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Feb 23 2019 -- 1938 MAPLE LEAF TRUCK--added to bottom of the page


Oct 14 2019 -- 1938 Maple Leaf Truck repairs


Oct 22 2019 -- Lombard Winter Freighting Sleighs


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Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleigh 2019


Nov 03 2019 -- P.A.T Winter Freighting Sleigh


Nov 03 2019 -- TD-9 INTERNATIONAL "Free Fall"


Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleighs


Nov 08 2019 -- Linn Tractor Logging Sleighs

Jan 12 2020 -- Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery


Jan 19 2020

in 2014 we did a plane crash recovery in which the Famous Black Cat got sunk for the 17th time in his life. no problem because we just dragged him out with the D6 9U known as The Hood.


Jan 18 2020

the D6 9U known as The Hood did really well working in the -30c temperature for 5 days pushing up wooden debris.

d6 wood

of course the master pin bushing decided to self destruct on the last day but the job got completed. not bad for a cat that is 70 years old and was under water for 3 years.

d6 pin


Jan 17 2020

since it was a nice day yesterday of -36c but felt like -48c, I was in the office planning the Mermaid Trip 2020. all the little details must be looks after so the ladys from Hooters café enjoy the trip. so here is a quick picture from xmas time out on reindeer lake towing a broken ford off the lake with the bombardier.

B towing

Jan 16 2020

since it is another cold day here in the Kingdom of -34c but feels like -48c. i'll post a warm up picture from may 2018 when the Green Toy arrived. the 1976 AM General M816 was in rough shape when arriving in the Kingdom with a lot of supplies from the south too.

GT arrives

Jan 15 2020

just a quick video that took 6 hours to up load to youtube because my high speed internet that i'm paying for is not high speed.

Jan 14 2020

boring day in the Kingdom yesterday so here is a picture of the Green Toy at -33c last week.

GT -33c

Jan 13 2020

I have now made a 3D model on how the semi truck will be recovered on the Mermaid Trip this summer. I have made models of the Toon Barge (that is a grey file fold not pink since i'm colour blind) and the Mini Barge. the semi truck is laying on it's side and the winches on the barges will up right the truck then winch it up tight underneath for the trip to shore. the model truck is from my 15 seconds of fame in Europe and my published books are the back drop of the picture. also the side window for my 38 GMC truck was used as the water since it was handy in the shop. Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery

salvage side

salvage top

Jan 12 2020

at -36c yesterday it was a good day to made plans on salvaging the sunken ford which has been in storage for 40 years.

sinking ford

I used my Etch-a-Sketch to whip up a drawing on how it will be done. we will salvage the suburban full of soda pop first so we have something to drink because it could be one of the 5 hot days of summer we get. I have also included the film crew and the ladys from Hooters who will be handling lights and sound.


Jan 11 2020

just a quick video from yesterday when I walked around the Kingdom during the heat of the day at -32c looking at my collectables. woke up this morning to -36c but feels like -43c and to think I chose to live here.


Jan 10 2020

it took a while back in 2003 to find this Saturday Evening Post from april 21 1951 with the story of reindeer lake in it. yes I do read other magazines other then Playboy, lol thansk


SEP pages

Jan 09 2020

with it being extra cold outside yesterday it gave me a good excuse to clean my office shelve. oh the memories.

office shelve

Jan 08 2020

a Kingdom Follower sent me felt seals for my IH TD-9 cats that are used on the rear main crank. very use full xmas gift.


just a quick video of a little drive in the M816 wrecker better known as the Green Toy.

Jan 07 2020

it was a fun day yesterday in the snow with both trucks being cummins powered.

GT snow

Thor snow

Jan 06 2020

of course I still get cheese whiz in the mail as a gift from my Kingdom Followers. thansk

cheese whiz gift

Jan 05 2020

one of my Kingdom Follower has one of those fancy plasma cutter thingies and asked if I wanted the KoO cut out. I asked him to cut KoO so I can use it as template for spray paint KoO on my inventory or collectables. just before xmas the package arrives and there are the cut outs plus the Diamond Barnes for xena's company Barnes Freighters too.

KoO gift

Jan 04 2020

with the Green Toy in front of the shop there was enough room for the hard booze truck to spend the night. the fun we have at the end of the world making sure all the beverage trucks are up and running to make the deliveries.

from the fellow we helped out and i used cut and paste to add it it here.

I wanna say thanks so much for helping me out last night , from finding me the only room left In Lynn , to making sure I had food , and everything from shampoo to speed stick , a ride set up to and from hotel , hands down one of the nicest people I have ever meet !! Thanks again

GT shop

Jan 03 2020

today I had to move the 1976 AM General M816 wrecker known as the Green Toy around the Kingdom and of course toss on a set of yard chains.



Jan 02 2020

in 2016 when I bought this MarCum VS825sd under water camera it was very pricey. the only problem we have is the screen is made out of recycled mirrors. the glare and reflection is terrible as you can see in the picture. this is not very good when trying to get a picture of a Mermaid's pretty smile or her cleavage. once again the Swedish kid should be complaining about crappy products on the market. thansk


1:12pm jan 01 2020

yesterday being the last day of the decaded and i was on reduced internet speed so enjoying the internet was out of the question. but i was able to complete with 6 hours to spare the TD-6 known as Lavern before he became a 10 year project. my dad and his father before him were known for not finishing projects and how they were able to have off spring is to be questioned because you have to finish. i have told everyone that i'm not like my dad and i'll finish my projects so they are up and running for my estate sale to be hosted by Barrett Jackson so xena gets top dollar to remember me by. the last part of 2019 i was able to get Bismark, Blaine, Dually, Free Fall, Kijiji and Lavern all up and running plus finish up a few of the sleighs too. 2020 will be a better year i hope with the money tree blossoming successfully through the year. thansk

lavern side

Jan 01 2020

since i'm old and boring on new years eve, I made fry bread for the dogs for new years day treats. the house dogs watched to make sure I followed the directions correctly.


Dec 31 2019

the poor Head Hanger Dodge was hanging low in the back end with barrels of fuel plus the weight of the trailer hitch with 500 gallons of water. oh well. i can now enjoy new years eve with a bath and treat.

dodge water low

Dec 30 2019

the white fish I was given from towing the broken ford off the lake was still a little frozen after spending the night in the heated tire shack. I had to bake the fish, then peel off the white meat with a fork and toss on the cookie sheet.

fish baked

once on the cookie sheet I bake it again and made sure it was cooked really good. the dogs will get the not so good parts of the fish which I made sure there is no bones in. this will be a good treat for us for a couple of days of good eating. thansk

fish baked again

Dec 29 2019

being a professional Mermaid Hunter I was up before the crack of dawn which is around 9am because of winter solstice and traveled up the Kinoosao Rally Road.

MT side

once out on the lake, it did not take long to pop a few holes in the ice to look for a Mermaid.

sonar side

once it was official and we could do no more this year with ice on the lake we headed to Kinoosao to do a tow call on the broken ford truck. now we wait till the ice if off the lake in june for the next phase of fun to begin. thansk

side lake

we did a little 20kms side trip to tow a broken ford off the lake which was a little fun.

tf front

The truck has been sitting a week in the blowing snow and no problems for the bombardier to get rolling.

tf lake

plus we got paid in fish too so it was a good day.

tf fish

Dec 28 2019

being a professional Mermaid Hunter, I have to build equipment for the job. yesterday I whipped up the hook and floater and a few lights to drop through the ice so the we can see the Mermaid for better pictures. heading out this morning in my quest for the Mermaid. thansk


Dec 27 2019

relaxing in the shop and working on Lavern the confused td-6 that now has a gas motor. I welded up the battery box, fuel tank splash guard and the chains on the draw bar pins.


I put a new starter on which is an expensive Wilson rebuilt which does no engage. I had marked on the starter $1000.00 because in 2017 I bought a starter and it didn't work so they exchanged it for me but I had to pay the freight and handling. now the replacement start does not even work. I figure I have $10,000.00 in brand new Wilson electrical parts in inventory that don't work or did work for a very short time. Wilson used to be good quality parts until they moved the plant to mexico so now they sell junk. in the picture you will see a starter on the engine all frosted up because I grabbed it from the storage shed and it works with no problems. thansk


Dec 26 2019

for xmas I made some fry bread for the dogs to enjoy. they get all excited when they smell what i'm cooking. I watch a youtube video of a coloured lady in Chicago making them. it is easy to follow along and she is funny and makes mistakes like I do. I used brown flour and had the oil too hot so they turned out dark. plus the lady in the youtube video makes her's with lots of love too.

fry bread

Dec 25 2019

the temperatures have changed in the Kingdom. we went from -37c to -8c and everything feels warm now. I hung my old pants up to melt the ice off because they are used to seal the shop doors like the green tarp below in the picture. once dried out they will be ready to seal the doors again. thansk

dry pants

Dec 24 2019

we are out on reindeer lake looking for the Mermaid and this is what a bombardier is made for.

B side

the bombardier worked prefect for having all the equipment warm and dry while we searched for the Mermaid in reindeer lake.

B inside

of course at the end of the day we had to get a picture in front of the co-op store in kinoosao because it is a historic landmark.

B store

Dec 23 2019

on our quest to see the Mermaid in reindeer lake we came across a dodge truck that quit.

dodge quit

of course we can't leave them so we dragged the dodge behind the bombardier back to kinoosao. that is the second dodge I have towed in less the 24 hours which must be the reason why I don't have a new dodge in the driveway. the first one I did at 4am this morning with the Screaming Ford and the 30,000lbs Wicked Winch because the driver decide to hide the truck in some trees and steep ditch which caused him to spill his beer.

dodge tow

Dec 22 2019

Dug out a video from 2016 when i was towing my beech 18 back down the runway it crashed on.

boring day in the Kingdom yesterday so here is a video from 2015 in the 1974 ford 9000 known as the Screaming Ford going down the big hill on the Kinoosao Rally Road which we are plowing with the 1983 IH Paystar 5000 named Thor this past week. thansk


Dec 21 2019

i can finally chat about my next project that has been 23 years in the works. in 1980 this ford 9000 with the 8V71 detroit went for a swim in 84 feet of water. in 2016 i used my $10,000.00 worth of side scan sonars and under water camera to check the truck out. now in 2020 it is offically on my To Do list. the recovery in 2016 of the beech 18 airplane was a test project to prove that we can do being colour blind and afraid of water.

Beech 18 water recovery

Also all pictures from the side scan sonar used in 2016 can not be used because a mermaid photo bombed the pictures. Our plan is to get non mermaid pictures of the sunken truck as soon as the ice becomes safe enough to do so.

mermaid ford

Dec 20 2019

during the heat of the day of -28c it was time to do the little things on the 1983 IH Paystar 5000 known as Thor the plow truck. since the fish truck is operated by a big company and the bean counters buy the cheap tire chains I call China Chains because they are good for one time use. we toss them in Thor when we remove the tire chains once all 5 hills are climbed on the Kinoosao Rally Road. then I have to fix the broken links and get them ready for the next trip in for the fish trailer. since we live at the end of the world and it is cold all the time the blue tarp straps are for cold weather use and hold the tire chains tight. the colour blue (light grey to me being colour blind) means cold weather use not for supporting the pride parade movement. also we put the diesel heater under Thor to assist in a cold start up just to make things easier on equipment.

thor front heater

note the wooden block behind the rear wheel is for parking so the park brake is not applied when the brakes are hot and cover in snow and ice. once the brakes cool down and the air tanks drain the park brake will self apply. this way no frozen brakes in the morning.

thor morning after'

Dec 19 2019

we went from a nice -37c temperature to -19c but that means it snows lots when it warms up. only problem is the fish truck can't make it up the 5 hills I plowed on sunday night because 6" of snow means no traction. I took Thor up and did the plowing before the fish truck arrived but it got colder as the night turn in to early morning.

thor fish side

since the power outage in Who-ville 5 days ago they have not been able to fix the computers on the fuel pumps. since this empty fish trailer from the south was last fueled 24 hours ago we got smart and pumped fuel from the semi truck in to the refer-heating tank so I don't have to come back and fill it up in 2 days time. now the refer-heating unit is good for the standard 3 days. when I arrived back in the Kingdom it was only -33c which is nice plowing weather. thansk


Dec 18 2019

my quick trip over the Kinoosao Rally Road to fill the refer-heating fuel tank so the it does not run out of fuel and quit.

fish fuel

it is great fun in the cold tempatures getting the rubber fuel hose to bend enough after it cools down from being inside the warm cab of the truck. oh well I chose to live up here and freeze.

fish fuel hose

quick video of the steep hill I plowed on sunday night with the plow truck known as Thor. not bad for an airport plow truck plowing rocks and more rocks. the sounds is not that great, oh well. thansk

Dec 17 2019

just a quick picture of Thor back in the Kingdom at 2am when i arrived back from plowing for the fish truck.

thor 2am

then again at 2pm in the afternoon when we towed a broken ski-doo home. a ski-doo is like Mistress, you toss a lot of money at one for a short little ride, lol thansk

thor ski-doo

Dec 16 2019

it was 3am when I went to bed after returning from a little quick plow job at -33c on the Kinoosao Rally Road. the Department of Holidays plowed the road using the speedometer instead of plowing using quality. the operator of the fancy grade maintained the same speed on the road while plowing. if the speedo said 5mph at the bottom of the hill with the blade cutting the snow pack snow off the road, he lifted the blade and left snow pack on the hill to maintain the speed of 5mph. this makes the road look nice and pretty but when the loaded fish truck with 505hp and full locking diffs with triple chains tries to climb the hills, traction becomes a problem as the truck climbs up the hill. the hard pack snow of 6" is more like sand and not much traction can be gotten with the tire chains and full diff locks. I drove Thor the plow truck out and plowed the 5 bad hills down to the gravel. when Thor has the $1200.00 set of tire chain on he becomes a D8 cat and can push and pull anything. once the 5 hills were cut right down the fish truck walked up the hills as if it was a hot summer day in july when they usually haul fish over the Kinoosao Rally Road. thansk

thor fish truck

Dec 15 2019

it was 17.5 hours before the power came back on but the Kingdom was ok because we are used to having no power. a lot of people in Who-ville have frozen water pipes and other things. once the power came back on I was able to leave and head over the Kinoosao Rally Road. it is a tricky road to drive with 1 foot on the brake and 1 foot on the gas plus you can't let fear and common sense hold you back. of course the winter road is still closed for some reason but great place to stop for a stretch and a picture.

FF road

the mini van went in the ditch a few months ago and is destroyed which is normal.

ff van

once in Kinoosao I fueled up the refer-heater on the fish trailer then headed back to the Kingdom. with the power outage all fuel cardlock and debit machines got fried so getting fuel is a big problem and that is why I have barrels with fuel stored in them. thansk

ff fueled

Dec 14 2019

on Friday dec 13th at 7:58pm the power went out in Who-ville at -35c but feels like -47c but the Kingdom has welders for power. I started my pink crew cab to keep it warm and for vehicle support to check on my son and her dogs in town. the welder in the shop supplies enough power for heat and light in the office-house.

welder power

every 2 hours I start my Hoe in the Hoe shack to warm up the building. you can not have a chilly Hoe. as of this posting time it has been 12 hours with no power

hoe power

Dec 13 2019

after dropping off the beer trailer in WHO-ville, I had to go a secret mission up the Kinoosao Rally Road. on the way back from dropping the trailer I came across some Kingdom Followers that were hunting and the chevy diesel truck would not run. they said they heard me coming before they seen me for some reason. I asked where they bought the fuel and when they told me where, there would be no amount of boosting going to make the truck run. the guys took turns steering the dead chevy on the 2 hours trip back to the Kingdom at -33c with 15 minute warm up in the other gas powered chevy that was running and following.


once in the Kingdom we shoved the dead chevy in the shop doors and put the heat on for 2 hours. 911 fuel conditioner made the fuel flow again and the diesel chevy started right up. thansk

shop heated

Dec 12 2019

we got the call at 4:31pm that the beer truck broke down because of the cold weather and the DEF computer on the fancy new truck. in less then 3 hours we had the Screaming Ford out of the snow bank and up and running at -31c but feels like -44c.

SF cold

when I returned back to the Kingdom with the trailer with weekly supply of beer for the people of WHO-ville, I tarped in the front of the Screaming Ford so it would have an easier time starting in the morning to deliver the beer. plus me and the 5 guard dogs got to listen the refer-heating unit run all night keeping the beer from freezing. just another fun day in the Kingdom.

sf cold trailer

Dec 11 2019

between working on other things in the little shop, i have the TD-6 known as Lavern in there too. all my cats are boys and the name Lavern can be a boy's or girl's name too. plus to make things more confusing, Lavern had a diesel motor to make him a T"D"-6 now he is geting a gas motor so he then become a "T"-6. thansk

lavern hoe

Dec 10 2019

when the tempature drops to -36c but feels like -47c things freeze up. the drillers ski-doo went in the Hoe shack to thaw out.

hoe shack

then we moved the T-6 cat known as Lavern ahead and pushed in the broken muskeg buggie (which is the same as mine Bombardier Muskeg Buggy ) in the little shop to warm up. then the Hoe just fits nicely in the shop too.

shop tight

Dec 09 2019

we took the bombardier out to do a little speed dragging of the cat train trails after test filming with the Linn Tractors.

B night

as you can see we really don't get a dark dark here at night at the end of the world.

B night side

Dec 08 2019

just a quick video from the test filming we did with the linn tractors and lombard sleighs.


Dec 07 2019

my son took a quick selfie of me in front of the Linn Tractors with both of my books that are for sale as a book set for $66.00 cdn funds. hard to believe that Linn #1 is on the cover of my first book which means time flies by quickly. thansk

linns selfie

linn #1 looking good on the cat train trails.

linn side

both linn tractors looking good

liins side

Dec 06 2019

yesterday we took the Linn Tractor #1 out of the shop at -26c to get some pictures and video. since the money tree died and we have no funds to pop the motor in Linn #2, we just towed it for pictures with the Lombard cross pole sleighs.

linnS side

i did whip up a little video chatting about what was on the camera above the shop doors.


Dec 05 2019

woke up to -28c but feels like -35c which is still nice weather for us. when we seen the forecast for cold weather it was decided to haul a load of water so bath and treat night would not be delayed. at my age it is the only thing I can look forward too

water haul

Dec 04 2019

while we wait for the freight (it is Tuesday and beer is on Wednesdays) from the south to arrive so we can unload it with the 39 chevy truck.

39 freight

we took the 1953 bombardier out of a little fun behind the Kingdom and made it across the muskeg swamp that is offically frozen.

muskeg fast

the bombardier looks good from a far but far from good.

side view

Dec 03 2019

yesterday we had the 39 chevy out for a little fun and the truck looks small beside the Green Toy.

39 gt

then we had to take the plow truck known as Thor out to do a little plowing. so it was a fun day with fun toys.

thor ready

Dec 02 2019

the linn tractor has had dual exhaust for 20 years and yesterday it became a single exhaust stack where the original exhaust pipe was. the things we do for filming to make it look orignial for the 1950s cat trains.


people ask me where i keep my Hoe in where it is warm and i reply my container that we used to play with drill core in. i also keep the yellow (lemon) ski-doo in there to because it needs to be warm too.

Hoe shack

Nov 21 2019

just a short 10 minute comedy with getting the Twins out of the shop on tuesday.


Nov 19 2019

then i whipped up this quick video.


Nov 18 2019

it was a boring day in the Kingdom doing the finishing touches on the Twins so here is a video from a couple years ago. the td-6 known as Aggie warming up and note all the snow. we have not plowed any snow yet this year.


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie