Bikini Wax


(rough copy)

continued from The Kiss

Bikini Wax

It was fun week and we were riding high the fun weekend that we had at the sex shop and we were hoping the owner would call this Sunday like she has done. Saturday we hung out with dad and helped only to end up at the PMQ for Saturday night which was VHS movies and the MPs stopping in for a visit. The MP are like ghosts in the house because they are one minute then gone. We all like it better when they let themselves in and out of the PMQ. Save us getting up to let them in and out. Tom and his wife stopped by Saturday to check the coffee and Tom was pleased with how we were all healing up. He told Liz to watch her neck because she is not out of danger yet. Tom was also pleased how my back healed up since it was all Liz’s stitches. After they left we relaxed on the couch watching a VHS movie. When Naughty Natalie went to use the bathroom Liz ask if she could have her new bedroom toy to try it out and I said “no”. Then she asked why and I told that you are now able to have a full body orgasm which drains your body as if you got run over by a Mack truck. Then your husband walks in the door to give you the best 5 minutes of married sex you will ever had but you are not “frisky” then we have a problem and I mean “we”. I told her to keep using the shower wand because that will keep her “frisky” until he returns. She was not happy but she did not say the word “fine” which means she understands. Liz then said it has be over 6 long weeks since she had that terrible 5 minutes of married sex. I told her yes but you are getting cuddles and hugs so you are not looking for the first Buff Boy to have sex with on the kitchen table. Liz did agree and thanked me as Naughty Natalie returned to join us on the couch.

When we went to bed it told Naughty Natalie no Mosquito game tonight because it has been too quiet with the MPs so there is something going on. After the ladies were in bed and about to start the hugs I told them I have to go pee again but I went to the kitchen instead. I took the pot and pans and placed them the front door so if the MP came in the house they will trip on the pots and pans and make noise. But I laid them out for someone sneaking back in to their own house and being quiet and military trained would step around the pots. Once I had them laid out I returned to bed. I thought I could sleep but could not so I was up walking around in the PMQ in the dark. I was over by the dining room looking out the back door of the PMQ when the curtains on the door window moved which means air movement in the house. Air movement is caused by the front door opening or a window. This is a Manitoba winter so the windows on the PMQ are frozen stolid because they are aluminum frame windows. Someone in the government decided to install these aluminum frame windows as an upgrade but aluminum is a steel. This conducts the cold right in the house and when cold mean warm it makes frost. All the windows in the PMQ on the inside look the deep freezer inside with 2” layer of frost. Once again great idea by the government. I just stand back in the darkness and it is Liz’s husband and he goes in to the bedroom and comes right back out and leaves. Now I know the MPs will be right here and I return to the bedroom and cover up the ladies who are a sleep. Plus I closed the bathroom door leaving the light on to make it look like someone is in the bathroom. I just lay in bed and the ladies are hugging me. Then the noises of the pots and pans being kicked around at the front door wakes up the ladies and tell them to not move. Then the bathroom door gets kicked in and they are standing at the foot of the bed. They shine the flashlights in our eyes and Liz asks for the search warrant and the lead MP hands it to her. Plus he is nice enough to shine the flash light on the paper. Liz tells them to drop off the paperwork for the damage they did tonight. The lead MP did asks where he husband is and she polity replied like all other times that the MP department will know more then she will. The MPs leave and kick the pots and pans around at the front door. This is such a usually thing for us we don’t get out of bed to see the damage until morning. Liz needs a hug as she starts to cry because what kind of life does she have here compared to what she had on the east coast. Naughty Natalie cheered her up by saying she has a fancy outfit and us. That made Liz feel better and we all hugged and smiled.

In the morning the bathroom door is inside the bathroom and the hinges and everything wrecked. Now to have some privacy in the bathroom you lift the door over the opening where it was and just lean it there. When done in the bathroom it is lift out of the way and leaned against the wall. Liz marked the date of the damage on the door and the foot hole in the wall by the front door because the pots and pans got kicked out of the way and the foot slipped and went the wall. She also put the date on the one smashed up pot and stuck it in the boot hole because they can fit it too. As we had morning coffee the ladies asked how I knew to do this and I told them I was too quiet and their visits they did not act the usual way. Then I told Liz that I set the pots and pans up that well trained military guy could sneak in and out. Liz replied he was here and I said yes but very briefly. Then she started to cry and we stood up to hug. I told her I was standing by the back door and seen the curtains move and he was in and out. I told her very softly in her ear so Naughty Natalie did not hear me that if she used her new bedroom toy then he would have wanted the best 5 minutes. Then that would have opened up a lot of problems. She cried even harder and was saying sorry for having us involved. I told Liz I was asked to “take care” of her and that is what I’m doing. When she was able t pull herself together she said thank you. Then the phone ran and we all went I hope it is the owner. When Liz answered the telephone it was the owner asking if we could got to Calgary Saturday night for a show. Liz told her that is a long way to drive in the winter. Then the owner told Liz it is one of her regular shows and everyone flies out and back on Saturday. That surprised us. The owner then asked what we are doing on this fine Sunday and Liz told her relaxing. Then the owner asked if we could go to Brandon and get our hair trimmed and dyed and a wax. Liz told her we have no money for that. The owner told Liz she has an account there which Liz no problem on going to the beauty salon. The owner told Liz she will have the owner of the beauty salon telephone her with the details today since they are closed.

That was a nice surprise and we were all excited including me because the owner said the 3 of us. The telephone rang and it was the lady from the hair salon asks if we could be at the salon at 1pm and she gave us the address. Now we had to all great ready because it will not be boring day around the PMQ this Sunday. We found the beauty salon no problem and the lady unlocked the door to let us in and the lady of the shop gave us a piece of paper that was faxed to the beauty salon for the owner of the sex shop in Winnipeg. The paper was the time line of events for the Calgary shoe which was very impressive. The lady of the shop said that she was instructed that Liz and Joey will take care of each other and Naughty Natalie is to keep her clothes on. We all laughed and the owner knows us well in a short time. The lady of the shop when on to explain that 3 hair dyes in 3 spots, then a hair trim and 3 bikini waxes and 3 under arm waxes. Now that is where I get confused because there are 2 ladies for the waxing. Then the lady of the shop showed me the hand written noted added to the typed info that was sent. The owner of the sex shop wrote Liz will not get a bikini wax unless Joey does it to. We all basically all agreed because I have always supported Liz and encouraged her with the fancy outfits. Plus we really did not know what a bikini wax really is which is just to a trim of the hair where the bikini bottoms fit. We did not worry and about but we have to change out of our clothes and in to bath robes. Liz and I have our bath robes done up tight where Naughty Natalie's robe is not done up very tight and is showing skin. Liz motions her to cover up which she did. Since it is Sunday and shop is closed the lady of the shop will work with us to get this done so it does not take all day. During regular hours there would be 4 lady staff members helping out. Liz is washing my hair while the lady of the shop is doing Naughty Natalie's hair. Then the hair dye comes out and now I have black hair and eyebrows. My eyes were closed and covered with a towel because I did not want to get water and hair dye in them. I thought I could feel my robe getting pulled up a bit then I felt the cold dye on the hair between my legs. I could not open my eyes or move my head but Liz told me to be a “man” about it as she rubbed the hair dye in. This was a shock to me and I just smile because pay back will be a “bitch”. Once my hair is coloured I have a towel to keep the dye and shampoo out of my eyes plus my eyes brows too. Liz leads to the shower which is already running because Naughty Natalie is done in the shower. I can not see anything because I have towel on my eyes to protect them. As Naughty Natalie walks by me she touches my Male Manhood and says Liz did it. I told her wrong because both of Liz’s hands are one my shoulders guiding me in to the shower. Then Liz takes one hand off my shoulder to touch my Male Manhood. Then tells me that is she touching it now. Very funny I told her. Now she rinses all the shampoo and dye out of my hair and eyebrows and I can see again. I am never doing this again I feel like a little kid being lead around by mother when I had soap in my eyes. Of course Liz wash all the hair dye and soap out of the hair between my legs before I could do it myself. Now she know pay back is going to be a “bitch”. Now that I am done showering we return the salon chairs and Naughty Natalie is getting her hair trimmed. The lady of the shop gives me pointer on dyeing Liz’s hair and eyebrows. When the lady of the shop was talking to Liz about being a true blonde and second time dyeing her hair. When she was looking at Liz’s roots of her hair to make sure the dye was soaking in. That is when I poured the cold hair dye on the hair between Liz’s legs and rubbed it in like she I to me but she could not stop me. Naughty Natalie was just smiling and laughing at me. Once the lady of the shop was happy with the roots on Liz’s hair and I got to lead Liz to the shower and rinse off of the shampoo and hair dye. Of course I did everything back to Liz that she did to me. Liz just smiled because she knew she had it coming. When we finished we returned back out to get out hair trimmed. Naughty Natalie disappeared but she had her robe with her because it was not left behind. The lady of the shop trimmed up our hair and asked lots of questions on why Liz being such a true blonde is dying her hair. Liz told her so she can wear the fancy outfit and have fun as a blonde it is no fun. Once we were done the lady of the shop took us to the waxing room which we knew nothing about. If we did we would not have agreed. In the waxing room is a table you lay on plus a little counter against the wall has a pot being heated. In the pot is the wax that goes on the hair that is to be removed. The wax goes on warm then cools once cooled it is pealed off removing the hair and roots. Now this sounds simple. The lady of the shop showed Liz how to do a test strip on my under arm hairs. I only agreed to this because Liz will get the same treatment as I get. The wax is very warm and when it cools it is not pealed off it is ripped off in a fit of rage. Now that hurt and really hurts. Now Liz does the strip beside the one the lady of the shop did. Once the wax was cooled she did not rip it off fast enough so the pain was longer. Liz then teases me that pay back would not be a “bitch” because she shaves her arm pits. The lady of the shop say they get waxed too to get the hair roots which is harder. That is when I smiled at Liz. The lady of the shop used a marking pen on my arm pits to show Liz the area to remove because she thinks I am on stage too. As Liz was waxing the next strip I was not paying attention the lady of the shop until she pulled back the bath robe and I could feel the marking pen between my legs and down my legs plus she used her hand to move my legs part and marked on the inside and then showed Liz where to remove and then point to my Male Manhood and gets Liz pointer on how it is too be done. That is when I should have ran out of the beauty salon screaming like a little girl but I am English and stubborn. The lady of the shop heard some on knocking at the shop door and left to see who it was. Now Liz is just teasing me and laughing because I will not be walking out of here like a man. Then I pointed out I get to wax her next and pay back is a “bitch”.

As Liz was waxing my under arm hairs and thought I hear dad’s voice. Liz just keeps on working to get this down so we can return to the PMQ and drink the last of the booze. We both say and figure we can hear dad’s voice then he said hello to us in the room. He was very surprised to see a married woman waxing my under arm hairs as I lay there with a bath robe on. It is a good thing Liz had covered my Male Manhood when the lady of the shop left. Now dad is concerned about what he is seeing because he would like to have grand kids some day. The sister and Disco Queen are a long shot at giving him grand kids because they do not know what “sex” they are this week as in male or female. Liz just smiled and said we got invited to a show in Calgary. Then dad said that is what Naughty Natalie was telling him. So that was the voice we heard. Dad says Naughty Natalie laying on the tanning table get a tan for Calgary. I asked dad if he got to see her ass and he said yes then she had to turn over for an even tan. So that is why it was so quiet in here because she was amusing herself like a little kid being bad when everything is too quiet. I told dad that Liz is too shy to get this done and the sex shop owner knew if I do it Liz will do it. But we had no idea what this bikini waxing is all about. That is when Liz ripped the strip off and dad said he felt that one and I told him I did too. Dad said he seen the 67 Chevy out front and did not know if you broke down and needed help on a Sunday so he stopped. Liz asked if he had to come to town for the Disco Queens and dad said yes. He says good bye to us and then we can hear him talking with Naughty Natalie for a long time. We think he is getting the full details on the Calgary trips. Plus Naughty Natalie will be turning over and over for an even tan.

Now Liz has my under arm waxed she now pulls my bath robe back and starts on the hair between my legs. The first strip she pulled off hurt and when she was done I did not feel a thing because everything was hurting and tingling. We both hoped Naughty Natalie would show up when it was time to wax my Male Member which Liz had to hold in her one hand so she did not rip it off my body. We were laughing so hard and joking that is was not embarrassing at all after all the things we have been through. Now between my legs is really sore and I gently and carefully get off the table. Liz gets on the table and I start on her under arm that are shaven. The lady of the shop comes in and shows me how to work the wax to get the roots of the shaven hair. Then she points out that waxing non cut hair like me is easier. Liz has been trimming up so I will have to work the wax to get the roots left behind by the razor. When the lady of the shop left I look at Liz and said pay back is “Bitch” with a big smile on my face. I thought Liz’s arm pit hairs was tough but between her legs was even tougher because I had to work the wax with the application stick to work it in to the roots then rip off the wax. Then do it again. When we both thought we were done the lady of the shop said I had to do down where babies pop out. That is when Liz and I both looked at her and Liz said “bikini wax” in the form of a question. Then the lady of the shop told us because everything has to be smooth like you did him but still keeping the tuft of hair up top for the tease since we dyed it. I am not sure who died first Liz or I and she did not want the lady of the shop waxing where babies pop out. Plus we have to get this done because it is getting late on a Sunday. I suggested I go get Naughty Natalie but she was just starting her waxing because her tan was now done. Both Liz and I agreed we have been through lots and she did stitch me up so seeing where babies pop out is not that bad. I tired not to screw up to get this done so we can all go home. We all need to sit in a hot tub full of water to make the waxing feel so much better. The only problem I had was it took 2-3 tries of waxing to get all the roots out but we laughed through it. Laughing was the only way to do it and when finished it looked good. Liz and I will remember this for a long time. The lady of the shop said it was done right and it is time to go home. We put our clothes on and thanked the lady of the shop for coming in on a Sunday to help us out. The lady told us the owner of the sex shop is a good customer and pays well so it is well worth coming in on a Sunday. We thanked her again and walked to the 67 Chevy as if we were newly wed walking very stiff and sore between the legs. We headed back to Liz’s PMQ laughing and joking about what bikini waxing is all about. We arrived at the main gate to get on the Shilo base the guard made a note that we all had matching hair and eye brows too. We thought it was good of him to notice and he let us on the base. We arrive at the PMQ and no lights on. Liz says she will shower first which was a long long shower. Naughty Natalie and I shower next and I could not really tell if she had a tan or not being colour blind but she was happy. We make a quick supper the try and sit on the couch and watch a VHS movie was next to impossible because where the waxing was done it is red and itchy now. We see why the owner wanted it done right away so we will be healed up in time for Calgary.

Rolling Pin Cafe’

It was a standard Monday morning with Liz going to work and Naughty Natalie and I return back to Brandon to work. I am back a work doing light duty work and making sure I am gone before 5pm quitting time. Dad is picking up Naughty Natalie after work because he has a Union meeting and will buy us supper. I have stop by the little apartment and pick up Liz who rode the worker’s bus from Shilo to Brandon like has being doing because she can not go to her PMQ by herself even if it only for a second to pick up something she forgot. If the MPs stop by when she is there by herself it might not end well for her. We all meet a the Rolling Pin cafe in Brandon for supper which dad is buying. It is the local coffee shop hang out for the working class people until they opened a Tim Horton coffee shop. I like going here because they have big cinnamon rolls that tastes so good. Supper was excellent and dad is always chatting with people that stop by our table or sit down quickly because the cafe is known for the big family booths to sit in. We figure half the people stopping to chat to dad are for hot rod club and work friends. Then the other half just wants to get introduced to the ladies. We tell more about the trip or as we can say Naughty Natalie chatted with dad on the trip. Dad is offering mother’s mini van because a hot rod friend in Winnipeg wants some hot rod parts dad is selling him. I told dad we will have the 67 Chevy truck and can take the parts. Then dad kicks me under the table in the leg to get my brain to click in. Then he says again that we are to take mother’s mini van with the hot rod parts now that my brain is working I agree and say thank you. We have to leave Friday after I am done school because that is what the owner of the sex shop put in her instructions. Dad thought that was very strange because I did high school in 2 years while everyone has to do it in the standard 3 years. I used my 2 first name and pretend to be two different people and got all the credits to graduate. Naughty Natalie did the 3 year plan and Liz had to dropped out to have a shot gun wedding but it was a miscarriage very early on. That is how Liz ended up saying “I Do” at a young age. Naughty Natalie explains to dad that the sex shop owner thinks we are siblings and Liz is the oldest and joey is the little brother who is 14 years old and a “Virgin”. Now that made dad laugh because he even says I look 14 years old. I then told Dad not to make the “Virgin” comments. Then dad asked that we have been to Winnipeg and keep acting as sibling. We all say “yes” because it great fun. Then Naughty Natalie tells dad we give the gift envelopes back to the owner because she gave us the outfits for what cash we had in the our pockets that day. Dad has figured out now while mother thinks we are selling drugs to pay for the fancy outfits at $4000.00 each. Liz tells dad that we gave the owner $800.00 cash for the $8000.00 worth of fancy outfits. Then our gift envelopes we give back we get on a show weekend and all expenses paid we have fun. We have never opened the gift envelopes but the other ladies are getting at $1000.00. Dad was in shock at amount of money. Then Liz explains that Naughty Natalie will get more money because she always preforms last because she is the best. The Joey will get a small amount in the envelope because he is just escorting and dressing the ladies. Then dad asked about ladies part that Liz said. I told dad I have both ladies dressed quickly because are organized. Then I help the other ladies get ready too. Dad was quick to ask how many ladies and I replied “6-8 other ladies”. Now that made dad smile but I did point out that I am in character as a 14 year old “Virgin” not a male pig with quick hands. Dad agreed and so did the ladies. Liz goes back to saying her gift envelope would be normal because she opens the show and gets the audience warmed up preforming as a married woman. If all the gift envelopes are opened and money is put in one pile the total will be $3000.00. Once again dad was shocked and when he thought about this he was proud of us for not being greedy and taking the money because the fancy outfits were never really paid for in the first place.

Now it was time for dad to go to his Union meeting and Naughty Natalie rode with dad to the little apartment instead of in the 67 Chevy with Liz and I. Dad said it was on the way and it is warmer for the ladies which is true because Liz has been riding around in the 67 Chevy sitting in the middle by me. When we get to the little apartment I tell Naughty Natalie to leave her jacket on because we have these VHS movies to return and there will be a late fee charge. We are 2 hours late returning them and if I go in and ask for the late fee charge not to be added the young kid will charge me anyways. But if Naughty Natalie goes in to the VHS movie rental store with her winter jacket un-zipped in the front so the young kid can she her cleavage then the kid will forgot about the late fees. Liz says she is coming too, I told stay and check under my pillow because the tooth fair came today while we were at supper. Naughty Natalie just smiled and we left to return the movies. When we returned back to the little apartment we had new VHS movies to watch and they were free because of no late charges on return of other ones. Liz could not figure out how late fees equals free. Then Naughty Natalie told Liz the young kid liked her cleavage. Liz has wet hair and I asked her how long her shower was because of what the tooth fairy had under my pillow. Liz just replied “there is no hot water left” with a smile on her face. When Naughty Natalie disappeared Liz held me tight and thanked me for leave her new bedroom toy under the pillow. She really needed to enjoy it because it has been over six weeks. Then with the waxing of where the babies pop out made it unbearable with her needs. She could have used a Buff Boy to take the needs away. I reminded her that I was asked to “take care” of her and we hug some more and Naughty Natalie came back to tell us to get a room. We all smiled.

The week went fast and on Friday we are to leave for Winnipeg when I am done school. Liz caught the early bus for the workers from Shilo to Brandon and Naughty Natalie and I both got off work early. We are ready and at the little apartment and dad calls and say he will be there right away. We grab our bags and head out to the parking lot of the little apartment. He should pull up in mother’s min van and take the 67 Chevy home for the weekend. We are standing in the parking lot and we are starting to get a little cold. A rental SUV pulls up and dad is driving who tells us to get in. OK this is confusing but we toss our luggage in the rental SUV and off we go with dad driving. Naughty Natalie asks dad where mother’s mini van is and dad quickly replied “the sister damaged it and this is the replacement”. We all asked if the sister was OK and dad replied “unfortunately yes”. We all smiled and as dad drove heading to the Trans-Canada Highway which will take us to Winnipeg. Naughty Natalie then asked what is going on because are heading to Winnipeg. Dad then said the rental is in his name and both Joey and Naughty Natalie are under age drivers so he is the only one that can drive the rental SUV. Liz then tells dad he will have fun in Winnipeg. Dad just smiled and said he had his over night bag that mother packed. Dad is making good time driving on the highway and is pushing the speed limit because he is classed as an older experience driver and he can have 20 speeding tickets before they take his license away. Naughty Natalie and I being just 18 years old we have to behave because we are young. As dad drives he say the sister had mother’s mini van at the mall in downtown Brandon which has under ground parking. When she backed out of the parking stall she was not watching the front of mother’s mini van. The front fender caught on the under ground parking roof support post and ripped the fender off. Liz points out the sister should have hear the crunching sound of the fender and stopped. But dad says “no” it was not till the fender fell off and they drove over it. With the fender now stuck under the low clearance of mother’s mini van they drove all over the under ground parking to come to the exit. The police reported stated lots of noise and sparks from the fender under the mini van. It was the parking lot attendant that takes the money for the parking time that told the sister and Disco Queens there was something under the vehicle and there is a front fender missing on the vehicle too. Naughty Natalie says to dad that pretty bad she did not see the passenger side fender getting damaged. Then dad corrected her to say it was the driver’s side fender plus driver’s side door. That is when we all agreed that these people should not be allowed to recreate at all. When dad found out and the insurance gives them a rental as a replacement to drive while mother’s mini van is being fixed. He told mother he was driving us to Winnipeg and will visit his hot rod friends while we do our thing. Liz thanked dad and I did too. Naughty Natalie sitting in the front with dad leaned over and gave dad a hug as he drove. Of course Liz had to yell from the back seat of the SUV “get a room” and Naughty Natalie replied back “we do”. Now we are a bigger group dad will just ask for a room with 2 beds and then he gets one bed while his son shares the other bed with 2 ladies. We will not be in the room very much plus dad will be the same with visiting his hot rods friends without mother.


Royal Ballet

The trip to Winnipeg was quick with Liz and I having a qucik nap in the back of the rental SUV while dad and Naughty Natalie talked about everything and anything. We arrived at the motel and there was a taxi waiting at the front doors. Liz went and asked if it was for us because the owner told us there would be a taxi at a certain time. It was our taxi so we said good bye to dad and he will check us in to the motel then go have supper with his hot rod friends. We jump the taxi and he drives to a different place in downtown Winnipeg not the sex shop. Now we are all worried because we grabbed nothing of our luggage or the fancy outfits. We asked the driver if this was the place and he radioed in to his boss who replied back that the customer had all other pick ups delivered here. Now we get out of the taxi and once the taxi leaves we are on our own. We can not get a hold of dad to come get us and we have enough money to take a taxi back to the motel. This is not a good feeling because we have always taken care of ourselves and been in control. We go in the big building that has the Royal Ballet sign on it and think for sure we are at the wrong place. When inside this big building Liz asks the first person about attending and Ladies and Gentleman’s course. The person asked our names and we were on the list. The person said to follow which we did. Everyone was looking at us as if we parked our spaceship out front and walked asking to be taken to their leader. But we are proud and walk tall and smile at these people as we follow along. We walked down a series of hall and then the person opens a door and we walk in. We were so glad to see the owner and Philip. Yes seeing Philip was a welcoming sight because we knew for sure we were at the right place. Philip being so feminine he will not be hanging out in the wrong places. The owner likes our matching black hair and checks the roots on Liz to make sure it was done correctly because she is the one that paid for the services. Then the owner asked how the bikini waxes went and we all smiled. Philip had a surprised look on his face when he heard I had a bikini wax too. The owner asked if I enjoyed the pain and I told her I did not mind it at all. She laughed and made sure I got the bikini wax because she knew Liz would not unless I did. Then owner pointed out that Liz does not and is not required to show it all but you have to look and feel the part. We all agreed. Then Philip asked me more on my bikini wax and says he like it too when he gets his wax treatments. Ok that is when the subject got changed right there and then. Philip could not take a light hit with a whip and cried but can have his “manly but feminine” hairs ripped out.

The ladies explained they did not bring the fancy outfits because we have no idea what is going on. The owner then explained tonight we are her to learn how to walk and act like ladies and I get to learn how to be a gentleman. The owner said I have been doing very for being so young and never been with a lady. But this will improve your skills for the day when you get to be with a lady. OK is all we said as we followed the owner and Philip followed us. Liz whispers in my ear that Philip is walking behind us to check out my ass. I told her not to say things like that. She just smiled back. Now we enter in the big training area for which turns out to be for the Royal Ballet. Yes now the 3 of us have entered in to a totally different world and we are more shocked them all the people looking at us. The 3 of us standing there with me wearing a Heavy Metal Rock Band sweater and blue jeans. The ladies have on tight blue jeans and white tank tops. We are now looking a people in tights that are training for the ballet and the other ladies that are with the owner who do not dress like us. The owner has us follow her over to her group and all the ballet people just look at us. We remember a few of the ladies and there are new ladies in the group. The owner introduces us and tell the group we are late because I had to finish school then we drove in from Brandon. They ladies are all happy for me still being in school. The owner gives a quick recap and tonight is all about walking and acting like ladies and the reason we are here at the Royal Ballet is because they have the best people on staff . Plus the owner donates a lot of money in support of the Royal Ballet because it is culture. That shocked all of us and now we think to ourselves this is a high honor to be able to learn from these people. The 3 of us thought this was great. The ladies join in with the other ladies and there are all sorts of different high heal shoes for them to wear that is why the fancy outfits are not required. I have to go with Philip over to the other side of the big area where we met a male dancer for ballet in his tights. The male dance introduces himself as Leroy and has a very firm hand shake because this guy is all muscles from tossing the ballet ladies around. He then asks where I got my AC/DC sweater. I told him that I was able to get one the day they came out through the place Naughty Natalie works at. Then he told me he is hoping to get one when they travel to Toronto next month with the ballet. Now I knew this was going to be a good night because he is just like me doing a job and having fun. But he has to wear tights and I have to wear a tux. Now I just like the ladies and walking back and forth in front of the mirrors and Leroy is showing me pointer and such. I look over and the ladies are having fun too. Now Philip has my top hat and jacket from the outfit I usually wear. He brought it for me to practice in. Of course Philip has to help me with the jacket. Leroy asks what I have been doing and I tell them I escort the ladies then on stage out and back. He asked me to show him how I use the top hat. I just a walk along the mirrors telling him I have this lady on my arm I then tip my top hat and walk back off stage. Leroy then asks for the hat so I tossed it to him and he caught it. If I did that to Philip he would have fainted or not caught the top hat. Now Leroy now does the walk along the mirror and then does a really nice tip of the top hat and then with a thick English accent said a few words to wish the lady a good show and the walked back along the mirrors as if to walk off stage. Philip and I are just smiling and I asked Leroy if he is from England and he said yes. He came to Canada to preform with the ballet but never relized how cold a Manitoba winter can be. Now I get to try the moves Leroy did and Philip is encouraging me. After a good work out the food arrives for everyone because the owner takes care of everyone. My ladies and I were happy to see out 3 special plates set aside and people just looked at us because we are so different from them.

As everyone is finishing up eat Philip returns holding up 2 bras. One is for a lady with very small boobies which I think came from one of the ladies on the ballet group. The other bra looks to be from the country western singer Dolly Parton. My ladies and me are looking at Philip in a very strange way because we know that he is not the type of fellow who would collect bras as souvenirs from the ladies he has been with. Then the owner comes over to explain to us as she usually does that I have to learn how to handle bras. That is when Naughty Natalie and Liz comment of me being so young and never been with a lady my only experience with a bra is doing the laundry with their bras. Which I pointed out to them that is so true because I do the laundry too and both places. The owner then corrects my ladies in saying that recovering this items on stage or in the audience takes practice to make it look smooth. I have to be like a magician and that is what we are all about because we are create an illusion with the female bodies. Before anyone asked why the bras because the Dominatrix outfits have the corsets that require no bras. The owner says the market can change very quickly from Dominatrix outfits back to the school girl look. Then all 3 of us will be blondes. Naughty Natalie and Liz both said at the same time say they do not want to be blonde because nobody will take then serious. They hoped the Dominatrix outfits last a long time. Then I speak up saying I do not want to be a blonde because when I wear my Speedo I will look like I need to carry a surf board. Then the owner says she got to see me in my Speedo and Philip agreed too. Of course my 2 ladies have to tell them both to makes sure I do not walk pass any open doors in the winter or the Male Shrinkage will cause the Speedo to become a loose and might fall off. Now that was funny and we all laughed. The bras were not that easy to work with and trying to be a gentleman the small one was easy because of less material and easier to fold and hide with one hand. The fully figured lady one with the huge bra cups required a quick fold and then in to the tux pocket. Philip was even throwing the bras for me to catch as if the ladies were on stage and need them to be removed off stage. It was only prefect that he was the one throwing because he was so feminine. Now if Leroy tossed the bra at me it would be like if he was back in England tossing me the rugby ball. We were having a lot of fun and could not believe the time it was when the owner told us we were done for the night. My ladies and I were the only ones to help Philip pack everything up to be taken back to the sex shop. We thought the owner had a vehicle at the Royal Ballet building and we would just help carrying all the travel boxes. The owner explained the early days of her business she used to do that. Now a delivery company will pick up the travel boxes in the morning and deliver them back to the sex shop. We just agreed this lady is a good business woman. The taxis are all out front of the building and the owner and Philip get in one and she tell us to be at the sex shop at 1pm and the taxi will pick us up at the motel at 12:45pm. We say thank you and say good bye. As we are getting in our taxi Leroy came out of the building and we asked if he needed a ride so he jump in with us. We asked the driver to drop him off as the taxi took us back to our motel. Leroy a happy to get a ride with us because it is so cold in Manitoba in the winter. We say good bye to Leroy and the taxi takes us to our motel. At the motel we go to check in because dad checked in but we do not know which room we are in. As we are at the front desk dad walk us behind us because he is just returning from visiting hot rod friends. Naughty Natalie points out it is past his bedtime with a smile. As she said that the lady behind the desk hands dad a few messages on papers to call mother. She was calling the motel and he was not in his room so mother was worried. Yes mother is worried because dad is hanging out with their only son and snorting cocaine off the boobies of naked ladies at the nudity bars in Winnipeg. The front desk apologized to us for more problems with our room and we said not problem because we really do not care. Dad explained they only had the room he booked earlier because all the rooms are full. So he had them put a roll away folding bed in the room for him to sleep on while I sleep in one bed with 2 ladies. The front desk people just smile as we did.

Up in the room we all had a drink and dad telephoned mother but not collect because dad has a telephone card that he can charge the long distance call too. Mother was all concerned and the Disco Queens are all upset how they could of died in the accident today with her mini van. Dad was not in the mood to deal with mother. So he told her that he was going to the pool with us and will call in the morning and hung up the phone. We all have a good drink and chat about what we did at the lessons tonight. Dad could not believe that I had to learn how to be a gentleman he said the good job to the ladies too. Naughty Natalie is just dying to get out of her clothes because she has been wearing clothes for over 12 hours now. She gets the shower going and I join her while dad and Liz have a drink. As soon as we are done Liz has a quick shower. Naughty Natalie is trying hard to wear Liz’s black silk robe and is having troubles keeping it from not showing to much skin in front of dad. Liz mixes Naughty Natalie’s drinks a little weaker but that did not help. I told Liz it is pointless because tying to keep clothes on Naughty Natalie when she feels comfortable around us. It is like making a 2 year old wear clothes. Besides dad watched tan herself for almost an hour. When Naughty Natalie’s black silk robe fell on the floor of the motel room for the 100th time Liz did not ask her to pick it up. Dad was getting used to her being naked. It is like looking at the same Playboy Magazine for the 100th time.



Rocket Ship Pajamas

We woke up in the morning with Naughty Natalie and I on the folding bed and Liz on top of the covers on the bed with her black silk robe covering all her body as if she was in church. Dad was under the covers of the bed with only his head sitting out on the pillow. I say to myself I hope he is not naked because seeing his “man boobies” will be very scary. Liz wakes up and check out the motel room but still lays on the bed. Then she motion to Naughty Natalie I too watch. She then turns on her side and moves the black silk robe around to show some on the legs. Then she reaches over to wake up dad. That is when the ladies got to see dad without his false teeth. That was a shock and very funny because dad’s mouth was a little dry from the all the beverages served and the dry heat in the motel room. So he was licking his lips and opening and closing his mouth which looked so funny. Dad is not a morning person all of his life now he is trying to wake up. Liz is teasing him saying it was fun last night and it is OK because were are both married. Once dad woke up enough to realize he started laughing too which made us laugh because he had no teeth and his lips looked to big for his mouth. Now that he is awake he has to use the bathroom and as he sits up he flips the bed sheet off of him. That is when we all thought we would see his “man boobies” but he was wear pajamas with little rocket ships on them like I wore when I was 5 years old. Now we were all in more shock then if we had seen his “man boobies”. He then tells us that mother just bought these for him. Then I pointed out to dad that I will wear my silk under wear any day over rocket ship pajamas. We all laughed. We order breakfast up to the room while everyone took turns in the bathroom. We have enough time after breakfast enjoy the pool which dad says mother packed his swim suit. After the pool we leave at 12:45pm and have no idea when we are returning or anything. We can call mother collect if there is problems. Dad is meeting his hot rod friends for lunch then spending the day looking at hot rod projects in Winnipeg with them. We all thought that would be good for him to enjoy a day having fun. He did not know when he would be back and if drank too much then he will stay the night at the place that over served him because it will be a friend’s house. If dad is over served he will phone the motel and get them to leave us a message. This will work out fine for all of us.

After breakfast we get ready for the pool and the Naughty Natalie is showing dad that after the bikini wax she got her bikini bottoms fit nicer plus the tan makes her look good too. Liz agrees on the bikini wax does make the bottoms fit better and she showed me so I do not feel left out. The last one to come out of the bathroom in his swim suit was dad. Now we get to see his “man boobies” and beer belly that took years for him to get. His swim suit goes to his knees and is very baggie. Dad laughed at me in my Speedo because he got to see that I got the bikini wax and the Speedo fits better too. Dad could not believe how much I did so Liz would do it too. All I said to dad “I was asked to “take care” of her”. Dad agreed and off we went to the pool avoiding the lobby doors. We are the first ones to be at the pool and I get in very slowly to the shallow end and sit with the water up to my neck and relax not splashing or anything. Dad got pushed in the pool by the ladies and then for the next hour until the pool got to crowd that is all those 3 did. Dad was like a little kid again having fun. When it was time to head back to the room there was a lot of people and the ladies told dad people come to see them in their bikinis. Dad agreed because he got to see it first hand. Dad had to shower first to get going to meet his hot rod friends then it was Naughty Natalie and I then Liz. As everyone takes turn showering we check everything over because we do not want to arrive in Calgary to find we forgot something. Liz is not looking forward to flying Air Canada because their motto is “we are not happy unless you are unhappy”. Liz was suppose to fly with the military from the east coast to Winnipeg because she is married military and being transferred. Her husband was already at the Shilo base and it was a simple trip that turned in to a night mare for her. The moving company came and picked up the furniture from the PMQ they had on the base on the east coast. She spent the night with family to say goodbye then got pick up by the military people. She was to ride a military plane to Winnipeg and then ride the military bus to Shilo to her awaiting husband. The military plane was full which had no room for her. The military people took to Air Canada and put her on that plane to Winnipeg. When she arrived in Winnipeg there was no military people or her luggage plus she blonde. When she got a hold of some military people that thought she was a blonde one night that her husband had which did not impress her. The military was doing everything so she could not make contact or get to shilo. She had no luggage and no money in Winnipeg plus never been away from the east coast was an eye opener for her. She slept the night in the Winnipeg airport then the next day had to fight with the military to get them to belive she is married in to the military not a one night stand. It was late a night and someone finally believed her and put her on the bus to Shilo. The only thing she had was the address for the PMQ because she had that information for transferring everything. It was late and dark and the bus dropped off at the end of the street and she walked up to the PMQ assigned to her and it was lock. Is opened one the windows and crawled inside and slept on the floor. With no luggage, no husband not furniture. The next day she asked for the Shilo welcoming committee who should help her out and they stopped by with the standard welcoming gifts for welcoming new people. A week later the furniture showed up then a month later her husband returned. Liz got her job right away on base with a got cash advance to buy food and clothes at the local military store. Getting a job easy on military bases because everyone is transferring. Liz says that was the worst month of her life not knowing and everyone treated her like a blonde bimbo that was a one night stand. Liz needed a hug after reliving this nightmare. Naughty Natalie joined me in hugging her. Plus I can see why she is enjoying life as a black haired women because she is being taken seriously.

Naughty Natalie has never flown and is all excited and I have flown lots so it is not a problem. Liz says they are not getting her luggage to lose because she only has one fancy outfit. We all agreed as we got ready the fancy outfits will be carry on luggage. We had a short wait for the taxi and off we went to the sex shop. We thanked the taxi driver and went in to the building and straight to the mirror room with the shiny support post. There were other ladies and a few more joined in after us. The food was set on on the table and the 3 plate with our names on them were set aside for us. As we ate the owner explains that we fly to Calgary then fly right back so it will be a long day. If she can do it at her age then the ladies will have not problem. One of the new ladies asked why we have to dress here then travel. Should it not be travel then dress. The owner relied all the inventory is here for repairs to outfits or to up grade the outfits. Plus we are not flying Air Canada but private jet. The outfits will not be worn very long because dress here then quick trip there and back. The outfits are only worn for 6 hours which most of it will be sitting during travel. That surprised everyone including us. He owner then tells everyone there are set times so nobody can be slow or late. The limousine costs money, the private jet costs money because she is paying from the time we leave Winnipeg till we arrive back. If we are delayed getting back to the private jet after the preformance because some one forgot something or fell in love. The private jet still costs a lot of money to be waiting. Then the owner pointed out to every one that this young man will be making sure all the ladies are on time. I just smiled. With a set time to be ready Naughty Natalie is having fun on the shiny support post like she always does. The other ladies are getting ready and the professional make up people arrive. We thought nothing of it because none of us wear make up unless we are hiding bruises. The owner comes over to Liz and I and calls Naughty Natalie to join us. The owner tells the make up people these are her best people and only want just a little around the eyes on both ladies because they have all natural beauty. My ladies just smiled because they know make up does not make then beautiful. Then owner told the make up people she needs this 14 year old to look 22 years old with a mustache and side burns and aged the skin. He acts 22 years old but needs to look the part for tonight's performance.


Private Jet

Now that surprised all of us because these professional make up people work in the film and arts industry so they will make me look like a man. I had to sit for over an hour while they did the make up but when it was done I could defiantly buy a case of beer without being questioned about my age. Of course Naughty Natalie and I made comments that I just need to lose my “Virginity” which was funny. Even Philip thought I really looked “hot” in his eyes. Liz told me there is my chance to lose my “Virginity” with Philip. I told her I like boobies and will lose my “Virginity” to some one who has boobies. With it getting close to the time to leave there are a few ladies not ready and Philip is helping which is good because he is not looking at my ass. The limousine arrives and we all line up to go. The owner wants everything done with style and being professional. The bags of extra supplies we will be handled by the driver of the limousine because that is his job. My job is the ladies only. When the owner said it was show time the ladies all come out of the building and I help them in the limousine. The last people in the limousine are the owner and Philip. Philip is happy to go on this trip because he gets to see the Rocky Mountains. I ride up front with the limousine driver and I have to play with my new mustache. We arrive at the Winnipeg airport on the south side where all the small plane traffic loads and unloads. The limousine drive has no trouble getting through the guard gate and drives out on the tarmac to the private jet. I have been through the guard gate lots when flying in the small plane for the company I work for. We have parts in the back of a delivery truck and need them to get over to the plane on the tarmac. Then we can put them in the small plane and fly out to fix the broke equipment. The paper work and forms to get the delivery truck on the tarmac and then off was unreal every time. Tonight we arrive in a limousine and show a pass card and drive through with no hassles. The limousine pulls along side the private jet and I get out and help the ladies. The owner and Philip get on the private jet first the ladies follow. My ladies had to touch my mustache and touch my side burns and say I might be my lucky night. I just smile because I am not allowed to talk because we are professionals tonight. The limousine driver hands the bags from the trunk of the limousine to the ground crew for the private jet. They put the bags in the storage compartments of the private jet. The hostess of the private jet says all the ladies are sitting down and I can come aboard the private jet. I have never heard it said that way. Once on the private jet the hostess asks to take my winter jacket off. I told her thank you but I am good because all the ladies still have their long winter coats on. The hostess asks me again for my winter jacket because I will be a guest of the pilot. Please take my winter jacket which she does. Then she escorts me in the cock pit and introduces me to the pilot and motions me to seat the co-pilots seat. Now I am in heaven because I have been flying in small planes doing repair work now I get sit in a private jet and watch how it is flown. I know lots about fling and crashing the small airplanes with the company I work for but this all new to me. But we are professionals and can not talk which is fine with me because I can watch and learn.

I just get sitting down and the hostess check my seat belts which is good because if the male pilot checks the seat belt does not excitement me because it is a full harness and goes between your legs. With a seat belt like this it can only mean one thing which is this private jet flies fast. The small company plane which I ride in only has the lap seat belt and this is to hold you in the seat so your face hits the dash when the planes crashes. As the hostess does the safety speech to the ladies in the back. The pilot does his check lists and talks on the head set to the control tower. I figure from my pasted experience flying in a small plane out of the Winnipeg airport it is going to take us about 30 minute to be able to take off. First we have to move over to the staging area. Then wait for planes to land then sit on the runway waiting for clearance to take off. But not this time because the pilot moved the power levers to get the jet engines to give power and we start to move. The private jet is moving fast and it is straight out to the runway. The pilot has skipped the four long delays in taking off which I know well from my small plane experience. On the runway the pilot does the brake and engine test to see if they are operating correctly. He talks with the control tower and then we are gone with full power of the jets engines. The private jet is airborne now and is climbing high and fast with a slight turn to the west which has us heading to Calgary. What we just did in 3 minutes has always been about 30 minute in the small company plane. As we turn and climb higher leaving the Winnipeg airport behind, I can see the lights of the big passenger jets coming in to land. The private jet is still climbing and the pilot fills out his paper work. When the paper work is done then we start the short descend down to Calgary. This flight was over before it started because this plane is fast. With the time change from traveling across 3 western provinces there is still enough daylight in the sky for Philip to see the Rocky Mountains. We could not figure how he could see the Rocky Mountains when it is dark but this proves he has been here before. The private jet must have had special clearance to be land in Calgary as fast as we did. We came down from the skies and on the runway all in one motion. The private jet drives over to the waiting limousine by the private hangars. The hostess asks me to join her while the private jet is still moving. I exit the cock pit and the hostess helps me with my winter jacket. Once the private jet stops the ground crew has the door open and I escort the ladies. The ground crew puts the bags from the private jet in the trunk of the limousine. The hostess wishes all the ladies a good performance tonight as every gets off the private jet. The owner thanked every one and we will be back shortly.

With the ladies in the limousine I get in the front with drive and just nod my head and off we go. It was nice seeing Calgary as the sun was setting and it was a lot warmer here then in Winnipeg. The winter jacket almost feel too warm but I am not complaining because in 3 hours we will be back to the freezing cold. The limousine pulls up to the building and I help the ladies out of the limousine and nobody has any idea where we are. The ladies follow the owner and Philip and the staff from the building handle the bags from the limousine. Once we are all in the room behind the stage the ladies can use the bathroom and the food with booze is all laid out on tables. My ladies tell me they got one drink in the private jet and the flight was over. At least they got a drink because I got nothing. As we look at the food table there are 3 plates separate with our names on them because that is our normal food. There are huge bib napkins for the ladies to wear so no chance food stains the outfits or falling in the cleavage. I have trouble eating because I am not used to my new mustache. Of course I get food in it and Liz has to clean me up. Philip has the 2 bags on a table and any touch ups the ladies need are in the bags. Liz has kept her fully sexy mask since last time because she says this is now her trade mark. Some of the ladies will preform tonight with the masks too. After we eat then there is little relaxation time before the show starts and the owner gives her pep talk speech to do her proud. A lot of money was spent for all of us to travel to put on an excellent show then to fly home right afterwards. We will all give a good performance including me because I look so handsome with my mustache.

Liz is first to go on and has had enough to drink to relax and I asked her if she has the safety pins on her panties. She says she is married and do not need them. I said excellent to her with a big smile. I have to do this sober and I am getting nervous because we are working and I can not drink. As we wait Liz says to me be proud walking out on stage because she will always remember holding my Male Manhood as she ripped the hairs and roots from it in a fit of rage with the waxing strips. That is when I pointed out if it a good you were holding it because you would have ripped it right off with the sticky wax strips. Now we are laughing and relaxing and still have to wait. Then I pointed out how I will always remember her area where babies pop out that I had to do wax several times. She replied back “the only reason you had to do it several times because you could not get it right the first time”. My reply back to her “pay back is a “bitch” maybe I could have done it right the first time”. Now we are relaxed from laughing and smiling it is show time. It escort her out on stage and we are to walk the stage to work the crowd and this place is big. The lights are bright and hot but we just smile and work the crowd. Liz uses me to warm up the crowd then I walk off and get ready when it is time to escort her off the stage. The crowd starts clapping when I escort her off the stage. Liz was surprised because only Naughty Natalie gets the clapping because audience is warmed up and she puts on a good show. The owner is pleased and worried because the crowd is happy already and starts planning an encore. I escort all the other ladies on and off and bring any clothing that falls off back in my pockets. The owner figures to let Liz and Naughty Natalie handle the encore like our first show. Naughty Natalie is so calm and relaxed while the other ladies were nervous and more nervous after the show. The owner tells me to stay on stage as long as I can so Naughty Natalie can worked the crowd. When she is done with me then I return back off stage. Then when Naughty Natalie is done her show I escort her off and then go back with Liz. I am to stay out on stage till they are done. Then all 3 off us come off stage then got back out for a bow and curtsey.

Now I have become part of the performance tonight. I am sweating and my make up is not holding up under the lights. I stay focused and work with Naughty Natalie who is touching me in front of people and I am touching her. For the first time in 2 years we are acting like boyfriend-girlfriend but on stage preforming an act. When she motions me to leave the stage I do and she has the crowd going wild and clapping. The owner has never seen this much excitement at this event and she comes ever year. When Naughty Natalie was finished I picked up her clothes like a true gentleman and escorted off stage but the crowd wanted more. I escorted Naughty Natalie and Liz back on stage and Naughty Natalie has redressed because she will work the crowd. The ladies look the same in every way except Liz has a mask on her face. The crowd wants more and more. Both ladies give the crowd what they want and use me to drive the crowd wild. The heat from the lights was making my make up soft and the mustache was starting to come off plus the tux jacket was so hot. The ladies stripped me down of the tux jacket and vest with grace and style. I had my pants and white shirt left but the shirt was pulled out of my pants. That felt so good because I was so hot and sweating from the lights on stage. When they pulled the mustache and side burns off my face but in a sexy way. A towel was thrown from back stage to wipe the make up off to turn back in to to 14 year old boy which they teased and teased on stage. Both ladies did it with such good taste and style the audience loved it. I figured for sure Naughty Natalie would have her panties off and teasing but now I am a 14 year boy on stage and in the eyes of the audience they would be wrong. It is like a Playboy Magazine show with enough tease and still have class and taste. When the ladies were finally done I escorted them off stage then we waited. We went back out on stage and the crowd clapped and everyone was happy. We walked off stage thinking that was all but the owner said to go back out and do a gentleman’s bow and the ladies to do the English Lady’s curtsey. Then we came off stage and the was so happy and the owner was so happy too but she was the only one around. The encore was so long, Philip has everyone in the limousine. We used the bathroom quickly and rushed to get in the limousine. The driver look at me because my clothes were a mess and I was now a 14 year old boy in the seat where a 22 year old man sat few hours earlier. It was a quick drive to the private jet and it was ready to fly back to Winnipeg. I helped the ladies get out of the limousine and in the private jet. The hostess could not believe it was the same person because I looked so young. Everyone in the private jet were so happy and excited that the booze was served before take off. The hostess helped me in the cockpit and the pilot was shocked it was the same person. The onlything I said to the pilot was “what happens in Calgary stays in Calgary”. He smiled and off we went. The private plane had clearance right away to take off with no waiting and we were in the air. It did not take long to arrive in Winnipeg and it felt different arriving and landing in a fast private jet then a small company airplane. I help with the ladies from the private jet to the limousine and the driver I surprised that it is the same person. We arrive at the sex shop and taxis are waiting because some the ladies do not change because we are back before midnight and they can go do a few shows at other places. The owner has their gift envelope for the ladies as the leave the limousine to the waiting taxis.

Inside the mirror room with the shiny support post we all changed quickly and Philip will send my tux out to be dry cleaned. The owner comes over with our gift envelopes and we hand them back. Liz tells the owner the outfits are now officially paid for and any other things you have given us. The owner was choked up when she said yes. We made her so proud tonight and all other nights. Then she pulled out another envelope which had expense money written on it. She says take this envelope to cover your expenses for coming to Winnipeg. We said thank you and wished her good bye. She says she will be calling us and we smiled because this is fun. Philip come right to give me a hug but not the ladies. We jumped in to a waiting taxis and arrived back to our motel room. We knocked on the motel door because we did not want to catch dad naked getting in to his rocket ship pajamas. Dad was asleep on top of the bed watching TV with a hot rod magazine on his chest. We poured some drinks and Liz open the envelope and there was $500.00 cash. This was excellent because we can buy supplies and treat ourselves to a steak dinner.

It was the same sleep arrangements as the night before and we woke up the same way too. Dad in the middle of the night woke up and changed in to his rocket ship pajamas. We were more sore then being tired in the morning because doing a performance is hard work. Dad tells us that one of his long time hot rod friends is stopping by for breakfast in the cafe’ in the motel and we must attend. We all looked dad kind of funny because why would we want to sit and talk hot rods. Dad replied back the his friend called him a Bullshitter last night. That is not good because dad never Bullshits. Dad tells us that his friend stopped by the motel room to have a drink after he got back from having supper with his other hot rodders friends. Everything was going OK and the fellow noted the tow women’s black silk robes that did not come from Walmart. Then he went to use the bathroom and seen dad’s swim suit and the two bikinis hanging to dry. Dad’s friend asked what is gong on since he knows mother is not with him. Dad told him these were Joey’s ladies friend’s outfits. Then the friend asked if we were at the bar and dad said “no” they are in Calgary. Then the friend called dad a Bullshitter and dad invited him for breakfast to meet everyone. That is when I did point out to dad that on paper it does not sound good. Not many people would believe our luggage was in this motel room in Winnipeg but we were in Calgary. We all agreed to help dad out. Dad went down to meet his friend because it was close to arrival time. Naughty Natalie went right after to join him because she was ready first then Liz and I finished up and walked down. We arrive at the table and Naughty Natalie is sitting beside dad in the family booth in the cafe. Liz and I arrived and Liz slides in the booth beside dad’s friend so he can enjoy the view of her cleavage. I sit down beside Liz on the outside of the booth. Dad’s friend is in shock because they both look the same and both have the same bodies and dress the same. Dad ordered the pancakes because dad always has to have pancakes no matter where he goes. But the pancakes came with whip cream sprayed on the top. Mother would not allow dad to eat unhealthy whip cream so Naughty Natalie starts off with her finger reaching a cross and taking the whip cream because dad is not allowed. Liz joins in because it whip cream. When the ladies finished they have their spoons taking the whip cream off the pancakes. Ladies and whip cream is so sexy when they eat in front of other people in the cafe’ who were watching too. Dad’s friend enjoyed the show plus we did too. Now dad asked the ladies to tell his friend where they were last night. Naughty Natalie tell dad’s friend we were in Calgary and flew back. The friend did not believe her so Liz told him and he still did not believe them both. Then I told the fellow to phone his brother in Calgary and ask about the accident on the Deer Foot Trail and Memorial Drive which had 3 vehicles involved and 1 vehicle was a hot rod. I had seen this accident riding in the front seat of the limousine and it will be featured in the Calgary Sun paper. A person had to be there to see it and the paper is printed in the morning. There is no way I could have read the paper or watch the news to know this information because there is a 12 hour delay in information being released. The ladies in the back did not see the accident because limousine windows are dark tinted and it was dark outside. Dad told me his friend called later that night when he got home to the pink house to say his brother said he read the news article in the Calgary Sun. We had to be there to know the details and he apologized to dad. Once breakfast was done it was time to hit the pool which was same as the day before. I am in the shallow end of the pool sitting in the water and dad with the ladies are having fun at the other end. The pool starts filling up with other people which means we are back in the motel room in an hour but it was fun. We have quick showers then go shopping and missed having lunch on purpose because we are going have a good steak dinner. After shopping we timed it perfectly for the Keg Steak house on the west end of Portage Avenue in Winnipeg to open. We order our steaks and ladies get the same as the men because they are hungry. As we eat we tell more about the Calgary trip to dad and he could not believe we gave back $3000.00 and took $500.00 for expenses. But dad was happy for us having a good time. On the drive back to Brandon Naughty Natalie rode in the front of the rental SUV while Liz and road in the back. Dad dropped us off the little apartment and it was so nice to be home. Liz even calls it home because it will be next weekend when we will go the PMQ to see what the drama will happen.

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