Cocaine Problem



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continued from Bikini Wax

Cocaine Problem

We got invited for the weekend in Vancouver by the owner of the sex shop which we thought was nice. Leaving a cold Manitoba winter to fly to the west coast of Canada to enjoy warm raining days because all it does is rain in Vancouver. I had to skip school plus Naughty Natalie and Liz took a sick day off work to recover in Vancouver. We drove the 67 Chevy to Winnipeg because we will be gone 3 days. Mother’s mini van still not repaired from the near death experience with the sister and Disco Queen had in the under ground parking lot. The trip was uneventfully to Winnipeg in the 67 Chevy with Naughty Natalie driving. She enjoyed the power of the truck had compared to mother’s mini van. We arrived at the sex shop and park the 67 Chevy close to the building so people can keep and eye on the $500.00 farm truck. We go in to the sex shop and chat with everyone in the mirror room with roof support post. The owner of the sex shop is glad we could make and is hoping me missing a day of school will not effect my grades. Liz told the owner that I am very smart like his older sisters. I just smiled at Liz. The owner asked where we parked and Naughty Natalie told her she where she parked the 67 Chevy which surprised her that we are driving the farm truck. Then the owner ask if it was 4 speed or 3 on the tree. Naughty Natalie replied back “3 on the floor because it has a Hurst shifter”. Once she said that the owner knew Naughty Natalie knows about vehicles. The owner then said on the farm the 67 Chevy she drove was 4 speed with bow low meaning only use the last 3 gears of the transmission when not in the field loaded. The owner never cease to amaze us of her knowledge and what she has done in life. The limousine and support vehicle will be here at 1pm and lunch will be served first. We seen our 3 special plates with our names on set aside. As we were eating the owner comes over to use to confirm that we will not stay in a $1500.00 a night suite with a view of the ocean because Liz told her “no” on the telephone. We all said “yes to not staying in that expensive room” the owner then confirmed she got us a room at $200.00 with one bed. We were happy because that is our style. At 1pm the limousine arrives with support vehicle and I start helping the ladies in to the limousine. While the support vehicle takes all the luggage which is lot of luggage because every lady seems to have 4 bags for 2 nights. The 3 of us only had 3 bags and that was it because were travel simple and easy.

With everyone in the limousine including the owner and Philip we head to the airport. At the airport it is the private jet which is the same private jet that has been flying us around. I help the ladies out of the limousine and on to the private jet. Since we are flying to the west coast there are 2 pilots so I have to ride with the ladies. That means I get served food and drinks. The hostess is the same lady who flies with us all the time so she will not serve me booze on the plane because I am 14 years old. Since we are acting like siblings and I am with my older sisters. I do not say anything but my older sister Liz is sneaking me some of her drinks. I get to sit with Liz because both her and Naughty Natalie want the window seats and there is just a small isle between Naughty Natalie and I. The flight was very quick and with the time change is seemed like it was time warp speed because we leave Winnipeg to arrive in Vancouver at the same time we left due to time zones we flew through. Of course it is raining when we arrive in Vancouver. We all got wet going from the private jet to the limousine and I got soaked helping the ladies because that in my job. Also a lot of ladies were upset over their hair getting wet while my ladies just laughed and enjoyed it. The ground crew got soaked with all the luggage from the private jet to the support vehicle traveling with the limestone. I ride in the front of the limousine to see Vancouver and my ladies were upset they did not really see anything. We arrive at the fancy motel which has a cover front entrance loading area for the guests to get in and out of the vehicles. The fancy motel even has doormen dressed in uniforms to open the doors and bellhops to handle the luggage. We go in the fancy motel and walk past the front desk because there is a private conference room to be used as a dressing room where all the luggage is brought. This is where we check in because it does not tie up the front desk for other guests. The ladies are all complaining about their hair being wet and the luggage too. The 3 of us did not see a problem because it is only water but if you wear lots make up and hair spray then there is a problem because your fake beauty is washing away.

We are just standing there and not saying anything and the owner hands us our room key and says 5pm we meet here to dress for the show. We thanked her and headed to our room on the second floor. We open the curtains to see a beautiful view of the brick wall for the building next door and we can watch the rain flow down the side the building bricks. Naughty Natalie orders room service because the owner said we could. As we wait for room service we lay out all the clothing to dry because things did get wet. When the room service came with our food they were surprised at the outfits laying around to dry but we did not look the type to be wearing them. I told the ladies it must be my silk underwear they noticed. Naughty Natalie signed for the food and keep a receipt and put it in the trip envelope to be organized. The food was delicious and well presented on the plate. We would have been happy with a Burger King whopper. As we eat Naughty Natalie check out the pizza places around the motel and any other food places that deliver. Plus we read all the tourist information on display and in the drawers of the furniture in the room. Since the owner paid for us to come out here we are not making any plans to do anything. But Liz wants to put her feet in the Pacific ocean because she is from the east coast and is missing home. We all agree to take a taxi Saturday morning to the Pacific ocean then we can say we did it. When lunch is done we have time to go to the pool in the motel. We read the information on the door of our motel room where the pool is located which should be simple which it was not. The ladies are in their bikinis and I am in my Speedo and it was suppose to be a quick ride on the elevator. Which we step off the elevator and on to the floor with the pool. We are in the elevator and Naughty Natalie says she hit the correct floor button but we ended up on the main floor by the lobby. The elevator door opens and people are really looking at us. More me then the ladies with the bodies the make the bikinis fit perfectly. The elevator goes up and then back down and picking up people and dropping people off but not stopping at the floor where the pool is. We gave up riding up and down in the elevator on the main floor and decide to walk. But first we stop at the front desk to ask which stair case to take or how do we get to the pool. Everyone waiting to check in the fancy motel because it is Friday of the weekend are really enjoying seeing us in our bathing suit. But I think I am getting the most views in my Speedo. When Naughty Natalie told the front desk our room number, they told we have upper floor privileges. Because that is where we are to be booked in but there was a strange request for a basic room with one bed. With Naughty Natalie in front of everyone wearing her perfectly fitting bikini. She told the front desk lady so everyone can hear that we only need on bed because we sleep together. Now everyone was looking at me as if I was Hugh Hefner from the Playboy Mansion because Naughty Natalie and Liz look like have been featured in Playboy Magazine. The front desk gave Naughty Natalie a pass card for access to the upper floor because we are part of the that group. We said thank you and got in the elevator and took it to the top. When the elevator doors opened it was not the upper floor but it was the normal motel that we are staying in. We walked around looking for the next elevator or a magic elevator to take us to the upper floor. Finally we found the cleaning ladies who did not speak very good English because we are in Vancouver and lots of Asian people live here. They were trying to tell us the pool was on the floors below because they were pointing down and saying Asian words. We were pointing up to the pool being on the upper floor which is above us. Naughty Natalie showed them the pass card and they still pointed down. Then a lady came along that spoke English that we have to go to the main floor and used the pass card to enter the elevator to go straight up to the upper level. So the non English speaking ladies knew what and where we were to go just that we have no idea. We are back on the elevator which goes every where but the main floor because it went up and down to pick up and drop people off. When we got back on the main floor and stepped off the elevator some the staff and people were smiling at us like the non English speaking ladies because wearing our bath suits and lost inside a building is funny. Now Naughty Natalie has us in the elevator going to the upper floor. When the door opens it is a high class place and we are glad we are not staying up here. We followed the signs and found the pool which is empty. The ladies are in the pool having fun I get in the whirlpool hot tub. Just when I get comfortable the owner and Philip come in to join us. Philip dives in the pool with the ladies and the owner comes over to the whirlpool hot tub. As she stands at the edge of the whirlpool hot tub she removes her bath robe and lays it on the chair. She is wearing a one piece bathing suit with being bikini waxed she looks very good for her age. When she was young she must have had a body like Naughty Natalie and Liz so when she first seen them she knew what she was looking at. She gets in the whirlpool hot tub and sits beside me so we can talk. She tells me she has bad feelings about this weekend and things will not being going smooth because her back is aching all ready. I asked her is not because of the long flight and she said “no”. This weekend does not feel right with the rain and the ladies are complaining already. I told her we are very happy and we took a tour of the fancy motel in our bathing suits to find this upper floor. She apologized because we should have had the pass card given to us when we checked in but I told we are happy and glad we are not staying on this floor. The ladies and Philip join us in the whirlpool hot tub and Philip has to sit beside me. I just smiled at him and hope he kept his hands to himself under the water. The ladies say we have to got to get ready and the owner say she has to go to but help her up and out of the whirlpool hot tub. That is when the ladies got to see her still great body at her age and I told the ladies she had a body like yours in her younger days. The owner agreed and the day we walked in to the sex shop and she seen these two ladies she had flash backs to being young again. Plus the owner made a comment about seeing me in my Speedo and I just need blonde hair and the surfboard. Of course Philip says he can not wait. We all walk together to the elevator to take us back to the main floor to switch elevator to get to our room. Now everyone in the main floor lobby was smile at us being all wet and it was chilly too or as the ladies say “nippely”.


First Night

Back in our room we get ready by packing everything up to go down to the main floor so we can dress. We operate like a business with dressing and undressing in the dressing rooms. We are basically actors or magicians and once out of the dressing room we are just normal people. We have showers and get ready and I told the ladies that the owner says this trip does not feel right to her. We all agreed to help her out because that will be the only way to get home. We arrive at the dressing room and it is a disaster because the ladies are loud and making demands and the owner and Philip are rushing around which we have never seen before. We have really never seen this other ladies either but we get dressed. It does not take us long working to help each other. I thought I was just wearing a mask because I did not see any make up people to make me look older. Naughty Natalie is bored because there is no shiny roof support post for her to have fun on like at the sex shop in Winnipeg. The make up people are late and the owner tells them to make me look 28 years old. Now that is a problem because there is not enough time. They glue on a full beard and mustache which covers most of my face and then glue a huge patch of chest hairs to make me look older. No idea why the chest hairs because I wear the full tux with vest and jacket. Liz figures the make up people think I am a dancer and will be taking everything off. I was just wearing my silk under wear when they did the make up because I had to undress. We are running late so Liz and Naughty Natalie escort the ladies to the limousine and I have to catch up to them. The owner and Philip are beside them selves but are staying focused because this is not going well. The owner figures some of the ladies got in the cocaine and think it will help them preform which it will not. I escort them to the limousine and sit up front like I always do. I have no idea where we are going but it is nice to ride up front. Naughty Natalie and Liz say that is what they miss riding in the back with tinted windows because they do no get to see and learn. But we all agree we are here to work because it is not a vacation.

The limousine pulls in tight to the building at the back so the ladies have some protection from the rain. After 6 hours being in Vancouver we finally get to use umbrella which helps but not good. I have all the ladies back stage which are all acting drama queens. Naughty Natalie and Liz are calm and acting normal because they are here to preform like me. The ladies have been drinking and Liz slips me a stiff vodka drink so nobody can smell the booze on me. Now I am a bit relaxed and Liz will open the show and Naughty Natalie will close the show. Both ladies are concerned about a few of the ladies and their behavior which we never in the pasted worried about. Liz and I are ready and she gives me a big kiss because she wanted to know what a real man's face feels like and I just laughed. Naughty Natalie says get a room loud enough for everyone to hear. The owner and Philip are still running around in circles because the owner should be up beside us on stage. The owner should be giving us directions on what she wants because she had checked out the crowd or as she says “feels” what the crowd wants. The music starts and I walk Liz out and I help her work the crowd and they start responding. When she is happy I return back off stage. The lady that is to go on next is not ready and they switch her out with another lady. Liz is done and the audience claps for her which makes her happy. She never expects the audience to clap because she is a married woman and part of the warm up act and having fun.

I escort her off and the next lady is not ready so Liz makes me grab her arm and we walk the around the edge of the stage and she is waving to say thank you. When we get back the next lady is ready but snorted too much cocaine but we go anyways on the stage. I can not leave the lady on stage because she is making lots of mistakes so I escort her off the stage. The owner is trying to get things under control and I escort the next lady on stage and when she is good to be on her own I walk off stage. Then half way through her performance the lady is showing a little too much of where babies pop out. The owner is not where she is suppose to be so Liz gives me an umbrella told me to handle it. I walk out on stage in my tux and top hat and use the umbrella to get the lady’s legs back together like a lady should being doing this show like all other shows. Now this lady has snorted cocaine which is effecting her thinking. Instead of keeping her legs together and finishing the show. She thinks that once I turn my back her legs can pop back open so the audience can really see where babies pop out from. Now I have to think hard and get control but acting like a true gentleman. I put my hand out and assist her in standing up and then try to walk her off stage. But she was trying to show the audience more by bending over so everyone has full view of where babies pop out. I used my umbrella like a good English Gentleman to smack her ass and she felt it and the audience heard and felt it too. Now I escort the lady off and everyone was pleased how I did it except for the lady who had a red mark across her ass and being colour blind I could tell it was red. Then next 2 ladies were the same way and I just about broke the umbrella. Then the last 2 ladies did good performances before Naughty Natalie. While Naughty Natalie was out on stage the owner talks to Liz and I and says we had a very bad show and you 3 close the show to save everyone's ass like you did in Calgary. Just handle it while she deals with the cocaine heads. Even Philip was upset and went with the owner. When I escorted Naughty Natalie, I told her the 3 of us have to save the show and we are to handle it. We then go back out with Liz, I have the umbrella which makes for great fun and got the audience clapping. Naughty Natalie keeps her clothes on because she says they seen me once that is good enough. The audience enjoys seeing 2 ladies that look the same in every way but one has a mask. Plus being a gentleman in a tux and showing class as part of the tease makes the whole performance a tease. The ladies showing where babies pop out did more harm then good when is it a high class show.

We stayed out on stage and had fun then when we figured the audience had enough we came off stage the went back to the genlteman’s bow and english lady’s curtsey. When we came off stage and only Philip was there because the owner was talking to a few ladies and everything is packed in the Limousine. We used the bathroom and headed to the limousine. The door of the limousine was closed and I opened it for the ladies to get in. Then I jumped in the front with the driver. We arrived at the fancy motel and the door men and bellhops handle everything and we went to the dressing room to change. The make up people left the glue remove for taking everything off and the ladies wanted to spend quality time with an older man in the motel room. I took off the tux and put it on the travel box because dry cleaning in the motel will handle it. So it is clean and ready for tomorrow night. There was a lot of items in the pile from the other ladies outfits to be dry cleaned. Once we changed back to our street clothes we said good bye and the owner said she would chat later with us. Back in the room Naughty Natalie order pizza with lots of pineapples while Liz poured the drinks. We talked about how the drugs ruined the show and we laughed about how we had fun doing our thing. The ladies took turns kissing me and Liz kissed me lots because of the beard and mustache. She said she was not kissing me but she was kissing the character that I was acting out. I did not care because we were having fun. The front desk called the room and Naughty Natalie went to get the pizza because after the city cops in Winnipeg fun night nobody is coming in to the room.

There was a knock at the door and we thought it was Naughty Natalie but it was the owner and Philip. We invited then in and they seen Liz pouring a good drink and the owner asked if she could have a stiff drink to take the pain away. Liz asked Philip and he said just a weak drink because he has lots of work yet to do. The owner sat down on one of the chairs and Philip sits on the edge of the bed. Naughty Natalie arrives with the pizza and when she opened it up the owner was excited on seeing the pineapples but Philip was not. Of course we had to tease Philip because you have to eat the pineapples on a pizza to be a true Canadian. Then he said he came to Canada 10 years ago and is still adjusting to a few Canadian things. We all have a drink to Philip coming to Canada. The owner then say we shall drink to you 3 saving her ass and business tonight. We just told her we just did what you taught us and handled it while she was busy. The owner says the cocaine is what took the smooth running organized show and made it a nightmare. She also thanked me for the umbrella trick and I said thank Liz she gave me the umbrella and sent me out there. Then Naughty Natalie says what the ladies did makes it harder for the next lady going on stage and the owner agreed. Then I pointed out to the owner my classmates back in Brandon tonight will be at the Keystone Motor Inn wanting the stripper to show where babies pop out. While I am in Vancouver using an umbrella so I do not get to see where babies pop out. Everyone laughed and the owner says the Keystone Motor was a dump when she first started out and has not changed in all these years. Now we had to drink to that. We asked the owner is we could go to the Pacific ocean in the morning because Liz is from the east coast and is missing home. The owner says please do and be back to 5pm dressing. Liz told the owner if we have problem we will call the motel. After the owner said her pain is gone away she asked Philip to help her to her room. Then she made a comment about here we are in a simple room eating pizza and have drinks while she has thousand of dollars in rooms and food costing big money on the upper floor. But this was more enjoyable and Liz told her this is why we enjoy the way we live it is not about the money. The owner agreed because we gave her all the gift envelopes back to pay for the outfits. As she was going out the door she was glad to see the outfits washed and hanging to dry to be ready. For the 3 of us being so young we sure are organized. It was late for us on Manitoba time which is 2 hours different from Vancouver time. Liz poured one more drink before bed and Naughty Natalie was happy not to be wearing clothes.


Taxi Tour

We woke up in the morning on Manitoba time then had to wait for the cafe in the fancy motel to open so we could order room service. Since we had extra people for supper the pizza was gone and that is usually our morning wake up snack. When we arrived to the motel room we duct taped the mini bar fridge closed because it s so expensive. They charge about $5.00 for a candy bar and the booze is too expensive. Anything taken out of the mini bar is charged to the room and you pay for it all when checking out. Liz and I can control our urges to eat or drink but Naughty Natalie has a few weaknesses when it comes to snacks at 3am. The duct tape has saved us a lot of money and it is one of the things we do when we arrived and take “control” of the motel room. To keep Naughty Natalie amused till the motel cafe’ opened and we could order breakfast. She was having a hard time not helping herself to the mini bar and getting a few snacks. I told her we will have a good shower because the hot water will never run out. Then Liz points out that she can not wait for her husband to return so she can enjoy the best 5 minutes of married sex she will ever have. As we headed to the shower we told Liz she could join us in the shower because what happens in Vancouver stays in Vancouver. She just smile at us and showed her big shiny wedding ring to us. I did not think we showered that long because we usually shower till the hot water runs out. When we came out of the bathroom Liz was eating breakfast and ours was still covered up being kept warm until we were done showering. Liz is just smile at us as we get our breakfasts and join her. Of course Liz made lots of comments on how long we were in the shower and how clean we were. We just smiled back until Liz pointed out it will all change once we say “I Do” like she did. Then Naughty Natalie and I both said at the same time we are not saying “I Do”. Then Liz corrects us in saying “have you heard of a shot gun wedding like her’s”? That is when I replied back that I am still a “Virgin” until my wedding night. Now that made Liz smile and laugh because the sounds she heard from the bathroom was not the sounds of getting a foot massage. Now that was good and funny. It is the laughter that keeps us normal as a group for all the things we have been through.

We decide we only have so much time and so much money to see the Pacific ocean. It is best if we just hop in a taxi and give the fellow the money to drive us around and drop us off at the fancy motel when the money runs out. That way there will be no surprises. Naughty Natalie calls shot gun on sitting in the front of the taxi because she wants to see Vancouver. The ladies have not seen anything being in the back of the limousine. We get ready and go down to the lobby and we are not sure how to get a taxi. But Naughty Natalie handles it because she will do it like in all the VHS movies we watch back home. She goes up to the doorman and ask him to call a taxi which he does. As we wait for the taxi to arrive everyone is looking at us because the ladies look like Playboy centre fold models and I look like their little brother who is still a “Virgin”. Plus we are dress in our usual clothes and I have on my Quiet Riot Heavy Metal Rock Band sweater and blue jeans. The ladies are dressed the same with tight blue jeans and white tank top with a bra since we are in the big city. The taxi arrives and we jump and Naughty Natalie is the front and explains to the driver what we want. But he does not speak any English. The driver uses the radio and the only thing we under stand in his language is English Tourists. The driver motions us to wait and in a short time another taxi pulls along side the taxi we are in. The driver then motions us to get in that taxi. Naughty Natalie tips the driver for his time and because she has the money.

This new taxi we get in to, the driver looks like he speaks English and he does. Naughty Natalie tells the driver what we want and shows him the cash money and says we need a receipt too. The driver was really nice in saying he will drive us around Vancouver and Liz gets to see and feel the Pacific ocean. That made us all smile then he radios in to dispatch and says English Tourist and back at the fancy Motel at 2pm. The driver then turns of the taxi meter off that tells how much money is owed for the taxi trip. He then explains that he will use his lunch hour to make sure we get to see all of Vancouver. As the driver drives he tells us what we are seeing. Liz and I are sitting on the edge of the back seat of the taxi so we can see and hear what the driver is showing us. We are having and good time and asking him questions and he is giving us good answers. He has done this before and he tells us they were are the most interested group he has ever had. The people that look and act like tourist with 3 or 4 different cameras and a few bags are never this interested when he gives tours. When we got to the Pacific ocean the light rains had stopped and the driver parked the taxi and joined us on the beach. He explain that all pictures of this beach must include the huge trees and have been washed up high and on the beach which are called drift wood. These are big trees as we walk around them and study how big they are. Now the 3 of us took our shoes and socks off to walk along the beach so the Pacific ocean was getting us wet. Liz got emotional for being home sick so we had to cheer her. Naughty Natalie said it is a good thing your husband is not here right now because it is a little cool and rainy to be having sex on the beach. Liz smiled and with a laugh said “for all of 5 minutes”. Now we all laughed and smile including the taxi driver because he is married too and has heard all the married sex jokes.

As we drive around Liz asks the driver for a good burger place to say we had a good Vancouver burger. The driver said no problem because we are close to the place. He pulls in to the parking lot and ask if we want drive through or he will wait in the taxi while we eat inside. Naughty Natalie says that he is coming in with us because we have an expense account and we must get the receipt to hand in to the owner. The driver was shocked and he came in to the burger place too. We all sat at a table with the driver and Naughty Natalie on one side and Liz and I on the other. We asked the driver what to order and he says he orders this burger because it fills him up and his wife orders this burger because it is just enough burger for her to eat. The waitress comes to take our order and we motion the driver to order first which her does. Then the 3 of us close our menus and say we will all have the same as the driver. When the waitress left the driver was in shock again. Liz told him we all worked in the service industry growing up and as cook seeing an order for 4 all the same is nice. Then the driver figures I am 14 years old and still flipping burgers which I just agreed to because it is a lot easier then trying to explain. When the food arrives it looked so good. As we were eating a few of the driver’s friends stopped by the table to chat and it was more to meet the ladies. The driver introduces us to his friends who are now more interested in the ladies and enjoy the view of their beautiful bodies. They ignore me which I do not care because this is good food. The friends of the driver asks what brought us from cold Manitoba to rainy Vancouver and Naughty Natalie explains the magician shows this weekend. They wished us luck as they left and the driver tells the one friend to call his wife because he will be home early today. Entertaining my new friends gave him the daily money earnings for the taxi. If it is a bad day on the money earnings then he has to work late. But all this rain the driver says the money earnings have been good. It was amazing how much we are learning from this driver compared to paying a tour operator to drive us around. The driver could not get over that the ladies ate all the food on their plates which was a surprise to him. Naughty Natalie says they were really hungry because it is past lunch time in Manitoba. With lunch done Naughty Natalie pays for the meals and gets a receipt to show the tip added in. Then puts everything back in the envelope marked expenses. The driver asked about the envelope and she told him at the end of the weekend we give the owner the envelope and she is happy and we are happy.

The taxi driver has us back at the fancy motel and as Naughty Natalie is paying him and getting a receipt with the tip. He turns the taxi meter on and radios in to dispatch that he is available for work. As we get out of the taxi at the fancy motel the doorman holds the door for us and asks the driver if he is available. He replies back “yes” and the doorman motions a fellow in a business suit to get in the taxi. The driver was all smiles because he was getting steady customers today. We wave good bye and walk with the doorman to the lobby. The ladies are chatting with him and he is enjoying the view which I do not mind. The ladies tell me the doorman gave them directions to the main pool instead of going to the upper floor pool. We really do not want to go to the upper floor pool because of the dealing with the ladies not preforming last night due to cocaine. We quickly change in to our swim suits and head to the main pool but using the stairs. We are not getting in the elevator that took us up and down to every floor but the floor we wanted yesterday. We found the pool right way and there are people in the water which is OK. The ladies go to the deep end of the pool and I go to the shallow end and slowly get in because I am afraid of water. There are parents with young kids in the shallow end of the pool that just look at me sitting in the water. Everything was going fine until this young kid in a diaper splashed water in my face. That is like baptizing a pussy cat. I was out the pool right now with a shocked look on my face as if I just about died. The ladies seen what happened and smiled at me. Now it is too dangerous for me to be in the shallow end of the pool with these young kids still in diapers trying to kill me with water. I head over to the whirlpool hot tub because it will be much safer for me. The last thing my dad needs is to get a telephone call collect from Naughty Natalie says a child wearing a diaper in the pool killed me. She has been calling dad and keeping him posted as we travel. She is even remembering the time change so she is not calling when dad is sleeping in his recliner in front of the TV like he does every night. I am fine in the whirlpool hot tub and out of danger. I can watch the ladies in the pool who now have a lot of new friends as the dive off the diving board and climb out of the pool to do it again. We watch the clock in the pool area and decided that it is time to get going plus the pool area is getting full of people. The whirlpool hot tub is full of people plus I will look like a dried up prune when I get out because I have been in the water to long too. When I stand up in the whirlpool hot tub the other people were really not impressed with my Speedo I was wearing plus my body is a wrinkled prune but I do not care. Of course I had to tell everyone in the whirlpool hot tub that I am from Manitoba and one fellow relied back “that explains it ” I just smiled and joined up with the ladies. Then I told the ladies that fellow in the whirlpool hot tub likes both of you and as I stand with the ladies. They wave at the fellow who said the comment and he just waved back with a disappointment look on his face. Now he knows these ladies will cuddling my wrinkled prune body tonight while he cuddles his wife that was in the whirlpool hot tub.

It was chilly walking up the stairs in the fire exit of the fancy motel because we were not getting on the elevator for a 20 minute ride up and down. The ladies were very nippley when we opened the door of the fire exit stairway to enter on to the floor where our room is. We meet some guys and they enjoyed the view. Then they laughed as I walked by because I had male shrink from being cold and my wrinkled prune body made my Speedo not fit as tight. But I am from Manitoba and do not care because we are in Vancouver enjoying the rain. Back in the room we shower first and Naughty Natalie tells Liz to join us in a few minutes which she does. Liz was have emotional day with being on the west coast feeling the salt water and smelling the salt air was bring back memories of the east coast and needed to feel loved. Naughty Natalie and I just finished cleaning each other and Liz joined us on the shower. The first thing she did was hug me for a long time as Naughty Natalie washed the pool water off her body. Liz was crying but the shower washed her tears away. When she said she was focused we left her alone in the shower. Liz had a very long shower and came out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. She thank us for helping her in a time of need.


Second Night

Now it was time to get ready. I dressed with my silk underwear on and my street clothes. The ladies have their outfits packed and we dress as if we are traveling the 200km from Brandon to the sex shop in Winnipeg. Only to leave the room and ride the elevator down one floor then a short walk to the dressing room that has been set up. We walk in to a big mess which really did not surprise us because of last night's performance. The owner comes and say welcome to the “shit show” and she was correct. Some of the ladies have gotten in to the cocaine and which has caused this disorganization. Then owner says she has being telephoning her Vancouver ladies to come and help out. But she is only getting message services that will relay the message when the ladies call in to check the message service. Back in the mid 1980s there was no cell phone or hand held devices to send and receive message. The owner says that we will have to save her ass again tonight and Liz replied “drinks in our room after the show”. The owner replied back “there better be big bottles being served”. We just smiled. As the ladies dress we help each other and the make up people arrive. They will do the make up on me the same as last night with full beard, mustaches and chest hair. They ask if I still have the glue remover from yesterday and I said I still do. The make up people said they got rained out on the movie film set where they are filming. They spent the morning doing make up only to have everyone sit around waiting for the rain to stop that never ends. Then remove all the make up to do it all over again in the morning. But they did say it was a lot better then if they did film because the make up would have gotten wet requiring lots of touch ups. I asked the make up people it would be the same as painting your house in the rain and they said “yes” and never heard said that way. Of course I told them I am from Manitoba. That got a few smiles. Philip has my tux and top hat ready which I thanked him. The fancy motel has every thing dry cleaned for me and the other ladies too. We are dressed and ready and a lot of the ladies are not ready so we do our own thing by staying away from them. We are not sure how these ladies will treat me after I used the umbrella last night to get their legs back together because nobody wanted to see where babies pop out.

We are lined up and 2 ladies are not anywhere near ready and the owner gives her pep speech and addresses it to the 2 ladies not ready. The owner says “some ladies embarrassed me last night as a professional business woman by not preforming like true ladies. Tonight if this happens those who do will be riding Greyhound bus lines back to Winnipeg which will stop in every little town along the way”. For some reason some of the ladies were not concerned because they had been snorting cocaine. The owner says we are off and the ladies not ready asked what about them. The owner told them to stay and enjoy the evening. I help the ladies in to the limousine and it is the same driver as last night. Once everyone ready and we were told to go I sit in the front with the driver. As we drive through Vancouver I look at the sites that the taxi driver pointed out and remember what he told us about Vancouver. I have a different outlook on Vancouver after spending the time with the taxi driver. It is too bad that ladies can not see anything as we travel along. It seem like forever to arrive at the back of the building where we are preforming tonight. When I opened the door of the limousine to help the ladies out I could feel the tension inside between all the ladies. The owner is polite when she says thank you to me but I can tell in her voice she is not happy. Even Philip does not seem happy. Now I feel like a woman because Philip paid no attention to me when he got out of the limousine because he always made eye contact and smile plus motioned to touch my ass. My ladies are happy and not worried about the other ladies because we do our thing. The only thing that saved us in the rain was the small canopy that the limousine parked under to protected us.

The building staff has brought the travel bags and Philip has them set up. The owner calls attention to the ladies and says we are now 2 ladies short so each performer has to be on stage longer. Because the client has purchased so many minutes of entertainment on stage. Some of the ladies were not impressed but Naughty Natalie was excited. Being short ladies Naughty Natalie was hoping to do 2 performances but the owner told her she is the best and closes the show. That made Naughty Natalie very happy. Liz and I get briefed on what to do with the ladies that do not listen and show too much. We are told to handle it like we have done int he past. Now an umbrella appears to be used on stage but we never have an umbrella when it is raining outside. Liz says maybe this one is broken and can not be used outside. The owner does her walk through the audience to check the crowd then calls Philip and the 3 of us over. She tell us she does not like this crowd and if it turns into a “shit show”, Philip will get us to the front doors of this building and in to a taxi. Do not come back stage because we have to leave for safety reason. We just smiled because this is no different then being back on Shilo base at Liz’s PMQ but we do not run because we stay for the fun.

Liz and I are ready to open the show but we have to stay out longer this time but we will just handle it. Liz thanks me for the shower time and said she needed that naked man hug to feel loved loved. I told her I was asked to “take care” of her. She smiled and gave me a little hug. She also told me she had no fear of something becoming operational. I told her not to worry because I have no interest in her that way. She smiled again and hugged me. Naughty Natalie yells at us to “get a room” and Liz yells back that “we already have one”. Now it is show time and we walk out and everything seems OK and I stay on stage till Liz says it is time for me to walk off. She works the audience they do not clap but she is used to it being the opening act. When she is done I walk out to get her and to kill time we walk the stage so she can bow and tease the audience one more time. I walk her off stage then the next lady is normal and has good show. The next 3 ladies used me to make their show last longer which is good for the audience. They paid good money to see magicians preforming and illusion of seeing something but not seeing anything. The next lady up had being snorting cocaine and you could see it in her eye plus she is one of the ladies I had to umbrella the night before to keep the show classy. I just get back off stage and the owner sends me out to use the umbrella to get her legs back together because the audience does not need to see where babies pop out. I just touch the lady’s leg with the umbrella to motion her to move her legs back together. She then takes her whip and hits me hard in my Male Manhood in front of everyone. I was in shock and trying not to show the pain I was in then she hit me twice as hard in my Male Manhood. That dropped me to my knees right now but I did not scream like a little girl or Philip. As I was trying to get focused Liz and Naughty Natalie were on stage right now and doing an excellent job of whipping the lady and getting her off stage as part of the act. Then Liz return to help me up and off stage. Naughty Natalie had used her knee high leather boots and kicked the lady off the stage when they got back stage. The owner told the building staff to remove the lady and Philip went with the building staff to pay for the taxi to send her back to the fancy motel. The owner is in shock and has never seen this happen to the staff. It has happens audience members when too drunk and come up on stage then the ladies used the whip as protection which is 100% acceptable. Liz grabbed my top hat the tux jacket and she escorted the next lady out and they were keeping the audience amused while we regrouped back stage. Philip returned and he had an ice pack which he made up with ice from the ice machine and a bag from the travel bags. Philip is always prepared that is why gets to go come on these trips. He has his own room and never has to share unless the owner has to much to drink in his room and falls a sleep. The owner says when she wakes up and sees Philip she know she over served herself and Philip took care of her. I grab the ice pack and shove in the my silk underwear. Once the freezing cold ice hit my Male Manhood the was shrinkage right now and the ice pack filled up the space now made by the shrink. Now my silk underwear looks like it is sporting the same size package. That ice pack felt so good. I was offered pain pills which I can not take and everyone could not believe it.

Feeling much better now I get the top hat and jacket back from Liz and I assured Naughty Natalie and Liz I am OK. The owner is worried because I am still a “Virgin” and it might be damaged. Plus I will never know what it would be like to be with a lady. That is when Naughty Natalie and Liz assured the owner that it will not be broken. Everyone was smiling but me for some one reason. Now only 2 ladies left to preform then Naughty Natalie plus we will do a long closing to give the audience a good show to remember. I am in pain and can not wait for stiff drinks in the fancy motel room while sitting in the bathtub full of water. But the “shit show” officially begins because the next lady up has been snorting cocaine and was not acting very lady like on stage. She was showing where babies pop out and doing other things with no taste and style. I could not control her with the umbrella so Liz was helping with the use of her whip. But the lady had too much cocaine in her system and could not be controlled. A few of the audience member were leave theirs seats and come up to the stage. In my eyes if you are wearing a $3000.00 business suit and saying rude things and have money in your hand which you throw at us, you are a “male pig”. I would used the umbrella to push and keep the drunk "male pigs" back and the building security should be handling this not the magicians on stage. When there are 3 “male pigs” it is harder to control. But there are people in the audience that paid good money to see a good show not a bunch of drunks harassing the people on stage. A lot has to be blamed on the ladies snorting cocaine. Then they start getting the drunks worked up thinking they might get a little actions with the ladies. Liz and I do what we can and when back stage the owner is after the building security to handle the drunks.

The last lady to go on before Naughty Natalie had just snorted cocaine because the look in her eyes and the way she walked I just escorted her around the stage then back off. Naughty Natalie was ready as she always is and told the owner she is staying dress for her own safety which the owner agreed. I escort her out on stage and she uses me in her preform act which is normal. Then I go off stage. Now the owner and the person who is paying for the show are having a heated discussion. The person paying is wanting every minute for the show that he has paid for. The owner tells him that that the safety of the ladies is not being preformed by security which is true. The person paying tells the owner the ladies should keep their legs together. Liz asked the owner and the fellow paying how much time is owed. One says 22 minutes and the other says 20 minutes. Liz and I look at each other that is easy. We tell Philip to keep track of time and signal when the time is up and we will close the show. Liz and I enter the stage and Naughty Natalie join us. Liz tells her 25 minutes then we can leave which she thought was easy too. Now as a bearded 28 year old man with chest hairs they can do a lot to me in that time. I let the ladies take over and the building security is to be controlling the front of the stage to keep the drunk “male pigs” in control. With 2 Dominatrix ladies controlling a male on stage should keep drunk “male pigs” away in theory which is does. The ladies work me and the audience starts clapping for the first time all night which is a good sign. I keep a silk handkerchief in my tux pocket to wipe my sweat off when wearing all this make up. I got the idea from watching the rock singer Meatloaf because he sweats lots when he preforms on stage. A silk handkerchief is common in the sex shop inventory so Philip let me have one. Now the ladies taken the silk handkerchief out of my pocket and act like great magicians where they blind fold me for the next trick. Now that was the last I seen of what was going on from then on it was all about what I heard and could feel. On stage we could not see the audience because of the bright lights so being blind folded makes no difference. Once I was blind fold the drunk “male pigs” started acting up and coming close to the stage. The show will end with the owner getting paid the full amount if a lady is endanger on stage but we are thinking of the other people in the audience that paid money. If we paid the money for a show we would want a good show too. The ladies take turns teasing me while the other lady is using her knee high leather boots and whip to keep the drunk “male pigs” back. They also slap me with the whips as of sign of control which the drunk “male pigs” get to see. This amuses the drunk “male pigs” for a short time which I knew was going to happen. The ladies are doing really good and I figure the 25 minutes should be up any time. But now I am sitting on a chair on stage wearing only my silk underwear with my slippery silk socks. I must look good being blind folded and having fun. I was hoping the show would end because I have no more clothes to be removed in good taste. The ladies have great fun with my beard and the chest hairs. Plus I have the ice pack in the front of my silk under wear which the ladies hit with the whip. It protects my Male Manhood but I when one of the ladies removes the ice pack from my silk underwear and the audience laughs and claps, Then the other lady did not know it had been remove and hit my Male Manhood with the whip and I showed pain. Liz did the hit with the whip and bent over to whisper in my ear that she was sorry and I told her she will be "kissing it better". Her reply back was “if we make it out of here a live”. Now I was in shock because I do not know what is happening. Then she whispered in my ear “when she grabs my hand we are running off stage and out the front to the taxi”. All I said was OK as I listened to what was going on. The music was making it hard to hear then Liz grabbed my hand. I pulled the blind fold down as she pulled me off the chair. As my feet are trying to get traction on the slippery stage I had to step over a fellow on stage that has his face covered in blood. A quick look behind me and I see people chasing after us. Off the stage we go and down the hall following Philip in the lead then Naughty Natalie. Everyone else has good traction on the building floors and I am sliding every where and banging in to the walls and door ways. Liz has a good grip on my hand like my mother did when she dragged me out of a store for having a temper tantrum because I did not get what I wanted as a 4 year old child. Mother would pull my pants in front of everyone in the store and spank my bare ass. Then tell me to quit crying or she will give me something to cry about. Then she would drag me through the store like Liz is doing tonight but I think getting my bare ass spanked tonight will have a totally different meaning. Plus I might beg for more. I have no idea where we are are running to and where we are going or who is behind us as we run through a crowd of people. The ladies look good in their Dominatrix outfits and I look just as good in my silk socks and underwear. We run through the building to the outside and Philip has the taxi door open and the ladies toss me in and the jump in on top of me. Philip throw some cash money in the taxi and tells the driver to “go” and slams the door. The ladies asked if I am alright and I replied back "that was a lot of fun". Once the ladies getting sitting properly in the taxi they help me up off the floor of the taxi and I sit in the middle. The taxi driver asks where are we going and we told him the fancy motel. The driver replied that he knows where is which good because we do not. The taxi driver never asked any questions and just drives. I guess almost naked people getting tossed in a taxi is normal in Vancouver which it is we find out later it is.


Walking Tall

When we arrive at the fancy motel Naughty Natalie asks the driver not to pull up to the front door which he does. Now in broken English she has to pay the driver and get a receipt. Taking the money and writing a receipt was not that bad considering two different languages being used. But she does not want the coin change because she has no pockets was the hard part. In the end Naughty Natalie leaned over so the driver could drop the coin change down her cleavage like dropping coins in a slot machine in Vegas. Then he pulls the taxi up to the front of the fancy motel and the doorman opens the door of the taxi. Liz gets out first and I am blind folded as Liz helps me out of the taxi then Naughty Natalie next. The doorman shuts the door of the taxi and I can hear the taxi drive away. The doorman politely says we have been excepting you and walks with the ladies and me. He opens the door to the lobby so we can walk in. I hold my hands together as if the they are tied and Naughty Natalie hold my hands with one of her hand and leads me in to the fancy motel. Liz is behind me using her whip to encourage me to walk. As we walk the ladies are using their whips in a show of power because people are watching. Even walking pass the doorman they run their whips across his chest. As we walk by the front desk and Naughty Natalie says in a firm voice that we will need the master key and all I hear is a reply of “yes”. We enter in to the waiting elevator and someone from the front desk gets in the elevator but I do not remove my blind fold. Of course Liz has to tease my ass which she later said was for the elevator security cameras. At our floor, the front desk person opens our room door and the ladies say thank you. We walk in to the room once the door is shut it is officially over. Now Liz is pouring the stiff drinks now and Naughty Natalie is getting out of her outfit because she has been trapped in it for so long. I get the bath water running so I can soak my Male Manhood. As I get in the bath tub the ladies are in and out cleaning their outfits so they will be dry by morning and the flight home. Naughty Natalie has a hard time to get the blood off her boots but she does get it done. After the ladies were done getting organized then they helped remove the beard and chest hairs and make up. Of course before the beard came off both ladies took turns kissing me as a man. Then played with my chest hairs before I returned back to being a 14 year old “Virgin”. Naughty Natalie ordered the pizza and got the same one but bigger because we will be have guests again tonight. Now she has a quick shower with me sitting in the bath tub. This works good because more hot water gets added the to the bath tub. I get to wash her legs since I am just sitting there doing noting. She left the shower running as she jumped out and Liz jumped and I had to wash her legs too. Just like doing the bikini waxing I had to do it several times and reach as high as I could when washing the inside of her legs. She really did not seem to care that I could have drowned with all the shower water coming off her boobies and landing in my face when I looked up for further instruction. I am a man and have to be told how to wash her legs correctly.

Liz got out of the shower just in time because the owner and Philip arrived to see if we were OK. Liz pours the drinks as I finish up in the bath tub. Philip knocked on the door to see if I need my back washed and told him no thank you but thanks for asking. I come out the bathroom with just my sweat pants on and no tee shirt because the one I had in the bathroom went missing. Philip was just loving my bare chest which is all red from the removal of the make up chest hairs. I just smiled and Liz smiled too. The owner asked for more booze in her glass and then told Liz just pour the whole bottle in her glass. The “shit show” tonight has aged her 10 years she tells us. She asked if we are all OK and we said yes. Naughty Natalie returns with the big pizza and everyone is happy. Naughty Natalie gives Philip the receipt and the change from the taxi ride back to the fancy motel and both the owner and Philip are surprise how organized she is. As Liz serves the pizza Naughty Natalie puts the change and the pizza receipt in the envelope the owner gave us when we arrive. The owner and Philip were surprise again. Then Liz told them we used the extra expense money from lunch to buy the taxi driver who drove us around Vancouver lunch today. We had a really good tour. The owner was pleased and asked if Liz got to see and feel the Pacific ocean and Liz said "yes". Then she got choked up because it reminded her of the home on the east coast. Philip was first with a tissue for her eyes. The owner again asked if we are OK and we all said we were fine. The owner said there will be quite a few ladies not flying home on the private jet tomorrow and their Greyhound bus tickets are at the front desk for them. It is not the first time she has bought Greyhound tickets. She has an account with them and it would not the last time either. The owner said we did really well and she got paid because we went over the amount of time on stage. Plus the cops were called to deal with drunks after we left. We just told the owner we take care of ourselves which she has seen us all bruised up and we are still having fun. The owner asked about my Male Manhood and being whipped so hard twice. I told my Male Manhood is OK. Which the ladies have to make joke about my “Virginity” which we all laughed. Philip said he asked the bellhop handling all the luggage from the limousine and the dressing room to bring our luggage to the room. The owner says "I bet the young kid went to the upper floor" when we got in the elevator to come here. Philip agreed and thought he would go look for the bellhop which he did not have to. The knock at the door was the bellhop and Naughty Natalie answered wearing Liz’s black silk robe which she did not have done up very tight. She tells the bellhop to come in the room with the cart with our luggage which he does. Then he says he is sorry because he went to to the upper floor and nobody had seen this luggage before. But he said he loaded on the cart from the dressing room where all the other luggage went to the upper floor. The bellhop says he went to the front desk to inquire about whose luggage. They did not know who it belonged to until the one lady at the desk seen the key chain on the zipper of the one bag with Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie. Then she knew it was the heavy metal rock kids in this room. We thanked the bellhop and Naughty Natalie offer him pizza and he sat on the bed with her and enjoyed his pizza and the view of her. The owner gave him a big tip for being able to think because we would have had to run around chasing the luggage. When the bellhop was done his pizza and viewing Naughty Natalie, he said thank you and good bye. We all thought he was a good kid and hope he does well in life. The owner said I guess we do not look like part of the group because we are so different including staying away from the group and we all agreed. She then asked how we got in the room when the room keys were back where the performance was held. Liz told her like true Dominatrix and walked in to the fancy motel with class and style. Then asked to be let in to the room once in the room we removed the blind fold from the “Virgin”. The owner and Philip were very impressed. With the pizza almost gone and the booze kicking in the owner and Philip head to the upper floor to call it a night. They tells on the way out the motel room door, the limousine is at 10am to take us to the private jet to fly us home. We thanked the owner and she thanked us for making the show a success when it all went wrong because of cocaine.

We fell asleep with me in the middle of the bed hugging the ladies and Liz needed to feel loved because of the ocean today. Not because of the performance tonight but just needed to feel loved. The ladies took turn lifting up the waist band of my sweat pants to look at my bruised Male Manhood and ask if it still hurts and I replied back “yes”. Plus I pointed out to Liz that she promised to "kiss" it better and Naughty Natalie said she will get the Polaroid camera to take a picture of the "kiss". We just smiled and laughed because she always has the funny one liners. In the morning we wake up and order room service and get ready to go home. Naughty Natalie has kept dad informed and mother will be upset when the telephone bill arrives because they chatted for close to an hour some times. I guess lots of things happened in Vancouver that dad needed to know.

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