Calgary Trip 1937 Dodge Truck


Calgary Trip

(rough copy)

Once Naughty Natalie and I turned 18 years old which means we are legal adults in Canada now we could have fun. But the only problem was we worked all the time and put in lots of overtime too. The only way we could get a day off was to leave town on our days off that way we did not get called in to work. I think it was a long weekend and we took off on a Friday night after work and head west from Brandon Manitoba. Taking turns driving the 1937 Dodge hot rod truck we could sleep while the other person drove. Then if we wanted a motel room to sleep that was a big problem back in the mid 1980s. Being young, I would wear heavy metal rock band tee shirts and blue jeans with a mullet hair. Then Naughty Natalie would wear tight painted on blue jeans and a low cut top that show lots of cleavage. Plus we had no credit card and only paid with cash. With no credit card, the motel could not back charge for damage to the room. As we drove west and could not get a motel along the Trans-Canada Highway. We ended up in Calgary Alberta which was an 11 hour drive. The 37 Dodge was built for speed and long distancing driving verse street power and short distance like most hot rods of the day.

I seem to have the best luck in getting a motel room because when Naughty Natalie went in with cash money and the way she dressed plus her natural good looks. The motel owners thought she only needed the room for an hour and I was “her customer” in the vehicle for some reason. She would always come back to the truck when they said “no” and be mad. The best way to describe how Naughty Natalie looked as a real life Jessica Rabbit “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”. Everyone always thought and treat her wrong because of her drop dead gorgeous looks and body which never required make up because the beauty was all natural. After a little nap to refresh ourselves from a long drive all night, we looked at all the info on Calgary in the motel room. All motel rooms in the 1980s were mini marketing rooms for the city which you were in. Not like the year 2020 where you Google everything. As Naughty Natalie has a quick shower I use the telephone to call mother’s uncle who live in Calgary. The motel telephone required you to 9 to get a local call through the automated switch boards in their office. Mother’s uncle answers the phone and is surprised it is me calling from right here in Calgary. This fellow had money and would send plane tickets for the sister and I to fly out to Calgary and spend a couple of weeks in the summer meeting and visiting mother’s side of the family which was his family. Mother’s uncle would send Xmas cheques to the sister and I and his cheques only has his name on them with no address or other info. When we went to the bank to deposit the cheques in to our bank accounts. The bank teller would inspect the cheques over and ask how we knew this fellow who wrote the cheque because no other info. We would tell the bank teller that is mother’s uncle which would surprise the bank teller. We had no idea at the time and being young that this fellow was vise president of the biggest bank in western Canada. That is why everyone knew his name on the cheque with no address. After chatting a bit on the phone with mother’s uncle, I tell him I’m in Calgary by myself and not with family that is when he was not polite in telling not to call or contact him ever again. Then hung up the telephone which surprised me because I thought the guy liked me. I guess when you climb to the top of the banking industry it is all a cut throat business.

When Naughty Natalie gets out of the shower I told her that mother’s uncle was rude and told me never to contact him again. All she said it was his loss not ours. With that we head in the big city of Calgary driving a truck built for speed so we are trying to hit the traffic rights just right and keep with the flow of traffic. We did very well in getting to the Calgary Tower because I memorized the map before leaving the motel room. Across the street from the big tower is a multi level parking garage. We pull up in the 37 Dodge to get a ticket to get in. Most cars you reach out the window to get the ticket from the machine. But the 37 Dodge is a narrow body with wide fenders so you stop the truck and get out to get the ticket from the machine. Now the fun part begins because it is a spiral ramp to climb to the top of the parking garage to get a good parking spot. The building is made out of concrete with low ceilings and speed bumps on the first level so no ones speeds. The 37 Dodge come up to the speed bump and the engine has to rev up to get the wheels to climb over. The 3” exhaust side pipes sound so good with the sound echoing off the walls. After all the speed bumps are done then it is a steady climb to the top level which the truck is in 1st gear and high engine rpms which makes music to our ears. The climb to the top level was excellent which has arriving in bright sunshine from the dark levels. This is hard on my eyes being colour and have to take a bit to adjust to bright light.

We park the 37 Dodge off in a corner of the roof top parking lot because we want to be able to see it from the Calgary Tower. But we walk over to a museum located in a high rise office building. This is a very fancy government museum and if they buy and item of history at a local yard sale for $10.00 it will be presented in a $10,000.00 display. Since it is still early morning there is no one in the museum which is nice. Naughty Natalie and I can take our time looking at each display and not have to worry about a crowd. There are signs at the entrance saying there is a big function being hosted the day we visited. The museum has items from the middle ages including the steel suits they wore in battle. I take my time looking at how the tinsmiths worked with metal back then since it was not welded like today. I think we were about 2 hours on the main level and then went up to the next floor in the high rise building. About half way through enjoying the second floor the museum was starting to fill up with people. These people made us laugh because they would walk up to a display and glace at it then on to the next one. Never looked at any details and tried to be the first finished the whole museum. Then one of the museum employees comes up and talks with us. They are asking us to leave which surprised both of us. I told the fellow we paid full admission and we have not even seen half of all this interesting items. The fellow replied that there is a dress code and we looked back at him very surprised again. They never said anything about about a dress code when they took our money to come in at the entrance. Then we were ask again to leave and we just smiled and left. I think with all the people showing up for the fancy function that they had planned, they did not plan for 2 people walking around enjoying the museum. I was dressed in a heavy metal rock tee shirt, blue jeans and Naughty Natalie in her tight painted blue jean shorts plus a white tank top with no bra plus the building was air conditioned so it was nippley for her. People have to remember a bra is a harness to hold the boobies up and together. But if they are all natural and perky then a bra on a hot day is very uncomfortable. The best reference to explain this is from the TV show Seinfled “they are real”, “they are spectacular”. I could see if we were mis-behaving then being asked to leave would be OK. But I think it surprised the people of the museum that we were taking our time to enjoying the displays and learning. The way were dress they mostly figure we would walk through and see nothing of interest and be gone.

The summer heat hit us as we walked outside from the fancy high rise museum building which was air conditioned. But it is a dry heat not a humid heat we are used to back in Brandon Manitoba. As we walk to the Calgary Tower we are laughing at the people asking us to leave all because of the way we dress and look. Now if I was wearing a suit and tie and Naughty Natalie was wearing a nice long dress which showed non of her body shape then we would not have been asked to leave. We arrive at the Calgary Tower and walk up to the elevator and step in for the ride to the top. This is very lucky on our part because there are only 2 elevators for the tower which is 626 feet tall. There are wait times for the elevators to go up and down because they do not travel fast because people would get motion sickness. As a common curiosity when entering the elevator, people in the elevator move off to the side for the people entering have room to come in and turn around to face the door. Once the people that have entered the elevator are facing the door and have stopped moving. The people in the elevator evenly space them selves out so the elevator car is comfortable. It is common that no words are spoken just smiles and head nods because this is Canada.

Now Naughty Natalie and I are in the elevator car standing to one side, the people in the elevator do not move and stay on that side of the elevator car as if we smell bad from not using under arm deodorant. Naughty Natalie and I just look at each and smile and know we do not smell bad because we are clean people wearing clean clothes, deodorant and showering together to save on water and make sure each other body parts are clean. As the elevator starts the slow trip up, the people in the elevator car stand well away from us which I think is in fear that I worship Satan by the way I dress. They figure I’ll pull out a knife and kill them all then step off the elevator at the top being super calm and walk away like in the movies. Or they think Naughty Natalie will grab them by the head and suffocate them in her cleavage which will be a slow death. The way the one fellow in the elevator car is staring at her cleavage, I think he is fascinating about his own death and how he will die with a big smile on his face. As the elevator makes the slow climb to the top of this tall tower I think to myself that this is a huge waste of concrete. An office building would have been better because there would be revenue of the rented office space. This concrete tower only has revenue off the rent of communication antennas on the top of it and revenue from the observation area. The elevate stopped at the top and the people let Naughty Natalie and I off first because they seem to keep their distance from us. First thing you have to do when you arrive that top of the Calgary Tower is figure out where you are. Now you have to look down to see the streets and get your self oriented because it is a tall tower.

As we walk around looking at the views from the tower which was clear day. The Rocky Mountains could be seen to the west and lots of farm land in all other views. Naughty Natalie finds the 37 Dodge hot rod truck parked on the roof of the parking garage just like we parked. Now she gets out the expensive 35mm disposable camera which were popular because you didn’t have to buy an expensive camera that you always worried about damaging. Growing up, dad had an expensive 35mm camera and he always got expensive accessories for Xmas and birthday presents. The camera bag was a big purse that had to be carried all the time which it seems like I was always carrying it. These disposal camera made picture taking easy because when the film was full you dropped the camera off at the film developers and they gave you the developed pictures in the end. The camera parts was recycled. Naughty Natalie takes her time lining up the 37 Dodge for a picture and only takes one picture because she does not want to waste film.

With the picture taken there not much left to do other then enjoy the view because that is all we can really afford up on the observation level. The tower is the same age as us and the high prices for everything means that the tower is still not paid for. The elevator returns and step on for the slow ride back down to ground level. The people in the elevator car act the same way as the people that rode with us in the elevator car going up. I guess people watch too much TV and movies to think that will actually going to kill them. Oh well we just smile and laugh to ourselves. It is only a short walk to the parking garage where the 37 Dodge is park but it is hot outside. We have spent a long time in the air conditioned buildings having fun. The 37 Dodge is extra hot inside from sitting in the hot sun on top of the roof of the parking garage. Now if we parked in a lower level then the truck would be in the cool shade. We could feel the heat coming from inside the small cab when we opened the doors. The 37 Dodge does not have air condition but has a crank out windshield and a cowl vent that allows for air movement in the cab. This works great if you are doing 60 mph going down the highway or faster.

Naughty Natalie wants to drive the 37 Dodge because I got to drive the truck up the spiral ramp to the top which the 3” exhaust side pipes made a great sound. The drive down the spiral ramp was fun and loud because of the echoing sounds. When we get to the bottom level of the parking garage there are other cars trying to exit the building too. The drivers of the cars just look at us in the 37 Dodge as Naughty Natalie has to rev up the engine to higher rpms to get the wheels to climb over the speed bumps. Plus the echoing sounds of the 3” exhaust side pipes make everyone look for sure. We finally make it up to the ticket building where you pay for the time you have been parked. I was was getting worried that the 37 Dodge was going to over heat in the building being so hot outside and very little air movement from the truck not moving. This is one of the reason the truck was never in any parades because it is built for speed and travel not for being a parade queen to be shown off. Naughty Natalie jumps out of the truck with it stopped because the kid working at the pay window could not reach her hand with the money. When she jumped out of the truck the kid at the window got to see what the cab of the truck was hiding. Of course the kid drops the money and ticket because he is too busy looking at her in the white tank top which is now sticking to her body. The kid seeing her dressed that way automatically turns his brain off and he was unable to function. Now she has to quickly pick up the money and ticket off the ground before the wind blows them away. Not thinking and doing it quickly she bends over at the hips not the knees like a lady is suppose to do. With a quick bend over to pick up the money and ticket this causes the cars behind us to start beeping their horns but in a happy way in hopes of more of a show from a lady in tight painted on blue jeans shorts.

I’m sitting in the truck with my left foot reached over to the gas pedal because I have to increase the engine rpms to try and keep the running cool because overheating in a parking garage would not be a good thing then everyone will be mad. I’m watching the temperature gauge and not what Naughty Natalie is doing. When she jumps back in the truck I glace over to see the kid in the ticket booth has a total dazed look on his face as if a Playboy centre fold came to life in front of his own eyes. Naughty Natalie knows the truck is running hot and keeps the engine rpms up to keep the air movement from the fan sucking the air through the rad. This is not really a problem because we know what to do and to keep control on these little thing before they become a problem. Once out of the parking garage and on the street, the traffic lights are in our favour so driving is cooling the hot engine down. I have the Road Atlas which is a big book with all the roads of Canada in it. I have to read it and give direction to Naughty Natalie to find the best pizza place in Calgary. This is not an easy task to do because I have to read a book that the wind from the windshield being cranked open makes the pages blow around. Plus the Road Atlas was published with info on the streets from 10 years ago. If the Road Atlas is wrong and Naughty Natalie can turn on that street it is my fault. In the eyes of a woman it will never be the Road Atlas’s fault but it always the man’s fault.

When we come to a stop at a red light, Naughty Natalie will look over to see my mistake which the Road Atlas made because I will be holding the book up and have my finger on the location where we are now stopped at. She is also keeping the engine at a high rpm to keep it running cool. Then a hot rodder from Calgary pulls up on the driver's side of the 37 Dodge because we are on a busy 4 lane street. That is when the people in the hot rod are surprise to see a good looking woman driving the 37 Dodge wearing a white tank top. Everyone is all smiles and giving thumbs up. The traffic light changes to green and the hot rodder is gone right now while the 37 Dodge is slow off the lights because the truck is built for speed. Plus we can’t drive the truck hard because if it breaks how do we get home? At the next set of the lights the local hot rodder is waiting for us to catch up and Naughty Natalie just smiles and waves because we are more worried about finding the pizza place then making new friends. The hot rodders in the other vehicle are enjoying looking at the 37 Dodge and of course Naughty Natalie. Both vehicles leave the traffic light when it turns green and then the local hot rodder pulls in behind us to follow. It was only a couple of block to the pizza place then we turn in to the parking lot.

It was nice to shut the 37 Dodge off to let everything cool down and get out of the small hot cab on the truck. The local hot rodder pulls in beside the 37 Dodge and they all get out of their vehicle. Plus they are all smiles seeing an out of province hot rod truck in their home town. Naughty Natalie now has the money and knows what we want on the pizza. She opens the door of the truck and gets out. That is when the jaws of the local hot rodders drop because Naughty Natalie is not just a pretty face she has the body to match. Being hot in the 37 Dodge the white tank top is sticking to her body which the hot rodders are admiring. As she says hello to the fellow hot rodders, she walks away to the pizza place to order our pizza for lunch and supper. We were not buying anything in the Calgary Tower because it was so expensive and we would not have any money left for gas to get home. I yell at her not to forget the “pineapples”. She just smiles and keeps walking. The pizza will be 30 minutes or more because a good pizza is made when you ordered it and cooked while you wait. Plus a good pizza place only opens after 4pm because fresh pizza is only eaten in the evening. The left over pizza tastes just as good in the mornings when you are waking up from drinking too much the night before.

With Naughty Natalie gone to order the pizza, the local hot rodders now focus their attention back to the 37 Dodge hot rod truck. The older fellow of the group says he can remember this truck about 10 years ago when the original owner had it but there are so many changes. That is when I pointed out to the fellow that it is “my” truck and I bought after it was in 2 car accident one which was a rollover. This always happens with people going down memory lane and start comparing the truck to when the original owner had it. This is one of the reasons we never attended any hot rod events which I grew up attending. Always being compared to the original owner makes me feel like the second person “Buzz Aldrin” to have “supposedly” walked on the moon in 1969 but everyone remembers the first person Neil Armstrong. With that I have seem to pissed the fellow off but oh well I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life. I know these hot rodders will not leave until Naughty Natalie comes back because they are more interested in her body then the truck. I know she won’t come back to till the pizza is done and will be looking out the window of the pizza place to see if they have left. She will be reading anything and anything the cafe’ to learn and better her self. Most people would sit and watch the paint dry on the wall while the pizza is being cooked.

Finally the pizza is done and Naughty Natalie comes out of the pizza place carrying the fresh pizza. As I see her coming I yell at her asking if she remember the "pineapples". Her only reply back was “yes” because she likes them too. Being true Canadians we have to have pineapples on our pizzas which offends a lot of people for some reason. The hot rodder all watch Naughty Natalie walk to the truck and I swear one fellow has drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. For them it was like the Playboy centre fold has come to real life and is now walking towards them like in their wet dreams. As she got closer I could tell the pizza place had good air conditioning in the building because she was very nippley. The hot rodders were enjoying the view a little too much. Then one fellow start talking to her as if she was a blonde bimbo. Once people talk to her that way she gets very mad and points out that her hair is black not blonde. I know she is getting mad and I tell her I’ll drive which she agrees too. We leave the pizza place and head straight to our motel room to enjoy the fresh pizza. First we have to find a vendor to buy a case of beer to enjoy the pizza with. Being young and always pulled over by the cops we learned never to have alcohol in the 37 Dodge even if it in the box of the truck inside the plywood camper shell. When the cops pull the truck over they usual seize the booze because they need it for their own consumption after work. No paper work or anything because we are young and not going to fight them in court or we don’t know the laws of Canada. After donating lots of booze to the cops we figured it was best to buy the booze as we drank it. Beside fresh booze is better then beer sitting in a truck in the hot sun for a couple of days.

I pull in to a beer vendor and Naughty Natalie is careful in getting out of the truck and putting the fresh pizza on her seat. She has to go in to buy beer because I’m of legal age but I look like a 14 year old. They will me ask for identification then check it over for the fine details to make sure it is real. It is just one big hassle so it is best she buys the beer with our money. Plus the way she looks and dresses they never ask her for identification. Then when she gets in the truck everyone watching thinks she bought the beer for a little private party which I’ll becoming a man because she will be doing bad things to me. Alberta is a lot different then Manitoba because each province has their own set of liquor laws and rules. Naughty Natalie had to look hard to find Labbatts Blue in bottles because that is the brand of beer we drink. I will not drink beer from a can because I tell everyone that I went from the breast to the bottle not to the can. Plus beer in a can does not taste the same if is from a bottle.

It was nice to get back the motel and park the 37 Dodge in front of our room because we have been walking and driving in the heat. The pizza smelled so good too. To eat a pizza it best to it to sit about 20 minutes to cool down and all the cheese and such melt together. Just as we close the door on the motel room there is a knock at the door and it is the owner of the motel. The older lady wanted to remind us that there is no partying in her motel because she seen the beer come out of the truck and into the room. We assured her that we are too tired to party and just want to relax. She then asked if that pizza had come from the place we got it and we both said yes. She tells us that is one of the best pizza places in Calgary and she loves those pizzas and asked if we got pineapples on it too. That is when we both offered her piece of pizza and motioned at her to join us at the table too. It did not take her long to sit on a chair at the table and help herself to the pizza. Of course I offered her a beer which is a Canadian thing to do even if the person looks like they attend church where drinking booze is not allowed. The older lady took the beer quickly from my hand and the 3 of us sat and enjoyed the pizza and beer. When the older lady found out what and where we went during the day she was very surprised because we don’t look like the people to go to museums. We had fun enjoying a visit with the older lady and hearing story of growing up in Calgary and running this motel and the all the different guests that have stayed there. She said we were very different from most young people that stay in the motel because we are so clean. I told the older lady that we both grew up in a house hold that mother made us clean and clean. So in older life we keep everything clean.

The older lady jokes after drinking 4 beers it was time for her to head back to her office-house because she only came over to remind us not to party and she drank the most beer. We thanked her for the visit which we enjoyed more then if we drank beers with the hot rodders. Once the older lady was gone we could get out of our wet sticky clothes and have a shower together to save on water. After the shower, the beers and pizza put us to sleep which we needed from driving all night and then walking in the heat.

In the morning we wake up early and try to leave the motel quietly on a Sunday morning in the 37 Dodge with the loud exhaust. We now have to drive the Trans-Canada Highway through the centre of Calgary to head west to the Rocky Mountains. We want to be able to say that we and the 37 Dodge have traveled to British Columbia and seen the Rocky Mountains. We picked a good day to travel because it is a nice sunny day but not too hot. We take turns driving the 37 Dodge but Naughty Naughty is the only one using the 35mm disposal camera to take pictures. If I took the pictures and when the film was developed 4 weeks later. Then there will be pictures that needed to be explained on why I took them. As a man I could do no right so just let the woman take the pictures. These disposable camera were expensive at the time so you only wanted to take good pictures not wasting the film because there was only 36 pictures in the camera. When we stop to switch drivers and to look at a roadside attractions people would come up to look at the 37 Dodge and to look at Naughty Natalie. Everyone was suggesting for us to visit Banff Alberta but we knew there was no way we could afford anything in Banff. Plus we had seen enough of the place being featured in the National Geographic Magazine as we were growing up. The National Geographic Magazine was how we seen the world growing up now in the year 2020 everything is through the computer screen. Naughty Natalie just jokes that there will be too many Museum People there and we won’t fit in any ways so why bother.

The Rocky Mountains was a great place to drive the 37 Dodge hot rod truck because long hill climbs and cooler temperatures that kept the engine from running too hot. Our goal was to make it to Golden British Columbia to have lunch. The lunch receipt and gas receipt will be our proof that we had made it to British Columbia. We arrive in Golden BC after lunch so we miss the big crowds for lunch. If a cafe had lots of cars and other vehicles parked out front we always went to the cafe with hardly any one parked there. We did not like busy places and tried to stay away from people. Naughty Natalie is driving and pulls in to this nice looking cafe’ and parks so we can see the 37 Dodge while eating. We go inside the cafe’ and ask to have a window seat so we can see the truck. We are young and along way from home and don’t need any dramas because we have to be back at work in Manitoba on Tuesday morning. The waitress comes over and give us the menus and we order Pepsi to drink. While she is gone getting our drinks we look around the cafe’ and there is hardly anyone else in the building. Hopefully the food is not that bad because the other cafe’s we can see out the window are very very busy.

The waitress returns with our drinks and takes Naughty Natalie’s order first then the waitress asks Naughty Natalie what her little brother is having. I just smile because this happens all the time because I do not look my age. Naughty Natalie speaks up saying my little brother will have the same as I ordered to make it easier for the cook. Since we have both worked in the food industry we always order in a way to make it easier for the cook. Because we can remember being the cook and getting hard to make orders. It would only make sense that the waitress would think I’m the little brother because I was riding on the passenger side of the truck when we arrived and Naughty Natalie locked up the truck since she was driving. Locking a 37 Doge is not easy because there is only one door lock that has a key. Back in 1937 for safety reasons the driver had to walk around to the passenger side and open the door and reach cross to the driver’s door and push the interior door handle down to lock it then close the passenger door and lock the handle with the key. So me standing away from the vehicle looking at the site of the surround mountain the waitress would not know that I build the truck and I’m 4 years older then I look. Plus the fact that Naughty Natalie and I never acted like boyfriend – girlfriend with the usual holding of the hands, being close together or the little cute love sayings when talking. Naughty Natalie grew up with natural good looks so the male “paws” and “hands” were always touching her. She hated being touched or having anyone too close to her as she would say “my space”. We got a long good because we treated each other as equals and we never talked down to each other. Plus the meaning of “love” is “trust”. If you trust a person that is love. I trusted her with my hot rod truck, trusted her with my money and my life. She was the same in trusting me especially around other men. She knew I would never say anything about her looks or body that would excite other men. I would usually have to change the subject or we would leave if the male conversation was getting too rude. The only time we really touched each other was in the privacy of the bedroom which is only natural. I even trusted Naughty Natalie in the shower because if she turned the hot water off and only cold water came out of the shower then there is male shrinkage right now which can be embarrassing.

The waitress brings our food which was excellent and we continue to act like brother and sister. It is a form of entertainment for them and us. We decided we better head back to Calgary because driving in the mountains in the dark will not be fun. Naughty Natalie wants to drive the 37 Dodge out of Golden BC because to get out of the mountain valley is it a steep climb up. She did excellent in not driving the hot rod truck too hard and just hard enough for enjoyment. It was a slow trip back with stops here and there to enjoy the sites. When we get back in to Calgary, the Sunday traffic is not too bad for the 37 Dodge to be in which was nice. At the chicken place close to the motel where we are staying at, we pull in to get supper. Naughty Natalie goes in to get chicken place to buy and I tell her to get extra in case we have a guest for supper again. I walk over to the beer vendor to get the beer for supper. I enter the beer vendor and open the glass door as start reach for the case of beer on the shelve. The employee working the cash register yells really loud at me that I better have lots of identification and he means lots. I get the beer off the shelve and take to the counter. I get all my identification out for him to look at. Being from another province he takes his time checking it out to make sure nothing is fake. Then he has call another person to check out the identification. I knew this was going to happen so I just wait patiently and that is why Naughty Natalie always goes in to buy the beer with no delay. Finally they say everything is OK and let me buy the beer. When I get back to the 37 Dodge, Naughty Natalie is in the truck waiting for me. The only thing she says in a joking manner is “had a little trouble buy the beer”. “Yes” was my only reply because the time it took me to buy beer. They killed a chicken, cooked it and boxed it up as to-go meals and Naughty Natalie still had to wait for me.

We arrive at our motel room and Naughty Natalie is driving the 37 Dodge truck. When we get out of truck in front of our room some of the other guests just stare at us. Not sure if it is at the truck or the fact she was driving or what she was wearing on a hot summer day. Oh well, we go in the motel room. It was not too long and there is a knock at the motel room door which we knew was going to happen. It is the older lady that own the place and we tell her to come in. I just open her a beer and hand it to her without even asking her if she would like one. But that is the Canada way. She is asking if we are checking out in the morning and we said yes because that is what we paid for when we arrived. As she is asking Naughty Natalie put chicken and fries on a plate for her and slides it over to her at the table without asking her. The older lady just smiled and told us we picked a good place to order chicken from. We enjoyed another great evening visiting and having fun with the older lady who seen to enjoy our company too because we acted older then our ages. Most people our ages would have been at the night clubs and cruising around to see and be seen. Where as Naughty Natalie and I didn’t want to be seen but we wanted to have fun and learn. The older lady got a good laugh at the waitress thinking we were brother and sister plus she was very surprised the old truck made it through the mountains. We thanked her of letting us stay in her motel when all other places would not rent us a room. After she drank 4 beers she returned back to her office-house and we went to bed because we have a long day traveling back to Brandon Manitoba.

It was the long weekend and the traffic on the Tans-Canada was busy because there was lots of 2 lane highway. The 37 Dodge had no problem on the 2 lane highway because passing a slow vehicle was easy and that is what the truck was built for. We made the trip back to Brandon and never got pulled over by the cops at all which was a first because we were always being pulled over. Every time we stopped for gas or to switch drivers everyone was looking at the truck and Naughty Natalie for some reason. We got home and got ready for a busy week at work. The film from the 35mm disposable camera was developed and return in 4 weeks time. All the pictures turned out that Naughty Natalie took except for the picture of the 37 Dodge on the parking garage roof from the Calgary Tower. That tells you how high the tower really is because the disposable camera have no zoom lens.

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