March 10 2019 -- 1939 Chevy Truck


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Feb 23 2019 -- 1938 MAPLE LEAF TRUCK--added to bottom of the page


Oct 14 2019 -- 1938 Maple Leaf Truck repairs


Oct 22 2019 -- Lombard Winter Freighting Sleighs


Nov 03 2019 -- TD-18 index page


Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleigh 2019


Nov 03 2019 -- P.A.T Winter Freighting Sleigh


Nov 03 2019 -- TD-9 INTERNATIONAL "Free Fall"


Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleighs


Nov 08 2019 -- Linn Tractor Logging Sleighs

Jan 12 2020 -- Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery

Feb 04 2020 -- CF-PJG Beech 18 Kingdom

Feb 12 2020 -- 1976 AM General M816 Wrecker


Feb 17 2020

it was cold up on the winter road doing the tow cal but the Screaming Ford looked good.

SF 85

the weight box with the Pulley on a Stick which makes it a tow truck.

SF back 85

just a quick video leaving km 70 on the winter road.

Feb 16 2020

just got back from up the winter road in blizzard like conditions. unlike the American actors they brought in to be stars on the Canadian ice roads I do this for a living.

SF tow

Feb 13 2020

since it was only -32c last night I whipped up this little video on the story of the Green Toy in the Kingdom. not sure about the music but at least it s not rap music.


Feb 12 2020

we are in an arctic freeze at the end of the world with temperatures of -35c but feels like -49c so good days to work in the shop on the 39 Chevy. I bought the truck in 1984 for $200.00 and kept the truck through all my DIEvorces and separations.

39 hm

but after 81 years it was time to up grade the brake and fuel line not because they were rusty but because improvements were needed. the gas tank needed a better valve and fuel filter.

fuel line

the brake lines need to have equal distance on the front lines so the brakes apply equally. all my other trucks the 38 GMC and 38 Maple Leaf have been changed already and makes braking in the winter so much better.

brake line

Feb 11 2020

since the M816 known as the Green Toy was abused by Hollywood before I acquired the truck the front axle was not hooked up. yesterday we bolted on the drive shaft and hooked up air to the air cylinder on the transfer case thinking that would engaged the front axle. the Green Toy got stuck in the little bit of snow with the front wheels not spinning but the truck backed out no problems.

GT front drive

do we put air to the other air fitting on top of the transfer case too???

front cylinder

Feb 10 2020

it was a boring day in the Kingdom yesterday so a picture of the bombardier towing a ford always makes people smile.

B towing

Feb 09 2020

made some Chicago Fry Bread and added the music. not sure what I did but you can use the mute button like I did.

we got the 39 chevy in the shop for a few new things including exhaust pipe, manifold and gaskets.

39 shoop

39 exhaust

Feb 08 2020

we got quite a few questions on the plane crash of 2014 so i'll answer some of the questions by posting more pictures. the rails have been removed within 3 miles of the crash so we were able to drive right up to where the rails start. this save about 8 miles of slow travelling.

no rails

once on the track bed with rails, the cat and trailer just travelled off set over one rail which was slow going but at least we had easy access to the crash site.


at the crash site the plane Emergency Locator Transmitter did not go off during the crash which it is suppose to do. now my daughter xena had to use the satellite phone and call the 1-800 number to keep the search and rescue people informed on what we were doing with the airplane. this only costs $2.99 a minute on a satellite phone but it is better then having the search and rescue plane show up again because the ELT went off. once the plane was down from the trees we were able to turn the ELT off.

plane bush

Feb 07 2020

in the fall of 2014 we had to go pick up a plane that fell out of the sky. it was a nice day when we headed out with the Famous Black Cat down the rail bed.


but on the way home at midnight it turned in to a snow storm which was great fun while driving the cat.

plane home

Feb 06 2020

woke up to -39c but feels like -47c I the Kingdom this morning. oh well I chose to live up here at the end of the world. just a quick picture of a crop circle created by the wind blowing on a piece of grass in 2014.


