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Mar 05 2021


the new case dozer heading towards the loading ramp to be shipped south. of course it coded and quit beside the loading ramp which seems to be normal for this machine with all it's issues. i know i will never recommend the dealership or the trucking outfit that delivered and picked up the case dozer to any of my ex-wives. plus i am not wasting my time in invoicing these companies for my time spent or wasted on the new case dozer because i know i will never be paid. i will use this dramatic experience as a famous person with 15 seconds of fame on national TV around the world to advise people not to even waste their time with new case dozers. a quick google search will also show how great the machines are with lots of issues.


case bye bye


Mar 04 2021


another KW arrived in the Kingdom with a D6R wide pad which had the blade on the back of the trailer. the staff and i did a tandem lift with the Green Toy and forklift to unload the blade. then i did notice the new style cat has a much small windshield then on my 1952 D6 9U cat.


kw front

kw blade

kw windshield


Mar 03 2021


the staff and i are doing unloads from southern trailers so they can head back south. then reload the winter road trucks so they stay in the bush with all their tire chains on. yesterday the Green Toy and the fork lift better known as the Rut Maker had to work together to get the fuel trailer off. of course the shitter was full (frozen too) so it was handled with care.


shitter front

shitter back

shitter forklift


Mar 02 2021


yesterday i used the D7R to push the big snow banks back in the Kingdom. this was one big cat for me to ride which was more like riding a bar stool being so high up.


d7r side

d7r snow

d7r view


Mar 01 2021


it was a Kenworth Truck day in the Kingdom with Dr. Hook's new tow truck in the morning then in the afternoon this tri-drive KW arrived with a D7R to be unloaded in the Kingdom. being a tri-drive truck, no jeep was required for the weight being hauled which means it is easier for the trucker to back up to turn around to leave the Kingdom.


d7 arriving


Feb 28 2021


yesterday at -35c the shiny new tow truck for Dr. Hook from winnipeg arrived to pick up a broken winter road truck. good thing there was no bugs yesterday.


dr. hook new


Feb 27 2021


we have been busy with winter road repairs which is good because then i can buy my author's copies of the Naughty Natalie Book Series. then the actress for Naughty Natalie in Georgia can sign the books to increase the resale value on amazon. since releasing the new book series, my used KoO Book Series have increased in re-sale value on amazon too. all part of being famous as a published author and on national TV around the world for 15 seconds.


holly signed


Feb 26 2021


xena snapped this picture of the price of cheese at the store here. it is usually $13.99 but at this price it must include the bottle of wine plus the crackers to enjoy the cheese with. oh well we can import cheese slices from the south cheaper.


cheese prices


Feb 25 2021


i had the 39 chevy in the shop for a grease and to be thawed out then i parked it in from of the new case dozer. guess which one starts, runs and is 82 years old while the other does not run and tosses computer codes???


39 case


Feb 24 2021


my 15 second of fame was airing in the usa and people who have nice TVs send me pictures of me on their TVs. as you can see i still colour out side the lines like when i was young.


KoO tv m


Feb 23 2021


the other day we took the td-6 known as Aggie out to plow the ski-doo trail from the Kingdom to WHO-ville so the staff and travel back and forth.


aggie sign again


Feb 22 2021


the winter roads are late opening this year but the semi truck to the south finally arrived. all 4 of the work ski-doos are going bye bye plus a tote full of new parts. i have not ridden these machines since 2018 and have no interest in freezing my ass off. since i am now a Love and Romance Author on Amazon.


bye bye


Feb 21 2021


yesterday in the heat of the day at -10c we took the brand new case 650M dozer out for 10 minutes of snow removal. that 10 minutes took 4 hours because in the first 50 feet the machine "coded" and shut it self off. once we got it up and running then it had other issues and we parked it. i should have just taken out the 1952 D6 9U (that was under water for 3 years) out for the 10 minutes of snow removal to be completed in 9 minutes. some days i create my own problems like when i said "I Do".


case snow bank


Feb 20 2021


almost 2 years later the scrap guy without his ladies has returned for a quick trip over the winter road. also during the covid 19 lock down he was buffing the purple KW to make it shiney again. my 7th book Dominatrix School now has a 5 star rating twice on the canadian amazon. like being in kindergarten this is very important having stars.


MiM back


Feb 19 2021


yesterday xena got out her Yamaha 410 enticer that she got 10 second of fame on Ice Road Truckers back in 2013. she re-enacted the one hand pull start of the machine since on TV she did not pull start the machine like a girl using 2 hands.

bomber pull start

Feb 18 2021


with my new Naughty Natalie Books Series doing well on Amazon i need to sell all the KoO Books 1&2 that i have in the Kingdom. these books are based from 2003-10 and were expensive to get printed and shipped to the end of the world. once these books are gone i can then add these books in new format to amazon as Ebooks and printed books. i have lowered the price of the books to $40.00 to include shipping in Cdn and USA.


KoO Book Set ---- 1st & 2nd book discounted

KoO books discounted

Feb 17 2021


since we are in a warm spell of only -30c at nights and -20c during the day with warm sun shine. i used the Hoe to dig out some more firewood for the next cold snap we are going to get.

hoe firewood

Feb 16 2021


one of my Kingdom Followers in Switzerland sent a gift package to the Kingdom. she was nice enough to add english notes to the items so we would know what they are. this was a really nice surprise and treat for us. also we are having books sales in germany which we think is because the german army trained at the shilo military base back in the mid-1980s. these german fellows would be my age or retired now and seeing the 37 Dodge on the cover of my new books might bring back memories of 1985 when they seen and took pictures of the truck on the Shilo base. the computer makes the world a small place.

swiss post

swiss box

swiss thansk

Feb 15 2021


the sewer line for the house froze which is normal after 2 weeks of -40c because the sewer line has no heat tracer tape in it. it last froze 3 years ago because it has not been that cold in those years. it is an easy change of removing the frozen part of the sewer line and replacing with a non-frozen pipe because after 24 years we make it look easy. this year the 5 feet of snow took longer to move to get to the sewer box then the frozen pipe itself. but i did get to ride my Hoe for a couple of hours. plus a ford which means Fix Or Repair Daily arrived off the so-called road by tilt top tow truck.

sewer hoe

sewer snow

sewer ford

Feb 14 2021


it is funny being #1 on cdn amazon with 2 of my 3 in Love and Romance and Hot Rods. these books i guess are love stories of being young and having fun in the mid-1980s when it simple times compared to being locked down today. amazon knows how to market my books has my 5th book on for FREE down for the next 4 days. click on and share it well.


My Wasted Youth: Alexander Manitoba: Barnes KoO, Joey: 9798700173766: Books

1and2 amazon

england books

Feb 13 2021


one thing nice about amazon, i can sit in my 10x30 shack down by the tracks on the outskirts of WHO-ville to see my new Naughty Natalie Book Series in 6 different languages around the world. then amazon changes that countries's money in to USA funds which looks really good on the "coloured" graph chart since i am colour blind.


book c 01

book c 02

book c 03

book c 04


Feb 12 2021


the first customer of the winter road season is over a month late compared to all other years. the winter roads are opening later with all the snow we have been getting. hopefully this not the last customer either because 2021 is just as screwed as 2020.


fuel trucks


May 23 2018

i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie