November 2017

in april 2017 i purchase a set of these maxtacks (spelt wrong on the advice of my lawyer) from my buddy in flin flon manitoba. he bought the tracks new when he got the shiny black jeep. with the black jeep he was able to cruise dairy queen to see and be seen and wave at the ladys too.


but when he headed across the lake to the cabin, the maxtracks did the famous "flip" that they are known for. that was the last time for the maxtracks being on the jeep.

jeep flip

after 3 years of sitting and chatting to my buddy about purchasing the tracks, the money tree that finally blossomed for me and a deal was made. plus i got a free trailer with the tracks as a bonus too.

free trailer

i worked with the manufacture and bought all the pieces to make the tracks fit from a jeep to a chevy. i even told them i'm famous and there will be a film crew following me around so your product will be on national TV around the world. after spending $14,000.00 it was time for the first ride with the all-terrain tracks that they advertise on their website.

10 minute ride

the first test was to travel over one of the winter drill roads we built last winter that had water on top of the smooth muskeg underneath. i was being very careful knowning that the tracks are known to "flip".

muskeg picture

my 10 minute ride that i spent $14,000.00 now became a 1 hour walk because just after i took the above picture, the back track flipped. the "flip" did a lot of damage and we had to put the one wheel on in place of the broken track. plus the 76 year old cat had to assist the truck in getting off the winter road too.

wheel on

as we went along the other tracks decided to self destruct and fall apart. by the time the truck was back on the paved road heading home to the Kingdom, it was riding on all the wheels and no tracks.

fron apart

we spent most of the afternoon on getting the chevy truck back to the road. i have never figured out what it costed for the recovery because i don't really want to know.

recovery vehicles

now i have $14,000.00 in junk and i sent a detailed email with pictures explaining how they made a faulty product. the manufacture was nice enough to reply to my email and was rude in stating that it was my fault and that was final.

all the broken

with the email stating it was my fault that i only got a 10 minute ride. the tracks will now became KoO-Tracks with improvements to make them do anything and everything that maxtracks can't. i'm not like everyone else and just take them off only to never talk about them again like bad date with your ex-wife's best friend.


with my 12 years of schooling which does not mean i have grade 12 and my etch-a-sketch, the welding and re-design began.

all part weled

to make it offical in the pictures with the name change.


the finished product after 50 hours of welding and re-design to make them the KoO-Tracks. of course my trademark thick and dripping black paint.

all black

the officall test drive in may 2017 which we took on the rocks and the mud. but we live in the great white north and the KoO-Tracks are built for work not for play.

may koo tracks

the snows finally came in november 2017 and it was time for the KoO-Tracks to make some money doing what they are made for.

steep fron

the truck was used to start the building of the winter drill roads which you can click on here Winter Drill Roads