Jan 30 2018 -- Winter Drill Roads Part 9


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Jan 22 2018 -- Winter Drill Roads Part 7

Dec 25 2017 -- 1953 Bombardier Model B-18

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Jan 07 2016 -- YouTube Videos



Feb 21 2018


the deep sugar snow is un-real in the bush but the Kommunist Kat has no problems getting through.


alpine road


a couple passes later and the trail is good enough for the Alpine ski-doos to drag water lines along it.


alpine 2


Feb 20 2018


yesterday was a fun day driving the Linn Tractor hauling water at -27c.


linn road


we backed the linn tractor up the hill to flood so it will be nice and solid for the vehicles.


linn hill


Feb 19 2018


just a quick youtube video of the d6 9u known as The Hood working hard.





Feb 18 2018


one of the joys with playing with water at -30c is it ices up the track pads to make them use-less like street pads with no traction. the ice chisel is the best way to clean the track pads off.




Feb 17 2018


it was a fun day yesterday riding my mini Hoe in the bush. i had to dig a channel to control excess water from the drill and the mini Hoe had no problem because the ground is not frozen.

KoO Hoe

Feb 16 2018


it was another fun day on the winter drill roads doing what we do best,,,,having fun.


Z dragging

Feb 15 2018


we have had lots of cold days but the deep snow is keeping the ground from freezing. the KoO-Tracks has not problem driving around on the freshly plowed muskeg.


KT tracks


the D6 broke through the none frozen muskeg which was not good, the yellow bar is 6 feet long.


yellow bar


Feb 14 2018


yesterday we had fun doing what we do best,,,,building an ice road for the drillers.


KK ice

Feb 13 2018


yesterday was a fun day in the bush with the old cats and the KoO-Tracks truck but don't have the pictures right now. but thansk to facebook i have a memory picture from 3 years ago of a tow call i did on the winter road. great time and great fun.


tow job


Feb 11 2018


the ground froze up enough to support the weight of the big D6 cat known as The Hood. so we had to widen out the winter drill roads because of all the snow.

d6 wide

once we had the roads nice and wide the drill arrived and we dragged it through the bush to the drill site. a very relaxing day.


Feb 10 2018


yesterday i took the Bismark out of the shop so he could run for a few hours outside to get use to the -23c temperatures.


B outside

Feb 09 2018


i did a quick trip over the so-called road to thompson with an over night stay at the No-Tell Motel. of course i didn't get any pictures of the fun or food i enjoyed so here is a picture from last sunday of the "staff" as we pump water.



Feb 07 2018


yesterday we put the d6 9u known as the Bismark in the shop. let the fun begin.




Feb 06 2018


we plowed the winter drill roads on saturday then the 48kmph winds on sunday drifted them in again. then on monday we plowed again so they are ready to be used.


fbc plowing


to move the linn tractor to the stagging area in the bush it is faster to tow him then a cold start, warm up then drive, then go back and get the cat.




Feb 05 2018


the Linn Tractor was out working and making a wage so i can spend money on him foolishly. hauling water at -33c was a fun job.


linn working


a quick video of making the turn at claim post corner



then we head back to the creek to get another load of water.



Feb 04 2018


yesterday we had to go out at -33c with a wind chill of -48c to smooth out the drill sites. it was offically cold and we took turns on the cat for some reason. a week ago this area would not support the weight of the D6 cat as we plowed off the deep snow. now it is frozen rock hard.



Feb 03 2018


on november 08 2017 i mailed this package to a Kingdom Follower in Argentina. not sure if the package made it down there yet.



Feb 02 2018


it was a boring day in the Kingdom with being stuck in the office doing paperwork. so here is a picture from the other day of the d6 pulling the drag at sunset.


d6 drag sunset

Feb 01 2018


the linn tractor has been serviced and ready to go to work hauling water to flood a few bad spots on our winter drill road system.




Jan 31 2018


while i was riding the Famous Black Cat, my son xena was driving along listening to AC/DC in the KoO-Tracks truck. oh well.


kt front


Jan 30 2018


it was a fun day yesterday working on the winter drill roads at -26c which was a lot better then the -30c we had the day before. the night before in the darkness, we clean off a spot for the drill to sit but the ground is not frozen. we are very pleased that over night we got 3" of frozen ground and my son xena snapped this selfie of me and my bar.


koo selfie stick




Jan 29 2018


yesterday we were off to a slow start to the day with a morning temperature of -32c but everything started and we headed to the bush to widen the winter drill roads. the D6 cat known as The Hood had no problems plowing and dragging at the same time. plus the KoO-Tracks truck just followed along too.


d6 night


Jan 28 2018


the little shop was too short again to work on the Big Tex trailer that came from the south and had wheel stud problems.


shop short


the little job took till midnight but we got it done.



Jan 27 2018


it warmed up to -26c yesterday so we could haul a load of water to the Kingdom for bath and treat night.



Jan 26 2018


we have been plowing snow in the Kingdom for 3 days to make room for the crews for the drill program. on the 3rd day we had to get the D6 9U known as The Hood out to push the snow piles back. now the cat needs a little service then off to widen the drill roads.


d6 shop

Jan 25 2018


the replacement motors of these 2 cats have cleared the customs at the canada-usa border which is a good thing thansk to Lee River Transport for handling all arrangments for me. Lee River Transport is a proffessional company for the last 25 years so you can't believe everything you see on TV.


tiny d-6

Jan 24 2018


yesterday in the mail came the spark plugs for a tune up on the Famous Black Cat since he has a W-9 gas motor. rock auto was only $4.67 cdn money per spark plug. i have paid up to $25.00 per spark plug in the past. oh my.


spark plug

Jan 23 2018


for some reason i like this sunset picture of the Beast and i added 2 more pages of the fun we had on the weekend.


Jan 22 2018 -- Winter Drill Roads Part 8 Jan 22 2018 -- Winter Drill Roads Part 7


beast sunset


Jan 22 2018


we left the bombardier known as the Beast in the bush over night. when we arrived the next morning the sun dogs around the sun made for a good picture. but this means it is going to get cold and it did.




as the sun was setting we were making the last pass on the drill roads after a long hard day.


final pass

Jan 21 2018


once again i spent a lot of money and time for a 10 minute ride and the 1 hour walk. the snow conditions are unreal in the bush.




the wind blew in our drill roads that we plowed on dec 15 2017 and the deep snow hung up the bombardier known as the Beast. we had to get the cat and plow the road to get the Beast out.


beast stuck

Jan 20 2018


at 5pm we took the bombardier known as the Beast out for a test drive. after the 10 minute test drive was done, we loaded the machine on the trailer to pack the drill roads today. hopefully i don't have to walk back today.


test drive

Jan 19 2018


after almost a 100 hours of work on the new tracks and the under carriage, the bombardier wheels are all pointing in the same direction. today we pop the tracks on and go for a test drive which the steering wheel will fall off because it is the only thing i have not fixed on this Beast.


wheels on


Jan 18 2018


yesterday was a fun day not working in the shop but we can't talk about it. so here is a picture from 2009 when we did a scrap metal clean up in kinoosao. this is where the burnt bombardier came from that i have been getting the little parts here and there for the Beast. full story on the clean up click here


parts bomber