March 10 2019 -- 1939 Chevy Truck


Feb 27 2019 -- KoO-Tracks 2017 to 2018 fun added


Feb 23 2019 -- 1938 MAPLE LEAF TRUCK--added to bottom of the page


Oct 14 2019 -- 1938 Maple Leaf Truck repairs


Oct 22 2019 -- Lombard Winter Freighting Sleighs


Nov 03 2019 -- TD-18 index page


Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleigh 2019


Nov 03 2019 -- P.A.T Winter Freighting Sleigh


Nov 03 2019 -- TD-9 INTERNATIONAL "Free Fall"


Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleighs


Nov 08 2019 -- Linn Tractor Logging Sleighs

Dec 11 2019

between working on other things in the little shop, i have the TD-6 known as Lavern in there too. all my cats are boys and the name Lavern can be a boy's or girl's name too. plus to make things more confusing, Lavern had a diesel motor to make him a T"D"-6 now he is geting a gas motor so he then become a "T"-6. thansk

lavern hoe

Dec 10 2019

when the tempature drops to -36c but feels like -47c things freeze up. the drillers ski-doo went in the Hoe shack to thaw out.

hoe shack

then we moved the T-6 cat known as Lavern ahead and pushed in the broken muskeg buggie (which is the same as mine Bombardier Muskeg Buggy ) in the little shop to warm up. then the Hoe just fits nicely in the shop too.

shop tight

Dec 09 2019

we took the bombardier out to do a little speed dragging of the cat train trails after test filming with the Linn Tractors.

B night

as you can see we really don't get a dark dark here at night at the end of the world.

B night side

Dec 08 2019

just a quick video from the test filming we did with the linn tractors and lombard sleighs.


Dec 07 2019

my son took a quick selfie of me in front of the Linn Tractors with both of my books that are for sale as a book set for $66.00 cdn funds. hard to believe that Linn #1 is on the cover of my first book which means time flies by quickly. thansk

linns selfie

linn #1 looking good on the cat train trails.

linn side

both linn tractors looking good

liins side

Dec 06 2019

yesterday we took the Linn Tractor #1 out of the shop at -26c to get some pictures and video. since the money tree died and we have no funds to pop the motor in Linn #2, we just towed it for pictures with the Lombard cross pole sleighs.

linnS side

i did whip up a little video chatting about what was on the camera above the shop doors.


Dec 05 2019

woke up to -28c but feels like -35c which is still nice weather for us. when we seen the forecast for cold weather it was decided to haul a load of water so bath and treat night would not be delayed. at my age it is the only thing I can look forward too

water haul

Dec 04 2019

while we wait for the freight (it is Tuesday and beer is on Wednesdays) from the south to arrive so we can unload it with the 39 chevy truck.

39 freight

we took the 1953 bombardier out of a little fun behind the Kingdom and made it across the muskeg swamp that is offically frozen.

muskeg fast

the bombardier looks good from a far but far from good.

side view

Dec 03 2019

yesterday we had the 39 chevy out for a little fun and the truck looks small beside the Green Toy.

39 gt

then we had to take the plow truck known as Thor out to do a little plowing. so it was a fun day with fun toys.

thor ready

Dec 02 2019

the linn tractor has had dual exhaust for 20 years and yesterday it became a single exhaust stack where the original exhaust pipe was. the things we do for filming to make it look orignial for the 1950s cat trains.


people ask me where i keep my Hoe in where it is warm and i reply my container that we used to play with drill core in. i also keep the yellow (lemon) ski-doo in there to because it needs to be warm too.

Hoe shack

Dec 01 2019

yesterday was a boring day in the Kingdom with it being -24c and i worked in the shop on the Linn Tractor. of course the pictures taken didn't turn out so here is a picture from the other day when i had the Hoe in the shop to change out the rad on the Famous Black Cat. thansk

shop hoe full

Nov 30 2019

just another fun night in the Kingdom with doing an impound of a vehicle with temperatures of -24c but feels like -30c.


Nov 29 2019

the Famous Black Cat came out of the shop and was doing a warm up by the oher TD-9 known as Kijiji, Bad Business and Free Fall.

black cat group

then we put the Linn Tractor in the shop so work can be done so he is ready for filming.

linn shop

Nov 28 2019

first we used the Hoe to put the ski-doos in the warm shop the night before so they get a service for winter season.

hoe ski-doo

then we went for a little ski-doo ride to pack some muskeg swamps so they will freeze up beter. packing the snow down helps because the snow is an insulation.

ski-doo front

I tried relaxing after my little ski-doo ride but the beer truck broke down due to bad fuel. the loader being in a heated shed and ready to go at anytime became the tow truck to bring the non running truck back to the Kingdom. as you can see by the camera time it was a late night.

beer truck

Nov 27 2019

yesterday was a good day in the Kingdom with the td-9 known as Free Fall pulling a winter freighting sleigh for the first time in over 40 years.

FF sleigh

then we did a little night time dragging of the cat train trails behind the Kingdom which made for a nice picture which is worthy of a picture frame.

FF trail

also the grounding was acting up on the one head light due to the excessive amount of never seize i used on the base of the light. it was a quick fix with a little jumper wire. Nikola Tesla would be pleased with me, lol. thansk

FF wire

Nov 26 2019

I have been asked by a few of my Kingdom Followers about the 1974 ford known as the Screaming Ford before the truck made me famous for 15 second on national TV. I didn't realize that most of the stories in my second book are based on adventures with the Screaming Ford. me for details on the book. thansk

sf boat

from my early years of reading Playboy magazine, i learned that the back ground of the picture makes the product stand out better to catch one's eye.


Nov 25 2019

the snow finally came i went for a little drive over to my neighbour's blue building to do a little snow removal with my Hoe. always a good day when you get to ride your Hoe.

Hoe snow

Nov 24 2019

when the money tree blossomed a few years ago I had my books printed so I could sell them when the money tree died. the money tree has officially died and heated the shop for one day in the wood stove. both books signed by me and mailed to the usa or Canada will $66.00 which is 2014 prices. send an email at to figure out how get the funds to me. thansk

KoO books

Nov 23 2019

after preforming magic on the injection pump on the Twin known as Kijiji, he became a smoke-less cat which is good.


we then tossed the fenders back on the Green Toy for the winter and lifted up the Linn Tractor to do a little work on the ski rods.

GT lift

Nov 22 2019

i had to do a little rapair to the KoO-Tracks Truck in the shop yesterday then went for a cruise to dairy queen to see and be seen.


a nice group picture with the Linn Tractor and the bombardier.

group picture

Nov 21 2019

after a day in the shop for a few upgrades we took the bombardier out for a spin. i had the KoO name in a sticker form which was easy to install. all other times i have painted the KoO name on the side of the door by using vodka to make the brush free flow.

B side

the bombardier needs some exhasut stacks to make it look part of the Kingdom but that will come.

b back

just a short 10 minute comedy with getting the Twins out of the shop on tuesday.


Nov 20 2019

it was the Twins first time running and outside at -12c which was a nice temperature to meet the world. the 2 stoke oil in the diesel fuel made lots of smoke but it lubed up the injection pumps since they have been dry for over 15 years.

twins running

it was also good to take them out to drag the cat train trail behind the house but not much snow this year.

Twins trail

Nov 19 2019

we could not wait any longer because all the sleighs are in the way by the shop so we moved everything at -4c and hardly any snow. the Linn Tractor looks good.

linn 2

then i whipped up this quick video.


Nov 18 2019

it was a boring day in the Kingdom doing the finishing touches on the Twins so here is a video from a couple years ago. the td-6 known as Aggie warming up and note all the snow. we have not plowed any snow yet this year.


Nov 17 2019

it was another day in the shop working on the td-9s known as Free Fall and Kijji which have been nicknamed the Twins. they are almost complete as 1950s winter freighting cats.

twins almost

Nov 16 2019

my alarm clock last over 20 years and now this new one was purchased in august and is not working 1/2 the time. i re-read the instruction, used my bionic glasses to make sure it is set correctly and i have slept in 3 times this week. my boss is an asshole and does not like when i'm late for work. i did fix the new style alarm clock so i'm never late for work. now the swedish kid should go around giving speeches on how things don't work and are recylced long before the life of the product was suppose to last. it seems we buy a lot of products that don't work or last these days and warranty means nothing. thansk

alarm clock

Nov 15 2019

it was a good day working in the shop on the Twins with getting the altenators mounted with the belts being straight.


then i had to hide the lights we use inside the original IH lights to give the Twins the look of the 1950s winter cat train cats. plus the Duals Rule was painted on the shop doors back in 2004 when i had all my hair.


Nov 14 2019

yesterday we dragged the bombardier out of summer storage so the fun can begin.


it took a bit of pumping on the gas pedal to get the bombardier running then my son Xena had to sit in the machine to keep it running until it warmed up enough to run by itself.



Nov 13 2019

it was a good day with getting the Twins up and running on gas then switching to diesel. the shop got a little smokey but they both run.

twins running

then the rcmp called to tow a trailer on the Kinoosao Rally Road that had a flat tire which was an nice evening project.


Nov 12 2019

we were able to make a complete video of the td-9 known as Bad Business on a cold start up at -22c yesterday without the camera dieing.


Nov 11 2019

it was a good day yesterday with the Twins getting up and running. the first start on Free Fall on gas was only good for one picture then after that it got too smokie in the shop for the cameras. when i started Kijiji the cameras did not record that one because he was out of camera view.


FF runs


with morning outisde temperatures of -28c, the puppie and her trainer dog have been in the shop enjoying the wood stove or getting in my way when i'm working.


FF dogs


Nov 10 2019

woke up to -18c and i snapped this picture of the td-9 known as Bad Business and the cabooses.


BB cabooses


so at these temperatures it became a shop day working on the Twins which are td-9s known as Free Fall and Kijiji.



Nov 09 2019

we used the green forklift to toss the hood and side panels on linn 2 to make him look good for fiming and pictures.


linn hood


now if the grey overcast skies would be gone then our pictures would look a lot better.


linn 2 ready

Nov 08 2019

yesterday we were making a video of the td-9 known as Bad Business starting at -16c but feels like -22c. the cat was only plugged in 3 hours to warm the engine up which has 15/40 oil in it. the cat started really well on gas and then the camera died when i was about to switch to the diesel side of the motor. oh well it will be cold again and we can make another video.





near the end of the day i snapped this picture of the cabooses reflecting a bit of the sunset we had.


cabooses sunset

Jan 05 2019


being the King of Obsolete i do things a little differently then most people. to say thansk to the people at westrans company in winnipeg who supply most of the parts to the Kingdom for my collectables. i had rodney my main partsman at westrans order in a pizza-chicken lunch for for the staff of 25. he had frank's pizza on main street cater and whack my credit card which was not that bad in price for the service given.


westrans food


while these people were enjoying a free lunch on my credit card 1200kms away in the south, my son and i were out ski-dooing to check winter drill roads. when we returned from having so much fun freezing, i seen the pictures of everyone enjoying them selfs which made my day.


KoO ski-doo


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie