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Jan 07 2016 -- YouTube Videos



Oct 19 2018


when the cord for the 12 volt pump is too short because the bus is too long. you get the KoO-Tracks to supply the power. just another fun day in the Kingdom.


pump power

Oct 18 2018


the Scream Ford which is a 1974 ford 9000 got to do a little towing on the school bus because the computer was tossing codes. the 8V71 will never toss codes, just add fresh oil daily.


towing bus

Oct 17 2018


my southern parts order from rodney at westrans arrived yesterday. i even put the parts away in the yellow bins so i don't forget what they are. i hate looking up part numbers to re-order.


yellow bins


Oct 16 2018


i'm still learning the new code reader which is not an enigma machine. i have to google and learn what the code then figure out what to do. the poo truck is 6 years old and has 24,000kms on it but the code reader is saying the turbo was dieing. first we thought the oil filter has been leaking for a few years and soaked the wire connectors for the turbo which was causing the code. but i thought i would double check the turbo to be safe. i'm glad i did because the turbo shaft moves up and down by a 1/4 of an inch plus there is a clunk sound when you spin the turbo by hand. so the computer on the turbo was correct in de-rating the engine because the turbo was dieing due too much starting fluid because the engine was not starting due to other codes. oh well.




Oct 15 2018


this trailer arrived in the Kingdom after it self destructed on the so-called road. this is normal then they want it fixed right now and as cheap as possible.


broken trailer


first thing i had to do it get tires and rims shipped from the south from the farm store because the fellow would not want me putting expensive 10 ply tires and good rims on the trailer. i have to run quality parts on my equipment because i can't afford to break down. so 2 tires and rims from the south is the price of 1 tire and rim that i have to run on my trailers. the parts i have instock for repairs are kept in the house-office because they are expensive and can't get rusty.


new parts


after a hard days work on a sunday which makes it the second sunday this month fixing broken trailers. the trailer is offically ready because i preformed a lot of magic.


new tires

Oct 14 2018


yesterday we woke up to high winds and snow that was sticking to the cameras outside. i had to look out the window to see what the weather was like because the cameras were useless. not very often this happens because looking out the window only gives you one view while the cameras give you night vision and 8 views too.


snow deck


due to the weather not being nice i built a doggie tunnel for the dogs on their non-heated green shed they hang out in. of course nothing is straight in the Kingdom like in the land of Dr. Seuss books.



Oct 13 2018


it is a good day when you get to ride your Hoe on a friday to straighten out the 1/4 fender on the poo truck.


poo hoe


the repair turned out good from a far but far from good. but the main thing is the hood closes and latches. the hood bouncing caused the grill clips to break off. when i opened the hood for the first time when the poo truck arrived 2 weeks ago. the grill fell on the ground at my feet. oh well.



Oct 12 2018


being colour blind i have a few tricks to help me out when my son is not around to tell me the colours. trying to hook up the new mirrors with clearance lights and mirror heaters was fun. we could not find the switch for the mirror heaters or the fuse.


test light


google said the inside fuse panel was behind the kick panel on the passenger's side. the panel even had the fuse sign on the panel but no fuses. in the end i just ran some black wire and a toggle switch on the dash to get the mirrors heaters to turn off. oh well.


no fuses

Oct 11 2018


with us all of a sudden doing a poo haul using all of our 2" cam lock hoses and sump pumps. we had to buy new replacement ones before we could haul water to the Kingdom. the thought of splashing around in the bath tub on bath-n-treat night knowing that the water has been pumped through hoses that poo flowed through did not excite me for some reason. the new hoses and pumps finally arrived from the south yesterday and it was bath-n-treat night for me.


new hoses

Oct 10 2018


the poo truck would not start yesterday so i had to learn the new code reader through youtube then erase a couple of codes and the engine started.




i even went for a test drive and didn't have to walk back which is a good sign. with the right light and camera angle i took a picture of the poo truck looking good. to think i could have worked at Playboy.

sexy poo truck

Oct 09 2018


i found this bat yesterday but he did not have a sweater or a jacket on so it did not end well for him. bats are common up here and we enjoy them because they eat a lot of mosquitos.




Oct 08 2018


Canadian Turkey Day was a success because i read the instructions, then re-read them again and used the timer on the oven. xena and i got the last 2 turkey TV dinners at the local store. her boyfriend ended up with a meatloaf TV dinner. i have joking said over the years meatloaf is for when your married. meat loaf has not touched my lips in years.


tv dinner


Oct 07 2018


with the poo truck broken, my son and her boyfriend had to haul poo before the snows came the next day. money is money even if it has a smell to it.


poo haul

Oct 06 2018


woke up in the Kingdom to the nice white stuff on the ground. oh well that is why it is called the great white north.


Kingdom snow

Oct 05 2018


after work yesterday, i put new weather stripping ont he doors tot he office-house. it is best to use truckers straps that are a couple years old to get the flex in the strap.


new weather

Oct 04 2018


it is that time of the year where we add colour to our windows. a little bit of plastic and tuck tape to make the windows more energy efficient.



Oct 03 2018


for the price of a leather love seat and couch i purchased a fancy code reader to erase the codes in the computer of the poo truck so it will start. i think at my age this is a wise investment because the leather love seat could cost me child support payments for 18 long years.


code reader

Oct 02 2018


one of the joys of the poo truck being on a new community is the fact is gets stuck in the mud. the low hanging pump got bent back so we had to make it straight again. now the pto shaft might stay on instead of falling off due to the bad angles it was trying to run at.


poo pump


Oct 01 2018


it was a boring day yesterday in the Kingdom with fixing the broken stuff from the day before. just a quick photo of driving the cab over truck on the Kinoosao Rally Road.


cab over

Sept 30 2018


my ride yesterday was this cab over truck which is great fun to shift gears. so i leave it in 4th gears and drive it like an automatic trasmission. the snows came in september and the Kinoosao Rally Road was great fun. the farther we went the deeper the snow got to be a foot. at km 50 which is 1/2 way we gave up and returned to the Kingdom. but we did help this fellow with the stuck trailer out of the ditch.




Sept 29 2018


did a tow call yesterday and i had to drag the second trailer along to get it to a safe place to unhook. nothing is ever boring in the Kingdom.


hughes tow

Sept 28 2018


just a quick memory photo from april 2009 when we ran the winter road when it was closed.



Sept 27 2018


i whipped up a little cross member to keep the frame rails together and for the discharge hose to rest on too. not sure why they would put the tow hooks on the frames rails without a cross member so when you pull the stuck truck the frame rails bend. i shake my head at the simple things these engineer people over look.


cross member

Sept 26 2018


to change the valve on the poo truck we used lake water to do a little flush. it was an easy job with me wearing my colourfull scarf.


poo truck


Sept 25 2018


after 2 weeks of having the flu then the cold it was time to get back to work. i serviced 2 electric cement mixers by giving them a tune up.




Sept 24 2018


a Kingdom Follower sent me this picture of my 15 seconds of fame on Ice Road Truckers.


KoO irt


Sept 22 2018


a couple weeks ago i used the D6 9U known as the Bismark to move the sleighs around. of course the picture didn't turn out very well.




Sept 21 2018


since i fixed one dolly cart it was time to fix the other one which was a struggle having the flu. the only thing i did not screw up was the painting because i just splash it on. nobody can really tell by my painting if it was a good day or bad day.


painted dolly


Sept 20 2018


now today i'll post the opposite of buying in the great white north. the small bollte of advil was just under $12.00 and the big bottle about $33.00 whenwe travel oner the so-called road to the south. i guess with these small sizes nobody will be ODing on advil.


small size


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie