April 08 2018 -- King's Bar Starter


April 08 2018 -- Barnes Freighters


April 04 2018 -- Hats for sale


March 25 2018 -- Linn Tractor Working


March 25 2018 -- Winter Drill Road Index


Dec 25 2017 -- 1953 Bombardier Model B-18


Nov 21 2017 -- KoO-Tracks


Nov 17 2017 -- King's Cats


Nov 17 2017 -- Black Fleet on Wheels


Jan 07 2016 -- YouTube Videos



April 19 2018


we buy long chains then cut them to length as we need them. once a year we have to go through the chains on all the trailers and Screaming Ford to get them organized.




the trailers have these yellow boxes which are easy to weld on and keep the snow and rain out. in the great white north you can never have enough chains.


yellow box


April 18 2018


the southern tilt trailer is slowly coming a long with lots of changes by welding and grinding. once it warms up i can splash the black pai around to make it look even better.





April 17 2018


when a southern built trailer comes north to the end of the world, there has to be lots of changes made. the aluminum box gets the toss and a steel box gets mounted in it's place. more to come as i work away on the trailer.




April 16 2018


just a quick picture from 2012 when the film guys from Hollywood came to check me out. then i became famous for 15 seconds on Ice Road Truckers.


film guys

April 15 2018


buying new chains and straps in the south and having them shipped to the end of the world is a great adventure. now it will take a good day to get them ready to go on the trailers and vehicles because everything has to be changed for the great white north. i also finally bought new winch cables for the D6 cats too.




April 14 2018


my son xena driving the d6 cat known as The Hood in 2014 on a freight haul to a lodge. oh the memories.


cat train


April 13 2018


on our trip south to get supplies, we picked up the 10" wide bucket for the mini Hoe. last year at this time i bought the mini Hoe with the extra wide bucket of 18" which is huge compared to this 10" wide bucket.


April 12 2018


just a quick picture from 2003 when the shop was not organized and my son xena was so small plus i had hair on top of my head too.




April 11 2018


it only took 3 months form the time of searching to the time of arrival of the new to me tilt trailer. plus we got a paying load back to the Kingdom with a broken down ford. the trailer is custom made to be able to handle full size trucks between the fenders.


tilt working

April 09 2018


this is my grandpa's 1945 chevy truck that was hit by a train in 1947. i have owned the truck since 1981 and it is on my to do list.


Barnes Freighters



April 08 2018


the Screaming Ford back in 2006 when i delivered a load to flin flon manitoba. oh the memories of good times.


ford 2006

April 07 2018


since spring is not coming to the great white north this year with over night temperatures of -35c. i have been whipping up shelves in the back room of the office to put the expensive inventory in where it is warm and dry. there is over $4000.00 in filters which have no dollar value or use when wet or dirty. i'll splash the paint around in the summer when i'm done with all the changes.


back room


April 06 2018


it only took 2 weeks for the front end parts for my 1939 chevy to arrive. it is good to know that you can still get parts for a 79 year old truck.


39 front


April 05 2018

This is our first attempt at selling any goodies other then the published books from the Kingdom. We have no idea what the costs are going to be on shipping and handling. We have decided to do this batch of hats first to get an idea of the costs and what it takes to ship then we can look at around the world too.


The best and simpliest way to sell and ship "one" hat will be $25.00 usa or cdn money will include the shipping and handling in North America. Please put cash or personal cheque (no money orders because of the high costs) in an envelope mailed to the Kingdom. We will only be selling one hat at a time due to limited amount that have been made plus it will give us time to figure the actual shipping costs too.

King of Obsolete

Box 372

Lynn Lake Manitoba

r0b 0w0



old fashion telephone 204 356 8846


email addresses


April 04 2018


yesterday we received a few gifts in the Kingdom from out west, one of the joys of being the King, lol.




April 03 2018


another fun day in the Kingdom with another impounded vehicle. we have to have a different style of trailer for each type of vehicle because there is not enough money in impoundments to justife a $60,000.00 tilt top tow truck.



April 02 2018


my son xena took a selfie of me yesterday int he Screaming Ford but it didn't turn out too well.


koo selfie


April 01 2018


my son xena and i had to do a tow call first thing in the morning at -30c which made for good pictures. the Screaming Ford had no problem dragging the damaged mini van out of the ditch.




next we just used the 30,000lb Wicked Winch to drag the mini van on the trailer with no problems.



March 31 2018


april 08 2009 we were hauling on the winter roads long after they closed. the fun we had and the memories.



March 30 2018


just sharing another memory from a few years ago when i did a tow call up the winter road. nothing went right but i did bring the broken tow truck out at -36c. the Screaming Ford has a weight box with a pulley on a stick that clips in to the 5th wheel to make it a tow truck. thansk



March 29 2018


today i took pictures of my logo on the goodies to make my facebook page picture look good.



March 28 2018


it is hard to believe 5 years ago we were filming Ricochet Hill for ice road truckers.




March 27 2018


just another picture from memory lane of last year with the 1939 chevy on the winter drill roads. i have owned the truck since 1981.



March 26 2018


just a quick picture of the Screaming Ford in 2012 on the winter road that was closed. oh the fun we had.


SF 2012


March 25 2018


i had to buy a tilt trailer to haul the bombardier and the Linn tractor because climbing up the beavertail on the other 2 trailers is too dangerous.


totl trailer


March 24 2018


it was an easy day yesterday in the Kingdom by using the D6 9U known as The Hood to move the loaded rod sloop. we had to move the sloop to an area of bedrock so the sloop does not sink during the spring melt that will come in june.


d6 sloop

March 23 2018


with the winter road about to close in a couple of days, this truck showed up in the Kingdom broken. we hope to get the parts from the south in time to get it fixed so it can deliver the load before the winter road offically closes.


pete broken

March 22 2018


a simple quick picture back in 2006 of the Linn Tractor is still showing up on facebook and the internet. i guess there is only one working Linn Tractor around that earns a wage.


linn 2006


March 21 2018


my son xena is getting more and more time riding the mini Hoe which is great fun. we seem to be moving more snow then dirt but then again it is the great white north north.


xena hoe

March 20 2018


this is not the best picture but it shows the td-6 known as Aggie, the pink crew cab plus my son xena. we used 4 different cats on the winter drill road project because each had different style of blades.


aggie pink