Sale

April 2018

This is our first attempt at selling any goodies other then the published books from the Kingdom. We have no idea what the costs are going to be on shipping and handling. We have decided to do this batch of hats first to get an idea of the costs and what it takes to ship then we can look at around the world too.


The best and simpliest way to sell and ship "one" hat will be $25.00 usa or cdn money will include the shipping and handling in North America. Please put cash or personal cheque (no money orders because of the high costs) in an envelope mailed to the Kingdom. We will only be selling one hat at a time due to limited amount that have been made plus it will give us time to figure the actual shipping costs too.

King of Obsolete

Box 372

Lynn Lake Manitoba

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old fashion telephone 204 356 8846


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