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Oct 07 2019 -- TD-18 Alternator Conversion


Oct 08 2019 -- 1938 Maple Leaf Truck repairs



Oct 14 2019


after 22 years I decided to finish the skirting on the house which was only done as temporary job. having this done correctly and some paint splashed on will give the house curb appeal. thansk


Oct 13 2019


it was another great sunny day yesterday in the Kingdom which I got a lot of things done outside. I used the forklift better known as the Rut Maker to move the Sleigh Table up to the shop so I can work on the sleigh. thansk

skeigh table

Oct 12 2019


while the people in the south 1200kms away are enjoying a 3 day snow storm we had another nice day. we popped the motor in the 38 maple leaf and turned the frame around for going back in the shop.




the new guard dog puppie likes all the fun in the shop when we are working.




Oct 11 2019


one of the many things to do on my list of things to be done was fix the forklift shed floor. we really didn't see a problem with the forklift breaking through the floor because the shed is old and not really meant for a 8000lbs machine to be park inside it.




while everyone else is enjoying the first or second snow storms in the south. my son and i enjoyed the sun shine and +8c to remove some boards and fill up with gravel. thansk

shed floor

Oct 10 2019


it was easy to put the front axle back under the 38 maple leaf truck then put the truck in my little shop using the green forklift better known as the Rut Maker.


front axle


I have all the part laid out and will rebuild the steering box which will make everything on the front end new after 81 years. thansk


shop ML

Oct 09 2019


yesterday was a prefect shop day because of the weather. in april I took the 38 maple leaf truck apart and spent the month of may figuring out the parts needed. over the summer the parts arrived because the money tree was blossoming good. the problem with the 38 maple leaf is it is Canadian built and they used a lot of different parts and there is not much record of what they used. the truck reminds me of the johnny cash song I took it 1 piece at a time. in 2012 I worked on the truck and gave up because I could not find the parts and not much help on the internet. now in 2018 the internet and friends around the world are making the work on the truck a lot easier. to do the king pins I had to order to king pin sets to get the correct number of pieces and order in a bigger reamer out of the usa.




it did not take long for the front axle to come together with the correct parts. thansk




Oct 08 2019


I had one yard light acting up with the light sensor so being colour blind I fixed it by removing the light sensor. now the light will be on all the time which is ok because we are now going in to the winter months where we get more darkness then daylight. thansk


yard light

Oct 07 2019


after 2 weeks of nice weather the rains finally came which is better then snow. this finally meant i could relax in the little shop with the wood stove and install the king pins in the 38 GMC axle.


la out


Oct 06 2019


it was another nice day in the Kingdom which I was able to build more shelves for storage trailer 1. the Kingdom is a lot like a Dr. Seuss book because nothing is straight or will be straight. thansk

more shelves

Oct 05 2019


yesterday being a nice sunny day again I decided to use up some left over wood and whip up some more shelves in storage trailer 1. it took most of the morning to sort through the belt collection and toss out the ones that were no good. now being organized it will be easier to find out I don't have the belt I need when looking. thansk


Oct 04 2019


back in 2011 I had more money then women in my life so I had timbers custom cut. this big timbers are to be used on sleigh bunks and were imported from the south because we only have toothpick trees up here. it only took 8 years for me to splash the paint on them. plus I even painted a few jigs boards for the td-18 cats since it was a nice sunny day.


Oct 03 2019


yesterday's fun project was preforming magic on this south truck that had a new hitch installed to pull a 14,000lbs trailer. everything about the hitch is wrong and the welder did down hand welds which have no strength and cracked out. the welder put a brace behind the 10" channel iron which cracked out when the hitch bent down. when 10" channel iron is cracking in the middle you know it came from china and is a brittle steel.




plus the safety chain rings were made to save a little red wagon if the hitch broke free so I had to make some proper ones out of u-bolts. hard to believe this kind of workmanship goes on and I get paid money to fix it correctly. I even splashed the black paint on when I finished last night.

hitch 4

Oct 02 2019


i snapped a picture of the 350 chevy motor in my first linn tractor that has been in there 20 years. i had mounted a 455 rocket motor in it but that blew up on the first test drive and i got to walk home. i popped the chevy small block in very quickly because we had work for the linn tractor. it also has the bigger bellhousing and transmission too.




i also went through the steel pile and dug out the material that will be used for the steel deck on the linn 2. i mark everything with a paint marker so i remember as i get older what it is for.



Oct 01 2019


spent the day digging through the parts trailer to find the motor and trans to be used in my second linn tractor. the motor came from a 1985 K10 4x4 chevy truck which had this rebuilt motor popped in july 12 1994 in new jersey(which is a long way away from northern Canada).




i got the truck after it was in a front end accident in 2004. I kept the motor for a rainy day project and made a trailer out of the box of the truck. the transmission I think is out of a 74 chevy 3/4 ton if any one can suggest what it might be.


linn 2 motor

Sept 30 2019


after 20 years of outdoor storage I was going to put my second linn tractor inside a van trailer for indoor storage. then I decided i'll just get it up and running so i'll have 2 linn tractors making money.




today I oiled up the tracks and got things ready to go in the shop when the snows come.


Sept 29 2019


yesterday's quick trip over the so-called was excellent in the Pink Crew Cab. I was only in Thompson 73 minutes which was the same duration of my honeymoon. I grabbed dog food and some food supplies and head back to the Kingdom for an 8 hour trip in total. the CD of the Canadian rock band Helix's greatest hits is still stuck in the CD player of the Pink Crew Cab so I enjoyed the great music of my wasted youth too.




I did pick up a new dog dish too for the house dogs to enjoy.


Sept 28 2019


we got the black trailer shoved in to the line up of storage trailers before the snows came.


black in


it was great fun cribbing the trailer at the front then getting it to slide in to place by 15 feet. also the trailer is full of collect-able parts so the trailer was a bit heavy


Sept 27 2019


in the month of may we got all the chevy truck parts ready to be put inside a semi van trailer for storage. 4 months later we shoved everything inside the van trailer just before the snows came.




the green forklift was very handy for this job and not making ruts.




Sept 26 2019


yesterday we got the mini Hoe parked in the heated shed with all the water. a warm Hoe is a happy Hoe,

Hoe water

Sept 25 2019


it is cool enough outside that I had the wood stove going in the shop and of course the new puppie had to enjoy the warmth.


wood stove


last night a yard on the deck of the house quit which is surprising since it is a year old and LED. the trusty wobble yard made for a quit replacement


yard light

Sept 24 2019


the new guard dog named Iris is now old enough to leave xena's house and live in the Kingdom.




the older guard dog named Pain will train her well. not sure how the new puppie is the same colour as the dirt floor in the little shop.


Sept 23 2019


with the loss of the starting gas valve I had to whip up a quick repair which I did no problem because I did the same thing back in 2008.




the td-18 known as Blaine fired right up on diesel because in 2013 I upgraded the electric 12 volt starter so starting on gas and switching to diesel is not really needed now. by 8pm the cat was back together and I called it a day.


Sept 22 2019


yesterday I started the TD-18 known as Blaine on gas then switched to diesel. as I was doing other things the engine started to sound funny. when I got back to the cat it was running out of control and I had a hard time shutting the motor down. once the engine was off I found gas pouring out of the intake manifold and even more when I popped the spark plugs out. turns out the gas did not shut off in the little carburetor when the levers are switched to diesel. the gas tank is about 2 gallon and mounted on the top of the rad which is higher then the intake manifold. basically the gas flowed in to the engine while running on diesel and got everything a little hot.




by midnight last night I had popped the heads of to see the damage.




the one gas valve was burn off and sitting on top of the piston. oh well



Sept 21 2019


since my cats in my collection are between the ages of 60 to 80 years old they require 2 stroke oil (oil added to the gas in a chain saw) added to the diesel fuel. the diesel fuel today has no lube in it and makes it hard on the injection pump and injectors. with the oil added to the diesel fuel it makes for a little smokey start ups. the td-18 known as Blaine was a little smokey when started in front of the shop at +10c the other morning.




when I started the td-18 known as Dually in the cat line up, it was a little smokey too. oh well. thansk

smokey again


Sept 20 2019


according to my notes in 2012 it would cost me over $600.00 to buy a big alternator and the special 7/8 pulley for the fan belts. plus the time to make new brackets too. then only to have the expensive alternator quit in a short time because of lack of quality in rebuilding. then I would have to order another one in because these expensive alternators only fit the TD-18s.




yesterday I decided to whip up a mounting bracket with the belt and pieces I have in stock so a normal GM one wire alternator to fit and work. all my other collectables have these GM alternators and they are only $125.00 and last a long time too

alt back

Sept 19 2019


the only way to make sure the cat will work good when needed is to pull something heavy to see if it will break. the TD-18 known as Blaine has sat in front of the shop for 2 years and the first pull was this heavy rod sloop used by the drillers.


td-18 pull


I dragged the rod sloop from the front of the yard to the back where the loading ramp is.




it made the cat work hard and left good size ruts too.


Sept 18 2019


I worked yesterday in the heat of +26c but feels like +29c on changing out the head on the TD-18 known as Blaine. when it is that hot and humid it will rain for sure which happened at 7pm when I hit the start button. it poured hard for an hour while I did the final adjustments to the motor. the test drive was at 10pm after the engine had ran a while with lots of 2 stroke oil in the diesel to loosen up the injectors.




after the test drive, the blue smoke cleared up and the engine ran fine. felt good to move the cat after 2 years in front on the shop. thansk

test drive

Sept 17 2019


we are having a warm day here in the Kingdom so I got xena to take a selfie of me and the new puppie plus the shop guard dogs. thansk

KoO doggies

Sept 16 2019


yesterday was a nice sunny day and it being sunday I decided to work on the TD-18 that has been in front on the shop for 2 years. I used my Hoe to lift the suspension guide parts in to place which did not take very long. yes a 2 year wait for a 20 minute job. oh well thansk

t-18 Hoe

Sept 16 2019


being the King of Obsolete I took the D6 9U caterpillar known as the Bismark out for a little spin past the Black Fleet in the Kingdom. I think my hand holding the camera blocked off some of the sound but oh well. the Bismark was under water for 3 years and I started the project in 2003 so it has been a long time coming together. the Black Fleet is the 1983 IG Paystar 5000 plow truck named Thor, then the 1982 IH log Loader, the Green Toy which is a 1976 AM General M816 wrecker, then the 1939 chevy plus the 1974 Ford 9000 known as the Screaming Ford and the 1938 GMC truck. thansk


Sept 15 2019


we got the call early Saturday morning that they stole the posts holding up the fire exit on the town office. we loaded up the equipment for the short trip in to WHO-ville. we used the Hoe to raise the deck to be level then welded in some drill steel.


of course I had to splash the paint on to make it look like I did the job.


Sept 14 2019


yesterday at 5pm I did a tandem walk of the 2 house dogs to the front gate to close it.




once closed for regular business hours I worked on the starter for the D6 known as the Bismark. thansk

d6 td18

Sept 13 2019


yesterday we got some of the firewood cut and ready for the wood stove. lived here for 23 years and never cut a tree down to burn in the stove because we use up old lumber and such. thansk



Sept 12 2019


tonight a snapped a quick picture of the 1974 Ford 9000 better know as the Screaming Ford that I use on the winter roads in north Canada plus the 1945 Linn Tractor that was the highway truck of the bush when it was all done by cat trains. times have changed. thansk

sf linn

Sept 11 2019


yesterday we whipped up a doggie door and ramp for the house-office dogs can go in and out. the first test of the ramp was a slow test but once they liked the ramp they were up and down and in and out of the house-office several times. thansk

doggie door

Sept 10 2019


it was a family fun day with xena on the Hoe and I was on the forklift moving the driller's stuff to the loading dock. thansk

hoe pallets

Sept 09 2019


since we have no cell phones at the end of the world we use different methods of communicating. to remind the fellow heading south to pick up the bucket for the scrap guy and his ladys, I put the bucket up by the so-called road so it can be seen and ready to load up. thansk




Sept 08 2019


yesterday I had to change out the buckets on the mini Hoe from the manly 16" down to the 10" bucket to dig a trench for my electrical wire.




then I worked late and got the shed all wired in with lights, plug ins and heat for my Hoe. thansk


Sept 07 2019


the other day when I was working on the Screaming Ford I had to borrow the new alternator from the 82 IH truck which I just put on the truck a week ago.




when it was all finished the new style alternator looked really good plus I like the colour of the wires I used too.


Sept 06 2019


The Green Toy came in handy yesterday in the rain for lifting up the rearend of the ford high rail truck to work on the wheel set.


Once again it is a very handy machine to have in the Kingdom.


Sept 05 2019


thank you for the help the other night in chasing down a external regulator for my 1974 Ford 9000. I decided to mount a new style alternator with the internal regulator. I chose to take an alt off 1 of my IH cargo trucks because they are 100 amps. I just had to make up a new bracket to mount it on the 8V71.




for the first time in 26 years of ownership of the Screaming Ford the charging system works at an idle with heaterS and lights on. we used to turn things off when stopped so the batterys would not get drained.




I also need this pulley because these 21SI alt don't come with a pulley. I have ordered the replacement alt of the 1982 IH log loader because that is where I borrowed the new alt from and will need a pulley.


Sept 04 2019


now that the new dog pen for the house dogs is complete, I installed the cameras so I can watch them. when the thieves are in the yard the dogs let you know where they are by watching them on the cameras. plus I adjusted the cameras in the original dog pen and added a camera in the shop so I can look at the TV screen to see if I left the lights on.

dog cameras

Sept 03 2019


yesterday I took my new quad out to drive around picking up rocks for the new dog pen for the house dogs. crime is getting bad in WHO-ville so now I have to have house dogs too.




I cut a peak hole so the house dogs can stick their head out to see the world but that did not work and I had to mesh it over. at a later date when they figure out life in the Kingdom i'll remove the mesh.


Sept 02 2019


the sun shined all day yesterday but it was a cool day. I got lots done on the Green Toy and the new 12v alternator works great. the system is charging good and the fuel gauge even works too.




finished up the day with parking the Green Toy beside the Screaming Ford.



Sept 01 2019


long time family friend thersa wride stopped by the Kingdom with her husband. she was up doing a little campaigning for the provincial election. we just had to do a selfie in from of the Linn Tractor before the rains came again.




I thought I would be working on my Green Toy with all the new parts that arrived but the rains changed those plans too.


Aug 31 2019


the red chevy that I have worked on for the last year got stolen and smashed up yesterday. I need the trailer electrical for the tilt trailer that it pulls because it would take over a week to get the same parts from the south. I used the mini Hoe to remove the damaged sheet metal to access the wiring.


hoe chevy


having a Hoe can be very handy when removing the windshield.


Aug 30 2019


one of the joys of having guard dogs is things get chewed up for some reason. now i'm looking for the driver's seat bottom for my 2006 chevy 2500 better known as the Pink Crew Cab.




plus all my years of watching Sesame Street pays off when Rodney at westrans asks me how the belt is run on the jcb forklift. I could have used my Etch-a-Sketch for the same quality of a drawing.


Aug 29 2019


one of the joys of living at the end of the world is seeing the damage done in shipping. we waited 2 weeks for parts to arrive for the school bus only to have the box arrived destroyed. we are not sure if the box fell out the back of the mail truck on the so-called road being so rough or the box fell down a flight of stair. but in the end the glass was broken and the French sticker for "watch your step" was wrinkled too. oh well, it is only money and order these parts again.


Aug 28 2019


if it does not rain today we will be installing the new 8 camera set from swann. the joys of online shopping is I get what I want not what they have left on the shelves.


Aug 27 2019


it was a good day yesterday with Thor the plow truck towing in the ford tour bus in the morning because the drive shaft fell off.

thor tow

then the 39 chevy towing in the white ford van that had the fan belt got eaten by the tensioner pulley.

39 tow

Aug 26 2019


it has been a week since the puppie called echo came from xena's to live in the Kingdom.


echo pen


she only had 1 accident in the house and i had to shampoo the carpet. which is very good because when i'm at shadey pines retirement home i'll be having accidents too.


Aug 25 2019


with another day of heavy rains the little shop was getting wet on the floor so i tossed more and more wood down. i have never seen it rain this much. oh well.

shop water

Aug 24 2019


it was not raining yesterday so I was able to get the park brake back together on the 82 IH truck. since spray paint cans are not marked with printed words on the colour and i'm colour blind everything got painted a blue i'm told. plus lots of never seize so the park brake will work for 20 years and not be rusted.




the truck is parked in the line up with the Screaming Ford and no blocks on the wheel because the park brake works.


Aug 23 2019


when I closed the front gate last night to the Kingdom there was these neat tire tracks from some SUV visiting the tourist sign. it gives new meaning to the word traction control when the rear wheel lifts right off the ground for 3 feet. at least they did not get stuck and need my help.




it was also a good day fixing quad tires with the Italian tire machine.


Aug 22 2019


yesterday we got some sun shine which felt nice. I used big fans to dry out the shop so I could walk around in normal shoes not rubber boots because it was so wet in there.




the under belly support for the conveyor is coming along which is a lot of work but it will make the conveyor strong.


Aug 21 2019


in 2017 i paid a company a lot of money to work on my 2015 quad. over the years i'm finding there is no quality in the workmanship. yesterday the back wheel came loose because there was no cottor pin in the axle nut which came loose and ate the wheel bearing and other things. the parts ordered was just under $1000.00 because of a $0.50 cottor they forgot to install.


no pin


i'm glad i have learned to work on my quads and ski-doos to save me money and do it correctly.


Aug 20 2019


when i go out to hughes lake community i park the 86 dodge behind the 83 champion grader. 11 years ago i used to drive this grader when i had a real job and tow the 86 dodge behind so i had a way of getting home at the end of the day. oh well it is all memories now.


Aug 19 2019


the house in WHO-ville where we get water and do laundry for the Kingdom since 2005 plus xena decided to live there since she was 16 years old had a water leak in the roof. with all this rain the chimney decided to leak and I thought we would just rip it off being old and rust. it took and hour of beating and chiseling with a hammer to get it apart but it did come apart.




couple boards and lots of tar and it will be good for another 20 years. once again the forklift come in handy as a work platform.

roof hole

Aug 18 2019


my daughter xena gets the rescue puppies and raises them till they are just over a year old. then the dogs come to the Kingdom to become guard dogs. the dog named echo came this weekend to be an office-house guard dog but she needed a dog house for her own pen when not in the office. when you buy lots of parts from Rodney at westrans you get a free pallet. the pallet travel 1200kms to be reused at the floor of echo's new dog house.


dog house


we are on our 3rd day of rain in the Kingdom and 2 more to go so echo likes her dog house.


Jan 05 2019

being the King of Obsolete i do things a little differently then most people. to say thansk to the people at westrans company in winnipeg who supply most of the parts to the Kingdom for my collectables. i had rodney my main partsman at westrans order in a pizza-chicken lunch for for the staff of 25. he had frank's pizza on main street cater and whack my credit card which was not that bad in price for the service given.


westrans food


while these people were enjoying a free lunch on my credit card 1200kms away in the south, my son and i were out ski-dooing to check winter drill roads. when we returned from having so much fun freezing, i seen the pictures of everyone enjoying them selfs which made my day.


KoO ski-doo


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie