Halloween Dominatrix


(rough copy)

Halloween Dominatrix

When the 37 Dodge got parked for the winter I have to drive my 1967 Chevy ½ ton truck as a means of transportation. This truck was built out of spare parts when I was 16 years old and going to high school in Brandon Manitoba from the pink house in Alexander Manitoba. The truck was rusty but reliable because the 15 miles of highway can be an adventure in the winter time. The engine was a Chevy inline 6 cylinder motor that are known to work horses and cheap on gas. Being in high school and only working after school I only had so much money for gas for the distance I had to travel to get home. Plus the transmission was a 3 speed which means not built for speed. The 67 Chevy was basically a farm truck with top speed of 70mph down hill with the wind pushing. The truck got the nick name Time Warp because the 37 dodge was built for top speed and lots of power. The 67 Chevy being a farm truck was built the opposite for power on the farm and no high speeds. The 37 Dodge would set you back in your seat when the transmission was dropped a gear and the gas pedal kicked to floor to open the 4 barrels in the carburetor and that is when full power. The 67 Chevy only had the 3 speed transmission which did not give any gears to speed. The 6 cylinder motor had a 1 barrel carburetor on it which basically made the engine run faster but not much more power. The 67 Chevy was good truck and served it purpose with 3 years of driving and any new parts were removed to go on other projects dad and I had on the go.

Driving Naughty Natalie and Liz around in the winter while the 37 Dodge was parked for the winter was great fun. The ladies did not mind the truck because it had 2 heaters in it to keep warm on those cold days because the truck was a little rusty and breezy at highway speeds. The cab had lot of room compared to the small cab on the 37 Dodge but the truck was paid for which is the main thing. We decide to travel the 200kms from Brandon Manitoba to Winnipeg Manitoba to do a little shopping before Halloween. Of course Manitoba is in Canada so there is snow on the ground in October. Which makes things more fun to drive on the highway and in the big city. The trip in to Winnipeg was no problem and we gas up the 67 Chevy before we do any shopping that way if the money runs out we will have a tank of gas to get home. Plus the ladies can use the bathroom in the gas station because it was 2 hours non stop driving. We leave the gas station Naughty Natalie is driving and I have the Road Atlas to give directions on where we are going. Liz gets to sit in the middle on the truck on the tool box and blankets because the truck has bucket seats. Naughty Natalie has to remember to drive the 67 Chevy as a farm truck and take her time. If she kicks the gas pedal to the floor for power to make it through a yellow there is about 20 minute delay before the power actual kicks in. That is why the truck got the nickname Time Warp because it is slow motion like in the movies and TV shows we grew up. Naughty Natalie does not mind driving the truck because it gets us where we are going which is better then walking or taking the bus. She does has to think a little harder and plan ahead due to lack of power and speed of the truck.

We have to find the place for the ladies to buy their Halloween customs which we thought would be easy except the road Atlas is wrong and outdated. Naughty Natalie could not turn on to the street the Road Atlas said she could turn on and of course I directed her to go down the street more and make the turn and come back. With the Road Atlas we are officially lost in downtown Winnipeg which is nothing new because Winnipeg is a very confusing city to drive in. We did better in the city of Calgary Alberta with the 37 Dodge and we never got lost. As a man I refuse to stop and ask for directions because that is a man thing. Women always stop and ask for direction because that is what women do. All we need to do is find a pay telephone booth and look in the telephone book in the yellow pages to find the Halloween custom shop. Naughty Natalie pulls the 67 Chevy in the 7/11 convenience store so I could stand in the cold telephone booth with cold fingers trying to read the telephone book in the yellow pages. But the page I want was ripped out. Back in the mid 1980s people did not have cell phones or cameras to take pictures of the information you needed. They just ripped the page out of the telephone book and read it as they went to the location they were looking for. While I was freezing ass off in the telephone booth looking for information that was not there. The ladies sitting in the 67 Chevy attracted the attention of the local Buff Boys. The Buff Boys are trying to chat up the ladies in the rusted farm truck thinking they just came from the farm. The ladies think these Buff Boys are a from of entertainment and played along. When I return the truck the one Buff Boy shows me on the Road Atlas where the Halloween costume shop is and he said to park in the back. We all agree to trust this Buff Boy and we head off in the 67 Chevy all happy that we are saving time by not being lost. I direct Naughty Natalie to turn and go down the back lane to the Halloween costume shop for the parking like the Buff Boy said to do. We arrive and the parking lot to the shop is empty and the door at the back of the building say to enter here. We all thought you would walk to the front of the building and enter through the front main entrance like most businesses. As we walk to the back door I made a joke that these place might be Chicago Speakeasy used to serve booze during prohibition. I was the last to enter in the Halloween costume shop and it is a good thing. Naughty Natalie and I are very surprised as we look around but Liz is just smiling because she is older then us by almost 10 years and knows we are in a sex shop. Back in the mid 1980s these sex shop were hidden and not talked about like a Chicago Speakeasy. In the year 2020 sex shops are every where and the items are sold at house parties like Avon and tuber-ware was done in the 1970s. Playboy Magazine had very discreet advertisements on the sex shop items which was done with class and taste.

The Buff Boys thought that Naughty Natalie and Liz were strippers and needed new outfits for preforming on stage in. They look like sisters and have bodies that would make them qualify for being featured on the pages of Playboy Magazine. Naughty Natalie is all happy to be in this shop because she will be a kid in a candy store. Liz is happy too because she has been to several of these stores down east where she comes from with her husband. I am just smiling because this is way better then advertisements in Playboy Magazine. We all agree that we can only send so much time here because we have to back home before it is too late. Traveling in dark on the highway in the winter time is not the best thing to do. We are having fun looking at everything in the sex shop and the lady assistant asks the ladies what they would like. Liz wanted a Dominatrix outfit for Halloween and Naughty Natalie wanted a french maid’s outfit. Plus the outfits have to be worn for 3 Halloween parties so they have be of some quality. It turns out the sales assistant is the owner of the sex shop and knew that Naughty Natalie and Liz would be repeat customers. She wanted to impress them with good quality products and good prices. The 3 ladies hit it off right away and the owner has rolled out the red carpet for these new customers in hope they become repeat customers. The owner could see that Naughty Natalie and Liz had the bodies that could really make any outfit look really good. But the ladies both told the owner there is so much money we have budgeted because we thought we were going to the Halloween custom shop now when have ended up a sex shop which was our lucky day. The owner is a business women and she did not get to where she is today by mis-judging customers. Plus the owner thinks like everyone else has done in the past by thinking Liz is the older sister and then Naughty Natalie then me as the little brother because I have stayed back out of the way and never said a thing.

The owner ask both ladies how much do you have that if you group all funds together then there will be a working amount of money. The ladies get out the lists for shopping in Winnipeg and decide what does not have to be purchased this trip. Plus I come forward and say that I can chip in with the money that I was going to buy some power tools. This money can now call early birthday gifts for both ladies. The owner looked at our money on the table and asked if we had any credit cards and we all said “no” because we are too young. Liz told the owner her husband is in the military and they can not get one because of the low yearly income that military offers. The owner smiled and she says she has a deal that will put both ladies in nice outfits for Halloween for the money on the table. We all looked at each and thought to ourself that is not much money so the owner much have some kiddie costumes she bought at Walmart for her grand kids to wear. The owner now asked us to follower her which we did. It turns out the sex shop is a big place and the back of the store is for regular people off the street to come in and buy items for the bedroom. The front of the store is for the professional workers who are strippers and such. We keep following the owner through the mouse maze to get a storage room. All of us were able to fit in the storage room and on a shelf with a woman’s name on it was card board boxes that looked like huge pizza boxes. The owner asked the ladies to take down boxes marked 1of 2 and 2 of 2 meaning it is a package deal. Both ladies are surprised at how heavy these huge pizza boxes are. Nobody asked me to help because I’m just a young boy and Naughty Natalie still has not called me a 14 year old “Virgin” on these trip so far. Now that the ladies have both boxes down and are holding them, the owner says follow her which we all do. The ladies are smiling and have no idea what is going to happen because these are not Walmart Halloween costumes boxes.

Following the owner we arrive in a private room with chairs, table and mirrors on the walls from floor to ceiling plus there is a pole in the middle. I said to myself that pole is not adjustable like most housing construction support pole used on the main beam of a house. Plus it is pretty shiny too and for some reason nothing in this room makes my brain click in until later. Then I knew I grew up having a shelter life. The ladies put the huge pizza boxes on the tables but do not open them. The owner tells the ladies what is in those boxes is what you paid with the money you gave me. We all agreed and even I agreed because once back home I am not the little brother and can enjoy the outfit on Naughty Natalie. The owner went on to say she has a really good customer that has the same body as you two ladies so these outfit will fit. The customer had an accident at work and would not be able to wear these outfits. We all looked at each and was figuring her customer was in a car accident or something like that which is not good to hear about. The owner goes on to explain that she will take a little bit of money for these outfits knowing that these ladies will become repeat customers in the future. We all smiled at that because this owner knows how to run a business because she is a business woman. Now the ladies are told to open the huge pizza boxes. When the pizza boxes were open both ladies had a shocked look on their faces. Of course I’m standing to far back to see what is in the huge pizza boxes so I walk over. I was shocked to because in each box was a complete Dominatrix outfit including the riding crop better know as the whip. If there is no whip then it is not a complete Dominatrix outfit. The owner goes on to explain these are matching outfits because her customer was a high priced stripper and needed 2 outfits for the number of shows she was doing. One outfit being cleaned and outfit being worn. Since Naughty Natalie and Liz are the same in every way expect hair colour these outfits will fit. The owner has been in business along time and can size up a woman by looking at her and know the shoe size too. The only thing I know about sizing the Liz’s bra cup covers my face perfect when the Military Police raided the PMQ and Liz covered my face so I could not see.

The ladies both said that can not take these out fits because they got to be worth at least a $1000.00 and the owner corrected them in saying $4000.00 with the boots and whip. The outfits are made to last because they are for a business of taking your clothes off for people to enjoy a lady’s natural beauty. When the owner said $4000.00 I was the first to gasp for air and the ladies followed me in gasping. Both ladies said they could not take these outfits now because that is a lot of money and the customer might want the outfit when she recovers from the accident. The owner told the ladies we made a deal and you ladies are taking these outfits because we made a deal. The owner is a business woman and is firm in doing business. Then the owner says the customer will not be able to fit these outfits when she covers from the accident in which she got pregnant. That is when we all smiled over that kind of accident. The owner told the ladies what the odds of someone coming in to my sex shop having matching bodies that could fit these outfits is very slim. Not many ladies get to pose for Playboy magazine and you 2 ladies could pose. Once the owner said Playboy Magazine that is when she had my full attention plus the ladies too. The customer did pose for Playboy Magazine but the pictures were never published. Now both Naughty Natalie and Liz just looked at each because they have never thought of them self as being sexy or Playboy Magazine material.

We are all smile because this is our lucky day plus the owner’s lucky day too. Now the owner uses the phone on the table asks Philip to be sent in to help alter the outfits. As we looked at each other we knew Philip was going to be a gay fellow that is very feminine. When Philip walked the door in the room we all had the look of Oh Shit on our faces. The owner could see that we really are not in to the whole gay men thing because Liz’s husband is military and Naughty Natalie and are non touchy people. Once the owner seen the expression on our faces she changed what she wanted Philip to do. She then asked Philip to send in Anna to help the ladies. We all smiled at that and the owner seen that and smiled too. Naughty Natalie has no problem in getting undressed in front of everyone and starts putting the outfit on. Liz is not to comfortable and asks if there is a change room and the owner said no and do not be ashamed of your body. Liz replied back I am a married woman and that is my little brother and pointed to me. I knew that was coming because we only been in the city of Winnipeg one hour and have not been called the little brother. Now as I think this through my head I know Naughty Natalie will tell everyone that I am a “Virgin” and sure enough as soon as Liz was done speaking Naughty Natalie had to announce to the world that I am “Virgin”. The owner told Liz not to worry because your little brother will have to help you in to the outfit then your husband can help you out of the outfit. Now we all have a puzzled look on our faces because what kind of outfits are these because I thought strippers went on stage and the clothes fell of quickly and it was over like the Honeymoon. These outfits needs a second person to do up the lacing on the back and do other things to get the outfit on. Then when using the outfit as part of the strip tease routine the audience help undo the lacing and such to make it more sexy and last longer as part of the show. We all were impressed now at this outfits. The assistant Anna comes and joins us and since Naughty Natalie is first to be naked Anna helps her. Naughty Natalie is always naked when she came be even around the little apartment or at Liz’s PMQ when her husband is not home. I notice Naughty Natalie when she has clothes on around the house because she naked more the clothes even in the winter when everyone else thinks it is chilly in the place.

Liz really wants this outfit because her husband will enjoy it plus enjoy taking it off too. The owner tells me to help my sister and I move up to Liz and help her but not really look. I told Liz at least you are not drunk in the shower like the last time I had to help you naked. Liz is now officially naked and the corset goes on first and it fits in the areas where it needs to be. Naughty Natalie’s corset has to be altered which the owner figured it would have to be done and Anna is doing the sewing. Next the owner is showing me how to lace up the corset and she thinks I am a “Virgin” by saying things like when I get to be with a lady or enjoy a lady. This small talk is helping Liz relax a bit. Plus Liz is trying not to look at the mirrors on the wall because she gets nervous so she looks down at the floor like I am doing. Once I get the lace done but not tight the owner says I’m to help my sister with the black lace stocking which I thought was strange. I though Liz could just pull them on like big stocks. Wrong these are silk and expensive so I have to help feed the stockings up her foot then up her leg. Naughty Natalie is just laughing at Liz and I trying to do simple little things but the expressions on our faces is priceless. Once the stocking are on Liz and I smooth with no wriggles and the owner is happy I have to help with the garter belt. Liz and I thought it was simple just put it on like any other belt and it is good to go. We were wrong and the owner shows us how it is done. Most garter belts have the little straps that hook on the stockings at the front and on the side the lady putting the garter belt on can reach and hook the little straps to the stockings. But this garter is design to show off the lady’s ass when she bends over with the little strap part digging in the ass cheek for a sexy look. Liz was able to do up the front little straps and the owner check them and gave her pointers on how to do it. Now Liz is standing there and the owner is show me how to do the little straps on her ass. Plus the owner is talking to me as a “Virgin” who has never been with a lady. Plus this is my older sister’s ass which is very uncomfortable for me and Liz. Naughty Natalie is enjoying the little show were are doing and she is learning too. Now the owner grabs the little strap hanging from the garter belt and pulls in down on Liz’s ass and hooks it to the stocking. She then runs her hand over the little strap as to smooth it out on Liz’s ass. Plus she is giving me pointers and what to look for and what the little strap might be doing and presentation is everything when putting this outfits on. The owner did the little strap on the left side of Liz now I am to do the right side on Liz which should be done by a person who is left handed. I’m right handed so it not be a very smooth technique when I first try. I think Liz is more nervous then I am. Of course I screw up and do it wrong which the owner pointed out but she understood me being a “Virgin” it was probably my first time touching a ladies ass. I just smile and say to myself this is all wrong and Naughty Natalie is just smiling and laughing at me. This is making Liz relax a bit but she is so nervous like me. It takes several tries before I get it right and the little strap is hooked correctly and the owner is happy. The owner is standing beside Liz and looking over at me finishing the little strap and I was pleased with myself as a 14 year old “Virgin”. All I hear was the owner telling Liz to bend over and she pushed Liz on her back to get her to bend over at the hips to see if the little straps were installed correctly to give the sexy look on her ass. The only problem with bending over without formally announcing it because my face was right there. All 3 of us were in shock together. Liz was in shock because now everyone can see her ass plus other things because she has no panties on because the garter belt goes on first. I am in shock because I should not be seeing something that only her husband or her doctor should see and Naughty Natalie is in shock because she watched it all happen. Now with Liz bent over the owner now slides her hand down the little strap on Liz’s ass. Then I’m told to do the same thing on my side of Liz’s ass. The look on my face most have been something else because the owner made a few more comments of when I am old enough to be with a lady.

The owner says the straps are OK and look sexy on Liz’s ass and she looked at me to agree with her which I did. Now Liz can stand up right and I seen how red her face was in the mirrors and it was not from being bent over it was from being embarrassed. Now Liz has to put the panties on which should be simple but it is not. Liz puts the panties on and has to bend over so the owner can see that they fit correct and cover everything properly because the outfit is made to tease not show everything. With Liz bent over the owner points out to Naughty Natalie and I what to look for and how to correct the panties. The owner is making me look close on areas where the panties fit and where they might not fit. I try not to look but look. Once again the owner makes comment that when I’m with a lady you should do this and that. Then the owner asks Liz to stand up and turn around because have to check to make sure the panties fit in the front. Liz is now beet red in the face and I’m colour blind and I could even tell. The owner shows Liz the problem areas on the front where the panties needs to fit and not to fit. Of course I am force to look as Naughty Natalie watches. Now the owner places a chair behind Liz and has her sit down. Liz sit like a lady with legs together at the knees. Then the owner tells her to spreader her legs apart which Liz does. The owner now looks at Liz’s crotch to see if the panties are malfunction and showing too much or acting properly in the tease. Of course I have to look and see where the problem areas might be and get pointers on correcting them. Liz is very uncomfortable in this position because everyone in the room and seen plus the mirrors give everyone more views too. It is time for the knee high leather boots which have to go on before the corset is tightened up. Liz and I thought the boots just slide on but the owner says they are new and once worked in then they will slide on. I was told to help Liz and pushing the boot on her foot is the wrong way. I am to stand over Liz’s leg and pull and work the boot on which is great fun. With the boots on Liz gets to stand up while I lace them up which it think took 20 minutes because they lace from her foot to her knee.

Now the last and final thing to do is lace up the corset which is a big job but the owner says both ladies have the perfect bodies. Liz is to hold the corset under her boobies while I gentle work her boobies up so everything fits nicely. I asked the owner why can not Liz fluff her boobies while I hold the corset underneath. Then owner politely replied then who will tighten the laces on the corset. Now I have to stand on a stool so I can fluff Liz’s boobies while she holds the corset under her boobies. Being a 14 year old “Virgin” I have no experience in fluffing boobies and the owner has to show me that we want the boobies to sit natural in the corset. Once she told me it was like getting all the air of the bag then I understood. I tried not to look at Liz as I fluffed her boobies because this was so uncomfortable for both of us. Once her boobies are fluffed and the owner is happy then I have to tighten the lace on the back of the corset. Doing the tighten of the lace is like in all the movies you start at the bottom and pull the lace tight and keep working your way up. It take a while to get the lacing done right and the owner was happy because I told her it was like my hockey skates. Then she asked if I played pee wee hockey which my reply was “yes” but I have an injury and side lined now. Liz and Naughty Natalie are just laughing because pee wee hockey is for young teenagers. With the corset laced up the Liz has to bend over and test fluff her boobies and I get to check her panties for any malfunctions. I thought everything was good and OK with Liz but the owner says I’m to push with both hands on the corset on Liz’s rib cage to get the materials to set in to place and under boobies too. I thought this part was simple but like everything I did was wrong and had to push hard a certain way for the corset to fit just right. On my last and final little push I tell Liz to remember her husband asked me to “take care” of her. She just smile and said very softly that I have been a gentleman doing this. I know other men would have hand slips here and there.

Now the owner tells me to go help my other sister now that I should know what I’m doing. I just smiled as I went to help Naughty Natalie who was also smiling because she knew there will be a few hand slips here and there. Anna got the corset to fit and pointed out to me what she did and to keep and eye on when the outfit is in steady use. The garter belt was no problem going on Naughty Natalie and hooking up the little strap was no problems because I have run my hands across her ass lots in the last two years but in the privacy of the bedroom. When she did the bend over to the front to check the little straps on her ass like Liz did and enjoyed the view I got to see. Naughty Natalie had no problems with the panties and sitting on the chair with her legs spread to check for any malfunction was not a problem for her and she acted like a real life stripper with crossing her legs when in the air and raised them up high and asked me to check for any malfunction. Then it was the boots which did not take long to put on. Once standing up I did the boobie fluffing and then tightened the corset lace and even did the rib pushes too. The owner was very pleased for such a young fellow I learn quickly. Now both ladies were dress like Dominatrix and standing in front on the mirror admiring themselves and each other. The owner pointed out that Liz being a natural true blonde it might be best to dye all your hairs. She suggested the eyebrows and the tuft of hair between your legs too. Back in the mid 1980s the ladies had the tuft of hair and it was always trimmed up. This was the only way you could tell if the lady was a true blonde because the tuft of hair colour matched the hair on her head. In the year 2020 all the ladies now dye their hair to be blonde and shave the tuft of hair off because being smooth shaven is the new trend plus no one know the lady’s true hair colour. Liz had never thought of that because she has never dyed her hair before and this might be nice not to be a blonde for a month. The owner asked Anna to give Liz a bottle of the black hair dye as a gift. Liz was so impressed at how much this owner has done for them. As Liz is talking to the owner Naughty Natalie is having fun on the support pole in the middle of the room which is not a support pole but a stripper pole for the strippers to spin around and slide up and down on. Naughty Natalie was pretty good for the first time on a stripper pole wearing that out fit and the big knee high leather boots too.

Now I understand the ladies because it is just as much work and putting the outfits on. The owner is giving pointers I how to take things off and how to mark things so it is easier when putting the outfits back on. The ladies get dressed and we are ready to leave and the owner tell Naughty Natalie that she will be a regular costumer of her business in the near future because you have the talent and you are comfortable with your body. The owner tells Liz that her husband will be pleased with the outfit. Of course the owner tells me that when I get to be with a lady someday I will treat her right and with respect which most men do not do. We did not realize how long we were in the sex shop plus most of the shopping money was now gone. On the list we have go to the Harley Davidson bike shop to get parts that Liz’s husband ordered. One thing the 67 Chevy truck has is an AM/FM Radio that I put in so we could listen the heavy rock station 92.1 City FM in Winnipeg. The 37 Dodge only had the pioneer cassette player which we played the heavy metal music that we enjoyed. The reason why the 37 Dodge never had the AM/FM Radio is because the 3” exhaust side pipes were so loud that we could not hear the radio. A cassette players are made to be louder to hear the great music. As Naughty Natalie drives the 67 Chevy across the city of Winnipeg to the Harley Davidson shop and we are listen to 92.1 City FM. The FM Radio is coming in so clear because we are not 200kms away trying to get reception from the transmitter tower. That is when Liz seen the Burger Factory on the corner of Logan Avenue and Keewatin Street. She heard they made really good burgers because her husband and military friends have eaten there. There was not a group discussion made or anything because Naughty Natalie just pulled in to the parking lot and parked the 67 Chevy saying she is hungry. OK is the man of the group I guess I am not voting we have Chinese food for lunch because the ladies have made the choice on what we are having for lunch. That is when I say the word “fine” like a woman.


Burger Factory

We have never been to the Burger Factory so we just stand in line like every one and watch how they make the burgers. The people ahead of us tell the person behind the counter what to put on the burger so they basically make the burger the way you want it. Not like any other fast food burger place where you get a standard made burger and pick off the items you do not want to eat. I always get Naughty Natalie and Liz’s tomatoes of the burgers and pickles. But they will eat ketchup on the burger and on their french fries no problem. When I point out that ketchup is a tomato but in liquid form it falls on deaf ears. A few of the people a head of ask for their burger to be cut in half because the burgers are huge. They will eat half the burger in the burger place then eat the other half at home or at work. One thing with Naughty Natalie and Liz they are organized and have their minds made up when it is time to order which makes things go faster. Naughty Natalie has the money envelope and pays for all 3 meals and gets the receipt to put in the envelope. When people ask why we do things as a group and pay as a group it is because it makes it easier and faster. We share the same bed together so we share the money too that is why people think we are siblings. The people in the burger place watch as Naughty Natalie and Liz eat the big burgers but not in a lady way because they are hungry. The world has lead to believe that good looking women must eat to stay healthy and keep their beautiful bodies in shape. Which in reality means the woman starves herself thinking that is what the world wants her to be. Naughty Natalie and Liz have the perfect bodies to be featured in Playboy Magazine but never watch what they eat or do. Naughty Natalie always tells everyone she was born this way and she can not help it. Liz is following Naughty Natalie in using the same expression. We know everyone in the burger place is watching the ladies eat and enjoy themselves with good food. I enjoy enjoy burger because it was good and totally forget about the Chinese food I thought we were going to have for a late lunch. As we get up to leave the ladies have to put their winter jackets back on the men in the burger places are watching the ladies. Even wearing sweaters and tight blue jeans with long under wear underneath to stay warm. The ladies make the clothes look so sexy. But me as their little brother I just tag along because I am a 14 year old “Virgin”. Since we came to the big city today I am wearing my Iron Maiden sweater with the mascot “Eddie” on the front which is a warm sweater to wear on a cold winter day.

We get in the 67 Chevy with Naughty Natalie driving with Liz sitting in the middle and I have the Road Atlas to give Naughty Natalie the wrong directions to the Harley Davidson shop. As we pull out of the Burger Factory parking lot everyone in the places seems to be watching us in the old farm truck. They must of thought the way the ladies looked with all natural beauty we would leave the burger place and get in to a Porsche car and drive away because our daddy has money. Of course me being the youngest I would be sqweeze in to the backseat where Porsche never had a back seat. We all laugh a bit about the people watching us and we do not care. The 67 Chevy is a $500.00 farm truck winter beater vehicle and on the front seat is 2 boxes with $8000.00 in Dominatrix outfits that were given to the ladies. We have no problem finding the address where the Harley Davidson shop is suppose to be and when we pull in to the parking lot it is not a bike shop. Now the ladies blame me for the directions I have given to arrive at a place that is not the Harley Davidson shop. But to cover my ass since the Road Atlas is always wrong I ripped the page out of the telephone book at the burger place. All food places have the pay telephones in the lobby as away to communicate. The page I ripped out of the yellow pages of the telephone book shows a different address for the bike shop. So I was not wrong or the Road Atlas was wrong because we were given the wrong address by Liz who got the information from her husband. That is when Liz recognized the street address for the Harley Davidson shop back home on the east coast. That is when she says she must have had a blonde moment. We all had a little laugh and Naughty Natalie drives us to the correct address.


Harley Davidson Shop

The Harley Davidson store is a fancy store because it is called a flag ship store which is used by Harley Davidson to market their products. Harley Davidson bikes are now becoming a big marketing company and getting any one and everyone to be weekend riders. The days of a Harley Davidson shop being family owned and the brotherhood of bikers supporting the shop are slowly being faded away. It is all in the marketing of the product in the corporate world. Naughty Natalie parks the 67 Chevy right in front of the big glass display windows of the Harley Davidson shop so everyone inside could see that we drive and ride in style. We enter in to the big building which is one big huge marketing display show room. All the chrome and shiny stuff on the new style bikes in the show room did not impress any of us. Of course when the salesmen see the ladies enter the building they are there putting on the male charm to met and great the ladies. The salesmen totally ignore me because I’m just the 14 year old “Virgin” little brother tagging along. The ladies have no interest in the salesmen because in their eyes they are male pigs who only want one thing and that is to enjoy their beautiful bodies. I just walk around the big shop to look and learn while the ladies try to ignore the salesmen and find the parts counter. At the parts counter it should be simple and pick up the boxes of the parts that Liz’s husband ordered that are paid from the last time he was home from deployment. Something so simple can be so screwed up when people do not pay attention. Plus the salesmen are in the parts guys face and the ladies faces because they are super salesmen and just want to be around the ladies to enjoy the view.

When I finally arrive at the parts counter the ladies have several parts boxes open and trying to explain to the parts guy and salesmen that these are wrong. Being all male service people they will not listen or put any effort in to what the 2 ladies are saying and why the parts are wrong. They treat Liz even worse because she is a natural blonde and they think she is a blonde bimbo which makes her mad. They treat Naughty Natalie the same way because they figure she dyes her hair black and it is suppose to be blonde. As soon as I walk up to the parts counter all 3 males start talking one on one with me as if I am an expert on Harley Davidson bike. I know nothing of bikes and do not want to know because I was in a bike accident in my wasted youth. I have never sat on one since and I enjoy bikes like fine art from a distance. Everybody encourages me to get on a bike because the accident was a long time ago. When you are 18 years old a long time ago was 5 years when I was 13 years old. Then people point out that I was in 3 plane crashes in one year with the company I work for. I tell them that is different and on the second plane crash we had to taxi past the crashed plane to be able to fly out of the airport the next day to do a repair job in a rented plane. The crashed plane had to stay where it crashed till the investigation was done 4 day later. The males are all talking to me only and the ladies very angry because it is always beauty before brains in the eyes of the people who see them. I politely tell the male people that I know known of bikes and do not want to know. These ladies know more then I will ever know. That is when naughty Natalie has to tell them that I know nothing about bikes because he is still a “Virgin”. I do not get mad at her for saying that I am a “Virgin” because these males are pushing the buttons of these ladies to upset them. Now if the ladies looked like good strong Russian women who could pull the plow in the field when the tractor broke down. Plus had dirty greasey hands from taking the Harley Davidson bike apart to know the parts are wrong. Then the parts guy would be all by himself at the parts counter because the salesmen would not be hanging round to enjoy the company of these Russian women.

That is when I had enough and spoke my mind as a 14 year old “Virgin” which surprised the males at the counter. I said “listen to my sisters because they know what they are talking about plus the last thing you need is my oldest sister’s husband coming here when he gets back from deployment to find out his parts are wrong”. When the “Virgin” speaks people listen. The salesmen disappeared and Naughty Natalie went to the other side of the counter to show the parts guy what the parts look like in the parts book. Naughty Natalie points out that the parts pages for these parts is opened to the wrong model of the bike. These ladies know the details of the bike because it is always talked about when the bike is ridden or Liz’s husband is working on it. I know nothing and just call it a bike not a scooter because calling it a scooter seems to offend a die hard biker. Of course the parts guy blames Liz’s husband on giving the wrong information but Liz is smart and has the original paper work that her husband used to order the parts with her. She is smart enough to bring these items along because she knew there would be problems. The ladies were able to see the parts as different shapes that would not be found on Liz’s husband’s bike because they have polished it numerous times so they know the shape of the parts. It turns out half the parts are correct and the other half are wrong because the parts guy used the wrong model number and info half way through making the order. He was say sorry for his mistake but the ladies were nice to him because they do not stay mad very long which is nice. But that is why they checked the part because if we hauled then parts all the way to the PMQ where Liz and her husband live. Then he returns home thinking he will be working on his bike in the dinning room with all these new parts only to find out they are wrong. His day off to relax would be upsetting. Then he would have to wait till the next time he is home to install the new parts. With everything correct and doubled check to make sure and the ladies are happy. But the paid amount on the invoice has now increased in price and we have no more money. That is when Liz got out her husband’s credit card and used it to pay the difference in the price of the parts. Naughty Natalie and I both looked at her very surprised that she had a credit card. Liz says she is not allow to use it unless it if for bike parts and bike parts only. The part guys speaks up and says what if you are dying and need to pay for the ambulance to get to the hospital. Liz replies back I guess I will have to die which she said that with a smile. Nobody in the store helped us with all the boxes because are are siblings and do not need anyone help. The salesmen stayed far away from the ladies for some reason.


Snow Storm

With all the Harley Davidson parts boxes in the back of the 67 Chevy we can not stop any where else because there is a lot of money in the truck that could go missing. The $500.00 farm truck now has $12,000.00 in new purchases in it and we have to head back home. As we have been driving around the city and listening to the FM Radio on 92.1 City FM, Hal Anderson the popular DJ is advising his listeners that a winter snow storm is coming. We do not want to get storm stayed in the city. Naughty Natalie drives the 67 Chevy through the city and we are now on the Trans-Canada Highway head west to Brandon which is a simple drive of 2 hours. As we drive along we see vehicles heading east on the 4 lane highway that are snow covered which means they are out driving the snow storm and we are driving in to it on the way home. Once we hit the start of the snow storm Naughty Natalie pulls in the closest gas station to top up the gas tank in the 67 Chevy because we do not want to run out of gas if we get stuck in the ditch. Plus the ladies use the bathroom because it might be the last time in a long time that can use a heated bathroom. We also buy drinks and snacks to eat because we have not eaten since the big burger we had for a late lunch. I thought I would be driving now but Naughty Natalie wants to drive because she likes driving in the snow. Liz being from the east coast this is her first winter in Manitoba and things are very different. The closer we got to home the worse the road got and less and less traffic so if we end up in the ditch the odds are very slim on help being right there. Liz is getting quite worried because the heater defrost is not keeping the windshield clear. With her sitting in the middle, the windshield wipers and defrost heater are not keeping that part clear for her to see. We assure Liz is a normal Manitoba snow storm and we both have grown up driving under these condition. That is when Liz points out that we are both 18 years old which gives us 2 years of legal driving experience which is not very much in her eyes because she is almost 10 years old then us. Naughty Natalie and I were not concerned because this is normal for us. The Trans-Canada Highway is getting really bad for drifts of snow across the highway and we can not see any traffic in the snow or head lights form the east bound lane. We all agree that the road conditions are officially bad but it is dark and makes seeing the road better then in the day light. This is where being colour blind comes in handy because I see better then a normal person in the drifting snow. I can tell Naughty Natalie to move left or right to stay on the road. All of us trusted Naughty Natalie driving and she was cursing the 67 Chevy for not having the power that 37 Dodge has to get through the snow drifts. There was quite a few snow drifts that she had to down shift the 3 speed transmission to give the engine the power to pull through the snow drift and recover.

In our eyes we are having fun and Liz just hopes we know what we are doing because she does not want to be stuck in a snow bank waiting to be rescued. It was group decision to turn off the Trans-Canada Highway head straight south to Shilo. We were suppose to go to Brandon and hang out on Saturday night at the biker bar being social butterflies. But we know the big hills around Brandon will be blocked with stuck vehicles that can not make it up the steep hills. Naughty Natalie has trouble seeing the road to make the turn on to the highway to Shilo but I tell her left or right because I can see perfectly being colour blind. We have now entered a high risk game which the odds are against us arriving at the Shilo base. Traveling the Trans-Canada Highway we were traveling in to the wind that is blowing from the west. To travel the 10 miles to Shilo we are traveling south which means the wind is blowing straight across the highway. There was big snow drifts that could stop the 67 Chevy dead in the snow drift to make us officially stuck. That is where we would stay through the rest of the snow storm until we are recused. If we stayed on the Trans-Canada Highway we would be stuck in traffic but there will be other people around. Naughty Natalie is quite confident on making it to Shilo and I know she will not screw up because she never does. Liz is has never been a Manitoba snow storm like this before and is starting to get worried. When Naughty Natalie hits a big drift with the 67 Chevy the snow flies up on the windshield and we can not see a thing and she has to keep the truck going straight. Once the windshield clears off I can see again to tell her left or right. We are doing good because slow and steady is what the 67 Chevy is made for as a farm truck. Liz asks how I can see being colour blind. I told her I only see black and white and the snow is white and the road is black. It is clear vision for me where non colour blind people can not see and will drive off the road because they can not see the road. Liz just did not quite understand so I had to explain to her in military terms because she married into the military. When the military plays war games around Shilo they cover the equipment in camouflage netting so they can hide in the trees better. The only problem is I can see them better hiding in the trees because I am colour blind. Liz was very impressed that she learned something new.

Seeing the main gates of the Shilo military base was a welcome sight because we could not see anything in the blowing snow. The guard came out for the guard house to sign us in and was surprised that Naughty Natalie drove all the way from Winnipeg. The guard knew we did not come from Brandon because all roads are closed which made up happy that we took the risk and it paid off in not going to Brandon. We all sign the sheets on the clip board and we figured the guard would want to run back in the guard house to get out of the snow storm. But this is the time when people think it is the best time to do illegal actives because nobody will be looking. The guard asked what was in the huge pizza boxes on Liz’s lap. Naughty Natalie turned her head to Liz and smiled. Liz looked right at the guard and slowly lifted the lid of the top box. The guard was hoping it would be a huge pizza and we would share with him during this snow storm. When the lid was high enough and the guard’s flashlight was shiny on the expensive Dominatrix outfit, the guard just smiled. He then ask if the other box was the same and Naughty Natalie said yes because that is her box. Then she has to tell the guard the “Virgin” sitting in the corner of the truck did not get any outfits to wear. The guard joking replied maybe that is a good thing. I just smiled because it has been a long day and the “Virgin” jokes are getting old but still funny. Then the guard checks the box of the 67 Chevy to see all the boxes of bike parts with the Harley Davidson name on the boxes. Then then asks us what is the story on the boxes. Liz politely replied more new parts for her husband’s bike. The guard cracked a funny joke and saying your husband owns a Harley Davidson bike and we all said yes. Now we know why the guard has a job as a guard because he could not make a living as a stand up comedian. The guard says we can drive on to the base and Naughty Natalie has a hard time getting the truck moving because we are stuck in the deep snow. She does not spin the tires but gently rocks the truck back and forth until there is good motion to keep going forward which the truck does. The whole times she was getting the truck moving the guard was telling her what to do all the wrong that would have made us really stuck. I did not say anything because we were not technical stuck just a slight traction problem. Liz was very surprised that we got unstuck so quickly. The streets on the base are well traveled so Naughty Natalie has no problems driving in the deep snow. She even knew to speed up turning in to the driveway at Liz’s PMQ then pack the snow down in the driveway by going back and forth before parking. She leaves the truck running as we unpack the truck and this to thaw all the snow that got packed around the motor from hitting all those snow drifts. The last things she does before shutting the motor off is move the truck back and forth so the brakes are not frozen. The brakes get hot when used to stop the vehicle and will cool down and freeze solid then when we go to leave the brakes are locked on. The 10 minutes extra time to park the truck after driving in a snow storm saves a lot of troubles the next day.


With the 67 Chevy truck parked and ready to leave the next day when Naughty Natalie and I return to Brandon to work and stay in the little apartment. I do not pay attention to the ladies because they are in and out of the bathroom but I made sure I got to use the bathroom. Now the bike parts boxes are at the door to the PMQ and covered in snow from the trip. I take one box at a time to the Kitchen sink to clean the snow off while the snow is still frozen because of the snow melts then the box becomes wet. I can not use the kitchen sink to clean off the boxes because it will effect the water temperature in the shower which I can hear running. The ladies seem to be in and out of the bathroom doing their lady things which I just stay out of. When I have all the bike parts boxes in the kitchen and need to use the water in the kitchen sink I go over to the bathroom to ask threw the door if they are done showering. As I walk up to the door it opens and Naughty Natalie walks out first with wet hair and naked. Liz follows right behind with wet hair but wear a black silk robe which her husband bought for her on an overseas deployment. Both ladies thought I needed to use the bathroom which I did not need. They figured I had a couple beers drank from the time we got here but I told “no” because our regular visitors should be arriving as usual. As I am putting the clean bike parts over by the bike for when Liz’s husband return, Naughty Natalie says she is going to watch the VHS movie that Liz and I watched when she fell a sleep. Plus she makes a big deal on how we did not rewind the VHS movie. If the VHS movie is not rewound when returned they charge a rewind fee. I get everything organized and put away in case the visitors show up like they have being doing quite regularly. Naughty Natalie is watching the VHS movie laying on the couch naked but with a lounge pillow covering her more for comfort them to cover her naked body. Liz now has her Dominatrix outfit out of the huge pizza box and is studying the quality of this outfit. She is realizing this is a very high end top of the line outfit that is for professional use. It is not a Walmart Lingerie outfit that gets worn from the bathroom to the bedroom only to be removed and tossed on the floor during the time it takes to have married sex. Married sex last an average time of 5 minutes including the walk from the bathroom. These top of the line outfits are designed to be worn for up to 2 hours because it is a strip tease and the tease is the whole part of the show. The stocking are never removed because black lace stockings add the sexy naughty look for the lady. For the strip tease the lady uses her boobies and her ass get the most attention for the audience because it is a form of entertainment which is good clean fun.

Liz now see that Naughty Natalie is so involved in the VHS movie and tired from doing the driving in the snow storm we both figure she will fall a sleep. Liz was hoping she would help with the outfit because she wants to try it on again because she was so nervous and embarrassed with everyone around. She then asks me in an embarrassing way to help her which I agreed to because I was just as embarrassed in the fitting room with everyone around and I have act like the little brother who is a “Virgin”. We both agree that the sex shop owner knew her stuff that is why her business is so successful. These outfits have to be worth more then what the owner says they are worth but she knew the odds of selling them would be very slim. Liz now takes off her black silk robe and is feeling comfortable in her home with a few good shots of hard booze to relax. I help her with the corset then the stocking and things are going a lot smoother and easier because she had a few drinks and we are both relaxed. Every time we glace over at Naughty Natalie she is in a deep sleep and will most likely start snoring. We could never figure how some one so beautiful can snore so loud it must be God’s little joke. When it time for the little straps to be hooked up to the stockings I did them very quickly and easily compare to when I first did them in from of the owner. Now when Liz bends over to do test she tells me that she is going to do it so I do not get the surprised view again. The black panties were a great relief for Liz to get on because if the visitors showed up she would be in a rush to put them on. The knee high black leather boots went on very quickly and I did an excellent job. We just start the lacing of the corset and fluffing the boobies when there is a knock at the door. Liz just stays standing and does not move because her boobies could pop out because she is not finished getting the laced done up. I rush to the door so the knocking of the door does not wake up Naughty Natalie on the couch.

The visitors are the Military Police better known as the MP who are regular visitors to the PMQ lately. They walk by me and asked for Liz and her husband. The get to meet Liz by the kitchen table standing there dressed in a black Dominatrix outfit and that not fully completed in the lacing up. That surprised the MPs big time. As they look at Liz she only says Halloween costume and the MPs just smiled back. When they look in to the living room only to see Naughty Natalie sleeping on the couch naked with a lounge pillow covering her naked body for comfort not for coverage. The MPs are just staring at Naughty Natalie because they are focusing in on what might be only seen in the Playboy Magazine. Liz tells the MPs all eyes back over here and not my younger sister. Liz has told Naughty Natalie several times to have a blanket or something to quick cover up. When the MPs arrive we have to stay put and not leave the room to get even a blanket to cover Naughty Natalie up because the MPs thing we might return with weapon. Now the MPs are focused on Liz they asked where her husband is and she replies back that the MP office will know more then she will. Just when the MPs start with the usual back and forth kindergarten questions. The VHS movie ends and the TV has no sound coming from it which makes the PMQ totally quiet. That is when everyone got to hear how loud Naughty Natalie snores. The MPs can not believe what they are hearing. How can something so beautiful make such a loud noise. As the little brother, I speak up and say this is why she does not have a boyfriend. I will feel sorry the guy when she gets a boyfriend. The MPs all smiled and focused on looking at Liz in the outfit. They ask Liz about the parts boxes by the Harley Davidson bike that were not there on the last visit 2 days ago. Liz says those are for her husband and do not touch. The lead MP points out some of the parts boxes have been opened and re-taped closed. All Liz said was to talk with her husband when he returns. The lead MP then says he would like to look in the parts boxes and Liz replies back not unless there is a search warrant. While Liz has to stand there and not move. One of the young MPs see the riding crop on the kitchen table which is part of the Dominatrix outfit. He knows exactly what it is because all important pictures hanging on the walls of the Military Police head quarters. The top general from the past hold a riding crop in one hand and the little whip end in the palm of the other hand. This dates back to when the military had horses for means of transportation. The riding crop has stayed with the top uniforms because it is a sign of control and power. The riding crop was used to control the horses they rode. It is part of the Dominatrix outfit as a sign of control which means female power. Everyone stops to watch the young MP to see if he will do the great pose of authority and use the riding crop to slap his hand with the whip part. Of course the young MP does it and smiles. That is when we all have a good laugh. His face turns red when he looked us because we laughed. The lead MP asks him to step away from the kitchen table before he hurts himself.

The lead MPs say they will be back and motions his team to leave the PMQ but they all have one last look over at Naughty Natalie who is still in a deep sleep and snoring like a man. We are so lucky that the lounge pillow did not fall off as she slept or all the MPs would be right there to pick the lounge pillow up off the floor to cover her naked body. Now that the MPs are gone and most likely to go get a search warrant for the boxes by the bike. Liz and I can back to finishing her outfit. We both agree to do the rib cage pushes to get the corset to fit tightly before doing the final tightening of the lace. Things are going well and we are both pleased that it is going a lot faster this time then the first time. Plus I do not have to use a stool to stand on when I do the boobie fluff. We have the heavy metal music cranked up in the PMQ because we figure they are listening in hopes we are talking about the drugs we brought back from Winnipeg. We know the guard at the front gate told the MPs that we arrived with boxes because that is his job. The lame ass comedian routine he does is a front to see more and learn more like the ladies using their beautiful bodies to distract the MPs. We just get the outfit completed and there is a knock on the door and I go to answer it. Liz quickly goes to the bedroom and gets a blanket to cover up Naughty Natalie because we got off lucky that she did not wake up or the lounge pillow did not fall. Liz has her covered up as the MPs returned to the kitchen table. They were sad to see that Naughty Natalie was covered up but happy to see Liz can move around in the outfit. Now the numbers of MPs has increase and it is more for come and see the beautiful ladies in the PMQ. The lead MP has a search warrant for the boxes and Liz asks for her copy which he gives her. Liz has been drinking but she is still in control but the Dominatrix outfit is distracting the MPs and she is not being taken seriously. But Liz knows what to do and will take control of this little search party the MP decided to do on a stormy night.

I know exactly what Liz is doing and will break in the new outfit by walking around and teasing the MPs because that is what they came back. The lead MP wants to go over by the bike and check out the parts boxes I put there earlier. Liz tells him is not going any where near her husband’s bike because of the drama he cause a month ago wanting it pushed outside in hopes of creating conflict. Liz tells everyone to wait by the kitchen table and she will bring the parts boxes over one at a time for the MPs to look at. The MPs all agreed and watch Liz walk over to the bike then bend at the hips to show everyone her ass. I was so pleased because the garter belt little straps worked perfectly and her panties did exactly what they were to do and never showed too much. The MPs all enjoyed the view and she walked over the kitchen table to set the parts box on. As she set the parts box on the table she leaned over so the MPs could she her cleavage which they liked. The boxes was opens and checked for drug which had nothing except bike parts. Liz says one box at time because the MPs will only mix up the parts in the boxes then her husband will not know which part is which. On a cold snow storm night and having to watch Liz in her outfit the MPs are in no hurry to leave.

Liz is about half done going back and forth carrying boxes and enjoy the tease she is giving the MPs. That is Naughty Natalie woke up because she had to use the bathroom. She walks over to us standing in the kitchen still sleepy but she did cover her self with the blanket Liz quickly tossed on her. Naughty Natalie say hello to everyone then turns and walks to the bathroom of course she never covered her ass. The MPs enjoyed the view of her walking to the bathroom. Once she entered the bathroom all MPs focused their attention back to Liz and the parts boxes until Naughty Natalie came back out of the bathroom with the blanket not covering her ass. She laid back down on the couch to fall back asleep. Everyone enjoyed the little show and then went back to watching Liz. There was nothing in all the boxes for drugs and the MPs but a free show of the new fancy outfit. Liz has sobered up a bit and expresses her view to the MPs. Why would we be hauling $10,000.00 in drugs in a $500.00 farm truck in a snow storm with a woman driver. But is OK to haul bike parts and Dominatrix outfits with a value of $12,000.00 because that is what we did but I did not say anything. The lead MP says they have to check all leads. That is when Liz says they can leave any time now which they did. Now I can finally have a drink which Liz pour me a very stiff hard booze drink like she did for herself. As we sit at the kitchen table and chat in a soft voice with the music turned up in fear someone is listening. She say the outfit is very comfortable and nice to wear compared to her other outfits she calls the married ones. We finish our drinks quickly and she makes us another good stiff drink which will close our eyes for the night. When Liz comes back she asks if we can adjust the outfit with a boobie fluff and tighten the lace. I said no problem because these little things needed to be worked out so they do not create problems at the Halloween parties next week.

As I am holding her boobie in one hand to do the boobie fluff and pulling on the laces on the back of the corset with my other hand. While Liz has both hands under her boobies holding them up. I am concentrating on the lace as I am trying to tighten it with one hand. That is when Liz called me “honey” which she never does because that is what she calls her husband. I do not say anything even when there is a reply back to her saying “honey”. Ok now her husband has arrived back home in a snow storm to find the “Virgin” who he asked to “take care” of his wife while deployed. The “Virgin” is now holding her boobie in his hand. I just stay focused on the laces because that is what I was asked to do. If I was naked then I think there might be a bigger problem. Her husband then asks if “this is a new outfit”. Liz replied back “yes” we picked it up in Winnipeg today and Naughty Natalie got one too. Then her husband looks over to the couch to see Naughty Natalie is naked because she tossed the blanket off that was covering her. Her husband then says that Naughty Natalie does not like wearing clothes or being covered up. We both agreed and once I got the laces done up, I remove my hand from Liz’s boobie, I came out from behind her to say hello to her husband. All he said was I am doing and excellent job and that is a nice outfit. Then he asked Liz if she bought the outfit with the credit card which is only for bike parts. Liz said “no”. Now her husband seen all the bike parts boxes by his bike and walked over to check them out. He asked why are all the boxes opened and Liz replied back the MPs did that and the paper is on the kitchen table say they could. As he is looking through the open boxes of parts he asked Liz if the mixed the parts up like last time. Liz replied back “no” we did it one box at a time. The husband was like a little kid on Xmas morning because look at all the new exciting things he gets to play with. While his wife stands and watches him wearing an $4000.00 outfit that would give hours of pleasure. But it also took over an hour to get Liz in to the outfit. I finish my stiff drink then quickly shower and leave married couple to enjoy time to themselves. I sleep on my side of Liz’s bed alone while Naughty Natalie sleeps naked on the couch in the living room. When I said good night to Liz and her husband and she was watching him work on the bike because had his tool box out.

I wake up in the morning and Liz is sleeping on her side of the bed still in the fancy outfit and Naughty Natalie still sleeping naked on the couch. Liz’s husband stayed up all night and his bike all in pieces in the dinning room of the house. I go out to the kitchen and make coffee for everyone because they should be waking up. Her husband is so happy that all the new bike parts are correct and I told him that I had nothing to do with it because Naughty Natalie and Liz corrected all the mistakes. Liz’s husband knew the ladies would handle it. As Liz joined us at the kitchen table still in the fancy outfit because she can not take it off by herself. In a quiet voice I told Liz that I thought for sure her husband would have had the outfit off for married sex of 5 minutes. Liz said she will do anything for married sex right now. That is when I changed the subject because I do not need to know the last time this married couple had married sex. Liz ‘s head hurts from all the stiff drinks she drank in a short time last night. She asks her husband where his luggage is because he came home last night in a snow storm. He replied that Canadian Air Force lost his luggage because it is a very “quirky” airline that flies the military members around. The Canadian Air Force was starting to get to be as bad as Canada’s national carrier Air Canada whose motto is “we are not happy unless you are unhappy”. Liz sort of smiled because that means no laundry for her to wash. Her husband says he listened to the radio at the top of the hour to get the weather and road reports. The roads are closed and the snow storm is to last the day. Now we are officially storm stayed on Shilo base which is a lot better then being on the Trans-Canada Highway if we did not risk it to come to Shilo. Liz’s husband pour his second cup of coffee and goes back to working on his bike. Liz then asks me to help her out of the outfit which surprised me because Naughty Natalie or her husband should be the ones helping. I just agree and help out of the outfit then she can relax and enjoy her hangover from the booze she drank last night. Her husband never looked over at us getting Liz undressed which did not surprise Liz at all. What surprised everyone was the fact that the person who had hardly any booze to drink is sleeping the longest. Naughty Natalie just went in to deep sleep because she needed it with working and driving. Since we are storm stayed with Liz and her husband I go back to bed to catch up on my sleep too. Naughty Natalie joins me on our side of Liz’s bed and Liz had to sleep off the hang over on her side of her bed. Liz’s husband just kept working on his bike and never seem to get tired because he might have take stay awake drugs supplied by the military.

It was late afternoon when I woke up and I was alone in the bed which means I had a good sleep. I join everyone else in the house, Liz’s husband is still working on his bike in the dinning room. Liz is now has black hair because Naughty Natalie help her dye her hair so she will look like a true Dominatrix for the 3 Halloween Parties next week. As Liz poured me a cup of coffee I could see her blonde eye brows where dyed black to match her hair. I then asked if the drapes match the carpet now and as Liz stood there holding the coffee pot she slide her black silk robe to the side so I could see between her legs that everything is now matching. I then ask her how long did it take her husband to notice, she smiled and said he is calling her Naughty Natalie. Oh my is all I said, you guys have been married a long time. Naughty Natalie join us at the kitchen table to say she called the VHS movie rental place to tell then we are stormed stay and can not return the movies so they can not charge us late fees. We all relaxed on the couch watching the VHS movies over since some of have slept through the first time they were played. Liz’s husband stayed all night again working on the bike and never looked or acted tired. We all agreed that it is a good thing we went to Winnipeg and got the parts. If the ladies had not corrected the wrong parts then he would be stir crazy in the PMQ with nothing to do. If the parts were wrong he would be upset and create drama but he is happy working on his bike. Being in the military when you get time off it is not really your time off because you are still military until you leave or retire. Monday morning the roads were plowed open. The 67 Chevy was not frozen and no trouble getting out of the driveway to head back to Brandon so Naughty Natalie and I could go to work. We returned the VHS movies in the drop box at the place where we rented them and Naughty Natalie made sure they were rewound.


Halloween Parties

The first Halloween party the ladies were to attend was at the bike bar and they had to dress and get themselves to the bike bar. I had to work late at my job then arrive when the party was in full swing. This works out good for me because I make over time money and not spent too much money in the bar. When I arrive at the biker bar the bouncers tell me I have a problem with Liz. As I go inside the bar more people tell me I have a problem with Liz. Once inside the bar and my eyes adjust to the darkness and the dance lights, I see I have a problem with Liz. With her hair dyed black, her and Naughty Natalie look the same plus wearing the same outfits should make it harder to tell them apart but it is their body movements that I look for. Liz on the dance floor dancing a little too close and acting sexual to a Buff Boy and she is a married woman. I am still in my work clothes as I enter on the dance floor. I come up to Liz and her new Buff Boy and told Liz the dance is over. Liz starts to get rude to me and tells me to leave. I then put my arm in between her and the Buff Boy and tell her again the dance is over. That is when the Buff Boy calls me a kid and takes a swing at me with his fist. I move to miss him hitting me and the bouncers jump on the Buff Boy because he is not my problem. My problem is Liz who I grabbed by the hand and escort her out of the bar. In the lobby she gets mad and has temper tantrum like a little kid yelling at me saying “no”. That is when I put a stop to this behavior right now which means getting rough with her before one of us gets hurt. I grab her and shove her against the wall of the lobby and hold her tight to the wall keeping her hands under control. I then look her deep in her eyes and tell her she just said “no” to her husband. Her reply back was “he does not love me anymore because the never touched me at all last weekend when I tried on this outfit”. I then tell her “the drugs that kept him a wake for 3 days turned his sex drive off”. I still look her in the eyes to see tears starting to come. Your husband had “Whiskey Dick” because of the drug the military gave him to be a fighting machine because they can not have a bunch of horney soldiers. Now the tears are starting to flow from her eyes and I tell her that “he loves her because he came home”. He knows he can not have sex but he came home to be with you. Then she replied that “he worked on his bike the whole time”. My reply “it was his escape from the military and the real world”. Now Liz really has the tears flowing from her eyes plus she was having a hard time speaking because she was getting all choked up. I continued to look deep in her eyes and tell her she just about blew it tonight with the Buff Boy. She now realized how close she was to doing something so wrong to her husband that loves her so much. He comes home no matter how screwed up he is on the drugs that he takes to protect our country. That is why your husband asked me to “take care” of you. Liz broke out in to big tears only to collapse in my arms and hug me tight. When she had regrouped enough I told we are leaving because there is a crowd of people watching us. The bouncer ask if he should bring Naughty Natalie for me. It did not click in to me what the bouncer said. But the bouncer returned carry Naughty Natalie who drank a bunch of shooters knowing the fun party was now over. The shooters are Naughty Natalie weakness they knock her out very quickly. Liz and I get in the 67 Chevy and bouncer sets Naughty Natalie in on the passenger side of the truck. It was quick drive to the little apartment but took a lot longer to get Naughty Natalie in to the apartment. With Naughty Natalie in the bathroom so she can be sick. Liz and I lie on the bed and Liz hugs me tight and cries her self to sleep. That is the way we woke up in the morning plus Naughty Natalie joined us too by hugging me on my other side. If only my dad could see me now in bed with 2 ladies wearing the outfits of a Dominatrix.

When we wake up Naughty Natalie says she will never drink every again because she feels like she is going to die. I point out to Naughty Natalie that she says the same think over and over drink again. That is when she replies but this time she means it. Liz feels so bad what happened the night before even dancing with the Buff Boy was so wrong. She keeps saying she is sorry for being very rude and difficult to me that I had to get rough with her. It took that much for her to see what she was doing was so wrong. We are slow to get going on a Sunday but we do the usual Sunday routine and end up for the night at Liz’s PMQ at the Shilo base. When we arrived there Liz hoped her husband would there waiting for her to say she was so sorry but he was not. We watched movies and shared Liz’s bed as usual and her husband never came home in the middle of the night either. Liz was very depressed and did not want to stay at the house alone. Working for the military she could ride the Brandon to Shilo workers bus to spend the night with us. I forgot tell dad and mother that Liz now has black hair for Halloween because a blonde Dominatrix just does not have the same effect as a black haired one. When dad and mother stopped by Liz was at the little apartment and dad figured out right away but mother thought Liz was Naughty Natalie and anything mother said Liz would stir the shit pot to get mother all excited over nothing. When mother asked why she was at the apartment Liz would reply back “just to have sex”. That would make dad smile and mother mad. Mother would go to sit down on the furniture and Liz would say that we had sex on it. Mother would get up set and dad would smile. Then when Naughty Natalie and I arrived and mother seen two black haired ladies she got upset because then she knew she had been played for a fool. We just smiled and laugh along with dad.

The one Halloween function was canceled which was OK because Liz did not feel like going. But the one on this Saturday for the military on the Shilo base was one we had to go because it was work related for Liz and her husband. When we slept in the little apartment Liz would fall asleep hugging me because she was so upset at what she had done and we talked about it a few times. Liz was thinking her husband was around but no coming home because he found out what she did. I told her “no” because he loves her and I was asked to “take care” of her. Naughty Natalie tried cheering Liz up but that did not work. On Friday after work Dad drops of mother’s mini van and takes the 67 Chevy home to the pink house in Alexander. He needed the truck to haul some collectibles he bought at an auction. I needed a warm vehicle to drive the ladies around in their half naked outfits so they do not freeze to death. We did not go the biker bar that Friday night because we have to be on our best behavior for the military function on Saturday. The plan is we get the ladies dressed here and then go to Shilo and only stop long enough at Liz’s PMQ to drop off our sleeping clothes. Liz does not want hang around the PMQ right now. Getting the ladies dressed in the outfit went very quickly because we have learned a lot about these outfits and how they are worn. Plus the have been worn a few times so the material is getting worked in and more flexible. I have the mini van running so it is nice and warm for the ladies to ride in. Plus the mini van is very easy for the ladies to get in and out so they can act like ladies. The drive to Shilo was boring as usual but arriving at the gate to get on the Shilo Base was very interesting. The guard came out to the mini van and marked down the military sticker on the windshield than asked for the military pass on the sun visor. Once the guard seen the military pass he leaned in the min van window to see if there was a key in the ignition because he thought it was stolen. But he never said a thing and we thought he wanted to see more of the ladies and the way they were dressed. He keeps the military pass and returned to the little guard shack. We watched him used the telephone while he was looking right at us to make sure we did not disappear.

I then told the ladies to get ready because the cops are coming and they did. The cop cars block in the mini van as if we robbed a bank. But it was our lucky day because the lead MP that wanted to touch Liz’s husband’s Harley Davidson bike was the fellow in charged. He asked me for my driver’s license which I handed to him. Once he looked at my driver’s license and looked back at me and he knew I was not a “Virgin”. Then he politely asked if this mini van was my mother’s which I answered “yes”. Then the lead MP asked if I knew that my mother was high up the Military Police and I answered “yes” again. But I did point out it is the German Division of the Military Police. Then he asked if me and my sisters are attending the big function tonight. I answered “yes”. He told me to wait right here because he is going to see if our names are on the list to attend. I answered “yes”. When the lead MP returned he asked if I knew that for the big function tonight that Liz and her husband are on the list but you and your sister are on the list as special guests with unknown connection. I answered “yes”. Liz hearing that her husband was on the list made her happy because he might be there so she can say she is sorry. Then the lead MP asked if I care to share who the unknown person is that is letting you attend this big function with your sister. I answered “no”. Now the lead MP is confused because the 14 year old “Virgin” they know from raiding a PMQ for the last 6 months is now attending a high security clearance event with his sisters. The “Virgin” is on the list to attend by an unknown person which is really confusing him now. The lead MP says he will be there tonight and will be watching me and my sisters. I thanked him for his time and they let us drive on to the base. We arrive at Liz’s PMQ and she asks me to take the bags in because she did not know if her husband was home. I take the bags in and her husband has not been there since we last seen him. This upsets Liz because she could not get a hold of her husband to say she is sorry. One of the joys of being a military wife.

When we arrive at the place where the big function is being held the MPs in charge of parking tell us due to the military pass we have to park up by the building. We told we usually park away from the building and let others park there that can not walk far. The MPs told me I am not in Canada any more this is military and park closed to the building because you have earned the status. OK is all I said and even the ladies could not believe it. Oh well we are not in Canada any more. We park and walk in to the big building and the ladies are pleases they did not slip and fall in the knee high leather boots but they are expensive high quality. Inside the building they had security to check everyone over and the ladies did not take much to check them because the fancy outfits do not hide anything. It is a Halloween party that is high class and we have no idea what we are doing. One of the military ushers came up to me and asked us to follow him to be seated because it is a supper then dance. We arrive at the this big table and there are place cards at the plates with our names. We want to change the places where we sit because they have me sitting in the middle and the ladies on either side of me. We never sit like this it always Liz, Naughty Natalie and me. We sat the way we always sit then the military usher fellow came back. He said we can not change the place settings, we have to sit the way the place cards say to sit. OK is all we said then sat they way the way they want us to sit. We thought that was very strange but like Liz says welcome to the military. Naughty Natalie was first to notice all the tables in the centre had the name of the military division on the card and our table was unknown and we were the only ones with names on the name cards. Liz has been to these functions and thinks it is not right compared to all other times. We are the only ones sitting at the tables when dinner is served but we did not care because it is food. Liz is still sad because the lead MP said her husband was on the list to attend but not on the table place cards. As we enjoy our food and group of masked people join the table and but do not speak at all. They just eat by pulling their masks away from their face to get the food in.

We are well behaved at the table and enjoyed our food. They served us our favorite booze which was nice because we did not have order or pay for it either. The masked people finished eating then we all sat and looked at each other. This partying is a little too boring for us and when we think about leaving the lights are turned down extra low and the music begins to play to start the dance. Now the ladies can finally have fun because they like to dance and they are the first on the dance floor. The matching outfits and hair makes them look really good on the dance floor which they like. Once they started to dance then others followed and the music got better. Also when the lights when down low the masked people took the masks off. I could see why they had masks on because they are not military people. They are business people which I would say from Brandon. The one fellow sits down beside me and we chat away. He could not believe I drove through that snow storm I had to correct the fellow because Naughty Natalie was driving not me. Then we chatted about a few other things and the fellow knew a lot about me which surprised me. When the ladies return back for several dance they enjoy their drinks and chat with the fellow like have been doing. Even the ladies say the fellow knows a lot about us. Then a slow dance comes on and the fellow told me to dance with Liz but I did not want to but he insisted. I can do the slow dance because I have no rhythm. I just put my feet on the dance floor and move my hips to the music. Once Liz and get on the dance floor the lights go down lower and lower till we could not really see. Liz and I are dancing close and hugging each other tight. We get a tap on our shoulder and male voice asking to have this dance with his wife. That is when Liz broke out in tears and kept saying she was so sorry. I stepped back so Liz and her husband could enjoy the dance. That is when Naughty Natalie arrived on the dance floor to dance with me. It seemed like they played 4 slow dance songs back to back so we could enjoy our selves. When the music stopped and we go to walk back to our table, Liz’s husband asked for the keys to mother’s mini van which I told him no problem. Liz was still crying and was so happy but embarrassed too. As we walk off the dance floor Liz’s husband tells us the MPs will bring us back to the PMQ after last call. That why he and Liz can 5 minutes of married sex a few times before we arrive. This worked great because now I can drink because I do not have to drive. Once back at our table Liz gets her jacket and leaves with her husband. I have a really good drink to celebrate. We enjoy the evening with our new masked friends who seem to know a lot about us. Since Naughty Natalie lost her dance partner when Liz left, I get dragged up to dance but I had enough to drink to have some rhythm. Just before last call the new masked friends say they are leaving. The fellow we talked with most of the night leans and tells me his name is “the lawyer” then put something in the palm of my hand. I do not even look at it as I slide my hand in my pocket. I will look to see what he gave me later.

When the lights came on to mean the end of the dance, The MPs came over to us to ask if we are ready to go home and we said “yes”. Naughty Natalie was so happy to ride in the back of the cop car with no handcuffs but still drunk. When we arrived at the PMQ it was all dark and quiet so we tried to be quiet entering but Naughty Natalie was too drunk to be quiet. We decided to watch a movie and cuddle on the couch which Naughty Natalie will be a sleep as soon as the movie starts which she did. I was able to help her out of the Dominatrix outfit before we started to cuddle. Liz came out of the bedroom and woke me up to help her out of her fancy outfit. Being as drunk I was I had no troubles helping the ladies with the fancy outfits but I did notice that Liz had a very happy smile and expression on her face which is called “after glow” meaning it was not married sex that she enjoyed.

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