Art Bookbindery Author Recovery Plates


Jan 19 2021


with the government locking us down since march due to covid 19 restrictions which helps the spread. some businesses have had to close their doors under the new rules. one good example is Art Bookbindery in Winnipeg Manitoba. the owner Michael helped me get my first books in to print in 2006 and in 2008 plus printed more copies as i needed them over the years. the business has gone bankrupt but the "plates" for the books are in Ottawa through Yvonne Parks. she was a young artist and did my covers for both books and we remembered each other when chatting on the telephone. now Yvonne Parks is helping authors get their plates for their books which is not an easy task. for my "plates" to be found and emailed to me we started communication at 3pm and finished at 11pm last night. plus she is charging a small fee to cover her time and costs which only makes sense. thansk


if you have books printed through Art Bookbindery please email Yvonne Parks to see if she has your "plates" at

KoO bookss

the book information for my first book Cat Train Newsletters printed in 2006.

2006 invoice

2006 info

the second book Life in the Kingdom printed in 2008

2008 printe

2008 info book