March 10 2019 -- 1939 Chevy Truck


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Feb 23 2019 -- 1938 MAPLE LEAF TRUCK--added to bottom of the page


Oct 14 2019 -- 1938 Maple Leaf Truck repairs


Oct 22 2019 -- Lombard Winter Freighting Sleighs


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Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleigh 2019


Nov 03 2019 -- P.A.T Winter Freighting Sleigh


Nov 03 2019 -- TD-9 INTERNATIONAL "Free Fall"


Nov 03 2019 -- Winter Freighting Sleighs


Nov 08 2019 -- Linn Tractor Logging Sleighs

Nov 11 2019

it was a good day yesterday with the Twins getting up and running. the first start on Free Fall on gas was only good for one picture then after that it got too smokie in the shop for the cameras. when i started Kijiji the cameras did not record that one because he was out of camera view.


FF runs


with morning outisde temperatures of -28c, the puppie and her trainer dog have been in the shop enjoying the wood stove or getting in my way when i'm working.


FF dogs


Nov 10 2019

woke up to -18c and i snapped this picture of the td-9 known as Bad Business and the cabooses.


BB cabooses


so at these temperatures it became a shop day working on the Twins which are td-9s known as Free Fall and Kijiji.



Nov 09 2019

we used the green forklift to toss the hood and side panels on linn 2 to make him look good for fiming and pictures.


linn hood


now if the grey overcast skies would be gone then our pictures would look a lot better.


linn 2 ready

Nov 08 2019

yesterday we were making a video of the td-9 known as Bad Business starting at -16c but feels like -22c. the cat was only plugged in 3 hours to warm the engine up which has 15/40 oil in it. the cat started really well on gas and then the camera died when i was about to switch to the diesel side of the motor. oh well it will be cold again and we can make another video.





near the end of the day i snapped this picture of the cabooses reflecting a bit of the sunset we had.


cabooses sunset

Nov 07 2019

did the last of the sleigh hitches with the up hand welds to make them longer so the sleighs are interchangable when hooking up to each other.


welding up


it is hard to believe that the ranger 8 welder is 21 years old and still runs and welds great.




Nov 06 2019

at -18c i had the mini Hoe out to find the long hitch for the original wooden sleigh to be changed out.


Hoe hitch


after changing out to the longer hitch i was able to hook the original wooden sligh to the other all steel deck sleighs. now we just need more snow so i can move the sleighs and have fun.


BB sleighs

nov 05 2019

woke up to clear cold skies at -18c which makes for good pictures.


cold cabooses


using anything and everything to make the sleigh hitches all the same length so they can be hooked from sleigh to sleigh. great fun welding in the heat of the day at -14c.


hitches longer

Nov 04 2019

the plan was to lengthen 3 sleigh hitches so all the sleighs are the same. the plan was also simple in doing 3 hitches all at the same time because it is easier to do.




just get the first hitch cut and pieces cut then the snow and winds come. oh well it became a house day and working on the website instead.


cut hitch


Nov 03 2019


another warm day in the Kingdow which was melting the snow. we moved the 3 cabooses up to the shop to get serviced.




the green forklift better known as the Rut Maker is handy for these little jobs when servicing the cabooses.



Nov 02 2019


after a week of not being able to connect to the server that host my website my computer and the server decided to like each other again so now i can update the website. the weather has been nice enough to work out side and yesterday i did 2 hours of up hand welding on the new hitch for the new sleigh. i was able to over come the Gods of Gravity.


hitch welding


after 15 years of building this sleigh it was nice to slide it off the sleigh table and on to the ground.




the mini Hoe is handy for hooking up the new hitch to the other sleigh. hard to believe xena has been helping out with the building of sleighs since she was in a diaper.


hitch hoe


now the sleigh table has the bunks for the next sleigh on and ready to go for building.


sleigh table


Oct 24 2019


to work on the P.A.T. sleigh that is on the sleigh table , I had gathered up the parts and pieces so I could find them in the snow except it has not snowed.


sleigh parts


some of the sleigh parts need to be re-made because the design 90 years ago is not required today. these tear-drops for tightening the cross chains turned out well. thansk


tear drops

Oct 22 2019


i moved the Linn Tractor and the Lombard sleighs closer to the shop and got out the welding sleigh to do a little welding too.


sleighs above


the yard is looking good just need some snow.


sleighs above 2

Oct 21 2019


for the first time in 60 years the Linn Tractor is hooked up to the Lombard sleighs using the cross pole method.


side view


we even found a couple of toothpick trees to make it look like we are big time loggers and we just need snow.



Oct 20 2019


yesterday during the heat of the day of +5c i used the Green Toy to lift up the Lombard sleigh bunk to make it level where i needed to weld.


GT side


with the sleigh bunk level i was able to over come the Gods of Gravity and welded on the high-low cross pole hitches useing the big 3/16" rods at 190amps.


GT back

Oct 19 2019


it looks good when you have sleighs in front of the shop and no snow on the ground yet but winter is coming.




as i worked on the sleighs the 3 guard dogs watched me work.



Oct 18 2019


another day without snow made it easy for the green forklift known as the Rut Maker to lift the cab and deck back on the 38 maple leaf truck.


cab on


after a few projects get finished in the shop then the truck will go back in to be worked on this winter.


cab side

Oct 17 2019


the beer truck had a flat tire inside the building where the truck is parked. a nice size rock went through the centre of the tread which is normal when they grade the roads up here. I had to change out the tire using manual tools so the 5 foot green pipe made it easy to break the wheel nuts loose. also the building has the mercury lights from the 1970s which makes it really hard to see but the thought counts for being inside out of the wind and cold. thansk

flat tire

Oct 16 2019


yesterday I dug out one of the Lombard cross pole sleighs and tossed my log bunks on. then I used my battery powered chainsaw to acquire a couple of toothpick trees for the photos.




it is hard to believe the battery powered chainsaw was purchased for more money then what the 39 chevy sold for brand new. thansk


Oct 15 2019

one of the big problems I had on the 38 maple leaf truck was the rear end wheel seals was made of felt and the wheel bearings were packed with grease. this works good for oiling the brake shoes because the felt seals over time leak. to find a seal that would work was the problem because the axle housing is not machined for a lip seal to run plus over the years the other mechanics used a chisel to mark up the felt seal area to get the seal to stay put. this was a common practice 80 years ago before lock-tite and other chemical compounds to hold things in place were invented. after a month of searching and double checking I ordered in from the far east a stemco grit-guard seal that comes with a sleeve for the lip seal to run on. this is a heavy duty sleeve not a speedi-sleeve.




I used my coffee maker to expand the sleeve and it took more then a few love taps and lock-tite to get the sleeve on the axle spindle.




now the rear end is good for another 81 years. thansk


Oct 14 2019


after 22 years I decided to finish the skirting on the house which was only done as temporary job. having this done correctly and some paint splashed on will give the house curb appeal. thansk


Oct 13 2019


it was another great sunny day yesterday in the Kingdom which I got a lot of things done outside. I used the forklift better known as the Rut Maker to move the Sleigh Table up to the shop so I can work on the sleigh. thansk

skeigh table

Oct 12 2019


while the people in the south 1200kms away are enjoying a 3 day snow storm we had another nice day. we popped the motor in the 38 maple leaf and turned the frame around for going back in the shop.




the new guard dog puppie likes all the fun in the shop when we are working.




Oct 11 2019


one of the many things to do on my list of things to be done was fix the forklift shed floor. we really didn't see a problem with the forklift breaking through the floor because the shed is old and not really meant for a 8000lbs machine to be park inside it.




while everyone else is enjoying the first or second snow storms in the south. my son and i enjoyed the sun shine and +8c to remove some boards and fill up with gravel. thansk

shed floor

Oct 10 2019


it was easy to put the front axle back under the 38 maple leaf truck then put the truck in my little shop using the green forklift better known as the Rut Maker.


front axle


I have all the part laid out and will rebuild the steering box which will make everything on the front end new after 81 years. thansk


shop ML

Oct 09 2019


yesterday was a prefect shop day because of the weather. in april I took the 38 maple leaf truck apart and spent the month of may figuring out the parts needed. over the summer the parts arrived because the money tree was blossoming good. the problem with the 38 maple leaf is it is Canadian built and they used a lot of different parts and there is not much record of what they used. the truck reminds me of the johnny cash song I took it 1 piece at a time. in 2012 I worked on the truck and gave up because I could not find the parts and not much help on the internet. now in 2018 the internet and friends around the world are making the work on the truck a lot easier. to do the king pins I had to order to king pin sets to get the correct number of pieces and order in a bigger reamer out of the usa.




it did not take long for the front axle to come together with the correct parts. thansk




Oct 08 2019


I had one yard light acting up with the light sensor so being colour blind I fixed it by removing the light sensor. now the light will be on all the time which is ok because we are now going in to the winter months where we get more darkness then daylight. thansk


yard light

Oct 07 2019


after 2 weeks of nice weather the rains finally came which is better then snow. this finally meant i could relax in the little shop with the wood stove and install the king pins in the 38 GMC axle.


la out


Oct 06 2019


it was another nice day in the Kingdom which I was able to build more shelves for storage trailer 1. the Kingdom is a lot like a Dr. Seuss book because nothing is straight or will be straight. thansk

more shelves

Oct 05 2019


yesterday being a nice sunny day again I decided to use up some left over wood and whip up some more shelves in storage trailer 1. it took most of the morning to sort through the belt collection and toss out the ones that were no good. now being organized it will be easier to find out I don't have the belt I need when looking. thansk


Oct 04 2019


back in 2011 I had more money then women in my life so I had timbers custom cut. this big timbers are to be used on sleigh bunks and were imported from the south because we only have toothpick trees up here. it only took 8 years for me to splash the paint on them. plus I even painted a few jigs boards for the td-18 cats since it was a nice sunny day.



Jan 05 2019


being the King of Obsolete i do things a little differently then most people. to say thansk to the people at westrans company in winnipeg who supply most of the parts to the Kingdom for my collectables. i had rodney my main partsman at westrans order in a pizza-chicken lunch for for the staff of 25. he had frank's pizza on main street cater and whack my credit card which was not that bad in price for the service given.


westrans food


while these people were enjoying a free lunch on my credit card 1200kms away in the south, my son and i were out ski-dooing to check winter drill roads. when we returned from having so much fun freezing, i seen the pictures of everyone enjoying them selfs which made my day.


KoO ski-doo


May 23 2018


i asked my son xena to take a selfie for me because i can never do it right. tee shirts during the day and jackets on at night. welcome to the great white north.


thansk selfie