Feb 05 2020

just a quick picture of the 1939 chevy in 2016 when we did the beech 18 recovery. now I have the return to the Kingdom on my website.

CF-PJG Beech 18 Kingdom

39 chevy mermaid

Feb 04 2020

it was a boring day in the Kingdom so here a couple pictures of the plow truck Thor pushing snow to find the beech 18 plane on january 26 2020. also that is my big boat which will be another adventure for us in the near future.

thos plane

my mini Hoe is really mini when the plane wheels are bigger then the Hoe.

Hoe wheels

Feb 03 2020

a little sunday fun instead of cuddle on the couch was to preform magic on the grader wing support thingie. I guess they found way to many rocks hidden under all the snow when trying to open the winter road to tadoule. I made it extra strong now so when the grader wing finds a rock it will break some place else.

wing thing

Feb 02 2020

what are the odds of grabbing a pallet in the snow and putting the steel frame for moving the loader bucket around on top of the snow covered pallet. then put the pallet in the shop and when the snow melts the happy face is in view of the shop camera. I think I should have bought a lotto ticket or called 1-800-Bambi because it was my lucky day.

happy face

Feb 01 2020

of course it was the worse day to be taking pictures of unloading the plane CF-PJG in the Kingdom but we needed the trailer.

gt unloaded

I used the mini Hoe to set the wings on display until summer when I can lay them out on the ground for google earth to find.

unloaded hoe

the lettered wing is on display for the visitors to see when they arrive.

lettered wing

Jan 31 2020

it was a boring day in the Kingdom yesterday with doing snow removal around the snow so here is a picture of the plane being winched on the trailer last sunday.

plane winching

Jan 30 2020

it did not take long to figure out that the factory tires are too wide to have the tire chains on because there is no room for the tire chain between the tire and big spring.

tires off

put a skinny trailer tire on the inside and lots of room so the tire chains don't get destroyed. just a fun little project at -10c in the Kingdom.

tire skinny

Jan 29 2020

yesterday we used the Green Toy to lift up the saggie tail on the plane and strap a piece of wood to it for strength.

GT lift


of course we had to have the bombardier in the pictures too.


Jan 28 2020

on sunday we took the mini Hoe along for the recovery of the beech 18.

Hoe trailer

it is always nice to have a Hoe on site because they are handy to have. it is a good thing we had the Hoe because the snow was so deep and was in the form of sugar.

Hoe tail

plus the Hoe burned 15 litres of diesel in the 12 hour trip because we left the machine while on the trailer being transported.

Hoe wing

quick video of climbing the big hill out of Kinoosao in the plow truck named Thor pulling the trailer with the beech 18 on it.


Jan 27 2020

we made no plans but it all worked out to bring my Beech 18 back to the Kingdom. the 1983 IH Paystar 5000 plow truck known as Thor made short work of the 4 feet of sugar snow to dig out the beech 18 plane. the community all pitched in and the loading was all done in 3 hours with the call letters on the wings facing out for the world to see.

plnae thor

we even tarped the burnt cockpit like a diaper to catch any loose debris so it didn't fall on the road. when we drove past the airport in WHO-ville last night it is hard to believe that 49 years ago this plane took off from this airport on it's last flight.

plane side

Jan 26 2020

it is hard to believe my 37 dodge hot rod truck from wasted youth is 36 years of ownership this year. of course during the DIEvorce the glass in the picture frame got broken along with a lot of other things she packed and tossed in the back yard of "her house" for me to pick up. oh the memories of fast times, fast truck and faster women.

37 dodge

Jan 25 2020

took this picture before new years day of the beech 18 we recovered in 2016. oh the memories.

Beech 18 water recovery

beech 18 snow

Jan 24 2020

with everyone's news feed a buzz with the recovery of the td-24 in the usa we have been doing it for year up here at the end of the world. I own 2 D6 9U caterpillars that were under water for 3 years. here is a video of the D6 9U known as The Hood doing a little clearing for a drill pads in January 2018. the engine sounds good with the straight exhaust pipe and we also did really do anything to the engine after recovery.


Jan 23 2020

just a quick video of the Linn Tractor hauling water to flood the drill pads at -25c. this proves that the Linn Tractor is not a Parade Queen or a museum piece.


Jan 22 2020

yesterday we used the Green Toy to flip over a trailer so we could work on it. it was a little bit of fun at the end of the world.

GT flip


Jan 21 2020

the internet Gods were nice to me yesterday and i got 2 videos upload on to youtube. here is the summer of 2019 with the Green Toy.

i learned a little more on the windows 10 video editor and got fancy with adding more words and more small little videos on the 2001 chevy KoO-Tracks Truck.


Jan 20 2020

I took Lavern the TD-6 who now has a gas motor to make him a T-6 IH Crawler out for a little spin yesterday. the gas motor did really well pulling the drag in the snow. the snow is now sugar because of the cold temperature change the structure of the snow. the dragging will make it nice and firm again.

lavern dragging

only took my high speed interet which is not high speed 12 hours to up load this. oh well.


Jan 19 2020

in 2014 we did a plane crash recovery in which the Famous Black Cat got sunk for the 17th time in his life. no problem because we just dragged him out with the D6 9U known as The Hood.


Jan 18 2020

the D6 9U known as The Hood did really well working in the -30c temperature for 5 days pushing up wooden debris.

d6 wood

of course the master pin bushing decided to self destruct on the last day but the job got completed. not bad for a cat that is 70 years old and was under water for 3 years.

d6 pin


Jan 17 2020

since it was a nice day yesterday of -36c but felt like -48c, I was in the office planning the Mermaid Trip 2020. all the little details must be looks after so the ladys from Hooters café enjoy the trip. so here is a quick picture from xmas time out on reindeer lake towing a broken ford off the lake with the bombardier.

B towing

Jan 16 2020

since it is another cold day here in the Kingdom of -34c but feels like -48c. i'll post a warm up picture from may 2018 when the Green Toy arrived. the 1976 AM General M816 was in rough shape when arriving in the Kingdom with a lot of supplies from the south too.

GT arrives

Jan 15 2020

just a quick video that took 6 hours to up load to youtube because my high speed internet that i'm paying for is not high speed.

Jan 14 2020

boring day in the Kingdom yesterday so here is a picture of the Green Toy at -33c last week.

GT -33c

Jan 13 2020

I have now made a 3D model on how the semi truck will be recovered on the Mermaid Trip this summer. I have made models of the Toon Barge (that is a grey file fold not pink since i'm colour blind) and the Mini Barge. the semi truck is laying on it's side and the winches on the barges will up right the truck then winch it up tight underneath for the trip to shore. the model truck is from my 15 seconds of fame in Europe and my published books are the back drop of the picture. also the side window for my 38 GMC truck was used as the water since it was handy in the shop. Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery

salvage side

model up

Jan 12 2020

at -36c yesterday it was a good day to made plans on salvaging the sunken ford which has been in storage for 40 years.

sinking ford

I used my Etch-a-Sketch to whip up a drawing on how it will be done. we will salvage the suburban full of soda pop first so we have something to drink because it could be one of the 5 hot days of summer we get. I have also included the film crew and the ladys from Hooters who will be handling lights and sound.


Jan 11 2020

just a quick video from yesterday when I walked around the Kingdom during the heat of the day at -32c looking at my collectables. woke up this morning to -36c but feels like -43c and to think I chose to live here.


Jan 10 2020

it took a while back in 2003 to find this Saturday Evening Post from april 21 1951 with the story of reindeer lake in it. yes I do read other magazines other then Playboy, lol thansk


SEP pages

Jan 09 2020

with it being extra cold outside yesterday it gave me a good excuse to clean my office shelve. oh the memories.

office shelve

May 23 2018

i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie