March 10 2019 -- 1939 Chevy Truck


Feb 27 2019 -- KoO-Tracks 2017 to 2018 fun added


Feb 23 2019 -- 1938 MAPLE LEAF TRUCK--added to bottom of the page



Aug 19 2019


the house in WHO-ville where we get water and do laundry for the Kingdom since 2005 plus xena decided to live there since she was 16 years old had a water leak in the roof. with all this rain the chimney decided to leak and I thought we would just rip it off being old and rust. it took and hour of beating and chiseling with a hammer to get it apart but it did come apart.




couple boards and lots of tar and it will be good for another 20 years. once again the forklift come in handy as a work platform.

roof hole

Aug 18 2019


my daughter xena gets the rescue puppies and raises them till they are just over a year old. then the dogs come to the Kingdom to become guard dogs. the dog named echo came this weekend to be an office-house guard dog but she needed a dog house for her own pen when not in the office. when you buy lots of parts from Rodney at westrans you get a free pallet. the pallet travel 1200kms to be reused at the floor of echo's new dog house.


dog house


we are on our 3rd day of rain in the Kingdom and 2 more to go so echo likes her dog house.


Aug 17 2019


on this conveyor it was designed for light duty dirt work of back filling under a house or removing the dirt but that is a southern style job. up here in the great white north where men are men and moose are nervous, the conveyor needed several up grades for the job it was purchased to do. the tail of the conveyor had to be smoothed out where the belt runs from the tail roller to the trough,




then belt guides installed underneath because the last thing this conveyor will be is level for the belt to run straight.


Aug 16 2019


in the summer of 1984 I was a 17 year old kid with long hair and wearing a Quiet Riot tee shirt and working at phoenix conveyor and belting. I was cutting belts and shipping them out like the one I received in the mail yesterday. I thought to myself maybe a 17 year old kid cut and shipped this belt like I did 35 years ago.




with all the rain, i'm working on a conveyor in the shop and getting it ready. this company in winkler started up and with in 2 years put the brandon company where I worked out of business. the winkler company has become very successful because it is a better product and better run company then the one I worked for. as a 19 year old kid, married with kids I did not understand why I lost my job. now at the age of 52 I see why and understand, business is business.


Aug 15 2019


the trip was a success with me doing the shopping and returning to the Kingdom over the so-called road. of course everything bounced all over the place in the bus.




being colour blind I don't really know what I bought till I get home and xena tells me the colours. we now have purple face clothes in the Kingdom.


Aug 14 2019

i drove the school bus over the so-called road all worried about the engine that was gassed up 10 month ago. the cummins diesel did not like the gas in the motor had had lots of issues but i was able to save the motor and get it running again.


bus drive


i dropped the bus off and get my new rental car so i can drive around with the ladys. the first set of traffic light i get to the engine dies in the rental car and then i start to worry. i went to re-start it and the engine started up by itself. i find out it shuts it self off to save fuel at traffic lights. i'm old school so i learned to drive it like my 39 chevy with one foot on the gas and one on the brake to keep it running at all times. i'm too old for this new crap.


Aug 13 2019

on the school bus, the so-called road is rough enough to crack out under the windshield. we had to have lots of water on had to keep the welds wet so the bus did not burn.


bus welding


in 10 months of searching on the internet this is the only bus to do this so it was a learning experience.


Aug 12 2019


my trip south on the weekend, Rodney from westrans met me 2 hours north of Winnipeg with my supplies. this saved me a lot of travel time plus I finally got to met Rodney in person. we have only chatted on the phone or through emails and messenger to order parts for the last 10 years. we look like 2 old guys trying to focus in on something which was the camera when we did the selfie after unloading the westrans truck on to my trailer.



Aug 11 2019


i made a quick trip south to the Narrows manitoba to pick up supplies for a project up here. the trip was not planned but worked out excellent. once on the So-Called Road back to the Kingdom, i hit a bad pot hole or several of them which caused the pin that holds the brake shoe on to disappear. then the trailer brake shoe dragged and caused lots of smoke.




i had to limp the truck and trailer in to a gravel pit to rip it apart then let it cool down for re-assemble. me and 4001 mosquitos put the wheel back together and i was able to get home at 4am instead of 11pm but i made it.


Aug 09 2019


I was able to get the codes erased and a re-gen on the poo truck and returned to the community. when I picked up the water truck it was full of water. I opened the 2" drain valve and drove the 21 miles back to the Kingdom and there was still water in the tank when I arrived.




then I worked till 1am trying to get the truck to do a forced re-gen. my code reader says it erases the SPN 3251 code then it is there on a re-gen so it won't re-gen. this is pissing me off because the gas pedal will only give you 2000 rpm and nothing seems to be working. 2012 ford f750 with 6.6 cummins and only 18,000kms.

water 1am

Aug 08 2019


just a quick picture from yesterday's fun in the rain in the 39 chevy truck.

39 mirror


Aug 07 2019


I delivered the second set of swing sets in the totally opposite weather from the first set. the first set it was hot and way too hot to even be driving. this trip is was cold and raining with the heater on in the truck.


swing rain s


plus I forgot the windshield wiper at home.


Aug 06 2019

it was a holiday Monday in Canada and it was not raining. great day to use the Green Toy to hang a cat to drain some oil.

hanging cat

Aug 05 2019


yesterday I dragged my ass around do to the lack of sleep from the great lighting show the night before. now I know how Nikola Tesla's neighbours felt like with him living next door in Colorado springs. but it was a good day with a cheese whiz sandwich.

cheeze whiz

Aug 04 2019


woke up Saturday morning to a good thunder storm which took out the telephone lines and debit machine in WHO-ville. good thing I can buy my OJ and vodka using cash. then I tried to do a little maintenance on the Pink Crew Cab but got rained out. I did get the pintle hitch changed that has been on the truck 6 years and was getting a little worn out. then the thunder and rain came which lasted all night and still going this morning. oh well I chose to live in the great WET north.


Aug 03 2019


yesterday i took the 86 dodge known as the Head Hanger out on a service call to erase some codes on the water truck. the code reader is worth more then the 86 dodge ever was even brand new 33 years ago.


86 code read


then at quitting time i went for a spin in the KoO-Tracks truck to wave at the ladys before having to fix the fish truck. oh well the ladys can wait.

KoO=tracks sign


Aug 02 2019


doing the yearly inspection and up grades on the tilt trailer i used only for impounds not for hauling cats around with.


tilt trailer


the removable fenders have always given problems with the running lights and yesterday i found the wire that caused the problem. it has been corrected now with a double coated wire.

broken wire

Aug 01 2019


we finished up the second swing set last weekend and it is loaded up and ready to be delivered.

39 swing set

July 31 2019


i changed out both back springs on this ford again. the springs made 3 weeks on the so-called road. this time i went from the factory 3 leaf springs up to the heavy duty 6 leaf springs which will last maybe 4 weeks this time.

ford springs

July 30 2019


the fish truck had a fuel line problem so we used the new shop with the pit to work on the fuel lines. i drove the green forklift in to the new shop knowing the 100% chance of getting stuck but we need to use the forklift to pump the fuel out of the fish truck's tanks and in to barrels then pump from the barrels back in to the fish truck. once the fish truck was fixed we used it to pull out the green forklift better known as the rut maker.

stuck again

July 29 2019


the heavy rains came on sunday and this rock area where we cross to go up on the tailing pile to check the fires as a look out hill had over 8" of water flowing. this was bone dry on saturday so that means we got lots of rain.




the last week my new quad that sits in the shed has been getting lots of use as we check the fires.



July 28 2019


it took all week to finish the second set of swing sets because of exterme heat then the fires. at 8pm last night i was splashing the paint on because the rains were coming. at bedtime the smoke from forest fires all around us was like a london fog. i had all the windows closed so i could breath in the house.


swing set 2


by 4am the heavy rains came and it is too rain all day which means we can breath again.

heavy rains


July 27 2019


with the cool temperatures and little bit of rain we hauled some water for bath and treat night. the 86 dodge better known as the Head Hanger has no problem pulling 500 gallons of water just not very fast. note the flag of exercise in the back ground of the picture.

dogde water

July 26 2019


just a quick picture from june 2018 when I was working on the Monster Truck and the 39 chevy in the Kingdom.

39 mt

July 25 2019


yesterday it was way to hot and by 2:30pm a dry thunder storm rolled in. within a matter of minutes there was over 8 fires burning around WHO-ville and 4 of them close to the Kingdom by a few kilometres.


fire back


the only road was closed and the beer truck never made it to town which is not good. By 5pm the rains came and it rained all night with the temperatures dropping to normal. the next couple of days will be interests because the fires are still burning.

fire road closed

July 24 2019


I get a wake up call at 6am that the truck hauling fish from reindeer lake blew a tire in this extreme heat. only problem is i'm the King of Obsolete and I don't keep spare tires in the shed for the semis because I don't have flat tires. I run good quality tires and change them out before there is big drama. now I have to pull a van trailer up to the shop and pop a tire off to be used as a replacement tire on the fish truck. the fish truck hauling 45,000lbs of fish in this heat can't have an almost good tire because it will only pop too.


SF van


plus I rent my tire to the trucking outfit so I splashed some paint on it so I know i'll get it back. now to enjoy the AC in the house because this is now the 3rd day in a row for this extreme heat at +30c.

KoO tire

July 23 2019


it was an official hot day of +31c in the great white north yesterday because I had to cowl vent open on the 39 chevy. this brings in a nice breeze as you drive along plus a few bugs too.



July 22 2019


I got up at 5am and made the delivery of the swing set to hughes lake which is 21 miles east of WHO-ville. we are in a heat warning for the next 3 days with temperatures of +30c so we won't be working in this heat. we have no problem working when it is -45c.

39 highway

If it gets any hotter i will be cranking open the front windshield for fresh air.

39 windshield

July 21 2019

we are loaded up and ready to haul the one set of swing sets and just waiting on a wide load permit. if we don't get a permit because the truck is 80 years old, we will find some guy driving a 1977 black firebird with a lady friend named frog to lead the way

39 wide

all the new straps and D signs are from rodney at westrans in winnipeg.

39 back

July 20 2019

yesterday was cool and windy day because we had an almost hot day the day before. being a cool day I was able to work on the swing set and over come the Gods of Gravity when welding.

swing set

this weld is just a quick non fitted pipe for transporting the swing set. when the welds looks this good you know it is your lucky day

weld uphand

July 19 2019


after I said I Do 32 years ago, me and my bride moved to the suburbs of brandon Manitoba to enjoy the married life as a young couple. all I ever did was mow the grass 2-3 times a week to keep up with my neighbours who thought there lawns had to be prefect. when I got the toss after the DIEvorce, I said I would never mow the grass 2-3 times a week ever.




today the parts came to fix the track on the KoO-Tracks Truck so I could move the truck to mow the grass with D6 cat. the D6 cat is the one parked behind the KoO-Track Truck in the picture. when you use the D6 cat to mow the grass it does not have to be done very often.




Jan 05 2019


being the King of Obsolete i do things a little differently then most people. to say thansk to the people at westrans company in winnipeg who supply most of the parts to the Kingdom for my collectables. i had rodney my main partsman at westrans order in a pizza-chicken lunch for for the staff of 25. he had frank's pizza on main street cater and whack my credit card which was not that bad in price for the service given.


westrans food


while these people were enjoying a free lunch on my credit card 1200kms away in the south, my son and i were out ski-dooing to check winter drill roads. when we returned from having so much fun freezing, i seen the pictures of everyone enjoying them selfs which made my day.


KoO ski-doo


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie