Jan 12 2020 -- Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery

Feb 04 2020 -- CF-PJG Beech 18 Kingdom

Feb 12 2020 -- 1976 AM General M816 Wrecker

Aug 24 2020 -- KoO Book Set

Sept 28 2020 -- My Wasted Youth Alexander MB Book


Sept 30 2020

at least it was not raining when i had to do this tow call which was a ford. the 39 chevy seems to be always towing a ford.

39 up

the tilt trailer works good with the electric winch with wire-less remote so i can sit in the ford and steer it up and on to the trailer.

39 again loaded

then the drive back to the Kingdom showed the fall colours which is all grey to me being colour blind.

39 fall road

Sept 29 2020

the book is officially done with the manuscript off to the publisher. the book is titled My Wasted Youth Alexander Manitoba.

My Wasted Youth Alexander MB Book

but when looking for pictures for the book i found the picture of the 1946 chevy 3 ton that became the welding truck-sleigh.

1989 welidng truck

the 39 chevy when it was a grain truck back on the farm.

39 chevy combine

then all these sales and business info from when my dad sold the Dunecyles back in the early 1970s. if anyone is a collector of Dunecycles let me know because this stuff can be theirs.

dunecycle small

Sept 28 2020

just a quick picture of the Linn Tractor last april pulling a few sleighs. it was another long day yesterday writing stories about Naughty Natalie and my 37 Dodge hot rod truck getting speeding tickets at 145mph. now i my life is in the slow lane with top speed of 10mph.

Cops Alexander MB

linn small

Sept 27 2020

i have been writing almost 7 days straight because the rains have not stopped here at the end of the world but that is why it is called the rainy season. a quick super last night of fresh moose meat, potatoes and onions on my plate. the 5 guard dogs got treated to fresh meat and their usual dog food and Chicago Fry Bread. last night story i did write about Naughty Natalie and the hot days of summer when she would wear her Daisy Duke Shorts and white tank top with no bra,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thansk

Highways Alexander MB

moose supper

Sept 26 2020

just posting a few pictures for a couple Kingdom Followers to understand the filters on the TD-18 cats. plus it was another rain day yesterday in the Kingdom so i wrote another story of growing up in Alexander Manitoba. yes i'll never forget her eyes and smile till the day i die.

Chicken Fun Alexander MB

td-18 oil

td-18 fuel

td-18 fule line

Sept 25 2020

the 1937 Dodge hot rod truck was first built in 1974 and this is a pictures of the truck in 1989 heading to the street rod nationals in st. paul MN. my dad drove the truck done towing the small camper to stay in because there was 5000 vehicles attending. i still have the truck after all my DIEvorces and separation which makes it 46 years as a hot rod truck. since it is the rainy season here in the Kingdom i have been writing story of my wasted youth and the fun times with the truck. this story includes a slow dance with Naughty Natalie and her driving the truck too.

The Sister Alexander MB

37 dodge

Sept 24 2020

during the little bit of sun shine yesterday i used the Green Toy to lift up the ramp on the Toon Barge so i could secure it in the up position for the winter. then i stay up late writing the story of transportation when i was growing up. of course Naughty Natalie is in this story and learns about 4th gear in my 37 Dodge Hot Rod Truck.

Transportation Aleaxander MB

GT up

Sept 23 2020

between the rains i used the mini Hoe to get the wheels from the beech 18 we salvaged to stand up straight to look better as yard art. when it is raining, i'm writing stories for my book on growing up in Alexander Manitoba. (posting a picture of my Hoe and posting this story which includes Naughty Natalie is a coincidence)

Last Day in Alexander MB

hoe wheels

Sept 22 2020

one of the weekend projects was to clean the replacement rad on the Famous Black Cat. last winter i put a stick through the rad and then toss this spare rad on the cat.

rad top

i thought it was clean but it is from the south and the mice had filled the rad with their food. oh well just a minor detail which the pressure washer made short work of.

rad plugged

i then let the cat sit a couple days for the gasket goo to dry that i used to seal the rad tank to the rad core.

rad wait

Sept 21 2020

on saturday morning i seen this plane take off from the lynn lake airport on a fast and steady climb. 80 minutes later it was landed and in winnipeg manitoba. so if this is what i can see and follow on my computer without being a paid member to get more info. what can the government see and do???
i also wrote the story yesterday of my hometown school which was in my head for a couple of days. it is in rough form because it is one shot to type it out and i don't change anything around or cut and paste. in the story there is the Nazi Goose Step, Chicago Speakeasy and of course Breast Fairies.

Alexander School Memories

plane 80 minutes

Sept 20 2020

in 2006 we hauled some wood and picked up some good used steel in Kinoosao which a lot of pictures were taken of the adventure. i whipped up a slide show video last night on my YouTube channel and saved these pictures of the Screaming Ford looking good and working hard. plus the Head Hanger 86 dodge in the back ground too.

sf hh

Sept 19 2020

in the heat of the day yesterday of +10c i put all my Lombard Cross Pole Sleigh parts up on the rafter trailer so they can be found this winter.

loaded small

in theory, on the cold dark days of winter i will be able to weld together these sleigh pieces to make 3 complete Lomabard Sleighs.

sf r loaded

Sept 18 2020

i had the Screaming Ford hooked up to my 1999 Wiltsire tilting rafter trailer that i making in to a sleigh trailer.

sf front

yes it is one of a kind trailer that i don't think ever worked for hauling rafters.

sf up

but i do hope with the beaver tail on the back it will be a better sleigh trailer.

sf back

Sept 17 2020

woke up to -5c and a skiff of snow on the ground. the td-6 known as Aggie had no problems starting on gas then switching to diesel to do a days work. we finished up the last of the yard landscaping which is rocks and more rocks.

aggie frost

the final picture of the day is beside the beech 18 as the sun was setting at 7pm because the days are getting shorter.

aggie plane

Sept 16 2020

I woke up to the first snow of the season but not sure if it is better then rain.

fist snow

Sept 15 2020

I borrowed this picture from a Google search of my hometown Alexander Manitoba that was taken in the 1990s. I’m colour blind and grew up in the pink house in the middle of the picture with the sloped roof. To me, I lived in a grey house so I didn’t see a problem. No idea why my parents painted the house pink but then again the flower power 1960s must have been good to them. Yesterday I signed the papers that my equal share of my mother’s estate will go to the town of Alexander since it is my parents hard earn money they saved for retirement. I have always said the money is not mine and any cheques my mother sent over the last 10 years since my dad passed away were ripped up and mailed back to her with a note stating this in not my money it is your’s and dad’s retirement money. With me donating my equal share of the inheritance to the town of Alexander, the money will be put to good use with community projects which some of them were started with my parents back in the 1970’s. Also by doing this it will keep the other parties involved with my mother’s estate honest and up front. Plus the friends of my parents that still living in the town of Alexander will make sure too. With Google sending me the obituary for my mother I could see that my equal share of the inheritance would be the toaster but I knew this was going to happen and told mother 2 years ago where the funds would be going. No one can tell me if my mother has been laid to rest. I’ll wait till the Google Earth Satellite flies over and takes pictures of the cemetery. Then I can zoom in on my dad’s grave to see if the green grass has been dug up to know that mother has been laid to rest. I’m not going to travel 1500kms south to pay my last respects to my mother only to find she is not there. If it was not for Google, I would think the no replies to my emails to mother means that her computer crashed again because she clicked on something she should not have. thansk


Sept 14 2020

16 years ago i tried buying this boat but they would not sel it to me. the boat will go for scrap before they will sell it to me.

MA front

Sept 13 2020

google was nice enough to send me the obituary for my mother because the family does not like communicating with me because I'm the black sheep of the family. But 14 years ago I wrote this story which is in my 2nd book. Please read and see I have no interest in a few things and no matter what she is still my mother.

not mine


Sept 12 2020

i had to make a quick trip over the so-called road to Grief Rapids to pick up my dog food for the 7 guard dogs.

GR dog food

of course it was another day of rain which seem to be normal up even when it is not the raining season.

GR wiper

GR selfie

Sept 11 2020

it was a boring day in the Kingdom yesterday so a few misc pictures from saturday's big trip over the Kinoosao Rally Road. when the sun was shining for a few hours it was warm enough at +14c to open the cowl vent to get some fresh air in the truck.

39 cowll

plus the waters look so calm when crossing 1 of the 3 bridges.

39 mirror

Sept 10 2020

the white ford f150 blew up the spider gears in the rearend out in the middle of the lake. then the replacement rearend is from a newer ford f150 which is close but not close enough. to work on the rearend i needed to remove the spare tire which on a true northern truck has already been removed from underneath the truck. trying to remove the keyed lock for the crank handle to go into for lowering the tire, the whole plastic piece came off the bumper. once again built ford tough.

wf bumper

then the wheel nuts are on extra tight so the powerful 3.7 litre motor does not shear off the wheel studs. even the 3/4" impact made a good sound breaking them loose.

wf tight

i was able to make 1 rearend out of the 2 rearends while the hydro power was off and before the rains came which one can say was magic.

wf spider

Sept 09 2020

i had to change out the leaking water pump that i installed in 2018 when i had money and tried bettering myself. yes i did put the original water pump back on that was on the motor since 2003 because we never throw anything away. but i wish the Swedish kid would promote better quality of products because there is no quality in anything any more.

39 pump

once the truck was up and running, i tossed the last of the planes pieces that we missed in january that were hidden by snow in to the beech 18.

39 plane

39 box

Sept 08 2020

i check the highway cameras across the province of manitoba to see the weather. there is a very slim chance to see something of interest and yesterday i did. this is the traffic camera at austin manitoba and you see the call letters on the plane as being C-FPCB. wonder where the plane is going and what happened to it. also if this is what i can see for free on my computer 1200kms away i wonder what the government can really see and not tell us. also these cameras are updated every 5 minutes and no way to see past pictures on the cameras.



Sept 07 2020

now this is the big hill coming out of kinoosao which is steep and rough. the 39 chevy had a broken shift pin so i was chasing to find the gears like driving a cab over truck.


Sept 06 2020

it was a good trip over the Kinoosao Rally Road yesterday with the 1939 chevy making the trip with no computer troubles so the Screaming Ford did not have to rescue us.

39 boats

i got some info off my big boats plus the usual picture in front of the historic co-op in Kinoosao. then the return trip over the rally road was slow going in 2nd gear because 1/2 the road has not been graded in almost 2 months with all the heavy rains.

39 cop store

the 39 chevy was pulling the broken ford in 2nd gear for 53 kms which took over 4 hours to travel. it seems the 39 chevy was made for this kind of road.

30 back


Sept 05 2020

the 39 chevy is hooked up to the tandem tilt deck trailer for the big road trip in the morning. the Screaming Ford will be on stand by incase the 39 chevy has computer problems.

39 sf gt

Sept 04 2020

with all these rain days i'm stuck in the shop working on HoneyMoon #1 which should be a project in january in the heated shop. yesterday i took HoneyMoon #1 outside to run all evening to charge up some batteries.

unit lights

the alternators being all separate worked good for charging the batteries in groups.

lights alts

plus when the money tree blossoms i'll be able to buy the proper wires to make better clip on cables that will handle the charging load better. it was a successful test run with temporary parts.

lights batterys

Sept 03 2020

it was a boring day in the Kingdom yesterday with off and on rain showers. so here is a quick picture of the Screaming Ford working hard on the winter road last winter.

SF towing


Sept 02 2020

it was a boring day in the Kingdom with cleaning up a few loose ends. the other 2 heating unit motors are stripped down and on a pallet for storage until the money tree blossoms. plus i had the enclosed unit known as HoneyMoon #1 outside running in the fresh air. being in a steel box the engine is very quiet which will be good when filming the water salvages.

units moved


Sept 01 2020

since i'm colour blind i seem to write the colour on items. even the water line on my Orange Juice Jug got the colour red written on it. at my age the OJ keeps me healthy,,,,,in theroy.

OJ mix

Aug 31 2020

getting the Kingdom cleaned up for winter and have a pallet of batteries to go south for recycling. it is good to see batteries from 2011 and 2013 that gave me good service but 8 batteries from 2017 which means only 2 years of service is not good. that is about $1200.00 in wasted money that could have been spent foolishly on women. there is no quality being made in anything any more and that Swedish kid should be preaching about this lack of quality.

batterys small

Aug 30 2020

went to bed last night with heavy rains and no power because it seems that once it rains and the hydro lines get wet the power goes out. no lighting or thunder required which is usually the reason the power goes out. when the power went out last night i went out on the deck of the house-office to get a picture of how dark it was because we usually don't get the florida darkness up here. i snapped a picture of the house guard dog Echo looking out the window at me as you can see by the glow of her eyes.


then the power came back on so she is now looking at the camera screens to see where i am. yes the dogs watches the screens and knows what is going on.

eyes on

Aug 29 2020

when the daily rains come the power goes out as if the water shorts out the hydro line to WHO-ville. we just keep working and way and in the evening re-start the computers and phones. last sunday we only had 26 power bumps or outages because it was a heavy rain day.

no power

the little motor known as HoneyMoon #1 is now mounted in the steel box and had to be set up like on the semi trailer. the motor higher then the fuel tank for the fuel pump and the oil drains to work.

running again

plus i re-purposed the doors for the air intake for the blower. the beer flu lock down has us with more time on our hands then money.


Aug 28 2020

it was a good day yesterday with getting a stripped down unit up and running for the first time in 6 years of ownership. the engine had a big injector knock so i cracked open the injector line to take pressure off until the 2 stroke oil i put in the diesel fuel lube it up. the controls are simple and will need to wire in murphy shut downs later on. of course the heavy rains came and the unit known as HoneyMoon #1 just kept running with no problems.




Aug 27 2020

i have come to call these heating units Honeymoon #1 and #2 because like my honeymoon they are a great disappointment. also trying to work on them in the shop by the wood stove has not been much fun. i do not have the patience to work on small little things that is why i prefer full figured ladys but some time i get stuck with small but ample. about 3pm i realized that the heating units will not be used in their original form so cutting the sides out for more access to the motor worked out well. me and the plasma cutter got along really fine because this is what the plasma cutter is made to do.

cut sides

Aug 26 2020

it was another rain day in the Kingdom so it is prefect to pressure wash the heating units known as lemon units


they are such lemons and have never worked since the day i bought them and the 3rd one had the number 14 covering the real reason why they don't work


the little shop is nice and warm with the wood stove going so i can make changes to these lemon units to make them useful in the Kingdom.

unit shop

Aug 25 2020

yesterday while removing the heating units off the 3 semi trailers this geophysics orange probe was going back and forth over the Kingdom. this is one of the reason why i can do audio on my youtube videos because of the noise the helicopter makes. there are 3 helicopter flying back and forth over the Kingdom doing exploration work all summer now. they seem to fly low and right over me just to make my life difficult. also too if i were to fly a drone in my yard for filming it would be a little hard with this orange probe flying by. the Australian company that has these mineral claims most likely can not afford this helicopter and orange probe because their stock is at $0.002, yes that is correct. in canada sesame street taught us that there is only 1 cent and nothing after that so not sure how a stock price can be that low. if it is not the Australian company paying for the helicopter and orange probe then some other company is flying the mineral claims and pick pocketing the information like they did in 2018. then you wonder why there is no mining in manitoba because of these shadey practices companys do.

unit off


orange long

Aug 24 2020

it was just another rain day in the Kingdom yesterday so here is a picture of Thor the plow truck rescuing 3 trucks up the winter road in a heavy snow fall storm in april. once again where are the actors from the ice Road Truckers show????

thor wr side

Aug 23 2020

with the heavy rains coming which arrived at 3:10am this morning, i spend yesterday doing loose ends. i got some fancy goodies in the mails and xena took a selfie of me looking good i think. (the computer does not like me this morning)

koo osrter

then i played with the 39 chevy on the ramp for the Toon Barge to see how and what it will take to to finish the ramp.

39 test

then to finish the day i oiled up these 3 diesel heating units to come off the trailers. this was a $35,000.00 little mistake buying fancy trailers with heating unit to keep the freight warm for winter roads. only problem is they never worked. i could see 1 out of 3 but all 3 of them were lemons. i have lots of hours and money trying to make them stay running all night but they always quit or something went wrong so the trailer became very expensive storage sheds. i'll use 2 of the diesel engines for auxiliary power on the Toon Barge and the big boat called Northern Belle and the 3rd motor will be for spare parts. the only thing i can think of on why the heating units would not work is because 2 of them have the unit number 13 on them which is bad luck. the other one has unit 14 on it and the number 4 in chinese is bad luck too.


Aug 22 2020

the internet likes me enough today to add the youtube video of the Screaming Ford rearend temporary repairs.


Aug 21 2020

the Screaming Ford made the first test drive with a welded up rearend so there is only power to the front rearend. Now i can use the truck to move trailers around the yard.

SF pavement

May 23 2018

i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie