English Knickers


(rough copy)

continued from The Chiropractor

The ladies drank just enough to close their eyes for a good night sleep but I could not sleep. To keep my body from getting stiff I walked around the PMQ and sat to watch TV until is was uncomfortable or go lay in the bed with the ladies. To keep myself assumed I played the Mosquito game with Naughty Natalie while she was in a deep sleep which she enjoyed every time she woke up. By the time morning came I was tired and so was Naughty Natalie but Liz was full refreshed and ready to start Monday of the work week off. When Liz asked Naughty Natalie why she looked so tired all Naughty Natalie said “the Mosquitos keep her awake last night”. Liz replied back “she thought it was too cold for Mosquitos in the winter”. That is when Naughty Natalie and I both smiled because we are not sure who is going to the explain the Mosquito game to her.

The ladies head off for a Monday morning of fun by switching vehicles with mother. I then lay on my side on the couch to watch morning day time TV which has not change since I had sick days home from school. I was in a deep sleep when I got woken up by Liz’s husband who could the bandages on my back because I was laying on my side on the couch. He asked who put me in the wall because he had seen the wall and blood on the floor. When I told him the MPs he got up set but I told it was a good thing. They fixed my back because it locked up and Liz was calling for an ambulance. They arrived when Liz was going to call and I told the MPs “Fuck You” that made them mad. They grabbed me off the floor and slammed me in the wall. That fixed my back because I lost the use of my legs and I was on the floor. Her husband could not believe it so I showed him my back was fixed by getting up off the couch. He said other morning you could not move in bed and the ladies were trying to get your back in to place when he woke up. Told him “yes” but the ladies just could not get it to pop in to place. The MPs got it and it feels so much better. If they did not come along I would be at the hospital in pain and not moving. Her husband then asked when did the MPs arrive. I said shortly after you left and they came aggressive and on a mission this time. He then asked what did the MPs want. I replied back it was your luggage. Her husband then tells me asks to have Liz contact the MPs. She can tell them that Air Canada lost his luggage because their motto is “we are not happy unless you are unhappy”. When I walked past Liz’s husband he looked at the bandages on my back and said those are not from the hospital or military training. I told him Liz and Naughty Natalie did the stitches because the doctor the MPs brought would not do it plus I do not go to hospitals. Her husband could not believe the ladies stitched me up with no freezing and I told him in front of the MPs too. I told her husband the best part of the whole deal was the MPs kept slamming me harder and harder in to the wall which fixed my back if it was only one slam my back might not be fixed. Liz’s husband says all proudly that he slammed Liz pretty good Saturday night because of the nice fancy outfit she was wearing. I just thought to myself that he is a typical male and thinks doing half a job is the best job. His wife did not come out of the bedroom that night walking like a newly wed asking me to remove the fancy outfit because he fell asleep. Now if he had done a complete job correctly the fancy outfit would have been removed and she would be walking like a newly wed. I just smile and tell her husband the ladies will be here after work. Liz’s husband goes in the bedroom and comes out with the luggage and says to tell Liz he stopped in for his luggage. I replied back “the luggage that Air Canada lost” and he said “yes”. With that he was gone and I returned to watch the TV. The morning shows on day time TV have not changed since my school days so it was boring.

Liz was the first to come back to the PMQ from work and then Naughty Natalie. I was surprised that the guards at the main did not give her any problems driving on and off the Shilo base by herself in the 67 Chevy. Maybe because mother was seen driving the truck too. Naughty Natalie picked up VHS movies. Monday is the best day of the week to rent VHS movies because all the good ones have been returned from the weekend. After we have supper it is a relaxing evening watching VHS movies. Liz was not surprised her husband was in and out to get his luggage and will relay the message to the MPs when they stop in for a visit in a couple of days. Naughty Natalie telephoned where I work and the bimbo receptionist asked why I would not becoming in today. Naughty Natalie politely told the bimbo that I was in the company plane that crashed on Saturday night. Then the bimbo asked for a doctor’s slip to show I have good reason for missing work. Naughty Natalie just hung up the phone because she can not deal with stupid people. We have figured that the MPs should stop by tonight for paper work and questions. Naughty Natalie and I have shower together and she can remove the bandages and check my stitches while in the shower. Plus make sure I am nice a clean too and I made sure she was clean too. Naughty Natalie brought me more sleeping clothes which was nice because wearing woman’s sweat pants is not very “manly”. After the shower I was sitting at the kitchen table getting my wounds cleaned and new bandages. Then there was a knock at the door which Liz went to answer because Naughty Natalie was busy with me plus she was a black silk robe that Liz let her wear. Liz answers the door expecting the MPs but it is not the usual MPs that visit the PMQ. Before she lets them in she removed the sign on the door she put there about having sexing. She was laughing when she came back to us at the kitchen table carrying the sign that nobody can read. The new MPs are right behind her but they have a few briefcases there are holding in their hands. We have never seen these MPs so we figure they must be important MPs from the Winnipeg Base. The MPs have confused look on their faces as they look around. There are 2 women that look the same wearing matching black silk robes while this 14 year old is sitting on a kitchen chair getting the wounds from last night cleaned and bandaged. Naughty Natalie has a booze bottle and pour straight booze on a cloth then cleaning my wounds and checking the stitches. When the cloth touches my wound I flinch a bit but do not seem to be in pain. This surprises the new MPs. Then Liz comes over and adds stitches to wounds that are not quite sealed because they did the stitches in a hurry last night when the blood was flowing good.

The new MPs are here to take statements and I refused to talk to them as the ladies cleaned my wounds. The new MP insist I make a report or statement because the MPs used to much force last night. I told the new MPs I asked for the force which I am able to walk today. If not I would be in the hospital for 2 weeks like last time. I told the new MPs if I was polite and acted in professional manner then they turned nasty towards me then I would file a report. Also check all weekly visits to this address and you will see in the reports they is no resistance or aggressive acts from the 3 of us at any time. The new MPs were surprised when I told them about the weekly reports. Then Liz spoke her mind to the new MPs as she was stitching my wounds again. The new MPs looked at the damaged wall and all the blood asked for a quick time line of events. I told them it was simple. I collapsed and the MPs picked me up and adjusted my back and it felt so good the harder they adjusted. I thanked the MPs for letting me walk again. But I also pointed out they acted exactly what they are trained to do and I needed that. The next question the new MPs asked was “who was the naked woman”. Naughty Natalie was proud and saying it was her. The new MPs having been watching the ladies tend to my wounds as the wear the black silk robes. Liz has kept her robe under control but Naughty Natalie has let her robe become loose at the belt around her waist. Now the robe is letting everyone see just enough skin for it to be a tease. The new MPs ask Naughty Natalie the details on why she was naked and did it have anything to do with the force used my the MPs. Naughty Natalie told the new MPs she was born this way and she likes being all natural around the house. The new MPs were bit surprised and then asked why she was naked on top of the injured male. Now that made Naughty Natalie smile and said I had collapsed and she was pulling my shoulder back to get my back to click in to place which the MPs did. I then told the new MPs the weight of Naughty Natalie on my ass helped when the MPs lifted me up off the floor which stretched my back in to place. Then when they slammed me in to the wall it made my back feel so good and I asked them to do it harder. That surprised the new MPs again. Then new MP asked the final question. In the report that was filed is states the naked woman encouraged the MPs to hold the injured male against the wall. This is the total opposite of any reports we have ever been involved with. Naughty Natalie say she knew it was helping my back and I was not responding to the MPs questions because it felt so good. Plus she has to take care of her little brother. Then I waited for her to tell everyone I was still a “Virgin” which she did not say and surprised me. As the new MPs were finishing up the reports on the kitchen table, Liz returned with the duct and a feminine hygiene product called a pantie liner which are very thin. They make excellent bandages when cut in to the right sizes pieces. The look on the new MP faces was more shock then anything because we all acted normal and natural as the ladies made new bandages to cover my wounds. The duct tape works really well but you have to shower to remove the tape when it is wet. The new MPs were now very uncomfortable and finished the reports. Once the reports were done theysaid they will look in to why the steady visits to this PMQ. There is no smell of drugs being used and the place is clean and organized but nothing is unpacked. They made no mention of Liz’s husband’s Harley Davidson bike in the empty living room because they must figured out there is a form to be filled out to make it OK to be inside. As the new MPs were leaving they asked Liz when the transfer might be coming through. Liz’s replied 2 days after I unpack all these boxes. Then the new MPs knew that she has been a military wife to quite some time.

We were so glad when they left and hope no one else would be stopping by because these new released VHS movies needed to be watched so they can be returned the next day. It was decided I would relax another day at Liz’s PMQ and Naughty Natalie will stay the night in Brandon because her hours of work will make it too late for traveling the cold darkness of winter. Then the next night she will come and stay and we will return to Brandon in the morning. Being young we plan things out because we only have so much money for gas. If I was to be in the hospital for 2 weeks like last time the ambulance cost a lot of money plus other expenses too. I am so lucky the MP showed up and fixed my back. Less then 24 hours later I was walking around the PMQ and able to turn at my hips and bend over. The ladies have no problem sleeping while I have to keep moving around so I do not stiff up. Poor Naughty Natalie suffered all night with the Mosquito game and was all smiles in the morning. I told her when she left with Liz to head back to Brandon to behave and if she has any problem just call dad. He will come in and help you at the little apartment because Liz and I will have no vehicle to drive. Since both of us do not really like bikes we will even think of using the bike in the dinning room but will be dead for touching even if we could not get it started. Naughty Natalie just smiled and I also asked to let dad know what is going on too. For me it was another sick day home from school watching the Price is Right and bidding the wrong amounts of money on the prizes because the show is filming the United States of America and the prices are a lot lower then in Canada. But it was a form of entertainment for me. There were no visitors or telephone calls to the PMQ all day which was nice. I did have a few naps through out the days and I tried not to sleep too much because then I would be up all night.

Liz arrived home for work and it was boring day for her at work on the Shilo base. She noticed that one of my wounds was bleeding pretty good but I could not tell since it was high up on my back. She said will call Tom and his wife to come for “coffee”. Now that I strange come for coffee at 6pm and I said they might come over quickly if you say come for a “beer”. Liz told me it is a military thing. Since her husband is on deployment and having a male over will start rumors you have to invite his wife too. Plus “coffee” means bring the medical kit. Now I am learning something new today because there is a lot of domestic problems. If the husband’s hand slips and hurt his wife they can not go to the hospital to get medical attention because it will draw attention of the MPs. Then family services gets involved and the kids can get taken away. If the family has problems then the military offers counseling and treatment. When you are in the military, the members and families take care of each other. Liz tells me to go have a shower because Tom and his wife will be right over because she just called them. I get in the shower and clean myself and then Liz comes in to remove my duct tape bandages. I just stand looking at the shower wall as she uses the shower wand to wet the bandages even more to get them off. Of course she slides her hand down my wet ass several times. I have to politely reminder her that I’m not wearing a garter belt so the little straps do not need to be check. She told me pay back is a “bitch”. I could see all the red water once she was able to get the one bandage off the wound that was not healing up. Now we have a problem because the wound is really bleeding. I am wet and naked in the shower and I can not reach the wound with my hand to hold tissue on to slow the bleeding. This would not be a problem if Naughty Natalie was here because she has seen me naked. Now I am in the bathroom with a married woman who has not seen me naked other then my ass tonight in the shower. But the ass was pay back for learning the fancy outfits when I had to help her. We both decide that I stand in the shower and dry myself off as she holds the tissue on my wound. Even if she takes pressure off the tissue the blood starts to flow like the night I received the wound. Now that I am dry I will step backwards out of the shower and Liz will see nothing but my ass. We both agree that is the best way and it was done with no problems. She hands me my sweat pants and I can put them on using both my hands while she still holds the tissue on my wound. When I had my sweat pants on feeling all proud that a married woman did not see my manhood. That is when Liz told me to look to my left which I did. The bathroom mirror was not fogged over from the shower so Liz got to see everything. Now my face turns red like her face did at the sex shop with mirrors. Once again Liz says pay back is a “bitch” and I just smiled.

We leave the bathroom together as she hold the tissue on my bleeding wound. I get to lie on the couch til Tom and his wife for “coffee”. Liz went got a feminine hygiene product called a maxi pad to put on my wound to soak up the blood and she puts the telephone book on top to hold it in place. I was just start to get comfortable and there is a knock at the door and Liz answers it. For the first time since I have been staying at the PMQ the knock at the door is not the MPs but someone else. There are no other people visiting this PMQ so I am not sure why the MPs think this place is where the drugs are. It is Tom and his wife and I am told to stay on the couch until Liz has the kitchen table cleared off for me to lay on. I just say hello to Tom and his wife as they wait for Liz to clear off the kitchen table. They are looking at the damaged wall and make no comments on how it was done but all their comments are when it will be fixed. That is when I knew they have been in the military a long time too. With the table cleared off Liz comes and removes the telephone book from my would then hold the maxi pad on the wound as we walk over to the kitchen table. Before I get on the kitchen table I ask Liz will be strong enough to support my weight being a skinny kid. Liz replies back that she has had sex on the table numerous times. Everyone laughs and then I pointed out to her but that was married sex for 5 minutes. Then everyone laughed harder because Tom and his wife caught the joke being married a long time. Tom is a medic for the military and had his medical kits in a gym bag. Everyone would think he is going to the gymnasium to work out not carrying medical supplies and equipment. I was very pleased with myself being able to get on the kitchen table without any problems with my back and that surprised Liz too. Tom looks at the bleeding and the wound and figures a blood vessel got damaged because it is deep. I can not see what is going on but I knew when Liz got excited in saying no drugs he had the needles out and was going to freeze the wound. Tom asked what is going on and I told I can not take any drugs just fix it if you can. That surprised Tom and he asked if I was sure on what I wanted. I told him all the other stitches were done by the ladies with no drugs. Tom said no problem but he will need to clean the wound. Liz say we use booze for that and she went and got the bottle of booze. Tom and his wife never said anything but returned back to talking about getting the wall fixed. Liz could see that these new stitches were going to hurt more because Tom had to cut skin back to be able to work. Liz gave my a face cloth from the bathroom to bite on when Tom touched a nerve or something. Liz helped out by keeping the wound clean of blood and did what Tom asked. Tom’s wife was telling Liz what forms to fill out and who to call to try and speed up the repairs because the military takes for ever to fix anything to do with families. But the military will fix the armored personal carrier right away to sit and wait for war or war games.

When Tom was finished and got the bleeding to stopped he asked Liz to do the stitches since she did my other ones. Tom gave her pointers and showed her how to do it correctly in the medical way. Liz stitched me up as if I was a dress that need to be altered. I was so glad when it was over and I could stand up. Tom was impressed with the home made bandages Liz was making and he suggested to leave the wounds open during the day and covered at night for sleeping. Now that the “coffee” business was over then we all sat around and good stiff drink. When Tom and his wife went to leave Liz told then she will drop a little something for coming over for “coffee”. We thanked them for coming and they left with no questioned asked about the wall, my wounds or the Harley Davidson bike in the empty dinning room. Being in the military there are a lot of secrets and things nobody talks about because it all about serving our country. Liz was very pleased with herself when Tom complimented her on her stitches and the way she did the new stitches on me tonight. I thanked her for helping me with a smile on my face.

Since Naughty Natalie rented the VHS movies on Monday she got a 3 day rental for the price of the one day rental. Now Liz and I can watch movies tonight that we did not get to watch last night and re-watch the parts of the movies where we fell a sleep. These VHS movies are a lot better then going to the movies theatre to watch movies because VHS movies can be watched any time. As we ate supper on the couch watching the VHS movies we chatted about how Naughty Natalie would be in the little apartment watching my little B&W TV and eating what is in the fridge. We were so wrong because when she phone dad to give him heads up he was still at work and had A Union meeting for his job in the evening. Dad picked up Naughty Natalie and took her out for supper because dad did not want to eat alone plus he had time to kill. When we found out the next day when Naughty Natalie told us dad took her for supper we were shocked. Mother will figure dad is going through a mid-life crisis by staying out pasted his bed time on Saturday then taking out one of Joey’s lady friends during the week, Mother will be mad with fire in her eyes. Now I can not get comfortable on the couch because I have to lay on my side because my wound are not covered and the couch is too short when Liz sits at the one end to watch the VHS movie too. She can see that I am having troubles so she motions me to lay on her lap which is covered with the black silk robe she is wearing. The silk material is very nice and not the cheap material either. Liz does not know where her husband got these black silk robes from because he never says anything about where he has been with the military. When the VHS movie gets to a boring part Liz asks me what the Mosquito game is and I tell to ask Naughty Natalie. She never replied back until the next boring part of the VHS movie and asked again what the Mosquito game is. I told her to just ask Naughty Natalie. Then Liz asks why does Naughty Natalie like playing the game because she is asleep is she not. I just smiled at Liz and never replied back to her. When the VHS movie was over she had to cover my wounds. As I sit at the kitchen table and she comes from the bathroom with a pantie liner to be cut up for the home made bandage. I made the comment that I will buy a replacement box of pantie liners before next Friday. Now that surprised Liz and she asked how I knew. I told her I can count 28 days which is not very hard. Now that made her eyes very big very quickly. Once she had me all bandaged up it was time for bed. She slept on her side of her bed and I slept on my side of her bed. I had to get up every hour to walk around so I did not stiffen up in my back and body. It was a long night because the other 2 nights I was able to amuse myself with the Mosquito game with Naughty Natalie. By morning I was more tired then when I went to bed and Liz woke up refreshed and ready to go to work. Before she left of work she helped me in the shower remove the homemade bandages because the duct tape sure can stick but the water makes them come off easily. Of course I’m dead tired and exhausted from trying to sleep so she had great fun teasing my ass in the shower. I told her she has now surpassed the amount of time I touched her ass with the garter belt straps. Reply was was pay back is a “bitch”. I will be glad when Naughty Natalie comes back tonight then I would not to have my ass touched and not be able to do anything in return because I can touch her ass which she likes when we are in private.

After Liz left to go to work, I had to be careful because my wounds were not covered and it was a long day. I was so glad to Liz come home from work then Naughty Natalie arrived driving my 67 Chevy. Both ladies were happy to see me and check out my wounds that have stopped bleeding and healing up nicely. Naughty Natalie told us about having supper with dad which was a total surprised and then fell a sleep watching the B&W TV. She said she was so tired from playing the Mosquito game 2 nights in a row that she had a deep sleep in the little apartment by herself. Liz then tell Naughty Natalie that I will not tell her what the Mosquito game is all about since it is only played at night. Naughty Natalie just smiled and said she would explain later or better yet show her. Now Liz was happy and smiling. It was relaxing evening having a few drinks and catching up on the events we missed being a part. Naughty Natalie would have liked to have met Tom and his wife and she liked the new style of stitches Liz did on the bleeding wound Tom fixed. Now all 3 of us are on the couch watching the last of the new VHS movies and the ladies are both in the black silk robes. Liz fell asleep and Naughty Natalie point this out to me and then asked if she should play the Mosquito game with Liz. I told her Liz is married so I can not play the game but I can watch. Naughty Natalie just smiled and then got Liz’s black silk robe adjust enough that Liz’s boobie was still covered enough but the relaxed nipple was exposed. Then Naughty Natalie got her index finger wet in her mouth and just put her finger on Liz’s nipple so only the wetness could be felt but not touched by her finger. Naughty Natalie keeps wetting her finger and having great fun with Liz’s nipple that was now getting quite hard. Plus Liz seems to be enjoying what is happen to her while she sleeps. Naughty Natalie is loving every minute of the Mosquito game because she has always be the receiver never the giver. I just watch and smile. Liz seems to be enjoying the Mosquito game because she is starting to breath a little heavier and almost sounds like she is trying to moan. Naughty Natalie is so pleased with herself and keeps teasing Liz’s hard nipple. But Naughty Natalie was just about got caught when Liz woke up quickly and looked around only to see us both looking at her and smiling. Naughty Natalie got her finger away from Liz’s nipple just in time and Liz did not see a thing. When Liz looked down her robe was slightly open and her nipple was hard. She looked at us and we just smiled back. She asked if she was talking in her sleep because she was having a dream. Naughty Natalie corrected her in saying a really good dream. Liz agreed with a big smile on her face. Now Naughty Natalie has to wait till Liz falls asleep to continue the Mosquito game.

When the VHS movie ended then Naughty Natalie had to make my home made bandages to cover my wounds so I can got to bed. Liz brought a pantie liner out of the bathroom to us at the kitchen table. As Naughty Natalie was cutting it up I told her that I have to buy a replacement box of pantie liners for Liz before next Friday. Then Naughty Natalie stood there with a blank look on her face and I said was next Sunday. Then she thanked me because I can count 28 days. We are all asleep in Liz’s bed and I’m laying on my side facing at the ladies when Naughty Natalie wakes me up and is pointing over to Liz. Liz is laying on her back and her black silk robe has come loose allowing her one boobie to be exposed. Now this is fair game for Naughty Natalie to continue the Mosquito game. This is entertainment for me to makes the long night go faster. Naughty Natalie has her wet finger and just lets the wetness of her finger just touch Liz’s nipple like she did earlier in the evening. Naughty Natlaie is having great funny as Liz’s nipple gets hard. Liz now turn slightly more on to her back so Naughty Natalie can now reach both exposed nipples which are both hard now. Liz is really enjoying the dream she is having because she is getting heavy breathing with slight moans too. Naughty Natalie just keeps teasing Liz’s nipples and now Liz slide both of her hands down between her legs and start rubbing them back and forth. Now this has me really worried because if Liz wakes up and is in need of a Male Manhood there is only one manhood in the room and that is me. I try motioning Naughty Natalie to stop before things get out of hand and I am “force” to preform. Naughty Natalie just smiles and keeps going with the Mosquito game. I am starting to break out in a sweat because this has me worried. I have seen what drunk ladies do to male strippers manhood when they want it now and will not take “no” for an answer. I think to myself Liz has to wake up or something to save my ass just because I am wounded that will mean nothing when a woman has needs. My very concerned look on my face plus Liz was really enjoying herself with the moans and hand movement between her legs finally got Naughty Natalie to stop. Once she stopped Liz woke up in a very shocked and confused state. But we were pretending to sleep with one eye open to see what she was going to do. Once Liz got focused and realized it was all a dream she left her bedroom and took a long hot shower with the shower wand. While she was out of the bedroom I was expressing my concerns to Naughty Natalie about how close she pushed it passed the safety margin of being fun. Naughty Natalie said Liz is married and is used to good sex and I told her “no” he husband is a typical male and only does half a job. Now that surprised Naughty Natalie and it surprised me because I thought these women talked back and forth about sex. Now Naughty Natalie is very concerned for Liz and thought Liz had a good time Saturday night and I said “no”. He did half a job and never got her out of the fancy outfit. That surprised Naughty Natalie now she knew she went too far in the Mosquito game. Liz finished her shower and came back to her bed and seen that we were a wake and looking at her. She apologized for waking us up but she had a really good dream that she has never had before. Naughty Natalie said it must have been good because you had to take a shower. Liz agreed and she hopes to have another dream like this again. That is when Naughty Natalie and I both smiled at Liz who just smiled back at us but a bit confused.

In the morning we wake up and the ladies check my bandages and everything OK for me to go home to Brandon. I will stop by work and see how things are going and do the rest of the accident paper work. Liz says she will ride the workers bus and be at the apartment after she gets off work. Naughty Natalie will work then come to the little apartment as usual. I have to let Naughty Natalie do as much driving because shifting and moving around in the driver’s seat in the 67 Chevy hurts my wounds on my back. But my back has never felt this good since the second plane crash. We drop off Liz and head to Brandon and it feels so good to be outside in fresh air. Naughty Natalie pulls up to where she works and jumps out of the truck and I walk around to get in the driver seat. Tell her to have a good day and she says the same but we never touch each other in public that is why everyone thinks we are brother – sister. I drive to where I work and walk in through the offices. The bimbo receptionist is clueless and she thought I died in the plane crash and I just agree with her and check in with the boss. I told the boss maybe next week I will be able to work and he replied back that I will get a regular pay-cheque. By the time I get compensation money which takes forever to get my bank account will be empty trying to live. I had coffee with the guys in the shop that I work with and nobody really mentioned the plane crash because the pilot does it all the time except I seem to be with him when he crashes. The company plane is to be fixed by next month until then they have a rental plane for the company pilot to fly or attempt to fly. For lunch I drove out to the collage where dad works and surprised him so he could buy me lunch. I figured if he has money to buy Naughty Natalie supper he will have money to buy me lunch plus he gets an employee discount at the cafe’ in the collage.

Dad asked how my back was and I told great and feels so much better. The best thing that happened to me was getting slammed in to the wall by the MPs doing their job they are trained to do. Dad even agreed if that did not happen I could be laid up a couple of weeks or more plus back problem later in life. I asked dad how mother was when he got home Saturday. All he said she was mad and madder when the sister ratted him out. But it was a fun night. Told dad I be off work for a bit and I’ll be able to do those little projects at his shop. I will drive out to the pink house after I drop Naughty Natalie off at work in the mornings that made him happy. It was a short lunch because he had to get back to class and I was getting tired and needed a nap in my bed in the little apartment. Being in my own bed I had a good nap then woke up in time to go pick up Naughty Natalie at work. When we got back to the little apartment to find Liz had arrived. Since the little apartment has the small hot water tank Naughty Natalie and I have a quick shower to remove my home made bandages. While we were in the shower together dad and mother stopped by because mother had to see what I looked like. She had read the MP reports of what happened that come across her desk at work in the Military Police Building. Liz was nice enough to come in the bathroom and bring clothes so we did not walk out of the bathroom naked for dad and mother to see us. Of course when Liz came in the bathroom I had to turn quickly and stand there naked so she only could see my bare ass which Naughty Natalie had to slap just to tease Liz and get me embarrassed. When we came out of the bath as a group of 3, dad is just smiling and mother is not and you could see the fire in her eyes. Mother walks over to look at my back with no bandages but the stitches are still there. Mother demands to know who did the stitches because the MP report has some grey areas which she is concerned with. Naughty Natalie and Liz say they did the stitches and mother was mad as usual. Mother asked where we got the drugs to control the pain which I think is trick question. She was hoping we would say we took some the 20 lbs of cocaine in the PMQ and snorted it relax enough to do the stitches. Told mother nice try because you know I can not have drugs and the ladies clean the wounds with boozes and I took the pain like a man. That surprised dad that no drugs and sober when the ladies did the stitches. Then mother has to ask where the medical needle the thread come from to the stitches. Liz told her from her sewing kit she uses to fix her husband’s military uniforms. Now mother loses it big time because Liz has now confessed to mother that is a married women. Liz looks at her with a funny look and tells her to calm down because it is in the weekly reports you read on the raids your office does on my PMQ. Now mother is pissed and told dad they are leaving. Dad is all smiles as he follow mother out of the little apartment.

We all have a good laugh and I point out that mother has never mentioned anything about me being in a plane crash for the 4th time. She figured the death of me will be by hanging out with you ladies. Yes the ladies both agreed that mother is missing the important information and only seeing what she wants to see. Then Naughty Natalie says it could not get any worse for visitors at the little apartment and it did. There was a knock on the door and we knew it would be the sister and the Disco Queens and sure enough it was them standing at the door. Naughty Natalie says to the sister the car would not start because you left the head lights on again which the sister said “yes”. But this time they are just down the street at a cafe’. I told the sister I can not go so she will have to ask the ladies for a boost. I treat Naughty Natalie as my equal so asking her makes things a lot smoother then telling her to do something. I treat her the way I want to be treated. The sister and Disco Queens ask the ladies if they could come and boost the car like they always do. The ladies said not problem and will be right there with the 67 Chevy. The Disco Queen leave and I told naughty Natalie that she like boosting the Disco Queen and she agreed. It is because they are so fake with the clothes and make up pretending to be someone they are not. Where as Naughty Natalie is what you see is what you get and nothing fake because she was born this way. Liz says no problem in join in on the fun because 2 all natural women going out to help out the Disco Queens is fun. I then told Liz the next person to stop by will be your husband. Liz stopped and paused a bit and thought for a minute I do not think he knows the address or phone number. The ladies head to help the Disco Queens while me being the man of the house starts supper. The Ladies returned in the 67 Chevy from boosting the Disco Queens and were very pleased with themselves. When they were doing the boosting on the sister car Naughty Natalie seen a problem with the sister’s car when the hood was opened. She got the tools out and fixed while everyone watched. The sister keep saying that dad will fix it when she gets home to the pink house in Alexander. Naughty Natalie told the sister if she did not fix it now you would not be making it home. The sister and Disco Queens were not to happy having Naughty Natalie being all natural beauty fixing the car while they stood there watching as being made up Disco Queens with hair and make up layered on.

Supper was nothing special and then we relaxed on the bed watching VHS movies on my B&W TV. The ladies are telling they will be buying me a colour TV for Xmas so they can enjoy watching a VHS movie in colour. I just smile because they are buying themselves a colour TV as a present not for me. I would not be able to see the difference in the new colur TV but the ladies will enjoy it. At a young age I was learning that if the ladies are happy then I am happy too. If the ladies are not happy then I am not happy. That is why my dad is so quiet like his dad too. The great debate while we are on the bed will there be enough hot water for the 3 of us to have a quick shower before bed. We have learn to note the time of the last shower and we can figure out how many hours the hot water tank has had to make more hot water. We can get it pretty close but sometime we are in the shower and the hot water runs out then it is straight cold comes out. Plus you have to be quick at turning the shower off even if you have shampoo in your hair. There is only cold water left which is too cold to finish rinsing the shampoo out of your hair. Plus I suffer from male shrinkage when the cold water hits which can be embarrassing with the ladies always around. When this happen we boil water on the stove and mix it with cold water in pot to get the right temperature then have someone pour the pot over your head to rinses the shampoo out of you hair. A lot of work and big delay when getting ready to go some place. But we are young and love. It is decided that there will be only enough hot water for Liz to have a shower before bed since Naughty Natalie and I had one to get my bandages off. Liz has a quick shower and we are all in bed and I am hoping for a good night’s sleep because I had a busy day. I fall asleep first laying on my side but I know I will be a wake in an hour because I will be stiff.


Naughty Little Brat

When I wake up to walk around the little apartment to stretch, the ladies are both a sleep and Naughty Natalie is snoring like a man because she is tired. Now when I return to the bed I can not go back to sleep because Naughty Natalie’s snoring is keeping me a wake. Oh well if that is all I have to complain about going out with someone who is my equal I think I will live through it. It took forever for me to fall a sleep and I was in a deep sleep when I was woken up by loud moans and movement in the bed. These are not the sounds you want to wake up. When I get my eyes focused in the darkness with only the street lights from outside shining through the opening in the window curtains. All I see is Liz with her back arched as high as she can get it off the bed and she is moaning even louder. Naughty Natalie is beside her and flicking one of Liz’s hard nipples with her finger. Liz has one hand between her legs rubbing in swift motion and her other hand is flicking her other nipple. Naughty Natalie has a surprised but look on her face like what I have done. Naughty Natalie has had the nickname Naughty since she was 5 years old because she was Naughty little brat who would do bad fun things. She always got a way with it because she did it with class and style with her smile even at a young age. As she got older the word Naughty meaning changed for being a little brat to being Sexy Naughty Brat. I am so pissed at Naughty Natalie for what she is doing to Liz who thinks this is dream. Because of the way I was sleeping and my wounds I have stiffened up and can not reach out to give Naughty Natalie a slap up side the head to knock some sense in to her and make her stop what she is doing to Liz. Naughty Natalie sees that I am not happy with her and works Liz’s nipple a little hard and that put Liz over the edge. The moans are loud enough to wake up everyone in the apartment building. Plus both of Liz’s hand are moving faster now. Then Liz’s body collapses on the bed and she flips all over the bed until she calms down and lays on her side in the fetal position. Naughty Natalie is shocked at what she had just witnessed because she has never seen a woman be out of control like this. Naughty Natalie goes to touch Liz’s shaking trembling body to see if Liz is OK. As soon as Naughty Natalie touched Liz she went out of control as if Naughty Natalie had zapped her with bolt of electricity. Naughty Natalie is more shocked then ever as Liz lies there with heavy breathing and trembling. Now Naughty Natalie decides to toss a bed sheet over Liz to cover her body thinking she is cold. As soon as the bed sheet touched Liz’s body it went flying across the room. I just look at Naughty Natalie and the look on my face she knows I am very mad and she should not be touching or trying to help Liz. Liz is still a sleep and has no idea what is happening because she is having a dream. It was a long 20 minutes we laid there watching Liz come down and her body stop shaking and trembling.

When Liz woke up she had a very surprised and confused look on her but we were both pretending to sleep. Liz decides to crawl out of bed and falls to the floor with a surprised look on her face because her legs are too weak to support her. She barely makes it to the bathroom by holding on to everything and taking little small steps and trying to get her balance back. Naughty Natalie then asked me what happened and what was that she just had. I am so mad at her and I speak in a firm voice. You dumb-ass not listening when I told you to stop. You have awoken the giant in her. Liz just had a full body orgasm and does not know what has happened to her. Naughty Natalie replies back in a cute way that she has orgasms too but not like that. I told Naughty Natalie that she is too young to have a full body orgasm because her body is not fully developed. Naughty Natalie just looks at me with a puzzled look on her face. Then I tell her Liz is 10 years old and entering in to her sexual peak and her body can have orgasms like that and she can have several of them back to back. Naughty Natalie then point out that the one she just had was like a Mack truck ran her over. I then point out to her they get better and better. Naughty Natalie was surprised and want to go see if Liz is OK. I told her to stay right here because she has caused enough trouble tonight living up to her nickname of being a Naughty little brat. That made Naughty Natalie mad which I want her to be. The last thing I need is Naughty Natalie in the bathroom with Liz because things will get out of hand very quickly. Liz’s husband will now have to correct what Naughty Natalie started. As we finish our little heated discussion Liz was in the shower using the shower wand to continue the enjoyment of her dream when the hot water ran out and the cold water shocked her in the real world right now. That is what I wanted because the shock of cold water has now turned off what Naughty Natalie started. As Liz comes out of the shower I tell Naughty Natalie to move over to the middle of the bed which she does. Liz will now wants to cuddle after what Naughty Natalie started in her dream. Liz gets in to bed and is careful not to touch my wounds and she cuddles me from my back side. Naughty Natalie is cuddling me from the front and we all fall asleep like this.

In the morning we all wake up but do not talk about what happened last night in the bedroom as we get ready for work. It is Friday and the ladies do not want to go to the bike bar because it is too cold. They just want to drink in the little apartment and relax which is fine with me because less money being spent. Liz rides the workers bus to the Shilo base and will return back to the apartment after work. I drop Naughty Natalie off where she works then head to the pink house in Alexander where I grew up to work on projects for dad. It was relaxing day in dad’s shop and return back to Brandon to pick up Naughty Natalie from work. We stop by the VHS movies rental store to get the VHS movies to watch in the little apartment. Liz gave us a list of VHS movies she would like to watch but they were all rented out by the time we got there after work. On the way back to the little apartment we stop at the booze store to buy the booze to relax with. It is a pay day Friday so every place was busy and the traffic was bad but we got it done. We arrive at the little apartment to smell the food Liz was making for supper. That was nice to get home and the meal is ready. Liz was not surprised that the VHS movies were all ready rented and even if you reserve the VHS movies that does not always confirm that the VHS movies will be there when you go to rent them. The previous renters have to return them first. We have a laid back life style and just do not worry about it because life is too short for that. As we watched the VHS movies Liz says she had a weird day because of the dream she had last night. Naughty Natalie and I just play dumb as Liz says her body was tingling most of the day and very sensitive to the touch. Plus she has no idea what caused the dream because she seems to be having these dreams lately and does not understand why. I told her we heard her scream when the shower ran out of hot water that is what woke us up. Liz says she has no idea what was going on and the shower felt so good but the cold water shocked her right now brought her back to reality. We have few good drinks but do not stay up late because Naughty Natalie has to work Saturday and Liz and I will go help dad in his shop in Alexander. When the movie ended I turned the TV off because both ladies were in a deep sleep with Naughty Natalie snoring. Now I have trouble falling a sleep so I figure I would play the Mosquito game on Naughty Natalie as she slept. Once she was enjoying herself in her dream then the snoring stopped which made me happy. When I got stiff and had to walk around the little apartment I just natural woke up because I am uncomfortable. It is good thing I woke up when I did because Naughty Natalie was playing the Mosquito game with Liz again. I made Naughty Natalie stop before Liz has another uncontrollable body orgasm. Once again Naughty Natalie living up to name as Naughty as in little brat. Naughty Natalie said she just wanted Liz to enjoy herself again. Then I told her in an angry voice that Liz has no idea what is going on because she is having a dream. If you push it too far Liz will be wanting and needing a Male Manhood. Plus there is only one of those in the apartment which is mine. Naughty Natalie says that is fine because she will watch and have the Polaroid camera to take pictures so we can all remember the fun time. Now my voice has more anger in it as I tell her “it is more like the Polaroid pictures will be used as evidence at my murder trail” because Liz’s husband killed me. Naughty Natalie just smiled and said in a cute voice she will wear a nice outfit to my funeral. It is a good thing we can joking around and having fun.


English Knickers

Saturday morning we are all up and get Naughty Natalie off to work. Then Liz and I head out to dad and mother’s pink house to help him in the shop. When we stop for lunch and go in the house mother says there is a family supper at the pink house tonight because our cousin is here from England. I asked her why she not tell us sooner that the cousin was in Canada or even in Manitoba. Mother just replied it was busy week with your dad going through a mid life crisis and then you getting pushed up against a wall. I know not to say anything and just agree. Liz has not problem on a free meal and booze on a Saturday night. Dad suggests that the Disco Queens bring Naughty Natalie out to the pink house after she is done work. Dad now calls his daughter’s little friends the Disco Queens instead of by their real names which is less confusion. I told dad the only way Naughty Natalie will ride in the same car as the Disco Queens if she puts a brown paper bag over her head like the Unknown Comic that was very popular at the time. Plus I tell dad he has to call Naughty Natalie because she will do anything for you. Now that comment made mother very upset as usual. Dad calls Naughty Natalie and asks her to come for free supper and free booze but no Johnny Walker Scotch for her. Naughty Natalie agrees that she will comes for supper then dad suggest that she catch a ride out to the pink house with the Disco Queens with a brown paper bag over her head. Naughty Natalie said no problem because dad asked her. If Liz or I asked it would be “no” and then I would have to drive to Brandon and pick her up and come back to the pink house. After lunch we head back out to the shop with dad to basically hide from mother. We are having a good time in the little shop helping dad and Liz keeps herself busy because this is better the sitting in the PMQ or the little apartment. Plus it part of being a family since all her family is back on the east coast and any friends she has in Manitoba are through her husband.

Around 4pm in the afternoon the cousin from England gets dropped off at the pink house by relatives he was visiting in southern Manitoba. The relatives do not stick around because they have farm cattle and have to get back for chores. Dad leaves the shop to go visit the English cousin who is named Robin and is bird watcher. Yes he travels the world to watch birds and takes pictures of them. When I was young I had to entertain him on a visit to Canada and it was the most boring thing I have done in my life. Robin is a school master and he was teaching me all about these birds that he sees looking through his spy glass. Then he looks up the bird in his book to see what the bird was that he seen with all the deals on the bird. This might be fun and OK if I was not colour blind. Plus the only bird I have any interest in is called the farm chicken. Colonel Sanders does a very nice job of deep fried chicken called Kentucky Fried Chicken. Liz and I finish up in the shop before going in the house for the big family supper that will go down in history as one not to be remembered. Since we are alone Liz asks me about the dream she had because between her legs has been tingling since the big dream. Plus she had a dream last night but it stopped before it got really interesting. I politely told her I will explain after she has sex with her husband when he returns. Now she was confused and did not say a thing. We timed it perfectly by walking from the shop to the pink house when the sister arrives in her car with the Disco Queens and Naughty Natalie. Naughty Natalie got out of the back seat of the car with a brown paper bag over her head with 2 eye holes cut so she could see. She looked like the Unknown Comic but is coughing because of the fumes from the hair spray all the Disco Queens use to keep their hair up and out.

We all enter the pink house and mother tells everyone to come stairs to the living room and meet cousin Robin from England. We let the sister and the Disco Queens go up stairs first because we do not want to shock Robin all at once. I let the ladies walk the stairs first and I just follow behind. We can here Robin talking with his thick English accent and he perfectly pronounces words being a school master. Mother introduces us and Robin calls Liz by her proper name which is Elizabeth which she hates. Then Naughty Natalie is just Natalie which she corrects him by saying she has two first names not just Natalie. Then Robin calls me Bradley and the ladies all laugh when it is said with a thick English accent. Robin notices that Liz and I are wearing sweater with the English Rock Band on the front of the sweaters. But is the school master’s world Iron Maiden and Judas Priest is the music of Satan. Then Naughty Natalie with her white tank top in the middle of winter Robin makes a few comments of the Benny Hill TV Show that was very popular in England because the ladies in the show are known for the cleavage. Growing up in Canada we got to watch the old re-run of Benny Hill on the CBC TV channel better know as the Communist Broadcasting Corporation so we understood Robin’s Benny Hill jokes. The sister and the Disco Queens look the British band the Culture Club which is more of the music that a school master would listen too. The 3 of us did not pay attention to when Robin was introduced to the Disco Queens because the less we know the better. As we all sit at the supper table table dad and mother at each end. The sister and her 3 Disco Queens are on one side and we are on the other side with Robin. We made sure Robin sat close to mother and Naughty Natalie sat close to dad. Then Robin notices the wedding ring on Liz’s finger which is big and shiny. He assumes that I have given her the ring which he thinks it is engagement ring. Robin in his thick English accent addresses me as Bradley to ask when the wedding day is being planned for the marriage with Elizabeth. Naughty Natalie replies back that the big shiny ring is Liz’s wedding ring. Not sure who was more in shock the Disco Queens or Robin. Mother announces that the subject at the table will now be changed. Liz, Naughty Natalie and I all look at dad and smile and he is smiling back right back us. Then mother tells Robin that I hurt my back when these men slammed her only son in to the wall and I have been off work for a week now. I had to correct mother by telling Robin that mother’s co-workers at the Military Police slammed me in to the wall raiding Liz’s house looking for drugs. But they corrected my back was injured in my 4th plane crash. Robin said nothing and changed the subject like mother did which made us happy. As long as mother and Robin were chatting with the sister and the Disco Queens we were happy. Since the cousin is over from England dad opens up his booze cupboard to get out the good stuff, Robin asks if dad still had the bottle of Johnny Walker Scotch he had when Robin last visited a couple of years ago. Dad politely told Robin to ask Naughty Natalie where the Johnny Walker Scotch is. Robin addresses Natalie as to where the good scotch went she politely replies that she drank it all. Robin was quite concerned because the Johnny Walker Scotch is very important drink where he comes from. Naughty Natalie says it went down so smooth and came back up twice as smooth. Robin did not catch the funny joke Naughty Natalie just said but we all smiled just like dad did.

Now dad is serving the Canadian Crown Royal because it is a drink of Canada. To serve Crown Royal correctly it is pour in to a short wide bottom glass then a few ice cubes are toss in. To drink it properly it must be straight with no mix added because it is a “manly” thing. Dad asks how much Naughty Natalie would like in her glass and she replied enough to make me happy but not enough to make my clothes fall off. When dad said he knows that and see that too. Mother now yells dad’s really name “Henry” across the dinning room so he knows she is listening. We all smiled except for the sister and Disco Queens because they don’t understand the real world. While dad is making “manly” drinks of us mother is making a big thing about going in to the booze store to buy these new on the market drinker coolers for the Disco Queens. There is basically no booze in the drink but you look cool when drinking them with your other Disco Queen friends. Dad returns with the glasses of Crown Royal and serves them to us and Robin while mother, the sister and Disco Queen have the cooler drinks. Dad makes a toast to the cousin from England and we have a drink of our drinks. Naughty Natalie, Liz, dad and I all drank our drinks in one shot and put the empty glasses down on the table in front of us. That surprised everyone and they were in shock. Naughty Natalie is the first to ask dad for a refill because there is a hole in her glass and dad said no problem. He gets up from the table and grabs Liz’s glass too but leaves mine because he knows that I am driving and can not have any more booze. Dad returns with the 2 ladies’ glasses plus his glass with good shots of Crown Royal poured in them. The look on mother’s face was she was not impressed. Liz says cheers and the glasses are empty now with everyone smiling. Now the ladies have had some good shots of hard booze and the fun will begin. Liz now says it is hot in the pink house and removes my Iron Maiden sweater to show off the white tank top she is wearing just like Naughty Natalie. The school master Robin is have a really good look at her cleavage then asks if the her and Natalie are sister and Liz replied “yes”. Now mother does not know what to say. Naughty Natalie asks dad for another drink and mother says “no”. Naughty Natalie then asks mother for another drink and promises to keep her clothes on. Robin then asks about her and her clothes falling off. Naughty Natalie say she was born this way and should be featured in the Playboy Magazine so I should not be force to wear clothes. That is when the sister pointed out to Naughty Natalie that her panties fell off and hit Disco Queen in the face. That is when Robin changes the Canadian word of panties to the English word of knickers. Robin with his English accent ask Natalie how her knickers got throw in the face of that young man sitting across the table. The Disco Queen speaks saying that she is not a young man but a young woman. Now even Robin is confused. Now the hard booze is kicking in for Naughty Natalie and she tell Robin that her and Liz were on stage stage dance contest wearing the same outfits. Robin then asks what the outfit were thinking they were British school girl outfits. Naughty Natalie tell him “no” they are $4000.00 a piece Dominatrix outfits. Robin with his surprised look on his face asked if the outfits included the riding crop? Liz then speaks and says “yes”. Then I speak saying the riding crop when used on the bare skin hurt but in a good way. Now mother wants to know more on these $4000.00 a piece Dominatrix outfits that both ladies own that hang around her only son. Liz tells mother we paid cash for the outfits in Winnipeg at a high end sex shop. Mother is now doing the math as employee of the Canadian Military Police which she has a high clearance level that my son and his lady friends can not afford $8000.00 in outfit to go to a Halloween Party on the wages and lifestyle they lead. They have to be selling drugs and Liz said they paid cash. Mother now pours her self a stiff drink of Crown Royal.

Robin wants to know more about these outfits and how are they used. Liz and Naughty Natalie go on to explain they are high end outfits and will last a long time plus Liz explains to Robin she is a true natural blonde and had to get her dyed black to fit the roll of playing a Dominatrix. As Liz is explain the dyed hair I look at dad and he is just smiling because he knew Liz was a natural blonde by the colour of her eye brows. The sister and the Disco Queens are in shock too because that is a lot of money that could have been spent on hair spray and make up to be layered on. With the booze kicking the ladies getting in to more details about the dance contest and how they were both dressed the same and look the same plus they wore sexy masks to cover their faces so nobody could tell them apart. The audience was to guess which lady was which. Liz said for the final round on the dance contest she was tied with Naughty Natalie so she worked the crowd as best she could but was limited by being married. Robin is listening and enjoying the details. Naughty Natalie then tells how she came out stage knowing she had to win because they were donating the money for the teddy bears for kids because Liz and I do not need the money. When she said that I looked at mother and her eyes were big and taking on the details to give to her co-workers Monday morning. Naughty Natalie said the crowd was going wild and I had to win so my panties fell off and I gave them to Joey and worked the crowd to win. Mother then asks how close dad was when the panties were given to our only son. Dad replied with no comment because mother does not need to know what he had seen. Robin then referred to me as Bradley and asked Naughty Natalie why did you give them to him. Naughty Natalie replied because he always takes my panties off plus these are expensive panties they are good for dancing in because they will only show what is needed to be shown. Then Naughty Natalie then politely adds that she is a lady and a classy one too. Mother blood pressure has now about to hit the high point. The sister and Disco Queens are drinking their drinker cooler fast now to finish their first ones. We are all smiling. Then mother asks what happened in her mini van with the cops. I explained the cop that pulled us over was the same cop that took my statement after the plane crash and he felt sorry for me driving around with ladies in trench coats and the Disco Queens. Mother then asked if we had sex in her mini van like we have sex all over her house. Robin was surprised a bit that we are like the Benny Hill Show of Canada. Liz holds up her wedding ring to Robin to see the how big and shiny it is again and told Mother we had sex twice in her mini van. She choice the word twice because mother will think I had sex with both ladies. Dad and I are just laughing and enjoy the show the ladies are putting on for mother just to get her upset and she will have all this new information to share with the Military Police on Monday. The ladies are asking for another round of drinks and I told them I will start the 67 Chevy to warm the truck up for the trip back to Brandon. The ladies down the drinks quickly and on the way out the door I told dad we would be in Shilo but do not tell mother because it is usually Sunday night we go. The ladies say good bye and we walk to the truck naughty naughty goes back and gives dad a big hug. He is the only person she will touch in public or in front of anyone. Naughty Natalie and I never touch each other only in the privacy of the bedroom. Liz has to go back and give dad a hug too. He knows he will be sleeping in his recliner like he always does every night in his married life. We found after that the Disco Queens stayed the night and Robin was to stay any ways so it was a full house and dad slept in his recliner.



Military “Coffee”

We all had a good laugh on the drive to Brandon and we arrive just in time at the little apartment because the ladies had to use the bathroom. We grab our over night bags and head to Shilo to stay at the PMQ with Liz. She hopes her husband comes back because she has needs because of the dreams she has had all week. We arrive the main gate to get on to the Shilo base and the guards are funny tonight with the comments we are a day early and such. We sign ourselves in and drive to the PMQ only to arrive and not lights on. Liz is sad but she knew it would be a long shot that he would be home. After unpacking Liz has a shower first then Naughty Natalie and I. The best part about the PMQ is the hot water lasts forever. Since it is still early Liz telephones and invites Tom and his wife over for a few shots and they say they will be right over. Naughty Natalie is excited to met Tom and his wife plus we have a bottle of booze for them for coming over for “coffee”. Naughty Natalie did not know that “coffee” is a code word for medical attention needed. She was a little upset because she missed one fun night in PMQ staying in Brandon that night. But money is tight and she got a free supper from dad. Tom and his wife arrive and they come in plus I have my shirt off letting my wounds heal in the fresh air. Tom pointed out that the stitches are growing in to the skin and should have been removed all ready, we thought one week which is Sunday in theory. Tom says he will show Liz how to do because they are grown in so it is not cut the thread and pull it out. I agrees to anything plus Liz is sober enough and say she can do it. Of course Naughty Natalie wants to help too.

The kitchen table gets cleaned off while I quickly drink a very stiff drink because this is going to hurt. Tom shows the ladies that the skin has to be cut to get the thread out plus all the thread has to come out so a little more cutting with the knife might be involved. They have the booze to clean the wound plus the are using a little modeling knife with a brand new blade cleaned in booze. What I can feel them doing is going to hurt so I lay on the table and bite in to the cloth like I did when Tom fixed the bleeding wound. Liz is doing good and Tom is talking to her and is very pleased. Tom figures Naughty Natalie is too drunk to help so Tom’s wife pours her a stiff drink and she loose interest in carving me up. Liz is doing good and I can feel when the thread is pulled through my skin like a shoe lace. I can also feel when they have to cut me deeper. Of course there is a knock at the door and Tom’s wife answers it. Liz told her it will be the MPs because we came back one day early. The MPs are all relaxed and it is more of a social visit. The 2 MP that slammed me against the wall are there. I thanked them for fixing my back better the any doctor I have seen in a year since the 2nd plane crash. They were impressed how I healed up and not surprised that the wall is still damaged. The lead MP made a comment about Naughty Naughty having clothes on by wearing Liz’s back silk robe. Liz tells the MPs we have company over so we made her wear clothes but you guys are regular visitors so she does not figure clothes are required. The MPs laughed and said they would let them selves out and asked when her husband would be back which Liz replied “she did not know”. Just as they are about to go out the door the lead MPs yells back did the luggage show up and Liz just yells Air Canada lost it. Once they were gone and the 10 minute standard be quite time had past Tom and his wife pointed out the MPs are here lots and are a pain in the ass. Tom’s wife was the first to point out the military does not fly Air Canada and Liz replied back “the MPs are not that smart”. Everyone had a good laugh. I was very worried because Liz never stopped working on removing the stitches by stayed focused because she became so used to the MPs visits. To try and keep me amused as they did the stitches Tom suggested a mirror so I could see what was going on. Naughty Natalie brought me the hand mirror from the bathroom which worked out good. Now I could see them cut and pull the stitch, the pull is what I could feel. Then I could see them cut the skin which I could feel and now I can see the blood that comes with the cut. That is why Liz was damping the cloth so much with boozes. The more she worked on the stitches the looser the black silk robe got and when I looked in the mirror I could see her nice cleavage. To turn the mirror thought was required because everything is backwards in the mirror, I could see Tom watching Liz more for the cleavage then anything, no wonder he never sat down and enjoyed his drink.

That was the longest hour of my life but Liz never gave up and stayed focused to complete the job and my back is now sore. I could not drink laying on the tables so Liz mixed me a good stiff as a catch up drink. It was a catch up drink because it hit the spot. Tom wants the stitches left open to breath and flush with booze to keep clean. If any problems just invite them over for a drink because invited for “coffee” mean hurry quickly. We all sat around and had a nice visit and talked about the damaged wall not even being looked at during the week. When it was getting late Tom and his wife leave and we thanked them for coming. Naughty Natalie is so happy they left because now she does not have to wear clothes and off comes Liz’s black robe. I make sure to put it by the couch in case any more visitors show up. My back is really starting to hurt and I do not want any more hard shot of booze because I have to be in control. The ladies start to watch a VHS movie which we know Naughty Natalie will fall asleep right away so Liz make sure she is at one of the couch then when she is a sleep the couch can still be used. I begin to think my back is hurting more now then the night the wounds happened but the feeling of shock and the back pain was over riding the pain from the wounds. Plus now the skin was healing and there is a little bit of blood surfacing and Liz wipes it off with cloth soaked in booze. I just walk back and forth in the PMQ while Liz watches the VHS movie by herself since Naughty Natalie is asleep and snoring like a man. Then the door of the PMQ opens and Liz’s husband comes in with no luggage which Liz points out. I do not listen to what he is saying. Liz is excited to see him and hopes he will spent time in the bedroom with her. When he sat down on the couch to chat with Liz he woke up Naughty Natalie who decides to go use the bathroom because they might be having a shower. Of course she walks by Liz’s husband naked and he never notices. Liz picked up on that because all men notice Naughty Natalie and Liz has the same body so men notice her too. When Naughty Natalie came out of the bathroom she sits back down on the couch and rewinds the VHS movie to where she fell asleep. Liz does not say a thing because she is hoping to spend some time with her husband. I just keep walking around the PMQ because my back hurts and I can hear the VHS player when the VHS movie is also fully rewound to the beginning because the rewinding noise is faster.

Liz and her husband are not really talking and I think he is normal because he is not on any military drugs. Liz gets off the couch and tell Naughty Natalie that she will be back before the part she had watched comes up. Naughty Natalie said OK. Before they go in the bathroom to shower I used the bathroom and grab a towel to put on the couch for my back to lean against. I get myself comfortable in the corner of the couch and Naughty Natalie lays on me and we watch the start of the movie together. The TV is turned up loud so we do not hear Liz and her Husband having a shower then in the bedroom. When they were done quickly in the shower they darted in the bedroom really quick. The sounds coming from the bedroom where not really the sounds you would hear on a pornographic movie or anything of that kind. Then Liz’s husband came out the bedroom with his clothes on and left the PMQ. Then Liz came out naked and crying which I knew was going to happen. Naughty Natalie sits up so Liz could lay on me with her head on my bare chest. Naughty Natalie lays back down on Liz and covers us all with the blanket. We both hold Liz tight as she cries and Naughty Natalie turns up the volume on the TV using the remote. Liz cries for a long time and keeps saying she is sorry. Naughty Natalie and I say nothing but hold her tight. When she had calmed down Naughty Natalie turned the TV down so we could talk but softly. I told Liz she has nothing be sorry for and you did nothing wrong. She starts to cry again and hold me tight. I told I knew this was going to happen. Those dreams you have being having are because you are now at the age of entering your sexual peak. Liz just looked and me tried to control her crying. I then tell her that those dreams were caused by Naughty Natalie play the Mosquito game with you. Now Liz had a confused look on her face. I took my finger and got it wet in my mouth and when I reached over Naughty Natalie pulled the blanket away to expose Liz’s nipple which was semi hard from the sexual experience she just had. Liz watchs as I lowered my finger down to her nipple figuring my finger was going to touch it but stopped so only the wetness touchs her nipple. The wetness on her nipple starts to evaporate and the nipple will tingle. It is like a Mosquito landing but you feel it but you do not feel it. As I pull me finger away Naughty Natalie now has her wet finger touch Liz’s nipple. As soon as she pulls her finger away I have me finger with wetness. Liz watches and her nipple gets hard and she can feel tingling between her legs that she has never felt before. That is when we stopped teasing her nipple and Naughty Natalie covers Liz up with the blanket. Now Liz asked is the Mosquito game and we both said “yes”. I told Liz that I do it all the time to Naughty Natalie when she is asleep and she wakes all smiles and being happy because she has been teased. Then when we have sex Naughty Natalie enjoys it even more because of the tease. The woman’s body is made for the tease, the more you tease the body the better the sex.

Liz now asks what happened in those wild dreams she had. I told her I can not play the Mosquito game because you are married and I was asked to “take care” of you. Naughty Natalie played the game with you as you slept but she took it too far because she lived up to her name a Naughty little brat. That made Naughty Natalie smile and Liz too. Naughty Natalie teased for 4 nights and each night going farther in the tease. The night you woke up and had the shower Naughty Natalie gave you a full body orgasm. The orgasm took over your body and you had your back arch high off the bed. The orgasm made your body go out of control all over the bed then you laid on your side curdled up and trembling and shaking because your body was coming down. Naughty Natalie tired to cover you up with a blanket but your body was so sensitive to the touch you tossed the blanket across the room. It was 20 minutes you laid there coming down from the ultimate high you experienced. Then you woke up and tried to walk to the bathroom but you legs were too weak. Once in the shower you tried to continue on with the great feeling but the shower turned to cold water and turned off the feeling. When you came back to bed you had to hug me to feel loved because you were confused.

Liz could not believed what happen to her, she said she had a dream and woke up sweating and the throbbing between her legs was unreal and she has never had that happen before. She went to have a shower to calm down but her legs would not work because they were so weak. Then when the shower went cold she feeling was over. Then for 2 days it has been tingling between her legs and she does not know why. She was hoping sex with her husband tonight make things feel right but it was a disaster because he was in a hurry to get it done and over with. I told Liz her husband is a typical male but he loves because he comes home. Now you just have to use him to finish the job not start the job. Plus thanks to Naughty Natalie you never have sex the way you have had till now. Full body orgasm are usually discovered when enjoying sex with a good partner that takes you to the next level but the Naughty brat took you to the next level in your dreams. My biggest fear was you running out and finding the first Buff Boy like you did a while ago because you did not understand what was happening to your body. That is why we have stayed close to you because I was asked to “take care” of you. Liz starts to cry again says she thinks she understands what happened. She then asked if Naughty Natalie can have these full body orgasms and I told Liz she is too young and her body is not developed. Being young it is quantity not quality. Liz had a laugh while still crying and we hugged each other. Liz is glad and we are glad that she understands what had happened. When Liz pulled herself together she went to have a quick shower and told us to head to bed. Only problem my wounds were bleeding on the towel as a sat on the couch. When Liz was done her shower she had to use the cloth and booze to clean my wounds of the towel material that embedded in. that took a long time and I had to have a few stiff drinks to take the pain away. Naughty Natalie was a sleep in the bed when we joined her and snoring too. It was along night of no sleep and walking around while the ladies slept in the bed. Plus I played the Mosquito game with Naughty Natalie so the snoring would stop and we could get some sleep because Liz was having a hard sleeping to.

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