March 10 2019 -- 1939 Chevy Truck


Feb 27 2019 -- KoO-Tracks 2017 to 2018 fun added


Feb 23 2019 -- 1938 MAPLE LEAF TRUCK--added to bottom of the page



June 18 2019


i had to buy a forklift so i could reach up to paint the new shop. we had a good day yesterday with splashing 8 gallons of paint every where.




then my son took a selfie of me by the Green Toy with the Mr. Bean door latch.



June 17 2019


since 2004 we have been moving this vee plow around the Kingdom and yesterday we used the Green Toy to move it from the back of the Kingdom to the front.




the camera does not show the angle or slope of the ground which is great fun when the Green Toy only has the park brake for stopping or the nearest tree to hit.



June 16 2019


it has finally warmed up enough to haulwater to the Kingdom for fire protection and pressure washing. we used the 46 chevy 3 tom with a 1000 cdn gallon tank. i have owned the truck since 2003 and every year say i'll put a motor in it but for now i'll keep towing it with the loader.


46 chevy


5 trips and 3 hours later has the water tanks filled and ready to be used.



June 15 2019


had a relaxing day working on the Green Toy and mounted the air cleaner under the hood until i get the fenders finished and mounted back on the truck. i also strapped the hood down incase i get the truck in 5 gear and fear and common sense does hold me back in hitting top speed.


air cleaner


plus i whipped up a granny step to make it easier getting in and out of the driver's seat. with out the granny step, one slides off the seat to reach the bottom step and the only problem is the park brake lever is beside the seat. when the park brake lever is is applied it is in the up position and the lever handle pokes you in the bum as you slide off the seat. another good safety reason for the granny step.



June 14 2019


we towed the 3rd ford in 3 days so we can say we were busy. the joys of living at the end of the world.


towing fords

June 13 2019


after i preformed magic on the water truck to make it run again, we returned it back to the 300 people who needed water. we did a little tow on a ford truck. we seem to be always towing fords for some reason.


ford tow


then a simple little job of re-purposing a set of stairs turn out to be a big job after the stairs fell off the work table and broke apart. more wood and more screws will hold the stairs together for another 10 years i hope.



June 12 2019


the water truck tossed a code so it had to be towed tot he Kingdom again with the Screaming Ford. oh well.




the we had to use the Green Toy to do a little lift to get the safety chain unhooked. of course the out riggers of the Green Toy are on a pallet waiting to be service. thought was required on using the Green Toy correctly.


GT lift


June 11 2019


yesterday i whipped up a flag pole at the correct 60 degree angle according to google so everyone knows i live in Canada not Alaska.



June 10 2019


to to confirm yesterday was june 09 2019 and i had the wood stove going in the shop as i worked on the 38 GMC truck. not sure how i got my finger in the picture but then again i'll never get a job at Playboy take pictures either.



June 09 2019


my youth was spent helping my dad work on old things that were not that old back then. in 1976 he started working on a 1938 GMC truck which he got me to do all the dirty work by scrapping the grease and cleaning parts. at the age of 9 I was cheap labour and Kool-aid was my drink of choice. we got the truck up and running and used around the homestead for the odds jobs. then I found other interests which was boobies, beer and bad behavior and did not help my dad much with his projects.
in 1997 the 38 GMC was behind dad's shop and in bad shape because he went on to work on other projects. my dad was know for not finishing any projects in his life time and how he had 2 kids we are not sure because you have to finish the project. I took ownership of the 38 GMC and dragged it 1200kms to the end of the world so I could move it around the Kingdom at least 4 times a year for the next 20 years.
now this year I have begun working on the 38 GMC and it is a nice rain day to be in the shop fixing mistakes from the past years of up grades to the truck. the under the seat gas tank got removed by my dad and he built a tubing frame for the seats because he was a tall man and said he lower the height of the seats so he could see out the windshield. only problem is he never lowered the height of the seats by removing the fuel tank he raised the seats up by 3/4 of an inch. yes the 1960s and Woodstock were good times for my dad. now 40 years later i'm putting the gas tank back where it belongs and magic is required. thansk


38 gmc

June 08 2019


over the course of the last year the saw shack where we cut drill core has been changed over to the tire shack. yesterday during another day of rain i removed the last of the built in shelves to make more room for working on tires. during 1 of the 5 hot days of summer if we ever get summer, i will splash some white paint around to make it look even better.


tire shack

June 07 2019


it was 23 years ago that i arrived in WHOville and was only going to stay a couple of years. oh well. the best way to remember the date of arrival is the C.W. McCall convoy song with the verse,,,,,it was the dark side of the moon on the 6th of june,,,,,,. yesterday i took the 1986 dodge out for a service call and felt good to get the truck up to highway speed after only idling and running around WHOville all winter.



June 06 2019


up at 4am to travel over the so-called road in the rain on a supply run. it was a good trip because iti rained most of the time.




in all my years of taking pictures i can never get a good picture to show how greasey the so-called road gets. oh well.




June 04 2019


just a quick picture of some of the Black Feet as i walked by last night closing the front gate to the Kingdom. the Screaming Ford looks good with the weight box on for towing.


black fleet

June 03 2019


on a sunday morning i was able to cut angles first try for the boom holder on the Green Toy. usually it is cut 4 times and weld the mistakes together and call it good.


boom holder


the military uses man power for everything and at my age i'm not lifting the pipes up and down to secure the boom for transport. the boom sits nice in the boom holder and even looks better in the splashed on black paint.


holder done

June 02 2019


the out rigger legs for the Green Toy have been soaking in diesel fuel for 3 weeks now and would not pop out. even with over half the slide tube cut out it took several good tugs with the forklift to make the out rigger move.




then i used the forklift to bunt the other stuck leg out. lots of fun on a saturday in the Kingdom.



June 01 2019


for the test drive yesterday with the red chevy i went back to the same spot where i picked the truck up to take a picture.


red test


now the picture from sept 28 2018 when i picked up the red chevy with a broken motor.



May 31 2019


we got the replacement motor in the red chevy up and running. while it was running to see if there was any dramas or leaks, i soaped up the front tire to find the small pin hole leak. great fun when it is only +9c outside.



May 30 2019


just a quick picture of the Green Toy on the move with the operator still in the swing crane seat after we popped the motor back in the red chevy that was in the lake.


GT move

May 29 2019


the Green Toy got used yesterday to pop a motor out of the red chevy that was in the lake last fall and killed the motor.


GT motor pull


my son xena only had 15 seconds of seat time before we lifted the motor, she did an excellent job at the controls.


GT operator

May 28 2019


i got the Green Toy ready to work and i had to extend the exhaust stack because it was a little smokey sitting in the crane seat.


GT in shop

May 27 2019


yesterday i quickly popped on a set of mirrors from a small truck so i could see backing up. the orginal mirrors came with the truck in pieces and will take a while to figure out.




the crane swing table needs a lot of grease so i screwed the grease gun hose in to where the greaase nipple was and strapped the grease gun on.


grease gun


May 26 2019


it was a fun day working on the Green toy and stripping out the copper air lined and wiring. the copper will be replaced by nylon and brass fitting like a modern semi truck. using the pit sure made it an easy job.




since my facebook on the computer does work after a night time update which it the computer seems to be always doing these updates. i worked extra late on the Green Toy and got the crane part working.


GT crane

May 25 2019


i took the D6 9U out to smooth out the dry muddy ruts from the spring melt. of course i had to stop beside the KoO-Tracks for a quick picture.


the hood

May 24 2019


i had to toss down a sheet of steel in the new shop because the forklift kept sinking and getting stuck. oh well.


new floor

May 23 2019


the Green Toy offically runs and drives because the proof is in the pictures at the front gate last night.


GT front


it must be a good truck because the test drive went well and i did not have to walk back to the Kingdom.

GT rear

May 22 2019


after a long day and night i need a relaxing project so i whipped up a wooden battery box for the Green Toy. a steel box can be made in the winter in the little shop by the wood stove.




the batteries even have my trademark master switch too.



May 21 2019


i got the call at 5:32pm on the long weekend monday that the water truck broke down and 300 people are almost out of water. i tossed the weight box with the pulley on a stick on the Screaming Ford to do the tow call.




with my code reader and a bit of magic, i worked till 3:38am to get the water truck up and running to haul water before it became a big drama for the community.



May 20 2019


every may long weekend i run around with the oil can and ladder and lube all the door hinges in the Kingdom which takes about 3 hours. i like things well lubed.


oil can


after i was done working, i got get my new quad i paid $12,000.00 cash for in 2017 out of the shed for a little ride. i only ride it 3 times a year to keep the hours low.


quad sign

May 19 2019


thank you all for the birthday wishes and sara lee made a cake for me which xena picked up at the local store.



May 18 2019


last night after work i popped the front fenders off the Green Toy because at my age it is easier then climbing up and down to get the motor up and running.


GT fenders


next i finished stripping out the dash because someone else started but never finished. i will get a big spool of black wire and re-wire the truck using the common 12 volt system. the military used a mulit volt system which is too confusing like father's day here in WHOville.


GT dash

May 17 2019


it is that time of the year when we take these toys out for a little fun then toss more and more money at them like all the women in my life over the years. with -3c over night and +8c for the day time high, let summer begin with may long weekend in canada.




May 16 2019


just a quick picture from sunday when i got the 39 chevy stuck in the mud and had to use the big Hoe to get un-stuck. the joys of an 80 year old work truck.


39 stuck

May 15 2019


it was a long 14 hour day welding the broken trailer back together so the contractor could leave last night to head south. now today i am stiff and sore, the joys of getting old.


broken side


May 14 2019


it was a fun day trying to work on a broken trailer in front of the shop between the snow and rains. the new trailer broke the frame in 1/2 on these so-called roads of the north.


trailer shop


on saturday we chained the trailer together to get it to the Kingdom in the rain.


trailer highway

May 13 2019


i had a relaxing day enjoying mother's day which i celabrate being a single parent of a daughter. i enjoy both mother's day and father's day but mother's day is always better for some reason. i cleaned up the Green Toy and made scrap metal for the scrap guy and his ladys to haul back south on one of the last loads they will do after 7 months.


green toy lighter


i did find a piece of paper from back when the green toy was in the military so now i know a little history of him.


green toy info

May 12 2019


it was a sunny morning so i took a picture of the 1974 ford 9000 known as the Screaming Ford and my Green Toy together.


toys sunny

May 11 2019


i finally got to weld where it was high and dry yesterday which was nice. glad i bought a $25,000.00 forklift to stand on which makes life easier.


welding dry

May 10 2019


it is hard to believe it has been 7 months since the scrap guy and his ladys came north to do scrap metal recyling in the Kingdom and WHOville.




the big 330B cat back hoe parked in front of the shop for a little service work makes the big TD-18 winter freight cat from the 1950s look so small.


td18 hoe

May 09 2019


we are having fun in the mud with no bugs getting these sleigh parts organized. the trees have grow up in the 22 years since i put the sleigh parts here.


hoe mud

May 08 2019


i have chevy truck parts all over the Kingdom and we have been working to get them organized.


chevy parts


we got all the parts organized and on wheels to go inside a van trailer for storage.


chevy ready


May 07 2019


my new green toy was loaded up in the south to head north to the Kingdom.


green toy


while these guys are enjoying no snow, no mud and no winter clothes, i am in the Kingdom preforming magic on welding the booze trailer from the south. the so-called road is hard on these southern trailers and i had to over come gravity to make some nice over head welds which was a shocking experience.


wet repiars

May 06 2019


just a quick picture from saturday when i used my Hoe to shovel the snow away from the shop doors. i think i use my Hoe more for snow then dirt for some reason.


hoe snow

May 05 2019


i got to take the 1983 IH 5000 paystar out and plow snow in the month of may. we have not plowed snow in 3 months because we have only been getting a little skiff of snow here and there.


thor gate


great view from being up so high in the 4x4 truck.


thor view


Jan 05 2019


being the King of Obsolete i do things a little differently then most people. to say thansk to the people at westrans company in winnipeg who supply most of the parts to the Kingdom for my collectables. i had rodney my main partsman at westrans order in a pizza-chicken lunch for for the staff of 25. he had frank's pizza on main street cater and whack my credit card which was not that bad in price for the service given.


westrans food


while these people were enjoying a free lunch on my credit card 1200kms away in the south, my son and i were out ski-dooing to check winter drill roads. when we returned from having so much fun freezing, i seen the pictures of everyone enjoying them selfs which made my day.


KoO ski-doo


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie