Jan 12 2020 -- Sunken Ford 9000 Recovery

Feb 04 2020 -- CF-PJG Beech 18 Kingdom

Feb 12 2020 -- 1976 AM General M816 Wrecker


June 01 2020

just spent a relaxing sunday trimming up the recycled steel pile so it is organized and easier to find pieces when needed. these sides for the scrap trailer were last used in 2007 and we no longer have the trailer.

sides long

now they can be used for some other project now stacked on a pallet.

side cut

May 31 2020

about a year ago these rusted out boat docks arrived in the Kingdom. so yesterday we finally made the steel rack out of them so the steel is up higher and easier to find in the deep snow. for some reason the rusted out docks are still heavy and the Green Toy had no problems dragging them up to mud hole.

docks dragged

then lifting and setting in to place was not a problem too which was fun because nothing is straight or level.

dock setting

then it only took a couple of hours to set the recycled steel up on the docks.

docks done

May 30 2020

yesterday during the heat of the day of +8c we mounted the new bumper on the Green Toy then moved the new steel rack in to place.

gt no bumper

by 10pm at night when we finished for the day the wood stove smoke helped make the picture of the Green Toy look good at +1c.

gt bumper stove smoke

May 29 2020

it was another rain and snow day in the Kingdom again which means shop day. I had put everything in the shop a few days ago for working when the weather was nasty because at my age i'm thinking ahead. I started on the next set of Skinny Skis which are the Gregg castings and using ski panel from a scrap tank which makes it fun because the tank has curved steel.

Gregg sides

the steel was too short for the last ski when I cut them out so I cut out a replacement ski tip too.

Gregg ends

it was a little bit of a struggle getting the curved tank steel to try and be straight but that is why I call myself a Magician not a craftsman.

Gregg welding

May 28 2020

we had more rain and almost snow so it was a shop day welding on a front bumper for the Green Toy. the Green Toy was abused during Hollywood Filming and the front bumper and 20,000lbs winch went missing. a year later I thought the bumper and winch would magically re-appear like my ex-wife does all the time but no bumper and no winch.

GT bumper start

so I whipped up a simple bumper out of recycled steel which was a nice day project. when the rains stop I can mount it on the Green Toy which might be next month.

GT buper done

May 27 2020

the reason for the Skinny Ski Sleigh to be assembled on the Sleigh Table is to get the cross chains hooked up.

cross chains

the cross chains are what make the sleighs self steer and have to be prefect or the sleighs will not follow each other. the Sleigh Table was built for this over 22 years ago out of recycled scrap metal.

hooked up

with the E1 sleigh finished, we put the pieces on the Sleigh Table to start on the next sleigh which will have the common Gregg casting on the saddles. so it will be called the Gregg Sleigh 2 because we did a Gregg Sleigh about 18 years ago.

next sleigh

May 26 2020

to make sure the new E1 sleigh was off to a good start as a winter freighting sleigh, we pulled it for the first time with the TD-18 known as Blaine. now to start building the next Skinny Ski Sleigh as the rains keep coming here in the Great Wet North.

td-18 4 sleighs

May 25 2020

just like everyone else who lives in the suburbs and rakes the grass on a sunday afternoon but i used my Hoe instead.

Hoe grass

May 24 2020

once the rains stopped yesterday I was able to take the welded pieces out of the little shop and start the final assembly of the E1 sleigh. the Hoe works great for this as well as the green forklift too.

e1 hoe

e1 forklift

now today we will set the wooden deck on the ski bunks and do the cross chains which why final assembly is done on the Sleigh Table. yes it is a Sleigh "Table" not a trailer or wagon because it was built 22 years ago for the assembly of the sleighs to get everything all lined up correctly. then E1 sleigh is officially done after 10 years of building.

e1 sleigh table

May 23 2020

woke up yesterday to frozen rain on everything which means the steps to the office in the Kingdom were slippery. but at my age I was smart enough to be careful after all the other times I have slipped and fell on the stairs over the year. it was may 22 and the wood stove is going in the shop and the heat is on in the office and I doubt we will get our 5 hot days of summer. once the Kingdom drys up enough then we can put things away because all the collectables are parked where the snow melted.

ice B

ice FF

ice GT

ice linn2

May 22 2020

with everything cut and waiting to be welding on a rain day which came yesterday it was a good day in the shop warm and dry. I welded up the second swivel bunk for the E1 sleigh.

welding 01

then started on 1 of the 2 back skis for the E1 sleigh. today will be more welding because it is still raining here again.

welding 02

May 21 2020

it was just a fun day in the Kingdom with the green forklift known as the rut maker getting stuck as usual but the Green Toy is always there to drag it out.

forklift gt

then went and found all the pieces to whip up 4 more Skinny Skis.

skis 4

after supper I rode the Hoe to organize the recycled steel pile which seems to be located in the mud for some reason. so it was a busy day in the Kingdom during the beer flu lock down.


May 20 2020

it was a good day turning scrap metal that I have been saving for over 20 years in to useful pieces to build Skinny Skis.

P cutting 1

I was able to cut all the pieces for the side panels on the bunk swivels for the next Skinny Ski we build.

P cutting 2

plus cut out all the piece to go with the side panels to build 4 more Skinny Skis. that was a lot of cutting with the plasma cutter which is finally working after 18 years of drama.

P cutting 3

May 19 2020

it was a relaxing rainy cold holiday Monday by welding up the wooden ski front bunk then starting and finishing one swivel bunk for the E1 skis.

front bunk done

turning scrap metal in to recycled Skinny Ski Sleighs is magic and money that could have been wasted on women.

E1 swivel bunk

May 18 2020

since we built the ramp boat in 4 days with lots of heavy drinking then we sunk it sober to be in storage for 6 year on the bottom of the lake, it is time to make some improvements. back in 2002 we did not have the internet and google to research anything, all we had was the informative articles in Playboy Magazine which does not have much info on building a boat from a fuel tank for some reason. the ramp boat has now been cut to make it longer and while it is cut open it is easier at my age to climb in and out to make the cross braces.

rb cut

the cross braces will be the new floor which will have floatation foam added so we don't sink the ramp boat again.

braces rain

of course I have been saving the recycled material for 24 years now and it is pre-bent for this project.

material cut

May 17 2020

it was a good day yesterday with the plasma cutter working good by cutting out 8 Skinny Ski panels which is about 170 feet of cutting.

SS cutting

of course the last and 8th ski was a little short on material but I can preform magic to make it all look good.

almost 8

these Skinny Skis will be a nice project to weld together during the rainy season in September while in the warm dry little shop.

8 done

May 16 2020

since me and the new plasma cutter are getting along for the first time in 18 years it was decided to cut out more skinny ski panels.

set up

in 1998 I use the gas torch to cut out the ski panels for make the all steel skinny skis and now 22 years later i'm using this plasma cutter which is basically Dr. Evil's LAZer.

ski top

I also told xena these scrap pieces of steel have been saved from scrap metal recycling for close to 24 years so making skinny ski panels will finally put the steel to a good use.

skis new

May 15 2020

with the beer flu lock down we have not gone south over the so-called road to pick up our monthly supplies since feb 14 2020. yesterday I got up at 3am and traveled to be at Walmart when it opened at 8am. I was able to get 3 big carts of supplies then run around and pick up the other supplies needed all in under 3 hours. the beer flu lock down has made the south a direct place and very different when trying to shop and pick up the simple things in life. when I arrived back in the Kingdom which was only 11 hours since I left, we had 3 hours of work unloading and putting the supplies away. i'm so glad life in the Kingdom has not changed that much during the beer flu lock down.

trip unload

May 14 2020

the Canadian may long weekend is coming so it is time to get out the Ramp Boat. it will need a little wash and wax because it was in storage at the bottom of reindeer lake for 6 years.

RB shop

back in 2002 we built the Ramp Boat from a 3000 gallon fuel tank which required a lot of beverage to build it.

RB build

May 13 2020

a project I started in 1996 is almost complete with the A frame being added yesterday. I was able to use the plasma cutter for most of the cutting and fitting of the pipes which work out nice.

plasma cutting

now when I have a cat get stuck in the almost frozen muskeg, I back up the 1996 A Frame Skid and winch the cat out. the skid is also Bi-directional like my ex-wife too.

1996 done

May 12 2020

just a fun day with the staff using the quad to drag totes up to the shop so the tops can be cut off to toss this year's firewood inside.

quad totes

May 11 2020

since it was another cool day in the beginning of the new ice age here in the great WHITE north, I spent the day in the shop with the wood stove going. on these Skinny Skis which are pull by the bunk not the front of the skis so the skis can free float along. the ski rods which the sleigh is pulled on always have jammed up nuts when trying to re-use them. I was able to use my Magic and remove the old nuts and install new nuts, on other words it was a lucky day for me.

E1 nuts

May 10 2020

the other day during the heat of the day of +1c, we moved the collectibles around the Kingdom to be parked for the summer.

linn moved

the TD-18 known as Blaine had no problems dragging the Linn Tractor #2 and sleighs.

cabooses moved

May 09 2020

I was a good day learning the limits of the new 18 year old plasma cutter.

pieces cut

I cut lots trying to blow it up using it like my gas torch but the machine survive.

wooden bunk

even the Hoe was out gathering up the materials to build the next sleigh bunk for the Skinny Skis.

hoe gathering

May 08 2020

just a fun day using the Green Toy to move the track machines around the Kingdom during the heat of the day of +2c.

GT lifting B

plus putting the KoO-Tracks Truck on wood so the tracks don't freeze in the mud.

GT lifting KoO-Tracks

May 07 2020

it only took 16 hours of work which is time I could have spent watching the Playboy channel to complete the E1 back sleigh bunk out of recycled steel.

E1 done

one of the joys of working with 70-90 year old castings is lots of heat even on the warm up before welding. it is nice to work in the warm shop as the days here are not warming up with -12c at night and day time high of +2c.

E1 warm up

May 06 2020

we had a good morning while the ground was still frozen at -8c so our feet didn't get wet using the Green Toy to move the front bunk and hitch for the E1 sleigh. once the ski cart was out of the little shop, I had to do a few welds uphand because the hitch could not be raised in the little shop.

final welds

then hook up to the Green Toy and move the bunk to the Sleigh Table for final assembly.

GT move

now the yard is too wet and muddy this afternoon to move equipment around so it work inside the little shop.

GT sleigh table

after getting the front E1 bunk and hitch out of the shop it was time to use the Hoe to gather up the pieces to start on the back bunk.

Hoe gathering

everything on these sleighs is recycled material and magic is preformed to make it look good.

back bunk

May 05 2020

worked till 10pm last night to get the E1 front bunk and hitch complete so it can come out of the shop in the early morning when the yard is frozen instead of a wet mud hole. working smarter not harder.

E1 front done

May 04 2020

it was a cool sunny day in the Kingdom which was ok to get things done. both front E1 skis got assembled with the bunk using of the mini Hoe.

E1 hoe

then all the pieces got laid out for final assembley.

E1 front

of course the wood stove was handy to heat up the big 1" nuts for removal on the ski rods.

hot nuts

May 03 2020

oh well we did not get the May snow storm they forecasted which we had prepared for by getting everything in the little shop to be out of the snow. the people just south of us got to enjoy 6"-8" of wet snow while we had sunshine. some people have all the luck.

big rods

I spent the day welding the big 3/16" welding rods on the E1 skis and putting the top on the skis to make them officially done but more ski welding today for me.


May 02 2020

it was a busy day yesterday with heating and bending the shoeing for the E1 skis plus the ski rods too. first build a fire and feed it with lots of wood,


then man handle the hot shoeing

hot shoe

tack weld on the ski.

shoe weld

next clamp the shoeing down to bend it to the new form it will have for the next 70-90 years I hope.


put lots of tack welds on and set aside and do the next ski till all 4 of the E1 skis are done.

3 done

plus heat and beat the ski rods straight since they have not been straight in the last 40 years. this was non-stop fun for 6 hours on Friday during the +2c drizzle rain we had.


May 01 2020

yesterday we filled up the black box on the Double Ski sleigh with firewood because we have 2 days of snow coming which will require heat in the shop. the TD-9 known as Free Fall had no problems dragging the sleigh on the now mud road to the back of the Kingdom.

FF drive by

then of course a group picture with the TD-18 known as Dually and the TD-6 known as Lavern.

IH group

April 30 2020

with the day time high of +12c it was a good day to stay in the dry shop away from all the mud and melting snow.

E1 shop

working on the E1 skis and the welding cart was made over 22 years ago and works great with the turn table to weld both sides of the ski. by the looks of the pictures on the shop camera, i'll be having to wear a welding beanie to cover up the huge shinny spot on the top of my head which seems to be getting bigger the older I get.

E1 welding 1

since I have been building skinny skis for over 22 years I think I can be called a craftsman but I like the word magician better because I preform magic with recycled steel that is not straight and made to look straight when complete.

E1 welding 2

April 29 2020

with the beer flu making it harder to travel and get supplies at the end of the world. being the King of Obsolete I had to upgrade to the new plasma cutter to re-place the expensive gas-oxy torch to cutting steel ski parts. the only problem is I bought this expensive plasma cutter in 2002 and did my first cuts yesterday. yes I had to make sure the new machine was obsolete before using it.

cutter 2002

Plus taking pictures of the 1940s style equipment and my Hoe photo bombs the pictures, oh well it was a good day.

hoe hiding

April 28 2020

it feels good to finally complete something after 22 years. the road break sleigh with fuel barrels at the front and the black box for the welder and other supplies just needs a little paint splashed on.

ds ff side

ds ff back

the barrel shelve on the front worked out good as a work bench for building the hitch which was a lot of cutting and fitting to make it right.

ds ff hitch

May 23 2018

i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie