Jan 12 2020 -- Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery

Feb 04 2020 -- CF-PJG Beech 18 Kingdom

Feb 12 2020 -- 1976 AM General M816 Wrecker


Aug 07 2020

yesterday during the heat of the day i mounted the ramp back on the Toon Barge.

TB gt

next the rotten deck that has been on the barge for 15 years was removed.

TB deck

it is surprising to see the paint is still in good shape considering it was splashed on in october and was freeze dried.

TB clean

Aug 06 2020

yesterday at 3pm coffee time it was decide to move the Toon Barge up closer to the shop. only problem the Toon Barge has not moved in 10 years and the Screaming Ford is still broken. no problem just use the boom on the Green Toy to lift the front of the trailer and drag the trailer along with flat tires. the tires are only flat on the bottom so they still turn.

toon barge camera

Aug 05 2020

it was a good day yesterday with doing a dry test run of the quad and trailer fitting in the ramp boat.

quad ramp

the quad had no problems climbing up and in the boat. the quad and trailer just the right fit which is good.

quad side

plus lots of room to walk around too.

quad front

Aug 04 2020

we had a 3rd day in a row for warm weather so i whipped up a roof for the Ramp Boat in the little shop out of the sun. the roof started out as a high support for the 4000lbs winch to be able to winch on the beech 18 wings and motors so it had to be strong. then it became a flat top roof that makes the boat look like a 1915 farm tractor. oh well.

RB roof

Aug 03 2020

a relaxing sunday with nice weather for 2 days in a row which is un-heard of for us this summer. i was able to finish the Mermaid Deck on the back of the boat so she can sit and enjoy a beverage with us and keep her fin in the water.

deck rear

plus i made a Viagra Stick to support the motor for the trips over the Kinoosao Rally Road.

deck stick

then i took 10 year old wood that was all bent and twisted and got it to lay flat for a floor in the Ramp Boat. the floor has to be tough with the mini Hoe and quads plus airplane motors going in and out.

rb deck

Aug 02 2020

i have no idea what the american fellow did to my 50hp merc motor back in 2018 but i finally got it to run after 20 hours of work. since the key was lost and a screw driver was used to start the boat to get back from the cabin there was also a few other things wrong including a fried out starter solenoid and electrical wires plugged in to wrong places.

wires inside

plus being colour blind it was easier for me to remove and start over and make it like everything else in the Kingdom,,,,,,"simple". my motto is "when in doubt, rip it out".

wires removed

Aug 01 2020

just another fun day in the Kingdom with the new replacement axle arriving for this light plant trailer that had it's axle destroyed on a trip over the so-called road. the Green Toy makes life so much easier plus you can see in the back ground the flag of exercise doing what it does best.


July 31 2020

another boring day in the Kingdom with me preforming magic which we can't talk about right now. but we did have a warm day of +26c yesterday so here is a picture of me enjoying what i like.

KoO selfie snow

July 30 2020

a Kingdom Follower sent me a picture of the Screamong Ford on his TV for Ice Road Truckers. my 15 seconds of fame is still going.


July 29 2020

2 of my welders are over 22 years old and still work excellent. the first welder is in the welding sleigh providing power for the caboose and welding on the cat train repairs.

welder 1

the second welder is in the shop with the exhausted piped to the wood stove. when welding the welder heats the shop to keep things warm. this welder is also used for back up power in the Kingdom.

welder 2

then the 2010 welder with the honda motor gets loaded in the equipment to go out on repair jobs. since the honda is not enclosed it makes for easy heating and starting on those cold days.

welder 3

July 28 2020

we used the Green Toy to take the Ramp Boat behind the Kingdom to do a floating water test with all the bugs you can see in the picture.

GT bugs

the Green Toy had no problems with the rail bed we used as a road because the 6x6 was working.

GT tracks

then had the wrong angle for the boat launch and Baptized the 50hp merc motor which is not a problem. back in the Kingdom when i had the spark plugs out of the motor draining the water out of the cylinders, when i found a few items that were made wrong by the american who borrowed and used my motor. my cup is always 1/2 full so i was happy to find these other problems.

GT launch

July 27 2020

between the rains i was able to use the Green Toy and lift up the Ramp Boat.

RB gt

then used the green forklift known as the Rut Maker to slide the trailer back under.

RB trailer

the sun came out when i hung the 50hp Merc on the back for a test fit. it was a good relaxing sunday in the Kingdom.

RB motor

July 26 2020

it was a good day playing with the Ramp Boat skid-plate-keel because magic was preform with the right size of hammer to make things fit.


then the sun came out and i had to wear my poodle shirt to keep the sparks off my arms because welding with 6010 rods is like cooking bacon naked.

welding koo

plus i think i have enough rods to finish up the Ramp Boat so we can go and get the rest of the beech 18 wreckage while the water is still high.

rods  selection

July 25 2020

with the beer flu lock down we are starting to run short on supplies and i'm not going to use up all the good welding rods incase a paying repair job comes in. the skid-plate-keel will make the boat steer better because before it was flat bottom and went every where but where you wanted the boat to go. since the skid-plate-keel is really not a structural item i'm using welding rods from the nickel mine that are over 40 years old.

RB rods side

these rods are fun to burn and it is windy enough outside that i don't breath in the fumes because 40 years ago they made welding rods that the fumes will give you a headache right now. the 40 year old welding rods should hold the skid-plate-keel on even if i'm water skiing behind the Ramp Boat and it hits a reef in the water. the skid-plate-keel should not fall off and i hit it with my water skis which causes me to do cart-wheels on the water which causes my Speedo to fall off. then everyone would be able to see how cold the water is by the shrinkage.

RB rods

July 24 2020

to get the sides nice and tight to do the uphand welding,

hoe pipe

i used the Hoe to make them tight even with a pipe as a lever too.

hoe pipe

then the Ramp Boat got the big flip and now to build the skid-plate-keel so the boat steers better and can bounce off the hidden rocks in the lake.

RB flipped

July 23 2020

since we lengthened the Ramp Boat for hauling the quad and trailer plus more ladys we had to come up with sides for the extension. of course we don't have any of the original fuel tank left to use as replacement sides so we used a little magic.

RB curved

since the forklift is known as the Rut Maker which works good in getting the right curve needed for the sides.

RB flat

then the Hoe is handy for holding the sides in to place while i over come the laws of gravity to weld up hand.

RB Hoe

July 22 2020

it was a good day working on the Ramp Boat yesterday by getting the cross members all cut and installed.

members done

taking the month of june and organizing the recycled steel pile made things easier when needing the materials to cut the cross members out.

members steel

just a quick picture of the forecast for the next week which means i could be using the boat around the yard with all the rain forecasted. we were lucky so far with 3 sunny warm days in a row.


July 21 2020

we officially had a warm day yesterday and i had to wear my Poodle Shirt to stay cool while welding on the ramp boat. the Poodle Shirt name comes from a fancy high priced shirt being purchased by my fiancee' at the time. she bought all these fancy clothes and made me wear them to look good. i called them the Poodle Clothes because she dress me up to show me off like you do a poodle. she is long gone with the second white suburban and flat screen TV but i still have these great work clothes.

poodle shirt

July 20 2020

the older i get the smarter i get, i think. i put the fuel tank in the ramp boat using the fork lift known as the rut maker before i put the ramp boat inside the shop. working smarter not harder.

fuel tank

then spent the day building the floor and mounting the fuel tank. the tank is made to come out easily incase i have to clean the tank after 6 years of storage on the bottom of the lake again.

steering wheel

according to all my measuring and re-measuring the quad with the tandem trailer will be able to drive in the ramp boat and still have lots of room for other supplies. or the ramp boat can haul the wings from a beech 18 plane too.

quad trailer

July 19 2020

yesterday while working on the ramp boat i had to stop and use the pit to change out a broken cable on this pop up camper from the south. the so-called road did damage to the crank and cables underneath on the frame by the axle which makes the top go up. of course we had to preform magic on a saturday night to make it work.

camper cable

july 18 2020

with the never ending rain or sun showers i had to shove the Ramp Boat inside the little shop to work on it.

RB shop

just a fun day in the Kingdom welding on the Ramp Boat inside the little shop out of the rain.

RB koo

i guess when we built the boat 18 years ago with lots of beverage we didn't really care about being centred.

RB drain missed

now the new drain will get rid of any water inside or sink the boat faster then the last time.

RB drain square

July 17 2020

yesterday was a totally boring day by working on the trailer in the shop which is not worthy of posting a picture or too. but we can re-post this 4 days of drinking to make the Ramp Boat which i need to finish the modifications to go and recover the beech 18 CF-SDS which is now a water salvage.

ramp boat 2002

July 16 2020

yesterday was july 15 and i was wearing long undies, a sweater and welding on this trailer in the little shop with the wood stove going during the all day rain. around 7pm the sun came out for about 15 minutes and i was able to bring the trailer out and flip it back over and back in to the shop for more welding. then the rains came back. i don't think i'll get to wear my Speedo at all this summer even if we get our usual 5 hot days.

trailer flip

July 15 2020

finally got someone to drive my canoe while we paddled across the lake to the crash site of the beech 18 CF-SDS. in 1973 the plane on floats was taking off and crashed in to the island and burnt. i was told for 23 years the plane burnt and was in the water beside the island but in april 2020 i was told it was on the island not in the water.


since the raining season started 4 month early here in the great white north and has all lake and river level extra high.

right wing

the island is now flooded pretty good which makes the plane wreck in the water and hard to see.

eft wing

July 14 2020

between the rains yesterday i pressure washed the D6 9U known as The Hood. we even took the hood off to clean the motor and rad even better. it is now 15 years since we got The Hood up and running after spending 3 years under water with the D6 9U known as the Bismark. also the black box on the fender is my booster seat to raise me up because at my age my hips and knees feel better. the round hole cut in the middle is for accessing the steering booster, it is not a pottie seat which everyone thinks. i should have cut a square hole instead.

the hood wash

July 13 2020

after spending the rain day as Suzie Home Maker by cleaning the house-office and making Chicago Fry Bread i had to do something "manly" so i popped the motor out of the D6 9U known as Bigfoot.

gt lift bACK

the security cameras in the Kingdom caught the flag of exercise at the right moment when the motor was hanging on the Green Toy.


July 12 2020

it was another day of heavy rains in the Kingdom so i could not ride my Hoe, drive my Rut Maker forklift or drive the Green Toy dragging something around. plus with all the rain made the internet too slow to enjoy the Playboy Channel. so i was Suzie Home Maker by cleaning the house-office and making Chicago Fry Bread for me and the guard dogs. since it was saturday which is Bath and Treat Night in the Kingdom, i gave the guard dogs a treat of Pedigree Vitality Plus dog food instead of their usual Walmart Old Roy with fresh Chicago Fry Bread topped with thick tomato soup. the 5 meals for the guard dogs looked pretty good and was tastey for them.

dinner fry bread

July 11 2020

yesterday we moved the Super Pete up beside the house-office for yard art which was no problem for the Green Toy because that is what the M816 Wrecker is made for.

GT pete

plus the Hoe was working hard too with the tire drag.

Hoe drag

July 10 2020

i have been riding my Hoe a little too much lately so a oil change was needed.

hoe oil

then we played with rocks and more rocks plus got the D6 9U known as The Hood out with the 12 foot wide blade to smooth things out.

hi=oe oil rockas

The Hood spent 3 years under water and is still running good after 15 years since we revived him. a little water never hurt anything.

hoe oil d6

July 09 2020


part of mowing the grass yesterday we also dragged the back road in to the Kingdom. my neighbour and i pay taxes and have not seen the town grader since 2006 which was the last time they graded the road. with all the rain we have been getting the road was getting bad so the winter road drag works good when used properly.

gt dragging

if you drag the road at first in a Zig Zag pattern it cross cuts the pot holes and water channels. the last and finally passes with the drag are done straight to make it smooth.

gt dragging back

of course a fun day in the Green Toy would not be complete with out a picture by the Beech 18.

gt tail

July 08 2020

we spent the morning organizing the steel tank shed that has some cat parts stored inside. this was on the to do list for 20 years but finally done.

cat shed

it was dry enough in the late afternoon to be able to haul some back fill with the green forklift known as the Rut Maker. plus it was good to ride my Hoe after 4 long days due to rain.

cat shed toys

it was my lucky day to be able to smooth out level the back fill full of rocks with the td-6 know as Aggie because the blade is set up for plowing snow and has shoes on the bottom. usually when i'm finished leveling it looks like a motocross track for dirt bikes.

cat shed aggie

July 07 2020

since it was Monday yesterday and it was too early to get drunk and dial one of my ex-women my life to create un-necessary drama. but instead I chose to pull the old cable off the extra winch for the D6 9U cats. it was a fight till the end and I only got poked a few time through my gloves from the frayed cable.

winch caBLE

July 06 2020

it was another day of rain in the Kingdom so too wet to ride my Hoe, too wet to drive the green fork lift known as the Rut Maker and too wet to work in the shop. so I made Chicago fry bread to warm up the house for me and the guard dogs.

fry bread

July 05 2020

in 2012 I bought a D6 9U wide pad in the south and shipped the cat north to the Kingdom knowing the motor has the top end taken apart and water inside too. when the cat arrived known as Bigfoot I filled the motor up with old diesel fuel and waited 8 years for everything to soak up nicely.

d6 2012

yesterday I decided to take the motor apart to get ready for a rebuild when the money tree blossoms.

d6 hoe

the motor was excellent to work on and only a couple of taps with a hammer on the wooden block and the pistons popped out.

d6 wooden block

every one makes big drama out of water in a motor or an engine being seized. in the Kingdom those things are a fact of life when we take cats swimming or acquired a new collectable that is seized. the Bar Starter was built in 1987 to un-seize my first cat and 33 years later we are still saving these cats.

d6 pistons

July 04 2020

after a good thunder storm the night before it was too wet to ride my Hoe so it was do little things that didn't require getting stuck or muddy. the 2 pallets I need were in the storage trailer behind all the lumber that didn't get hauled in on the winter road because of the beer flu lock down. next I had to move the parts pallets from the scrap guy and his ladys to get my pallets.

4ts 1

then open up the shipping boxes to get my custom rebuilt transmissions for the Monster Truck and the muskeg buggie. when the money tree was blossoming, I was spending the money on inventory and parts instead of spending money foolishly on women. with those parts organized and ready to be installed at a later date,

4ts trans

I dragged out the truck which will be donating the motor for the Linn Tractor 2. a 1978 chevy with a 350 small block that an old fellow owned in WHO-ville and has sat for over 10 years. it was like xmas in the Kingdom yesterday.

4ts truck

July 03 2020

the Kingdom has these pushed up piles of trees and rocks from a long long time ago.

clean up

with the mini Hoe and 39 chevy I have been cleaning them up during the beer flu lock down.

39 hoe side

now the yard will look better for filming if we ever get to film with Hollywood again.

3 items done

July 02 2020

it was a nice cold and rainy Canada day in the Kingdom which I spent the day getting wet. at +12c and lots of rain I was wearing lot of clothes to stay warm. of course when the project is almost complete at the end of the day the mini Hoe needs fuel which is 15 litres of diesel. the 86 dodge known as the Head Hanger has been the fuel truck most of the beer flu lock down as we clean up the Kingdom.


the project was simple load the 39 chevy.

39 hoe loading

dump behind the new shop and flatten it out as best you can using the TD-6 known as Aggie. now we have use-able work space behind the shop.

3 items

July 01 2020

I have owned the Famous Black Cat for 32 years and the last 5 years have been terrible because of the new thermostats I have been installing. these name brand thermostats are junk and fall apart or don't open and cause the cat to over heat.

themos close

I figure that these thermostats have cost me about a $1000.00 per cat in antifreeze, time and beer. I wish that Swedish kid would go around getting manufactures to put quality back in their products to save the environment.

themos 1988

June 30 2020

just a quick picture of 4 of my 10 old trucks in my collection. starting from the left is a 46 chevy cab on a 1974 IH 4x4 frame known as the Monster Truck, 38 Maple Leaf which is a Canadian chevy heavy duty truck, 38 GMC 2 ton truck and of course the 39 chevy truck.

trucks group

June 30 2020

it was a nice overcast day and the rain held off until I had finished backfilling behind the new shop that is 8 years old. i'm playing big time contractor with the mini Hoe digging to level out an area for the collectables to park. the green forklift known as the Rut Maker doing the hauling with a tipping tub.

back fill toys

then the TD-6 known as Aggie (ag cat from the south now a winter cat) doing the landscaping with shoes on the bottom of the blade for plowing snow which makes for great fun.

back fill aggie

June 28 2020

yesterday during the heat of the day of +22c before the rains came again, we did a little water hauling. the new mirrors on the Green Toy

gt water side

worked great because the blue arch building is my neighbour's place which is out the back gate of the Kingdom. we drive forward out the back gate then back up all the way down to the water hole.

gt water back

once the 46 chevy water truck is full, we drive forward to the blue arch building then back up in to the Kingdom to the water holding tanks. we only do this 5 times and it is 40 minutes for a round trip to have fire protection and pressure washer water in the Kingdom.

gt water tanks

June 27 2020

33 years ago today on june 27 1987, I was young man with my 80s heavy metal hair when I said "I Do". then 6 years later she said "I Don't" because she was living her life to the joan jett AC/DC song. after the DIEvorce, I ended up at the end of the world with 2- crane cats, 1939 chevy and a 1946 chevy ton truck hauling scrap metal to pay off the debts of my DIEvorce. the yellow crane cat became the Famous Black Cat, the red crane cat has a cracked head from a swim in a frozen lake, the 1939 chevy is still going and the 1946 chevy became the welding sleigh. the only thing missing is all my 80s heavy metal hair which is now turning grey and very thin on top. thansk

cats 39

May 23 2018

i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie