(rough copy)

conitued from No Lubrication


We lay on the bed watching TV and the snow storm out the window and feel the cold air coming in around the motel room window because the wind is blowing that hard. After we had room service bring us lunch the motel room, the telephone rings and it is Philip. He is inviting us up to the upper level floor pool only problem is Liz and I can not go in the water because we are both bleeding. Naughty Natalie wants to go and Philip will come down to our room and escort her to and from the upper floor pool. Naughty Natalie can not be walking around in the fancy motel by herself because she could end up like Liz. She much safer have Philip being as feminine as he is to escort her. It did not take Naughty Natalie long to get ready because she just had to put her bikini swim suit on since is naked all the time in the room. Philip arrives and says hello to us as Liz and I laying on top of the bed with our legs spread apart because between our legs hurts so much. Philip had a good laugh because Liz was wearing my sweat pants and tee shirt while I wore her black silk robe and made sure between my legs was covered. Philip had enough sneak peaks last night and he does not need to see more. Naughty Natalie is all happy and tells us to behave as she leaves with Philip with a big smile on her face. Then Liz point out to me that she is never sick and always happy and never gets hurt like us. “Yes” is all I said back to her. With Liz being in a state of need she is always hugging me or holding me because she needs to feel loved. I have no problems because I was asked to “take care” of her. We fell asleep and Naughty Natalie woke us up by shaking the water that was left in her wet hair from the pool all over us. I was awake “now” in fear of dying and Liz was not happy to be woken up like that. Naughty Natalie all happy and smiles and laughing at us. I looked at Liz and told her the Mosquitos will be bad in the motel room tonight. Liz agreed as she wet her finger to show me that she will play the game tonight. It seemed like another short nap then it was time to get ready. The ladies decide to dress in the room because Liz can not be naked and nobody needs to know the reason why. Naughty Natalie had grabbed some of my tux outfit so I could dress in the room too because no one needs to see my bandages. When we arrived at the dressing room it is being run nice and smooth compared to Vancouver and everyone is happy. The owner is glad to see us and surprised that we are dressed. The owner is smart and will have figured out the reason why. The make up person from last night is here and I get the same make up and I am ready to go. We line up for the limousine and when the owner says time to go I escort the ladies to the limousine. This is when we really see and feel how bad the snow storm really is because it is worse the last night when we arrived at the fancy motel. The streets have be sort of plowed and the limousine is barely making through the streets. The driver is glad to have all of us in the vehicle for weight for traction plus to push the limousine when it gets stuck like last night.

We arrive at the building where we are to preform and the drive has to let us out at the front of the building because the road to the back of the building has too much snow. Now Philip has to figure out where to go because we always enter for the back of the building. While Philip goes to find out where to go we all stand around in the lobby looking and reading to find out where we are. Some of the ladies chat with people in the lobby but we are all dress high class so not one sees the fancy outfits under the long black coats and I am wearing a tux. The ladies talking with men and their wives would get upset if the ladies were not wearing the long black coats. Philip returns and we follow him to the room back stage. There is no food or anything set up because the snow is so bad the cater and staff could not get through. Some of the ladies complain and make demands as if they are the greatest and need to be served first and do not care about some little snow storm. Liz asks Philip for some flash cash money and tells me to follow her which I do. We walk out of the lobby and to the beer vendor beside the building we are to preforming at. Liz has no problem in the deep snow with her knee high black leather boots but it is her long coat that she has to lifted up to get her feet high enough to take the next step in the deep snow. I am not happy because my shiny dress shoes are full of snow and my silk sock are not keeping my feet very warm plus the cold snow is up my pant legs too. Liz buys cases of beer and gets a receipt for Philip. I am allowed in the vendor because I look 28 years old. Now we have to carry cases of beer back through the deep snow. Liz has no problem by my shiny dress shoes keep falling off. I gave up and put the shiny dress shoes on top off the beer I was carrying and followed Liz. Back in the room behind the stage Liz puts the beer on the table and starts open the beers and passing them to the ladies. The ones that complained about beer Liz told them to shut up and drink. Philip was happy to get all his change back from the money and the receipt too because this makes the accountant very happy at the sex shop because all money spent has to be accounted for.

The owner is very happy how Liz handled a simple problem without being asked like the umbrella in Vancouver. Now I am trying to get all the snow out of my shiny dress shoes and silk socks and out of my pants. Liz calls me Cinderella for losing my shoe as she drink a beer in front of me like a man with her one knee high leather boot on the chair beside me. Those boots are excellent in all weather condition. The owner has checked the audience and comes back to tell us that there is not many people here to night. But we are to do a show as if there is 800 people out there. We all agreed and the owner asked me if Naughty Natalie has her safety pins on and I said “yes”. That made her smile then she told me to keep my clothes on to night too. Now that made everyone smile except Philip because I think likes seeing me abused and stripped on stage. The show was excellent and well preformed and the audience was very good at clapping to enjoy the show. We all got dressed and head to the limousine but before we all got in the vehicle the owner asked the driver to make sure the vehicle was not stuck. The limousine was stuck from sitting to long in one spot which was to be expected. We all pushed till the limousine was able to drive by it’s self then we all got in for the ride back to the fancy motel. In the dressing room on the main floor the ladies help me undress and make sure no one sees my bandages. Philip will have the tux cleaned and ready for Sunday night because we got another show because there was a cancellation.

We say good bye to everyone and the owner and Philip will stop by the drinks and pizza which is a regular thing now. I help the ladies undress and Liz was so happy to be wearing my sweat pants because she was so worried only wearing the panties from the fancy outfit. There was no problems and she was happy with her performance. Once in the room she is always touching and hugging me for comfort and Naughty Natalie joins in and is very supportive because she seen what Liz went through that night. The owner and Philip arrive and they brought bottles of booze to replace all the booze they drank. Philip is happy the Liz is back making the drinks because Naughty Natalie tired to get him drunk last night on one drink. The owner points out she like the drinks that Naughty Natalie pours because she does not look like an alcoholic asking for more refills. Now the fun and the laughs now begin. Naughty Natalie could not find a pizza place that could deliver and got Chinese food delivered which surprised everyone. The Chinese place is next door to the fancy motel so they delivered no problem. The only problem was Naughty Natalie could not carry all the food so the lady from house keeping was in the lobby and helped carry the big food order. The lady from houses keeping remember Naughty Natalie from last night when she delivered clean sheets to the room and took the dirty one away. In all the excitement Naughty Natalie forgot as she says that she was naked. When the lady from house keeping knocked on the door Naughty Natalie opened the door holding the dirty bunched up sheets in front of her covering her naked body. When she pasted them to the lady from house keeping she was now standing there naked. Naughty Natalie likes being naked because she was born that way made no attempt to cover her naked body. The lady from house keeping pasted the cleaned folded sheets to her and said have a nice day. Then Naughty Natalie said thank you and turned to shut the motel room door so the lady from house keeping could see her naked ass. Now the same lady from house keeping helped with all the food and the owner tips her well. Then the lady from house keeping says that Naughty Natalie looks different with clothes on and that made us all smile. Now we are all starved because no food was served at the pref romance. The owner is thanking the ladies for being able to think with Liz and the beer and Naughty Natalie with switching to a huge order of Chinese food. The owner asked Liz if she enjoyed the time with her husband and Liz replied “it will be a night I will always remember”. The way Liz said it and the looks on our faces the owner knew it was a disaster. The owner replied back to Liz “she was married once and that was the worse sex I ever had and I feel for you”. That brought tears to Liz’s eyes and Philip was first as usual with the tissue for her eyes. Liz hugged me hard as the tears flowed from her eyes. The owner then asked for Naughty Natalie to make a round of drinks to change the subject and then she tells us of the new booking on Sunday which she hopes it will be as good as tonight. The owner explains some of her best referrals in the business has come from the show where there only a few attending. The people in the audience have connections and we spread the word if we did that good of show then what will be the show with a full audience. The owner says she does not advertise and her name and the business name is only as good as the last show preformed. In Vancouver the way the “shit show” was going before the 3 of saved the day twice. The owner thought we would all be riding the Greyhound bus lines back to Winnipeg. That total impressed us because she is a business woman. We have thanked her several times for the new TV which is colour and the owner said buying a B&W TV that big would have is not possible because they are not made any more. With that we have a drink. Poor Philip is not getting any sneak peaks tonight as I wear Liz’s black silk robe because I used the safety pins from Naughty Natalie fancy outfit panties to keep the silk material from sliding apart. Now I can really sit like a man with bruised Male Manhood and eat Chinese food in a fancy motel room during the snow storm of the century.


Leroy and Ballet Ladies

When everyone has had enough we call it a night with the owner and Philip going to the upper floor. We all have a shower together and the bleeding has stopped on my wounds that Liz gave me. But the bleeding has not stopped for her. After we showered we relax on the bed watching TV and the ladies hug me tight. Liz hugs me the tightest because she needs all the support she can get. Once Naughty Natalie was a sleep and snoring we played the Mosquito game and showed no mercy for her. Just when she settled back down from being tease Liz and I were wetting out fingers because Liz was teasing one nipple of Naughty Natalie and I was teasing the other nipple. Naughty Natalie woke up and few times and fell with weak legs trying to walk to the bathroom. We were trying not to laugh because we were suppose to be asleep but we had slept most of the day. By morning Naughty Natalie was a basket case from being tired but had a huge smile on her face and felt so loved. Liz and I felt good with the little amount of sleep we had gotten. When Naughty Natalie was going to telephone for room serve to order breakfast, the telephone in the room rang. Liz answered the telephone since she is the oldest sister when we are traveling. It is Leroy from the Royal Ballet Company and would like to go for breakfast with us. He is staying up on the upper floor and is asking Liz which room we are in. Leroy has a hard time understanding that we do not stay on the upper floor but we are on the second floor. It was pointless to trying and explain how the elevators work to a fellow from England when we could not figure it out wearing our bathing suits in Vancouver. Liz tells him to meet us in the motel cafe’ which he agrees to. Now we quickly get ready and head to the motel cafe’. We are all happy to meet our new friend that showed me how to act like an English Gentleman. It was prefect timing to meet Leroy at the entrance of the motel cafe’. Being English he gives Liz a slight hug then he went to give Naughty Natalie a slight hug and she jumped back away from him then stuck her hand out for a little hand shake. The surprised look on Leroy’s face means he does not understand what had happen. Liz explains to him if a puppy dog is beaten when small, the puppy dog will always remember through the rest of it’s life. Naughty Natalie is the same way and does not like to be touched by anyone including Liz who is the older sister. That really surprised Leroy and then he shakes my hand. We go in to the motel cafe and the owner and Philip are sitting a big table with a whole bunch of people we have never seen before. As we sit down beside the owner and Philip Leroy has 2 lady friends join him.

Now we are officially confused because this is a lot of information happening right now and it must have to do with the big snow storm that is still happening. The owner explains that the Royal Ballet got stranded in Edmonton with the airport closing Friday night and has not reopened since. The Royal Ballet has a limited budget and they can not afford the to keep paying for the rooms. Most people would offer to pay for the rooms as a donation but it is not good when running a business. Plus the owner says she has donated lots of money to the Royal Ballet this year all ready. It is easier to moved 10 of the Royal Ballet members to the fancy motel because she has the whole upper floor rented. Leroy then points out that is is very fancy on the upper floor. Then Naughty Natalie says that is why we do not stay there. Now Leroy is confused that we are giving up a fancy expensive room to stay in a basic motel room. Naughty Natalie replies “yes” then tells Leroy with one bed. Now he was shocked and surprised that we are siblings and sleeping in one bed. Then the owner joking tells Leroy that one bed and basic room saves her money. Now everyone laughed. Then the owner points out that all 10 of the ballet member are the understudies because the stars of the show did not know that this was a fancy motel. The stars are still staying where they have been stay now these 10 are enjoy the fancy motel on the upper floor. Now that made us smile because the owner is a business woman. Now before we go to order breakfast the owner calls the attention of everyone at the table. She tells everyone that she is paying all expenses here at the fancy motel while everyone is waiting out the snow storm of the century. The owner says that her dance ladies will be preforming and making extra money paid in cash because we are filling in on canceled shows. Any of the ballet people are welcome to join us and will wear mask and nobody will know what you did while storm stayed n Edmonton. Leroy was the first to put his hand up because he has next to no money coming from England. Then his 2 lady friends follow him and raise there hands. The other ballet people look at the owner as this little dance events are well below what they do at the Royal Ballet Company. The owner was pleased to get 3 which she thought was good because she has done this before.

Now Leroy wants to know what type of dance and all the little details. The owner says to ask us and we just smiled. Leroy knows I can not dance and Liz explained to him we are magician and create an illusion. Once again poor Leroy was confused but still interested. The owner tell Naughty Natalie that she telephoned dad in Winnipeg this morning because he is now storm stayed in the motel by the sex shop. Naughty Natalie replies back to the owner that she has been talking to dad. When dad went to get the room stay extended using his credit card, the owner had all ready called the motel. Now this is all news to Liz and I on what dad is doing in Winnipeg because we know Naughty Natalie has been calling dad lots. The owner tells everyone that the snow storm is here for a while. Plus we have to leave at 4 pm to do 2 shows tonight that are back to back at different locations and the pay is good because the other entertainment canceled. We are all happy plus Leroy and his 2 friends now known as the ballet ladies. Then the owner asks if we could go with Philip to the West Edmonton Mall to meet up with the hostess and pilot because they need more expense money. We thought that was very strange giving money for expenses to people that work for a different company. As a business woman the owner explained to us how to control costs. She gives the hostess an expense envelope and they look her in the eyes because it is the owner’s money. Then staying in the motel waiting for the return flight home, they spend the expense money as if it was their own. Now if the flying company was paying for all expenses while they wait for the return flight. They might go to the motel lounge and order a sandwich then have 20 drinks because they are mad at the company. Then the flying company takes the receipt for the sandwich and all the drinks and adds 15% handle fees and marks it in to the invoice for the private jet. The owner then says that sandwich could cost her $200.00 in the end. Then the people she deals with as hostess and pilot for the private jet really do not care about her and her ladies. The expenses envelope given to the hostess and the 2 pilots in Vancouver came back prefect. All receipts plus the 3 of them enjoyed a good steak dinner and drinks at the Keg Steak House for $200.00. Now these people treat the owner and the ladies with respect and will give better service. Wow that really made sense to us and Leroy asked a few question because he is from England. The owner replied that she treats people the way she wants to be treated and people treat her good in return. Then the owner told Leroy that he makes the show a success then your gift envelope with be thicker then the others.


West Edmonton Mall

With breakfast over and a set time to meet the hostess and pilot at the West Edmonton Mall it was a quick trip back to our room to get ready. Philip will meet us at the front doors of the fancy motel in 10 minutes. We head to our room to get ready. Leroy could see why Liz told him to meet us at the motel cafe’ because are are staying in the normal part of the fancy motel away from everyone else. Everyone uses the bathroom including the 2 ballet ladies that follow around Leroy. Leroy laughed when he seen the one bed and the mini bar fridge all tapped up and he knew the reason why. He said he had a few snacks out of the fridge once and cost a lot of money. The the ballet ladies and Leroy are looking at the fancy outfits and Liz just calls them magician’s outfits because we preform an illusion. Of course everyone is pointing to my silk underwear hanging to dry. We are already and head back to the front lobby to meet up with Philip. Naughty Natalie has to sit in the front of the taxi because she has the expense envelope. There is not enough room in the back so one of the ballet ladies sits up front with her. These ladies are so small and tiny and do not speak good English but Leroy takes care of them. Philip is all happy to sit on Leroy lap and Liz sits on my lap knowing we both hurt between the legs. The taxi has no problem getting through the snow pack streets and the wind is still blowing which makes it so cold for everyone. We arrive that the West Edmonton Mall which is so huge and talked about around the world. We all make a fast run to get inside the mall to get out of the blowing wind and snow. As we wait at the lobby doors for Naughty Natalie to finish paying for the taxi ride and get the receipt. The ballet ladies are pointing to Liz’s ass and asking Leroy question. Then one of the ballet ladies touches Liz’s ass but not sexual but more to feel what blue jeans are made of. Where this ladies come from is an Asian communist country and blue jeans are not allowed plus the Royal Ballet has a dress code while traveling. Philip figured out right away and ask Naughty Natalie who has now joined us and Liz to go and buy the ballet ladies blue jeans so they are part of the group. As Philip hands Naughty Natalie the expense money to pay for the new blue jeans he looks at Leroy as if he wants a pair of blue jeans too. Leroy said thanks but no thank you because he is too big and musclar to fit blue jeans. When he first came to Canada he tried to buy blue jeans but could not get any to fit.

Now we walk in the huge West Edmonton Mall and Philip has been here lots so he shows us the detailed wall map where to go. Then we are to meet at the food court for lunch. The ladies head to buy blue jeans and the men and Philip head to the big book store. Yes the men did not go and have beers or to the nudity bar to see ladies dance naked. We went to the book store. The ladies will meet up with us when they are done “lady” shopping. The book store was huge and took forever to find what I wanted because of the big selection. Leroy was in the Canadian history section with me because he likes to read with all the time they get to spend in their motel rooms. We found Philip in the designer clothing book sections because he was looking at the latest outfits that are on the market or coming out on the market. I was going to buy my books and Philip told me to purchase when we are done in the West Edmonton Mall. Leroy and I both looked at him that is why we are here. Then Philip pointed out having to carry the packages all over the mall for the next 4 hours. OK that makes sense to us now. The ladies arrived at the book store and it was time to meet the hostess and pilot in the food court of the mall. That was a great idea but not well thought out. The West Edmonton Mall is so big it has 20 of everything which means 20 book stores, 20 toy stores, 20 men’s stores and 40 women’s stores. We are not sure if we are at the correct food court but Philip say this is the one. There is no way of getting a hold of the hostess or pilot once they left the motel by the airport. If all else fails Philip will have the mall intercom system page the hostess and pilot. We got lucky with the hostess and pilot walk up to us and Philip is the only one that recognized them not dressed in their flight uniforms. They sure did look at us and we sure did look at them because totally different looking people when not in the outfits we wear for working. Philip introduces everyone and Leroy give the hostess a slight hug and she can not get over how big and muscular he is. When the ballet ladies are introduced they bow their top of their bodies and then turn to show the side of their ass wearing the new tight blue jeans. The hostess does the same thing and runs her hand down her ass to show how smooth it is. We men enjoyed the view except for Philip. Both the hostess and the ballet ladies were happy to being wearing blue jeans. The pilot says they had to buy clothes at Walmart because they only have an overnight bag in case they can not fly. Plus he points out that the hostess always wear baggie loose fitting clothes when in her motel room and the pilot is in his motel room. When they get together for meals or a little social time while on stand by for the aircraft, she always wear loose fitting clothes. Now to see her in tight blue jean and tight sweater make him want to be storm stayed with her. That made the hostess smile and we all did too. Philip gave them another expense envelope and they were told to include any purchases in the Walmart clothes. The pilot figures it will be Wednesday when we can return to Winnipeg because the snow storm is now hitting Winnipeg. The pilots says why rush home to be stuck in a snow bank and storm stayed again.

We all agree and it is time to have lunch which Philip is buying. Naughty Natalie and Philip go and order the food while the rest of find a big table to sit at in the food court. To do a big meal for 9 people the Canadian way is to order all the same food prepared the same way to speed up the cooking and preparation time. Then order the same extra food for those who eat more or do not like an item in the food group ordered. To feed 9 or us with Leroy being a big man and the ballet ladies being so small there was 12 meals ordered all the same with nothing changed. Naughty Natalie returns with the first tray of food which is all large A&W root beers in a tall frosted mugs. The frosted mug fascinates Leroy and the ballet ladies because it is so cold outside and we are drinking root beer from frosted mug. Leroy grabbed a mug and could not get over the weight of the mug because the mug is made from thick glass. He served the ballet ladies the big mugs and they are surprised at the size because they do not eat or drink much. Next Naughty Natalie returns with a tray full of onion rings and every grab a dish of onion rings for themselves and I put one across from Liz and I for Naughty Natalie to sit when she is done bring the lunch. Next she returns back with a tray full of Teen Burgers which is A&W trademark burger. She does to leave and get any more food because Philip is bringing the last tray which is all ice cream Sundays in little plastic dishes with lids. Naughty Natalie made sure there was lots of napkins and straws on the table. The ballet ladies asked for their salads and Naughty Natalie says one minute then opens up both teen burgers for the ballet ladies. She takes one hamburger patty while the pilot grabs the other hamburger patty. Now everyone passes down their lettuce and tomatoes and Naughty Natalie puts the lettuce and tomatoes on the meat-less Teen Burger. The ballet ladies are very surprised and starting eating the lettuce and tomatoes with the fingers. Back in the mid 1980s the burger places did not offer any health foods on the menus. Next as true Canadians we hold up what we do not want on the burgers to show everyone at the table. Who ever wants the item will lean over and open their mouth like a seal at the zoo wanting to be fed and the item is tossed or dropped I the open mouth. No food is wasted and everyone is happy. Leroy being from England where all English comedy shows portray any English food as being over cooked and crisp. Leroy holds up his soft and flexible bacon off his Teen Burger trying to figure out if it is cooked or not. That is when Philip leaned over towards him with his mouth open. Leroy wanted to eat the bacon but fed the bacon to Philip because he look so much like a seal wanting to be fed. Any extra food that was ordered was sitting there and people would ask if they can have. Leroy just had to have another Teen Burger because it was so good. In the end it was a good Canadian meal well shared and enjoyed. The ballet ladies ate the buns from the Teen Burgers and any lecture or tomatoes sent their way. They did enjoy the root beer drinks and what they did not eat for food or drink Leroy enjoyed it all. Now to eat ice cream during the middle of winter in a snow storm is not for everyone unless you are Canadian. Of course the ladies had to show the ballet ladies how to lick the ice cream off the spoon to impress the men. Now the men did the same to tease Philip. The other people in the food court must have thought we escaped from some where. With lunch done everyone decides to hang out in a group and walk the big mall to see all the stores that are the same. But Liz and I are hurting between the legs from what we have done for walking so far today. We will meet everyone at the doors of the mall were came in at 3pm. This will give the taxi lots of time to get the group back to the fancy motel. Naughty Natalie tells us to have fun and she heads off with the group. Leroy is having a hard time explaining to the ballet ladies they you do not have to show everyone their new tight blue jeans by running their hands down their ass. Liz thinks the ballets ladies know a lot more English then they let on and are just teasing poor Leroy.

Liz and I keep sitting side by side like dad and Naughty do because we are watching the crowd of people walk past. It is more fun watching the people in the mall then any other things. Liz says she bought “me” new sweat pants and tee shirt which I did not pain attention to because I am a man. When we are getting stiff from sitting too long we walk to the big book store so I can buy my books. Liz wants to look at women’s books and there is a huge section on those type of books. After I paid for my books I find Liz and she is in the Woman Sexual section looking at book on orgasms. I joining her in looking at the books and when people came down the isle to get past us I made sure I was holding the #1 best seller on How to Give a Woman an Orgasm. Now we thought this was funny because as a 14 year old “Virgin” I should be reading a self help book on how to undo a bra strap. After viewing all the books and chatting with Liz she does not need any of these books. After the night Naughty Natalie took her too far with the Mosquito game that gave her the first full body orgasm. These books are for woman who have no idea what their bodies can and can not do. Liz needs to buy a book for her husband to read on how to slow down and takes his time. As we walk out of the big book store with a couple books she purchased on the east coast to remind her of home. She asked if we should buy Naughty Natalie a self help book on how to keep her clothes on. As we laughed I do not think she would find it funny because she was born this way.


Boobie Fluff

We slowly walk to the door of the mall we came in and stop at the benches a long the way to watch the never ending stream of people. There are lot of people but no one really purchases much because not many shopping bags carried. Going to the West Edmonton Mall is like going to Dairy Queen to see and be seen. We bought books from one of the best book stores in western Canada and would not have mattered to us where it was located. Liz and I are at the doors where we are to meet everyone. It was so funny seeing our group walking towards us because everyone was so different but they are all carrying shopping bags with books in them. Everyone is pleased with the shopping trip. We will take 2 taxis back to the fancy motel and the hostess and pilot will stay in one for the ride back to their motel beside the airport. Doing it this way Philip will pay and get one receipt which makes it easier for the sex shop accountant. Plus the hostess and pilot get to see more of Edmonton to break up their long day of waiting. They are still on call in case the private jet has to fly or other work. They are professionals and always ready like us. It was fun in the taxi going back to the fancy motel. The pilot was riding with us says he was so lucky get the private jet in to the hangar when we arrived. It would be so much work to do it now in the snow storm. We say good bye to the hostess and pilot as the taxi takes them back to their motel. We all head to our rooms to have a quick shower. We will dress in our room because Liz and I have to be covered. I will not have any bandages on tonight and ladies say that if my shirt comes off they can use my wounds in part of the act of being a Dominatrix. It did not take us long to be ready and downstairs to the dressing room. The ballet ladies are dressing in full ballet outfits as if they were going to preform for the Royal Ballet. Leroy is getting a tux like mine and top hat too. We both get the full beard and mustache by I get the chest hairs because Leroy is a man and has chest hairs. My ladies watch how the ballet ladies have to dress their feet to do their dancing. It is a lot of work and painful what these ladies do in the act of art. The ballet ladies were looking at Liz’s knee high leather boots and all the laces to do them up. Liz was having a hard time explaining these are comfortable and can be worn for 12 hours or more. Leroy had to explain and we think they understand. As the make up person was doing the make up on Leroy. Liz asked for a Boobie Fluff because her right boobie was not sitting comfortable. I thought nothing undoing the laces on the back of her corset. Then she was holding her boobies from underneath and I used one hand to do the Boobie Fluff. Now that is when Leroy’s eyes and the ballet ladies’s eyes just about popped out of their heads. Leroy was concerned because this is my older sister. I replied back to him “that a boobie is just skin and the nipple makes it look sexy”. That kind of answered his question. Then Liz told the ballet ladies they do not want boobies because they are heavy and hard on you back when you get older. There was my chance to say something about Liz being older then she looks but as a man I decided mention this in the interest of my safety.

Now everyone is dressed and we are lining up to be ready. There were a couple of the owner’s ladies that did not want to preform so Philip gave the ballet ladies the long black coats to wear while traveling. Leroy will carry them to and from the limousine because the little shoes to protect their dance shoe feet are not made for snow. The owner gives her pep talk speech and tells everyone we have no idea what is going on but we have 2 shows and we will give out best. Now we are off to limousine and I help the ladies and Leroy carries his ladies to the limousine which everyone got to see. Leroy has to ride in the back and I ride in the front with the driver. The limousine is doing OK in the snow that keeps coming but we made it to the place were are to preform. I help the ladies out of the limousine and Leroy carries his ladies. We are back stage and Leroy and the ballet ladies can not get over the food and booze. He asked the owner if it OK for him to have a drink and the owner says help himself and be responsible. Liz brings me my drink and Naughty Natalie is starting to get tired. She says she slept last night but had a lot of good dreams. It was when Liz and I smiled she knew with played the Mosquito game non stop with her. The owner comes over and ask Naughty Natalie if she has her safety pins on and I reply “yes”. This is a dinner crowd tonight so we have to keep the show in high standards. Leroy and the ballet ladies are all concerned because there is no plans or anything. At the Royal Ballet there are strict plans and rules to be to follow. Anytime they ask the owner what is going on she suggests to them to have another drink. Now it is time for Liz to open the show but the ballets ladies tippy toe out on stage and start preforming the Ballet Swan Dance. The audience is not sure what is going on until Liz and I walk out on stage and chase the ballet ladies off the stage with my umbrella and her whip. This makes the audience laugh and clap which we all hoped it would. All through the show the ballet ladies would walk out on stage when not suppose to and Leroy and I took turns escorting the ladies on and off the stage plus chasing the ballet ladies off the stage. We were having great fun all through the show and the ballet ladies thought it was fun too. After Naughty Natalie was done her show the audience really enjoyed and clapped. The 3 of us and Leroy go on on stage for the standard closing of the show except it will Leroy and I in our underwear in the end. Philip gave Leroy new silk underwear so he will look good on stage. It was suppose to be Naughty Natalie and me and Leroy and Liz but Liz does not want to touch another man only me. Plus nobody touches Naughty Natalie so that will show up in the performance really well. The ladies are to anything to me first then Leroy know what to expect.

It was an excellent ending with me in my silk socks and under being so skinny and Leroy dressed the same but so big and muscular body that is what made the show. Plus being a dinner crowd it was done in the comedy form of Charlie Chaplin funny. We came off stage and we were to go back out but someone told us the audience was standing and clapping. The first things that came to our minds was Vancouver and lets run. The owner stopped us and told us it is a stand ovation which means nothing to us. We went back out to do the final Gentleman’s bow and English Lady’s curtsey and the owner sent the ballet ladies out too and the audience clapped even more. Now we have to get off stage and pack up and off to the next performance all on a Sunday night in a snow storm. We made good time getting to the next show and everything went well. The owner told us we can do a little more because the audience is not eating supper but drinking to enjoy. Leroy could not get over the food and booze at this show served to the performers and he was having fun. The ballet ladies were too and got used to the umbrella and whips on their ass. We all having fun and for this show Liz used my wounds. The wounds now had the covering of make up removed that covered them for the first show. She did an excellent job when my shirt was first remove to hide them. When she turned my chair to the audience she made it look like she had just ran her finger nails across my back leaving the nail marks. I did not know she had scratch my back leaving marks I thought is was only the where the nails broke through the skin. Then she put her mouth over where she bit me on the shoulder then pulled away to show the audience. They though she was doing all this too me as part of the show. I was so glad she did it this way because it makes it easier not having to be covered. Now the look on Leroy face because he is now next and he is on stage not knowing what he is getting paid. Getting hurt in front of a bunch of people for $50.00 might not be worth it. Naughty Natalie worked him good and the audience loved it. Plus the fact she does not want to be touched in real life really helped as a Dominatrix being in control. When the show was over and everyone was happy it was time to go back to the fancy motel. We did 2 shows in one night was a lot of fun and the owner was happy. The owner told Naughty Natalie to order lots of pizzas because she will bring Leroy and the ballet ladies over for a drink. We returned to our room and I had to have a hot bath because my Male Manhood was sore from a hard day preforming. The ladies had their outfits cleaned and hanging in the room as usual. Liz brought me the new sweat pants and tee shirt in to the bathroom and check my Male Manhood which I did not mind or care. Liz says she is keeping my sweat pants and tee shirt for memories on what I did for her which made me smile. Naughty Natalie was in and out of the bathroom and only check my Male Manhood about 20 times during my hot water soaking. Everyone shows up to the room after we have showered and I did get to shower with Naughty Natalie as she stood over me while I soaked in the bath tub. Liz showered alone because she had to take care of her woman problem.

Everyone in the room is so happy with the fun we had tonight and Liz pours the drinks and Naughty Natalie serves the pizza. Leroy is impressed at what we do and the fun we have. We complemented Leroy on being professional. Then when we complemented the ballet ladies and we made sure Leroy made them understand they did a great job. The ballet ladies thanked the owner for the fun they had and thanked her for the blue jeans they were now wearing. They both stand up and turn side ways so the owner could see their ass and run their hands down the curve of their ass. The owner was so happy and thanked Philip for keeping everyone happy. The owner says we can do 2 shows tomorrow which is Monday with one in the afternoon as a comedy then one in the evening. We all agreed to have fun. The owner says the snow storm is hitting hard in Winnipeg right now and the pilot thinks we can fly home on Wednesday. That made everyone excited which owner added that whoever works rides in the private jet home. Leroy’s eyes got very big then he had to explain to the ballet ladies by saying home quickly. The ballet ladies just smiled and agreed. Leroy says he will explain it to them later and we all have a drink. The owner seen all the new books around our room and in Philips room which made her happy we spent our money wisely. Liz motions me to give Philip something which I tossed in his face. Liz does not want anything to do with the black robe she wore and the night of “hell”. I wore it for 2 days so it smells of me not her. She told Philip he can have it because it is only bad memories to her. Philip was happy and thanked me and Liz. When everyone left we sat around relaxing. Naughty Natalie calls dad again at the motel by the sex shop in Winnipeg. Dad says the snow storm is hitting Winnipeg hard but he has the rental SUV with 4x4. We are happy dad is having fun in the pool with his hot rod friends and enjoying a good time. Dad said the owner of the sex shop telephoned him personal to say the kids are OK and the room is paid for and we will be back on Wednesday. We all smiled when Naughty Natalie told us this because it is a lot better for dad then being snow storm stayed with mother in the pink house in Alexander Manitoba. Dad told Naughty Natalie it is all big drama in the pink house. The Disco Queens are there and running low on hair spray and make up plus the sister car would start. We all laughed and smiled because we knew she left the head lights on that drains the car battery like she always does. Once Naughty Natalie was done on the telephone with dad again and she joined us on the bed and we fell asleep like this again.

Naughty Natalie was having fun with Liz and I as we slept during the during the night and we are she what she did to us. We woke up to Naughty Natalie to being all smiles and little giggles. The first thing we both did was check under our sweat pants to see what she had done or put in our sweat pants. Liz made me check her boobies under my tee shirt but I found nothing. We think Naughty Natalie maybe have taken Polaroid pictures of us in our sleep or she is just playing mind games with us. This could be as pay back for the all night Mosquito game we play with her the night before. Naughty Natalie and I have a shower and she is still all smiles so I was made to wash her extra clean because we have 2 shows. Liz has a shower and then we are ready to go down for breakfast with the others. Everyone is in a good mood at the breakfast table and excited about today’s double performances. The owner tells us to bring books to reads because we have to wait between the first show and second show because she do not want to risk coming back to the fancy motel then get stuck in the snow or traffic. After breakfast we go with Naughty Natalie up to the upper floor to watch her have fun in the pool with everyone else. Liz and I joke this is what it will be like having kids and watching them have fun. Liz agreed but wishes she could be in the pool because this was suppose to be a fun trip not a trip to recover. With the fun in the pool done it is time to go have a shower and have a little lunch before getting ready. For lunch we just had room service bring us some light food to eat because there will be food served at the performances and we can eat and relax. We dress and head down stair to the dressing room. We timed it prefect for the make up person to do my make up. It is still the full beard and mustache and chest hairs. Leroy and the ballet ladies are ready because they are having fun. We head to the limousine and Leroy has to carry the ballet ladies to the limousine because the snow is still too deep even after being plowed the day before. It seems the wind is just blowing the snow around and around.

It was a short ride in the limousine to where we are preforming this afternoon. Everything is set up and we relax for a bit because we are early. The owner says this is an older crowd so be more of a comedy show then anything. That made Leroy happy because he was not sure if he could take any more whippings by the ladies. It was an excellent performance based on we had done the other times. The ballet ladies were used for comedy and also to show the big difference in women’s rolls in the preforming arts. The Dominatrix outfit are designed for comfort and to show off certain areas. The ballet ladies show how their feet suffer the most and the outfits being skin tight can get uncomfortable. Leroy and I have it easy except the tux can be hot and great relief when the jacket and vest comes off as part of the tease. When we finished up the show the audience wanted more and the owner said to handle it. We let Leroy and the ballet ladies enjoy themselves with Leroy picking them up on the staging and carrying them off. We went out and added some comedy to make it fun. When the owner said it is enough we did out bows and curtseys then relaxed. The owner figured wait here 2 hours then travel and then 1 hour wait at the place for the evening performance. We were all happy because we had drinks and food and books. Of course Naughty Natalie had to be different and buy automotive books which she can share with dad when we get home. Liz teases her about dad reading her bed time stories.

When it was time to move to the next performance it was not that bad and went very smoothly and then we relaxed and waited again. The full beard and mustache were not itchy or uncomfortable. The ballet ladies were uncomfortable and adjust their feet wrapping. Leroy was enjoying himself with free food and booze and reading books. What most of us did was switch books with others to quick read what interests them. I told Liz I will look at her east coast books when we get home and she can read me bedtime stories. That made everyone laugh. This evening went really well and everyone was happy especially the owner because she knows how to make money. The night seem to be over very quickly and we were all back at the fancy motel with Kentucky Fried Chicken in our room tonight and drinks. Leroy took a liking the potato salad from Kentucky Fried Chicken which I like too. The owner tells us we have all done well 2 show on Tuesday then we fly home Wednesday morning according to the pilot. The private jet will take as many of the Royal Ballet people as it can but the ones that have preform with us get first choice. That made Leroy and the ballet ladies so happy. They are so used to being the low people on the list as junior members of the Royal Ballet. When everyone left we just relaxed because it was a long day. Liz is having problems with too much bleed and we figure it is because both ladies are ending the 28 days this weekend. The events of Friday night might have sped things up but Liz is getting internal pains more. We agree to stay positive and once back in Brandon, Liz can the doctor on the Shilo base because she is military through marriage. The Tuesday shows went quickly and nothing exciting happened and the Wednesday flight back to Winnipeg was uneventful. Dad was waiting at the hangar for the private jet when we arrived. Leroy and ballet ladies were so impressed with flying in a private jet. They were more impressed when they seen how big the gift envelopes were. That put smiles on their faces. The ballet ladies were still showing everyone their ass in the tight blue jeans and having fun teasing Leroy. The owner gave us our gift envelopes and we gave them back to her and said thank you because we were having fun. She gave us a very thick expense envelope which we took with a smile. The owner tells us to enjoy this weekend and to call her when the ladies are finished their 28 days.


Dad Faints

Dad was happy to see us but more happy to see Naughty Natalie then us for some reason. Dad had a great time in the motel and will do it all over again. He was not looking forward to going home because the sister and Disco Queens created drama during the snow storm. Naughty Natalie said he could stay in the little apartment and share the bed with all of us. Dad said he better not but did not say “no”. I noticed Liz was not her usual self and was very quiet plus her body colour was off. Being colour blind I can see when people are sick because the body colour changes slightly which I can see. Dad was making good time driving to Brandon and there was a lot of snow every where plus lots of high snow banks pushed up by the snow plows. We were about 45 minutes from Brandon when I leaned forward and asked Naughty Natalie for my Heavy Metal Rock Band sweater. I was surprised she still had it on because I thought she would have had it off for dad to enjoy the view of her cleavage. She had a weird look on her face when I asked again then I pointed to Liz. Then she gave me my sweater right now which used for Liz to sit on. The Naughty Natalie grabbed the rear mirror that dad was using to see us in the back seat. Naughty Natalie was using the mirror to look at herself and teased dad because dad could not look back to see us. If Dad did we could be in a car accident right now and Naughty Natalie has now moved over closer to dad in case she has the grab the steering of the rental SUV. Liz went in to massive bleeding between her legs and has blood everywhere and if dad sees blood he faints right now. All we have to do is make the Brandon General Hospital without dad seeing any blood. Naughty Natalie knows dad will faint and she has seen him faint and has helped out in the past. Liz is still OK and knows what is going on around her but she is now in a lots of pain as if she has been stabbed by a large knife between her legs. Naughty Natalie was doing an excellent job in keeping dad able to drive. In theory we should have pulled over and one of us drive but we can not because of the insurance and we are not allowed to drive the rental SUV. Now we risk it all in hopes that dad does not faint and kill us in a car accident. When dad was going to turn off 1st street in Brandon to take us to the little apartment that is when Naughty Natalie asked him to go right to the hospital and do not look in the back seat. Liz has now lost enough blood she is now unconscious. Dad pulls up to the emergency entrance of the hospital and I start dragging Liz out of the rental SUV. Dad is trying not to look and Naught Natalie brings out the hospital people and a wheeled stretcher. They get Liz on to the wheeled stretcher and head in to the hospital. At some point dad got out of the rental SUV and seen the blood. As he was fainting Naughty Natalie pushed in back in the rental SUV and yelled at me she was OK and will go to the little apartment. In the hospital they take Liz in to the emergency room and starting working on her. I have all her identification and do the paper work to have her admitted in to the hospital. All her identification is still for the east coast except for her military information for Shilo base. I told the lady taking the information that Shilo base is temporary posting and when she moves to the final posting all her identification from the east coast will be changed then. They think I am her little brother so they keep me informed. Being military they never asked where or what because it is military and too confusing in a normal civilian hospital. The doctor came out and told me the lady plumbing doctor is on his way to operating room and he will operate on my sister right away. Then they took Liz away to be operated on. They think my age is between 12-14 years old and the younger brother. For some reason I am covered in blood so the nurses clean me up and a food tray appears for me to eat. I have been to this hospital many times so I just wait where they tell me to wait because it was a lot better then in the regular waiting room. It was 3 hours before they came and got me to take me to Liz’s room on the ladies floor of the hospital. I had telephoned Naughty Natalie to keep her posted. Naughty Natalie had a hard time getting dad in the little apartment because he kept seeing the blood in the rental SUV. Dad was now on the bed watching a VHS movie on the new colour TV which she says he likes it. I told her I would keep her in contact by telephone.

On the second floor is where Liz’s hospital room was located which was private room so I could stay with her as the little brother. She was still knocked out from the surgery and had an intravenous tube for drugs in the back of her hand. They brought me another food tray and blankets for the recliner in the room for me to sleep in like dad does. At 11pm I went to use the payphone by the nurse’s station and the nurses asked who I was calling. I told them I was calling my other sister. I told Naughty Natalie that I will be staying at the hospital and Liz’s surgery went good and that made her happy. She said dad is a sleep on the bed watching a VHS movie and he will drive her around on in the morning. I was not thinking or never asked why she was not driving the 67 Chevy because the keys for the truck are on top of the fridge. I said good night and returned to Liz’s room. I had a good sleep in the recliner so maybe that is why dad sleeps in his recliner all the time. Liz woke up through the night and reached over and held my hand. When I woke in the morning with all the nurses were in the room Liz was a wake and holding my hand. The one nurse told me to follow her while they check out my sister’s surgery. The nurse took me to have shower and gave me a gown with pants to wear while they sent my blood soaked clothes to laundry to be washed quickly. When I return Liz was sitting up in bed and was awake enough to know what was going on. She laughed at me in the gown and pants. Breakfast arrived and there was food tray for me. Liz was hungry and ate some of food on my tray too. My clothes returned around 3pm all nice and clean which was surprise. Then at 5pm Naughty Natalie showed up while dad waited in the rental SUV because he can not come in the hospital or he faints. It was a quick visit and she was glad to see Liz was OK. Then she left because dad and her were going to the collage to clean the rental SUV. We said good bye and I told her I will call at 11pm to touch base.

Liz and I had a good night in the hospital and just after the morning shower. On of the nurses pushed the mobile payphone in to the room and said I had a telephone call. I sat by the mobile payphone on wheels while the nurse had to find the small outlet in the wall to plug the phone cord in. Once she had it plugged in, I lifted the handset and waited for the call to be connected. The nurse who brought the payphone yelled down the hall to the nurse’s station and they flicked the switch. I said hello in to the handset and it was mother on the other end. She had used her Military Police clearance and job title to telephone the hospital and get all the information she needed on this open investigation. It is an open investigation because of the number of times her co-workers the Military Police visited Liz’s PMQ. Mother thought for sure Liz had snorted too much cocaine and was in the hospital recovering from a near death drug overdose. Then using her Military Police clearance she finds out Liz had major lady plumbing problems. Now mother thinks Liz has had a miscarriage and the child is mine. Plus Liz is married woman which mother had to point out 3 times in her little speech. I politely told mother “if” Liz had a miscarriage of “her grandson” then we can blame the cops for all the abuse they have put us through in the last 6 months. Now mother is really mad and she asked when dad is coming home. He has not slept in his recliner in almost a week. She says dad has to drive Naughty Natalie around because they can not find the keys of the 67 Chevy. With that I said good bye to mother and hung up the telephone. I rolled up the phone cord and pushed the mobile payphone back to the nurse’s station because I did not want her to be calling again. At the nurse’s station they were asking but not really asking why someone high up in the Military Police is calling to Liz’s room. I politely told the nurses my older sister does not tell me anything because I am too young to know. They smiled and I thanked them. Now we will just wait for the Military Police to drive in from Shilo base for a visit with us in the hospital room. That will impress the nurses.

Liz had a good day and was feeling better because the drugs were wearing off. When the doctor came to visit and check up on her. The doctor asked when her 28 days were up and she had to look and me for the date which is Saturday on this weekend. Now the doctor was really looking at me and was about to ask more questions but changed his mind. Everything is OK with the surgery and she is be discharged on Monday morning after being checked over. The doctors are being very careful because they do not want any problems. The doctors never asked what happened because they see this all the time when men getting in a hurry and ramming things with no lubrication. The weekend went fast for us in the hospital with Naughty Natalie hanging out with dad and she would stop in after supper to check in with us. She brought our new books from Edmonton and we were able to read them. When Naughty Natalie would leave the nurses would come by and say the ladies look like twins and we just agreed. Liz was able to get up to start walking and we walked back and forth in the hallway to get her strength back and to keep her from being stiff between the legs. Liz never said anything and I never said anything because if they found I was 18 years old and no relation to her. I would only be allowed for the 2 hours of visiting time a day. Since she is from Shilo Base and showed up in a rental vehicle to be dropped off with no one sticking around. She was treated as a rape victim who needed the physical and emotional support which was me the 12-14 year old little brother. Being military, the Brandon General Hospital does not get involved because the military takes care of their own. Plus in Liz’s files at the nurse’s station is will show telephone calls from the Shilo Military Police because they are doing the investigation. The telephone calls were actually mother being a pain in the ass. When Liz got discharged on Monday, we took a taxi to the little apartment and she wore my sweat pants and sweater that Naughty Natalie dropped off. Dad and Naughty Natalie went for the Monday night’s meal before dad’s Union meeting and brought us fresh DKs Fish and Chips to the little apartment. That made Liz so happy and it tasted good. They had the to-go meals prepared when they were ready to leave the cafe’ so they were not soggy. Naughty Natalie had telephoned the sex shop and told the owner that Liz has lady plumbing problems and the owner figured as much because she knew in Edmonton. The owner said to call when it is time to travel and enjoy the good life. Dad even talked to the owner and thanked her for paying for the motel room that he stayed in during the snow storm. The owner thought that was nice of him and told dad he raised some good kids. Liz had a good week relaxing around the little apartment and was so happy to have the new big screen colour TV to watch. Naughty Natalie was so glad we were home and she needed a good shower with me. My Male Manhood was operational again and she was happy. Liz does not know when she will be operational but we all agree she is alive because she could have bled to death. The next problem is the 28 days because the ladies have to end 28 days together so they get the same weekend off from being magicians. If they are not the same then preforming together will be hard. The doctor was told about this and gave Liz pills to take to get the 28 days the same as it was. Liz was back to work in 2 weeks and feeling good. She had no interest in her husband until she gets her life back together. But Liz wore her big shiny wedding ring because she is still married until it is decided. Her husband was already in the military when they started dating then the shot gun wedding. We stayed away from the PMQ the whole time she was recovering because we did not need the drama of the MPs. The rental SUV had an insurance claim on the interior damage because of all the blood and there was no problems. Mother was mad for a long time for some reason and dad told her what had really happened.

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