Aug 2020 -- KoO Book Set 1st & 2nd books


Sept 2020 -- My Wasted Youth Alexander MB Book 5th book


Nov 25 2020 -- Love is Trust Book 6th book


Nov 25 2020 -- Dominatrix School Book 7th book


Dec 01 2020 -- Small but Ample


Dec 02 2020 -- The Rules -- based and written 2015


Dec 03 2020 -- Bad Sunday -- based and written 2014



Dec 04 2020


yesterday's lunch which is all canadian with Klik not spam


a story of how i create my own problems as a man.


Bad Sunday



Dec 03 2020


last night bed time treats for the guard dogs in the house was jello with non walmart dog food. the older i get the more jello i seem to be eating.


The Rules Kinoosao Rally Road was writing in 2015 and it is a story of me getting old and the ladies just want to party because that is the only life they know.


The Rules

jello treat


Dec 02 2020


just another boring day in the Kingdom with being locked down at the end of the world. getting ready for my retirement at Shady Pines Retirement home with lots of jello and making notes on what to add to my supper.


i just spent 3 days organizing all my memories sticks to find stories i have written over the years. my 9th book will be all these misc stories from when i was drinking professionally to being 10 years sober. for some reason i am able to write hidden messages in to my stories. if you can not figure out the hidden message then re-read the story again. this story is from about 5 years ago.


Small but Ample


cheese supper


Dec 01 2020


xena was bored and melted snow from her yard at the green house in WHO-ville which is on the left in the picture. the town of WHO-ville charges us $1300.00 a year for the glass of water on the right which we can't drink because fish have sex in the lake where it comes from. then we have to spend another $1000.00 a year on bottled water to cook and drink with. i will be moving to cuba to write my books like ernest hemingway because they have the same lock down rules which we are under but warmer.


snow water


Nov 30 2020


we are still locked down at the end of the world so i whipped a little video to show and explain items in my 7th book Dominatrix School. the 7th book is written for the ladies in Europe to enjoy what happened in Canada 35 years ago when i was 18 years old but looked like a 14 years old "Virgin"




Nov 29 2020


the other day i did the snow in front of the 39 chevy with the 1945 T-9 Famous Black Cat. i have owned the 39 chevy since 1984 and the Famous Black Cat since 1988. i guess they were never worth much because they would have been long gone in one of my DIEvorces.

39 fbc 35

Nov 28 2020


we had the Famous Black Cat out yesterday for a spin pulling the drag. once the cat train trails get packed down then the Linn Tractors can come out for some fun.

FBC linnns

FBC catts

FBC plness

Nov 27 2020


both the Green Toy were plugged in to start at -18c but Thor did not. the brand new 2018 batteries i bought are junk and the 24 batteries i bought none of them have lasted. all my equipment have the master switch and wiring changed for the great white north. the Green Toy has batteries from 2015 and he fired right up to boost Thor. after Thor was up and running i had to plow my 82 year old neighbour out because the town of WHO-ville did a 1/2 job on plowing and the fellow got his 4x4 SUV stuck.


the 7th book is final ready to go to the publishers but the new nazi rules in manitoba means they are not open like most businesses including the Kingdom.


Dominatrix School Book

gt thor plow side

gt thor see


Nov 26 2020


now to sell the first 2 books to make money to print the latest books #5,#6,#7 books. click on below for the info for purchasing books #1 & #2


KoO Book Set 1st & 2nd books

KoO bookss

Nov 25 2020


Screaming Ford on a Kingdom Follower's TV from my 15 seconds of fame on IRT.


the 7th book Dominatrix School manuscript is done and of the publisher today i hope but we are under covid 19 lock down.

sf tv

Nov 24 2020


last day proofreading the 7th book than i can listen to other music. here is a picture of the Green Toy and the 46 chevy water truck on one of the 5 hot days of summer we get each year.


water haul smalller


Nov 23 2020


proofreading the 7th book which will be 2 more days. the song of choice to listen to over and over is Steelheart "Everyone Loves Eileen". excellent song and words plus the fellow can sing. my grandma (dad's mother) was named Eileen and a school teacher who carried a red pen in her hand bag. she would pull out the red pen and correct the spelling on menus to obituaries. grandma should have corrected her own obituary 10 years ago because being the 4th grand child i was to added at the bottom of the obituary where they thank everyone involved from the cater to the funeral home. the hatred my family has for me unreal and i hope these books become Hollywood Films then my family will be portrayed as who they really are. also grandma was married her whole life to a man 10 years older then she was. grandpa was like dad and everyone loved him too. now the song by Billy Idol comes to mind "rock the cradle of love".


eileen song


Nov 22 2020


another quick question on this picture i found on the internet which is what Naughty Natalie looked and dressed like but without the heel shoes. i think this pictures was taken in Russia but the words in the back ground. not sure why the lady is putting gas in the passenger door of the car when the gas tank is at the back of the car. but that is where the 37 Dodge had the gas filler plus the 50 series tires is what i was running on the 37 Dodge. this picture fits my 6th book Love is Trust.


Love is Trust Book


NN tires


it only took 14 hours and a Kingdom Follower sent the original picture before being photo shopped.


russian naughty


Nov 21 2020


quick question on which movie this lady is from because she looks like the owner of the sex shop but a non smoker. just working on the fine details of the 7th book Dominatrix School.


nov 23 -- the actress is Sylvia Sidney who in her under days was easy on the eyese like the owner of the sex shop


the owner


Nov 20 2020


chevy trucks last summer as we still wait out the covid 19 lock down.

the 7th book is officially done with the story left open to be another book with fun times with the ladies wearing Dominatrix outfits. i added the Aloe Vera Plant to show the world that i will get nothing from my mother's estate that is why i gave it all away to my home town of Alexander Manitoba.


Aloe Vera Plant


chevy trucks


Nov 19 2020


34 days i have listened to the same song Radar Love by White Lion because it has a better bass the the original Golden Earing recording. listening to the same song over and over lets me do my one shot writing from head to paper. then i had to go back and 2 more sections to my 7th book Dominatrix School because i forgot about Little Boobies.


Little Boobies


radar love


Nov 18 2020


last night i cooked chicken toes for the dogs and me. the only thing we miss about being locked down is the honey dill dipping sauce for the chicken toes that we get at the cafe'. when i googled on how to make the honey dill sauce, i found it was invented in winnipeg manitoba which is south of the Kingdom. i was able to buy a jar of the honey dill sauce instead of making my own honey dill because dried or fresh dill is not common at the end of the world for some reason.

chicken toes

Nov 17 2020


may 2017 when the helicopter was flying in and out of the Kingdom for the drill program. the 1986 dodge Head Hanger even looked good back then too.

helicopter may 2017


Nov 16 2020


relaxing sunday and editing the 7th book which it sounds like i have to add more of the fun Liz and I had with Naughty Natalie. but sunday night was fish that i had to cut the fillets in to smaller pieces to fit in the frying pan. no wonder americans pay big money to come to the end of the world to enjoy the fishing except for this year with the canada-usa border closed.

big fishs


Nov 15 2020


it took 30 days of non stop writing to get the 7th book completed and it is left open to continue for another book of great fun we had in the mid 1980s. to refresh my memory i found this picture on the internet which is about 99% close to being Liz when her hair was dyed black to be a Dominatrix. also the padlock is prefect because she was married and the facial expression too. the last part of the 7th book is below.


Lick Some Ice Cream

liz black hair

Nov 14 2020


just a quick picture from last xmas when we took the bombardier out for a little mermaid hunting.

B hunting

Nov 13 2020


it is friday the 13th so we will be hiding but first a quick picture of towing a broken ford off reindeer lake last december with the bombardier.

the 7th book has been written now to edit it then off to the publisher. i ended the book to be able to continue on with another book to follow with the ladies doing bad things to me.

B food lake

Nov 12 2020


still trying to finish the 7th book so here a picture of the 37 Dodge in 1975. this is 9 years before i bought the truck in 1984 after the truck was rolled and then hit a deer. yes the truck was in rough shape when i purchased it.

37 dodge 1975

Nov 11 2020


just a boring picture of Lavern last January pulling a drag on the cat train trails behind the Kingdom. now the government has changed us from the covid 19 lock down of code orange to the code red. being colour blind i am more confused.

lavern ddragging

Nov 10 2020


it is also time to get the bombardier out to cruise dairy queen to see and be seen. quick picture from last december when the world was normal.


the 7th book is almost done.

Magical Fingers Fairy

B dece

Nov 09 2020


my 15 seconds of fame aired in Canada and a Kingdom Follower sent my a picture of their TV with me on it. which is a good thing because i have not had TV since 2007. yesterday while the world was watching me as a tough guy of the north 6 years ago. i was in covid 19 locked down in my 10x30 shack down by the tracks trying to finish my 7th book. i hope my career writing romance story pays better then my 15 seconds of fame.

IRT fame


Nov 08 2020


april 2020 picture of the shop guard dogs with Pain on the left, new puppy Iris and in the far back ground looking though the hole in the divider wall is Rouge.

dogs april 2020


Nov 07 2020


in the pouring rain on wednesday we haul water to the Kingdom so i could enjoy bath and treat night.


almost close to being finished the 7th book


Sweat Shop


thor water


Nov 06 2020


when i delivered the broken red ford to Kinoosao i check on my big boats and they look good. some day i will have one in the water so i can cruise around wearing my Speedo having fun.


big boats


Nov 05 2020


last nights supper in the Kingdom was ribs for me and the guard dogs which was a nice treat. as it poured rain yesterday i was able to complete more of my 7th book.


After Glow Perfromance




May 23 2018

i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie